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Resolute in Purpose Not to
Cut One Cent From
Lloyd George Will Ask Briarul
to Yield in Some Rcspects on
Turkish Peace Pact.
i n i:\rn to yrrr olici.v
Diplomat s Will ('nrcfully Avoid
.\n> Mcn?iiiii of "Iti-vlslim"
of Trciiii?'.s.
t Uy Afimi luti'i! IT".*}- 1
I.' >NI ?< >\ I'i Ii. 20.? Arlatldc lirland,
'h* French Crime Minister, :in?l
? I'll IScrthelot arrived in LuihIoii this
evening i'-z the allied conference with
Ok iinn'MiiK't'il rewolut" purpose n'
not reducing by as much as ;i cent
the reparations that Germany must
pu,. .1.1 h re.su It of the worl<J war us
?* Kr? ? <i t.. at tin- r<n t 1'arin con -
? f> n? ? Hut the I'rt inlcr is disposed
to examine attentively and even fym
\patli"tl< ally the condition.-* of pay
ment. nhould the (iermiin ?1? legates
come ti> l.'iidon with proposal?1 rea
??nal.:y u thin tin >????.pe of the ,il
Ifl decisions
Although M. ISriand doe* not re.
C.ird the 1^ per cent tax upon th?
value of German jromls ."' fit abroad
?ih an export duty. because it may )?e
paid from Internal or any other rev
??nue. yet in view ??f American criti
cism. that clauHi1 :nay he modified t
another suitable *land:trd to meet
I Germany's expanding prosperity can
? found. Kxports, within Nl. ltr!
ind > definition of the word, were se
lected (simply as variable national
e.i miHK*-.
German reparations will not be con
sidered formally until the Ncar-Kast
ern questions are settled, out repara
tion* dominate the thought of the
French delegation, and thin fact prob
ably will have an important Influence
on the dee.l?|on of the conference re
-pectlng ll'?' Turk I Mil arrangement*
Kroner nnd flrltnln Itlnaurrr.
The French and British govern
?nentn are not in entire agreement
,;pon the Sevres treats It Is the
mprfssion that 1'remier Bloyd C,corgi .
<>f Creat Britain, will aJ'k M. 1 triand
?i yield in some respect* on the T.ur
Uli treat-, in return for Steadfast
British support with r- gnrd to rep
The Kr.'iic : have all but decided
.i withdraw from Cillcla. but t?? ro
?titi the mandate for Syria, which is
.jtttally pacltleil, according to Gen
i ral Gouraud. commander of the
French army in the Near K??d The
situation In CiliclA promises prolonged
trouble. General H-mraud, who came
o I.ondon with the French mission,
onsdders that France could not with
draw from Oilicia without loss of
?,re?tige, having won a victory at Ain
t .|V.
France has now men in Ttit
but if the war In to be continued
here another tiO.OOO men probably
would be required to finish the cam
paign. The French ''ablnet does not
i, f. ;re to t.pend any more lives on
TurUinh mandates anil prefers to
eaeli an agreement with the N'ation
4|jsts under Mlisiaplia Kemal l'asha.
The word "revision" is to be care
fully avoided as regards the Sevres
?reaty on the ground that to revise
ltiv treaty tends to rentier less per
manent ami solid all postwar treaties,
instead of "revision" the word "ad
justment" to (it changed conditions
,.r the modification of certain articles
the treaty will be used.
\ I low Greece to Save I,and.
Since M. Venlzelos. the fotmer
Creek l'reniier. has arrived at an un
derstanding with the Greek Cabinet,
although not with the Creek King,
he also in said to have come to an
inderstanding with t.loyd George to
r -ave all. or as much as possible, of
the Sevres treaty so that Greece may
retain sill of her newly acquired ter
ritory >1. Venizelos asserts that the
Creek army can complete a victory
for Greece without calling on the
allies for more money or more
troops. lie asks why. therefore,
;recce should abandon the execution
.tfMi plan partially realized and when
its fulfillment is in sight. Lloyd
Ceorge is said to have accepted
- ? .roadly this judgment and to desire
(Continued on Cage Got. 1.)
?fohn IJ Durham. aged 37. of South
Kichinond. chief rniiltitM'r at the South
K,de lirick Works, died las! night in
th?* Memorial Hospital of injur.re
??lv?-?l nearly a week ago when the.
-< utoniobiU truck in which he wa:?
rilliitk vvii: strut k i>y the Florida ex
press at I'.'ii'nc'n Siding. about two
miles out of Kouth Richmond. Mr.
