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fftcfjmoni* Cittte^-Pi&rafcff
Modify (Cancellation
Order if Japan Retains
c:\rries bh; battery
> real Britain Dorian's Sin:
W ill Nut Slam! 1 < 1 iy By, Un
Boats Arc Strapped.
?<? < i.cl i.'ablfl lo T!m< <-1h. 1
I-/JNDON. 1'rc. Jo.- UnKiand's order
ancellni; ron*<trij' I ion on the four
I super-Moods autliorlz'.il liy I'.irllii*
nent will Ik* modified so as to con
tinue work on two of iIimii If Japan
illuw.-d in tin- Muuu, tin.1
Ill iiilinnighl foin;il. ?.m\ alnmst coln
ntly w ith S?'or-tary IIiikIh^' an
iouik emtnt ?? f his scrapping pro
:ram. Thin Informal Ion. obtained by
/our 1 irrospondent today from an
) rn[)> hi h.u.l" Kouri i- at the Admiralty,
gives an Indication of I hi- battle thai
jnay M-t 1,.- w.iKud within the Wash
ington conference aroun?l the ulnglo
' ai? trii ? warship.
Will Not Mr 111 lr.
W- c.unot Hand I y t?lI>" while
lap.'iri ). i ? tw<. such ships an the
Vluts'l arid ilii N.'iK.ito on the Boas,"
?aid a Hrltlsh naval olftcinl. "It
vouid :.l? ??1 nt?"riiif"-iarv for tin
iul!i| : !? ant two r>f th" pont
ll'ltland *t|i? j>>- for which contt acts
' i\ ? In ? ii 11-f
It l? not hard in untlorstanil the
! :?ii?l,.-h iiav.il point of view. The
Vlutsu. although <?.' ??!?>? P.ii.SOO tons,
arrli s a hntti'ry of cIkIiI 10-Inch
ii!.- i iiib'. lii i i very li>snt tin
war taught. The only vessel I'ng
an?l h.'i-i that .-oinparen with tin so
Japanese moderns if the Mood. wlili'h
5 ?.".?? ral M.trw idder at.il embodic
-otno '?f tin- war hli-at-, hut not all.
The A'linlralty tioes not feel. how
ever, that tin; question or retaining
the Mutatis m-eii upset the question
'nf ratio to which ?hls government
in already commltt" ??!, although It
woulil perforce require a modification
of the scrapping scheme enunciated
hy the United States. In fact, naval
olrcle*i are rather Inclined t?> sym
pathize with tlie Japanese !ti their
desire not lo sacrltli e a \i.i*sei whsen
was virtually in rommln^on before
the Washington proposal was mini.?,
and the more general view is that
recession on tlii.s point may man*
many other knotty problems much
? at-.i r. as it will he seized upon as
? Japanese victory by the bis navy
land militarist elements.
Would Iti-tiiin Milp*.
The I'ritlsh idea for a settlement
is based on the retention of tn*
Mutsu as part of the Japanese fleet,
then ronftructior? of two new ships
by Kni'I.and and the retention hy
the United States of the We*t VIr-'
cinlu and the Washington. These
additions tn the respective naval
strength are to he compensated fur
by the scrapping of sulllcient ton
nage ik.w llsti d as effective ir. oruer
In restore the Ti-,*i-3 ratio.
Thi suggestion also liau been
iirntiL'ht forward that the scrapping
should not lake place until the newer
ves -1 1m are commissioned. Thus Ja
pan would M'tiil in the Junk heap very
Me,in tonnage to equalize the acquis!
::.-n of the Mutsu, the United States
wniilii cut off some older ships as
tlii- West Virginia and the Washing
ton took their places with the ileet.
and Knirland would make no reduc
tion until Its new* vessels are oft the
ways atid outfitted?which might also
he a way out of the replacement
(Copyright, 1321. l'ubllc I,edgi.-r Co.)
I'lelure by Wflrklmwukj-, of fir vclnnd,
I'urrliiiiiril for Luxembourg
t.nller y.
ISpeclal Cable to Times-Dispatch.1
I'AltIS, Dec. ,10.?The Krench gov
ernment through its minister of lino
nils again demonstrated its appre
ciation of American paintings today
when a picture l?y Abel CI. Warshaw
sky, of Cleveland, was bought for
the I.usijj/ibourg gallery. The* picture
is an^Kjipressivo landscape entitled,1
"MotTjS^ns of Provence."
