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Goolrick Measure Gives Gov
ernor Authority to Remove
Highway Chief.
?\v 11,1, 111: iM-iMiiu ci:o touav
_______ 1
11 nmln ?>f CoininUnloii StrriiKt henoil
l?y l?ro* l*low? of Uocumcnt Spoii
Hiirrd lij- Srnnlur?Snlil to He in j
J5ITrct In Other Slnln.
A bill designed to give J'u'.l effect ]
to the campaign suggestion of Gov- :
?rnos-Elect K Lee Trlnklo by Ac-1
creasing the power of the state High- j
v ay CommlKsloHer, with a corres- j
ponding Increase in tho power of the
State Uiphway Commission. will l><?
Jutroduced In tlio St'ti.ite today, with
Senator C. O'Conor cioolrick, of l'red- ;
? rlckssburg. anil others as its spoil -,
The measure (jives the Governor the
power to remove the State Highway
Commissioner. with or without cause, j
upon sixty "lays' written notice. s.-t-j
ting forth the reasons for hi'5 ac
t'nmnilsoiiin Wmilil l.oente ItcniN. |
Vndi r th< present law, the commis-;
?doner determines the location <?'"
routes l>etween points !n the Stati I
highway system, subject to the right'
? ?f appeal to tho commission. 1'ntler
the proposed bill, the power to locali
vhese mutts !? vested solely in tit*-'
Vnder the existing law. tiie com-I
missioner allocates the annua! funds
t" tho different road projects In the j
State system. L'nder the bill to tie ,
Introduced today, this- power is vested i
solely In the commission.
t'nder the present law, tho coir.- j
missioner has power to award all ,
contracts, which power the Goolrick !
bill vests in the commission.
Additional powers vested in -the 1
commission under provisions of the
proposed act art-: to decide on what
section of the system shall be con
structed each year; t > make rules ;,nd
regulations Lovorninc trallle on tl:j
vondft in tho system: to flx salaries of
nit omploycs of th? Stale Highway!
1 ?epnrtment: to add to the s-ystein j
? ?:mh year not exceeding 3 p< r < ? nt i
i>( the present mileage in the svs- ;
I'-ni: t ? meet th" retirement < f Fed
eral niil laws: eminent domain in
condemnation of land f >r roads in the
s> i>tem.
To Take Over System.
Vnder the provisions of t'. pro
posed bill, the c mmisslon I? r. .|'iired
to take over, when the measure bo
<?un.es law. the entire State Highway
Sys'tem for maintenance and to main
tain detours wherever neccssar: dur
ing construction work.
Senator Goi lriek declared yesterday
that the administrative plan provided
by his bill is similar to that which
is In effect In a large inaiorlty of the
progressive good roads States of tic
Snoxv flurries ushered in tb? lf'2
Y?lennlal session of the Virginia Sen
ate yesterday.
Promptly at tlie stroke of i ?. l.ieu
f.ennnt-fJoveriior 15 Frank ltu'ii.i nan.
President of the Senate, pounded the
desk with his travel rind <allrd ih
\ij pcr body to order. All tho-e In the
chamber rose, as Hew l-'rei i:. t'h
natilt, past1 ? r of I'road Street MetV.nl
i- Church, pronounced the mvocn
t ion.
New me nib -?= nv re sworn ;,n 1 t
oath ii"i to engage in ilu- lin-'
within or !>? yowl the borders of the
?:t I ?r. ?t ? i motion, t'f ,'tr.es
in - whie'i th ? Senate a' (i.las'
op v r . : v < re nilop' ? 1 r ? >i<
< 11 s u; 11 x ' t i r i n.
i:i? iion of former .?r-0|,.r \ r.
II.tii ?? , ? f 1; Innoiid. se-Tear.t
::t-ariii? was unanimous. Mr !(.?
in. li w -? linjii? Mit? <1 bv Set ator .t:tin?
I" i'.".mn'i'. < I;i' hinonil. and tb>
nomination was seconded by Si-n
a t ? ? r S n V. It i!t. ,.! N. ?; \. ? . .
>. na t ? ? - I.. Percy 1 .? h . : i;. r.j.,; s -
was in t. - vben 'i.e
roll was called A telegrhm to Sen
r.tor Jullen (Jtiiin, of Hbhrleo County
vimeh'-'a fe-l tiie ? i. r?r i'ion t'>a; \ .
