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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, February 20, 1921, Image 23

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HICIIMONI), VA., SI'N DAY, KKBIll'ARY 20, 11)21.
c* ?T* ? Tr? *TS
^ I 1 t( % % &
k^< w\.\i.*; <&.>? J>.
?'lute, it long linn* UK'i, Homebody
rote I It it t manners a :i pleasant
Iccelt a t'onsiilriicy to rob <-xIttl*? !>????
? f much of its crudity. itecauso of
!m hi tin' elusive element ?>! ? .ar:n
?ag- n In tlx; world and Ki'iillvr
atures arc ehcouragi '1 in ? I'?-ir ro
ust ijrijwili |i must ban hc-n a
'ong t l:n<- ago. indeed, iiic'lenl of
'.iij s. Iliut tli- k:ik<' it dlted w.?r?l< of
:?!.?>! I<n such a goodly tfubject
Njwaday-!. > oil hear people i'#n ii-eot
v tli surprise on the fact thai su"h
a | ? riiou h:i> beautiful manners
? ut i imi ot iii'i*i\ V?lis l-'a-i
cd over at the last ball Info! e Kent
an I >j.okc t > li<-r conipin.o'i : a
mis- r> "That Is tie nice- yo'tng
man who Just came up ami spoke
to us So well raised lie actually
came tijt especially to shake hands ,
vv i t It all tlie chaperons anil make
himself agreeable to fomi- lit US, quite
a- if lie enjoyed him.-elf "
The lady In black lace no<li|eil
gravely. "lie 1b a nice young man."
she said. "When he is invited to dine
at your hotue he dances with the j
girls at the hall later, and he calls
politely some time afterward, to kIiow
you that lift hasn't taken your mut
ton ami pudding an something his
Just due, hut a little courtwy on your
part, which ho in turn appreciates.
It isn't the men alone. 1 have received
.it several dances thin winter and
many oi the girl* and men hardly
p.'U'hei) down the receiving line
when they came, much less t<> tell
their htnts goodnit:lit. it ieems to
me a revival in the art of manners
would not >;?? amins."
It Isn't that you would have the
world return to its "bowing and
scraping," its (towering i ornpliments
and extravagant praire ?f a lady's
eyebrows, hist a lot of efficient people
of the present day seem to have d is -
? ard.d manners as ho much unneces
sary impediments The same article
on manners y.oes on to ?.iy: "Why
i ise when a lady enters the room '
Why appear interested when others
talk' Why ask to he rcmernbereil
to people you have hitherto forgot
ten' Why thank anyone for giving
you what you have paid for'' There
i not much reason oi IoaIc behind j
.til It is mcrel\ that with the
nner natures there I* an instinctive |
ourtesy Dial expresses Itself in man-',
? i- Just :is in many others there
- iti Instinctive lack ? >! courtesy 1
which (Inds expression in boorish
Mantiers are not useless, koit"
j.r? cut day opnion to the contrary
1- isomething subtle .ucl line wliicii
presents you from /.vlny thoughlles*
hurt to others It makes you remain
t e: t woen ' 'hop;n Is liniiK played
< ?f lOtirse you rcmcrnbei t.ie en
i.anting story of the old bishop.
< ho. beiuk pushed aside quite ruth
."js.y with a nutnln-r of others who
rtd been waiting patiently in line
? ?r ? ntrance at some particular place,
was told !?> the ill-tnanncred strung
? r "I am Histnarck." "That," said the
prelate. ">x plal i:s. but doe-? no? ex
it m your behavior"
Kicvation .n the world in any way
- never an i-xcnis- for lack of cour
'esy One man says of his own sex
hat he i xnisej e'-ery sort of lack in
ill- present-day world. but that the
jack of chivalry in the manners <>f
ic nteti toward the giris is simply
l?i> \ i. able Maybe it. is the Kills'
l.llii! ..latter:-1 5t-e.ni t? need mending
i. both directions, liood comrade
r'lip s- well enough and fine. The
mid-Victorian attitude of the gen
tlemen toward the female of the
> pecies is far from a standard that
one would desire or imitate. It
was as false and affected and unin
teresting as the wax and feather
(lowers that went with the age. but
we need to borrow * little of the
Victorian value of the courtesy to
others For instance/ it will make
v ou feel that you should not so late
to a concert and disturb both the
audiences and the artists by your un
timely and belated appearance. It
' will keep you in your seat at your
club until the lecturer is quite done
with his speech, so that you wi$ not
disconcert either the speaker or his
bearers by stumbling out of the hall
and distracting attention. It is so
much better to stay at home if you
feel unable to stay through' the whole
lecture There is really nothing you
can class with the rudeness of the
woman, or man either, who thus dis
turbs a program.