Mtwarshawsky has been painting
in 1'aris for the last ten years and
first came into prominence some years '
ago when ho received recognition
front an eminent fellow townsman,
Myron Merrick, then serving his first!
t< rnt as United States ambassador. J
The occasion of the present pur- 1
chase for the J-iiixembourg is an ex- |
liibili)!! of Warshawsky's* at the j
Ain.-sK^n Art Association in Paris.!
w hlc^vtV s the first "one-matt show"
the association has ever granted any!
(?f its members.
(Copyright, ll?2l, by Public Ledger Co.)
[Special Cable to Times-Dispatch.]
PAUIS, Dec. 10.?Several important
fhnnges in the Kreneh diplomatic
?-fervice are rumored as a result of
Premier Priand's return from Wnsh
Sngton. The most important Is a
whisper which concerns Philipc i
Herthelot, the present general-see- |
rotary of the Korelgn Cifficc. who re- j
eontly was tinder heavy liri- as a re-I
suit of the Liaiuiuu Industrielle de j
I'hine failure.
Aeconling to lhe rumor M. llarrerro, |
now ambassador at Home, will re
place M. Herthelot at tlie Quai D'Or- j
?aj*. The-same report has it that. M.I
Saint Aulalre will he withdrawn '
from I.oitdon to replneo M. Harrerre
:it the Quirinnl. and that M. Itethelot
v* i;l hcconte ninbassador of b'rance
'it tho Court of St. James, thus tak
ing u higher instead of a lower, poat,
might have been expected.
I'm* Prices on Decline
in Markets of Paris
I'AIUS, Dec. 10. ? Kor tho thrco
years. l-ji*. J;#ia an.I 1'j20, enor
mous profits wire r>'iillti'il in tl>?
I* rencli fur trade, but tho rlso In
prices dc.umi to have passed its
highest point this year.
A 11 udson Hay otter cloak,
w li i #-|i coat 12.000 f ran oh In April.
J920, can now In- bought for .1.000.
Ha hid I sk ins. which ha.) readied
fancy prices. liavir returned to ttt??
normal of before the war. As
trakhan ami skunks are now only
nvice their pre-war prices, ami
"hite fox from thre,: to
four times.
.Siberian sables ami Peruvian
< hinchillas alone continue to ln
7';"" pr Ice, both being rare
ami much in demand sabl*.
'loak. whirr, coat *0.000 rranc.s in I
1313-11, would coKt today ?00,000. I
HI 2? CENTS PER iffll
Government Place.- .") Brands
? ?ii Open Market at Low
M' "I \ !,<'(( II O I, |s S??|.||
.-.n.OOO.IH.n (.nllona of Spirit* A rp 1)1*.
|.o?e.l ?r lij Manufacturer* Kiii'Ii
;ir. ,,nr? "t Uhl.il C?mr, Pro,,.
H> II. CiiriKi'r.
t:i:ni.l.v. I.e.., 10.?Th. Federal
KOV. rnm. nt, which re, cr.tly placed!
government brandy on hale I., em- i
ploy, s and . ffi. ia Im at reduce.] prices I
now lnix i-ui }|V#. l.randt of -Hooch"'
ofl.. I silly warranted to have a kick of
4'' i'-r cent alcohol. th,.
open market. hoplriK tliux to disp<??.- I
of 11m Mirplith mo. k of government I
monopoly .?hol not r. ijulrcl for in- '
jdUAtrlal and m.-<lIcmal purpose.-.
f tiring* ^11 < rnlH IVr (|unr(.
The government I,randy retails at |
" marks, approxlmatt.ly jj
t" :<> cents .. quart bottle depending
n ts st length. business starting
briskly win, a weekly Bale of 70 000
-turns. Which expecicd l.) increase
iin tin- public famil iarixes Itself with
merit* of monopoly brand.--. The
K??-?TRi;>eiit do, ?. not attempt to . om
pvtc with manufacturer* of |,|, .
?lualit y I b|iiors, but to Serve the tsuite's
of the gtneral public.
The monopoly disposes of about
5.1. .".0,000 gallon., of ?looh.d vearlv
about xonooi-u gallon, rcpresenti,,'.;'
I olljh spirits. which the Versailles
ha'? ion ??.* upon (M-rrnariy. Th?* r?-s:
IS domestic production. which. It is i
in.'ilntalricd. must be continued in the
Interest of Herman agriculture. the
distillery r. fuse essential cattle fod- j
I *cil n* A tiio I'm-1.
two-thirds of the total production
i> r. .|uir. d f.,r industrial and medi
Hnnl purpo.^.-s i, ln.
