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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, May 22, 1920, Image 5

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t?aw?flu,3r ^,jrtlon 'B leaving
tlv.M I w !i, 11 *'?'?? lo rela
UoiUon Is "V.*> Mr"
iitU'im tho " ?''"I'm:ton to
?MIm,, Hallo V orA . ^0.. of, h?r ??oce.
MisH n.i *?''r?I??n i'einbcrtoii
f rl < > it (in | |V 1 ?Yj.1 'i!w ,l ?lumber or.
Yd in ?"?"? ??,e i
'''.J!" WcUUInu.
i-r'.'iu'iit^.nv ntsJ
J^"uiiy aii<I ii'i/ ^ Mrs. j
Kcfiny, l(| <'imi-l.-HUJ. C"r,,c",,? Uavld
u,? i.ito mV i ?. 1100V.V- ?"? <>t
!{<ovi>s whi.i. ? ? Mru. Charlon 15.
K j
Performed ilt ? ?>7i .t'T'-mo.',y wa?
(Jlbll.illH, i,J,?i ,',y CRr("'?al
A. ,McKn"any! y 11,0 ltuv
rlSlv Uylt7??h?":r B.!v"n '? ?n?r.
M. "r<,.;ko,,i?rolIth?c ,aw- JoM?
JIor"t "n,V'-r"?'Jor? u with pi-ar/fi'
"'?? ..trnnuill * vv:tl? lac"
She carried ?ho LT'''1 fault Ion.
?t the Vullov Mr^ Of IIIIoh
CJoodwin iiimi.V 5 .i * . '^wrencn
matronor honor br,a?* w""
Idiik ?atl i wHI. i |,w'/ln K"w";''1
!;X\ >\ .P>"k H^r'Jitlo |!^? Shoroar?
'?-in 11 y i'"H,?!!niV,l1,an?,?\ Vl,,H m1hh
llifl Diiwcr !? rl e. I wan
aiKW avi;;!!;1???< OThTrl
?N*?w York, formprlv' nf n ? "f
.'"v-"-' ;rr ??
K}:r.r, if %:
L-?tl.rop .V/'l'l'^'p^^'V;- ''^"'"Vo !
O'clock. The ufTilr 'r.J,M 1,1 <"
HPlces of Orel.' No ,s. ,"Vi'K'r,.?h,J "u"
Auxiliary of the * v .u oinun'. ;
tj-rlan cia.reh u | for ,T\ J'r<""-V
"A est;;1 ?????,'?i
Mr*, ii.irkmii.i.1 i f Oordon a/,,.
There vC n, "A,"'/ Lo't '?/'
to' a mi mix, r ?f children . nTi" K!v""i
and i. fre?hr,,e,//s ' in , ' th" law,?
,T>rr",,"K Ar? K.Mli .bo *"rv"'J
offlk in'Vh'J'^ * ""HI 10 1
?n Internal Jm* fxhiim ?re *'111 b?
Jt'Ulato .school for (iririn " Co'
'?lent A von iu- ..f ii . Monu
? I """" *">? ?tM.mi
!?.a K5n:?8aa,,al
j", i,?. I.,,,,
as.1: i
ujfli- ^
isi 'j""?"VKrn *s
MIhS Kalherlo/ 'li^i iS .Jlnt'ir '
J nJ I I 'otlval, l!i,; variety i
t-nwrtaliimint. .ho booths country
Htore. clowiiH. funinakctv. etc win
this eve nine 1
M^h ?t?L'Uf" i of "election* l'V th? |
tv i? Muartct and commun- !
*ader ' w Mr> Hhumway oj
.iSvsr;;",or ,h" '?-l
th," '''????*">? charlotte \V0fM.
1 .:rr,t-M:., Jorilii .\1?or<>.
1"m" "MK*. '?1,Jri4 NeUon IlurniM
m'.r* M'nuuro-Mto. Wiihemln* Keller
?;iV;,a?,ftNlVvA.nrC'7J!ir -M0rH Ml..
>.tlllo \V,?R|J.r. Ml*i sVl v i fii'"'nlll"l
'???" T.i >... V .. i. M N. Il-.it- I
Csc^n?l. ?-^V. MUvit.ti: MU< |
H.'.uiv' ,?r ,L~ 'i, Chariott? li;..r
It...., |?..ck. ,11* U' r:!or u[",r\.M"" i
vi-%.. Moorr Ml, Mlnncr" il,.|1ey
* ? (?ulick. M:nd (rld.jv I VliiiMlfv 'y'tr
V .I",;". Ml.., M..ry Vw, C"
U lnntfred Mm", m^c Ml..
.Tu-v,"r- Mii;\v?".hP mi?
