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Leaders Make It Clear .No
Single Local Can Call
Trend of Voting in Richmond
Not Made Public liy
.*1,1, It HA 111 Kill! JIT.\K1 i.im-:s
Hur Sup purl (iltfn IIiin Srnlre Will,
Indicate linn the Peo
ple Krel.
l.'dioii employe* of ll>?- VlriKiilnl
Hallway and Power Company In 1
Itlrlinioii'l, Xorfu'k, Portsmouth ami
I'rlcrsliuii; will co on strike next j
Monday In concert or there will be
lin strike in either of the four cli |e? |
Announcement with made from union
headquarters lust ii kIii Unit tlx I
Workers In th?> respective c:t(,-s liii.l 1
no power to cull a strike affectum
their city.
U<'i>ri(i' l.utlier Wil ox. ?? x. cil11 ve j
secretary of the Central Trades and
l.abor l'<Mini'|i of llirhmond, was au
thority for the statement thai the
union members in the four <it|e-?
woulil vote a* a ho<ly on the question
of a etrlke. following the Dial lllty
of represent*11yen of the union and
t< fllrials of the I'liriipiinj to settle a
contra verny over Hie wases of the
Hour I.ocbIh lo Act an tine.
Mr. Wilcox explain*'! that the four
locals iii ted hm one In the case of ?
flrlk< ami that no Information would
lie released until the strike ballot In
each of the ???11<-?? w as completed The
balloting began in Itlchmond early
\esterda> morning anil continued un
? ill late last night. No result of ih?
\oting could lie ascertaIned. a* lh?
balloting. which look place in Colom
bo Mali, was behind closed doors,
Representatives of the Norfolk and
, rortstnoulh locals, who visited ISt'b
niond Wednesday for I he purpose of
attending lite conference between the
union men and ofttcials of the com
pany, spoke ai Colombo Halt _\es|er
day. I.cHil'-rs of the men in 11 !??!? -
mf>nd also spoke
l.nrgr>| Membership Here.
The visiting delegates left last
night for their himu'S. and it is be
lieved that voting in the other cities
will lieKlll today. Itichmoiul has the
largest meinl.ership of the four cities
and will |>la> an Important part iu
deciding wheilier the men will ??:?'!
a strike. Yesterday's meeting ivai
largely attended and the ni*it ap
peareil enthusiastic about Ho- voimis.
Preparations for the esla blislimeiit
of a bus line to compete with the
street railways are progressing
(Continued on 1'aire si, Col. > >
Mpeneer Inrlrr In'licit to \llend
Meelln?: for Aurrlcullurnl
I lly Associated I'ress. |
U ASI11Nt5Ti IN, .Ian. 1 'J. -? Secretary
Wallace today announced an additivn
al list of ilfly-11 ve names of delegates
to the national agricultural confer
ence which is to meet in Washington
.Inntinry 2!t. This brings the total
number of delegates who have ac
cepted. to 115.
Those made public today included:
As bury !?'. I.even of South Carolina,
''member Federal Karm l.oan Itoaril;
,1. C. Chafe, Jacksonvillo, l-'la . promi
nent fruit and vegetable dealer; A.
J. Fleming, Atlanta, Farmers' I'ninn;
W. R. Iiodson. Ilarton Rouge. I.a.. dean
W. it. Iiodson, Marlon Rouge, I.a.,
dean. College of Agriculture; Vernon
T. Ilavis, Jackson. Miss., cotton
V grower, M. W. Kilgore. Raleigh, N.
t!..' illreeirtr of agriculture, experi
ment s'tation; 15. W. Stone. (Ireens
l.oro, N. C.. president North Carolina
Farmers' I'n'.-m: M. Harris, Columbia.
S. ?commissioner of agricult tire;
flpencer Carter, Richmond. Va.. Amer
ican Fertilizer Association.
Three Killed In Tornado. x
PKTTIOItKW, AUK.. Jan. 12.?News
rcachc-l here today of the death of
three persons and the dVstruetion of
( farm houses and other property
worth thousands of dollars in a tor
nado thai struck Fallsville. a remote
settlement in Newlon County, Jan
uary 4. The scene of the storm is
ill one of the wildest sections of
the Ozarks without railroads or tele
phones. and the courier who broucrlit
out news of the tornado reported that
many persons arc in need of as
sistance. ? ?
Announce Hlg Circus Merger.
PERI', INl\, Jan. 12.?A merger
has been completed at Cincinnati,
of the llagenbaeh-Wallace. Sells
Floto, yowe's f.reat I.onuon and
/John Robinson circus organization*.