Durham was thrown eighty-one feet
as a r< suit of sh.? crash, unil t!??- truck
was demolished. At the hospital on*
of hi.s logs was amputated. Me also
suffered a fractured skull
The accident happened February
It. about 11 o'clock at night. Dur
ham, who was not an* automobile
driver, took one of the trucks, which
had hoen overhauled a short time
down the road. h<* rati upon the
down the road lie ran upon the
crossing. The fast express speeding
toward Richmond crashed into th
truck So great was th? force of the
impact that the l>ig motor vehicle
uiiN tossed completely from the track
and demolished.
Coroner Whitfield will hold an in
?|uest today.
.\fr. Durham was well known in
Season's Record Is Brought
to More Than 46,
000.000 Pounds.
Three and Half Million Pounds
Marketed Between Mon
day and Saturday.
I Sj>> j 1 f.< l'he TImes-I ?l.spat< h 1
DANVIDK. V.\ . Feb. 20.?Dlttle
short of SI.000,000 was paid out to
tobacco farmers of this section last
week as result of thy 'ales, which
were the heaviest of the season and
which brought Danville's record to
ovei 4,..'ifiii.eiin pounds since Septem
ber. There was. however, an appre
ciable drop in the average', due to
the large ?|uantit> of inferior to
bacco brought lu're. some of this be
ing tl.. "scrapings" of sotne farmer?,
who have finished selling tlieir crop.
The precise figures are not avail
able- at present owing to the fact
that warehousemen and their staffs
have been hard-pressed meeting the
glut, but an approximation shows
that 3.474.7S7 pounds of leaf was mar
keted between .Monday and Saturday
for SS34.347.75, or an average of
S-O.'J. Nearly a.Oi'O.OOO pounds were
sold lam week, at an average o t
I'rlces for desirable* types ot to
bacco remained high throughout the
week. A desire on the part of the
farmers to close up the season as
rapidly as possible and while prices
for the better grades are at the high
est notch of the season, together
with good marketing; weather, ex
plains the glut
It is anticipated that from now
on there will be no such scenes
around the warehouses as those seen
this week.
Fireman Hay I>le ns ItrsiiM ?f 'I'. A..
I*. Train l.ruviiijc Truck ni
1 i'.y Associated l're.->\ |
ADDIS. DA.. Feb. 20.?ICngimer
White, of McDonoughville, Da., was
killed; Fireman W. T. Dunn, of Al
giers. was probably fatally injured,
nsid I'.aggiisr.-nian I,. F. <"ouvillou. of
* Avoyelles, I~i.. was seriously out and
bruised when a Texas and Pacific
passenger train left the track at
Maringouin station, ? ighteeii miles
west of here today.
None of tin- passengers were hurt
beyond a slight shaking up. The
mail, baggage and express cars, two
chair cars and dining car were de
railed. None of the sleepers left Iho
John It. Durham Succumbs at Memorial Hospital Fol
lowing Collision?Coroner Whitfield Will Hold In
quest Today?Accident Occurs at Barnes' Siding.
South Itichmoml \v:i - a valued
employe of I be brick work*, ami was
popu??ir among all his ftllo-.\ work
?rs. 11?- ih survived by his wife. six
' hlldron. thr< ?? l>rotli?rK anil three
'istfr." Arrangements for th** fune
ral iiarv not yet been completed.
\\ I I.I.I \ M M.N Mi ll IV.II lir.l)
William Ninnili. .'!l*> Mast ISrace
Street. was injured Saturday night
when lie was struck ami knocked
ilown by an automobile owned am!
driven b> Hr C. II. McA null y. 115
Katsl Drua'l Street. The accident hap
pened on Itroad Ktr?-rt, li> tvwcri Sixth
an<l Seventh. about 10:20 o'clock., l,?r.
MrAually immediately stopped his
rar ami. picking up the injured man,
carried him to \"lri;inia Hospital.
Nlnnlch received a scalp wound which
necessitated several stitches being
taken. I)r. McAnally was arrested
following th? J.ecldent on a rhart!':
of (iiroh'SK ami reckless driving. Hp
was hailed for a hearing in Police
Court today.
John Stewart Bryan Will
Deliver Address in
Open House Will Be Held
From 11 to 5
'I he t wsnty.f.tlh al?niver<s.ry o' t'se
Confederate Murium will he cele
brated with appropriate exerciscs to
rn o r low with np?sn hous? for the pco
t>'e oi I'ticlunon I frr.ns II "?> o'clock,
wu-? anrijil.' Oil y? erduy. John
S. war: P,ry,?!,. .*'rs. Joseph
liryaii. by whom the ?f;*tuti?n wan
.'ouildf (1. >%.!! deliver j.'i address al
<? ??l?.ci< a ?|ja-t i tcudet
Cmi fetlera;< >i'iig?
