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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, January 12, 1922, Image 9

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legislative Committee Coil
bents IVot lo Attach Page
, lo Rockingham County.
M<lcgato Cooi'K? I?. Kuc/.i-ll, ot
|tuckini;hain Count y, omcrK'-d vlo
orlouK from t i?.? cnnferoiieo of tho
i glKliitlvD r< 'llMti IctlnB commit too
fHtortlay morning, having Knlned
|lio ?'(tininilti't's lonscnt not to attach
?age County lo Hook im.ham County
|a lltQ formation of ti liouso dlHtrlcl.
lie IImi I report ii( lho committal', sia
|' 'a.II i.. tliA two braitches of tho
?(in r.il AsH'.-mkly, recoininenilM that
ItockliiKhum County anil llarrison
>ur? i? main in a district l?y ilu'iii
and liavo two ilolitfateu as at
Albcinarln ami (Irceno Counties and
|J(y of Charlottesville. two dolegatea.
' I'agu is linked with Warron and
Mvi'ii one OcloKate.
iiruiiiic and Madison arc placed In
i district and given one delegate.
Culpeper and lUippahsuinock are
|'i >'? ! iri nno district and rIvuii one
"U ;.'aI c.
To furnish the (Uli'Kiitc railed for
> this formation of districts, one
? ^.iti- Is taken from Norfolk city.
?'! i111; It* i opt ? ?unta! Ion from IIvo
four delegates.
Senator I'. lirilfith Dodson. <?{ Nor
I'dk, Icfu.'Cil I'> sign (tie report of
(lie commlttc and announcer] that
would oppose t h?s report before
he i omtnit(<?'? to which It will he re
rrcd. Senators K. I, Andrews. of
loanoke, anil James K. ''annon, of
llehniond. voted with Senator I>od
? n ana lust the proposition to take
| delegate from Norfolk.
The following wof ? ;.rr*rnt?rt and r?
rr- 1 under Itole 17:
? the t<?- r.n Appropriations:
P.) Samuel I.. Atlsins?A lull to amend
I t< < :.:n~t ? ne?i,,n I. '. 3 and L'l
' *ti act relating tr. Confederals pensions.
My Alfr"d C. Smith at. I It. A. U' ioIj
I I to iimrml unit re-enact ?? ?< ticn 3144
' til" ? "Oile of VlrfflllU.
' tin* Commit >?'.> a A? 'tunis and
fly H.itntlel D. P.njrrn?A hill provtd nr
?r n cnn.ml'r; .n on mr.it.il health
? : unit: - i a cnuns ? i an'
To win:
lly Mr. Jla'.l?A till authorizing hearts
f #'Jper vigors of cvjntles. ami i uncll*.
' other Rbvernltig bodies, of cllbs to
iske impropriation* for memorla!? 11 cii
| >ft, rn;;.iri r.i i inarlnm v h.j 1" ' tv> r
VI In til" lit *..ir Si;t>i n t ?;. Cnite I
t?t?* pj; 1 Qrrmany 'i?'l i ?r alii':,<.
J)y M. O. Hiiwn ? A bill t*> htnen't *nd
??(-rnact cection ES15 of th-j fodr >{ \lr
11 o Comtnltt's'j on S anil C ttti
lly J ore p)l M. Hat!-- A V!!l t > illre '
|*7i? rector and of fi ? i
Irf Vlrclnla t< ???*!?: 1 ?li t?i? u, ?! l
|??rim?-nt of ths university,
K'hooii of pharmscy anil dentistry,
J'he city ef Kfctiniond. upon ti > uncon
|itltlor.il ti.,nnf.-r th ni i>r
f th'i Mcdlcal CoUck? of Virginia, nth
|;cct only lo Its tilatlni; llat llltt s.
By Hamuel i>. Rodgera?a bill providing
Iter th' nl . nt by th" Governor '-f a
I'lmrnlmlnii to mako an educational ?ur
?y of the Btste's Industrial school*, anil
|proVldbiK appropriation for ?uo?*.
? the < 'jinriilU'i oh Courts ? f
lly Mr I?**n?A t.:!l t>. ?;n-- ?! nt. l r<
? .ivt i 'l?ti MS* of the Coil" of V.itflriln
H' .1 :i ? ? I .ton< *?.V Ml! v i | r>.Jir i'
?nm:txn ?. t -I tit t* :n, J. :i
' ' :? ? f r tr.oni'.i yne'ht ? f ?u:>
<.!*h' r. r\ ep! 1 rt t<:'
'lly Mr. Unit ? Home Jotat reioliitloi
: >i . HII-I ?' ? ? ' t ? < ? (return i th'
oi;i;' ? 'i' tefi "f Vltiiiuls,
lt> th M Hurt, .1. It lloriley, J
Unci* t iiiovn, Thomas w. Oslin?~A l?il
? ?! : 'I ..ml : unlnh 1 ink huralary.