* Jt was announced here today. The
capital slock Iff 12,000.000, and the
concern Is Incorporated under the
laws of Ohio, it was said.
? v , '
Premier's Resignation (Jomes
Willi Dramatic Suddenness
in (lliamhcr of Deputies.
Keenly Re?ented Many ()!)-?
staelcs Placed in Way in
Important Negotiations.
|Hv Associated I'rcsj.]
I'AltlS. Jan. 12.?rist i?1 ?? llri-itid j
toiI;i\ resigned from the t>r?->?<l?*r%iiit* I
and I lavmnnd r?in<;ip', furinor I'm**- i
blent of Ih'* republic, will likely * u<
ceed liim.
Mr. Itriand'* i < c in na t Ion exilic with]
dramatic u?l?1 ?? nn>*"? in I In* Chamber
>f I ><-1< UI im for tlx* l'|em<er. return-^
iiiK this morning from Ms* runfer
cures Willi the Hritlsh I'rinie .Mini.-I<r
a' I'anne*. had I>i<kiuIiI tin* <<1<11<1S1111.'
' 11.< 111 ix-i ?< <<f hi* Cabinet Into ;i<? r?l
Willi hi- 1 ? .11<-1 <- .- jiihI hy it |<*<w< t fill
speech in thl' 1 "ha rti her. had apparent*
ly Mini over tlx- gre?t majority i<? his
? tile His blunt eloquence evoked 1
tremendous ovation. and when he
iihrti|>i!y <1 -1 n r ?? < I hi* mt<*n'i<<n <<f
witlulrawIng from the i!?vi*rninrnt the
members <<f tii< Chamber seemed
overwh< Im?*d
Altliouuh th? ret ii <in<nt of Premier
Mriatid wa? unexpected. It was up
Jarent from the very Ixuinninu that
h<* felt keen r(*fi'nlmi*iil against the
nui 11 y obstacles placed in hi* way in
1 Con tin iu*<l on I'iiki <-'<>. - i
Prosecution Seeks to I pset
Defense . Counsel State
ment About Defeet.
Pumphrcv Asserts Median*
ism Perfect V lien\ Ex
amined After Fire.
Kvidnii'i* eon tallied 111 tin- testi
inony of witnesses for the prosecii*
tioii yesterday in the ease ?<f tin* pov
ernnient aualnsi Colonel II ? ?? > r<l < <ai
l!li:n<lon contradicted stali-men"* pur
portinc to have coine from the* de
fendant. Colonel Klunilon. former
president of tin* 1 'i>mn)oiiwi*a!th Na
tional Hank. of I ? ???*<! v i 11 ? ha* f<e.*ii
indicted 011 iharccs <?f cuihc7.y.liitg
aiul misappropriating funds of th<?
iiistitiiilon. ami is beiim tried in ih<i
I "nil <-il States l>i?iriei Court.
Statements from tin* prosequi ion's
witnesses yesterday, the third d.n*
j of tin* trial, relateil almost entirely
to the ti 111 ?* look 011 the sale an I
vault of the hank a short time he
fore anil after tli<* tlr<* which de
stroyed the building; in January. lt?2l.
They, brought out the fact thai, in
their opinion, the mechanism of .ihe
| look was ^In perfect order". Hiram
Smith, of defense counsel, stated on
the openiiiK day of the trial that the
time lock had to he set several hours
before the opening of business he
cause it was unreliable. >
Shj* IIiiiiiIs Never Iteluriirrf.
That a lime and a check found in
a black satchel t\vo weeks after the
lire at the hank were mailed in Nor
tolk the day after lhe(llre also was
broliuht out in the testimony yester
day. Charges that Colonel Hlundon
teecived i.iberty bonds from custom
ers,- or made purchases of bonds far
them, some months, before Ihe lire
and never returned or delivered the
blinds to the proper owners were
ini.de by the witnesses.
I.awretiee llaynie, assistant cashier
of tiie hank, was tlie first witness i<>
testify that (here was no trouble
with the time lock of the vault dur
ing the time lie was employed at the
bank, lie stated that it was not the
custom to set the lock three hours
before the bank was due to open its
doors for the day's business.
\V. W. Weaver, of Norfolk, letilied
that he mailed *111 Norfolk the day
following tiie .lire, because he llrst
read of the bank's destruction in a
newspaper, a renewal note for $<i.Vl
and a curtailment check for $50. This
note was found in a bag containing
tiie bank's assets. The bag was dis
covered under the steps of a church
about half a mile from the bank two
weftks after the^tlre.
I.ork Whn Closely Inspected.
