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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, February 20, 1921, Image 24

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( Con! Inuid from t'lrkt l':ic> . |
art ul w ay- i ? ? I v *??! \\ : tin* us ??
;i I
?**t inU'ivSl A larn* andii'tu ? tl11 -??i
the iha'pi'i !"i th* Si" III a I was
luo?[ iiitliusi.isUi it. lis applause of
t ho pro - r.i m i ? ::<1 ? i!
M!*r* It.ini'.ird: mii:-. Sat tlnla> at
tirnoon at uletnv III . N. w Vorl.
at tlie terital plVon by the pupils
of Mi. W'Uherspooii, of that city.
T!u f >11iiw:tl|! pro. I til. was given
hi M I : tl ha r*l! anil Ms W'.tlti
iiiore last Wednesday, at William and
\la rv
1 At . !'?%.> fa- .1 !:-.i ? I. K -?
S v .! -
i K-m: -
lt\ Mr \
VV u->m<
l.lelirii ti
ll ? - >
? It-.-.
I- : ?> . II . ? - M.-.t
' rt\ r citli ;
SIrs. RelithHrdt and Mr WhlttMnore. I
^i;el:il MccliiiK liicwlaj.
V "a r. ?.' - T- i ?: i- ?' \s< - .it .???? of
l'i v > -1 wil'. a>M a .*-??. ml
Til- - ). ' * v ? t i ?: u : S: 1;
: 11 ? - hno; Tin t ?? will !?> ,
?1 v'.-.v. u! v- n l>\ t!i* li >\ s
? r-: 1 'v \ u ? ,
l'i' Mr- It |:
short addrps*
? ? r. I ? i<>? \ . ri ^ . -I
ksu ivinr. i
i! in:
- - I
?r. .
K ? :
i -
oa r'
- i.u pa s : .r - I ti-! ? .
d< - Sa In II--1., : .
IlitU. 'a fit on OVcrton,)
I I !: i w I: ? ? v ! la 111 -
"?r " i. w i. ir n ? ?! ?
\ ' K- ? " 11 -1 j i , . '
? - ? \V ,11. 1 Harrison. I
-? '*1* r a* -! tl" ... as :
? ? ? ' > ; I !>? y Will -.am l'i ?? -
? - - -1> ? .v I: i.. - ? 1
, "aini*t??? 11. . )?:<! war 1 M.ilotn
- ? ? i Ralph \V ??d. Andrew
w. av- st? v-M M-ti. i;,. ? ? t
? ?!. . K :.u. ;-'ra IV, ... - ;
l Chariot? I'rytv Thoy form a
rus of hoys' \ d . s. an.I <(.. |
? v ?? \\ ?.? I* n th* . \ ? itii
? la \ is - ? ai-ivil a i I .|. r? ???..! .v
t !i.
Ill l.-K
i Mil
'yn I |{*
of :!><? pui.;:? ? ?,?!)
T .-it rt a . i. In* I,: (s !'r.
' th*' ? > ill Tl i II ni! \
in V 'I I, t.v
Hot.'! YV elldlllK.
? M-.n.lav l -'oriiari 11. ? t .;<? J
o'clock Miss Jopytc Johnson .it,,l \VII* |
:". " i W a ! k ? I 1 "a t ? > \\ i-vi > | ,1 ? : 1ma ! -
'? * <1 at i i- h""i*. "( th* hrlil*- in l-:m
por 1:. v - in.I . ?? p. -?!. j. (>;,
ooromon) Alius Rutit Whtors ron- I
? ? r. -I :'11 wvdfliitK inn.-. an.I j-: ?
t*'for** Hi* ccroihotiy Miss Klsld Oor
?Ion. I*..r : iv.. ma, >anu I I...v.
You Th. |...rlors u ? *-. ,|, m-ai. ,l ,n
r. rnv t;, w 4-rst ,I . anill. ?;
'I'll. I.r'il. ?.r a tvav. ' nu Mill ??
