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First With the N?ws
Full Assoclatod Press
The Weather
nenrrnlljr fsilr tmlny ami tomorrow.
?llb mild tom
(For Wsath'r Hoport S?-? EJllorU! F'sgo)
Ambassador Stirs Audicnce at
Unveiling of U. of Va.
Rector's Slap at Envoy Draws
Storm of Applause From
His Hearers.
ni i.i.f, \ti:s mm: wi.i.to.mkh
?k"'r \ in k I.nit) (iiililcs S|n-jikv nt
hxrirlM.* Tixla) ?I'ilurtin
;?(?!? tn Mom fccllo.
Spr. ,i| ir, t?.< Tihi..v ]
' II Allt.OTTKSVIl.l.K .1 unr> 1.
?- ???<?: :pk I'iiji ;iftf rnor.i. :,t -uivo ring
' th* moinoria 1 a t. I ? 1., 1 hi I ni
v'"i'V r'f Vlrcir . > m a r dead. .?til.-y
. "r i; I I 'ri-in'li a rnl-.i ? -??I't' i <1, r h?
I r1 11 11 Slit's Hurt ' I .rl your so n *
r -rr? .11 ri Klropin|? ..n ; h> friendly *-ojl
' France \? >i. Mi- for
: 1 < ' lorr, with i*t sfitis of r.i:r ri ;?i|b
' T'Iit* t heir nfiiinrli" arc lov^l
? i ?)i> r _r,?Y*-- .1 re V'-pt -.-a. r? <1.
Century *.111 1 > 11? n|"n i.ntnr> hut
? , ? 11 a 1 1? i 11 I ' ll I 11 r?- ? .i hit I M ill t vi- r
t< nam il?--ii an'l rev ri ii- 1 <1 ?mr
?I i? 'i villi - fiir'iilnc Mr
t it .1 1 <'I thin?--. f 1 ? <1 oi? . They of
1 > 1 ? a v... i?. . f -r 1. 1 w it h Mw
* .. flu? thai .11 I- t an. > \? . I- I'.r
.- la :??
?. ? I ? n< < -I nh !i j- 1 w .1 r 1 It r> 1111. i
? I-.1 1 ' 1.1. v' t ? "ihe in
?? - : a !?'? I'll' 1 ? \ in- ri< an sol -
? ? hi \nil>.i-.-.nl'ir llarv. v "
it- it 1 2." .1 m of >|>:>: ? 1 < lie
-'at..I that vih.i: America :i.?d I- -.i in
? . ? ,n i.-ul'l '101 t>. in? a.- u > 'I Hi
i-.. ..-11 -i i > 1.111 in n|. 1!.- an'i tiial
ition would n.>1 be alii'- I r. re
|l ? idealist. until |t ha'l 00m
f?*|.ii?lla 1 ? 1! such as?-??ft I"us a*
1 it \t;: i.-iM-ador llnrv. v thai Atncri
, .it.' Iia-l f'.nclii t-. their skins. |
Urines Dcleuii l?-h TiiUPllirr.
?; lie ? v.'lll l.r ughl Hit'! lilt i III II t r
. uila. t lor I In first tiin> * It?- <l<-lo-,
ijilli.l ! .irnl JJUeMs. w rI<-1 for I
I , t mk. .lavs hav.! I.'i-ii taking part
, 1 ? ? ntPiini.i! celebration. Tli>
? 1 ri<"l ."Mni. of ill* feminine
,1 ,-.'.r'l\ i-ut uniforms of
1 Car.. n:'n and lit- mult i-col..red
iv "f : ? ilt > .it'd ?l'l< :;atos stood
t iii mir^.-t the r ai-s-ii- outlines
<1 I.- ff. r..<.n ? inii'. er>it y.
1 ... <lny. which had been opened ,
.1 w ? !.-oti'< tii il.-l. _r:?t.j. in < *a h' II
1 w hi.h til-- I-" 1 ?? in-11 amhassa- 1
<!? t'. tin I'nlt.-il Slat.-: and thrfo
in colletfe pt ? >idci?t * i-.-sp"ii'l
. I wa< rounded out t'intgiil Willi
' ? presentation <>f tlx .???nt '-ntua 1
lit "Tlif Shadow of Mi.' Build
. 11 the now Mi-lniira- Mr-.-k A in- '
in askms ill.- invoratton at 1 li<? ;
i - :-iorial oM-rrisos. i.'haplaiu Itcvor-j
I '.1 ndridc- Tiu-kor. -Ir.. IJIrt'j, pray
,-i that t n- iia 111 l uil'la/onod upr.n :
the plain'- might shim- in tin h(-art? i
1fontinii'd on I'iirc a. Col. J.;
Youth Is Alleged to Have Slain
Child in Cold Blood
With Pistol.
