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) ?'?
January 13,
19 2 2
Fruit Growers l'ass Rcsulti
tion. Asking Farm Loan
Board I<? Aiil'Mo\t\
AXMM, ( i.om;s
]!or(lriilliirnl Sm*lcf> llrnrs (iuvrrnur
nml OtVirr ^iirnkrrH on I n rut
Topic* in rinnl Session, ami l)U.
n|)|irn\rs I ???t??I llmfil. hMir.
, Ex!>ii's.?ltig its disapproval of the
proposed In.n?| issue nl c.n.iii.i. null :
t<>r roads. t.>tnnicmliiig t li? ? work of
tl'y Stat." v\i: i i. nl t lira I < ?.. I eg.. .it
Hlncksiiuri:. i xprc?.sim: grat|(i. ai .. i
iti 111* aci i.iii t?t Pi ? -,.1< rt I la( >li 1.1; in
calling I'm- .hi agr. -tilt mi iI ongrcss,
ueniitl" til.* a j.I*.?:t.t (ii? ? iii ..f an am i
CUltUlist .11 t !|. I'.iI.M?I l:.s-cr\.?
Board and an increased valuation . f
i n har.ls I>\ t'.. lVd.ial K.irm lean
Board, tlx t wi-ntj - si \ t Ii annual nice:-,
I?lg i.f III- V i u t .i Ii .it ii 11 ii i a 1 So
clely t.iin? an end yesterday after
noon at A!111 1111>'
Tli. ?lay's ss ..us \vei ?? itf.ii-t-'
inc. Iti ailili* "ii t>> discussions <>f
matters Ml iinp.-rtnilcc t. ? till- society
liy noted speakers, iliiveriior l?avis
s pol< e briefly, i ong ra t ulat i lit tile mi
ganlzation upon its constructi\?
work and i's value as one of ties
State v in. vi iniportant asv.-t
Se ritarj IxralTt. ..f the \ sso.-ia t. .|
Cooperage . ? t 111.- I'nit-d State*,
spoke mi Tli- Itari 'l I'a.-k and 11,.?
Iiarrelette In Kolicits. of tli.- In.
part nil'nt ..f Atinultur. s;...ke .>u
"Apple S. all ?'? .(ill - . ? and .1 II.
Mpek. director of the Divisi Alar-1
ket s f. ? i 11: in la. dN. u^s. .1 \ >
QjieratiV" Marketing l..n\ f..i Vir*
pitlia " 'J. Kalston. >f III > I*shurg.
Jed the discussion of tin- 1JI22 spray]
recount!- mlat .>ns ami <|r.-;si .1 tins
importance <.f observing tin- reconi
niendations as a pi > caution.)! > inc.is-|
ure Tin rotllid - ta Ide e.nit erenee. led
by Mean II I.. I't ?","ot tne Yirgiuht
Agricultural College. proved ? v cd
ingl> inter.-st inu
In adopting tin varoiis revolution*:
tlie soeiety mad.- it clear tliat none
of the rceoinuienda t ion s was tnade in
the spirit "I -eltislin. l.iit t;,at the
interests of all had I ? .mis.>1 : ? <1.
The soeiety indorsed the purposes^
pf the liinitatioit of armaments con
ference; asked for a regulation of
file assessment of taxes on orchards
authorized its olllcers to itM|tilre into
transportation rates, and urged i'oii
press to renew its fruit crop report-'
int.- servie..
Trllniiir Curporn t ion W III toiiduet
I'rinllllK llllillle-s ii ml |<?ur
Weekly IIepnIIIlenn l'ii|ier.
The Virginia Tribune Corporation, '
Kielitnond, with a maximum capital
of l.'iU.tiini ami a minimum of |:iimi, was
granted a charter lix the Stale for-!
porution OoniniUsion yesterday. The J
corporation u ill do .i printing and
nuldisli wig l.iisiiiesv. The others and
incorporators are Simeon M. Atkln.j
son. pi .si len: ; I'nrlis M. Iiosict, s.-e
ret a ry and < \ !?}. Sutherland, all oft
Itichtlu.nd The ii.nii<any will puh
li.-h the week 1 > newspaper which will;
lie tin- organ of t .? I:. pu I.Ilea n parts
in th. Slate, it is reported.
Otln-r Kirhinond clurn is issued
\\ ere:
A. i.. Johnson, & Co.. Tncorimrated, I
K ii'hinond maximum capital
luiiiimuin }|it?'. to do a general com
mission and produce husiness. The
Otllcci > f. till incorporators nre>- \\ l>.
Ill-owning pi .-i.lent; A. 1,. Johnson,
f. er? ? tar* and I'yrus U . lU-ale. .ill ..t
I h> Standard Amusement Corpora
tion. Hlchniond. with a iniiNluiuin cap- !