?' isrilt i>] a* I r- ? i a i;; and ..i -
? .* i a ? ?'>%*.,? ii? ? ;i? 111. t sw.-th? art
~ a nd I , - | ?.. \i >|
rrlxlo Johii.*V? was h. r sister's only i
at i ? Vila lit. - vvnii .1 v. -? ? ? .
*1 "' ' :i I- ? I wit a l.la? \ j
s* ? and carried |.inU swv. t p. as I
Th* ti ??*mi uad ns h - ..,n hi- '
l*r"' ; ? - .lohli "a l o. i
> .'t.-v : :*. r*t! tn<>*>> a : i n. ? h .
was sofv'od anil the i? ri? I? - arid I
:,i ? ft i 111 111 I'd .a t i*l \ . N'i.i'.'i
\ I'. I. tlaiii'i'.s.
A I? I: Ir I ? It . inn i:*l v : ,;
" < ' *1* ll I I, ? 111 I ' | \l i I. ' > I ; . , . . V . V .? I. j
i ai t li- \ iru ni.i I*iilyi. . hi i<? i
!"" " t -It. I', irkclill'i: M Kill '
">'?'?*? M t ? >i >. M- 1.1 . Ma \ 1*1 ... .
- *' S ? ail.I ? ?. ll - - f > XMl'. IIIIUMIV I host
I .?*s| ii- I or I'll.rill.-i.
M.-'.- i:. i. n ii ,,IMi in. .. y lU
?ft ; i 'li rl;iv will a pa rt v i.; f r leail*
I"1 ? !. Til. \ u i ' \ ,la. k
ion villi', Miami ami Key W-st. and |
""" ' ' i i t ti' t ?? It:. V mm..I n i i|
( Mil IV 11 | ' ,1,1 III .
% . rt i\
t:. ?? ?
t h<
> n
' I: ,i : ,.n II ? :aiii- s'. :
, liui'diiiu In .1
i ? i ll. . n 111 > I! 11.. i ?? t * ' i 11
?'r is undor the atispici's
II;: I *. ? I'liioll il ! ? I
I 1' *'1 ;t 1 ... i II,-i 11 (1 i >. ) . T tl ..111
Scene From "Balthazar's Daughter"
?!?2.? BBBaiMBaiSHH^a
< iiaraeters in tin' drama to In* presented ill (lit- IMnt'ord .1 inline lligli School by the I.idle Theater
l/":i?i:i' on Tuesday and W'.-ditesday nights. 'I'licy are, from to right: lloderick .Mii.vlici', .Miss lOIhior
l-'i y and I'rancis !?'. lieinie. The play was written ami dramatized "specially for tin- league by James
Krattrh Cabell.
The present at ion of this |ila.\ promises in be one of Ibe nin>t interesting ::ml important events of
tin- year. and social ami literary Kichmond will lie imiI in force bulb evenings In w it n? -*? it. 'Ibis is the!
Il:sl play t?i be written and produced by a member of the league.
,,>.1 lull ? i: \ !' I Til. r..;iovvlni.
? r ? ? ? j ;? ill v. ,.| I... f.Mi I. r .1;
Aimllo M; < i:t. .-..m- ?*. .1 "i John I
; V.' .Ml < r) ' < ? II"' :i ? ? I! ;
? <\. ?' M' II ? i. ?'?
I i:< "lit \ M
i - , i,, l-' ir I>
, .i ? 1 1 'I ? : it" ???r" I
li., i h v ? , ? ? i ? Sum: fr.''11
?i. . llo 1? ? K'>\
, Mr Sharif?..
'(hi "\\'h >?? Mi fit r it van II.i
i I ..lir
,|.. ?! In Mv l.luilt" V ; ::
<)>? "Hoinine" * .J:-: HI'W
Mill' 'I'll I.- ll.tR. '? -I'
?lr>. I ?ow ? .
tin "Th?> Birth of Morn1' ("l)iwn"l |
I .'-.ml
. I ? ami. ? I-\H I' .Kl- I
:. ? ? t ? i-1 ?