'i.ahe tl,|* proportion through ukc of
a i.. w automobile fuel containing one.
"Itiart. i alcohol and thr. e-?|uartcr.s
in* 1 #ri* "* lt* * ^'vrrnan automo
V., . ;ulal''1* ,lr'nk more
?an 13.000.000 gallons of spirits xvhen
t ie n.u fuel is perfected, rellcvini.
.M'-j"1,1""'11 "I",n '"'man thirst to that
I he mono|),,|y now operates at an
annual profit to the government of
I '"?"?k*. '.f Which
i k! ? "'?'rlts is assigned to ami
tiirnhol propaganda
"-?opyrlght. 11.21. Public l.edger Co.)
Itr* lie lie Paris Shortly to |*MIC ?Tllr
l)<?t*fnr IIrrzirlIns
(i IoJIM,"
1 !'?''? ">??Tho p.cvuc de !
. h*'s J,,st Prepared a literary
?.'''T:r.. .,ri announcing that forth
j tning iss us will print a hitherto
..npuldlsljed and unknown work of
?u> ,le Maupassant. Its title |s "Tlie
doctor lleraclius dloss." and It was
uritt.-n between 18T5 and IS", when
?e- upassant worked in the minis- '
Thf xv? 1 15,10 franrs month.
ii?' k . brought out l,\? Je.tn,
/Zola. a deputy who married a
'laughter of the author's brother. !
Hcrve, who has ha.l the manuscript ?
for several years. The work, in the
form of a novel. |? believed to con
tain some of the best traits of the I
famous writer, and is Voltairian in
structure though written at a period
. nted,ti"K What the French consider
nls ablest works.
(Copyright, 1021. by Public Ledger Co.) !
Then CiinI llnllot for Cnndldnle More
Clearly Approaching Thnt
T'Av!1" SnUU' Times-nispatcli.l
LONUON, Dec. Hi.?A novel cam-i
n, t?i sr";ec'' l,,,s just been made bv
the liishop of Ciielm.sford. After ad
>ocating that political speakers;
should address only meetings of their
opponents, he said:
"Supposing a general election were
announced tomorrow morning. I
would like every elector to read the!
Kermon on the mount and vote for the
candidate who approached most
clearly in principle and spirit that1
doctrine "
(Copyright. 1921. by I-ublic Ledger Co.) !
Mohcotv Council IsNiien Decree Knding
iiivlillt of AI
MOSCOW. Dec. 10.?Tho Council of
People's Commissars has published a j
decree annulling the former practice |
of paving all unemployed or disabled j
workers both in money and food. !
My the new decree, only those
workers for three years pust will re
ceive an allowance which, for the
first class, will l,o full minimum pay
and, for tho second class, one-half
minimum pay.
Tho<Bgovcrnmont Is not making any
unemployment allowanco for the
thousands of covornmpnt Amni/v..AO
Silesian Double Tragedy ii?
, volvcs Nexl llcir t??
(jrcat Instate.
11Ai> sol (.h i to MMiin iu:uti:ss
A lit h<irll lex llrlinr Mini Compelled
?? IrI lei Slay Slulcr mitl 'I hi-ii ller
Ki-lf III Mlrnlnii Toil n, li> Ort'ull
>11-1 hull.
11) S. II. I tiiiKi'r.
[ Special Cable Idspalrh ]
liKUIJN. Ijcu. 1'.'.?The trial of a j
criminal ??;?m?? worthy t}.?? < ? ini.ini 'i
genius of Nick Carter an'I ! *r. i'i
of psvchoanalytic fame. is being held
at Iliri'itild-rK, Silesia. It
tlii* double tragedy f,f tli'- 'baths of
liorothea 11??Ii r !???? k ll-year-obl or
(?tiaii, heir?-sK to KI eppclsd' >rt I'astlf,
ami one of tin' biggest foi tun?-s I a
Silesia, ami her 1 "-year-old ?oiisin.
Ursula Hchadt.
The two girls were f<>u(i>l il<-a<l in
a room of the castle. with a ;.v<dv. r
near the hand of the youngi r and a
signed letter in her clothing, t?-i 1 iri_r
li'r grandmother tiiat she n-'v? r r ? < .|
get ' ross with l>orothea again. aii'l
seeming to Indicate a plain case of
ijotihie suicide or of m?ir-1?? r and then
sub lile by young I rsula.