!!? 't ? A ;;; to Im:>? ?? n'l'it
- .i ? : ? ..!ifrr nddltlottnl fiiwri
? i" i . v i jeavrnl; sleo t . aiak
; i ? ". to -ri .til - hint l"
I ? ? f t lu? k ? t
, (Jrr.i rnl l.nvn
t ? i' ? \ t ;.. 1.1 :.r . it" f'ir t h'
ii f ?<? ? ii.ii'hi t" nr'ne anr
II'". ? s !?? ! : ?: 1 ^it :
- ; ; ? v. !? art ? l provl \
? ri s;.' . '.iI "r". va te nn
j . i.?A ti.-! nn."ii
? ?. . . (. ch.i;.t?r ? 1 of a
i'. I nm'-O'IlM; t!i<? ihkr*.*
i.> im liSui
. t i i I.- ..ril ol I'leai*.!n
. ' : ? ? ? n "t th.
- . t ; i >rr -v n.i ii' >? f"
I . . . ( ... . ..1 .in r v.- '.. lit' i:
I .. -tint, m.: t" U I'.' 1 ti."P>
? k- |:?> 'Oo in ainouti*.
i. i ? \ \V !? ii.'l A!fi ? I ?:nlth
\ ii t,? ,.'iid and if-nmt nn .-?? t t.
, ? . .. r. ?i l.'.urd of Tanner".
? . A :? . i t, No * - r th'
' . 11 v ? . \ ... tn t orrow or i ? '
i a ? ?! KChotd Iri.; r. vi'ment
it.I ! i' i ?' aril to i*.?ii' I'litl'h there
i. .? . .1 ?;.? fcj;n of :. o.ooo n
. ? iin ?.
1:. \.fr ! f^Tii.:Ii and 11. A. "WoodB?
1! .i : ..! j,: . ??? e*,? an aet t
? ... ... I I,., .id ??! Ituttj Hon
. \ t. of *h- i???us
??? In i luuiirv f r th'' pur
ol - ill "I lrni ovonif nts In *.i!d din
and to l*su*' t"?*?'Ih therefor, net ex
ni< i In nvunt.
It, i.inud.i N. Iloovi-r?A bill to pro
ia ii . ?:?: f'.r it ? town of .Stras
.... i.i tiii County <if Hhcnandoah.
. Mr. }!? y- A l .ll tv V.tll.l.'?:e sir
i- fy tho n.rv. v.im" of a rrrv.In '. ' i
? li/ of Wlllliiiiiihiirir t.y tho Ma><
? of ?? Mo-. 1'.. Hart<>!l. Jr.
? iiy Karl ii, v.'rissht?\ Mil to provan
itli.nc la :tte Miiters "f certain j">rt!on
tho Kllliiili't'n i >!!utcd wit
. . ? rn,: '.
. Alfred r. Smith and I: A. W..od,??.
10 a ut'n?ri/? the ? ?'.'.ool hoard ?
tern ltr.niea Mir. -t-rial ldstrlo', Nv
th. ?' uiity .1 Norfolk, t-> horroi
:ii-y fur the ton j>. - et schmd lainrov.
iid ? iI-' i '. at t ??> issue 1. oid
for not ? x. erd.uc f -...i.nr? m nniotin
;? It. a. Woods an.; Alfred ? >. Kmlth
11 to author!?.* th>- : 1 ird ?
? o. ? Mat .1 IdstcU". N ?.
C ointy of N if -' t?? i .rrnw iiuoi.
: ~i(d district, a:nl to I- u, tioiidR tll"ri
?:ho purposti of school t:o|iroveinent
not exceedltiK 11 .'."i.'>0't la a mount,
the Committed on Courts of Justice:
> Mr. Adams?A bill to niiiend and rr
? nnctloa 4t ". ..f the Code of Vlrglttli
lty Alfred O. Smith?A hill to riiiikc I
mlsd "Tii'-a nor to publish the namo '
i.n> maid, woman or wotnnn-clilld upo
... hum a r.ipo or an attempt to ravish ha
... a committed.
lty Mr. Hall?A hill to Impose add
?lOtial duties and confer additional powei
?y on the A ttoi n- v -lien.nil; also to innk
? ti opp. .pr:ation to <;iat>le hitu !" eompl
with the provisions of this sitt.
lly M. 1:io\mi -A hill to i ? in I re pet
sins i'. its ?? tii?!*, or o'??!?, of sun:
? ?lent oarnlm; eapici;> or Income, i ? "U|
port their j.nre:its who are in ('. stitjt
or nocesslloun clrcumctancos.