J.?n niMu-y 1 ?N"rn 1 ?'ttori.oa. All>j
lllueite-Alls, it nth Wll.oj, \n? , ?
sS. ?
tintre not a xvatir.
Rnrdon,V|VcCMn0|r J" Prop"iou? tho |
l.V A.M? Ot T OF TOWN,
*?'t^r ?TomflnKa|IevcraT'ir'-s' 1 n "v'"h' I
Vork City. irftl u a .N>w |
John Itamey, of r.iuon'er ?
t.f,;n Hpoadlnc -cveral day. rn.'h^on?}" I
?5t'el.idn; "ivaii,e'rt<a'rtn*n The T'a"ru |
n'o,.7o?.8pendln': ???"? l? % I
Movie Calendar
lllJOt'?I'nulln* rrftli-rlrk, In
"The Woinnii In lioiiiii Thirteen."
llltOADWilY?"In Ibe l.nnil u(
tin* llulit Ifuln."
OtfliON f/\|l.?IRryunt Wnahburn,
In "Mr*. Temple h TrlrKruin."
INIM?lilorln HnDimoiti In "Why
CbniiKi* Your Wllef"
OIMOO.V?AnJIn S(c?i\rM In
"Mlml the ralnt ?lrl."
ItK.Y?"1Tii< I.tun Matt'1 nml
YMTOIl?Jnck llempsejr In "\
Terrible Vcngeniire," nnd ?? 1'lie
Tense Kmotlonnl firtnra.
So lonse it re no trie of the emotional
ncones In "Tli o Woinun In Kooiti
Thirteen." tho luteal Goldwyn picture
in which MIsh Pauline Frederick In
starring at the Hijou Theater, that
most of the hcoiioh -were filmed In
|ln> quietness and solitude of tho
night. Miss Frederick found that
Mlie could i'(-curo more opportunity
for concentration dm her work when
the hi? Goldwyn studios near I/oa
Aiugelos were almost deiturtftd.
Picture Well Hfiflvrd.
?Tho Faker," seventh of tho Chief
Flynn series of two-reolers from
Republic, opened at the Victor Thea
ter yesterday and created a moot
favorable lmnrci?-lnn It 1h the lirBt
time that fact Instead of liction haii
been used an the basis of cinema en
tertainment, anil. Judging from tho
DUP'-e.?s of th? experiment." the series
should !>?? continued, .lack Ootripsey
in "?>. Terrible Vengeance." !??< on the
?aine htll.
(Iiirnn'ii Double Hill.
Anita Stewart hi "The Mliid*the
I'alnt Girl" in tho offering at the
Oileon again today, this being one of
the most delightful screen entertain
ments iihown iiero In a lonn time. Am
a supplemental feature "The Cook"
)h proviilcd.
I'nmiiua Fnrce Kllmed.
One by one the famous old staijo
fnroen are beln* transformed Into
rollicking motion-plot ure comedies.
"Mr*. Temple's Telegram" Is th<*
lat'-st one to roach the screen ami
will be shown at the Colonial attain
today, with xenial Bryant Washburn
ai the ptar.
"Why Clinnjce Your Wlfef
If yon would keep your husband,
do not forget yourself. That is the
underlying philosophy in tho now
f'i' II II. DcMillo photoplay. "Why
Chanice Your Wife?" which i?t at
tracting crowds to the Jal* Theater
this week.
Master Serial nt the Illueblrd.
Today Antonio Morono In th? last
chapter of that wonderful serial.
'"Phe Invisible J land." will ho fhown.
Iion't fall to nee Antonio Moreno
(Sharp, 'he detective), with his mas
ter tnlnd, rounds up this organized
band of criminals, fin the same hill
Kranklyn Karmim in his latest West
ern drama, 'The l'phill Climb," also
a big two-part comedy. "He T^nved
Like He I.,lcd." and all the latest
news by International.
Information Bureau.
Inquiries re.tnrdlnu almost any
topic, excepting on lejcal and medical
subjects. nre nnawered free. Aa nil
Iniialrlea ore answered directly by
personal letter, n aelf-nddreased
? lamped envelope ta required. Ad
dress The Tlnjca-Dlspn teh Informa
tion llurenu, ltlcbmoad. Va.
A Quotation.
A. M. H.. Rio Vista.?The quota
tion you submit Is from Shakespeare's
"Am Y'ou L,lko It."
I'opulntlon of London and Sfit York.
Miss P. A. <*., Richmond ?Tho pop
ulation of Creator l?ndon In 1911
was 7.252.963. The census estimate
of July 1, 1919, of tho population of
Greater New Y'ork was 6,O06,"5'4.
Iteunlon of Methodists.