I n ves tigat ion. however. devej ;n-d
coiillb linn details, which finally re
sulted ill the arrest of I >orot||? a's
step-uncle. IVt* r <?rupen. who is
charged with either murdering the
two girls himself or with i ng
his step-daughter. I'rsula. to commit
the deed liy hypnotic suggestion The
latter theory i> favored by tiie prose
cution, which hax mobilized a corps
of mclicai experts to prow that fSru
pen might have hypnotized 1'rsula.
caused her to write the liicriminat ng
letter an<l then to shoot her cousin.
The motive Is found in the fn:t that
CSrupen, as second heir to the .state,
would receive an enormous fortune
if liorothea and her 74-year-old
grandmother w< r<- out of the way.
It is learned he had previously tried
to induce the heiress to marry him.
but unsuccessfully. It is d> !ar- d.
however, tin- cvidenc in all i in i:n
(Copyright, 1 '.'HI, I'uiilic Kedg.-r >'o.)
I'nrlH Henlrlcls Klrclrle s|Kn*.
l'AHIS. Dec. 10.?Klectric signs are
now prohibited in Paris from a half
hour before sunset until This
is not done for beautyVi sake, but
to ineet the current shortage during
these hours * of the day so as to pre
vent all lights from being extin
(Copyright 1J*21 by the I'uiilic bed
ger Company.)
I Special Calile to The Time?-l.>lspatch.]
I'A It IS, !><??'. 1 (i. Two American music students. Stanley Avon, of
Minneapolis an?l Aaron Copland, of Brooklyn, who have studied at thu
American conservatory at Kontalnebleu. have (iiialifiud for the "I'rix <1?!
I'aris." and their <? ?tnpositions will lm judged Di'ffiiilx'r I.'*, at a siicrlal'
session of tii?' afail'-my of line arts of the Institute of France. This
rewards are identical with those of th<- I'rix do Koine.
ISoili competitors after passim; the preliminary test, were lodged in
the palace at Koii ta i neldeu ami rigorously isolated for on?' month, while
they composed works on a choice of three kinds of composition Klven (?>'
the directors. Moth Americans el.use to write the first movement of a
strinu quartet, and l>oth composed the allegro on a theme tiy Professor
I'auI Vidal, of i he I'arl.* conservatory. The compel it<?rs' works will !??
played by the Marius Kuiiidessus quartet at a public to-rformanoe. and
will he judged by distinguished Kreneh and American musicians.
(Copyright, 19-'I. by the I'uhlic I.edKer C??.?
(iives filood al London Hospital to Save Wife? of Amer
ican Millionaire as She Undergoes
I)an?ierons Operation.
II y Normiiii \\ . Ilos tor.
1<OX1>OX, lice. It'.?Twentj llioti
sand dollars in liaml uii<] :t similar
amount promised at the end of ih<
year e::.?hroud in mystery a human
interest fragment In which an Am* r
Iran millionaire's wife ami a Whlte
chapel waif played 'In: leading pVts
w.'ino months ayo The story of what
happened le-ikeJ out toilay. but the
nanus of the characters have been
so, carefully hidden behind American
gold lhat iioiic but those who par
ticipated in the little drama wouii
ileal in personalities.
The hospit.,1 where the 1st* drain t
\v;? staced has receive.! a ilunation
i of $20,000 and was told as inm h more
would lollow if the identity wai
kept secret. IJxcopt for the names,
however, this is what happened:
An American millionaire and h!s
wife, in Kngland for the holiday, had
just reached I,on<l'<n when the wife
was taken ill with'a complaint from
which she had suffered several tlm"
before. Her husband'* instant thought
was of a hospital, and here f:<te en
tered for the !irst time. The hos
pitals here are entirely charity insti
tutions fur those of no m?ans. while
!he private Ins-titutlrins for th<- well
to-do are known as "nurslnit homes."
The millionaire, not beinjr familiar
with these facts, summoned a taxi
cab and directed the driver to rush
to "a" lyiridon hospital. That is
where the drive r went, to "The" Lon
I don Hospital, which happens to bo
in the heart of Whitechapel, the
slums -.f London. His wife's . ondi
tion on arrival v.as too serious lo
make a change?if Much a thought
Karl occurred to the American. An
operation was viirt! witliin a short
time ami tKr- success rif the opera
tion depended on a prior hiood trans
fuxio n.