('/ K. llaynie and James I"!. Harper
testified relative' to the'transactions
In the liberty bonds, llaynie slated
that he turned over to Colonel Hlun
<bf 11 three l.il erl.v bonds for ex
change. He saiil thai he hail not re
ceived tjie bonds at the time of the
*i/<? ifiui never .did .recover them.
Ijilirper said that he gave ihe de
(fitdant $3,00?) for the purchnse of
Blherty .bonds In October, 1013, ;?nd
[flay, i920/ These hiajpds nevar wore
Resignation Will Nut iMudify
the Anns Agreement.
Delegates Sa>.
M. Sarraul. French Minister |
of (Colonics, lu Continue
sis Kepresentative.
I l!v Assni-iiiinl Press.)
WASHINGTON. Jan IV Tin- resig
nation of M. Hriand, <he French
I rime Minister. will not moillfy th<'l
leslllts all-ady attained In tji.. Wash-!
:naton conference, nor delay the con
sideration of snlije.-ts on tin- anemia.
In t h e opinion i.f d.l'-isa i?-s to th>*
coiift'l i iiO 1 Till* Vi< ? was express! ii
today l> Sceretarv 11 > j m It ?? -i. Mr li.il
fotir. load of the I'rilinii :;roiip. ,ui>i
>-nalor Sell.*. ?i*er. of Italy. wlilli- .Sf.
Sntraul. I? < ? I of the French dele^a
?i|..ii, in ai.fwr a <|i" Klinn toniuht
.1:' 10 whether in his opinion ll??
tturk nt lli<' < onf?*i would In- ?! ?? -
l:tveil on this a....-int. ~aid:
No. not at all. I see no reason
wjiv th"Ve should lo- tin- leas; delav.'"
M. Siiiraiit, who wan Minister of
ill'' Colonies in the Hi.ami ministry.
? in Washington as a plcnlpoteniiit'y
of Kin iii-p ami it is 1 vimi'il In
French circles here that the dcl'un
ti'iinllnuH on I'kkv 4, t'o|. C.)
Anns Conference Sees Danger
tu Work From Hriand s
i _ ?
Furmal Vote Will He Taken
nil Treaty Saturday or
, | H* \sso,iat-d Press. I
\\ ASIIIN'i >T< ?N. .Ian 12.? Furl hi-r
| details of I it 1 111 the naval (treaty ami
I the Shan til 111.' negot lotions. were
ironed out toilay. I? 111 tho arms dele
Kates ua\c 11 |i hope of a plenary
j .'ession this week lo announce de|j
lilt.- results.
The "hie five" completed its first
I revision of the naval con vent Ion. and
} sent the text hack to its legal ex
perts for a redraft of the .chances
made. It will meet aualh tomorrow.
1 and a virtually completed treaty max
he read} for an executive session of
| the full tiax.il c ommittee on Saturd<i>
[ or Monday.
In the Shanttini; eon versa ? Ions fnr
[ tlier siippl -mental aurccmeiits were
| 1 ? ach?^d hy the Japanese and I'hinese.
and a new promise of progress 011
the eeutral question of the TsinjJtao
Tslnanfu Kailroad was held out hj a
series of compromise proposals miu
gested infornially Ity Secretary
Hnelies and Arthur .1. Halfour.
Ilrluiiil'o IIe?Ikiinl I011 (noses Stir.
Word of the resignation of Premier
Krinnd, of France. created a momen
tary stir in conference circles, hut
the disposition in French quarters
tonicht was to minimI see its imme
iliate effects the Washington ne
gotiations. Alhert .-'arrant, heart of
the il'decation. annotineed he would
tin ahead with his (inference duties
pendinc instructions from the /icw
I'ahlncl and Imlieateil his liellef that
the chancre of administration would
not vitiate the agreements projected
Anions American otlicials in the
(Continued oil Figo Col. <?)
| Hy A ssficia ted Press. 1
WASHINGTON. Jan. I-?Anoth?r
delicate situation has been cleared
nway a'nd Secretary of Navy llenliy
will in consequence lie ?h|e to hunt
as often as he desires in Virginia.
At least so sa>|s a litter the secre
tary received today from At. Ii. Itart.
secretary of the Virginia Department
of Oame and Inland Fisheries.
Itecently Mr. Iienhv .was reported
as having engaged in a game hunt in
N'i Oil nia without haying: a State 11
<v6se. and Mr. Hart wrote him ask?
itig an explanation. In thp ensuing
eychanRe of notes the Navy Secretary
showed that he' had had the required
certificate and Mr. Hjirt's reply today
said; ? ?