Ital ..; !j ., niin inum of
? tnliict atnuseiiient enter
l"'s ?? I Kinds. ?: u W...-ham
J're?id. (1* \ r. . (? t.loll. ?. ? ... II
ami i; K. all of iti. hinond.
"?luil> S liih \\ i|| Meel.
I* or. i: n I cule ami Shipp ru* ? will '
l" t?*e si.Ii/ t dis. I> sed ai tl .' , . I
lar ni. . tinu of tin \1,, |, ,n Mu>
Study Oul?. :n tli."V . oim-i.,,.
,Colony ii, Ki.-rrm.tr. r I lote'l.
<?? no ,
Al g I'll t ill.' i : . pill.il, ,, ; ,, ..
? ? 'Juir
l'ftny, Hill d - ; . ; th. si. , I.
Jif M??";!' if ih>;KMandfr?
< eivcr. Ku_-.|. M Audi, w ? ... |. ?
rnond, vviJi sneak on ?* ? .
(illlil (imii|iiiiivS Irllstee*. Mir Itiiiik.
Suit u :?.) ; ill- 1 nit-.1 States
l.istr.t ?' i r t v- ; t et d a > liy r | . trns
I"l a II. . n ' ,ii .. i\
chew11 u u .. nii,
v. i-nt int., i. . i \ | .?
against t| . r.. .,
lecuvel 5; . ; 'I I,,
trusties ' I ? , .
f.le ,!? | .. . v. e,T
bank .i
iii: a in-' t
should I .
\ i d?'d m
cornpa n \
?n, pa
' ' ouipaiiy,
net -. ? U )|o
? IM.rii.ai>.
^1 iiank i<?
? 'lit the
iiUetl ny the
I'll - III..||e\
"I and df
OI.S of (I,..
Mill*. UUf, Mull I? Ulr?-lux !?>??.
William Farnum
in ti llriitiin lie t.n\i*
I ???! 11% r ?l C*?n?nl>?
( IIMIM. \i: NT >lll Ml \ \
Thomas Mcighan
11? III* N ?? *\ I )?? 11uli t
'A Prime There Was'
Willi s |t I ii I l>?% l?l in r Ic*
I >it % or Nli; lil. "Si-?Tn\ tnr
Cecil IS. De.Mille's
"The Affairs of Anatol'
I till I .<.11 III S M M l ull \ % :
I v- i i \\ ii i>\ t >??i umi.:
-Mali. I'i<-. Nit; In* ?lii\ I lie.
Mary Carr
u i<li a ii ;m ill t n% | | ii
"Over the Hill"
At jl?i iail.*i: U::'.0i I: I.%! 7: 11:1ft
m i \ i \ i n\ ? :i:k
^ItiosJ L/Iucp
Measure Sponsored in House l>y Lynchburg Delegate
Would Restrict Commonwealth's Lawyers to Trial ?
Fee and Flat Salaries Specified by Law.
Ml f- . s a.f < ?om iimn xxi'ii 11 It's nttau
i mys of oitirs anal rountics in Yir
uinin. otlia>r than tlio }ln (rial fa-<?
? lit.I .v|..'.i(i.-,l tlai salari.-s, xx ill |?
?llinillalfil if |||.. I,,|| ,,ff,. a 1 y.slaT
? lay l.x I i;:, i?. M;,v? c. Iiruwn. <>
l.\ lla-lllllll'K. Is pilSsnl. Tll?? a' ITa'a'l ail
Hi.' lain is t,> a ma nil Hi.- t>\istiiiK
laws 1.1 limit III.' a-a.||i|i,'iis:i t iaitt of
ili?- Comiiiniixv, allh's at lurn.-ys i.i
a llla.llti | s ti\.'.l 1.x III,. .|,.| ils <u'lia.ws
'?"I" till' <ilx a a t Itivll III a ? 11 a I. 7 ,"i(l;
Naall.llk. $ 'J. J Ml, I Vt a't'sllllfu . J| 7;,,,.
I.MI. III.Ill tf. #l.:.in?. c.iaiiaika*. *|*Tr.ii"
A 1 a \ a Hal I 1.1 $7.'.la; I'1 > I'! SIII o l| I || I $| *,1111*
"?'"V 'II-. ?!.?.??; .Main I,a St.', ?' , moan
mi: Si.nth IS i. Inn..,,.| I. $;,??. st a 11111 oil.
_<"l>ai lull, svill.-, $51111; \Vin.li.s
* l-'t a-'la'tia-ksl.tlrn. $.*,(111; |{f is .