? ?f the S.000 registered visitors who
went through the building in 1920,
j.Ooo were Northerners or foreigners.
While the building is now crowded to
its capacity with .Southern relics of
great value, the place when opened
? wenty-Sive years ago had b'Jt a chair
and a table. I'lans are being made
for a wing for the house to eontain
Us valuable collection of Confederate
portraits, its Confederate library and
collodion of 20.000 Confederate man
Mrs. Joseph Bryan conceived llse
idea of securing the house which had
been occupied by President I'avis,
and converted it into a Confederal*
Memorial Association in February,
ISt'jO The l.'nitod States military forces
took possession of the house as their
headquarters at the evacuation of
Hlchniond In April, 1S65. holding it
until September 5, 1S70. when it was re
stored to the city of HichmomI, which,
in 1S>7 1, was converted into a public
school, later erecting the Central
School Hullding in the rear.
The new society was formed fot
operating the museum with the Hol
lywood Association, and was charter
ed May 31. 1S70, as the Confederate
literary Society. On motion of Col
onel John U. Cary. the City Council
turned over the building to be used
as a museum and library. Kxcopt for
tireprooting the structure and adding
the steam heat, the building is as it
was when President Uavis occu
pied it.
Charter cfflcerw were. Mrs. Joseph
Itryan. president; Mrs. J.ewis N". We ho,
Mr/?. John Pureoll. Mr?. James
Thomas, Mrs. \V. W. Henry, Mrs.
James It. Ilraiich. Mrs. James It. Pace
and Mrs. P. W. McKlnney. vico-pres
identt>; Mrs. Maxwell T. Clarke, treas
urer; M ies Mary ti. Crenshaw, re
cording secretary: Mrs. K. C. Minor,
corresponding secretary. Tin; museum
op<*ied with Miss Isabel Maurv as
boos" regent, mkI the following vice
regents in charge of the various
rooms: M.uyland, Mrs. C. CIS. Ci -
wardin: Mrs. Cazencau Miljcod. Texas;
Mrs J. Taylor 101 lyson, Virginia; Mr?.
J. 1*. Harrison, (Scorgia: Mrs. A. W
(Continued on Pago 3, Col. 2.)
\fier Controlling llln/e, CumirlK
Itelurn In Jail to He
l.oekeri I p.
| lty Associated Press. |
ItltOWN'SVH.M*:, TICN'X., peh. 2"
Prisoners were released from the
Haywood Counl> jatl here early t?i
day to aid in lighting a tire which
threatened the jail and county build
ings adjoining. After the lire 'was
under control the prisoners, two of
vrlvoru were., .under indlctuie.nl?tor.
murder, reported to tho Jiiller and
were locked up.
The fire desi royed the lumber
ytirds mid wagon works of John C.
Praoht and an automobile warehouse.
causing damage estimated ai 1126,000.
*1 McDonongh, Magistrate at Second Station, Huvs
lioiildcr, ci Thorough hied Man-Hunter?Dog Has
Fine Record?Negotiating for Another Animal.
l'?-r>oiiM who commit crimes ill
IMclinioiul from now on will liavo
more than policemen to evade, a*
"Doc" MeDonough. magistrate at tlie
Second Police Station, lias purchased
Moulder. a thoroughbred blood
hound. and will use him in polio
work. The dog arrived in Richmond
yestenlu.v otornlrtK iro:n L/onsiand.
fyOhlo an.1 is being kept at the po
lice station. lle/lM.ono of the finest
.Npecifhcns of bloodhound ever seen
in the clt.v, dog fanciers declare.
Hoiildor weighs 125, pounds, In as
lithe and agile as a panther and
.strong 'in a man. Although he is no:
vlvlivus. he does not make friends
with any one. lie c'otnea to the local
force with a great rcputatidfi for
trailing and catching criminals. Ills
latest feat was scenting a fugitive
In Illinois for more than fifty miles
and running lilm down.
"l>oc" is negotiating for another
bloodhound and expects to close the
deal soon. The dog is about the size
of Houlder, but is snld to be ex
tremely vicious. With this pair of
trailers. police say ^it will be hard
for fugitives to esca'vo.
National Headquarters!
