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The Weather
Kalr today and tomorrow I rlxlni; trni
prrntore todnjr with icrntlr to
moilrratr, variable wlniln.
For Weather report s*;e KUltorin! Pag".
JUthcrn Ireland, Which Al
vays Has Advocated It, Still
Is in Open Revolt.
Ithough Legally Operative
Yesterday, Measure WilS Be
come Actuality on May 3.
OHM Xi;\V I*.\ HIil.A >1 F.NTS
?rtl l.icuti-mint Will I??sur 1'roc
imatinns, Stun moiling One in
?North ami One ill South.
t?l III.IV, \ IT 11 in.? \ I.KIM nhlrh
? iilliil i i tiuiiM'rouo mMin 11 !???? oc
rred InM evening, near Halt; tiuir
j ('(Mini) fnrlim, nhrn n pulrol of
mn force* Mirprloril n party of
fiir<l i'l\lllnn? (IrlllliiK, rdltiK to
oMb-lnl ntnfrinriu toiln>. I'l>r of
r ?'Itllinun nrr lirllrx'il tn huvr
rn Kllltil nnil lint <11111111I<<I. 'Mir
inn fnrri'M Hiiatnlnrd no ciiniinltlr?,
>? llii- alntrnirnt.
I By United News )
.ONI.iON, April 13.?Oiioratjon of
laiul'M he.mi! rule bill, which is to
y legally effi < t|v<. finds I'Istcr,
ili.-h t<?r year* fought against any
nd of separation. prepared to work
11 act. and Southern Ireland, which
s always fought for It, still in
en revolt and demanding compktu
While the mfainiru l< gaily became'
ft rat I vc today. It will become an
lual'ly on May 3. wlif-a I.oril IM
iml Talbott, the now Lord I?i<? u
ant of Inland, will issue proba
tions summoning the now Irish
rllaments. on<- in the north ami one
t In- Soil! II.
Elections to t!i<" Mouses of Corn
?ns \\ ill take place, according to
?"?tit plans, on tin! Fame date, and
next step will he the election by
two houses of their Senates and
Ixli-r Parliament to Meet .lnnr III.
Ii i.- I-,\|i< ct<d that the I'Istcr I'ar
unent will meet on June -I, under
e h-adciship of Sir James Craig,
lanlmously chosen Premier for
st< r As soon as th>- Ulster l'arlia
ent logins to function the present
?it:sii government otllcers and high
urts will lie turned over to Irish
red ion.
Because <>f the practical state of
ir existing in tlx- south of Ireland.
?w<-v< r. th<- program for working
<? act is largely in a formative
age. It is hardly to be believed 1
at Sinn Kiin will co-operate with
e Unionists in Northern Ireland,
id members of that organization
eolcd to the Ulster Parliament are
.1 expet t? to claim their seats.
In th<- south, however, the govern
etit is faod with a tremendously!
moult problem.
i:i'i:.M>s <;ovi-:it.\Mi-:vr poi.icy
'rowAiti) si\.\ ri:i\ jiovkmknt
I By Associated Press.]
LONDON April 10.? Premier Lloyd
eorge today defended the govern
rnt policy toward the Sinn l<Vin
(Continued 011 Phrc U'. Col. 2.)
Reporl B;i;ish Abandon
Irish Spring Offensive
I>1 'III.IN, April 13.- Tli.' British
army lure has abandoned its
spring offensive. iU'euriMni; tu one
of tin* leading generals of tin;
Irish Republican army. A big of
fen/ivc Iiuh been in i.'nuran of prep
a ration ever sinco last summer,
wlien t housands of British cav
alry weri: landed in Ireland.
According to the name authority
tin- Irish Republican army was
fully prepared to <ounter General
Alacready's contemplated swoop.
U l* IcurnciJ that there has been
captured In I>ubllii a large Ulster
Unionist arsenal, including rilles.
revolvers, ammunition and hornliH.
Harding Believed to Have Made
Up Mind as to Successor
to Pritchard.
Supreme Tribunal Jurist Calls
on President?Sidesteps
(Special to the Times-J Hspatch. 1
WASHINGTON*. April l'.< -Jtidi'e
Ashley At Gould, of Ihe Supreme
Court of the District of Columbia,
may get the appointment for the
place on th" l*nlte?| States Circuit
'"??urt of Appeals made vacant by the
death Of .Hide: Jeter C. I'r.tchard.