"We trust that yon may visit Vir
ginia on hunting tripi f rctrftefitly
and wish to a#*ure you It will give
this department ple.nstv<-o to assist
you In making your visit enjoyable.
J3 to Baltimore, Popular >_Yorkv Ulver
Line, 5:10 P. M. Dally; Exv Sun.-^Adv.
Boily's 1.500 Chilis Will
Debate Treaty Three
call hk; <:<)n\ kntion
W ill Br (!o hi | nisei I of 3,000
Drlr^alrs From All Paris
of In land.
Iv I N t. I'll IM I. I IMS \ <1 \ i; li T y j
A i*lImi t ri-nlr. Ori'lilrilly Oot.ri
|ire??l?ii?Oi-iirr.il llnll Strike
f lt> As.?(k |;i|,-,| I'r.-ss |
'?''Hl.lN Jan. T(?. Iv |,it;'y
I roi l.i(i)it11 ,.r y n n
>1 >ll<- of I In- mix
illiati.s *i nil III., resolution of II,..
-int. I' ??in *? \? ii?i\".? council 1,, sum
'<??? -??? extraordinary i*.*i.\ ** n I i. * n for
l-.l.ruao r io ,In-1,|,. f?.
"rgat?iz:?ti..?ii il4u) jlH
l?'li.?. ;ift ? r i:.t im.tin ,|,. Valera hH,|
1 l"'" ?' Mdit in III.' organization.
were III. |.j..f ?|?. tH in t !<#->
Irish >itiih 1 if.ii to.|a>.
It. hind Iti- I>;ii| I !il ea nil stands IIih
.-inn |-V: >\ organ iza t j.. i, ,,f nearly
I . lul.s r? ?.mi cv.-r> .list rict ii,
Irela ml. n responsible for the
success of i>arllani.-ntnr\ an.i *.tlt?*r
.'..lions an.I is regarded as | |j?. au
thentic j.i.pu!ar voice |?y all Sinn
Kcini-t.-. I >. Valera Is still its presi
dent. and .ill it* inni-hiticrx hereto
fore' hay bicn directed exclusive!.*
Inward ind. ptnd.nl republican alms.
Klr.-U Slantllng Committee.
Tin- in..riling session of the rx.'ru
live hotly of th?' Sinn Kcln was de
voted t<< tlif election of a standing
< oinmit' "0. which meets in Dublin for
all routine work of organizing. The
.-lotion did not follow strict party
lines, I,tit itv in .-in l.ershi p will lie can
vassed throughout Ihi- country to
morrow i.. as. .-rutin whether its in
fluence will In- tis.-d for or'against
ill.* support.-m of the treaty.
I'.- Va .t.t franklx faced the situa
tion. I't'comiixiiii* at the outset that
within tli.. organization there were
two opposinu forces, for and against
th.* 11 ia t > Ills Idea wits to seen r<
a sort of temporary working ar-j
ra im. m .-ii t its a tills is t f 01* supporting? !
ill.- I Mil Cabinet while that hotly wasJ
act(nu ;n its capacity as authorized
by the r.epul.li.-an government. lie
expressed th" hope thai there would
!o- n<> hit t. mess, anil left t Ii matter
to til" executive hotly to debate.
l-'nlr llrttln With I'eoplr.
The executive council through th"
numerous delegates declared that the.
final decision regarding the future
of the organization must rest with
the voice of the people, and il was
proposed that the whole i|tic*tion
should l.e disfussed. not by the execu
tive I.imIv merely, imt l.y a general
convention composed of 3.IMI0 dele
gates to lie held in the Mansion
House <>n February 7.
I ?c \"alcra was pressed to admit
that when tile convention had de
rided. the minority would l.e hound
hy the majority, hut he declared it
was his opinion that a division was
inevitable and that each side would
fight the other at the election for a
free state. If the organization favored
tin' ele-tion of represent a I ives to a
free slate, he would not continue lo
be president and wou'.d oppose such
i a nditl'i I. s. lie indicated that Hi'
(Continued on I'atre ?>. Col. 5.)
| liy Associated i'ress.l
CANNKS.. .litn. I-'.?The allied coun
cil adjourned indcliniteb lonigh' af
ler receiol of news of the resignation
of Die ISriand Cabinet.
Adjournment was taken after Wal
ter lia t henaii. (ierman financial ex
pert. had linisiietl addressing llie
I council, and no action or comment
was made upon his remarks concern
ing tSermany'.s default at her Jan
uary reparations payment.
Michigan Man Retains Of
fice l>y Narrow Margin
of 46-lo-41 Note.