I By United NVvvs.-.)
kV'-V. IN P.. June 1 ?One of the
mi'.'i iiniisnal murder trials ever
I,rought before an Atncriean court is
l^ing eondiH-te?l in the Slarke Coun
ty ?'ircuit Court here.
Ci.'il Burkelt, II, is beinp; tried on
r, charge of murder in first degree,
it is charged that h<- shot anil Killer!
in .old blood a 17-.venr-old playmat",
lie nny Slavin. The defense holds
tii.-it Bennie shot himself by accident.
All of 1 he important witnesses i-i
the case are children. On the word
(? these children the jury will de
, jije whether this little boy, who
vent lo sleep in his mother's arm.-:
this afternoon dnri^r the session, is
1 a murderer or mercl.% a little fellow
v has been caught in a net of in
1 laminating eircumslnnces.
Some of the children who testified
scainst Cecil made him oul a s-chein
Jug lit'Ie villain, capable of most any
vlolenet. Others were enually as
llrm that Bonnie shot himselC and
that- the accused youngster is free
from guilt.
Norfolk $2.40, Ocean View $2.65. Va
Beach 43.2S r. t. every Sunday. Lv.
Broad St. Sta 8:15 and 0 A. M.?Adv.
America Is On Road to
Prosperity, Says Harding
I Pv AyfWliitoil I'ref.-. I
WASHINGTON, June I :r.nv lo
tion thfii the country has |i<ictcr|
the inoct Irving period of r* ad
justment ati'l is on the toad tn ro
eovrrv was 'I toniEht by
? Jov. rnor H&rdltiK. of th' Federal
I:- ;-rve Hoard. upon completion of
a i wo ttffks' fiirvcy of the agri
cultural anil industrial section? of
the Middle West ,?nd South.
Mr. Harding travelled through
Illinois, Missouri. Kansas. <ikla
lioma. Arkansas. Tumryei- and
AI aha ma. and il"Clar'ii he ?v.
everyuh'-re gr'ai aetivit . on the
f.ittnr. and an abundtiic, <.f !arm
labor, 111> appa r< ritl> every acre
of i;ind ?*ij!t iviitoil. h* re*' foi ? be
ing utilized tnis y>ar.
I'o trip confirmed my convic
tion that w< in this country have
ti??-.\ passed til' tlion trains pTiou
<f t|i<- world? 'A'ide readjustment of
trad? an<| price* and ire on th?
r>ad 'o r<*o\?ry." said Mr Hard*
Difficulty in Financing Project.-)
Being Overcome. Says
Reserve Bank.
Dealers in Lumber. Brick and
Other Materials Report
Brisk Demand.
Hiiiidinu operations are showing
t h- liiplieM total valuation for new
work r? ported since the Federal Ke
s. r\e llatik of rticllinond hepan Ooiil
Pilit.c monthly usurps. according to
ih- tneMhly bulletin issued h.v that
ir >l't ij? ion yesterday. Orders 10
huildiltK material dealers are coming
in potter, as compared with condi
tions last fall. There are still many
obstacles to le overcome, the bul
letin says chief anions which arc
itthcullics m tinan-inc building pro.
)? ? ts and Mi' hiuli wagos in the
hutiditic trades.
Many steel and lumber dealers
complain. rh- huOtiu states, that
their business cannot become entirely
satisfactory until the railroads enter
the market for 'heir normal supply
of these products An optimistic
note, however, is struck by the re
port of the Southern and North Oar
olina t'ine Associations for April and
lh<- early part of May. which shows
that consumption is now ahead of
production in the commodity they
handle. I?. aiers in lumber and brick
say that their prices have fallen from
la to :ifl per cent in the last thirty
(Continued on I'age 2. Col. 2.)
2.'(-CellI t.nsoline In Miilillir,
MOKII.K. A I.A.. Juno 1. The uric*
of casoline in Mobile look another
nimble when it was quoted al 2:!
cents at practically all of (he tilling
stations in the city, a cut of 2 cents,
as casoline has sold for 25 cents a
gallon for the past several months.