To I'l-mmltti '? on lieneral l.awi:
lly Karl II. Wright?A lull to prcvei:
tonantH of resld* ntlal property In cite:
? f the ilrst class from vacating pr(!inis<"
until noti. ?? Is itii-n rv> tin- II ard i
Health, and e. iiuliato obtained thu
preinlsiis have heeii Inspected and frmn
to >.?> m Niitisfsctory nanltnry coaditlol
lly Mr, llall?A hill to require person
?ff/ine. corporations *j>'1 J-t'ons ^|
V.stit>? suhscri""' .i or contrlbr.loj;* t
i-i?y catlso or thine, with cei?/>ti cicej
Vim, to keep adequate lio^^.l siinivln
all atiiua colliit- i|, and to whei
and for what disbursed* providing f<
Inspection of such liook' and prescrlbln
punishment' for fiuli^^ to comply wit
?his act. ?
Itv Mr. Ileni'^-t-A bill to nmend an
re enact sectU-is 1701. I70(t, l"rts and 171
of the Code of Virginia.
Tiy Mr. Hall?A hill to amend Mid ri
cti.i.t section 1719 of tho Codo ol >'i
tty Mr. Hal!?A litll to nmend and n
enact eecllon t7i? of the Codj of VI
y in i.i.
Tty Mr. Henley?A Mil to provide f<
tho training and licensing of i.tteii.lan
? for.the sick under certain eonil'dlotie.
,ltv; Mavo I". I trow ii?A Itlll in pndllh
l'J liUjlli'.lliJ oi ti^i.uiulf.1, cOill IUI-, cl
Bill Introduced in the House <?1 Delegates by Samuel L.
Adams, of Halifax County?Would Make Valid
Contracts Made on Holidays.
The lltli (lay of November, "Ar
mlstiee I iuy," added to thy Ieifal
holidays tn VliKinli, in a hilt of
fered yesterday hy l ?el.-Kat... Kaniu- I
/?. Admnn. of South Hoston. Halifax
'bounty. The hill prvirte.s for public
holidays, iih follftwi Ifi eaidi vear
the first day or January, tit- nine
teenth day of Jnnuurv. known as
I.ee-Jaekisun Day. t?i?s twenty-seeon.!
day of February; tho thirtieth
itny tif May (Confederate Memorial
l??y: tho 11 It of July tho Hi st Monday
in September, iiiio-vn a? l.ubor Day;
the 1 U'.sday next following the first
Monday In November, Known hh el? <?
Hon day, and the eleventh day of No
vember. "Armistice Day;'* tin
1 went) fifth day of ].'ember, or
whenever any of Mild days "hall fall
on Sunday. 'In* Monday next fol
lowing huc-Ii o iv, and any day ap
pointed or r iner.'!('d hy I he rjov
"rnor of thl? si; to ?r th" I'r.sident
( "f the ( nil- .I Matt s a- a ? -iy of
Than k?K I vine ? fas! In,-, 'and
i prayer, or oth- i r- I >t j .is i.hrerv
| anee, ?.hnll ! . .. t, . ho||d:i and
j ,
*?*v?1115?, t iiilmiI.r-.'from
?.<? )...tin i*'>1 ;? ?>! i ?j mil mill' :?
? ' "i|.. i i-. l jstrliil plant ? ? ? . ? .. r del.
UtI iJJh nulMt.4Th-?'m Iii !?..? \ .i t r m of tho
?*' n ? " -I'UMt'l- ? -t'lttji-y.- to f}.)i |!f.
m <::?;uri,:nif tti?- hiHin of i ropui; ttim of
fish Irihnbltlr.if thu Mine.
Mr. llno'.ior: ."r r..-wo Itll! No 1.?A I
t" ?! ?" ? He.* ?! i.itur .in.I . ..
Ii !v. r?lly of VifKtnln . -r:it ..? ji t
M'-llca 11. i.ur'ii iii ..f Hi-- L'nivrf* t.
lilt lU'l il.iT I'.llO'jlH of III. .1 I .IIHr y ftl.il (|? ,
tlatry, ?t the olty <if Itlehinond. upon
ii'? ua on'l.u- i:n. tr:\n?Tor i*? -i.*- .. of *
; i hi i-rt y -.f thy .V-li.ni fi.'.u" ?[ \
Kinla, auhject only to its exlitlng lluld .
Iteferrtri to th" Committal '
lie la*'.- jt:r>n* un-i IMuuti..:,
Seniii" Hill No. : -A till) tn amend T .
ra-enact .Section t:>2. the Codt <?'
C.I'.II It?f erred lif 'v;l*'j|ntl. r t >
inmiaii-f i>iid llx^in:.