BY (;. o. 1\ M KMBKRS
32 Democrats ami l) Rcpuhli
cans Oppose (Quashing
Klcclioii Charges.
M\ s M > \ t ?? u s \i?k r.Min
Art Ion i;nd? llnrtl Halite ?hi?tIiir
Out ?if Content liinllliitcd
I?j llrnrj Kuril.
i iat. .1 /less 1
IJ '?>
WASH IX?ST< ?N l:<m 1.' Truman
II. New berr>. -.f Michiaan. tonight
tiliallj won his lona IlKht for si font |
til Hi- I"ii11Siai.-s S-nate.
The rlsht to tin- '?'?at w.is il -tcr
inll|H?| by tin Senat?? itself. whit-It, l>
M vote of 4i> to II on h resolution.
spoil soldi by I te Jill bl ica U lend ts. as
verted that Mi Newherrj wan en
titled to liis seat.
All who \oi?.I for him were Iti'i
publicans, while ill in* UepMblica ns
ami thirtj-two Heiliocrats, voted
ucMitisi him. Throe Senators were
paiit'll foi ami three against the reso
lution. ami three Senators iliil not
Added to the resolution declaring
Mr Xuwherry entitled to his feat ami
denying the claims of llenry I* ord,
the " defeated IK-mocralic contestant
in the- 1'JlS t lection. that because of
campaign expenditures Mr. Newhortj i
was not entitled to sit in the Senate,
was a statement of public policy by j
which the Semite severely condemned
ami disapproved the use of <:xcessi\e
sums in behalf of any eamliilate.
Nine It e pnbl lei* lit Oppose.
The roll call deciding the issue was
as fol'.ows:
Kor seating Senator Xewfcerry:
lie|iubllcans ? Ihill. Itrnnilegee, Hur-|
,uui 4'abler, Cameron. i'?lt. Cummins j
furlis. I lillineham. Kill!'-. Klkins ,
Kinst, Kcrnahl. Km no". KreMnuhuy
M II. C.ooding. Hale. Ilnrnld. Kellojytf.
Keytf. I.er.root, i.odnc. McCormick.
McCumber. Al? Klnley. McLean, Mc
N'ary. Nelson. Xew, Nicholson. Oddic.
Cage, I'l-pper. I'hiyps. I\iiti<le.\t'-r.
Short ridge. Sinoot. S-u-n.-er. Stan
tielil. Sterling. Townsenil. Wailsworth.
Warren. Watson 11 mliaiia), \VoMcr
anil Willis. Total. 4?.
Against' Republicans- I'orah. Cap
per. Jones t Washington). Kenyon.
I.mill. 1- Kolletie. Xorbcck, Xorris
ami Stuherlaml
I icmocrnt s ? Ashurst. Hroussaril.
Carawhj. Culborsnn. I?ial. Fletcher.
? Jerry, ti'iiss. Harris. Harrison, llellin.
Hitchcock. .tones (Xew Mvxico). King.
M. Kellar. Myers, tiveriuati. iiwen.
I'lttman. I'oinerenc. Rnnsdell. Robin
son. i Shcpparil. Shiel.ls, Simmons.
Smith. Swanson. Tranimell. I'nil'r
? noil. Walsh (Massachusetts). Walsh
t .Montana i anil Wil'lams?-32.
Six Senators were paireil: Throe
Republicans. Crow, of Pennsylvania.
Dul'ont. of I tela ware, ami Moses, of
Xew Hampshire, being |?alreil for
Senator Newlietry. with Senators
Keinlrlck. of Wyoming; Stanley, o(
Kentucky. ami Ite. il, of Missouri,
Three Senators Absent.
Three Senators were absent ami
voting. They were: Semttois
Newberry: Johnson. of Callfornu.
jjcpublicans, ami Watson, l>emocra .
iSent* gia. Annotiiieement was thai i
originally that Senator Watson w i
liilreil with Senator Nnrbeck, hut
later it was announced on Hi'- floor |
that Mr. Watson did not wish a pair, j
ami Senator Xorbcck volctl.
Mr. Newberry, himself on the floor
,.nly liiice .Inline the Ioiik battle, ami
then to speak in Ills own defense last
Monilxv. teletihoneil his supporters at
the Capitol l?niglU after the result
was delerinineil thai he regarded ,the
results a * "complete vindication and
i,n exoneration of myself ami all
?My heart is filled with thankful
ness." he said, "that the three years
Htnl four months of persecution has
(Continue^ on rape .*?. Col. 5.)