And so you could on ami on There
are so many sorts and conditions of
manners and lack of them Hut it is
only something else that goes back
t? the homes :u.d nursery hearth
stones a<;ain. "In honor preferring
one another." one precJous mother al
ways said, when you had your hands
? a the prettiest picture-book, and
: our small sister's hands were tug
eins at the other half. It ended
with both looking at it together with
Hie most unaccountably amiable red
itu; existing between the two or you.
Manners are,quite simple. They come
I foil i the goodness of your heart.
.They smo?.h out the rough places in
I ie and make the old world more
ah!.able i.>r all the men ami women
ilmii'i?I'lnslej .
1 rlaml Tinslcy announces the
i.!ipro;?chirig marriage of his sister
Miss < lair Tinslcy. daughter or the
late Mr. and .Mrs. .lames (1. Tinsl.-v
of "l'icf|Uenoc<| ue." to A Seddo'n
Jones. Jr., son of (he late Mr. and
.Mrs. A. Seddon Jones. The wedding
will take place very quietly Saturday
morning. February 20. nt the home of
the bride. Only the t\vi> families will
witness the ceremony.
' riigngcmenl of Inlcrmf.
Mrs llenry Aylett Sampson, of
17l'l flrove \ s enile, announces the en
gagement and approaching marriage
of her daughter. Kmma Keats, to A.
Ilardln Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs'
\Y i: Harris, of | West Grace
Street. The wedding will take place
early ill March.
Iteccpl ion n| Confederate Mmmciiiii.
One of the most important and in
teresting events of the month will be
the imblic, reception to In: held at the
Confederate^ .Museum, Tuesday, from
II A. M. to o'clock, to celebrate the
ftventy-flftli anniversary of the form
al opening of this treasure place of
the South. There will be no admis
sion fee. no invitations have been is
Kiieil mid all who eare to come anil
In. pu t Ho museum on Hint day arc
cordially invltfl to do so. The <*ori
Memorial l.iterary Kuriitv in
charge of tin- IIIUKCUIII is most IlllxioUH
lllilt til'1 ptlhlic Will COUIe ,*t till SIM!
wliul Iiiin ln'i'M ac, ompi isheil these
t\viy-1|v<> years past.
At :::30 o'clock John Stewart Hryan
will spcak. Mr. Ilryan's mother, Mrs.
?losi |ih lir.vaii. was tin* founder of the
Confederate M useuiti ami its lirst
president. Those who will ilo Hit1
honors of tin- occasion ami receive at
the museum all flay Tuesday will h?r:
Miss Sally Archci A mlt-rxoii, prcsi
fii'iit ; Mrs lifiii' i t U'. Jackson, lirst
president: M:ns Anna 15. ISuvkin.
81'nillil vice-president; Miss Isal.-lle
M.i nr.. . I lit ril vicc-prcsidc ut: -Mrs.
?NiIiii Mason rccordiui; sfirutary, ami
Airs. I.. 'I Antrim, assistant; Mrs. J.
!"? ntf.n 'I'aylor. treasurer. Mrs. IS. II.
laiwrencc. corrc spomlitiK secreta ry.
ami ilo- following \ Ice-rcKents of tin
rooms. Mrs J. Taylor Kllyson. Mrs.
William Itiillin ?'?x, Mrs. .1. Allison
ilotlK'S. Mrs. T. A. ?'ary. Mrs. X. V.
I'aiidolpl,. Mrs. James II. Iirakc, Mrs.
I'.raii !??> S. Johnson, .Miss l.ticy 'I".
Muttford. Miss M.ittii- Harris. Mrs. K.
M. < 'rilti hln-lil. Mrs. S II. Von?c. Mrs.
.1. Kenton Taylor, Mrs. \V. It. Miller.
Mrs. \V A. Harris ami the liotise
recent. Miss Harrison.
Home \\ cildlMK.
