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l'ln)rr? of Victorious l-'lve (ilvc Way
to ?V? lultrforrnir mid Hrgta
Scoring 1-nrly.
I'layliitf fast, tmappy buKkcttmll
;igaln*t the Richmond College Spldera
last night on the Y. \V. C. A. lloor
the Hichniond Medical College quint
continued successful, thlH time by a
score ot' 45 to UO.
For the first few minutes scoring
was at a premium on both sidles, but
when once utartud tiie Medicos gave
way to no interference.
Twenty-one points, including only
one foul, were rung up by the win
ners In the first period, Neal and
DlcUerson running wild and reglstor
in(5 at will, apparently, with thu latter
on top.
When the players returned from
their rest another pair took up the
work, iiornaby pocketing four baske'.s !
and .Murray the same number plays,!
two fouls. Of these men. Jlornaby did'
the unusual shooting three baskets I
from close quarters and difttcult'
The Dobsonitos caused the winners
to try many long attempts by their j
The lied and Blue shots were in
accurate or opposite to tiie breaks,
as a number of tries hesitated on the
rim before falling back to the floor, j
Another noticeable rniscue of tho
?W'chihamptonltes was their inability |
to claw the ball when in reach. They
produced clean teamwork at times,
however, resulting in scores or no- j
ticcable near scores. Mottlcy, Zleg- 1
ler, and Thompson showed up best for j
the Spiders. The score:
Medical College. Hkhmond Collet1!.
Murray (C.)... rliclit forward ...(C) Mottley
Hornaby left forward Towlll
?Neal center Carlton
LUchvr.ton rlsrht ?uar?J Zlegler
Handy left Kuard Thompson'
HiiliiUlut:on<: Medical College?Murray for
Neal. Moreland for Murray. Goals by Mur
ray. 5; Iiornaby, 5; Neat. 5; Dlckerson. 6:
Mottley, i; Towlll. I; Carlton. 2: ZclKler. J.
Foul goala?by Murray. 3 out of 4; V.lrcler,
4 out or 8; Mottley. 0 out of 2. Periods
of twenty minutes. Hefeiee?llirgfuvus
IV. P. I.I.
Hr/it race?#v? and one-half furlons.i?
Sana Marcus, lis (McCratiiu. i: lo 1. 5 to 1.
5 to 2. won; Supe-lor. 101 (Colllmt). f, to I.
2 to 1. even, second: Director James. 10J
(Merlmec). 10 to I. 4 to 1. 2 to 1. third.
Time. 1:07 2-5. May Craie. .Miner. Sea
Prince. Donatei.o. I.ton ltack. First Consul,
ilam.m anil HaSvlonla also ran.
Second race?six fafloniio?Mike Dixon.
103 (lloyd). 7 to 2. 7 to 5. 7 to 10. won:
Tim J. Hoean. 114 (Morrtunev ?. 15 to 1.
?. to 1. S to 1. second: T'rrlblr .Mies. 102
I Woods!. 12 to 1. 5 lo 1. u to 2. third.
Time, 1:13. llendity. Hianca. Th? Snob.
James G. Old Kyiera and Wnltecrown also
rj n.
Third race?six furloncs?Helen Atkln
104 (Hurr.ee. >. 6 to 2. even. 1 to 2. won: I
Foster Kmbry, 107 (Morrlsnev?. 5 to 1 2
>?> I. 4 to 5. coe.ond; Kerinan. I'l7 (flail/!
? to ). I to 2. 6 to .V .hlrd. Time. 1:12.
1'aral'!'-. Ae>litn. P?rltrourdl:ie. 15 jr.in kame
a:,'I Manoklnu also ran.
Fourth ra-,?fly,, ami one-half furlonc*?
l'ea . int. 'j'j ICurmodvl. 7 to S. 3 to L. 1 ;
to i. won. Hrlz*. 10? (Crumnt. 3 to 1. 7
to 10. l to 3. second: Dadv Swif?.