Britain Determines to End Irish
Revolt by Use of Great
If Republicans Electcd to South
I Irish Parliament Take Oath
Peacc Is in Sight.
I.OMIOV June I.? \ llrilish ><>.!
olirI mm ohnl itnsi killed tintl ;i ri rn
lifcteil fcfililinr itn? Killed Itv n Inimtt
!???plnMnn in I In- ?l:i?V incidents <>f
ihr IrUh Itetirllinn.
I nliinrl I'riirwk hak tik*>nnsnittfri|
lit civilian* nt lii? home in I mini)'
An iilliflnl rnmmiinl(|Ur that
nnr m>ldl?-r ?a< Killed nml lliree
nounilril nlirn ri'tirln threw n hnmli
in lllrohinRKin "Irrrl, Dulilin.
lit M. ?lohnitmi.
I nst?d Nfws St iff <'or respondent.
1/iNI'iriN, .fiiti? 1. -The Hritish pov
j'rntmni is preparing fir a final mill
; r:tr> drive in th? South "f Ireland A
! iiifivonunl for war or pe.i'-e- war lo
j 11 ? annihilation of Sinn Kein. or
t pfsiy o!>tained Lhroush the threat of
war. w hI hever t h ? south of Ireland
j r |. tto choose.
If the newly ol-clcil members "f
ih<- .-'<>uth?Tii Parliament refu-e t"
tak*?i th. oath of allegiance. and.
thc-refon- riiuM: to function under
t hv hy no rul'- bill. Iia 11 a I ion after
battalion of Rritl-'h troops will ?hft
ferr;ert across the channel, pourinc
int" ? vcd city and town outside of
t'l.-ur. driving into lh.- hill*, comb
ing tli. hill.- f.?r rob. Is. and staging
,i short. -harp, aii'l probably decisive
That much i- authoritative. How
| -fis an army England intend* to Bond*
it'out inu> d >?ii I'ag* -? Col. 5.
l Hy Associated I'ress.)
WAS11INijT" ?N, .Inin* 1.?IiivrMisa
] tioii of conditions in the air mail
' service ha! shown that a Checker
board I'lying Kiold. ?'li iMB". thcie
lias 'been i-on? itl'-l :ihi' incompetency
in connection with tin service, and
?1rniik? nnes.s and disgraceful conduct
"11 and off ih?- ticld." iil< J'ost-ufTlce
Ijepartincnt announced tonight
Tin- announcement referred i.o the
removal of officer.- there, previously
made public, and said I wa- li"t bt~
1 jeveil "tlure will he any fut^hor sit
uation^ found wherein it will he
o'cessa: > t" tak. such .sivcpiim dls
. iplinary action as at Chicago." A
final report o 11 cond tions at >>Uier
?toints is expected within two or
t It weeks
Whs Telephone Operator When She First Stepped Into
Prominence?Actress' Dark Past Will Be Delved
Into When Case Is Resumed.
lit .lames |? KilRiillrn.
! By United N e ws. |
CHICAGO, .June I.? Who is?or was
? IVgpy Joyer?
Whore was she born'.'
Who are her parents and wha*
wa.i her maiden name.'
What seminary, if any. did I'eggj
attend V
What was ?<he doiiiK before sl:e
turned up as a telephone operator
in a Denver bote) just before idio
met her first wealthy husband.'
These rather leading questions, a
mystery to her third and presen f
millionaire hiishand. J. Stanley Joyce
of Chicago, and .Joyce's attorneys
who have conducted an exhaustive
Investigation, are expected to ho
mercilessly delved Into when the
hearing on Peggy's plea for ? 10,000
a month alimony is resumed next
week. v
No one seems to know an>thin^
about Pej;py before she bobbed lip
in Denver where she was maried to
Kverctt A Arc hi ha 1/1. In 1010.
Joyce's attorney, Alfred S. Aus
Irian, says he doesn't knuu'. "Who]
is this Peggy per.-^n. anyhow? Is
his way of putting it. Iff hasn't j
been able to find out. She is ji?st
Peggy, the frail "hire" of million
tires. and. allegedly. of prlncrs,
dukes. bartendes and ramblers?a
peeiiliarlv fasinal in>; alln-it eoslly
youiiK woman.