Mr '.111-- r .*< :iite I: 1 t.
? tiii rid und re-vn.k't y. <ti"ii i! of mi net
'O n.:*.- I. , nil.) f - t>. ei;., .r, ? I >,.?
ll'.v?r:iM'i:t .m l ? i tc f-. - le.oU. .ml
??-4 ? '?? ? ' ? ? ?..? :.r ..n?i'i'i.l
lt".?rred ? o thu < iiiii. -.tfc o.i I'liiAiico.
Mr. *t' : ;'i'nulf I:;: 1 N . 1 tun te
u ut I. . ? U- 111 1 "mi ou ?t t'i<; If.y.n I'f Itlrh
l"'".' In T.I/.???:. VHclnla
tlir i.:h Mavi.r <,tnl "
?<?.1 ronvay %?/ aehual urotxirty <d?u
? ? ? ?' II. I .VI..' ? ,
M? ? ij.i> >:r'rt .<? I:
!"ii>. 1 ? thv .1'./,; '".rnii.itinj oa bpccikl.
I'rli mi- i;!i'l I*..!,.!. I.i malailo!'.
Mr llv.i'i; ,v-.,'i. , _A
?' ' '? i'*'j ' I 'I; t MJHOfi, *? / . i. l<?
for t* :. ii: t i. .? ? w ? ? 1! r. it f ?! r ;h- i - in ?
"rin ?. . ? .11 i. !; ,'j; ? ?
i.d I ;uli ? a n.| l. i ?.? .? t i ii- tin ? i
'"? :i ? ?' i' in !>.? K'n.?- r.
* "'in ? v It-f- .1 if.
? 1 ^^? J 11 , , | | ,i j. ; . '. ^is. ; ,r.
Mr ,' s ,.*? I" . ^ ?, ?; ,
?r-'' *>?-. ????> ? .- .iiidi.nii
l.'-f'ir*' I . i th" .i \t ' i.riin.!: .. i t. H;i".
'??l I'll if" and I.'? nl t 'l-.iaMoa
Mr Andrew* rr.nt-* it!.. So 7 - A l/I 1
ti eilth'irlKic ift'.' Irie.rnr. i ' i.:.iiti..i \?
i? i oi diMnn f"?r .i 1 ,.n l.v ai.v .?om
t" ri >|tilr.? t', ? ?>. rrow< r ?? ir..:-"
* i.r ?i*. ? ' nii'i'.li. ? < r ? re;>
?''' > 1.'i i'. ?? . . :u tikny i:. I t ie-i: i : <ii?
. iiiK- I ? . ?. ? n> ? f I ? i ? , ?- \
ln?ur..:,. ?? i, ? . f. ? : . ... i.',,.l
uch i roci e 11.
ii f.;rn .1 ?
nil Until '? i*
Mr t: -
" r'-nulr" i.1
M* hi:i
? ? it! : ? ' i rr.i ? t >? > r
i " ?,ii? r-rt th?:r t. f ? ?? v
i .? . iM.k:t((i|. ?;-.?? !? . -
lleferrcil to tho Comtnltttc on Uenorai
M I'.-w,;,. rj,'? I'. ' No. ... \ .
to r?? ? j11!r?- :ri" ; r- ? lint iiinvi vh:i' e to
in I -. lei J< /if truct '
? intra* ta eonveylni; all aB-'Vnit ?" ??
?>. real eatn|n, tho -i.it.> ?h?rcif and the
' ? '''? *r. i i i '.'i* 'jio-i. i f ^: r^cirded:
pona Certain d ni>:a ujion i?!frlii i-f
?i .ir.?l t'i Irnttofp ?? -..i!tlr* f> r '.tn
i '.<? r<. Ilelirr 1 to th" I'omtnittre f.jr
' ..-ir ? r JiKtli-ii _
Mr if y'.miii if v. ? \ t,m
ir. ! <;?
:: - ? bin
;.h: ' :t: ? * \.r?, v ? 1 ??<?
a' ? ! -h nr.' i:.. . .
M- sn. !. N 12 ? * l,:;.
rr. i t . th?
i V..
i: i'.n < T tli
lt f T- I I
?. i li.: rni:
Atlnntii Hanker Killed.
ATI.A XT A. OA.. .Ian. 1 l.---l!rmsrn
I1. Kiim, S3, president of Kimt-IUacU
hurn A Co., Investment hnnherti. wat
Ulll'Stl at his home h'-ro Ui>t ntf^ht
when he touehctl an . \pr ?.-d wire on
an i leotrlc heater while t iding a hath.
Mr. Klne was an overseas vol-ran.
havliiR served with the Three Hun
dred and Twentieth Field Artillery,
?v??ry Kntur.luy aftor i .