Senator fr-.tn <; rdonsville w.ia ib
laved i>n aof i it., a wr- k
lie ref|ii< stni i>- ( ) -? ' .lm. b.
convey (??() to
I'ourt ? en ar.<: r. - :titi> ris wer<
introdueed d-it ? v: the it ?? and on.
nunrtet l'.,uis t11 ? ? Senate \.-a- (r. v.
sb.n. three-fiiinrters of mi hour o
more of wt.' ??, w.i*. sp.-nt n "tnaik'
i'-t: lime." a<\ ?' ng oruaiii'/at on <?
?>?" Ho .si. f-!us ,.r, ' ,hi
?'?"lUiiitv ill tiie ii.wr >.r:m-h. tt:
two bod.es m< t in joint s-s....,, ?
which was deMv.-fd it |- r. .ti l,j th
' nvai .rat n f I! . , ,.f |
f a t e i H .1' '.ill ? ,1 , j. . ? r
order after I:. Jaim - V. i'.ilr. i> I?
pastor e::,iiit;:j ,f West n, .i:,sl,.r
rreshvt. i ian ?i ! 1 ;d off. r. : ir -
'Oration. W ?h i-ri. ' ! a,It.t i ?:. ...
S.-COIIlKllg S |" ? ? lies |,the
gates, who part id pat., d tn . .ne .
nominations ti.- i.inht i f :-, i.
lirfwt-r ,11 . ? : Miff. u .. . t...j
speaker of t!^ H.-.i*. .1 r> ti W U ii
Hams, clerk: .1. M. .1 ??en ton. .
tit-arms: S M. New! ? ( ? t .t .
keeper, and <"i.at i. ? A Tr .- u >e .
f?tld ilooi ,.i. ;.er
* Judge ij 1I'i nt ' ? >i .. }.. . ? .
flourt of Appeal-. .. in nis-.- i . t ..
i ath ??? olllce t.? Spe..;.. r !;r-v. . r
i\ hlle ' ieri: John W W.W.,
in ihe mem)>? ?
(Contimioil From Kourth 1'aiiP.)
hills proposed by the commission be
considered t>y the General Assembly
as a basis f??r now anil improved
< hlld welfare Ivcislatimi.
Stale .Self Insurance.
The 1 nsu ranee committee of t <iv
general board of directors of the
insane asylums and the State colony
for cpileptics and the feebleminded
recently adopted ami forwarded to
me the following- resolution:
"That Honorable Westmoreland
Davis, Governor, request the Gen
erai Assembly at its next session to
appropriate an insurance fund to
take care of any losses that should
tie sustained by lire at the insane
hospitals and the colony for the
epileptics and * < eblcniimled: $1<?0,
OOO. i:? l'u-1 ;? _? :t; lsilu-lJin."
These amounts to operate, and a
fuii'l to pay possible losses in case
?f lire during' the period when the
General Assi rnbly is not in session.
Tills pencMi board, because of
small losses over a long period of
years carried their own Insurance
upon Institutional buildings, pool
ing as an insurance fund for their
protection the premiums provided
for insaran'-e. This was done with
my approval.
My attention was called to the In
advisability of this pooling ol' the In
surance premiums belonging to the
various institutions involved by the
Slat*' auditing committee, who said:
I iiso rnhoc lHscoiil inuetl.
"it lias come to our notice that the
larger part of the insurance carried
"ii State hospitals ha:; been discon
tinued and that other public institu
tions i:i the State have had under
consideration the same course of uo- j
tion We call the attention of the'
iJovernnr to this and recommend that '
the normal amount of insurance be
taken out nnd carried on all property
of State institutions until the Gen
eral Assembly shall make proper pro.
vision for carrying its own Insurance;
nnd we call attention to the fact that
the General Assembly has provided
sums for this specific purpose and
these appropriations should bo so
The recommendation of the Slate
auditing committee has been com
plied with and the amounts contrib
vti <1 to the self-insurance pool have
iiecn returned to the institutions and
? "s'ir inee effected There was a small
re loss at the State Colony for I'pi
ptics and the Kocblcminib <1 dur ng
f ? pi ri"d of seif-insurnm ? ?. 1 ut i i<
*v i ? far more than conipensati d t
I- 'i. ? avinc made by tli? .? th r in
.-1 it .'.??ii".