It has been saiil that she was horn]
in Norfolk, Yii., :ui<l that her parents'|
name was Sutton, l>ui a search of
Ihf- hirth rwords at Norfolk- has
failed to reveal any otlutlul cog
nizance of pengj Sutton
At Peggy's law.xers oilice. mysier.v
is o'pially dark. The I'nited Niwa
was lold there that it was believed
that Peggy's maiden name was
Ma run ret Upton, hut nothing do -
finite concern is Pcggy'w early his
tory was ohtainahlo. ?
Weymouth Kirkland, Peggy's law
yer, is going to New York tomorrow
to see her about filing a reply to
Mr. Joyce's latest charges.
It is conceivable that bo may?em
phasis on the may--find out who Is?
or wan?Pegsy Joyce.
President Makes Personal In
quiry Jnto Present Ship
ping Conations.
Roarls Renew Plea to Have
Government Pay Its Debt
to Them.
( P- Associated Press.)
V. \ >11 I N"< iTi ?.\ Jijiir I,?iVhili
raiir?>ad executive.- ,w ir prctflnc .<e-I
ror- Congress tort.iv thrir pica for re- I
lief from fVti.tn*-1 ? I embarrassments
I'rrvld' |i ii . rditig took >| r. . ; nc
'"?D l<> Hilj.'-fi hiin . lf i Kit :i \ j .i?.11
'?( int.'.. part icutarl) <in
i ' "ill*' w ii 1 I ^ |..i rt oi t h.
r.il railw r. i>lj . ini.-nl
W.ilkiiic; unnoticed into the .cfTicn
"f 1 he Interstate Commerce Com
mission t he Pr'sident inquired of the
? ommissioners what they were doing
toward the relic; it .shipper.1-' ulio
?nl found some ot the present raies
I unreasonably hurdc::som< II. w.ia
| :-ss tired thai tlv w hole subject was
; I'M'lor invchtit.-;, t ^.n ,I f ?< ] t H;i f the ? i?m -
inis: -1 ? ? ti hoped so..n tf. eft', ct broad
! r< \ isions through th. voluntary .to
tion of thf* rond.v
OiM'iis.s ilniillnc < linri:f!?.
The hatilinc charts for fruit pro
ducts iivi r Western ro;,.|v were made
a spr-elllc example by Mr. Ha rdlng
j in prising hi*- inquirUs. 11r told
fh?"' members of the <*orninih>ion h<*
had r^orivofl ininy reports of diro
disti ? s.s ;irnonp tho WcMlcru fruit i
|crow<r? hr-crauy. of th*> existing hich
j t ?? t ?? s, and a^kcri who t hoi* ohanposi
1 micht ho expecto^l soon The coin- j
| mi i> si on of!i* *ial> r^pJi*rJ th.it tho fruit
; schedul-}, already were receiving In-I
formal consideration.
Although -il w . s indi at-d l he ques
tion of ratey prompted :h.* President's
. ' "'I "" the commission. jt was
muted th.it during th. half hours
j ??"iiferenee titer. . .. was some men.
jUon of the roa.l. proposal that the,
I K'.vornment ?!i~.-1. . i ge at once iiB
|oobt to, them s;r..*.,fi .,m Kederal
j ??. ntrcl This proposal was renewed
I f fore the ,-'ei;ate Interstate ?'om- j
j mcr. o r.immlti.f' during tlie day by j
Samuel flea, president ,.f ;I,pnnsvl- !
I van;a line:-, who argued such .i.tioni
, would l.r nr. more than keping the|
j word of the govrrnmen' civen at (|lt%
tim. the roads were taken over.
? onsliler Pn.vinK Oelu.
i I he suggest Ion is known .to have I
received careful considerstion by the,
, ' resident and his advisers, and was
Hie subject of a conference venter- j
dav heiw.en Mr Harding. Chairman I
Cummins. .,f the Interstate Commerce
< 'omtnit: ee. and Dir. .-tor <Jener.il!
| I'a vis. ,.f die railroad administration.
1 I her. has been no indication, how-!
I ever, of a decision.
1 In visiting the Interstate Commerce !
j Commission to.i.,y \ir ll-rding tech- !
| nicall.v was dealing with a part of J
I the government entirely outside the!
| execut iv. branch, and he assured the!