? In T1 'I' mil I toutfrom
i , r ? . !'? ' V. r.ll
M- U ? ?? ? ?? ? ii.I Mr
ai>\" . ' . ll^niMMtm
1 , , s. mi , i. I: .if
,i . ? Til ? ! lr -h Uir l-.lir
Mr. Thomas
? (."it" i
. i i ?.? . Vno.. ti M.i-.::" vli - ?
.. i; ... I I'. ? -1
? . - ?! ?? I
?I- ii Sir. Snin:" II ?
V- I'i >i ' ? ho - oill: :i ? r
(I*.tii't* l.nsl \\ ?mIii?'siI:i>.
t . I: .1 s ?' iIjihi1.. i'l.r in. mh.'if
., in i" I l iciulj was l>.' I in 11?? ?
Neighbor'. I llouec. Wcflnomliiy
. ,. i,l'. |.*i ' i iar\ t at v o'? lock
|{. 11? Km. iit w? i r si rv <1 at I?'
? dork.
Minnrr tor ttrlilr.
Mr . : .! Mrs V I. of II.uh
. ? .1 I:? i \ ;i in:-- . ? .a n> oil ?
vii.i.i, fur llioli ill in: I;' I
wi s, ma rria u .' !.? !: II I Ii ? ? lie.
? CiiPT
Foil Till II 11(1
A S?lv ti
iNF ANTS' ]i.l N !)?.>! A l?K
?r l'itila.l?l|>lilii \r ill I;iUt pl.t. ?
l:i< in W'a-lllllK' ?">?!
'I If -S |'IVf lit \. .
I . ill-' . 1..1 Kith- l.:i- I '? ? ? II > *?
i " >r ? Sr. v. v. M:, i.l. I ,1.'.' ? ' M.it? ?
lli!::- A... ? Whit. ,U.i ? ? . \ . ?:
? ? . ! r 11.-I . Uiit- W.i ''? :??? M ? . !
\lvr* III*. .I..H- i.htiif 'I':. I' . . S.il?*
i . 'i- . > im?i r? M.iu i' i t: K i' " i i
I. ? ?? I"..In til <5,1....;. ) I ?.; K .< ? \".
1 W !!> -. A UII..J I ? . ' ? |t I >
i:-.;o U ' It. M ? ? ? Kill*
iii.I I...1M II' I'- ..II. \! t.r.i.:. ? S- . ? \
Ml? lltiKh i'hti'nil- ii>. M . - I:.' - I .-it
?I ?lilt. Mr.. M M It.iw . Mi ;?:.?! M '
i: <\ H..hs..ii, .Mr. an.I )lr-. \ I llilli
Ms? Auri. - a ti?l :?? Ittitis-. I!:i
I ' iv. I: v?" 11.
'linslrrlH in IIIk!iI:iml I'arU.
Tito Owls' Mitts-tt-.l- .sill u'\.
..?I ? ? t 111.111 ;it lliuli! i I |';it v : i. ???
? 11 !?* t- i. I; i > ii ik In al > 1.? i.'k. I.
tinl'T th ? . 11s|? i<? < s of i *i?-?? 1 ? * N>>: 1
I .ml ?; i.: Miy.|iiih ("li-tr. i Ml' ? 11.?\\
it .1 K.it is . It .i i rtn.'i ti i ? i ? ? ? -it t i ? I \
,il>l. issisl. >1 11\ M- - \\ t ? nil." Ii
t Mrs. .i .1. .1 oi11* .*. :? . Mt" Mat
tit at <1 Miss Itutll Hudson
l.i-i'tiiri- mi ritiiiit.