A pretty w.iiilinK of the past week
was that oi Miss Mae Itolin. daugh
ter of Mrs. J. A. ! 'a vie, to I ?r. Mi lion
I'ucl: < *olTiiiaii. which was celebrated
at 'j o'clock Wednesday evening at
"Woodinere, ' the home oj the bride
llcv .lotin J. Wicker. of f.i-iuli Street
I'aptist Church, |?frrinmil tin- cere
inony, a nil Mrs. Witlson Jtimes
rendered thi- w.fliliiiK music. The
house was decorated i;vcrywher* in
palm*. Southern smllu.v >? .I?. .?-? tui:i?
ami li^lit*-il canities, ami .in impto*
vised altar of camlles, puirns ami
bjirlriK blossom* was arranged lor the
. er-'tnony
'I he hrifli entered with her brother.
I It I'avi . hy whom sin- was j;ivei,
in marriage ||er wedding ijow n was
f as hi on ci! of silk laic over balm, and
her \vtl tul!<* was arranK.it w.in
orange blossoms. She carried a
shower bolli|UCl oi Illicit of th* val
i Icy ami frc'sias Mrs. II. Kowlkes.
who was flame of honor was gowned
iii tur<|uf'is:e hi tin velvet, .mii Miss
Marian Spicer, the maid of honor,
wore a costume of ?old-? oioroi vel
vet They carried similar bouquets
of sunburnt roM i .m.i lav-nder hlos
sum"- llirii i .'o IT ma n. hrothcr of the
uri'Mii, was l?e.-t mut>. ami the iffooms
tiieti were; I. m. I'fister and .1 L>.
The w ?-?Idltii; was followed l> a
reception. r.i .vhif h on]\ tile bridal
l/arty ami intimat, fri.mle We|.; in
vite.! i?r. am! Mrs ('offtnun hit
later fijr a Xortherii wedding Jour*
in >. and w ill he ^ home at ' Wood
niere." on their return <Suests from
?i * 1.. t.ii.. e attending the c< reiminy
.ver-- Mr. ami Mrs. W. Herrtiann Mot -
rl.-. Mrs Uussell Hires anil I >i Itich
artl Daxls, of Salem. X. I . Misn Net
ti. 1.a :: t f k ? of i 'o, ,i ni ti:. i i ? . .Mrs
llarohl W. Ilnlmes, of Hctroil iiml
I'aul Sltater, of Staunton
>lr*. I'nrle) llimlrM,
l cifOw l?.'#ssoii:s ilc" oi'Kteii l:ie iioni
"! Mrs Mrnst \V.it?on l-'iiiley o 1 (Jin
t e r 1 .* i i , I* r iila > it f te r noon I or tile
*? c? |ition .it which she was iioKlc.-th
'rotn 1 to t; o'clock in Iioiioi of her
two sisters, Mrs Junius Krncst W'iir
riunei Jr., anil Mrs HaroM \Vli.-.|,-r
floliins, o| Iietriiit, hut h icfcnt
, lit i.les Jonquils u ml yellow flowers
flei.orateil thf tira wmtj. room, whrru
I ..Irv l-.ii.ej recciv.il Uith th. two
quests of honor, a tut joiifjuiht ami f !
.ow Shailed liKhts Wire use,| i.n'th.
?atiie in lfie flintiiK-room, when Mr'
. > Sim|>si?ii poured cort? A nuiii
t"-i o! voting jjiris .cssistcfl in >er\
ini,-. ami ahout ljo quests wire pres
Mrs Holmes, who was formerly
Miss ,-u.sie Starke ha.- heen u<i,m ..'f
honor a. a numliet of charrnini; af
lairs uurii.^ her Maj i? Ui.hniond.
? lie IS relurninK to introit th. lat
ter part of next week
l.lltle Thrairr la-ague.
The I.itthr Thf-uter l.easue Iir...
scntii.K :? pros ram inter.-st to th
itiohmoiid puhiic, ami to its own
li>rSt."" '?v,'!,:"?s "f Tucsdav
t? AefJiic^diiy t-chruary i'j. lt
the Uiiit.iril Junior Hltth S.-hooi at
? w" '' I '!? hi:; w.l! consist of
two one.act jilays, I|?. Jils, a I,......
i -VTi"f ,.^'"'"'???.1 llawkr;ilK. >
? . I.e.! '' .oris; . Shop T|? . ast
vi. ' J"" wi.i include < h.rdoii illair
S I'reston. ^
Thomason:lVUrJ a,,rt
1/lC . (. f |*i.IV | > an i !l| t?0!f ill
? Vint 1,? th.. 1 ii?? ,,f ti?. K.a
.- he hist ?i!iy to he ,.rodJ;":,' writ!
|?? h> a Iiic,lnr ihf .. m? ,. I,
? A 'Jfamatiz.ition ?f ? jailll..