IV'""* th;"1 lioIi"t;,v , ''V
' traimactl.?n of nil |,lls. ,,.v,. '
'" "t ;,s wat'irUy. tho |.r.
f ;r f>^
i "l-xliiils' of ncicotlal-l)- irmliii
ment* as hereinafter jirov,d.-.|
li'it ik, contract made,
. "im-U.J ..r art d.j.i' "... ,; ,
I"H. <? holidays. ,.r any s:,'
Aln tlirr tx>for? or after Ij ? u
""?mi Mtlill in. thereby r<'fi.l<!..i '.
valid, aii'l nothing In
shall }><? cotiHtrtirtpi t.r. \ . , ' ' I
Invalidate the ..!(tr>., lM4U',lfi , j
. .. ? of / *t< ution of any ?, ? . .... j
iyi:s. r?i. T.-ssion. Ji,dement ... .1. .. ' !
ll P' "r "the:- legal pro' i-s . |
e\.r. or til.; Hcfjion fit the I
"f any -,?rt. ... J-.i.In.. ... . , '' ' j
'"I ' llOl lilays or Slltlirdav.' , , I
before or after I 'j I
nor to ,.r,v,.ni ,lny }jJ,?k ,K.nk j
banl.in?# ' "riiorailoii firm ,,{
. iation from h?.,,i?K !
a ml lran?a' t!nK anv ,vr,.
.u-.n-ss ,f ,,lt. ' *"
h..!l.la>sJ,r SaUirdayr. ' " j
?'.ontlnu? il Krom Klrst Pay. )
named ???T ?l,|
?? merged into i ho fnlv.rslty ?r|
* ? rt;Inia.
nils . r Of;-, . anil |iowcr? . t ?
?' " -??- "> ? M..Ileal ?-oli..L., ,, v' '
, * i 0 '* ' 1 it * * ,,
?1' i 1?nt roj of t .? \J. . , ? . '
Virginia, xhnll C veJtS?f
tor i visitor* of (ho Univtre ty of
, V v" sl,i,n tin*,' I.'.'.
A'' < n'i l.|y.' < '? ,i,;5 al
?"??{?? a*"l trai'Sfi. r nliat
hi,.., " 1 'a-.vful >:eli(s ,ni
!i"' ^ ' ?!.?
Virginia existing at Umt t;-, . '
I" mid at ht:?*|i U,':u* JlfnI]^.'jJ.-7,7.mI
-f -TO
ati.l ma. i.r- cxi,...nd,.,i (,y t|,...n f ,r u
' l'MCJ for whirl, the ?'
^'rn/'n,a,'i''. or
Kntlrr Conrn. hi Klohmnml.
.11. : cr.nv.yunco and tr^.n>f.r ti,^
of' Vlr Vlf'V|r" ' "Ivfrsltv
of Mrsln n ehftll oi.tablfj.lt tho ...cdl
' 1 ""'lit r.f til'- unlvf-r.sltv In.
,i f I'hurmacv t >,<|
ls'? l>tr.oiid : ?
.? n-o.no,?:h,.r 0?llm/a;^;
| . l?ractloah|p. |? |{|Qhrnr,i:d
'?? '-tl.fi wit;, tho <-ntlr?- ocur^.s
t?hiir:n:iry ami dehtintrv nn?l n? t i .? .
\ lr,;inla l."K Inn Iiik in the f.U <pf . .
wlv.- the entire mod,, .
c*cur.?e in Hichmon.l.
\Vhrn ronr.,-. rf pharmaov n,id
J > i,n'l 'lit o,hor r njr -rw
hi,.^ I'-rn onro PR:a),||?!,. I j.,
!' " 'hoy shall ther.-aftor hr
? *?''??raon.l and
i'-rv v'n vi ?T',l,'ln# at thr rnl*
Thf I.in wn.c roforrrd -,?> 0r,.n
"cation'.'" P"M,C ,n",,,u?'"n- an*' >:'i
I ,'.',' Tl"' Tinio^-ril.*pn? -i
?1.1:1,am. X .,atl. li
J'a.ilw.n ? trinity College l.a-'?
I-am will i.c ^ivoi, lt.^ n.. .
orient tomorrow U l. ^ ^
It), I v. r.?l t y ,.f Sou,;,
In.. ! rid a ? .?vonlntr. Trlnltv 1.. ?
> ar ran s. rond tho r..eo ,
!fn 'U?0"n ruth' coroI
h.,ToTi'of }asl y<nr's firttf tM,n win
d on II... ,hfit
tt?o .v,. mi, Carolinians. ,lat',-,u ^
?ru?r,l :.n,l Mo?ri. forward, who
two Of tho strongest men of i,.t
Cajitain Klclmrdson. center; Snii.M
and .SimpKon. forwards; Noal ,i
' < rule, rnard.--. 1
Georgian Shoots Asheville
Girl, Supposedly Because
She Refused Him.