Mrs. K. S. H., l'etersburp: Tho two
Methodist Churches separa'ed In IM4
on the question of slovery. A plan
for reunion is now before tho Metho
dist Kplscopal Conference m session
at Pes Moines. Iowa. If ndopted It
will ko to the annual conferences for
ratification. The Methodist Kpiscopal
Church. South. whoso general confer
ence meets in 1922. must ratify In
the same manner. It will require sev
eral years to effect tho uiilon if tho
plan la adopted.
ICnxlnnd Ilnd Airship In I.HTC.
Inquirer. Hopowcll: Wo are told by
Peter Farley, who wrote ,?s an eye
witness. that In August. 1835. the
Kaglu was ollicially advert sed to sail i
from London, with government dis
patches and passengers, for Paris and
to establish direct commur>ication be
tween tho capitals of Kurope. This
early typo of airship wus 160 feet
long, 50 feet high anil 40 feet wide, ,
and she lay In the dockyards of the ;
Aeronautical Society In Victoria Itoad,
near Kensington Gardens, then quite '
a rural spot. After all this prepara- I
tlon and advertisement the TCaglo
never got beyond Victoria Road, for
Count Lennox nnd his assistants failed'
to provldo tho necess-ry motive j
KRIJDBRICKSflimO. May a.?Miss Ida !
Alien anil Charles Wharton. of Carolina j
bounty, were married last nlKht at the I
home of the bride.
PRBDBRirKSOU.RO. May II-The en-!
Caiemmt has Jubt been onn? <inced of Miss* .
Julia Aline r?lrd. of West River. Md . to
U?^. Keith .Marshal! I,?e. rector nf St. I
John's Church. Bowline Or- en. Caroline i
County. Tho wedding will lake plage In J
September. i
Had No Idea Any Medicine
Could Do What Tanlac
Has Done For Her, Says
Akron Woman.
^ain In Side Gone And She
Sleeps Like A Child?
Does Not Have To
Worry About What She
Eats Now.
"It seems almost too good to be
,Vue tliat after .sufferlnR- for twenty
v^avs ( am now a well ami happy wo
man," said Mrs. J. II. Spears, of 177
alantoii Street, Akron, Ohio, whilo
it-ll111of the remarkable benefits aho
rtas received from Tanlac.
"Kvor ?inco I was a child I havo
?tufforcd from stomach trouble, and
1a 1 havo grown older I havo prrad
ually become worse, I didn't know
Arhat It waj to ever f.eol roal hungry,
Mid to toll Ui? truth I was almost:
afraid to cat, for I klicw It meant
troublo for mo. (ins Mould form on
my stomach something awful and
cause mo to hav? such k disagreeable,
bloated feeling It woa hard for me to
breathe. I could taste my food for
hours after eating, ami at times It
made me so nauseated 1 could hardly
sit up. I suffered awfully from Blck
headaches, .and there was a severe
pain in my right side. My nerves
wero all unstrung and it: Just seemed
Impossible for mo to over enjoy a
good night's rest.
"I began taking Tanlac about five
weeks ago, and I am glad to say that
after all these long years of suffering
I am now free from all my troubles.
I had no Idea Tanlac could help mo
half as much as It haH- Why, I feel
llko I am almost starting life all
over again. My appetltt is just splen
did, and I don't havo [to worry over
what 1 can cat now, jkecause every
thing agrees with mo perfectly.
Those awful hcadachrp have all dis
appeared and eo has t
right side. I am not
i.ftrvous in the
least, and T deep soundly every night.
I have gained neve
weight and havo been
every way that my ho Rework is now
a pleasure. J havo c iry reason for
being thankful to
recommend it with al/iny heart
Tanlac Is sold ly^LUIchmond by
Orant Drug Co. and /tangle Drug Co.
?>AdV. * ?
;tl pounds it)
built up so inv
fsnlac, and I
Presbyterian AKKciubly May I'rRo
,Noiil>artlcipatUm la World- j
Wide Drive.
Illy AniSclatoil I'rcn* |
CIIAIIL.O'1'TIC, N. May 21.?
Abi<le from the popular limiting to
night on the ?ubj*et of Sunday
school work. the second day's ????
Hloiis of the Southern Preaby tettiin
>}encrnl Assembly were devoted to
receiving report* of ih.? various com- j
mltteos and referilng these reports, j
without read Ink to the several com
in It teen.
1 tidic'HtIons that tho Intercliurch j
World Movement would he the sub- '
Jeet about which the keenest Inter
est will center and which will pro
voke the sharpest debute became i
more pronounced today. It was pre- '
dieted a contest would develop be- 1
tween those favoring and those op- |
posing proceedings in th's< movement
by tlio Presbyterian Church.