Th> suggestion of the ccner.il
, r ??:' directors is now pre .-nt' I
to the General Assembly In com pi ?
iince with the resolution that I have
oaotcd above.
Tli. Gen-ral Assembly should df
t' rmine whether it will adopt a p'.-ci
? y11 f - in sura nee or whether it will
! i:rchase insurance, in which latter
.ise the amount of Insurance carried
. Iioii'd be largely increased. so as t,,
afford adequate protection to the j
S;nt< in case of loss.
Ylrgiiilu Slate, Municipal and loiintv
Virginia bonds and tlioae of its mu- j
nicipalitios and counties arc not now j
legal investments bv trustees, sav- ?
lugs banks a: similar funds under1
the laws of the State of New York, J
because of questions that arose in.
connection with the settlement of the
Virginia ?deht. The exclusion of
these Virginia securities from the
hichest investment ciass lessens their
Other States similarly situated are
isl. :;g that Virginia join in securing
?he removal by New York of this
>i -ability, and 1 atn requesting that
i e Genera 1 Assembly take such ac
ti ri as may be by them deemed lit
an-l i r p. r in the circumstances to
?.cure the desired resS'.t.
Slate Office llullillng.
At :l.e last session of the General
A.?~e:r,bly 1 submitted a i on. niinia
tion relative to the need for a State
office building at Hichmond. This
?inmutiication. which contains care
ful.'.' prepared Statistics, was printed
a Senate document No. 10. to which
1 now n for. In it I used tile fol
low i-: language:
"It had been my desire and hope
to be able I Include a request for
a sjitahie appropriation for a Stale
office building In the budget sub
mitt. d to \ i r honorable body o'i
January 1 i. H.Jo, but I found. In
view of th> high cost of labor and
building materlulV. that the availably
revenui .< o| the Stat.-, as reported t>>
me at that time by. the Auditor of
Public Accounts, would not justify
' "si.'in of >-i li an It. in in the
, budget t :? the < nsuint; bieniiium."
t: " Stat- off.. 4-y are
p..rts i f the elt;
t . r* at .ii "i.e ; ? the pub
and fxj.. n.o to t... " The !? :tf
ic f. nle by were had
r? .i b.e r< ? ' a ? f t h. lon|j?
p. ri. 1 that ti
they U |; expiring ami
d ?nu-.;h
I f.-ar if the> are r> n<
: ?- ? ;? r? ? be ib-manded.
; :: . of all materials and
'('. ?? *.v t. n h i hitherto t'orh'.ddtn
i-leiati ti of a !>ui:.ii:.g program
v.- n w (!? ilning M:<1 ! am of
opinion that the lime has tome
\\ ii- :i s.ri is . la dir.it ?:> should
i glvi ri l > ti .? General Ai seinhly
t? ? tli'.* .to - . .;i .mi ? :Tice b inding.
\lrul'iin Nnlloiinl l.unril.
The State . : Virginia liau j.lnf e
the ar* h- r? : urn to civ 1 -
Inn life or tii? army mobilized In
t;? \ r' ? v. <r ? j>,t.-n-d ti;e Virginia
REDUCED BY $12,775,405
<r'' M.nmJ
Fifth I"
The 'Jin :tion
v.-ys d.irin,- tit*
tii<- Wi.rJi < ' j.
wlliclt lias I./'(?!;
? r:.l Mip*r\ i -i ?:
Ma J--r I.-It
\? li'.> h i
.1 1!. l.t
hail (t.
i if .! .
i-.i ' t'.v
1.;.- !>??<
1. -tic.
? alil< ;
rational, <f > huru ultur;.!. <r< r i .? >
of dcfcctlvf-s and v'' si'i'-t:' ? '
correctional, i\> public work", ij>
conservation and custodianship, u)
(?xamlnlng and licencing and <)) >n 1> -
. i ellancouF.