?and, Oa hell's short storirs |"aU
uux.ar s I>:inirhr?. ?n ? * . '
Kivel in . I houj4ii "The
. 'n Grandfathers X<ck" . i?
"? produce.l X..v. v?rk ? r;i '
th,i, play that ,\|r. fahell his
(by V'a !rta?U,--l w,!l "" 'lirst |)|;,v
tL 'I - produced anywhere
?hi? ^?'n? .i""1 u" '-o^unuull
tni? play ,)i the medieval time* u hi
*?md Hiecl!'??'r 1 "V ???' "?*v"
tlon Vo he Ms ,n'X,,'ttH tlUS
merit ti, i m,,st '"'table achieve
Horothv s Vi, i,W U'"- M"
? rick Mayl'.V Kr ,n i'-0r,r>' 1:0,1'
James \V. Alii.so,,'. '""f" and
manrof Vh^U:.1,11! ??""air.
no iiirfet commit toe
"?ml I lul. Dance.
CIVOn h?vr1 h,Uv-VrhK?" ba" l?e
Phinned hy ,iu. "i,,h f^ Vhis ^ ,
Htere will |,c rjeorBe WashinKt'Cn 'l"'- 1
rauvN ""eth".'"'wood !
t^ck.' nT'Vo "n,!'-,V NiBh?- I
V'"."-." "Ill h.^e,ufA|i^,lVai;>0^^ !
0 i'/o'c'l l ?|"| A'nn,,uy evening t ?,
VJi. ,'; 'I! { "U'litoritin. of the ,'oj.
: ! . ? l1".0' for <Jlrs. This cii
?ts j"|"for urow n-ups. as well |
Invited. ana il" """rested are |
^liirrl.'iKr .In noniiei-d.
no'tim e"i? Al,!< "' ,!"4Var'l Seidell
V-e tfirV marriage of their cl;u1Kh
<' r Itirilic t.uy, t,, Atil,re\ Mtiireiw
V"" 1 l)'" eeretnonj took pi;,,,,
on Miursilaj. Kehruary 17. ;,t llinton.
S. KKl.M, ,,r llolU,.* I III ,111,1,1'.
otM-We.ln.sda> this
(??c',. i V i"i;::" Ike Itielimonil
tin /? I. ""i'"' Association of Hoi
Miiw ( ol.flRe. will meet ;u the Co|
ni? . \ s,-,"?<'l for tiirlr. Ifil:i M,,nu
,Piv '?"'??'"r.'l- founder's
V.i former students of llollins,
whether members of the ussoclallot,
" not, are cordially invited to at
ten.i An iittractivc program will he
ri ndercd. followed i,y social hour,
and refreshments will he served hv
t he f ommittee in .?liaritc, Mrs. fleore'e
i'. .Morgan, president of tiie |{ieh
mond chapter, will preside, and a
short business session will he held
?.lmV,Pus 1"fograin. Iteports
will he given at this time from the
(I at is ant ven h.v the as.soclatioi! last
1 hanksul vIiik.
Kehruary 21 is ann-iallv ohservd
as fonntlcr's fi.iy nt Holliiis ColleKe
nml the various tluinnae eliiiptors
hohl their celehratiotm as near!v ii?
poKsihle on that ?latj?.
Hr. fillkle Ifi l.eetore.
u Ur, Vh;,.,,',,-S }V IIkie. of Hyile Park
Riiptist t.hurch. t'hicaRo. will give a
lecture on Wcdm-sdnv afternoon at
4 o clock in th.. Sunday-school room
of St. Paul's- t'littreh. I>r. tSilkie'.s
stthject Will he. "My Trip Thro,i?h
the lloly I,and. anil the affair is
under the auspices of S-ction H ,,'r
the Woman's Auxiliary The public
I* invited tij attend, ami t li?? ? ?? t *i
ir< Jul- tin- bi-nvtit ol the work <>f Sec
tion M.
AI lli<- Wiimnii** < lull.
I?r. Itichard Uurlou will addr<-t?a
the Woman's ?Mill. I'iiiiii; row after
noon at l o'eioeK *?n **'i'he. Mnvi'^ ami
111. M u I tit till- II- is a most dia- I
litiK u lulled ami Interesting sjii'iik'Ti I
ami a large audicnci w hi In lire."- j
out t<> hoar him -?