Among the long list of overtures ;
xubmittxd today by various presby
teries. the number referring to the |
Interchurch World Movement was I
notable. While the subject matter
<if those overtures lias riot been made
public, it was stated on good author- |
Ity tliut many express opposition to
the denomination taking putt in ttie 1
(Movement. In this connection it was |
pointed out that on overture from i
Concorrl, N. C? Presbytery asked the I
assembly to enjoin it- permanent
committee against assuming llnan- i
cial obligations not explicitly author
ized by (he assembly, anil the Albe- j
marie. N. Presbytery submitted an '
overture agAlnrt the assembly execu- '
tlve committee underwriting the
budget of the Infrchurch Movement.
Rev. Clarenco McClurkln. of the !
Iteformed Presbyterian Church. wan
heard in a brief address as the cred
ited representative of his denomina
tion. urging tho assembly to take
action favoring amendment of the
preamble of the Constitution of the
United States so as to lnclud? In it
recognition of Jesus Chrlflt. No ac
tion was taken on his appeal.
A telegram of brotherly greetings
and felicltution was received from the
General Synod of the Iteformed
Church In "the United States, in ses
sion at Hooding, Pa.
The report of the ad interim com
mittee on closer relations with other
Presbyterian bodies, regarded as one
of the most important to l?e nub
mltted to the assembly, was made
the special order for tomorrow, Sat
urday, morning
IJrfrr KlertIon of Offleer*.
GHKKNSHOltU. N. C.. May 21.?
Election of officers of the quadrennial
Genera! Conference, of the Methodist
Protestant Church in the United
States, which began here today, was j
deferred until tomorrow because of a
contest in the conference over the j
seating of delegates from the Pitts
burgh. Pa. Conference. Debate on
whether six or aeven delegates from
Pittsburgh should be seatedvoccupled
the entire afternoon session and re
sulted In a majority of the confer
ence voting to recognise the smal.er ,
number. , i
No session of the conference was |
held tonight, the delegates being ten- ;
dered a reception by local members
of the denomination.
Pledge Support ?" President.
PHILADELPHIA, M ay 2 1 . ?A !
pledge of support in "trieso trying i
times" was telegraphed to President ?
Wilson today by the General A??m- j
biy of the Northern Presbyterian
Church. In annual sesflon here. In t
sending Its greetings to the [ res -
dent. the assembly adopted a resolu
tion expressing gratification tor his j
Tells how his cough wns con- ^
qtiered and health restored.
"In November. 1916. I wns working'
in a coal mine and the doctors said
? he coal dust had settled In my lungs. I
I couldn't lie down on my right side, |
coughed so I couldn't sleep and had ,
constant pain in my right lung and
under my shoulder blades. I coughed
so hard "the blood would spurt out of
my nose. Finally the doctors had
me change climate and live outdoors,
but didn't improve.
"Then I came home and started on
Milks Kmulsion. Thank God. I did,
as it did me a lot of good right from
the start, loosening up the coal dust
in my right lung. In a few weeks my
lungs were free. 1 could sleep like a
baby, had an excellent appetite and
my cough left me entirely. I gained
back 30 pounds In weight anil went
back to work in the mine* completely
restored to health."?G. H. liunn, Gth
Ave. and No. 13th St., Tcrre Haute,
Thousands of victims of dust-filled
air develop the samo trouble that Air. J
Bunn had. Milks Kmulsion costs j
nothing to try, so why not at least
try it?
Milks Kmulsion cleanses tho stom- '
ach and bowels of all impurities, re- ,
storing healthy natural bowel action j
and doing away with all need of pills j
and physics. It corrects the diges
tive organs and Improves tho appe
tite. Thus it helps nature to build
up the blood tissue and to strengthen
the throat, stomach and bowels. It
helps build flesh and slrengih, and is
a powerful aid in resisting and re
pairing the effects of wasting dis
This is the only solid emulsion
made, and so palatable that it is
eaten with a spoon like Ico cream.
No matter how severe your case,
you aro urged to try Milks Kmulsion
under this guarantee?Take six bot
tles home with you, use it according
to directions, and if not satisfied wuTi
the results, your money will be
promptly refunded. Prico COc. and
f 1.20 per bottle. The Milks Kmulsion
Co.. Torre Haute, lnd. Sold by drug
gists everywhere-?Adv.
HOW to raise;
Pat Avicol in tho drinking water.
Most peoplo I030 half of every hatch,
and soem to expect It. Chlclc cholera oi
white diarrhoea la tho trouble. Tho U. a
Government states that over balf th?
chicks hatched dlo from this cause.
An Avicol tablet,
pinned In tlio drinking
wator, will positively
savo your llttlo chicks
from all such diseases.
Inside of 48 hours the
sick ones will bo as lively
as crickets. Avicol keeps
them healthy and makes
them grow and develop.
"* Mrs. Vannlo Thackery, R. F. D. 8, St.