\11 iiilorostlntf affair <?( Tii?-sil:t> a:
? ! " I ???;. it- .1 I- i '!:!??? hi M.fiiti' Marin
A ml. in t.> .1 mi ? |j <;r:? Ii.'i m. 0:1
"?i?:l." M r. < It .ill.mi 11:< - llvfci.l :i
iiii?ii1i*? t i>: ytjir.'- mi ihat cuiiitry ami
? u?'| II:l ?11? ?' with t It,- 111". :>t|<l
habits of '.in t'hiiK'M' | ?? ? ??|?J ? ? Miss
III -ti l-'il I !i:i us i-liii iruiiiti of this
:tff:iir r 111 < I iii, sililur .-lii^s will ;i. ? t
ii? Imst 'IV i will In- ? * ? r v o * 1 in
loiimilly sift or lh<> .??it ii ro l?v Miss
Norn lionet on. wlio will 1ihv<- chat'tic
of the tun table iiml will lie aoslxteil
l?y /I bevy of Kil ls
The alumni.- . ml Irienils tiro
I n vlleil to this ii 1 r. w hleli jiroinisoH
to be ?>?!<- ii' 151 iii<ivt interest inu
nivi ii lit Mimii' .M.ii in t his iii'Umiii.
<|ul*t W-ildlux.
A oni ? ,-.i jii-i'tly. wedding WHS
Holol'i" -ill on Wednesday evenltiK.
Kebruai;. ]v?. at i;..tu o'^'loi-U. in (In
hume of .Ml. anil Aire. It. M. Moiithall.
H lll'll tlli*!r <1i|l|*4l !??!?. KlIlillH KlllVilt'llli,
beuunie the In iii<- of J. Thomas
llumphr'fi'. Tin bride wore ir.iv
rlin<r >vi* midnight l>liw trleotlne,
with Irii to Mtutch. a ail rurrleil an
arm l.'tmuet of Mrlde msey. She en
t ???! wit'i her father. by whom Mho
was given ;n man-ijiKi- Sin- wan u I -
tended Ir- Miss Kitty Itlount a?- maid
of honor. gowned in iiinK ilfowlli'
over sat in. with a hoiti|iiet of Kilaniey I
run's Utile Kranees ISrown. ilreKN
? ii In white, with pink riblions. our- I
rled the l intr In tlo' heart of a Illy, j
?S. Ilurrie. of tllcn Allen tietod s?* |
licist tiiun, anil Ihe wedding initpic
wan rciulcred by Mil's Kuitua Itlount. !
I.ater In the evening Mr. ami Mm. ]
II uinpliries left on their wedding trip |
A nil-o ellaro'Ollif s'lower was nivi-n |
at the home of tin* Miwser I'.loiml lust j
Krldny evening in honor of 111? ? bride.
The color woheiii" of pink and w hlte i
?'?? carried out through .it tlo- lower
floor, anil tin- gifti' were showered .oil
the hftile trom an unihrella thej
Kbine ? ?olor
IX (Nil III T Ol'' TIIW N.
Mrs. I,?itlm?? \ S. l.anenst "i . <?!'
ltlacksbiirK. is spending several
weeks hor> with h<r parents. Judge |
and Mrs. llev r|e\ 'I' ?'rttni|>
Miss Matlde Mo?.i.\ n t Ii.? gue-t of |
Mr. and Mrs. \V l?i;:gs at Korest
llill for the w. . U-.-ml
Miss Klir.uhet li rri'ston liii'i r> turned
to ltii'hmoiid. al t "i a short stay in
Mrs. Henry Xewioart. of Sist"rs
vllle, W. \';i? !?? I III I-: ??! I: i? ? I?ui"lid
Is visit 'tin her autit. Mr> IC T I'ul
1 e >. Ii.ll Kloyd \ -. ? fin. Mr- New
li' .ill is n ? .?nii;>.i n.. .1 iiv her two
winiiiw Mi:irriNfi?!.