TKr- hospital rloctors ntatjp t].-< of
what facilities tlicy liarl?which hap
pened to be one of their regular pa
tients fr<'ni the district of extreme
poverty in which the hospital lies
The Mooil of a cockney, whose life
probably had ben a constant struggle
for existence, (lowed into the vein."
r>f a woman who could not even have
imagined the kind of life that her
rescuer lived, so far were the two
spheres removed.
I'.iood?in this case truly?abol
ished all distinctions, enabled the op
eration to he performed successfully
and sent the millionaire and his wife
away well, and of course, to happy
to finish their interrupted holiday.
(Copyright. 1921. Public I.edger Co.)
Illinois I'rofpiisor l,rcturm In Iliiiur.
UOM10. Dec. 10.?The lirst of a
si ri'*s of seven lectures on American
literature was delivered recently by
l,rt?fesst?r Kenneth McKenzie. of th?*
I'uiversity of Illinois, before a
large crowd of student** of the I'ui
versity of Home. The lectures,
which will be repeated in various
cities in Italy, are being given under
the auspices of the Halo-American
Association, which is organized for
the exchange of professors between
' the two countries.
' (Copyright. 1921. l'ublic Ledger Co.)
1 I.
.J L. f ?l/*v
Richmond Koyne of
Kuppenheimer Qccd Clothes
f^/ Kuppenheimer
A New Low Price for Suits
and Overcoats that embody the sea
son's best style ideas and the world's
finest tailoring.
Arc Not \\ orricri Over furred
Li(|ui(lation Provided 1>>
Versailles Treaty.
Itj Jmiien ('. While.
! 'cc. 1" American Industrialists in
terested in coal, iron ami jsIhc who
may !><? iintii'i|iutiiiK (Ik- collapse of
German industry and tin- chance to
pick up a select lino of industrial bar
gains in the territories allocated ti>
Poland under the l^ondon awartl, will
<lo well to rcttt-'rvc for tin* time be
ing. Your c<irrcspondci>t lias been
going through the district for a week,
i lit it vie w in}; political ltad its and the
owners ->11 mines ami plants.
linvi* OptItnI*tlc Vlrw,
I find that many "f the local indus
trial represontatives. instead <>f being
panic-stricken ami looking; for an op
portunity to sell at any price, aro
going ahead with Improvements
planned before the partition and are
adjusting trade arrangements to
meet the new conditions, just as If
the Pamocles sword of forced liquida
tion provided by tin? treaty of Ver
sailles were not hanging over their
German industrialists now feel that
this section of the treaty will ho
modified in resptct to the c< ded part
of I'pper Silesia. Kven the i'olish
authorities with whom your corre
spondent talked seem >4_o appreciate
that the maintenance of industry will
leave the country more vital to Po
land than the expulsion of German
capital and experience from this re
gion, so It Is hinted it may be modi
tied. It ia reported that the big
feudal agricultural estates owned by
Germans may l?e liquidated for divis
ion into small holdings under the
I'olish land laws, but the mines and
plants will lc left under their tires
\\ ircloss Telephonic
.News Service for Paris
; ley Associated Press. |
I'AitIS, I in*. 10.?A wireless
telephonic: news service will soon
l>e distributed from the Kiffel
Towur, in Paris. Tho news will
i onsist of important financial ami
political events in Franco anil
throughout the world, the news
from foreign countries lelng
picked up by government wireless.
It will he possible for hanks
and newspapers with receiving
stations to reeeive this Otllcial
news service free. Announcement
of ibis has been made l>y Oeneral
Ferric. chief of the French mili
tary wireless service. He adds
that he hopes soon to arrange for
wireless telephone service between
Paris and I.ondon so that any
I'arls subscriber can talk with a
jo rnoii in I.ondon by way of the
KilTel Tower.
ent ownership. This does not apply
to th< Prussian State-owned Koenigs
hucnte mine*. which I am satistled
the Poles have contracted to deliver
io the French to be operated by a
combined Franco-Polish company.
\o SpIth llelnc Made.
Kngtish and French experts already
; on the ground art. sounding out the
. owners of private establishments.
I'.ut your correspondent has seen no
evidence of outright sales by the
j owners. In many cases they would
welcome the participation of foroign
capital, except French, as an element
of political protection. Hut the par
ticipation Is not offered on bargain
terms. Owners and technical men in
many cases are planning to remain
0:1 th ground ad obtitoishrdulp-etan
? ?n the ground and obtain Polish
? citizenship.