Judge. liould. who has not been
mentioned in connection with the
place, was a caller at the White
House yesterday. It was salil after
his visit to president Harding that
it dealt with local matters, but to
day the reports spread that it had to
oo with the vacancy on the Court of
Appeals, and some of the rumors to
day went so far as to say that the
pl.aee had been off.-red to the judge.
Judge Gould, when questioned to
day about hi- visit to t he President,
replied in a way that s>uggest?d there
i' 'otitsnucd on I'aKe 2. Col. 6.)
. |Hy Associated Press.)
l:ni.ST<>H. VA., April l'.?. ? How to
accept in the name of the city of
llli.-t.l, a bull buffalo offered b> the
Hejiartment of Interior, is a question
that i.s puz/.lini; the Mayors of Bris
tol. Virginia and Bristol. Tennessee.
I >isregarding the line which splits
th.- city in half, the "ff.-r was made to
Ihe city as a whole, and both sides
want the hull.
.Mayor \V. 11. House, of Bristol. Va.,
is in favor of building a pen for the
animal, half in Tennessee and half
in Virginia, and accepting the olTor
in behalf of the two cities. .Mayor
(' G. King. while making no official
statement is said to be agreeable to
this plan. The bull can then roam
in two States.
Auto Accident Injuries I-'ntnt.
MIAMI. KJ-A.. April 19.?Charlie
George, prominent local Syrian tner
chant. who with four others was
injured in an automobile accident on
the I'ix'.e highway lufct Sunday, died
this afternoon.
c.vas Woman's I'lra Sweeps Con-?;
vent ion to Queen < "ity of IVairirs
Over Other Candidate."..
San Antonio, Texas, won the lftl'S
^invention of the Methodist Women's
issionary Council last night in ri
tunderoUH. tumultuous landslide of
nstemmnblo laughter and applause
4 a result of the fervid and typl
illy Texan plea of Mrs. Nat CS. Kol
ns, of the Queen of tlie I'rairie, as
iut city is lovingly known in the
>>ne Star State. .
Mobile, Macon and San Francisco
ere bidders for the moot and pre
ir>nted stronp arguments why the
onvention should go to one of them.
Wien Mrs. Uollins took the plat
>rni, it was thought that the result
ould be a four-^ided tie, for even
ie most prophetic could see no
jrther arguments that one could he
Sweeps Meeting; With I'lrn.
With true Texas spirit, the spirit
hieh wrested the great 10 tn pi re of
!*c Southwest from Santa Anna and
is hordes, the little woman from
^Henry's beloved city, launched
ilo her pica. Before a hundred
?ords had been spoken in the clear,
ggresslvo voice, cries of "Texas,
,'oxati. Texas," were heard , from
very side, and other cities Wore
;Ullileaaly swept into tho discard
Her Plea for Texas
"Texas occupies all of North
America except small part for
United States and Canada."
"Texas is so big that Brownsville
people call citizens of Dallas Yan
"Chief occupation of Texans Is
to keep from making all money in
the world."
"U. S. with Texas off would look
like a t hrce-legged Boston ter
"Texas alfalfa, if baled and piled
into stairway, would reach to
pearly gates."
"If Texas hogs were one big hog.
he could dig the Panama Canal in
three roots."
"If Texas steers were one big
steer, he would stand with one
foot in Hudson Bay, another in
Arctic Ocean and his tail would
brush mists from aurora bore
al is."
"Some State, 1*11 say."
while "San Anton" raced unimpeded
to victory.
Mrs. r -Bins' address follows:
?Texas occupies all the Continent
of North America, except the small
part set aside for the United States
and Canada. Texas owns all thft
north of the Ulo Cirande, the only
dusty river In the world; also th?
only one, with the possible exception
(Continued on Page &4? Col. 3.)
Virginia Clothiers in Annual Session Here
America Will Statu! lly .Monroo
Doctrine, lli? Tells Hearers in
.New York A till revs.
pkotkct vor.\<; di:.m<k ua< ii:s
President Delivers Address in Shad
ow of Statue of Simon lloliviir,
(?real South American Liberator,
lias Faith in Two Americas.