Sir.?My attention has just been called t?> nn o?lii??r.i?I that appeared
recently in your most valuable paper entitled. ?I \ i n c the I.uw a
Black Kyc." I hasten to dispatch this letter to you that you nuiy
know how greatly I appreciate your pronouncement upon the shhject
of the Volstead act and Its enforcement. Kspecia 11 v have I reread
your sentence: "The question of whether the prohibition laws are
wise or foolish, beneficial or harmful, does not enter Into this phase
of the matter directly. The Important thing here is whether the public
and the public's servants are to assume an attitude of indifference or
contempt to\yard a law that has been written plainly on the books."
I find these words very pregnant of thought. Your editorial is indeed
n very timely one and its high patriotic tone Is worthy of sincere
commendation. Allow me. Sir, to again thank you and wish you great
success In your efforts to uphold the hiw."
To the l&ilitor of The Times-1 >lspatc.h:
Very'truly yours.
Prohibition Commission*!1.
Washington, p. C., January 11, 1922.
Will Sueeeed Late K. W. Saunders as Metnber of Ap
pellate Tribunal?Names of Christian. Harvey.
Dalmev and Chinn Also Before Caueus.
Judge Jesse I'Vlix West. <>f Wmv-I
erly. judge of the Third ?J udicial ?"ir
cuit. was nominated liy the Itento
cratic joint caucus ??f the 'SoneraI
Assembly last niglu Jo (111 the va
cancy on the bench of the Supreme
four I of Appeals of Virginia, created
hy the death of Judge K. W. Saunders,
of |;oeky Mount.
The nomination cnnie on the second
hnllot when .luiisi' Went polled sixty
lour votes. t >iit> more vole was
necessary for victory, and Delegate
(ieorRf It. Kecwll, of Itock Inu ha in.
changed hi-- vote front Ifarvey to
West, and then, on motion of Sena
tor Itownlnir. who had nominated
Judge .1. \V. Chlnn, of l:i. Iiiiu?. '
County. the nomination of Jud'.;?
West was made unanimous.
Plvr Nniiim Jleforr tnneiin.
The nominees were .Indue Jesse F j
West, of Waverly: Judge Krnnk I' ,
t'hrlstiau, of l.ynchhuFu: .ludue K .1
ilarvey. of l>anville; .Indue A I*
l>ahney. of Charlottesvillii whose
friends hail conducted a i'Alil|iaiun in
their behalf, and .Indue .1. \V. t'lilnn.
of Itiehinond County, nominated as
a dark horse hv Senator liowninu.
The lirst liail.it resulted: West. ,".t.
t'hristian, 27; Ilarvey. |\. Oahncy, Ml;
t'hlnn. II.
The second Fallot was lieinu an
nouneeil. Clerk liroen reading'. "West,
til," when lielcgnte Keejtell switched
his vote, and others followed in rapid
Browning Defeats Ruther
foord in Demoeratie (Ian*
ens. 60 to .">9.
('.lenient .Nominated for lleneli
in Se\enth? Oilier
C.lioices Made.
Alexander Thomas Hrow niuif, of J
Orange foiintj. twenty-six years ti j
practitioner at the hnr of that conn-j
ty. and tune i 'ommoiiwealt It's at-I
torney, was nominaled for judge of I
the Ninth .ludlcial Circuit, composed j
of t 'til peper. ?u anpe and Goochland
Counties. Ii> the joint Democrat io
caucus las-t niuht. winning hy one
vote over .Indue John limnerfoord. I
of (Joochland. who s-even years ugn
wns elevated to that judgeship.
.1 uilue Mrowning's victory came mm!
the climax to the prolonged nijtciis j
at which a judge ??f the Supreme i
Court of Appeals was nominaled. and
circuit judgeships and other import-J
ant leyal |osts in the variotis cities j
of tile st:?le Were filled. The Itrst ,
lilt I lot resulted: Mutherfoord, r> t?;
Judge Vlkrn llrfrnlril,
The victor.i of Mr. Browning'* was'
hut slightly ni ne spectacular than the
victory of <i Turner Clement, of
Chatham. Commonwealth's attorney
of Pittsylvania Count) , who defeated
Juilue A M. Aiken, of DanvMle. for
the judgeship of the Seventh Judicial
Circuit liy a tote of |il*j in 2 1. tin mo
tion of |?eleuate J. W. Kamcv. of
Henry County, tvlm nominated his op
ponent. tlii- noniinatlon wus made
una ni inoiis.