: commissioners he had (,.,ne simply |
?ii th.- interest of cooperation and!
general uelfiir. Sine. T(. bail ..flj
'in. riphi to communicate with Con
gress regarding rate explained,
he felt tb.n he might enjoy the samel
? Continued on Page *?/.?. :? > |
I Ft> Associated Press J
M:\V Y? >11K. .lunc i._.Charges thai
iiiau> large fire insurance companies
speculate,! extensively in the stock
market, using funds paid in bv the
policyholders, and accusations' that
th. New york I'ire Insurance Kx
hange use,| despotic methods In
dealing with sprinkler Units not as
sociated with the alleged sprinkler
combine, featured the testimony at
today's bearings of the legislative
committee investigatinc Jhe buildinc
t rust.
Samuel Dcutchhergcr. chief . x
"niiuer r.f the fire insurance com
panies for the State insurance <]? - ]
par intent, testified that some c.un
panics had indulged in more than
I.ftftft individual transactions on the
stock market in one year. The wit
ness testified that such companies,
were permitted I.. Invest reserve sur
pluses in any solvent corporations.
"Virtually making the sky the
limit" commented Samuel I ntermv. r.
chief counsel for the investigating
committee, who dux-led the exami
nations of the witnesses.
MAI?rtll\ June | Mary Klizah.th
Willard. daughter of los. ph K. \\ il
lard, I'nl led Slates ambassador lo
Spain, was married at n?}oii today lo
Meivvn llrrbcrl. Senelarj of the.
iirilish i:i.ibass\ in Madrid, un! half
brother of (he Karl of Carnarvon
I .ON DON", June I.?The lamdon
Times announces the engagement of
the Duko of Marlborough to Gladys
Deacon, daughter of the late Rdward
! Parker Deacon, of Boston, Mass.
i llou-e. ?lurlicinry Committee Am*t?cs
on liill Outbiwiny Ileer
as Medicine.
IB;. \ssociated Prcsi? I
WASHINtiT<"?N. Jun>' I ?The Vol
?-1 ????-? rl bill, dositinecj to prevent the
use of medical beer. whs ,1 rrpi rl upon
today by the House J udiclary t'otn
inlitff, u hieh will rcpDri it t'? t!???
Hoiss?-. probably tomorrow. with a
request for it.- immediate passage.
Prohibition !*?;?r|?rrt> declared there
?''r' votes enough to put it through
I.. fore th>- burt ??! of internal rev.-nue
> ould make .(Teetivc propose! recu
la t ion: b>. whi.'h beer ? ould pr?
: ??rw'li?,il i.r tin- .? i i t n ir und< r a ru'ltir:
? f .rut. r Attorney-tJen* raI PalnKi.
Althoutrh t)i. measure as .? w|iol?
would mak? tin prohibition enforce
ment art ntnrr drastic r^procpnlii ?
tives of th- drui; and flavoring extract '
i U'li w on tb. ? Jiisltl auainst a
J t ion requiring tin- medicating or d< -
' Maturing 01 alcohol. prior to it." with
drawal from *.a rehouses and dis
tilleries f..t manufacturing purpose*.
These and other trades doclaroii such
restrictions would work a hardship
on legit itnate Industries whoso pro
[ ducts wore not for drinking.
Chairmar. Volstead. I>y direction of
jthc committee, introduced late today
ja re-draft of his hill, slightly modi
! li'-il in some particulars. The sect ion
prohibiting Importation and matin
I facture of liquor until the stocks now
'Continued on Pace 'J. c'of. 3.) |
I'nliUc in That No l'ro\ ision for,
!<c|)Pntinx Declaration l>
I ucl titled.
Vcnstirr 1'rovidos Thai America
utid Its Nationals Will Have All
Ulfilifs to Collect I ii<I?>iii nil Jim
I I ndcr Armistice Terms.
I By Associated Pros? j
t ci peace resolution, for termination
"if the state of war between the
.'nitcd States and Germany and Aus
tro-lluiiitary, as approved by l.cpub
i ir.iii members of the Foreign \ff.*?irs
- Coinmjttee. was introduced late to
j Hay in the House.
Pnlike the Knox peace resolution, i
' reeentlv passed liv the Senate, the !
measure -taken no proviison for re- !
seating the de.laralion of war It |
will be considered and probably re- j
(Continued on Pace " Col 4 i I
N'KW YORK. June 1 -Further j
selling today of liberty 3 1-2 per cant
tax exempt liberty bonds" forced the
price ..f that issue down to rhe
Viwest quotation in their history.
This represents a net loss in these
bonds over night of f.?; points.