NKW YORK. April 19.-?.Standing in
the shadow of the statue of Simon .
l!i.|;v;ir, the en <t South American
liberator, I'r- aidant Harding, in an
address I a t > ? today, reasserted his
faith in the doctrine laid down by
Monroe' a century ago and stated :
plainly that the Cnitcd States stands
j ready at any time to tight. ;f neces
] nary, to preserve that doctrine and
j to protect the youiiit democracies of |
the New World aga:,?st oppression '
and tyranny.
I Diplomats from all the Sou In and
i l.iitin-.\meri?Mn countries and many
i from the countries of the Old World
I wore in the audience which heard
the President'* simple utterance of
; faith it; the ile.vtiuy of the two Amer
| :ca*. and the warning which accom
i panicd it.
The republics of the N< w World !
' have a great mission to perform ?i*
well, the I'r. sident declared. He
I cited a w->rid torn by war and con- ;
11 i.? t and strife- turning to the two I
rich young continents of tie Western |
world in hope of aid.
"Herein lie for u- both duty and
opportunity," Raid the President
"duty to those whom w? ? may help,
opportunity in helping others to help
| themselves."
Musi fiuiird Dortrinr.
"The doctrine proclaimed under
! Monroe," !i ? sa;d, "which ever since
: lias been zealously guarded as a fun
damental of our own republic, main
tained that the -e continents should
not again he regarded as tlelds for
the colonial enterpriser of Old Worlfl j
powers. There have been times when
the meaning of Monroeism was mis
understood by some, perverted by
| others, and made the subject of dl9
i forting propaganda by those who saw
I fn it an obstacle to the realization of
j their own ambitions.
"The history of the generations
since that doctrine was proclaimed j
has proved that we never Intended it I
selfishly: that wo had no dream of
exploitations. On the other side, the
history of the last decade certainly
j must have convinced the world that
wo stand willing to fight, if neces
? sar.v, to protect these continents,
?.hose sturdy young democracies from
oppression and tyranny.
"Surely we may contemplate with
(Continued on 1'aRO I- Col. :i )
EIj I'ASO, TKX., April 1!'.?Alberto
Terr.a7.as. son of I.ui.s Terrazas. Gov
ernor of the State of Chihuahua when
Htterta was President, is reported to
have be'en taken prisoner and a sum
of money estimated at between $20,
000 and $2."?*000 taken, when twelve
men ^-d up a Mexican Central train
this afternoon north of Chihuahua
The train left Chihuahua this morn
ing for Juarez. Terrazas, whose
home now is in l<os Angeles, left K1
Paso on Monday with the bodies of
his brothers, Guillermo and Luis, II.,
after they had linen disinterred in
bos Angeles. The bodies were re
hut'ied ot, the Tarrazas estate in
Knri(|ue Creel, former ambassador
to the United States from Mexico,
was with Torraza* at the time of his
reported capture. Reports said the
bandits were operating In tr.e interest
of Murguia.
Danville Mnn Solved on (ilrl's ClinrKe.
DANVIM.IO. VA? April 19.?W. Y.
Noell, a wealthy tind prominent citi
zen, was arrested here tonight on
charge of attempting to attack a 12
year-old white girl in his tobacco
factory. H? was released in ?500
bail, and denies the charge.
Kale tonight Mr. Noell gave out a
statement In which ho said. "It is
pure case of blackmail." The girl,
he said, asked to be shown through
the factory. That sho was there for
ten minutes, but that he did not
touch her. He denied tho charge.
The Itusslan Symphony, City Audi
torium, April 2S. Got tlckcts Stloff's.
Andreas Burkhardt's Address Will Be Feature of Con
vention Today at Concluding Session?Attend
ance Meeting Largest in History.
When Andreas Burkhardt, prt-Hi- '
??nt of the National Association <>f
'??tail Clothiers, addresses tin- Vir
?inia Betail Clothiers' and Furnish-'
rs' Association this morning at l'.>:30
'clock at the Hotel Richmond. ho
promises to "set fire" to tli?: onven
tion with his ri-marks.