The III l|>i-iu >';i ?'.? nf i?.:i? ?<
Hntifrht ??r? will mee: Monday after
noon a: '*;:t?? o'eloek with Mrs. I" I..
.Moore. 31'". North 'I'm i: y ?; h ird Srrp.t
The I "a re :i t - Tea i I ? ? ? i ,\>soi iatioii
? f "Jlntcr c.i.k a HI meet \V"'lin viljiy
lift ernoiMi at 3:1.", Mrs. it 15. M'lti
ford will make in address on The
Mother'" !*:?.?? n i' . v ? rr. i n;' y Ort::i!>
Iratlon." All women in Olnter I'ark
um<I itH i>iivit-On;? art- Invited (;> at
Tin t-?>K>iItli* monthly ine.-tinn of tin
riuri'iicc I'lrcl.' of tin
SholterinK ArrnH Kri-o Hospital will
!??' Iiilil Wednt-x.lay afternoon ill I
oVlnel; at the hospital. Important
business will In- iIImciiskimI .it this
t Will'.
Tin* regular mei'11 iik 01' ilit> l.'olo
i-ill: l?;iui.rn hi tin- State of Virginia
ni ! in; !ii.-lil ut tln> Woman'* i'luti
)?*! day afternoon lit -t o'clock. M< tli
bei J are asked to note that tin- mect
liijf lst?H li'jun chutiKi-il from Tur.nlii\
to Krlilny. oc account of tin1 reccp
tlnu hi tli? Confederate Museum on
tin- fornici 0a>.
HOY KINS. VA . IV b. l!i.- .M i.vj. N
I.ula l'opc. nf Norfolk, spool a lew
days tliin week wltli Or. ami Mrn
? J. II. Muttgra v?.
Mlfci'H Marcla White anil Florence!
?Strlokler spent tli?- week-cud in Nor
Miss Nellie <Sarrett m|>'-nt tin- week -1
i>inl with her sister in I-'rankliti
Mis.i Hessic Milton ??iitiitulit.il 11> ?? j
eenior i'l:in.v at a Valentine party last
Friday evening at tin- )i< mo nt Mis.
It. S. Krvatit
Miss Mlllyc Whiti- ami Mrs It It.
liryatit |? 111 last Wednesday in Nor
Horn, a Mill to .Mr anil Mrs .1 S
1 >re wry. February !'?.
Muster llinloli <!ri/.zai ci had a few
of Ills little friends at Ills eighth
liittlniay Tuesday atternoon from 3:3n
to .*.30 I 1 iklit f ill refreshments of
ice cream and candies ????. served.
ii W. Harnes. of Franklin. epent a
few days wltli hi" son. .1. II
Ha rnes
Mm. I. It. Itryaat entei i.ilio d Mr
and llrs, It !?". Marks Monday even
!t-.K at a course supper.
I.orn. a daughter to Mr. and Mrs.
II. '5. t'oioinan. February 13
Mr. and Mrs. It < la iris spent
Monday in Mnritarcttsville. N ?'
They were aecotnpan ?-d home hy Mr
and Mrs. Archie I'ruden am! ooy who
spirit a f<>w hours with them
Mrs .1 II S Hritt and daughter,
lla. of near Severn. N i". spent Mon
day with Mrs It I-'. Hritt
Mrs A. Sidney FranclH took hfir
baby to til*- hospital last we.-'ri The
ha by hail been i|ulti> iil for several
w ? ? o k >.
Mrs K R. Ttrv.m: attended th?
burial of her mother-in-law In
Franklin Inst Sunday.
Mrs. S .1. ttranch "titerta inert Iter
and Mrs. 1? ft Black. Pr and Mrs
.1. M RUnd. Rev. and Mrs A. C. .lor
?l"n ami Miss Viola Villi at a dinner
.Mis. I!< n IIiiiiih'. of Norfolk. Is
^pl'lllllliu u tr? lIltJ'K Willi hi r Ulster.