Paris, O.. writes. "I had 90 chicks and
they all died but 32. Then I commenced
or* Avicol and haven't lost any since.
They liavo grown wonderfully."
It costa nothing to try Avicol. If you
don't And that it prevents and promptly J
cures white dlarrbooa, chick cholera and 1
all bowel diseases of poultry, tell us and
your mon?y will bo refunded by return j
mail. Avicol Is sold by most druggists
*nd poultry remedy dealers, or you can]
tend 25c or BOc today for a package by
mall postpaid, Iturrfcll-DugRer Co., <06
Columbia Bldg., Indianapolis, lnd.
physical improvement ami cotiveyfl
iiMiifaneo it would utter prayers lor
nlj licaltli Mint work.
Completion of Hid flrwt lllblo trftns
lated Into tin; Chinese language was
announced by Kr.'.nk J I. .Mann, taeero
tary of tho Aim rlcan liiblo Society.
Air. Mann Haiti the purpose ot tliu
American Ululo Society now la to
reach every person In the world with
a lit hie in bin own tongue. Out of
??r.u different languages ami dialects,
the liiblc has been translated Into
only l it*, he said.
lie spoke ot tno support which has
been given by the jiethodlKtu ami
asked greater help from the l'resby
ter^ati assembly. This was pledged.
Kpl'ropa I t.ntlierl"? Indorse* I'ur
ctinsc hjr Church of Srhooln for
l.iomen lury Training;.
The final day's session ol the one
hunor< it and tw'i -nty-Oftil annual >
council of the Kpl.scopal Ohuroh, 1
in '.lie diocese oj Virginia. elWllll yes
terday. The council opened wltn a
devotional service conducted by ltev.
Uuxsell Howie, followed by a s?*r
mon by Hev. S. A. Wallis, of the Vir
ginia Theological Seminary. Fol
lowing the for in on the buyltn-HH ses
sion wavj held until the conclusion of
the council.
Ke.solutlons indorsing the nation
wide campaign In neg ..tiatiiig for j
'lie purchase of Chamberlayno and]
the Virginia ICIIett Schools in Hlrli
mond. ami St. Anne's School in
Charlottesville, were passed. These
schools are In the chain to establish
a board of trustees to manage the j
. ffairs of this proposed system of j
The council also indorsed the |
work done at the Monie for Home- j
less I toys at Covins ton. The
sion will be held In Charlottesville)
next year. A vote of thanks was ex
tended to lJl". Howie and the coit
iz regit t ion of Si. l'aul'y Church for
the use of the church as meeting
place. Thv M?*M?ion was adjourned
after a benediction by Bishop Ca
bell Drown.
Hold Mny Dance Tonight.
The May dance under the auspices
of the Klchinond Howitzers' Associa
tion wll be held tonight at 8:30
o'clock In the HIuch' Armory, at
which time a famous jazz orchestra
will play for the dancing. The danco
Ik said to be uni'iue in every way
and a particularly large crowd Is
expected. These danres are given for
the gyrrinfiHlum fund of the organi
zation .and will be used to build a
gymnasium in the new Howitzers'
I.nivn Party I'or Sctioli.
A pretty affair of this afternoon
will be the lawn fete to be given
otl the grounds of St. Thomas' Church
in <;inter Park, under the auspices
of Troop 2. ISoy Scouts, from 4 to 10
ltefreshmcnts will be served on thf
lawn atid a most attractive program
has been arranged.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Wfor indigestion
Stomach ills
permanently disappear after drinking
the celebrated Shlvar Mineral Water.
Positively guaranteed by money-back
offer. Tastes fine; costs a trifle. De
livered anywhere by our Richmond
agents, Spencc-Nunnam&ker Co.
Phone them.?Adv.
New Method
The Economical
20% to 40% less gas than or
dinary ranges. Let us show
d?-j down pnts it in your
$ 1 kitchen. Easy weekly pay
bible class may reach
l)rl\r for Siinilnjr Svlionl Atlrmlani'O
Mi'cln WI?l> Crcnt MMimirt'
<if Xiirri'DX.
Tin- Kits!n)<FM Men's Hlblc Class of
Second llaptist I'liurcli Sunday School.
'Hi" of the. l.iri;* . t in the city, expocts
to follow up it.i Bloat moi'tlll!,' ?>f last
?hitiduv Willi sin even greater gatUer
1 itk tomorrow morning.
I.a^t Sunday was the day not to paps
tile 5C0 mark in tin- matter of sttMnl
.trio Th'- .iltimlinec was 510, ex
clusive of loo or more women visitors.
A special attraction last Sunday was
.111.i,.i mi.s ?.f tlie Sabbath fJny Olce
Club, an organizatIon of colored sing
ers. who sing old time nofiro reil
L ions imr.e:* in the old-fashl't'ied way.