Sends Bulletin to State
j Assert Central Powers Are Try-:
; ing to Cause Split Between
America and Allies
I My Associate! Press )
IN DIA N A POl.IS, INI.).. Feb.
! American Legion posts throughout
1 ili<- i'niteil State* were ask-J tonight
'<> the legion .s nationa. htitdquar
tors here lo watch for a revival of
Clerman propaganda iti this country.
A bulletin sent out by the national
; headquarters said the object of the
| propaganda seemed intended to turn
j American Sentiment against the al
j lim and 'o croat" a "pow< rful na
j tional political machine by th< amal
i carnation of the disloyal elements in
<>nr population "
Mass-meetings in New York. Phil
adelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, Mil
? waukte, I.oitisvIKe, Omaha ;jnd Cleve
land hAve been planned. the bulle
I tin .?-?aid, as "one of the first national
j manifestations" of th* propaganda
I campaign.
The bulletin. which was sent to
! all State headquarters of the legion.
, Mid:
"There has corny lo tin- attention
of the national headquarters informa
tion Indicating a move for a nation
wide revival of liirm^n propaganda
activ Sties in the United .State* which
are the result of a carefully directed
national campaign, she object of
which seems to l?e:
Try to Disrupt Allien,
j 'First. The disruption of. tin- ac
j cord which exists between th*' l.'niled j
States and our allies, with particular
j reference to France and i.ireat lirit
j ain. by the turning of American pop
j ular sentiment against the govern
! rnents of these countries, and
"Second. The methodical creation of
t a powerful national political machine
| by the arnilyamalion of the disloyal ?
I elements of our population anil their
| elevation to a place of power in
] American affairs by the invisible in
j tiii'-nce of this organised minority.
! "One of the first national manifes
i tatlons of this activity will probably
[ take the form o. a series of mass
tneetings throughout the country, os
tensibly in protest against the oceu
pat ion of the Rhine by French negro
j troops from Africa. The alleged pres
| ci.ee of French colonials is to be
used as a motive to tut u American j
sentiment against France. Xegro j
i troops wer.> withdrawn from the j
' French army of occupation months j
ago. While tlu ro, their conduct was j
? excellent, according to otlicial re- j
: ports from the American ambassador)
[at Paris to the State Department in!
; Washington.
Hold Series of Meeting**
' It has l'C-en planned to hold a se
' ries of such mass-meetings in N'ew
York. Philadelphia. Cincinnati, Chi
cago, Milwaukee, omaha. Clovi;lainl
and other cities. In all these cities
and In many others there arc com
' mittens anil groups which aspire to
j be the nueletics of the national or- j
? ganization whose propaganda is now !
working in the interest ol iJcrmanyj
anil in the Fnited States with the hope
(Continued on l'ngo Col. l.)
DO $250,000 DAMAGE
! Flumes W ipe. Out Four (Con
cerns in Tift on ami
Hazlcliursl Milts.
Illy Associated Press. 1
TIFTON, OA.. Fob. ::it.? Fire de
stroyed four Tifton business concerns
this afternoon, causing a loss of
For a time it looked as il the
whole town would be wiped on:, and
fite companies were brought here
from Cordcle. Fitzgerald and Sylves
ter. ?
The tire Malted oti th.- third Hour
of the l.>arnell Dry floods Company,
j When the roof of the building fell, j
flames, fanned by a stiff breeze,
leaped across Second Street anil
threatened the entire northern half'
of the business section.
P.esides gutting tin Darnell build- I
Ir.t;, flames canned heavy damage to |
the Ivey Furniture Company, the]
Kent Music and Furniture Company
and the Parker flrocer.v Company. I
The origin of the tin- has not been i
I determined. _
: I lnxleliur?t Mill* i'rrj In Plume*.
IIA/.l.KllPi:ST. <}A.. Feb. -JO.?- \ !
ti rrilb* explosion of undetermined
origin this morning set lire to and
completely destroyed the large mills,
a large amount of cottonseed and
manufactured products of the Car
ter Cotton Oil Company here, causing
an estimated damage of approxi
mately $100,000.
Tiio mill had operated all day Sat
urday, but had shut down for Sun
day. The origin .of the tire is be
lieved l?y the owners of the mill to
he Incendiary. The tire was il.s
rovcred by the night watchman after
the explosion, which was heard for
miles around, took place. The loss
I was partially ct^cicd by insurance.
Believe Judiciary Commit
tee Will Report on Im
peachment of Landis.
Soldier Bonus to Be Reported
to Upper Body During
Early Part of Week.