(Woo.li. 3 to 1. 0 to 5. 3 to S. third Tlmf.l
1:05. Surs'lirt. Sweet Alysslum and Faras
eon fc..i o ran.
Fifth race?six furionrs?Skvman: 105,
< f'arnvdy I. 2 to 1. 4 to 5. 2 to 6. won.
Itsi;d-i<i:r.tf. 'J7 (Atkln*on>. 4 to 1. S to o". !
4 to .*>. H.-cor..l: Itallblrd. IOC (Crumm. 12
:o 1. u to 1. .. "j 2. third Tim*. 1:12 2-6.
Stlrk: r. Baby O nd.>. Precious Jewel. Hreer
('?>x .ind I.f-ca-v ,<an ran
Sixth rar??mix furionrs?Deckhand. 113
<i'rutip?. .' to 1. 4 to 5. 2 to L. won: Pier
i it. 113 (MorlMes). 10 to 1. 4 to 1. 2 to 1.
- i <m l Helterton. 11J (Haiti. K to 5. A
to !?. 3 to 3. 1 to 1. third. Time. IMS.
Ma" - MaKnfto. Ill 11 Hunlev. Manranese.
Jr.. .i .'I <?" Ion Chance also ran.
M 'ill' U1 illr and flftv yards?
Tr:? I . 11" (M.|.|. .. . 7 to 2 7 to 0. 7
in " . r-oii: . lift. 10* (f'hia vettl ?. 5
-v ' ? . i . > i:d: Wart am. 1'?? i?*
llvranl), 5 to 1. 2 to 1. even, third. Time.
1 ? ii I , '.ror>\ l.itlla Cote. ?a-. ?
? i . 'I 1 r.l K. M:'.;t .jiio tan.
I ra<e ? 11r~- luri'mei ? T/Oval t4*re?-p?r.
^ \ j i ? ? i 1 i" l l to 4, ??ut. :
Huddle K< in in (.Motion), i to 8. i to 4.'
' 'i . V. liti i ? III ilruxler) 1 lo 1.
' ? ' 1 : ? ? I f-. John S. Htar
d" ' l ? ?' I .itid T> nite iilyi run
I r. i* -: Ix furlonc.-;- Minute >fan
Ji? 'M ?; i , i ?> 10. out. won.
:;>?! I Ir.y-ler. I1C I I.'oii lletti). II to I". i
? u . I' ? md: 4; ml illrun. 101 (Ob>-rO, .
' I 1 1-1 . lo third 1.1,do. Mold-in
! i'. Mo?rt. Jran nullum snd tluln ?
i'.iu." .(!? ? tun.
'VI iii rji ^.ix furlonsu?Convert, lOt i
a dtil- il >, ? in I J in ?. 4 to i. wnn: ?
1 ?l? * ? u * 11 l"^ 1 Itohiiiaon). II to S, 1 10 5, i
1 to t>f:< oinl; ' i.-Kood. 102 (\V*lda>. - to 1. I
4i?- 1 i > . (hlrd. Time 1:17 ?-&. Oueen :
ltl?n 1" ?'ti>.? l.< ydeeker. The Hoy b!?o laii. j
Kourili rao< -or.? mil*' and alxte-ir.Vh?
Cliiof, 117 1 Ambroai). :l to 2. 1 to 2, ??ist.
won; .MloirtiS Polly. 100 tColtllettl 1. IS to S. |
C !o j. 1 to 2. dtcond: Woodtrau. 110 ll'.od- !
rlco-'.l 1 t-J to I. 6 tT 5. I to 2, thlr.l. 1
Time. 1:55, Panainan. Cerlnua, Omo:id ..Isn
ran 1
I'ifih ra<e?one mile ? Slmuleton. 52 (Ci>l- !
tll"ti > K to & I to z out. won: HoUter. 104
(Thurher), 3 1-2 lo 1 U to 5. 2 to S. aoeo.id ; I
I'ranhlln. 105 ftVlda). 3 1-2 to 1. 6 to 6 :
I (o 5, third. Time. 1 :4fi. Kuloev. HU'h- I
wind and Gamecock also ran.