Twenty-four members of this hand of
church singer; were present.
"t?o-onols" and "captains" and their
squads of .scotits have been dolnR yeo
man work this week and an attend
ance of ?!')0 or more is looked for to
morrow morning.
Doctors Ad rise Aspironal
KHxIr to Hpiiiovc Cause as
Well as HclicTe the Pain
Quickcr?Absolutely Safe.
Thn modlrnl profession Is strongly
opposed to the use of headache reme
dies that merely relieve the pain.
They arc warning the public that tho
cause of the headache should also be
removed. That Is why physicians
and druggists are so delighted with
the new Aspironal Kllxir that Is sold
under the two-minute guarantee. !
They know Aspironal also removes ?
the cause of bilious and sick head
aches by gently acting on tho ilver. j
corroding biliousness and constipa
tion and preventing the return of the
htadache next day.
The next time you have a headacho
go to your nearest drug store, hand
the clerk half a dollar for a bottle
of Aspironal and tell him to serve '
you two fraspoonsful, in a little !
water. With your watch In your
hand count off two minutes and call j
for your money back, as per manu- ;
facturer's guarantee. If you can't feel !
your headacho fading away within
tho time limit. Your druggist invites i
you to try Aspironal. so don't be1
bashful. Kverybody is doing It. 1
Same guarantee applies to colds,
coughs and neuralgia.?Adv.
Arrl'alt and Departures of Passenger Trains
(Daily, uniesa otherwise shown) published
only *as information and not guaranteed,
t Daily except Sunday. I Sunday only. |
(broad Street Station)
Arrive from Leavofor !
0:55 pm. .P'b'c A NAW East A Weat 6:55am 1
6:05 nm. .South 7:45am
11:45 am. .Petersburg 4 Norfolk 8:50 am i
8:00sin. .Petersburg A NAW Weal 9:20am
7:25 pm.. Petersburg A NAW West 1:30 pm
7:25 pin.. Petersburg A Norfolk . . 3 05 pm J
fi:'J0 pm.. Fayette ville A Goldshoro 13:50 pm |
Petersburg A NAW Kaat 5.30 pm
7.50pm..South 6:40pm '
g)2 20 pm.. I'otcrsburg A NAW West 6:40 pra
7 25 pm.. Petersburg A NAW West 0.25 pm 1
12:10 pm. .South 12:20 nt
S 30 nm.. I'etentburg
|12:Mi pm. . Petersburg
6:20pm. .Petersburg
a On Sundays arrive 3:10 pm.
. . (Main Street Station )
Vrrive from Leave (or
7:45 pm. .Charlottervillo 7:25 am
8:20 pm..Newport Ntwa Local 7:30 am
11:50am..NoHolk 0:00am
3:50 pm .James Hiver Line 10:00 am
3:20pm..Norfolk... 12:00 nn
8:30 am. .Cincinnati A Louisville.. 1:00 nm
6:50 pm.. Norfolk 4:00 pm
18:40 am. .Lyaehburg 15:15 pm
19:55 am. I Charlottes ville f5:15pm
9:45 am..Old Point I-oc&l 6:20 pm
3:45 pm. .Cincinnati A Louisville... 9:30 pm
(Broad Street Station, cicept where
otherwise Indicted )
Arrive 'rora Leave lor
7:10 ain. .Washing ton A beyond.... M6:05 am
Ml :20 pm. .Washing ton A boyoml.... 6:20 am
16.20 am.. Ashland Local 16:30 Am j
11:55 am .Washington Local H:30auij
2 :30 pm .Washington A beyond.... M':45 sm
6:25 pm..Washington A beyond.... 12:01pm
XS:30pm Washington A beyond.... 12:20pm
All :20 pm .Washington A beyond.... 3:45pm j
9:15 pm.. Washington I-ocal 3:50 pm ,
(8:10 um.. Aahland Ixx-nl 14:30pm |
8:35 am.. Fredericksburg Local.,..
16:15 pm. .Ashland Ix>eal 16:35pm'
12:10 nt. ...Washington A beyond..*. M7 i-0 pm
Washington A beyond. .. S:15pm
M Main Street Station.
X Arrives Main St. 6tAtion, por!or car (rom i
rVoshington is detached at Hermitage and handled ?
?nto Broad St. Station; arriving 8:20 pm.
pm '
(Main Street Station )
Arrive I rom Leave for
7.-05pm..Norlino. 0:00 am!