Mr. Burkhardt arrived in ltich
mon'l yesterday, and intimated that I
ho woulud discuss at length the labor |
situation as it affects tin- textile In-j
du.vry, dwelling particularly on the j
attitude of the Atnalgamned Cloth- j
inn Workers.
The address l>y the president of (he
national association will be the cul
mination of the discussion by the
clothiers of conditions in the trade ,
as they are today, and many import- '
I Special to The Times-Dispatch.] J
WASHINGTON, D. C.. April 1!?.? j
Committee assignments of the Vir- j
ginia Senators were announced today, j
Senator Glass Rained an additional i
mujot assignment t?> membership on '
the important Committee oti Bank-J
inn and Currency. His committee as- i
signtnents for the Sixty-Seventh Con- j
Kress are Appropriations. Bunking'
and Currency and District of Co- !
In the last Congress Senator Glass !
was a member o! Appropriations. :
Disposition of 1'seless Papers in the,
Kxecuti Ve Departments, District of
Columbia, Expenditures in the In- :
terior Department and the Committee
on Fisheries.
Senator Swanson, senior Senator
from Virginia, in the now assign- j
mcnts is taken from the Committee ,
on Coast Defenses and the Commit- j
tee on Indian Depredations. His as- j
slgnment for the new Congress is i
Foreign Uelations, Expenditures in !
the Executive Departments. Public i
Buildings and Grounds and Naval j
f By Afsociated I'ross. I
WASHINGTON. April 19.?Appoint
ment by the President of a joint com
mission on lynching, ocmprlsing
white and negro members, was pro
posed in a bill introduced today by
11epre.4.Mitative Ansorge. Republican.
New Yor':.
The commission would be directed
to conduct a general inquiry into the
subject of lyncliings and their causes:
and then report on the adequacy of
means employed for their prevention,
and to recommend legislation neccs- |
sary to prev? ; nd discourage that
crime and to punish persons taking
Ilnr Search of Ship for l/iqiior.
MIAMI. FDA., April 13.?A sheriff
has no right to g<? aboard a foreign
vessel anil search for liquor tinder i
the prohibition and the liquor sei/.eil |
in such manner cannot be admitted :?! I
evidence, according to a decision by I
County .fudge W. Frank I Man ton here |
today. Judge Blanton dismissed
charges ?? f violating the prohibition
law against two members of a It'll -
ish schooner, arrested yesUnlay after
the sheriff had found ten quarts .if
rum aboard, according lo ins testi
mony at the preliminary hearing.
UnuKhert) to Probe CroiikhiM* I>entli.
N10W YOHK, April 19.?Attorney
General Daugherty tonight declared
he would make a personal investiga
tion into the shooting of Major Alex
ander Cronkhlte, at Camp 1-ewis three
years ago. Bosenblutli, who was im
plicated by an alleged confession as
having directed the killing, has offer
ed to go to Tacoma to testify.
$12,0110 Iteil Pros* tilft to Victim*.
WASHINGTON. April 19.?The Bed
Cross announced tonight that it ap
propriated $10,000 in addition to $2,000
previously advanced for the aid of
victims in six Southern States or
the tornado of last Friday and Sat
;int st.itemmeiits arc expected from
hi in.
With i ho largest attendance In the
history of the organization, members
of the association gathered at their
third annual convention yesterday
mill faced a full program of addresses
? ?it retail conditions affecting the tex
tile industry. Kvevry section ?f the
?State is represented in thosu at the
General discussion of each topic
treated by the speakers featured the
opening clay of the convention. The
tirst address dellverd was that by
I'rsident \V Fleet Kirk, followed by
speeches by W. II. Roll warzschci lil,
president of the Retail Merchants'
Association of Virginia; A. J. Air
heart. Roanoke, on "Shall \\'?> Fea
ture Style, Quality or Price?";
Thomas Smith, Hristol, on "Should
? Continued on Page 4. Cob -?)
| By United News.]
CHICAGO, April 1!' -The taxicab
came to a stop. Kxit the tlapper.
"How much is the fare?" she in
"Five dollars and nillty cents," re
plied Alfred Fumo, the chauffeur.
"You're a robber?and so am I,"
.'aid the girl. As she spoke she
-dipped a pistol from her handbag.