The estimate* of fr.fh d< ;'.irtni'r.t,
institution and oth<r ripen ry a*e
presented. according to the I '
f^laKxlSciitloii.'', showing, In paralU! J? a?-. -.i. ai
columns, appropriations and expen- 'ii-nil ? ?:i ?idvi>
dltures i"r ti.<: y-ar lOSO-JSUJ: an- 1 n.?-.r Sir ?).? i,
proprlutlons - J>r tin year 11'iM ?l'.,-,.>. J '? ?<: ?: ? ? tin- .. ?
requests and, chtlmated < xi>?-.ir- ? I: 1'.: ???*?.
for each year of tne '?:< n- | ?"unty. ha rmun '
nlum. with the increases < r ? < - ] C n-.raitt- ? on Appropri
nhown for each year over the appro- . hy Senator ;-..xoji \V. ;l
this bi
'l'-r n-.y
ii In <
?s, my
is I.?t a t
,S >.< ?
>r ;- A
! ii'.-*
v.- n
nee <>l
n ren<
;:>? Li:
i v i v r
lly bj
jirlations for. and tii
ommendationn. for ?ach year of th?
ensuiny two-year period.
\VJ-.--l MOriKI.AM.i
National Guard into the service.
iHirlng 11*20-11*^1 -
- regiments of infantry.
1 brigade of infantry.
1 provisional regiment roast ar
I battalion field artillery,
with tin- following units remaining
as separate organization -:
1 tank company.
1 hospital company.
1 company coast artillery.
The formation of tlic brigade. regi
mental ami separate battalion or
ganizations required t li ? ? selection
ati'l appointment of < \p. rleneed and
trained officers for tlK field ami staff
of these organizations
It is estimated there arc new en
rolled i:i the Virginia National
Guard 3,100 officers and enlisted men,
as follows:
Staff corps anil departments.... 37
Chaplain* -
Infantry 230"*
Field artill. ry
I'rast artillery corps 41.
Tank company '?'!
Field hospital 4<
Total 3100
Service in aiil of the civil author
ities has been rendered a number of
tim< s sine. January of last year and
troops have also be-ti held jji? ? ? tx o ?
fasion f?>r immediate service where
trouble was threatened.
I wl.sh t-> r(c"t d tny apt<rc< !.iti"i> of
the splendid spirit which has boon
shown by ? ur young men it; Joining
the National Guard in response to
the needs "f tin State at this time.
We now have a most effective force
of highly trained soldiers. In the
selection of officers. '.'0 per cent of
whom were world war veterans who
served as officers in the L'. S. forces.
1 have appointed thos?e whose mili
tary records made them available f'-r
distinguished service, and who are
of the very best type of Virginia sol
diers. Approximately one-third of
the enlisted men have had a number
of years military training both in
the State and in the Federal service.
The military establishment Vir
ginia is now made up of spleml.d
i it n tlimnuuh';. fiiuipjied. and i.j ne
of which "a ? ma} Justly pr<oid.
World War \ oiorniii.
lly lcgi>!ati\ art of ItO1 a me
murlal commission was created,
which, with tie State Ubrary Hoard
and the Art iViniuission. is author
izeil to erect a library 'building and
auditorium as a memorial to the
-oldiers, sailors, marines and women
who served in the world war. The
erection of this memorial building is
pendent upon the continuing appro
priations by the I*ogi^|ature. The
idea of a memorial appeals to all
who would not forget the deeds and
sacrifices made by our soldiers of the
groat war who. valiant i.i battle, have
been nyne the less magnificent in a I
dressing themselves to the problems
of peace.
Aided by a liberal State appropria
tion, these soldiers have organized
tyr patriotic purposes the American
VV^^ion in Virginia, anl their devo
'.??ii to God and loyalty to govern
j snont will prove :i progressive, moral
J and economic force lr pence. and
I should they be ea!led upon for uer
| vice?a tower of strength to the
The soldiers, sailors, marines .id
women who served us in the world
j war?our heroes?have our love an 1
uflPCtiou and deserve well pf tho
State and nutlon.
Confcilornlc Veternni.
In these days when wo are paying
homage to the deeds and .sacrifice*
made by the soldiers of the world
war. we should not forget tho debt
of gratitude that we owe to the
veterans of the Civil War. The men
who -followed Lee and Jackson and
the Stars and Hars have a fixed
place in tho hearts of all true Vir
ginians. One by one they are pass
ing away and grateful people should
pay them tribute not only by im
tv.ortalizlng their names, but by oar
ing for their needs in their obi ago.