8:36ain. .Atlanta A Birmingham.. 1:30pm 1
6:65 am. .Florida 1:30 pm
6:45 pin. .Atlanta A Birmingham.. K:45pin
6:43 pm..Florida :.. ll:35pm
(Main Street Station)
Arrive (row Leave lor
1:40pm..Danvillo A Durham 7:45am :
7:10am..Atlanta A Birmingham.. 3:45pm |
18:40am..Kuyaville 16:00pm;
10:05pm. .Aahovillo A New Orli-ana. ll:00pm
York Rirer Line
9:40am..Wost Point 7:50am
5:35 pm. .West Point 4:15 put ;
YS:45am..Baltimore 15:10pm j
Y Daily except Monday.
fUO E. Main Street Phone Randolph 424
Norfolk & Western Ry. j
I.eave ltroad Street Station Dally
For Norfolk 5:55 A. M.. S:50 A. M, :
3:05 1>. M., 5:30 P. M. For the West,
5:55 A. M., 9:20 A. M.. 1:30 P. M.. C:40 I
P. M.. 9:25 P. M. Arrive from Nor- i
folk, 11:45 A. M.. 7:25 P. M.. 3:55 P. i
M.; from tho West. 8:00 A. M.. 2:20 I
P. M.. 7:2B P. M.. 0:55 P. M. Oflice, i
832 Knst Main Street. Phono Madi
son llfi.
K. A. Victoria
Vest ris
Imperntor . .
Pannonia . . .
Royal George
Caronia ....
Columbia . . .
K. A. Victoria
Maurotania .
Imperutor . .
Itoyal George
Columbia . . .
AqulUtnia . .
Passenger ami Freight Services
. . Now Vorl: to (Jueojistowii anil Liverpool May
. XewVork " Dubrovnlk ami Trieste June
.New York " Liverpool June
.New York " Cherbourg ami Soutbainpton luno
? New York " Pntras, Dubrovnlk ami Triesto luno
? New York " Plymouth, Cherbourg Soutli'p'u . .June
? New York 14 Plymouth, Cherbourg ?V- Liverpool .June
..Now York " Londonderry and Glasgow July
..Now York " Queenstown and l.iverpooi July
..New York " Cherbourg and Southampton luly
..Now York '? Cherbourg ami Southampton July
. .New York 14 I'lyinoutli, Cherbourg & South'p'n. .July
.Now York 44 Londonderry and Glasgow.2 luly
..New York 44 Cherbourg ami Southampton luly
.New York 41 Plymouth, Cherbourg and Liverpool, Aug
For Later Sailings Apply to
517 11th Street, N. W., Washington, P. C.
The Richmond Transfer Company
Taxleab Service?Haggago Express?Freight Servlco.
Soven-Passenger Touring f!ars?Seilnns?Limousines.
Agenls for All European and Oriental Steamship Linos.
Thos. Cook & Son, American Express Co., Raymond & Whitconib
Tours and Cruises
To California, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, China, West Indies, South
America, Europe and tho Jlattle Fields, and Around the World
Prcpaids now being booked from Trieste, Danzig and other points.
Ofllcb 880 East Main Street. Tel. Ran. 155.
Soap and Talcum
SdjTW ?DaUt'irl ?ur I w Jkp"'xm LdtnjKl?
| Mitteldorf er's |
217 East Broad Street.
Hose Sale
? Choice of our $4.00,
$5.00 and $G.OO Plain and
Fancy Stitcli Hose, in
black, white or colors,
The Greenwood House
will bo open for aarnmer irurntn
June HOtb.
Orffnwoml Is situated high In
the IMue Rldfte Mountains of
\ :rKinia, 11\ Albemarle County,
on -He C. O. II. n.; beautiful
scenery; mineral water; best
country fare, amusements, danc
ing. tennis, mountain climbinrr
I-or Particulars apply to
SI US. ?|. S. HAflUIS,
(?reenwood llouxr,
Greenwood, Virginia.
ATl.AjVTIt; err v. N~ J. j
i ArvAmcrican. Piaa Hotel
Mrelnlii Avenue. Near lirjirli.
Capacity. 600. Private baths, running
ttdii-r. vlevntor: Jt.&rt tn-r dav ut>: upeelai
\v..klv. IMoklet. Auto inneta lrn.li*
? "Alt l< P.UXTKft HAltOI.D I.A X DON
American A Kurupcan plana. Hot A cold
-.ea & fresh water bstba. Open all jorir.
(Sen. AJmnnorr
Times Square, New York CKr
/2?^w5.y at w. 45th at.
Blocks from Graud Central Station.
"Sunahlne in ?ttry room"
Much fnrored
by women trav
elling without
40Theatres. all
principal abops
and churches.
3 to 5 minutes
minutes of all
subways, "I,"
roads, surface
cars, bus lines.
Write tor descriptive booklet and rates
W. Johnson Quinjt, President
If HUNTU Satve fall* In th?
trearment of ITC1L KCZJIMA
Other itching ?kta disease*. Try
? 74 uc&i boj at our risk.