Without a ?|uivcr of hand or voice
she poked the gun In Furno's ribs.
"Climb out. Hilly, and fork over.
Do you get me'."'
Furno did. to the ? xtent of a
leather overcoat, a uniform cap and
the taxicab itself.
He walked to the police station
where he told his story.
[By Associated Press. 1
ItOMK, April 13.?Distressing de
tails of a battle between Fascist! and
the Communists at t'iano are reported
today by the Giornale d'ltalia, which
says that the Communist villagers at
tacked Fascisti motor lorries there
with rifles, revolvers, spades, hoes
and scythes.
One ot the chauffeurs, named Rossi,
who abandone.il his car when it col
lided with a tree, was beheaded by
the crowd, says the newspapers, and
others of the Fascist} were mutilated,
the women urging the men on.
The republicans were assassinated
at the Communist ball held last night
at Civitella di Komugtia, near Bo
logna. to which the victims had been
invited. When the dance was well
in progress cries of "Republicans and
Fascist i are all the same to us!" were
set up, and the victims were then
beaten to death.
( Hy Associated Frees.]
Ti?nc>NT<?, i INT., April 1 ? Placing
the majority vote for "bone dry" pro
hibition in Ontario yesterday at l!00,
00(1, Unv. A. S. (Irani, secretary of
the Ontario referendum committee,
today announced immediate steps to
ward procuring measures against the
manufacture of intoxicating liquors
tn the Dominion.
BATON IIOUGK, LA., April !!>.?
The case of Honnie Katon. the negro
the sheriff of Ouachita Parish forgot
;o liaii); on the date fixed by the Gov
ernor for his execution, did not reach
the pardon board today.
It will probably be heard tomor
row. Strung efforts will be made to
have his s tcnce commuted to life
Increase Steel Output.
| By Associated Press. ]
YOL'NGSTOWX, olIIO, April 19.?
operations of steel mills In the
Young.stown (liatrict will be slightly
over 10 per cent by tomorrow morn
ing. according to announcement of
resumptions made at mill ofllccs to
Will ('d'Opcrali' Willi Similar Or
Kuni/.ations in oilier
Count l ies.
Political (?roups in House of l'eers
Aet to Protect Higiits and Inter
ests Already Acquired hy Xippoii
esc Government.
I Hy Associated Pros?.]
TOKYO, .\i? ri 1 1?.?The two politic
al groups iti the House of Peer*, con
ferral separately today and decided
to investigate tlie question of man
dates In the hope, it was indicated.
! of protecting the rights and interests
i already acquired by Japan,
j Prominent Japanese women, le<l by
Madame Otaki, wife of Yukio Osaka,
whose resolution proposing curtail
ment of naval armaments, recently
was rejected hy the House of llep
resentatlves, and Maroness Megatt.
wife of the head of the Japanese
economic commission to the. United
States, have decided to organize a
woman's peace association to pro
mote world peace. The organization
will co-operate with similar associa
tions In other countries.
Hy Italpli II, Turner,
I'lifted News Staff Correspondent.
WASHINGTON. April Hi.?The con
troversy over the Island of Yap,
which not only has .strained Ameri
can-Japanese relations, hut has in
volved America's relations with the
other allied powers, , may drag in
many other angles of the world .sit
uation before a settlement is reached.
Japan, it is learned, hopes either
to effect a compromise with the
United States on the Yap dispute, or
i^ain other concessions in the I'acillc,
which would compensate her for re
litoiutshiiig her hold on Yap.
Report* indicate that the contro
versy has attracted wide attention
hi Japan, and that the Tokyo govern
ment would be weakened greatly at
home if it receded completely from
th<- stand it has taken in the past. !
May Institute "iliirgaluiiiK" I'rocr**.
It is suggested in Japanese quarters
J (Continued ota 1'age 2. Col. 1.)
[l?y Associated Press.]
ItRISToH. VA? April V>.?The body
of a man of about L'.n years old, with
a bullet wound in his head, was found
today near the top of Mlack Mountain
f m Virginia, on the road leading to
t Lynch. Kentucky, by a hoy. The man
was identified by papers in his cloth
ing as Martin Harris, of Hulls (Sap,
' Ten n.
| The hodj was found at the base
j of a twenty-foot precipice. None
of the cartridges, in a revolver found
in his pocket had been discharged.