ISefore uolnu into the chiiIcms for
judgeships the caucus nominated
Joseph Itntton Stale Commissioner of
Insurance, and then nominated the
.Oliiinii. on I'a Ke 2. Jo). 3.)
alli:(;i:d bandit sknds
(oiiiiniitiient Ion I* Purported to In
l>'rout Slajer of At Inn In
I My Associated Press. |
ATI.A NTA, t!A., Jan. 12.?What
purported t*-. he a lelter front Plank
?It. jMipiee, under indict nient for mur
der ,?s a result of killing one man
and seriously wotindlnu another dur
liiu a JeIry store robbery on Peach
tree 'St reel here shortly before
Christmas, was received tonight hy
Die Atlanta Constitution. "I am not
in hiditiK and don't Intend to lie,"
the writer deciaretl. hut did not statu
his whereabouts.
The letter, which was signed "The
Peachtree Mandlt," was mailed In At
lanta today, and declnred that C. M.
Muckley, a taxicah driver, who i
charged with taking tMipree to Chat
tanooga, and two other men indicted
In coirnection with the rohhery, were
innocent. It also sought to cast re
flections on the detecting nhlllty of
.\JlantH plainclothes men anil ex
pressed regret that M. Graham West,
city comptroller, who sought to halt
the hnndit. had been wounded. Mr.
Wf*t I* recovering, but fpr saveral
dn^s his llf? hunt In the balance, ,
? '' ? ?
ssion. and amid acclaim the
nomination was made unanimous.
At I lit' opcninn mucus, Senator
Clinker, nf Halifax, sought in have
the iii? tni 11 >?tion of Jutlsv of tin' Su
preme Court ilffrrti'il unlit next
'I'u-'Mjaj nii;ht. but after prolonRed
debate tin joint caucus voted to en
i"r upon the nomination. Nominat
ing dies were limited to* ten
minutes, aiul seconding speeches to
tive minutes each.
\\ n? Horn ly Siin>r? I niinly.
?I ml e West was burn in Sussex
County. .lul) |t;, ibciiiK a son of
the late II. V. West, a larne plantei
Ok that county.
He recelvcil his preliminary eiluca
:}>:? at Suffolk t'o'leitiate Institute,
After which he etttereil th ? Cniver
slty of North Carolina. i;railuatinK in
ISv.-i, anil entering the law .?. hool of
the I'niverslty of Virginia for the
session of ISSfi-lSXiS to his
l-ual training. lie bcKau "liis prac
tice in IvsT at Waverly, was elected
county judge of Sussex in I Mill. Iiolil
iitthe positloji until tin- passage of
the new t'oust it lit ion in It'll;!. Since
then he has served on the circuit
hench of the Third Circuit. composed
oi the counties of Sussex, i'rince
tieorjje, Surry, ' !reensvllle and
Its nnswick^ find the city of Hope
well. lie has nerved > onl inuousl \ on
Hie bench for twenty-nine .tears.
Kiy llt years ago h" was a candi
date to succeed .Indue Ihichittau, at
which time .ludsc Kelly, now prcsi
t Con linnet) on I'aije U. Col. 6.)
1,000 U. Soldiers, Brides
and Children on Dis
aided Ship.
Dispatcher Keport (Trippled
\ css?% 1 Slill Se\eral Hun
dred Miles at Sea.
I My Associat ed Press |
N!?:\V YoliK. .Ian. I J.- IttilTeted by
inoiintaiuoiis seas, len'-iiiu and par
tially disabled by engine trouble, the
army transport Crook tonight dog
gedly maintained her tight to ri ach
It* nil with her 1 foreign service
vcterittts. war brides and children,
Wireless message* picked up at
tiovernor's Island reported the troop
ship still several hundred miles at
sea. but steaming toward New York
at a two-knot dip. t'p to early this
evening, tlic St. Mihiel. sent out to
aid Hie Crook, had nt>t reported.
Hispatclies from the transport de
clared the morale of.- all on bo^ril
was hit; h. unshaken b > last night's
orders to man the lifeboats and pre
pare to desi rt the foundering vessef
Women, they said. httliK over the
rails, laughing and joking with tin
men. who salis: a,s they made all ready
to mi'ct the i a tastrophe, if ii should
incur. Many, however, were seasick.
"Carrier Service
Above Par"?
For the week end
ing Sunday, Jan.
( Sy the Efficiency
Rating of the Dis
patch Carrier Sys
tem iv as
Home Delivery
. ( y V'-;. .
Shatters Hopes of Good
Roads Association for
This Session.
Gives People's Opposition to
Added Taxation as Rea
son for Art ion.
votk no\v\ itK('o\sioi:ii.\-rio.v
llente) I'rKM lOnrly ImrMlcJilInn of
Itlglitiur Poiii mis* loner nnil
Drpurl oirnt.