Dr. Hurton is a graduate <?l Trinity \
College ;ui<l i-*?tni?I? *? i ?'?rli i"i" ? !?- j
Kof doctor ..f ;????;? iiy at Johns
ll>>l>kili> i'i l>>s II I,.-, am. . .111.?r 1
of tile i'i ii'i iiman the ^Jiiii' '.'i-ai' an.I I
?-<mliiiii.il ii- iliat w?.i k mi!;! 1 |
Aft"> iifcuii) i:iji ? i ?"it I??11 <il a< sin-late j
eilitoi ?<! \V:ti iit-i'i. I.ibrary thej
World's 11* ' l.itei at ui e. in- assumed
tin- duties ot In adship of ilii- Kugli.sh j
? h-partm.- it tlo 1 niv. i >*i y of Min
nesota. which posit ion h<- now holds.)
In Uuiton li.i - ;iuhlis..i-d ma-.;, works.!
lilt- pi" His Il|i 'l.|e "Dumb in June." |
' l,yrli'<< of l;i oiIh i Iihi. 1." Honi! of the j
I'nsuc< < ssf uI." "Memorial I iay." "Ita-i
hah." a poetii .Irani.i. anil \ Hook j
? ?I Vi-isi " other ? out! Ihut ion:* ar-l
I It* upo:i til.- ilrailiA ami tin- novel.'
Association will. "The Players." "lie-;
form" ami "iVnlnry ' clubs has |
hl'ougl:". him in contact with modern
Itlayeis ami playwright-. lie. there
fore, is an authority 'i|ion tie drama
in Ann rlr.i ,to.la> The lm-t m r.? will
In- Mi . iMlk> I Da.--t.iell Mr.- .1 Al
ston Cabell. Mrc. A Sidney Unfold.
Mr- Heiirue Cob Scott Mr- Hosalie
St .lolm I !? rnilon. Miss Kate Hlatik
enship. Mrs. Thomas Armistead. Mre
J Ambler .lolinntoii.
rin W'-il m-sila > afternoon Miss Ar>
ni.- Sli-K.ir Winston v.; I r.-vii-w
; "Main Street." hy Sincl.ui l.?w;*, at
the .'Illli
\niiitnl II. \. II- I.uiiehriin.
The annua: lunelici;. .f tlf i'om
inoti w ealt li Chapter. D.iui; i.-ih <?! the
j Aniei-:i aii U?-volution will h. hi on
Tin sday February j'.'. : %.'clock,
i ;,( die Commonwealth I'i'iij Mrs.
K at? Wall.-r Harrett. Stat. rett-ut.
land some inetnhers of the na'tioiial
I huar.I will he guest* of honor.
1 lllil Point WrddlUK.
i III interest here is III-- ll 'triage of
Miss Maltha New. ?>. II.niter
I'.rant|e\ Cat..*- of >: a hu h
l.a.e .day. !
February 10. in th the|
bride's brother, I. M of,
t)nl !??.Int. Th- |{e\ i ' ? ??.ami
peters. i ? . tor St. .lame-i i' > ? . ii. Hi.-h- '
mo ml, ollielate.l. The h.?n.?- was s.m- ;
pis . hut . hnrmlnuly, decorated with j
[.alms ferns ami llnwets I. M N?w
II. I'll, KaVe his sister ir. rni.rilagi ;
II. r ination of honor ami only it
teiiila lit, was Mrs. I. M \e-.vnmn
The bride wore a ???nit ot M irk bine
IN.iret twill w.tli hat a: -?I s!ov. - to
! mat' h. ami she wore a rursac- liou-(
nuel nf orchids and lilies of the val- j
! lev. Mrs. I.. M Newi .iinl. wore .i
fawn eolore.l gown of ijcnrgette
Willi picture hat to mat. h atlil car
lie.l a linui|iiet of -link ?of-? Mi
C.at.-s hail as lest man hi- brother.
Iiampden ijates. also ??! Uichnmiid
During the sea! inn of the guests
Mrs JanteK C Murtln. a cousin or
the hriile. sang a
Iniine.lia'ely after the . rem?nv the !
hrnlal party ami fri.-ml- w.re i-n
! t. rtalneil b; Mr. an.i Mrs. I.. M N'.-v.
eonib .it a buffet luni h.-on j;lven i:i !
their home. ;
'I'll.- bride ami ur-e : thi-ri left for
,. -.v. dd in n trip to Kl-.rida ami will,
lie ;it l.otne after Mar?-li a- 1v 1 ?>
Park \venue. Klohmoml.
It r t urn Ml Itlehnionil.