11: Af soclatpil I'r??<-!? I
\V ?N. !?'??>> ' >?>
li.is reached its ciiHtomar> mar-ad
journment stage of piled-up legisla
tion. of "steerinK" by ste.-rln;: com
mittees. of lobbying. I?i;-r'.il!np. trad
ing ami threats ?f Mlbui-t eritiK
only ten more working (lays re
main before the linal gavels fall, and
tit** Cliplto! Ik set-tiling V. Ill) . OIKCII
trated effort. frotft within ami vlth
oilt. to |>a*s or defeat the mass of
bills before ?"?ingrew. Murmurs of
tlllbust vrltiK. W hi.-li have marked the
end <*f .**r\ "short" session in Mtircli
for years, are heard both on th? ri*'ii
at.- "ami House side*. on the former
against thi- Winslow bill for partin.
payment of xDVcrnni-nt account* to
railroad*. anil on the House side
the- effott tc- force action on the pack
ers' control bill.
The emergency tariff bill also re
mains a high point of controversy.
Son.11 ?? aii'l House confcrces are to
n,<>(t tomorrow to discuss th- score
of amendments added by tl?? Senate.
Mthough Senator 1'enros.-, of IV:.u
svlvania. one predicted that the bill
would !??? in i onfon ti"
hour." any confer.- agreement Ml '
must run the guntlct of both
branches of t'oiigr.HS in tho elosinK
days. v\ i!h a prompt vet,' by Presi
dent Wllm.n predict .1 g.ni.mlly and
?a .tl. no pro*.p. i l of a v.-to being ovr
riddo n.
>ftt>- Adopt llouir rin?.
A dozen oilier important lull.-- also
an In conference. including tlie im
migration-restriction legislation pass
ed v.-sterd ty by the Senate. Adoption
by "the llou^e of the Senate plan .s
The conference reports will liftvi
right of way in the Hov.^e tins v |
while the Senate Is pressing to r is.<
through appropriation
bills, al. of which, except a general
deficiency bill. hav.. passed the House.
Th? ii- w rule,. Uow.ver an
impeding it* net ion on conference !-?
P"|T'a.hUt:r? to the grist of WW?
Hon. the House Judiciary < '..mmltl.'C
, iiuorrow ^ ill take tip the ;
inent -ha.,.- a?aim.t Kcle?"
Heprcscii ta t i'\ e ^Ity.Hemo^t
of I'lillKreff
Anothev nr.'ort:.nt comnu. t.-e lo . r
in}-' tomorrow th- r.-ump ion n
K r'ni|. K.-llllers" bonus bill IS to 1"*
b} the I III" ...ciillPS to
provision for raising '? \
Uy the i.o, ns. a .,iw--t_ion_ to b. !?_??
- (Continued ??t PW* 8* V0*'
alleged hill city
family "f ???<?* llr""'"
John Cmy Killing.
| Spee'.al to The Times-1 linpatch. 1
l.YN'riir.IMPi. VA., Keb. 20.?After
an einhteen-hour search in tH?- city
::n.l mountains ^o^ltll of Lynchburs.
the polio tonight ilecliireil lliat they
hail no clue to the whereabouts of
Moses I'.rown. who is alleged to have
last n-uht shi t anil killed John <5ray
in South l.ync.hhurir.
Th. family of the man charged
with the siiontiiiK ile.-laie they are
a! a loss to explain why he escaped.
rt. tJr.iy bad threatened
to Kill Urown ami the shooting was
eNpeetc.l to lal;- place Friday night.
l..-p.!e this claim of self-defense,
ltrou n ? :i a not be fotllid.
The iii-mi met la l?- Saturday iiik-i!
mi.I. aft': a sharp exchange of word",
tiir. .? shots were lire.I. tlray slau
cered into a in ;ir-h store and ex
i laini. il 11.-it ltrown bad .shot him.
A liuliet wound through th.- neck
].| oVeil fatal before ile colli.I say
il;.,r.- a coroner's ini|ilest will be
lit-ld twv.Wioiv
rlialr Ineiorj. I.umber iinrt WnliiMl
nml Venrrr ( onrrriiN I'rln
clpnl l.o?ern.
| i'.y Associated Press.1
P.KISTOU VA., KMi. ?Kntailing
,i lo:"> of approximately $l!3r..OOO. the
K.mplre ("hair Factory and several
other plants were destroyed hv lite
early this morning at Johnson ?*lty,
Tenn The loss to the chair faotoyy
? "j.iaceii :it *Vnbre" ilia ii I"n.Offil.
other plants which nuffored were
,1,.- pen rod Walnut and Veneer .'om
panv and the Johnson City l.umher
Company. The origin of tho lire 1ms
not been determined.