1 recommend an Increased pension
fur Confederate veterans.
Since the meeting of the last Gen
eral Assembly women have been a<!
mittoil to citizenship and we heartily
welcome them to si co-partnership in |
the administration of government.il
affairs. They have brought to ? ? ut
public life a new and better atmos- i
phore, and while there is n<> fear that!
they will neglect their duties as j
wive# and mothers, they will con-j
tunlv t" lake a view of public act'.vi- {
ties devoid of selfish interest, an 1
create tr us higher ideals of tl;--|
duiie;. t.f citizenship.
From the beginning of my admin-j
l? t ration 1 have had in mind thei
great ?.-oo(l ^that would be accom
plished l?y them in relation to public
off..rt and have appointed many of
them to positions of importance and
public trust. Women are serving by
my appointment upon the boards of
.State educational and corrective In
stitutions with credit to jhemselves
nnd great benefit to the Common
iv. ulth.
T!.e existing laws In Virginia
should lie so amended as to give
iio-n and women the same opportuni
ty r.| rendering tus citizens public
;? i \ ire.
\V nr lllslor}' Commission.
i'reditaMe. even glorious, as U ,
l.eoii Virginia's contribution t?> oveiy,
\ p. t; d <>f our country's history. It 1
' has t . en lamentable that so litt o
! atte:.t:'?n ha sheen given to keeping
' the record of achievement. Being uu
\< tiling t;>at our State should con
| tinu :n disregard its duly to .tseif
and it? future citizens and ignore tho
splendid part played by Virginia in
the ureal war. I appointed between
ter:r? '>f th? General Assembly a War
History Commission, iti the member
ship of which are included some of
th>-jAuadiug pieti of the State. Sub
j somTT nt ly this commission was con
[ tinned by statute.
Starting its work within a few
[ months after the signing of the arm
! islice, it has collected a mats of in
valuable source material to be used
| by It in the preparation if its history
j volumes and to be for all times avail
able for future historians. The com
missioners for the State and for the
' localities serve without compensation.
Happy Parents Pour Out
Their Thanks to Tanlac
I:! iir, of 1 ?rovidence,
:t :!i ? ? I 10 pounds'. 11. -
? it li^lit. "f
-?i.iiiocl ir. pounds; lit*
ry, .Ir.. of Philadelphia.
;. ii. utf, is now lu line.
?J'Si.* statements made (
5 si if .is follows:
iir. l - -idiot; at 20 At
r< \ ldence, It. I., ssild:
; ? i ;I.I |.;.y ovi r I he
?.< made in our lltt'.e
. 'i is-- or say enough
11? j?r? elation. Slit' liail
is in weight and
:yi i weak that her
.-.?r. both almost wor
litT condition. Since
'.ie has already gained
< >? !<>- is bc? ter than It
looks ami acts
>. Ill
ton. I'll., said: "The
IC '? g 1 n a in siii'h a
! 1 have no idea she
in- now If it liadn't
It is a mystery to
???l '>n the little she
was HO llfi less sh<
?d to play with tin;
ifot at Christ imis.
nlac slid !h aw hardy
? ohilil coulii i and
ii'.utiilM in weight. !
T;;nla<* f"r rostor
'Tit liviilth."
. 'j.'i Il*alethorpe St..
"Thorn is no doubt
that Tanlac saved
fe. For two years
my UtC/ hoj
I wiTiiiiii't have lifttn a bit surprised
to have h-i:n him ilrop off at any
t.tat. Ho had stomach trouble and
many a time the gas pressed up Into
his chest until his heart palpitated
tu I thought Mire lie couldn't breathe
but a few moro Rasps. 1 tut Tanlac
gave him back to us strong and well
and w will prsiiso it to our dying
NOTi: Tanfuc Vegetable nils aro
an essential and vitally important
put of tie Tanlac treatment. You
cannot hope.to ?? t the. most satisfac
tory result* from Tanlac without lirst
establishing a free and regular move
ineiit of tli.. bowels. Tanlao, Vege
table fills are absolutely free from
cal?>:ne| and are fold on a positive
KU lira litre !o give satisfaction.