Sixth race?one mil- and a sixteenth? .
Tuntal. 118 (Ambrose). .1 to 1. 0 to 5 tl .0 5
won: X. K. Heal. 105 (Pierce). 4 1-2 to 1.
! io 5. ( to 5. ce<-on<l; II l". Hasch. 105
(W'lila). S to I. 3 to I. 7 to [>. third. Time.
I Ilaliy I.ynoli, Cuntain Hodges. King
Neptune. Cotliacho. Watfr Willow alHii ran. i
Seventh race?one mile anil ouarter?Al- t
inlno. 101 (Pickwick). 00 to 1. 2il to 1 Rl
to 1. own: Hativ Sister. TiC fWldui. s to' 1. '
I to 1, 7 to 5. secontl: lottery. 10C fHoliert
aiiii) to 1 2 to 1. even, third. Time.
^:1* 1-5. Doyly, borena Moss. iirickli?v
Hombaat. Marshon. l.lttle Cottaco and pt,ii
Start also rati.
First raea?Rookie Purse; two-year-olds:
three furionc.'.?Hunsrhauck. 11'".; RuiiKeorue,
11<: l'\'erehln*a, 114: Whippet. 110; Trumpeur.
1 lil.
Second race?t hrae - vear-old.-i and ut>: six
furloiiKK?w^, u7; Joseph P. Murphy. 117;
M. Hert Thurrnan. 117; Coronado. Ill; Mar
gery. 112; Alex Get*. 112: Hond. 112; Utta
}lee. 111; Nannet Flack, K0; James T. Clark,
117; Archie Alexander. 110; Haby 'llrl. iuj.
Alio ellirlhle?Uulic of Dovoneh'.re. 117: Doe
tor Cainnhell. 11?; True a.4 Steel. 117; Qeorca
Mu hi back. Hfi.
Third race?four-year-olds and up: six fur
jo"*!--Opportunity, liO: A. N". Akin. IIS;
I'ullux. 116; Douglass S, 110; Dorod. 10S;
? <reen Mint. 10S; VotinKadamant. l'?S: Siesta,
if*: ..ladras Ginchani. If:; O'Donovun. IO.'i;
Sam* Isaoorn. 105: Cobalt I.-ths. 100.
Fourth race?Seminole purse. tl.'W: four- ]
r^r.old.'i iifid uxi: ftno miU* r '
nniinnio.Kl. 107; RuIokv. 104: Sailor. 104; Bol
1^2: Dottle VandlVer. 115. I
li.in r?ee?four-year-olds; one mile and
? n, .?:~hth-Wi" Do. 103: Marshon. 100;!
i/',*1 "??? Hen llamnsoii. t'?7: .
l,\ ' ,!,!5.noh.?', ln<: Alexander. 101; Little
, . v, Dloacorlde. v)4: Pluincol. lOi: ?
,P"Mu;L I,ni- 'x>: ?'udire David. 17; '
A!;?" eligible?Babv Sl?
v.'. ' v Almlno. 104; Ornella T. ?7
' . ? 1 H ??'"ir.vf iir-oids niul up; one mile'
i -i i. ? '"m ,1 .T?nl??cf I": I.uclun. FO;
in-' ii ,I, ifc... ',i ;,:?r,v Nut. 102: Flapper.
. . i. k i.idv I.oncfellow, lh2: Marau-1
' . \i .m. ''Irti''' Cl?v. 105: I,or
.' |. i, V,.J' A?*rea. 101; Caballo. 100.
G1iul iiA.tl'i'h?.1 al' CV???nol!v. 11*
eV- pA,-iachl{ u- ,10.: 110;
.A- \tX? fu; ' tl, Arbiir?ti'r. ?i?7:
1 Hrowii's Favorite. f(12: Prime* ' lo'^fjen'
I ir:.i r.ic't" six furluiiirs?runclual us - 1
i lilt ?? "id". 103; hayona. 108: Cllri I in' /-Is?' !