I Hy Associated I'resM.)
ASIIKVIU.K. N. i\. Jan. 11.?Mls*
Dorothy Parker. auvd 'jt, prominent
s<?:l??y f.-Irl a>f this city. and .1. Tur
in r Sharp. iikimI .'10, of WiiyorofP, Usi..
?'r*' <la-ad a;a the c suit of bullets saltl
'?? liavo !<??? n Ureal In- Sharp Mils
ma.ruing. supposedly the an'liorlt i< s
lie ii|v(. AUss l'atl;# i- would not
marry Jilm
Th? dual tragedy occurred as the
two u'lT'- wnlkinu In thi? i itv'.s most
fa-dilorable residential ccfloii. Holh
d;.d within a few n 11 r i n t . ,\I!.sn l'ar-j
? ?.a Kr? n< !i Instructor in lh? <. Jrove!
S'. rli S lioul, wan en route to her
"?"'k wIumi tho shooting oj.iirtfl.
sharp hud been visiting the girl for
?b. in two >fiirs,
Tho Klrl was a daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. J. M. I'arkor. and u graduate of
t..i- Saint 'ii-ncvlov?j convent hero,
l.at-t .vninu h?r parents entertained
h:.i t> at dinner nnd this morning lie
ial!* 'I to walk with her to sriiool, Tho
S.air war. laughing and lalkltm when,
? cim|im without warnlng. Sharp Ik
r '?? ? 1 to la ?.??? drawn jiii army r*1
v'lvi-r from his roat and flreal two
?"I "i? Into tin i:ill's right temple and
t?i' m sent a bullet Into his own head.
ft, ??<"? '?!?? were not Ident tiled until
M: Parke, brought to the scone by
'! ? : ii .e on the !.?? Ii? f that sho know
th> girl, was prostrated upon roeotr
nlzlr.c her o-.vn daughter. Sharp
a'rii here in March of health, I'. was
said l.y his friends, lie wa:- formerly
i-M. ir i t< d with an automobile agency
in Way roSF, Ma.
Tlilrii Trnitcily In I'nmlly.
WAY' PUSS. Jan. 11.?Tho
? ' i in A-h-viPe. N. C. of J.
<' ? > r|i-, who was reported
" ha ?-t Miss I ?"?rot Ky Parker.
-?! '? ? ? ? t himself, was tile third
trngealj I family in recent years.
? 11??? \ i ? ?< i.^o b s father, K. 1<
w shot and killed at his
1" ? K*?'? a ad th? mystery of his
de. ;h has iir.i-r i?oer? solved, and dur
n- tlii \ . .?! '.var Wndlcy Sharpo, a
bi-'itlwr t'> man who wan killed
today. wn> >.??? wnotl whilu in training
.1 an arrn' a tit p. Turner Sharpe,
who ..erve I : i ti'.e V. .M. <A. 'luring
?i war, h..d Ijr-en in 111 health tor
n : >? than i' .ir and had Riven up
I bus;' alTaits and nolio to
.s ?'at".:tia In s.ai h of health.
(?' -iiti:iUed l-'rotn Klrst Page.)
ing ii; thl.-! conten t,night Is cx
j pected t-> l>e exceptionally close.
Tho Ninth Circuit Judgeship bat
I tie between Judge John Rutherford
! and A. T lisotvnlng, an orange
. founty atteriicy, also waxed warm
ye-ter.Iay, and friends of both claim
they w;ii \.in In the Joint caucuH to
At. interesting turn In the Supreme
: ' ? i:r t < . App<als i ?ntest yesterday
w a.-- tho a:.parent Rain In f-trength
n.i i- y .la? Iu? 1'rank I" Christian,
? ? I.yniliburtr, win n .? ctairn* I
has i stroriK toliowlnc from the b .r
a - ? . Ills d!."tri' t. While
i i- bar ai;.-oi satlon suppurt is not as
utint in ? iv a* i> that of .lu<i>;c Jesso
1-" \\e>t of K--e.\, It is filial t'o bo
s.i:!,.'w|iat stronvi r t ? ?i the support
i (riven by t'.-.e be :i tionH to
Judije .! !;. liar, j in his dlutrlct,
| and Christian's mi i orter.s last night
; claimed ho was running abreast, if
, not ahead, of Judgo West. Friends
? f .?U'1b>' W>s; w?rc ranirulno after
tiie conferee,-, hebi last n Ik lit. and
i their enthusiasm was not dimmed by
! the confident tones of reports from
! tha i and1 ?' Judi'" A. 1">. l."?abn?y, of
Ch^rlottav, wIii m' followers also
| vat'a: iii ;..-ne numbit- yesterday to
j light his attlo In the joint caucus
i tonight.