Tanlac Is: sold in Ulclunond by the
Tragi? Drug Co. and the Orant Drug
Co. and lending druggists evry
. i< a wonderful medl
! ?. i <i ' 11 :11. ? children is coli
1 ?: ? \ : ''y the remarkable
hi dished in the cases of
i 1 ?. shown in tiiis pic
They nro entitled to cVatltudo for
their services and to commendation
for them successful efforts. I feel
sttro thus the General Assembly will
concur lij these sentiments.
In my message to the General As
sembly 1920 I pointed out that pro
hibition bad beN?me a fixed policy of
Statu and nation, and In my last
budget message, and in my address
before tho General Assembly, Janu
ary 11, 1920, 1 said: "Tho supervls-I
Jon of tho enforcement of the pro- j
hfhitlon law In Virginia should be
that of the Attorney General, a.s is j
done successfully in many oilier pro
hibition States." This recommenda
tion was then made in aid of law
enforcement, as the existence of u
separate prohibition department
must tend to relieve other law en
forcement officers of tho responsi
bility for enforcement of tho prohi
bition law. The law enacted In 1920
abolished tho prohibition department,
but. did not transfer It to the Attorney
Ceneral as recommended by m? 1
aj proved the law because it does not
take < ll'ecl until September. 19"-. this
session of the General Assembly in
tet vetting, at which, of oour.se, ad?? -
?luatc provision for prohibition law
i lit?t?eetttettl shoulil be made. A
? due, d ai>propriation was recom
mended by me because I felt that
the- Federal government, that taxes
without limit. and appropriates
without criticism, would, as It
hitherto has been accustomed to do.
rigidly enforce the national law and
that .l large special State force in
addition to our regular law enforcing
off cers would not be nccossarv when
.supplemented by a large and efficient
Federal force specially clftirgcd with
the enforcement of'the Federal pro
hibition law. The Federal govern
ment so far has failed effectively to
enforce prohibition and 1 am recom
mending for the prohibition depart
ment the amount requested by it pro
rata for the period of its statutory
existence. The prohibition depart
ment disregarding It* formidable
agency, the ouster law h;us been
utilized primarily as a State police
agency, when front the reading of
the act i*. may bo readily seen that
t was intended as a supervisory
agency. It was Intended to make
(In tegular law enforcement agencies
>.notion, and upon tii-ir failure su to
<io the ouster law should have been
>? -1 v\ he rev* r necessary to displace
!aw enforcement ofl'i. ials unwilling
t<> function.
Most II it * c I.nun Dnfurreil.
\\ hatever lite cost, wo must have
the laws d the land enforced. A
.lilure to i|. litis is a surrender of
rder t i d s irder and Is productive
of chaotic conditions in the adminis
tration of law an l justice. The laws
arc enforced in Virginia as w,-ii as
they are enforced in other States,
l-ut that Is not enough. The exist
I once or statutes ana Ihu imposing of
Jail tortus do not alone moan law
enforcement; there must be a healthy
l>uLillc opinion demanding it. Men
Hud women are easily Influenced by
"leadership," iin?l until education de
velops! fully We are essentially emo
tional and ttlvon t?? mass aetion. We
are all alike affected by example,
rather than by precept; especially Is
this the case with our youth?the
hope of tins country. As has been
l.appily said by a distinguished au
thority upon prohibition law en
forcement at the meeting of the Na
tional Law Knforccment Convention
liebl at Washington. I). I'ecember
t! 1921: "Wo must legislate and prose
cute, and drastically punlalt, hul
| principally wo must educate, and
! practice what we preach." It is
therefore the duty of every <;ltlzen
to aid in prohibition law enforce
ment. It should not be said ? and It
has been truthfully said?that as
long a* tli?? "high brows" violate the
prohibition law by buying and stor
ing liquor, tile "low brows" will fur
nish it. 1 am not giving a moral
lecture, I am endeavoring to save
Virginia from an impending degen
eracy caused by hjpocrlsy and law
Tempera nee or total abstinence has
been lost sight of by many in the
mad lust for powi r, anil the doctrine
i of law violation is openly ('derated j
| il olio votes as political propagan- J
ilists dictate. Those who openly and !
habituall\ violate the law should not ,
bo chosen as law makers or law *n
f ireement olllcers. I am inak:ng an j
appeal for law enforcement lest the j
very foundation of our civilisation be :
shaken by an accepted disregard "f ,
lu w.