?'on UiiD!i". Ill: I'oilvunnu. Hi; j'nJ
il): ller,j?r. 113: l--|u?|, of hVccl i ia >/i '
Avlrro lia: Jaek Dawmih. 113 ' Jl"- 01,1
Seeoud rin'' ?h fiirloiib-H?Uoi'liun.,'
l^n^TvU' ,,3: ?
Third race?Ecuador handleap; 8ix and
oiie-h? Ijf furlonns?-The uiuo Duke inV
?'-?oieii verdict. 101; Sllles Knob, 107; Too of
the Mornlns. .108; llamiltona. 100.
Fourth raee?Carrlhhean stakes; mile anrl 1
one-HiXteeiith: ll.r.OO added?Don Thr iVh !
I'll; l.aoisavviinna. Ill; Pick Collto. 101- Dli-w
Williams. 106; lterlln. 104. ? l,1Kk
Fifth race?Urazil handleap; one milo nn
an eighth?MeNetney. 93; Freemantlem?
I (iolot 1*. 102: Dick Wllllama. 105; Huford
I Of.: l.etral. 106: Walnut Hall. 110. i,ulor<1
Sixth nice?one mile and fifty yards* for
ihree-yeur-olds and up?Steve. 07: s'livrr
Handle. 100: lOjtmont. 105: W. Ward, 100
Candleliltht. 107: Perseus. 107: Habv Itaneh'
107: Itameau. 109; O'Mallcy. 110; Kalph S.'
110; Count liorlB. 113. Hn
Seventh race.?one mllo: for three-vear
ulilb and up?Tha Talker. 101: Ml?n Proctor
102; ThiJ Oleamcr. 102: Daymon. 104: Dadv
.Fano Gray, 104: AsaumDtion. 104: Hevcriy
Jamas. 106; Al Hudson. 106; Tim J. liosran,
We?ther clear: track fast.
New Commission to Hold
First Confab Tomorrow
Tomorrow night at 8 o'clcn-U. (be
A mn fcur lliinrlinll Coin iiil?alon of
Richmond will meet for (J'e flmt
lime (III* year, niul It Incidentally
will lie (he 1 it 1 (in I confab uf the
present body. The olil comuilsnlon
?*? d?*i>|vrd recently and (be fol
lowing rlruteil (o nerve lu lt? placet
It. 11. llroaddu*, president i It. 11.
t'lrddza, vIee-preMdeiit? 1)r. C. M,
Hn?eii, itncond vlce-prenldent I Mnnrjr
>1 cliu I re, c omiulnnioner, and Holiert
.HuMon, nrvrelarfi
There arc aeverfil Iniportnnt mat.
(era (o he dlttcuMcd. The by-lnwa
of the organization will be read
carefully, and probably will be re
vised (o n certain extent. There
are nevernl of the rulen which have
remitted in diaputea in the pant, and
they either will be amended or
eliminated. Application* for fran
chlKCH mny be presented at tlila
time, a* the meeting will be an
open one.
Kx-YVarrlor to Meet Unidentified
Grappler at Strand?Ten Pounds
Difference In Weight.
George Herbert, local wrestling
promoter, announce* that he has made
arrangements for a finish match here
next Tuesday ni?ht which will brlnjg
Sergeant Karl Caddock, who lays claim
to tiie heavy weight title, into action
against tho masked marvel, who re
cently appeared liefore local fans In
a match with "Bull" AValker, New York
Announcement that Caddock Is com
ing to Richmond will be received with
unusual interest in sporting circles as
he lias yet to make his bow before
Richmond fans.
Tho masked marvel Is a "light"
heavyweight, tipping the scales at 175.
Caddock could be placed in the same
division, as lie weighs close to 185, and
is a comparatively lipht man for th?
heavyweight class.