.NIin. i\ |*. Turner.
A few of tin- friend* ami relativeH
of Mrs. S. 15 I'rewry kiiv? her u sur
prise party Valenl i niulil. which
was her itlrt Inlay also. Then* were
lilioul live talil'-s of "I-." A dclljjlit
f 111 saiail niursi' ami I? cream ami
faKi- were Hi rviil
Herbert llrjtt mill si-n-ral oilier
Kcntlcim-n snout a few iluys of this
week in Richmond
I Special to The Tlim s I Mspa 1 li. I
"NANl'ni'K. V \.. IV'.. 19. -Dr.
.!-1ifi.**? lioiiKhty is ai Spartanburg.
S. attending t li>- Trl-Stiitc tVir
ginia. North t'arollna anil South i*ar
ollrin ) Medical Convi-ntlon. Krom there
he will ?ro lo liiMirKin to visit Mrs.
I.yila MiiJrath lluum. thence to I'film
Hi'aoli. Kii rout** lionu* li>* will hi
t h** Ktiest of th*' willow >>f Atliniral
lt>*arilxl*.y, ul li?-i hotm*. "The Anchor
iiKi'," at ili'Mtifurd. S. <
.1. Orununoiiil Carlo's has returned
from Philadelphia. wIiitc In- stayril
two weeks
lis.mi Shrives Is home from a trip
l<> Itall linor<-.
Miss Mat'ifuri't A. < Iratnn is tin
fcuest of Mrs William Sett. ot W.I
tniiiKton. ISi for. returning lioini sli*
? III visit Mrs. I'r???). rI- I. Wi.o.l <.f
New Vorli.
Miss t iludy s Wii.li' is ha. k f r * * m a
Hiort visit to hi*r sist.-r Mrs. I ?p
?slinr Kowlcr. <>f M.-lf.i.
Mrs. |i.\.-ri*> T. Kltchett of Cap*
I'harlfS. after ;i visit to li ? i ila iiK'.t*ar.
Mrs. (l?ori$tt IjO? I<hki|U|, has guilts
hui'k lo l'a|it' Onirics.
<i W. Truvforil Is home fr*>rit a lii|i
to Norfolk.
II. v. .iti.l Mrs. <\ i\ It. II art- ha. I;
from I'liiludelphla. where Mm. It- 1
was op*Tat.<l upon at 11??? St. I.iiK*i'~
1105 p| t a I. II.-r condition is entirely
satisfactory .
Miss Sail!** I'itzR.-raId is I'altlmore,
thi? uu.st of Mr. and Mrs. I-Jmest
Kit stK.-ra Id
I.. M. itri'ininttton. I'mnk Won an-l
Herman K?s? hav? returned from n
trip t<> Wilmington a nil I tallini") o.
Mr. and Mrs. f'liarloH Ayr.-n, of
SavaviI!*?. entertained ;?t <llnn<*r in
trui* Southern style. Those who cn
Jov.-il Mr and Mrs. Ayres' hospitality
wore Majoi ami Mrs. A. K. Tanner.
Mrf. M. M. White. Miss ISIanrhe A
.InyiiPs. Miss Surah Kit raid. Mime*
I'mrn'oi iiml I'onstanei* Taylor. I>r.
.1 ami's i*. Iiouirhty. Kobert (lomer ami
I'a ii I Tanner. of Onaneoi'k; Mr./anO
Mis. Harry Meais, Mrn. J.nok Mcurr
uml lluiiifi- 1'arkcr. of HavaKuvllle.
utiil Mrs. Iji'WiM Johnson, of Norfolk.
M iihIi' by Major a nil Ml?. 'I'll Utter, I >i
lioiiKhly, Mrn. White, Mm. Johnson
ami MIhh Nina Ay res added much t ?
lh< enjoyment of tlu> evonlriK.