11;roili 12 lo l,"i Indies of Snow on Ground?Storm
Still Having?Many Koads Impassable?Trains
Operating With (irealcsl Ditlkultv.
WINX'UKSTEI!. Va . l-'eb. ^'i). -j
from I wol ve ilfteen inches of
Know covered virtually every section
of tin- Shenandoah .? nd Cumberland'
Valleys tonight. a-cord'lng to advices
receivoU at railroad .-<tat ion?, anditho!
snowfall, which began early Hatur-j
?lay evening, still was in progress at'
a late hour and assuming the pro- j
portions of a blizzard.
High winds have caused huge:
drifts, highways were reported ini- j
! passable in many places, and rail - !
roads were operating trains under!
| the greatest difficulty engines be I lit;
| deadheaded over some lines to keep j
| thorn open.
| Drifts accumulated so rapidly in I
cuts that a tie-up appeared imnii-j
I r.? tit. The temperature was falling
rapidly tonight, threatening to cause'
J severe injury to early fruits and
newly made gardens
The storm, the first of the kind i
this winter, followed practically'
threo months of open and moderate
ly warm weather, during which small
' 100,000 Expected to View
Displays of Richmond
Made Goods.
j Noted Singers and Orchestra to
Entertain Throngs
at Show.
Alter weeks of preparation and
work, expenditure of thousands of
dollars in displays and the aroiis- j
ing of an interest which has become I
I >-Uilo-wide. the Itiuhuiond Mauufuc- I
Jturers" K\position will open tonight I
! a I > o'clock at (Jru.vs' Armory, .Sev- j
; etitli anil Marshall Streets. I'ropara- ]
lion* have been made to take e.iro I
I of more than lOO.OOn visitors, and
I fully >.fM?u arc expected to be on
haml wben the doors .-wii.^j open
nnd th** great exposition gets under
l.ast night more than '.a per cent
<*l tb'* i xhlbits were hi t lace, and
? ?Ikt-ials stated that the remainder j
would arrive this ir... ruing and be
ready fm- the grand opening. Scores
of booths, all decorated in red. white
and blue, have been ? rooted in the I
grat hall. housing every conceivable
object which is "made in Uichtnoiid"
i ai.d which will 1 ? e an education to
j the average citizen in the production
| of the city.
I'iii<|iie In A nun 11 ol CI ly.
Never lias such an exhibit been i
J :indertaken hi Uichuiuiid before.
I The display will lie uni<iue in the
I annals ot the city, and many busi
! ness men will l?e indeed surprised
) at the great number of articles
which are actually manufactured In
Uichinoiid. Kverv variety of ar
ticle, from foodstuffs to steel ma
chinery and inanufact tired goods,
will be on display during the en
tire week. Paper will be manufac
tured from pulp before the very eyes
of the public, exactly as *?t is made
in Che factories which have made
Kicltmond known throughout the
world as a paper-producing center.
1 he exposition will continue
through Saturday, opening at 11
o'clock in the .morning ami dosing
at 11 at night, and as a special at
traction several noted singers have
been secured for the week.
Alvin Smith. president of the
Smith-Courtney Co.. is in charge ot"
this part of the program, and will
hold a conference this morning with
the singers, who will arrive early to
fill their engagement. The exact
hours for the presentation of these
artists have not been made ;?Midic
r.s yet. .bill it is believed tVs will
? if <i<>iie today liflar the c.'it.i ?;eeiu c
.vl.ieh Mr. Smith w il held will them.
Carlos I'assi, possessor of a tenor
! voice of unusual quality, will sing
| "I'agliucci." "Itose oi My 11fnrt."
| 'Macitsiila," 'Yearning," and a nnm
j ? ? r ot other classic selections, ltal.ih j
"dii riio, baritone, who is kti.?w:i a - |
i tie of the foremost singers on tlf. |
American concert stage, will sing i
during his engagement the duet from
(Continued on I'age 3. Col :i.i
' ?ii or Three I'nullr. for* on
freight Crushed ln It rnr-l'.ml
4'olllxinn With I'iimnc nger.
I Special to The Times-Dispatch. |
CMAKI.OTTKSV!Ll,K. V.V., Feb. 20.
-One man was slightly hurt tonight
when northbound passenger train Xo.
in criuihed into the rend end of a
fi eight train about ten miles south
or hor* ou the -Southern- Rail-way*.