.1 s?li: rVil t.ty i:? son of tho late
I'rofe>-or Walter 1*. liahney. of the
i.-w i!i pa;? t:11 nt >.f tlit- L'nlva rsity iif
Virginia, aii'i Kradv^ited in the law
; tlei>;.; :n.? ' i I nlvorslty In l!??l.
' II, ivas < icvateii t ? the bonch <?{ the
i'i.rporati"ii t:ourt in Hall. During
the world war he served in the Se
cret Service Department in ferreting
out the derma a spy system in this
Th' for the joint caucus
? c,ieul.ited ye.sttrdny, and the of
| tidal call is for the Joint caucus to
, as.-, able s .-*'cl.-?ck tonluht. :? t
w Iii eh time ipo business of nominal ?
" ^ a . i a I -f. !* th<* Supresn ? t'ourt
\;i>i:ii: ami se\eral circuit Judges
iwMI In taken up.
WARNING! Always say 44Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name kk Bayer" on tablets, you are not
getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians over 22 years
and proved safe by millions for
Colds . Headache Neuralgia Rheumatism
Toothache Neuritis Lumbago ? Pain! Pain
Accept only Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
Handy "P>aycr" boxes of 13 (ablet*?AIho bottles of 2-1 and 100?All Drogpiats
.inpirin l? iLe trrte mirk of Uaji-r Alauuftcturo of MwiotceilcasliMte? ut Sdllc/UcacM
Here and There
in the Assembly
Members of Legislature
Warned Against Move
ment for Open Sunday.
Mcmli'TK "f lioth branches of the
General Assvinlily were deluged on
the opening <lny of t'ae litSL' ssion
with a circular letter, evidently ema
natlnK from nni> and the iume source,
hut from widely scattered perts ?>f
tho State and bearing divers signa
tures. putting the recipients on ihotr
guard that a concerted and pro
nounced movi'in cut wa? on fool
imong Senators arid Delegates from
the cities, looking to |hi:i|ii^ through
of Iillation that wott d tend to
result in a wldo opi.rt S .i.day in Vir
ginia. The letter urged members of
tho Legislature to ex?>rt themselves
ti> the Utmusl to defea' .such legisla
t ion.
If a hill Introduced in the Senate
yesterday by Senator W. <: ? ?orbltt,
of Portsmouth. becomes law. the
judge of tho Circuit Court of IHch
will receive a yearly salary ot
$1,000; the judge of tho circuit Court
of Norfolk County, lfi.000. ar.d Judges
of other Circuit Courts,
A bill way introduced In th<> S. n
ate yesterday by Senator .latne* K.
('aanon. <>f Klehmond. In< r< afunu tiie
salary of the Commissioner o( Insur
ance to $5,000 a year. Commissioner
Joseph 10. Mutton now in drawing
J3.0U0 per annum.
A tax of 10 cints on every $11") on
deeds and contracts for the purpose
of raising revenue for the support of
government and public free .schools,
to pay interest on the public debt and
to provide a special tax (? r pensions,
if provided in a bill introduced in the
Senate yesterday by Senator Walter
Tansl! Oliver, ???f Fairfax. The meas
ure went to the Committee on Fi
Judge T. Tl. Robertson, of llopewell.
former member of the House, was
among the visiters nt the Capitol
yesterday. Judge ltobertson met many
of his old associates and exchanged
felicitations with them, lie was an
interested spectacle at the opening
Seven memlorn were sworn In as
Senators at the beginning of thr ses
sion yesterday, they having been
I'lected la't November to till va
cancies. as follows: .1. K. Sorgent,
Second District; C. C. Hyatt, Third
district; John It. Crockett. Fifth Dis
trict; J. M. Dlekcrson. Twenty-sixth
District: Morton G. Goodo, Twenty
ninth District: C. C. VoUBhan, Thir
tieth District, and K. Griffith Doduon,
Thlrty-tlrst District.'
liefau.H<.> of tlio election of officers
In the House, and tho completion of
th? organization of that body, th<*
fe'euat- took ;t rfcii.". On reax.'etti
hllnif there was the usual exchange ?f
messages ami tho ? ppolntment of
members ?>r tin- JolM ituni?'.?<? tn
wait on th* (I'C.iTiior.
There were thirty -M-v-n i t It?
forty iiii nilirM on hand. Hei.it r l.<>tii
I wlrlt'K that he had boon ?!? !..>? i \
jail the < "he.ui ;n-:i k ?? und nl
"*i nat<-r Tlioma.-. ! ?wi.iim I ? r.v.
clllta^i'd In an Itniior'unt In : ?