Mrs. I II Mef..r and I ' 11- ?on. |
i Stuart tJr.iy M.-n .-i a id Mr .1 1'
Snriich o f -'"n ll.in?>v?-r Av-nue.
have returned if.>m \ i?-11 to Wash
ington They t.t a -ho't tune .
in K.tlt ItnoT.-, hi-1 or. r.-tutn..iv to
I iti. hinon.i.
^Ir*. W111 In in* In "?iienk.
I Mrs John .-*1- '"ti Williams* will'
IMVO h-r e.-iuie I.-. -Jap.-it < I a r -
di ns" before the Woman > 1 riii of
Mlvhlaiid Pari, of Weil: ?? -d.i after
f (n.ii. a' o"clork
This meelint: will l.e held at the i
home nf Mrs W W Foster. lfiD. Kirst ,
Avenue and tea will lie.servi.l niter
the leeture. i
The hostes-e- iinliid. Mis ?' I
Kotiri|uri-an. Mr I* VN ^ inKliel I.
Mrs. James Sava?e, Mr- l'aul Kedd j
I'll rni? llle WeiltllliK.
A |irett> weildinu of interest here i
war. . eb !,rate| ir, Kannvllle mi Satnr- '
lav. l-'eliru-irv l'J. a: the home of
Mr:. lb.I.eir \r.-h.-i- It .dwin. when
her daughter l.u.lle Kt.iti berime;
tlii* brnl. of iieorice Samuel s.\ton.
Jr.. of Shreveport. I-i Kerns. . ii'ln
?lral eamil - ami standards h .'dinn
showers of lilies and whit- ruses
f..rioe,i -he altar in the livii.H-roont
Music was furnished hy younj; u-lrl?
l'rom Mart irisvi'le. Miss l.ucy <"hes
hire at the piano v illi Mis.? - I.yriia.
K Iiy deinlal! and Klizahetli Davis as ,
fir-* a ml second violins l.ittle Jean
K1 Hott li.ildwin, of l.vin-libtiru. carry
ing a coloniiil bouijuei of sj.riiiK flow
. is. and Ituldwili MacDonald. of New ,
London, held the ribbons at the en- ,
trance to the livinB-room The maul j
nf honor. Miss I.aura Ualdwin, sister j
of the hrlde, wore a frock of hronz."
embroidered net over metal cloth with
a hat of bronze tulle and uo'.d Met
arm bouquet was of sunburst roses
showered with frecsias.
The bride descended the stairway
with lies- brother. P.. I. Italdwin. or
Durham. N. P., who ?ave ft.-r in mar
riaue. Shi- was gowned in duchess
satin embroidered in pearls and car
ri*'<l n showi-r wf orchids uim! lilies of
the valley Her tulle veil worn
coronet fashion with a bandeau of
nratice blossoms and embroidered
down its length with pearl motifs.
"Tornieil her train
The ceremony was performed t?\
Dr. iJeorfie S. Sexton, father of the
Ki'ontn and pastor of l*ir.-t Methodist
Church, in Shrevepoi t. I.a assisted
by Dr. ? Seoi ue II Spoorn-r. pastor ot
the bride. The uroom's best man was
Kennelh iTowe of lloaiioke Kapiils.
X. C
The ceremony, whi.-h was witness- j
,d by th.- families. out-of-town
ifiiests and a few friends, was follow
..< I bv a large reception when the
entire lower Hour, decorated with
t askcts and showers- ot sprau flower!? |
ami candles, was thrown open. Tli?? j
tiuests were rei-i-ivcil Iiy Mit;s \ iruinia i
Ualdwin. of UvnciibiirK. and Mrs. .
Prank ?: ISablwin. ??! PitrinviU* In j
addition to the wedding party the j
ivinn line incluileil the bride's j
mother wcarinu black embroidered
satin with a corsaue bouquet of
violet*!, the mother of the xrooni in I
.sequins w ith a i-ois:ikc bouquet of i
crchids; Mr and Mrs. II. V. Ualdwin.
of Kit-hmoiid. Mr. ami Mrs. P.ernard <,
P. P.ablwin. of hynchbwrn. and Mrs.
A. I-'. Ori?K. of Durham. Mrs. K. T.
Ilines. of Norfolk and Mrs. W. K.
MacDonalil. of New Uimlon. w ere
hostesses in the room with the pres
ents, while Mrs. K. I.. P.ablwin. of
Durham, ami Mrs. II I.. Newbill. Jr..
of ISichmonil. iveil the uuesis in
to the dinitiK-room wliere refresh
ments were .served by Misses Sue
I '.row n and Amy Paiinill, of Martins
ville; ponstaiice Whitlock. of Tnliac
ii.ville; iSreyson Ualdwin. of Durham,
and A^nes Watkins ami Klizaheth
UiiKK. of l-'armvllle.