Caddock Is a veteran of the world
war and passed many months overseas
as a member of the Headquarters
Troop, Klghty-eighth Division. The
long stretch of military service left
him in poor shape for a resumption
of professional contests and he spent
his tlm* after returning to the United
Stall's in taking up strenuous engage
ments. - \
Judging from his showing in two
recent bouts he lias fully regained his
old form, and the fact that he has
agreed to wrestle Joe Stetchor in New
York. January 30, seems to dispel all
doubt as to his return to form.
Conrh Itafirrr Han Xot Vet Selected
\ nrnlty Team? Severn! (iood
Men Oat.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.J
LK.\iNGTON, VA? Jan. 17.?The
Generals' quint is rapidly rounding
? nto form. The name with Humpden
Sidney gave Coach llaftery an oppor
tunity to observe his new combination
in action and to form some definite
idea or what to t-xpect from the Blue
and White team.
Captain Bryant. Hlties and McCain
are playing an excellent game, ably
backed by fchiKieby, the old reliable
of the 1910 quint.
Arbogast, of list year's team, has
been declared ineligible, and his ab
sence will be felt considerably.
However. Moore, u! the Ureal Lakes
team, Is show iig up in splendid fash
ion. He Is an excellent shot and a
fast and fsure floor worker, scoring
more points than .tny other man in
the gam*: against Hainptlcn-Sldney.
Raft cry say fi that his varsity team
is not picked j*t. and th.s in spite of
the fact that all the men mentioned
above are e.\perionceil players.
Then ar>- thrac. men. Hirtkirk, John
son anil Harris, of the last year's
scrub*, who are .showing up well, and
who may secure places better this
year liuskirk anil Harris were given
;in opportunity ii Tii<"'day's game, and
?both n'cased ilio coach.
Hciddes these old Hi en. thero are sev
eral now palyers who have caught the
eye of tho coach.
<?n the whole, the generals are in
about as /*f?oil shape as ever, and
every oupijnent <>?' th<* season mny ex
pect a !Ive1\ game.
Niiterican *s*oclntlon Clnfc Ownera
\\ rsriRle, but Kail to Reach
rny A<!'o?iit!?il Pr?5K ?
('HICVOO. J-?n. 17.?Club owners of
the American Association, after nn all
dnv wrangle over the awarding of
holiday and opening dates, adjourned
their meeting today without adopting
a schedule f"r the 1520 season.
President Ilickey was empowered to
draft a new schedule calling for ICS
games and present it to the club owners
at a meeting to be held here February
In drafting the new schedule Presi
dent Iflckey will consider all sugges
tions made at the three-day meeting,
so as to avoid further argument.
Petersburg Women Win.
LYNCHBURG, VA., Jan. 17.?The
Petersburg Y. W. C. A. basketball
sextet here tonight defeated tho
Lynchburg "Y" six. 'i\ to 22. The game
was close and exciting throughout.
The'World's Athletic Champion
Blrminghanf Soutlirrn (.'ollcKe I'lnyi
Vandrrlilit, Atniinmn and Auburn
Crld Ten mn \ci| Kit 11.
( .\y- .c ii. ! Prt?s.)
Vanderbilt, ?Alabama an?l Auburn are
Included in th? football schedule of ?
Birmingham Southern College for 1920, i
announced lio re today by C. M. Dan- j
nelly, of the Alumni Association.
The (schedule for tlu> season follows: i
September jiu?Hamilton Aggies, at
October 2?Vanderbilt, at Nashville.
October ?'?Alabama, at Tuscaloosa.
October lfi?S. M. A., at Birmingham.
October 2:!?Marlon, at Birmingham.
October "9?Springhlll, at Mobile.
November 6?Auburn, at Montgomery. |
November 13?Chattanooga, at Chat- |
November 20?Howard, at Rlckwood I
Field, Birmingham.