I Special I o The Times-Dispatch.)
LYNCHUUUU VA., April 19.?The
| City Council here has decided to
! go to Richmond May 11 to oppose I
J before the State Corporation Com
mission the request of the Lynchburg i
Traction and Light Company for an j
increase of street car fares to ti j
cents. I'nder the company's fran- t
chise, the rate cannot he raised with- j
out consent of the city.
With this confronting it, the man
ager of the company has announced j
'that it will ask the commission for
an 8-ccnt rate in the suburbs. Should |
j lhis be allowed by the commission.
? as ii was in the case of the tele-,
i phone company, it would almost im
j mediately precipitate a move for an
nexation of the suburbs to the city, ;
so as to include the entire street rail
way system, which extends into
Cainpbcl. ami Bedford Counties.
To 'I'cn I ??111110" I.aw,
MIAMI. KLA., April 1?.?Manager
Oliver, of I he baseball club in West
Palm Munch, has arranged for a game
there next Sunday for the purpose or
testing the "blue law," it was an
nounced here today.
Make MnnlerptPCP Xnllonnl Anlhciu.
WASHINGTON'. April lft.?A bill to
make the "Star Spangled Manner" the
national anthem was introduced in
the House today by Representatlvt<
Llnthleuni. of Maryland.
$3 ^o Maltimoro; York River Lino;
5:10 P. M. dally, lCx. 8uu.?Adv.
German Peace Problem
Before Senate Tomorrow
(Uy United News.]
\V ASH I NCSTt in, April 19.?The
Senate Kori'iBn Itclatioiis Com
initio*- once more tackles the
time-honored problem of peace
with Germany 011 Thursday. while
settlements under the Versailles
treaty <lo a ghost dance outside
the commit tee-room door.
The reparations problem, which
will not l>e touched in the declara
tory peace to lie taken up for con
sideration. threatens the peace of
Kurope even more today than it
'lid two years ago, .May 7. when
tlie Versailles document was
presented to the Hermans for their
signature. And. further, it haunts
the domestic and foreign trade
stability of the United States.
Kirst in framing our foreign
policy tuust come peace, however,
and Senator l/odge anticipates a
prompt and fnvorahle report on
the Knox resolution,
Government May Establish
Kitchens in Congested Dis
tricts to Relieve Situation.
Miners Will Not Return to Pits
Before 10 Days, Unless Strikes
Suffer Collapse.
flly Associated Ures*.]
I.ONIJON, April IN.?The mine own.
cr* Inte tonight completed proposal*
which, It |? believed, inn; KO sonic,
"lint toward n settlement of th<
strike. The chlpf new pmpnsnlN nre:
Klrst. The establishment of nntlonnl
wnge lionrd.
Second. The nppllcntlnn of national
principles to wage* In eneli district,
based on the financial condition of tlic
Industry in the respective dlstrlets.
I bird. The periods for ascertaining
district result* to be settled nation,
nil jr.
I'ourth. The point hrlow wlileli
wages shall not lie reduced to he de
termined nationally.
1*1 ftli. To turn over an wnges to the
workers. In addition to these rates,
the whole of the surplus revenue
nvallnhle in each district durliiK the
existing abnormiil period.
II) A. 10. Johnson,
United News Staff Correspondent.
I .ONDON, April 13.? |-'ooil kitchens
may be established in the congested
districts of England to relieve the
acute distress brought about by tHo
fuel and food famine which Is daily
growing more serious.
I he Cabinet has tinder considera
tion a system of hot-food depots, to be
established by the government wher
ever the necessity is apparent.
Hoard of Trade official* declared to
the United New* that the fuel sit
uation is the most critical in the his
tory of the nation. Additional re
(?'init inui-d on Page Col7f>.)
(By United News. |
CHICAGO. April 19.?Mrs. Dora
Xorge is under arrest here, charged
with hanging her 8-yenr-old daugh
ter, \ ivit?ni, until she oeeatne uncon
scious. Tlie mother, arrested on the
complaint of the Humane Society, Is
accused of fastening a about
the child's neck, drawing it taut
and hanging her. with her feet six
inches from the lloor. to a door.