Teh future may. therefore, be re
garded In a fairly reassuring light.
I'll less Warsaw runs amuck, there
[will be no collapse for the present.
(Copyright, 1921. Public ledger Co.)
llolit'iizoliern.s Dn-lurc Keccni
Newspaper Kcports
Arc 1'iitruc.
[Special Cable to Times-I ?ispau h I
1IKRI.I.V. Doc. 10.- A mi,national
noon-day paper attempted tlii.s wwk
to commit the ox-Kaiser t<? a second
marriage. printing a > 'rcumstatulai
account nf William's intention to ally
himself shortly with the widow of a
hiuh officer ol" iJanzig, who fell iti
the war. He was said to have known
the laily years ago. hut was barred
by differences In rank from cultivat
ing her acquaintance. \
The story evoked a Hood of viper
ous and emphatic denials from rep
resentatives "-f (he Hohcnzollerns and
court officials here. The vigor Is
accounted for by the circumstance
that such a marriage would definitely
end tiie hope* of a Hohenxollern re
1 storation so far as William is con
cerned. Not only would tho morga
natic nature of the marriage prevent
i the restoration, although cases havo
I been known of lirnily seated mon
[ archs indulging in fuel, left-har.ded
! marriages, but a remarriage so soon
I after the death of the ex-Kalserin
j last spring, around whom the cult of
I the nionarchistic generation is cen
1 tering. would be fatal to all royalist
| sympathies for the exile.1 monarch.
He still cherishes, it is reported.
; hopes, however faint, of auain being
j called to the throne.
! (Copyright, 1921, Public Uedgor Co.)
Tiro Irl.ili Women to Practice l.n?.
i HUBl-IN, l'-c. li>.? Miss K. ?' Kyle
; and Miss A. K. S. Deverell. Irish wo
? men barristers, the tirst in the rnited
Kingdom, havo just been called to tho
Irish bar by lx>rd Chief Justice
Molony. They are free to practice at
j cure, but their work is restricted to
Let Crafts Be Your Santa Claus
The Piano which you select now will be expected to give satisfactory service for
some time to come. Of this fact you are assured, if you attend CRAFTS Annual
Holiday Sale. I-Manos, Player-Pianos and Talking Machines of sterling quality are
offered. You run no risk whatever, for each instrument is guaranteed. We have
numerous Talking Machines that have been set aside for this event, and the discounts
are from L'5'? to 50% below retail store prices?because you have but one profit to
pay, that of the maker. No matter how limited your means may be, or how small
the investment you have decided to make, you will be sure to be pleased at our Sam
ple Rooms. Helow are only a few of the many bargains available.
Colonial design. mahotranv
c.isp, perfect conditinn. I?sol for
exhibition purposes only. It is
our new 1 !?!'.' model. IJst price.
$ir.O; the price to yon. $l;>0. We
take old instruments in exchange,
allowing full value.
(f?i no
Itcaut it'll] walnut case. rich de
sign. luxuriously carved. Fine,
full tone, overstrung luiss. Has
he, ii used considerably, hut it
has bee ii rebuilt, Cash if you
prefer, terms if you like. An
? xcellent time to "Talk with
Clt AFTS."
Rare Knplish oak rase, t'scd,
but richly worth t!>50. the list
price. Marked down to demon
strate our underselling ability
and what you can save if you
"Talk with CRAFTS."
Old design, but very sweet
toiled. It is liquid in quality, yet
clear and bell-like. Priced for
quick sale. Cash only, becauso
of the low price quoted.
l>ark finished case; full octaves,
lias seen considerable use. but
the price quoted makes this a
rare bargain. See this high-grade
second-hand I'iano, which can be
bought on small weekly or
monthly terms. Deal direct with
the t'KAFTS Piano Factory.
New Model; $135 Is
the Regular Price
Special Factory Price, ami a
few records Included without
Pianos or Talking Machines selected now may be delivered at once or later if
you prefer. Attractive terms to those who tlo not wish to take advantage of a liberal
cash discount. Let this be a musical Christmas. Huy.;i dependable instrument and
the entire family will enjoy it.
No matter how attractive a proposition may be made by a dealer, agent or sales
man, we believe that you will convince yourself that at the CRAFTS Factory is the
logical place for you to deal. You incur no obligation by calling.
20th and Franklin Sts.
Open Saturday Until 9 P. M.

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