The Arc. Pointer of ?tv York Man,
Caplurra Derby Stake in
(E>* As^-j>:iiit-jj I'res's 1
MONTGOMERY, ADA., Jan. 17.?The
Ace, a handsome pointer dog. owned
by A. O. C. Sage, of New York, won
the derby ntake of the National Field
Trials Club at Calhoun today, copping
?K00 !n the $1,000 purse offered In the
Invader, another pointer, ned by
Fred Bedford, of New YorV, was
awarded second place and $:*<"'! <>?" th<
purse, while Cannon's Fruit It. owned
by W. Cannon, of Augusta. <??., was:
third In the event for $200 of thf stake.
The trluls name to a cloae with the
running of the derby ntake. On Janu
ary - r, the frr.e-for-all championship
ami the derby i-hampionshi'i or' the
National Field Trials <'lul> wiil b?
staged at t'alhoun. m:m\ of tlx ;-port.
uicn attending the ? vi n:s of the
j'l-i closed being carded to return for
lh?- premier of the scas-jn.
llotton Hra\r> nml Detroit Will "tnRr
Several I onleni* in .North
< 'nrollnn.
(Ry a s-oiiat >1 Press ]
ATLANTA, OA.. Jan. 17. ?Eighteen
games will lift played in 111?? joint ex
hibition series between the Huston Na
tionals and the Detroit Americans, nc
cording to" the complete schedule an
nounced here tonight by Walter E.
Hapgood, buslneis manager of the
The schedule will be played as fol
lows :
March 23, at Columbus, Ga.; March
24, Moultrie, Oa.; March 26. Yaldoata,
(la.; March 26, Eastman, Oa.: March
27, Macon, Ga.: March 28, Atlanta, Ga.;
March 20 Ashevllle, N. C.; March 30.
Spencer, N. C.; March 31. Greensboro.
N. C.; April I, Goldsboro, N. C.; April
2, Durham, N. C.; April 3. Bluefield.
W. Va.; April 4, Charleston, \V, Va.;
April 5, Huntington, \V. Va.: April 6,
F'etersburg. \V. Va.; April 7, Clarks
burg, W. Va ; April 8, Elkins, \V. Va.;
April 0, Cumberland. Mil.
| On April 10, Detroit plays In In
dianapolis and Boston at Jersey City
When Uogers-Peet went after the wool for our
suits of "Forefathers' Cloth" they went straight to
the same source that supplied the*sturdy stuffs the
Pilgrims wore back in 1G20?the County of Norfolk,
Their idea was to reproduce a cloth that would
stand for service as well as style and originality..
The suits are here to speak for themselves. None
handsomer in our four stores. None more durable.
Luggage?Substantial values that men want and
appreciate as gifts.
C05 East Broad.
Competition for llnTl* Cup Halted When
Jupiter IMuvIuh Burnt*
[By Pruss ]
here this afternoon causer! a. postpone
ment of the second day's play In the
Davis cup tennis matches. It had been
planned to hold the doubles contest.
With the doubles scheduled for Mon
day, the international tournament will
carry over until Tuesday, when the
two final singles matches will be
staged. At present Enpriand and Aus
tralia are tied with one victory each.
The winner of throe out of four matches
will be declared the 1020 holder of the
trophy, now in the possession of Aus
Fred Fulton Issues
Challenges to Dempse}
XETW YORK, Jan. 17.?>Frr*t imi.
ton, the kit plasterer, hm no Inten
tion whatever of permitting any
one to eooat ten over him am a
rlghtfol and worthy challenger for
the heavyweight title held by Jack
Ilempney. Folton made two pro
posals today for a fight with the
champion* oae of which he bellevea
Barely will eaune Dcmpney to no
tice his ohalltagc.
Hb first offer la to eater the right
with the chnmplnn for the nole
purpose of determining which 1*
the better man?the proceeds to
Phould Dempney not like thin pro- [
poaalt Fnlton offers on an alterna
tlve to ? fight the chnmplnn on a
winner-take-all agreement.