U was her way. it is alleged, of
punishiii" a "lie." Mrs. Zorgo de
nied the charges.
Briand Will Hold Conference
With Lloyd George and
Italian Premier.
French Troops Alone Will Be
Used in Occupation of
Ruhr Region.
Socialists I'rofoss to lie Alarmed nt
Approaching Napoleon Centen
ary ami of Mobilization.
If My Associated Tress.]
I.ONnoX, April 1!>.?Owing to the
. inability of Premier Llo.vd George to
i leave the country during tho present
j industrial crisis, tho French Prime
Minister, M. Priand, will cross the
channel next. Saturday for a prelim
I inary conferencc with Iiioyd George
: at Itythe. Kngland, prior to a dis
j cussion of the allied plans on the
' question of German reparations. Italy
and Itelgium have boon invited to
send delegates.
The proceedings are expected to tje
short and conllned to what the allied
action shall be In the faco of tho ex
pected failure of Germany to carry
1 out by May 1 tho reparation terms
of the Versailles treaFy. There Is
s an inclination, ({specially In labor and'
, liberal circles in IOngland, to watch
I closely any new movement on the
part of Franco against Germany, not
so much. It la said, becauso they do
1 | not desire to see Germany made to
? pay the full reparations, but on ac
; count of what the further occupa
tion of German territory Is likely to
' cost the already overburdened Brit
ish taxpayer.
With a view to overcoming this, a
i statement from a French source was
issued tonight, to the effect that the
occupation of the Kuhr region could
? be accomplished solely by French
, troops, and that tho cutting off of
. Germany from this source of her
? coal supplies would bring her to
, PARIS, April 13.?Plans which
would result in the practical annex
t ation to France of tho richest indus
trial area of entire ICurope, or at least
its occupation for a period of half a
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Fifteen Middle* Arc Witnesxca.
ANXAPOMS, .Ml)., April 19.?Fif
teen midshipmen, some of them prom
inent in athletics at the Naval Acad
emy. were called as witnesses he?Dro
the Anne Arundel County grand jury
in connection, it is said, with llqucr
violations in the city for the last few
months. The middies were called at
the instance of State Attorney James
llunroe. T:iat oftlcor said tonight
that tho embryo naval oftlcers were
questioned on various matters, hut
that Just now there was nothing 'o
ho made public.
I'rl/.e Cow I>lrs of Milk Fever.
APPIjICTON, WIS., April 10?The
Holstcin cow, Sadie Gerhen llenger
veld ?le Kol. which attained a forty
pound butter fat production record in
a seven-day test, and known to Hol
stein breeders throughout the United
States anil Canada, died hero of milk
fever. She was D years old. Officials
of the Wisconsin I.lve Stock Associa
tion. owners, valued tho cow at
David H. Blair, of Winston-Salem, Chosen for Internal
Revenue Commissioner by Secretary Mellon?Ap
pointment Believed Foregone Conclusion.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
WASHINGTON, April 11?.? It was
authoritatively learned tonight that
Representative Rascom Slernp. of
Virginia, was offered tlie position of
Commissioner of Internal Revenue;
that lie declined the appointment and
Oavid II. Hlair. of Winston-Salem,
K. C., was today selected by Secre
tary Mellon for the commissioner
shlp. Mr. Blair Is a young lawyer
of Winston-Salem. lie was in con
ference for an hour today with Sec
retary Mellon.
Official announcement of the Blair
appointment Is expected here within
forty-eight hours The President, It
Is believed, undoubtedly will ratify
the selection of ty* Secretary of tho
Treasury, and only a near miracle In
patronage and politics could prevent
the appointment.
Prefer* <o Stay In lloune.
It did not become known until to
night that Representative Slemp was
being considered for the commission
ership. Representative Slemp asked
to be excused from discussing tha
matter, but did not deny that the
post was offered him. It is under
stood that Representative Slemp pre
ferred to stay In the House, where
he Is the only Republican member
from Virginia.
Mr. Blair beats out u Held of candi
dates, *Including another man by tho
rame name?Robert Blair, of WVthe
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