Misses l.ila and Willie l,oiiuoii.
Thelma Ulanton and Mai-Raret Wain
wrinhl. assisted In enl. rfainiim the
guests." After the reception. Mr. and
Mrs Saxlon left for a Southern tri|i.
and after March 1. will be at home
in Shrevcport, Ua.. where Mr. Sexton
is in business.
l-lvrry Mnnilaj- Plnb.
The Kvery Monday Club will meet
on Moiulav afternoon, at :i:30 o'cbick,
in the home of Mrs. Howard Hamil
ton. 2125 Stuart Avenue. Mrs. S. < .
Mitchell will nail a paper entitled
?Pi.-lures l-'roni Delaware History."
A general discussion of current
events will follow the paper.
Joint Itrsllal by HIcliunuulcr*.
<if Interest in musical circles here,
is. the joint recital given Wednesday
evening in the chapel at William and
Mary College, hy Mrs. Frances West
Keiiilinrilt, soprano, and Joseph Whlt
temore, tenor, with CJeorge Uyall. as
ai-companist. Uoth Mrs. I'einharilt
atid Mr. Whlttemore are well known
Klchmonil artists and their recitals
[Continued on Second Page.J
Springtime Is Bringing You
Most Wonderful Things to Wear! As you will find here?so varied are they that you
are going to have a thrilling time trying to decide which you want, but so
moderate are the prices that you will have the pleasure of selecting a
very complete new wardrobe.
Many Lovely Frocks A Charming Wrap
could resist their youthfulness and
piquant charm? Most fashionable
new Taffeta Dresses (and the silks
are good qualities, too) are here at
$25.00, $29.50 and $37.50. Still others
present themselves at prices up to
$58.50 and beyond.
that oftimes determine to be almost,
if not quite, as saucy and colorful as
the taffetas, await you?at prices
from $15.00 to $150.00. There are
also quite a few charming ones at
ordinary beauty may be found in our
French room at $65.00 to $125.00.
can afford several of these'rich, heavy
Silk Frocks, make haste to have
them! For Canton Crepe is Fash
ion's favorite, and you will find it:
here made up in the leading modes
of Spring. Our Canton Crepe Frocks
are priced at $45.00 to $125.00?and
there are a few at lower prices.
? ?
No womler that all Paris went wild over Wraps
i his year when you see our copies of what they
are wearing, you will understand- -and want one
immediately. Kncli Wrap is made of rich fabric
and beautifully lined. Priced ait 8:15.00 ???
Your New Suit
IF IT IS TO BE "positively different,"
and quite as smart as a suit can pos
sibly be, it will be one of our Novelty
Tailleurs?originations by Mangone
and other master artists. The
shades, as well as the styles, are the
very latest in fashion. Priced at
$125.00 to $150.00.
AT $75.00 TO $95.00 we have a won
derful assembly of Handsome Suits
?smart tailleurs of Piquetine and
other line twill fabrics.
braided and plain models of most
effective style, priced at $35.00 to
Tweeds, with distinctive ideas in
pockets and other details, at $45.00
and $58.50.
will appear on every Spring occasion,
including Easter, are. here at $25.00
and $35.00.
New Chamoisette
1'Allt: Kayser. of course
with embroidered or spear
point hacks. In covert
white and pongee?most
fashionable (Iloves.
PAIR: Kayser gloves also,
in white and pongee. These
gloves are not only fash
ionable?they are wash
able, too.
if your spiing costume is 10
be one of the prettiest in
town, you will want to ac
company it one of our new
est Umbrellas?they aro
$11.*>0 each, and worth it!
Heavy silk taffeta with
wide grosgrain borders;
purple, green and navy.
Smartest of handles with
novelty rings?and stubs
and tips to match exactly.
Women s Fine
IIOSE: To be had in black,
brown or navy with a nar
row rib and dropstitch ef
fect. All silk, 0 pair.
With lisle top. $11.00 pair.
82.f><): It has a mercerized lisle
top. is full-fashioned, and very
wearable. Shown in black,
brown, navy and gray.
A VKltY DAINTY ANK 1.10 ap
pears in our new open-work
clocked hose at $;t.3n pair.
Full-fashioned, with mercerized
lisle top. Black only.