Hy a declsiv vol e. T H to IT. (tie
Mouse of Delegates yesterday doked
the .loor ncm inst consideration of :i
I'oiwl issue f?r roatU a, |Ji|s spss|i(|i
It adopted l.y ihIf vol* a resolution
offered l.y Delegate .Marvin Smlthey
Of I'.rplis wick. pledging Itself against
support of ,u,y road I.on.I Issue at
this time.
The resolution Shatters the hopes of
members ami .supporter* of the Vir
ginia Coo.l .I* Association who
have lieen campaigning ./or many
months past to sccure favorable ac
tion on a In.ml Issue ilui-inc the pres
ent session of the Legislature.
' lie Smlthey resolution as adopted
y House follows:
Teat Of sin11 he) *n lleaohit |?n.
W liercas. the people of Virginia
are opposed added taxation at this
time ?nd during the present ?erlod
<?f depression favor the most rigid
"ii'tiomy In the administration of the
* ?' tit fft (ho .f>tutn consistent with
?ood government, now therefore, be
"Resolved, U.v the House of Dele
gates of Virginia, that we pledge
0 the people ?f Virginia that we
"ill not issue bonds for public road
improvement at this time."
The recorded vote follows:
Was?Adams. Anderson, lleattie
M,,Uon- "ondurnnt!
Howies. Ilrown, Israel; Krown. .1. sin
!'. !"* Hr"wn. Mayo t/; Campbell.
??rter. Coin in in n, craft. Means. r>*.
i iii, jIkks, Dntson, Kller, Kwell
<Vrav V u-r;'' KU""r- "rahan,;
'? X.; Hiiovoi* \y
? ? M..rner. Hersley. Hurt. Hylton!
ell 1* S' K"U "1 "? Keex
' Ku?, r- .onn, .M,.Caleb. .McPntter.
>/lin nwen. Patters,,,,. Prjm
1 age. I ri,-,.. Prime. Ramsey. Itb.hards'
Lodgers. Shepherd. .Sinclair. Smith
"re" Men,-,; Smith. ,.
urner "V'r *?*"' ^ ?"??
T?yiV" ? ??r. T>ler. War
Nils V''""' '' K ;
? ? .-?'?>. Bright. Pie teller.
uu'TriVZy- Ml,SSeV
U-ili in, '\v M S,?rv' Williams,
Writ It * ! ' NV","lvll">
_ I't- Speaker H rower. 17
.uZ'i <!orrt?"
Vmlth rls. Itamsev,
? 7J 1,;,rleS S?"th. Lemuel K.
Vote I),.,,,, llMnl,w|,lerallon.
n.lo.^ifTh?,,i,!,0y n",V<,,, ^consider
??nd his section of the State were 00
ose.l |ssll(> for rr)|||R
Hi s time, and he helieve.i the same
n "" prevail a larger
port.,,,, of the State. .Mastf-meet ings
held through his section of the State
lie *a;d. had adopted resolutions
attH Inst bond issues for roads, and he
feared that unless the Legislature
went on record at this time that a
large portion of the time ?f ||1n
Mouse ?iiitld be consumed in discus
sion of road bills.
Ploor Leader R. lloiman Willis of
Roanoke. moved that the resolution
l>e referred to the Committee on
Mel,Kate .7. M Hurt, of Nottoway,
said be was in a >rtl with the dele
gate from Mrunswick, and related the
tax-burdened Condition of the farm
ers. Me said he-was speaking because
lie wanted hly message to "get back
Mel,gate Merge R. Keezeli, of
Rockingham, said th;it practjcaliv
?? very agricultural organization in the
Slate had gone on record against a
bond issue for road improvement, and
that the state Horticultural Society
now in sevfsion in Richmond, had
adopted a resolutiog asking that there
be 110 bond Issue or added taxation at
tliis time. Me urged that* the rjues
llon be disposed.of at once.
Wnntn Hon,I KuntU In On .Moat Rood.
Delegate f.\ ]>. Holton, of Rote
t^,?,*"t. said. "We want to handle tho
n>ad funds #m they w 111 do the most
H?d for tlie peopie of Virginia."
Delegate R. A. Woods, of Norfolk,
said he bad canvassed .luring the elec
tion on the. platform for a bond Issue
to meet Federal aid. He said the
sections of the State which feel they
nre overburdened with taxation
should consider the citlew of the
State, fo^ they pay the greater p,-r
tlon of taxes in the State. Mr. Wood#
emphasljeii the point that the reb?oa
the people of Norfolk and the Kast
ern sepljon of the Slate had money
to pay their taxes waa became they
(.continued ou f'ago"*, cqC l.>

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