' ?ther liberty issues were heavy
on increased offerings, but victory
notes held firm. Selling of lit.rtyj
:tl-2s. according to reports in the'
financial district, proceeded mainly I
from interior sources and was'
ascribed lo the increasing linancial i
needs ?>f individuals ami Institutions.
Kightrrnlh Amendment ;nn! Vol
stead .\??? Supi'isodPs For
mer Knnct nirnt.s.
| Hy Associted Press.)
WASHINGTON. .tunc 1.?Various
internal revenue laws enacted prior
to adopt ton of tli. eightor nth amend.
ti'i'-lit aiul designed to .'ftvfr illicit
dlMillini; haw boon ?n per:-ed< .1 an!
annulled 1.- tho a ni'ti'l til on t anil t!if
Volstead a<'t. the Supretiv ii-t h? , J
Tin ???"?? i r t sustained t ho Unified
Stat?.- lxi.-triet r'miri in Oregon in
? lu.i.shin^ .hi indict merit. under i lie
old Mai'.Ues. against Yugttio
v . h ami Cousin Bo?e VuRinovi. h, on
tin- i. round tliat no off-no had boon
charged iiii'ior t li?? Vol >t end m l.
Miss Annoito Adams. As.'istant At
torney .< Jeneral who appeared lor tho
Rii'i'ininiui in an'tit-.- tin .a.-. be
fore tiio Supreme Court. Mini tho
oftoi t of tho i tsion would li. t<
ibate prosi'i-ut ion in a number '?
run's in which indictments w r
similarly based. and possibly cause
tho romit ta noo of linos imposed in
i-,ifos alr<*'.id\ decided contrary i<> to.
day's ruling.
' >n tho other hand, Wayno H.
Wheeler. counsel for t iio Anti-Sa
loon League of Amorica. tooke the
stand tonijiht that tin decision woulil
servo as furthor support for the
? Iry foroos. In tho course of its
opinion, tho court agreed with tlto
(Continued on Pago 2, Col. 3.)
(jorniMii Nohiiors l>fi\o llark Poles
in Haltlr in Pnsnwit/.
\V<ioi Is.
112 Kill,ill) AMI :tI WOIMU'M)
Polish Insurgents Fori'i'd to l-'loo
in Flash at Aniiahcrg?Germans
Charged With Having nidations
With Knrmy imprisoned.
| By Associated Press.]
OPPKI.N*. S!I,KSIA. .1 line I.?A
grave situation Is reported at Ben
ton, whore tho Simians attacked the
French garrison
.'iinrp tichrini fellow.-d in which
the Oermans Here repulsed and a
en.liber of them were kill d
In heavj lighting this afternoon in
tho. Posnkitz woods, near <!ross
slrehlilr., the PoIoh wore compelled
to f;iil back before tho onslaught of
tho ?'Sernians.
The ?'iertiKins report their casual
ties as twelve dead and thirty-olio
wounded, who were taken to Krap
pit/ The Polos loft 1 :u> dead on tho
Hold Their woumleil were remov* <1
Polish ItolK-ls llentcn lir Duns.
ANNAlSKKt!. SII.KSIA. .luno l.~
Polish insurgents winch attacked
riorman defence organisations In ibis
little village, hiiv. been defeated and
were rot r eat in^ aort lieast ward dur
ing the night
Following repulse of the polish at
tack. the liernians launched a counter
offensive, driving the Polos a4- far as
Kalinow. about three mile* to tho
northeast, and the I'nlM are reported
to bo evacuating tho village of
Was Widow of Captain Robert McCandlish .Jones, Con
federate States Army, and Sister of Major James
H. Dooley?Active in Relief Work.
Mr:'. Mary Dnoley Jones. widow of ;
<Vii plain Kohert MrOandlihli Jmmu. j
I'oiifcikriiio States Army, and sis '
Icr of Major James II. l?ooley. died
la?! night at the a?e of xj \ears. 1
a: .'clock .it her residein e, It H
ll.'ixt Mum Street. after an illness ot ;
? ? -<t flays. Mrs. Jones was tiie d.n;sli- i
ter of (In I.il<- Major an'I Mrs. .lolin
|>ool'-N o' 'Ins i-ily I for father anil
hlisi.anO. vlioin she married in May.
1st! I. were I.mli mouthers of the Kirs I
Virginia liogimont. Confederate
Stall's Army, dur'nfj tlio War Itetweon
t he States and were in I'tokett'H
famous charge at * iQltyshurg.