! Kcd'riil '"utirt. ami S^ti.v.or Ili? ti
j son hot In mi, ln..:id from.
1 A ? i?? w member was puzzled lit iho
! Item -rallc ram i's TiumIhv nlv'hl.
! (I- ? ? ild i> 't t?11 t'.ialrrrati .lames
II !'? .< e. of H<"an.,k . from Clerk J
1 Simd. yr Hvown, of Roanoke, ami
tuml.iK to a friend fiald "Mike and
lice. they look ilike,'' Incidentally
; they have adjoining desks and aro
Fiftv-fnur ?<( 11?o 1 mi members of
Hi*' Jlouso of Delegates ar? n*w
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a itttle
"Frcezono" on an aching corn. In
9'antly that corn etops hurting, then
shortly you lift it right oft with fin
Kcrs. Truly!
Vour druggist sells a tiny bottle ol
"Froezone" for a few cents. sufficient
to removn cvory hard corn, roft corn,
or corn between tho toes, and the
callouses, without sorenccs or Irri
tation.?Advertise niont.
p^a FaaoHagr4Eg&BKfi rjt$ Kg%
Hj ^
^ The Woman's Tonic |
^ P 10 pp
E My Amoc lutoil I'r? xs.)
MAl-iill.), Jan. (I.?T!io Coulltiou
hemic! !.y Antonio Maura as I're
mivr ami MinUtcr of Justin-, re
sinned today aw a result of the hit
ter political ttrlf.s which hua been
proviilcnt 'ti Si>.i hi for a Ioiik time.
Mark il opposition lately had been
?l.i.v.ii r.. tli?? romlurt of tile Minis
cof \V:?r Iiy Sen or <1? la Clorva und
tli.? .Mini-1 y <?: l iuancc by Senor
1 "Ji i"!
Simons in A?*l u* Ailtlirr.
lti:i:i.' .. .1.1:. :i. i>r. Walter
t ?>!. fo: liter M !.it. r nf Kurcmn
Affair.-, l.-i < lireti i ni;.iy I liy tho
v ? ? \ ? r i .:.:it a-t its lujfMl adviser on
'In- i 'i sst-k"i? -<;*? i man boundary
mr;1 ? in- ^iii.h.u nrrlved
It: He'ith'-i
I'.y A- .-.i-laifii I'rcsi.] _J
CLEVi:i,AM>. Mtilo. .lai;
nyndlraio Clov* l.tndurs are -aid
t-i be hi the market for the lloVoa ,
American Ucague baseball team. Sani ?
I^-utBch, prominent local sportsman,
loft hero last nlKlit for New York to
confer with president Kraruee, of"
tho Keel .Si'X.
Matt. J Hii.klc.' well-kno'v n
referoo ami fluht promoter, who
ina.!-- nn < (Tort to purchase th-? cluu
-ral year.4 an-', also !i said to l>
o:i? of tho syndicate.
Mciiilnehrs from Slighl Colli*
L.axatlvi> ltltOMO QUIVINT. Tablet*
r.-lii-\. the Headache by curing th
Colli. A tonic laxative and norm do.
Mroyer. The ic<tiuln<> bear-t tho sljf
naiur?> of K. W. tJrove. (lio sure you
' >:.-t 1111? iMC?.> 30c.? \dv.
[email protected]?
CASH Sends
a K e <1 Slur
to Your Home
A Year to Pay the Halanee
Discount Allowed for Cnsli
The 1922 M del of
Now !toady tor inspection
at the Nov/ 1 Jilill
Low 1 Mires
? No Wicks
?No A sliest os Hi ni? I'sed
? No Odor
?No Smoke
?Hums 19 Hours to
<>alion Oil
10 22 models now fully equipped with white porcelain high
shelf splashers, door panes aiul drip pan. Many new features
on tho 1922 Hod Star. Seo tho lied Star in operation at our store
every day. Hurnor guarantoed 15 years.
GAIII'AM) <;.\s ka\(;i;s
1012- Xcw IjO\v l'rires
CJlvo You tho World's
J lest f?ns Kan go for I .ess
A Year
t <> l'ay
NOTE?Wo are espe
cially prepared to ren
der proper service ,to
all Sinves sold.
s'3 ~ * J/bJoao - ~x5
.?FT??, BUI ?1|| ?| MB 111? ? III [?IIBIIIM??? !?????I?IIMH
FEBRUARY^ 1st, 1922,
W ??????! llllll I I !?!?! ?!???! !???!?? II?Tfirr-|IB III? I I III !!?!? I|f ? 11 ?! !? I ? III I !? I ?Ml? ?Mi ?? II !?????
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