Aggregation of Lynckbnrg Asnociatlon
to Meet I<ocaln In Court
Those who have attended girl has- >
ketball games In Richmond this sea
son will be given an opportunity of <
seeing two of the leading women ,
j teama of the State play next Saturday I
I night when the agy-regal/ion repro
j sonting the Lynchburg V. \V. C. A.
| will meet the team of the Richmond
association. In the local gym.
Teama of the Banking Women's
League have furnished Richmond with j
contests between women, and large j
crowds have been present at Lhesr
games. The prospects are bright for:
a record-breaking crowd attending
the game between Lynchburg and 1
Richmond, kh both cities arc reported
to have teams made up of players of}
the highest caliber.
The young women of the Richmond j
team arc confident tltat this city's i
aggregation will give the visiting
basketeers a hard fight for honors.
The locals^ have been practicing
strenuously for several weeks and will
be in the best of phycicul condition
for the contest, barring accidents In
practice this week.
It is probable that Lynchburg will
be the only out-of-town team brought
here this year to play the locals.
Wlilta the contest between ICich
mond and Lynchburg will bo the cen
ter of attraction, there will be a game
between the girl sextets of the First
National Bank and the second team of
the Y. W. C. A. First National has
not lost a game in the cnamplonehlp
series and the "V" aggregation Is
anxious to be pitted against one of
the best teams in the league.
Itcds Outfielder Declares 10 Per Cent
lloont In Salary In >ot Sat
MARIETTA. OHIO, Jan. 17.?Karl
Xeale, Cincinnati onttielder, i.s a hold
out. Neale, who Is coach of the Ma
rietta College football and basketball
teams, declared the 10 per cent increase
In salary offered him is not aatisfac
| tory. and that he has declined two con
Pfttway and Smoot, IUrlimond Hoys,
Stnr for Vlrginln nnd Itnndolph
Mneon, Umitcrtivrlf.
Displaying better form than in the
initial camc with the JLynohburg Ath
letic Club early in the week, Virginia
defeated the Randolph-Macon quint
tonight. 20 to 17.
The Methodists put up a good battle
airainst tho varsity quint In the firs*.:
half, which ended 11 to 10 In favor <?f
the Orange and Blue, but were unable!
to guard effectively in the latter part
of '.lie engagement.
More than half of tho second period (
hail been played before tho visitors'
could successfully locate the basket.]
Before the whistle blew Cochran nego-;
tinted two goals and Scott one.
For Virginia, Pu'.tway led tho team j
In scoring, caging five baskets and I
three foul goals, out of five chances. ,
The guarding of Ilankins and Jen-,
nings was close and effective. The
latter once located the basket in aj
sensational shot l'rotn near midfloor. \
In the second half, Coach L.annlgan ;
made many substitutions, Newman and
N. Scott showing up especially w<JI. i
Knr Randolph-Macon, Smoot proved ;
easily the star. In the llrst half he'
scored eight of the ten points regis-t
terod by the Methodists. Butterworth
showed cood floor work, but was off
in his shooting. ZImmer outjumped j
Virginia. Randolph-Macon.
Pettway left forward Scott
ltiitch?r rleht forward Cochran
Schneider center ZImmer
Hanklns left Kuurd Smoot
.I' linin^s r^Kht guard Butterworth
luminary: Fiohl ;;oa!s?Pettway. A:
Hatcher, 2: Ilankins. "2: .lennlnK.?. 2:
Schneider. N'fwman. Itlnehart, Smoot. 3;
Scott. 2; Cochran. 2. Goals from fouls?
Pettway. 3 In f>; Smoot. 3 in 7. Substitution*:
Virirlnla?Sf ott for Jennings. Stanley for
P-ttw-.iv. NVwmnn for Hatchvr. Itlnehart for
Si-hn<'iil<r. Via for ilankins. Referee?Bel
l.-rc (Navy) .