Mrs. Jones. an Indefatigable
knitter, waw a loader in the woman's
work conducted in Hie old Confeder
ate 5ov?5rnment luilding. tvhlrh was
later 'the Women's College, at Tenth
.?nil M.i:>hit!S Streets. during the War
l'r I w.-o'i i In Slati'S, and was ex- |
ir> nii'l'. .*???? ivf in woman's world wiir i
Worlv. Sl.o was il rhiil'ltl' member of !
and -:i-1 ii' worket I'ui the liqiial '
SufTia*r- a t!*l registered two
MfoUj. as ' Mr# .1?? ii? ?- v>.is. for many !
sear--. ;i member of Si Peter's con- j
Kri'fialimi and much loved for her !
fctivc and far-rcacliin;* charitic-.
l?Mii< ? ).< r brother. she is survived
h.v four sisters, .Miss Alice IViolpy,
Mm. Henry (I Houston and Moilior j
M iry M;iK(lalrn |)oo|i y. of Mottle j
Maria Con vent, all of Richmond, and j
Mr* William I>. I.ovvts, of Sweet |
Springs. W. Ya.; four nieces, Mlsn I
Nora Houston, of Richmond. Mrs.
Jarvjs Keiloy, of Now York: Mrs.
I'ar.V l>rocUenriui;o Woodvillo, ami
Miss Coralie I.rw is, of Sweet Springs.
W. Ya.
Martial Law Is Proclaimed in Tulsa Following
Hours of Terror?Situation Is Under Control
of Military and Colored Residents Are
Protected by Strong Guard
Citizens Take Charge of Refugees, Giving Injured
Prompt Attention?Flames Threaten White Resi
dential Section as Firemen Are Prevented
From Combating Conflagration
i -
I Kv Assooia N-<l Pr.-ss I
II I.SA. OKI.A.. June 1 Now tiglfting has broken otjt on North
| lireenwood Avenue. the principal negro business district. according to
j t fireman J ?! returned from tlie scene, who says the tire trucks were
? tired upon by four negroes. State troops have also been tired upon,
he said.
Race riots today resulted in the death of cighty-tive or more per
sons. Including twenty-live whites, and the wounding of moro than
J 500, according to estimates by the police, and in the destruction of
ten blocks of homes in the negro quarter. Despite the. placing of the
I fit y under martial law-today, desultory tiring continued during the
I afternoon, but the city this evening was comparatively quiet. Four
j companies of the National Guard, under Adjutant-General Barrett,
are on duty.
The reported death list grew all day. At noon the Chief of Police
; notified Governor Robertson at Oklahoma City that the total was
'seventy-live. In one statement Major Charles W. Daly, of the Police
Department, put the figure at saying he believed many negroes
had been burned to death in their homes. Of the white men known
I to have, been killed, five have been identified, as follows:
| Homer Cline, 17. Tulsa; Cleo Shumate. 24. Tulsa; Emmett Buck
lev. 35. Leroy, N V.; Carl D. I.otseisch, Randall, Kan. Man previously
identified as F. M. Raker. Haviland. Kan., believed to be Norman
iGillard. Tulsa.
The trouble is declared to have started last night from the arrest
I of a negro charged with attacking an orphan white girl, and subse
quent attempts of negroes to rescue the arrested man. Comparative
'quiet prevailed in the later hours of the night, but at daybreak a
group of negro houses were set afire and the city firemen prevented
from fighting the (lames. As a result of the. tires 5.000 negroes are
j homeless. Armed white men formed a circle about the negro section.
tiriflin A^ks VolMoad's Aid in
I'ijllH to Cliaiii!!! I'on
stitutinii. 1
I By United News 1 i
WASHINGTON. Jn.if I.? Kepivsen
t*iti?. Arthur <!ritliu. of New Yotk,
calling atteiiiicu to tlio gr^vins part
the lovvor ' .??.'inch of CoiiiCi *ss is
r.lay'nt! hi foreign policy lc<.ui'on,
li;:s written i.'halrniun Volstead. of
the Hons - Judiciary Ootnmilt ?. urg
ing immediate i-niiunillfv conaulera ? |
11 or . i the firiMin resolution to aim-nd '
? her < "?>nsi M i Hi n by providing fori
-atiflcation of a treaty h> a majority
ioio of the II and S? nat -.