KUKKLINU, V.\? IVh. 19.?Mr and,
Mr*. Uvvrito N. .Mullln* have jcono to]
Noia I if i'?'H|>oiiti(* to :i telegram aay- j
inx that tliclr daughter, Mm. Humeri
Vs. Smith, wax seriously 111.
Vernon Vamiver. who hu? been 5
with liotye folks near here, lias re
turned lo h i n poult Inn a* Jenkins. Kv. ,
William II. MoKall. who him been
seriously ill ilnrliiK I he pant several
?'.ays. i.?t somewhat Improved.
Harvey <i. Kcllcy visited relatives
at Kurd I ne. Ky, during the week.
Knoch Moore. of Ihoiii, visited
friends at Kreellnv; during the j?ant
Ira Vanover. of near (Mini wood
visit? ? <I friends at this place on Sun
<la y
ltal|ih Lteverly. of Clait wood. vis
It..! his sister. Mrs. Mamie Me Kail of
near Kreelin^. during the past we? k
Marshall Mulllns, of tsoni, visited
friends liere on Sinxlay.
I: ii Newborn, of Harold, Ky.. has
r< enlly located on farm neat h?t.
Wilhui Mill litis, of lNoin. visit.,.! ,
friends Iter.- .luring the pant week
Ki' hmoml, Va . Keli 17, lli.'l.
I 'I 'I,ASK I. VA., Keh 13.?A l.azaar
was held l**i ninht. Saturdaj '
afternoon and nl?;ht l?y the t.'lvh
I ...ik 1' ? ? I *' f tl" work l.elnu carried
mi I \ lh. Salvation Army among
the needv here. There has lii-en an
? ? |itlo 1 demand for rolltf, de
let Hi): III" available funds Tli>
s. .??!? ..f tii.' ha/.aar. Do- Klkn' flu',
w i;i attract ivel\ arriinued with ca]r!.?
l.ootii and tallies- for the dispensing
of luii. lies A llherai patronage was
it. 'oi lled <lle |.a I one ' set
Ii. v. anil Mrs. W J. Alfiion.l and
l-aliy left Wednesday to visit his
mother In Haltlniore. Mr Alfrlend
?.vill return in al.nui ten dav.s. his
fumilv ?"lny fnr a visit to Mrs. Al
f rlend'H home a' News Kerry. Va
It K. Hall attended the Virginia
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Waiting For You
Isn't it !ine to know that some one i.- waiting for you, some one
who r< ally cares?
And now, for the ont who is waiting. Can you think of anything
that wmiSd give to her more pleasure or would add more to
the comfort of your whole household than a few pieces of
worth-while furniture like tlii.- store carries?
The Chairs you see in the picture are examples of some of our
prettiest mahogany and cane patterns. And there are hun
dreds of others to choose from.
( nine in tomorrow, select a chair or two and have us send them
out to those who care?those who await your home coming
with eager and welcoming eyes.
Pardon our mentioning it again, hut this, too, is important. You'll
really save quite a -hit on your purchases by coming now, as
the prices have heeir greatly reduced.
Sydnor & Hundley, Inc.
(irace at Seventh Street
MISSES and women of Richmond and the South in
stinctively look to The Kaufmann Store to serve
them with the fashions they will need for the new
season. This Store has served them so long* and so faith
fully that its ability is unquestioned.
Every day brings new arrivals of fashionable attire for
Spring and they are carefully unpacked from their tissue
wrapping's and immediately carried to our selling floors
for your inspection.
Exquisite gowns for evening social occasions, frocks
for afternoon and morning wear, suits for sports, travel
and business that are stylish to a delightful degree,
yet designed to give the service you naturally expect, are
already displayed.
Then there are the many gay, colorful hats that so
charmingly reflect the youthful spirit of Spring, and a
multitude of other needed fashion details that will make
your period of preparation for Easter and the approaching
season one of unlimited joy and satisfaction.
Prices are notably moderate.
Broad Street at Fourth.

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