International Hod.v Appoint* llcnii* at
?MeelinR Held In .\>tv
Illy Associate,! Press. I
NEW YORK, Jan. 17.?The Inter
national Skating Union, which con
trols amateur skating and hookey in
the United States and Canada, toni?ht
elected the following officers: Cor
nelius J. Fellows. New York, presi
dent; .lames A. Taylor. Montreal, first
vice-president; \V. T. Fitzgerald. Chi
cago. second vice-president; John P.
Taylor, Pittsburgh, third vleo-presi
dent. and John Harding, Burlington,
Vt., secretary-treasurer.
Girl* Piny llriitkrtbnll.
DANVILL.K. VA.. Jan. 17.?The
I^eaksvllle High School girls' basket
ball team last night defeated the Dan
ville girls' quint at the Beaksville Y.
M. C. A., the score being 20 to 0.
Crliuxnit Win* nt llnekey.
vard defeated Yale at lyjckey tonight,
5 to 4.
.Succranfu! lOvrnt Meld In Philadelphia
In Won l?y Went l!lgli School
of Thnt City.
[By Associated Press.]
national Intcrscholastic swimming;
records were broken hero today In the
annual national scholastic swimming
ineot. which was won by West Phila
delphia High School, with seventeen
In winning the fifty-yard Bwirp,
Philip Oeijthner, Brooklyn Poly prop,
established a new record by negottrtt
ipg the distance in 25 3-5 seconds,
clipping two-lifths of a second off the
former mark, which was held by Vic
tor Hoist, NVcst Philadelphia High
Chase, of Berkeley Irving High
School, New York, broke his own na
tional record in the 220-yard race,
which h? won In 2:.'53 4-5 seconds. Tha
former mark was 2:39 3-5.
The third record was broken by
Conn, of lUMgers Preparatory School,
who added' s>?. inches to the old plunge
mark of seventy f^et.
Berkeley Irving liigh finished sec
ond in the team standing, according
15 points. Other teams finished in the
order named:
fiirard C-/le(\s 12: Mercersburg. 3:
Marquard. Brooklyn, S; Brooklyn Poly
Prep. 7: Rutgers prep. 5: Uuvrcnce*
villu Prep, 2; Northeast High, Phila
delphia, 1.
Unndolph-Mncoii Acndrmy, of Hertford,
Swept <>n* Tlielr Keet After
Securing I,end.
L.YNCIIBlTRti. VA? Jan. 17.?The
Lynchburg High School, after allow
1 tifc Randolph-Macon Academy (Bod
ford), to set a lead of 5 to 2. swept
the visitors off their feet and closed
the first half leading. 28 to !?. at tli'e
citv auditorium tonight.
The final score whs 45 to 11. Team
work explains the defeat of the cadetB,
who played hard, despite the big score
apainst them. The high school ex
celled in all departments of play.
Vnucht and Kffron were the stars for
Randolph- Macon.
The line-tip:
M-nchburs: Rich. R. xr. A.'.
Horner rlsbt forward Motcftlf
Stone (C.) left forwrtvd Effron
Miller enter Read
Paulkner rlTht ctiard Vau*ht
Pet t It left triiard Ball
Summary: Ooal.i from floor?Hornor. 1A:
Stone. 4; Miller. 3: Pettlt. 2: Taylor. Oliver.
Kffron. 4: Vuucht. 2. Goals from fouls
Stone. 3 In 6: IJurnham. (? In 1: Vaueht.
2 in I. Snhstltu' ions?Peak for Homer. Tay
lor for Stne: Burnham for Miller: Oliver
for PoMlt: Vauiht for Kffron: Thomas'"ifor
Itead: Kane for V-iujrht. Time. 30-mlhute
halves. Referee. Mr. Knehr (I,vnchbur(tV>'
V .
Victory for Danville High,
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.] ;
DANVILLE. VA-. Jan. 17?The Dan
ville High School basketball team won
Its first game of the season b#>ro to
night. defeating the South Boston
High ScUpol, 54 to 10, in a heavily
one sided game. ,
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