It is understood hero that there
wore two or threo poultry ears on
the freight train near the end that
were crushed a? a result of the col
U - ^
i ""??* have Itudden premature! v
*h lo hundreds of people hav,
planted seed in n,cir gardens.
... I I N?? ws j
U AsMLv.rn.x, K,.b_ ,0.lPo(|l.
iut Vh ar" """ ,aSh,K ?"rou?h
' n"?'d Slates. three tin vin??
SM. .ho N?'\v KiiKl.iml
? tales. according ?o forecast made
todav at the Weather ISureati.
l.e l,lizard which swept over th*
Atantic .oast States la*t ,lilf|lt> and
?"ii h continued all day todav. |? ?ot
?xpected to abate until late tomor
row morninu. if the,,. Heavy s?ow
s.eet and ra|? are .
Mml rH"rV 8wpl>t '>> the blls
T..m:,etat,ires varying from *ero up
? -? de??ices will obtain in the At.
ant lo Coas, Stat.-.s and states i?
the , entral Valley. The storm work
'"K up from the Ot-lf of Mexleo is
expected to join forces with on,, com
ma in over the north we.st?m section
ofj^lie eotm try. an.I. together. thes..
(Continued ojj Fi^g ? n >
America Achieves in Five
Years Financial Prc-Em
inence of World.
If Nation Should Hold. Place
Depends on Change in Atti
tude to Commerce Abroad.
?V I' ll l VI I* II. MSSO.V.
\ ier-l'reaiiUeni of Hie (iuarani,
I (Unijinny.
I Written for the rutted News.)
N HW VfiitK. ,.v|)t I'O. -a very si?r
n itica t?t and iar-reacli.n? develop,
me,it is o.vnrri,iK |? Amerlea:, t\.
but i, i? doubtful if the Ainer
??'? l?? opto as a whole fully realize
its causes as well a.s its scope an.l
tnoi.iilnjf. i r,.fl.,. ,hii 1
,,r for, i?? iw
'"innrj J,,.|
,.! rcotf??tl"ii that our Invemlnir
public is u t .... . 1"'h
of tl.I? ... . ** l""' "Tot 'llli...
... ' hsiiacter. as exemplified for
reniiblie' r* .J1"' <-? 1.000.000
r.publi, of Chile external loan
"?* ?ar. which tl.anKed our debit
,ni 1,1 >?.000.000.uf?(l into a cre.l
(1.."0<'f'Ur,t "f than i 1 -.OUO.OOO,
. effected a fundamental chanire
? i ,lna,lB,al l??yfholoBV o his
turh^'t " 'T ?"'???" i""
; V,L? ? 7 ,h? '"ternational po
> in finance and commerce that
years"'* n<hi,;v"'1 in li,?- live
Whether Wo shall hold that place
pen els largely upon the extent and
of the psychological change
wve feuflm't.,!: and that is why
f.osit foreign offerings tn our
--stn.ent market nr.- so
is u/nT 1 U,"< there
suttUient understanding of our
now position and the pro.de,?s i, has
nra r I1", i,"'! our
national Investment point of view
ou, urT^' ""nI"" "S
trade. n?,U ^ *"**??
the last few ,eu? we have
uZV? TT " m,v"r ,H,fw"
i"reiKn trade follows foreign j ...
Vestment, a lesson thar nHtah,
a?" ?? ''T tremendous
.H"11 "????-? ?e cm,.,
? dit in adequate qtiantltles to de
V'1"P ",i,rk"ls "for countries, wo
; ;nrK> , Ul ,.XI)orl iMir
In such (|Uai,tlti?s as at present
'-.urope-.s rehabilitation pro.
?ress,s the Keener will ?row the
?? 'orcigi, markets a d
(Con on i'.,,
Military Losses in Battle
Are Given as Eight
pa;:ty without warning
Party of Soldiers Surprise Irish
Hiding to Attack Any Pass
ing Crown Forces.
I>1 >1KI) 1ATKI.Y (H'KX V I It K
Opposing l-'urlinn Then Settles
[)(mn to Sniping, Which Hesults
in Kout c?f Sinn Peiuccs.
(My L*nit.Ml Press.]
IH'lil.l.V. CO.?Thirteen rebels,
members of :in ambush party tjing i'.t
wait for a military patrol. wore kill
0<1 in a two-hours* running tight near
l.isgo'.d, County <"ork. Kight other
members <?!" the party were captured.