Children s Imported
Til 10 V A It 15 NEW! New pat
terns. new colorings and a
new style?the "fashioned
top." Some are plain col
ors with fancy tops, and
others all plain. Some are
pin-striped white, and
others white with novelty
cup, rose, reseda, pink,
sky blue, navy, brown?
and some are black, too.
Materials to Make Up Yourself
Which You Can Do With Little or No Trouble?If the
Neu) McCall Pattern is Your First Assistant!
Dress Goods?Main Floor
YARD:^ A new spring wet^ve.
p a r t i e ulaiiy appropriate for
dresses. ftl-inch. In these
wanted shades: Gray, tan, neu
blue and navy.
sjwVoo YARD: All wool and :.t
inches wide. Kino weave. Of
I'ereil iu tan, gray, navy and
A L L - W O O L TWKKDS, 8i!..-?)
YAK I): :">(} inches wide. In
rookie, tan and copen.
VAKD: This is a velvety ma
terial that is positively extra
ordinary at this price. *> I
inches wide. In taupe, gray,
tan and French hlpe, over
checked by five black lines.
Very smart.
8JJ.50 YARD; Spring we.ighis,
in navy, rookie, tan, brown,
lose, Pekin and gray. 51-imh
All wool.
S.~? YARD: Newest light and
dark effects in checks, plaids
and stripes are included The
patterns are beautiful, 'd-lnch.
White Goods?Main Floor
The most exquisite batiste one
could imagine?and just iu time
for the Raby's Raster Dress!
Really, it is almost as lustrous
as silk. 05c and 8I.OI) yard.
YARD: Rough enough for the
summer outdoors ? and yet it
is soft and light and spongy.
::tl inches wide.
75c: This is a wonderful mate
rial. It is highly mercerized
and woven in the wheat dot and
other tasteful patterns. '.!2
The sheer, tine Swiss organdie
that will wash and wash with
out losing a bit of its crispness
and beautiful finish. 4 0 inches
wide. This is a new and lower
DOTTKD SW1SSKS. .".Or: Our 7."?c
Swisses, just reduced. Hti-inch.
Small and nickle dot.
81.50: These we have just re
duced from ?2.25. They are the
real Swisses from St. Gaul, with
the tied dots that can't come
QI'ISKTTK, 75c: A lacy, daint
ily patterned material for love
ly blouses and dresses. 10-inch.
l.rsTRors wintk satinkttio.
SI.-5: Kor making tul> summer
skirts, children's frocks, etc.
So lustrous is this wash fnbrie
that it very closely resembles
real white satin.
NKW. WHITK. P1Q1K. 50c: A
splendid grade, in the tiniest
cord and one a little larger.
Wash Goods?Basement
A more beautiful shirting is
seldom seen. It is woven of
silk and cotton, with silvery
silk stripes alternating with
beautiful colored stripes. :>2
incli width.
As dainty and soft a lingerie
material as one could ask
Often it is used for children's
nice frocks, for blouses, etc
Shown in rose, white, pink,
light blue and copen.
RIALS. JiJIc: Including most ex
cellcnt lines of Kiddy Klotli.
Devonshire and Kindergarten
Cloth- each :<2 inches wide. All
plain shades. little stripes,
small checks and dainty double
? hecks are included.
Charming two-toned plaids in
spring colorings (woven in) ap
pear in this. Kor making your
: r afternoon frocks that
will tub.
Trimmings and Laces
to smart frocks and suits of
this season are now on display
on our .Main Kloor. Very often
it is the final touch of trim
ming that "makes" a fashion
able costume. Wo are careful,
therefore, to show you only the
newest and most effective deco
Specialized modes for the miss of four
teen to twenty?and the small wo
man of these si/.es.
SILK DRKSSKS: The prettiest, most joyous
froc ks a miss could wish! Made of Tnf
feta. Crepe de Chine, Georgette, Satin.
Canton ('rope and Crepe de Chine, in navv,
brown, tan, gray and bright blues. Priced
at $10.50 to SHI).50.
TAILORKD DRKSSKS of Tricotine, Poiret
Twill and Serge. .<125 to 855.
KVKNING DRKSSKS: K.\(|uisite > roations of
Taffeta and Georgette, in pastel shades.
810.50 to 855.
WIIITK FROCKS: Dainty new frocks of
snowy Organdie, Swiss and Voile, at 87.50
to 8ii5.O0.
These also are for the older miss and
the small woman?and include the
leading models in new Spring Wraps.
Other styles are in sports lengths,
to $75.00.

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