"1 ttiini: ih<- tini? i.s rip?- ' ex
it nsion ???' ..os power l" the uotis.*,"
lirillin w rot ? "I think the people are
beginning t > realize thai i' an
itnoinal.x in our Const itntion that th?*j
direct representatives ??f the people!
should tie <lenie<l a share in I lie re-j
-pojisibllit i?- coiin'-etcd with ire.its I
making ami 11 ;? incidents."
l I:> A'-sociated press |
OKLAHOMA i'ITY . i 'K LA.. June I.
- KviiJene,. of III.' fury of ih. race
? lash was borne r?y a St. Louis ami
?an Francisco pass- titer train which
arrived lure today from the Kast.
Many of the windows in one of the
coaches hail biTii shot out ami the
sides nt the coaches w?rc seal-red I? y
bullets 11 red oil the train as it passed
throiurh the neRro section In Tulsa
early today. None of th. pass, n- !
tiers w. re injur. d
.1 K. Lucas, a traveling salesman.!
who arrived here today from Tilsa
cave a vivid account of the lighting
it the vicinity of the St Louis and
Sail Francisco passenger station.
BAllTLKSVll jLIS. OK I,A . June I ?
Scores of the negroes who tied from
I ulsa early this morning following
?he tiring of that section "f the i-ity
in which they had lived, arrived here
late today and more were arriving
tvery few minutes.
The r- i"nn?? s also eani' here from
Owassa ami ?'oil i lis vil !??. m a r Tulsa
anil wher. it was rcpori.'d si^ns of
trouble were seen.
M.-'iibers i>f tli< American Legion
ha ve loruieil a en.n il over I ? ? 11f '.'OP
refugees, among them women and
liiblreii who lia ve been l a ken to
the eii*.' park for the night
Want Shoddy I lothr* l.itlx-lled.
WASHINGTON. June I. Need of
legislation to compel the labelling of
shoddy clothes as such was pressed
today before a. Senate committee,
which began hearings on the Capper*
French "truth-in-fabrics" bill. The
measure is designed to accomplish in
textiles what has been done for foods
and drugs by the laws prohibiting
adulteration and misbranding in
those lines.
I'lrc department officials expressed
the belief early this afternoon the
white residence districts would ho
saved from the (lumen that are still
rating in the negro section. With
martial law in effect in the city and
county, three or more companies of
national guardsmen plu.-id at stra
tegic points in the negro quarter,
orders issued to disarm all citizens
and approximately fi.flrtrt negroes un
der guard in detention camps, of
ficials expressed the heli?>f that the
situated is under control
For several hours during the morn
ing parties of negroes and whites
faced each other across railroad
tracks, on which could he seen a
number of slain negroes.
\e?r??e?? i'lneed I nder (?tinrd.
With the eariy arrival of Adjutant
<ieneral Barrett and a machine-gun
company from Oklahoma City, a
ri-mhlnnce of order was restored.
Several thousand negroes were as
sembled at Convention Hall, the base
hall park and the police station, and
there guarded Orders were issued
for the disarming of all persons nor.
iieinugini; if> the guard, or especially
deputized. '
Detachments of national guard
were scattered about the city at
strategic points especially about the
negro quarter, where Irt.ooo to 1."?.0ft0
tifirroes. i' is estimated, make their
homes Nearly half that number are
now under guard.
Diek Rowland, the negro, whose
arrest led to the disturbance, was
removed from the city to an unnamed
place Officers declared he would
be given a speedy triat
Prompt medical attention was
civen to the wounded, negroes as
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Half of Warships to Visit Brit
ish Port and Others
French Port.
I By Associated Press. J
\V\sm.\tJTON, .111 n e, i ?A cruise
to Kui'opcan waters by the Atlantic
t'eet thl? summer is under consld
erution at the Navy Department,, .t
h.ij leamc.l today. The scheldule of
employ nient for the fleet for tho
summer. as submitted to the de
partment hv Admiral H. P. Wilson.
I'lnnui nder-in-i hief. calls for a visit
to two European port s m Angus'..
The project iias not as y< t heert
formally approv ed l>y Se> retary
I lenbv.
The tentative plan <alls for H'.m
flc-t's depature from New YorK.
August I. Twelve days would l><>
spent a* sea in taetital maneuvers
and excorcisep. and the first port
would he visited August 12. Half of
the fleet would visit one por' pron
ably in France, and the other a
port in fircat Pitain. No decision
has been made as to tho cities to
!><? visited.
Rrdu. -ed Week-Knd ami Sunday F*res
to West Point.?Adv.

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