XuVrs'tlVEB PILLShSvy t,DB'
sola for the Liver. ** been
otXrtillSSr!^r0m a uoman
TUTT'^ pii i a ? i?Vft USC{|
? on s PILLS for Bowel remits.
vinMd nlatT1"8* 1 am ,,ow ?n
vinceu that they arc also the beai
ed?lnmIiCSy,ator for ol,ler retard,
ed female functions. | have lold
rnB,yd0Lmy W^dsand nowno?!
SLfnrr T' them* A 'e"
?ays ocfore, andyon are ail right."
of Bargains
Travels Like
Interest in the
$3.48 $3.98
TWO stvles roll
ing cushion brim
Straw Sailors, navy
and black, witb
white facings. A
swagger hat for
most summer de
mands. $3.48.
NAVY Blue Taf
feta Ilats in rolling
brim, ofl-tlie-face
and short back
mushroom shapes,
trimmed in dull
blue beads. $3.98.
$1.48 $3.50
Cushion Brim
Sport Ilats, in sum
mer colorings; cat
erpillar braids, de
sirable for utility
wear; an amazing
ly good low priced
hat. $1.48.
Limited supply of
smart Maline braid
trimmed off - the -
face hats; crowns
of Llsere and at
tractive flower trim
mings. Saturday
only, $3.50.
T. 5-22-20.
Result of Indigestion, Hend
uche and Other Troubles.
This Tennessee Lady Took
Binck-Draught and
Found Relief.
Flintville, Tenn.?Mrs. Addlo
Sanders, of this place, says: "I suf
fered from constipation a long
time. This, of course, brought on
Bour stomach, indigestion and head
aches. I felt fagged and no ac
count. .
"I started' in taking Black
Draught. I found it was helping
mo. I continuo to use it, and have
for years. I don't know how to
start to praise Thedford's Black
"Today I am regular, no more
constipation, headaches or Indiges
tion. In fact, all 1 cat tastes sweet
and good to mo . . . slncc my liver
is cleansed by tho uso of Black
"I am well and proud to make
this statement of what Black
Draught has done for me."
Constipation often leads to se
rious disorders among thoso who do
not understand its dangers, or who
neglect (o treat it without delay.
Thedford's Black-Draught is a
medicine that every person should
keep in tho house, and U30 at the
least sign of constipation, or torpid
Thedford's Black-Draught liver
medicine is right.
Ask your druggist. He lia3 it.?
Drs. William Lett Harris and Clai
borne Willcox wlBh to announco tha*.
the Soaslilo Sanitarium for clck chil
dren, located at Virginia! Beach, Va.,
will lio opened for the Bummer on
May 25.
For terms and further Information,
apply to
Drs. Harris & Willcox
{MO Nrvr Monroe Hide..
Norfolk, Va.
Take the Popular
Every Sunday Outings
$2.00 Round Trip to
Old Point, Buckroe, Newport
News and Norfolk.
$2.15 to Willongliby Beach.
Paax-ngcrs going t*
should purchase tickets to Willoai?h-4
by. Faro via electric line from Wll
loughby to Ocean Vlow, 6 cents, each,
direction. Virginia Beach, $2.70. 3
fast trains leave Main Stroet Station
every Sunday 8:30 and 9 A. M. and 12
noon. Short direct line, giving ten
hours at the seaside, returning, loava
Old Point 4:15 and 8:30 P. M? Loava
Norfolk 4 and S P. Ml.
? 0
0 %
v <9
Al'ter ail attack of the grip or
pneumonia, or even a hard cold,
the blood is left thin, watery, and
jne ia said to be anemic. Instead
>f ahe blood colls being round, as
.n diagram "A", they become
irregular, as in "B." r When you
feel weak, nervous, or the skin
breaks out in pimples, eruptions
ar boils, and you feel "blue" and
without any snap or energy,
sometimes hands cold and clam
my, there is usually a large de
crease in tho red or white blood
corpuscles and one should build
up with some good blood-builder
aud tonic.
You can put iron in yonr blood
and the cells becomo round and
.-?d, losing theunygular shape, by
taking a good iron tonic, called
"Irontic," put up by Dr. JPierce
and sold by most druggists. Thia
"Irontic" is compounded of a^ol
uble iron, nux and herbal extracts.
With this you gain in vim, vigor
and vitality. Instead of palo
cheeks, tired and worn out before
tho day is half done, after taking
"Irontic" your cheeks will have
color, you will feel strong Jind
vigorous and ready for work.
Or if you like a good alterative
and herbal tonic, such a one can
be obtained at any drug store,
favorably known for the past fifty
years as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medi
cal Discovery. This is-mado from
the wild roots and barka of forort
treesand without the use<tf alcojioU

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