I'url of Orgnnlc l.r.?t.
Years ago the practice of dueling !
was prevalent in Virginia until out \
Constitution proscribed It. The in
hibition against the liquor trallic has
become so important that It has been J
made a part of the organic law of the j
I'nited States. As a reward for tern- j
perance, as a punishment lor liquor j
law violators, as an example for our ,
youth, as at* evidence to the world ;
of our good faith, and earnest desire j
to be governed by sober, law-abiding '
officials rather than by those who j
would defy public sentiment and vlo- |
late the laws that they are sworn i
to obey and enforce, 1 recommend
that tills session of the General A>
sembly propose an amendment to the j
Constitution requiring every person
elet ;? 1 or appointed to olllce in Vlr- i
ginia to take an oath upon qualify- !
| ing for olllce that he has not since !
| the amendment bccamo operative j
knowingly violated any provision of
the laws of Virginia or of the Cniteil '
.Stater relating to Intoxicating liquors
and th it he will not kin vvltigiy \ !
late the same during his term of !
ortlce This provision would ti"t be !
retroactive and would give time fori
(he tin tiding of ways. Those who ;
seek places of public trust mi Vlr- '
ginia are as a rule law abiding, and i
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tlic no will welcomo lint test; we
should not concern ourselves with
those who willfully disobey the laws.
l.a w-abltilng olllcer.s scoured by fills
amendment will cheerfully enforce
iho law. and tho proposed amend
ment will keep the law violators out
of olllce; we shall then have heart
service rather than lip service, and
we shall hear no more of those who
are "politically dry," hut "peraonally
wet." and Virginia, will he a prohibi
tion Statu In fact as well as in name.
I renew my rccoititm ndatiou that
"the supervision of the enforcement
of the prohibition law in Virginia
should bo that of the Attorney Gen
eral, as is done successfully In many
other prohibition States." and that
ho receive a full and adf<iuat. ap
propriation for that important work.
In < 'oncl tlx In n.
Wo are meeting today for the la: t
time for the consideration of tin pub
lic business. I loul. back upon four
happy years of service and wish
again to express my gratitude to the
people of this i Villi mo n weal t h for the
honor they have done me in ??!??
vatlng me to the position of Gov
ernor of Virginia.
Happily in Virginia men come and
g.>, but she goes on forever, great in
111, de velopnii-nt of her vast re
sources, her manhood and woman
hood; with her honor unsullied; alivo
to her traditions, anil certain of her
wonderful destiny.
1 have constantly had before mo'
my pre-election pledges and 1 havo
fulfilled each promise made.
In the years to come when history
Is written tho highest claim that can
be made for my administration?that
which would best bring mo Jt^y?i?
thai 1 have been trusted by tin- peo
ple of Virginia, so J have kept tho
lit}'" \e?v .Street .Stteeper.
One ?>f the most complete and most
modern pieces of street-cleaning ap
paratus was ushered Into commission
> ester lay ly the Street (Meaning llii
le.iu. The Mepartment of Public Wel
fari-. according t>> ldrectoi l.evy,
fuvoi! a sulllelont sum from Hk last
V'-ar's appropriation to purohuse an
i-lgiu street sweeper, which works
along the principles of a vacuum
cleaner. Superintendent Henry Oihn
mates that the street'! will lie swept'
so fully that one may wall; on his
hands across the thoroughfare with
out encountering the lenst amount ?'f
| ilust or mud. us the case might bo.
i The department believes the machiiio
will add many fold to lis e'Jloleney.
On the Concert /Stage
or in the Home de
noted for it j superb tone
Franklin Street at Third
I Motormen and Conductors
S Make application to the Virginia Railway
? and Power Company's Offices:
ijj Mr. IT. L. Smith, Superintendent
Mr. W. F. Bryce, Superintendent
Mr. II. Pollard, Superintendent
Room 305
We prefer former employees of the com- |p
pany, or men who have had street railway
experience in other cities.
jjj Virginia Railway and Power Company
General Manager
Richmond-Petersburg Division
'M r<:.> ? ?

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