Th?- military casualties were eight,
The soldi, rs took the ainbutdi par
ty unawares, and arc believed to ha \u
had the advantage of attacking.
I 'etaiis ?>t' the tight were given out
ill an > (II ial statement issued at Dub
lin i"astie Sunday night.
A party of soldiers of the llumv
shires was proceeding along the' l?i>
?jjold-MiilletItoad, the statcnu nr.
ielated, and .'?me upon a large fores
of rebels who were preparing to am
bush any crown force*, that might
pass. Tli.. I lampshires immediately
'?petted tire and the rebels broke into
two parties, taking positions in a
ho'ise and the surrounding gard-us.
The opposing forces then settled
down to a two-hour battle of sniping,
.it the end of which the robe s are
Mild to have been routed. Three of
the captives were wounded. Th.?
bodies of the thirteen deal were
found on the tleld and in the house.
A number of grenades and a quan
tity of small-arms shells were seised.
o?o of the soldiers wm slightly
wounded. ?
Unofficial reports have it that eigne
policemen. In addition to tlio soldiers,
were wounde.1.
(By Associated Press.1
' ;;l*Ml.lN. Vol.. -'). --Fornter Serjeant
i Xohil'.y' was shot and wounded in
! "\,rk Saturday. He v.-us taU.n to a
j hospital.
l Knur nt'iiU'il uumi i?ils morning 411
tot I'd the hospitar and carried No
hiilv, who was unconscious, on a
stretcher into the street and shot him
A laborer w s shot dead near
\"asliel; another laborer was shot and
r riou.-l.v wounded last night at Mul
lagh Meath.
P. I'.I. FA ST. Peb. *-'0.?A party of
armed men last night shot to death
i William O Vonnell. a Protestant
farmer, at liis home in l.issanublg.
Skibbet een, in the presence of hi"
wife. Matthew Sweetman another
farmer was shot dead at l.issanubig.
Co UK. l>'eb. 20.?Kl-ght civilians
were killed and two soldiers wound
,.d In a desperate running tight near
! l.isgohl. between a detachment of a
i Hampshire regiment and a large
party of republicans. The troops
came upon the republican forces
preparing an ambush and attacked
|l'.\ Associated Press. J
' l,ONl>ON. Keb. 20.?On the arrival
of the Fishguard train at Paddington
Station today. Oeorge Tilson. of
niack P.ock. County Cork, was found
in the lavatory compartment with his
throat cut. A paper attached to his
? clothes was inscribed: "Shadowed
1 from Ireland
The man was still conscious, but
1 incoherent lie was removed to *
! hospital, where hi; died.
ItP.l.F A ST. Feb. 'JO.?Oeorce Tilson
j was connected with a firm of whole
| sale wine merchants. He recently
j received a threatening letter, charg
j' ~ (1'iint imioil on Pane < ol. 0.)
A Hit Interruption of Almost a Year, the First Steamer
of lUixton Line, Inc., Sails From
Port City to Capital.
After .111 Interruption of steamshlp
orrvii'i' between Ulehniond ami Nor
folk on i in- .lames Kiver of almost a
yi'ar, tli.it survicc will ivsiorfd
today tvlioii the lirst steamer of the
liuxlmi Lino. Inc. granted a chartrt
last week l>y t lie State Corporation
I'oinmisstiin, Mails from Norfolk this
morning for the Capitol. Sh<'- will
arrive here tomorrow ami will return
to Norfolk iit r. 1*. M.
Inauguration of the service will
mark revival of river truffle"'and as
sure merchants of the city :i favor
able tVelght rate "based ot\ water
-1 r a?*por-l a-t 1 ?iciape. tit liui JL>e si <! a i
being a great improvement unci fa
cility, closely connecting Richmond
with the Seaboard.
Solicitors and agent* of the new
compaf^were 1g\ Richmond last week
anil tnaile a thorough canvass of tiif
city, besides holding several confer*
?.Maes with otHciais of tlx: Chamber
of I'oinmet're t)i,. Uiehrnond-Nf.v
York Steamship l.ine, and other par
ties who are vitally interested in the
success of the'new project.
A tri-wcekly schedule is being
worked out, and the company's boat
will leave Richmond at 5 p. M. on
Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday
each*weok. The Richmond-New Vork
steamship Pier will be us*d for lh?
new traffic l>ore and the Norfolk end
of the line will V the Southgati
terminal. Vessels will sail from Nor
folk on Mondays. Wednesday* and
Fridays. Stops will be made at City
Point, Clarcmont and New port. New*.
" ?T7'. ' H . <J/

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