Sfiiliiiifiil in Fa\or of \ aliis
|?a (iHfliiatioii (irvslaliizcd
Jil Mass-Mn'tinjr.
''V.'fiior w, st tin.r.'la ml |>avis. At
' o ni ". -1,1 11.Till Jolui 1; S.i 11,0I1 i s a,i,|
?tli*i> | ? i-i ? 111 i ii*.' ,11 m mmiiiipnl ami
S t a t a' atTaiis i.alalt , ss. ,| , ,?.,ss.
llla'a tllljt III III,' < *i t > A 11*11 tori II ,,| lil.st
nlulit. it: iiii 11 ^ at i-i vstii 11 iza t i,,u llf
sa nt innlit .1 a. w iii lis III, Virginia llis
loi nal |\iu. atit
Virtually .11 tl?. j-|..',i ka-rs a|.,la r.-.I
It tlia-ir oitin ion Ilia. |a.au<>a n! in,.V|
talily wotilil ass.-rt it-, i" in ,-ivii- Im-I
t'Tlllallt. illiil it Wiis iii-uimI (I,,> 1,..,S|
aiii* litiz. n .111 ili, is 1,, ri'turn
n s,* 1*\ jr.* mi a 1 > 11 r..i. 111,1,1 f,(r tlt?
11 u arils laa-stou . .1 In 11,. , i|y
' ?" va-rilaar I'axis inlili . ss..,| ||,,.
iiii'ot Iiik. II.' ,-in (alii si/i-,1 it,,. k,.y
II * ? t ?' "f t ll a* W In i|,. pil u ?'il III is laa'St
>"*' ii'l ''I patrlotl, 1 it I/.. ii.-liip. II.
"as 11 > I a |; 111, |,' 11 X i Ml.,-olislx Win II lie
?O' anil Virginians w.-n p,n
\im lii-ans. II, .sai? 1 p.!s..ns ,
' ~ tn this Stat.- from ntlia-r i-itnu
ami liaralilia-s Woiilal it roally
LT.-at !, sson j,i AitH-rii .inism through !
til.- | i.i ma lit.
<t nor Davis ilra lar. al n.,tliii,u!
? ?ulil i,| it,,. , i i > iiv I., iia \, Hi,,
puli.: : in Im i-i! with a Npii it m >. Jf
' ii" ? a ml priili* in th.> i|a>sir. f.,r
? In 11. riio-nt. "| pi, .1-. i,,., ,. |...
nlvht," 1;?* saiil. "a|| alal I onn uiv.'
V". '' i'aiifra l ii|i t.^,1 tin.si whi.
oric 11ii!,? a 1 ili.' i>au.'ani ial.'a ami
W I s I| ,'ll I to II. a ; OI t SI la-a-il t|, | 11, ? i ,' if.
foils tn "liuilil -i j, olio of l!i,' fz 1'i'ii t a\s|
?"it i a s .if on.- ,.t tlii. era .iii'si Statoax
? if mir i;r. 11 an t ia>ti ??
K? licl M Itockwoll. i.f Marl Icon. I
Wis 1 ii i .-.| r |iaua a in s ih. |ws|. i
lilla.wn ant ialol). t.. Itolslo x isin ami ;
II II IT Si in Ami'ti. ., Sua' lir?...| j
I'll, rill iain. .I. la, i?(? it ,|. x ,-i,,|,s
mutual si hi|iiiiliy ami nni|. i sia mlinu.
la.-k i.f lnjf t ixla \ lias .au-..| III..
la' t ilifTii-ultlAs in ii,.. iiiiiion.
-\ t tall-|l. X - I ! III. fii . S., II 1111 a-1 - S t I a-IS s I'll |
lio- **il iia'a t i'.iiii 1 I a III.' ,,f ii,,. litis 1
pas:.ant John II. i Sunalla. Ii. pra-sj.
a I ? ? f 11 nf til*- Si I .on is I'ai: fii nt Sa.- j
?iatx. a ml Thomas Woods .Stava-ns. !
? ail a.f th,. sell..ail ,.f ilrania at <"ar
' ' i?' *'"? ' h. .Ilsn x\ ,'ra. spoiil<a-rs I
' 1 Iv.T J S.ui'ls pra'siil.'il.
I !\piartl-rs to lloslon.
1: '? I''11,1 . \p,.| I, I s linv.. ll. a ll in - ,
'??I to Ilia Illllallai.il ,,f II,.. f,.,.iun ]
a III,. , 'liainlii-r ..f
in t lla* a?!,| , ,, x a i
i 'ii - at tli,. |jj. Ii hi, . n,| Hi.i,.i. Tlims
;M " iH'llor a.f I'laual.' A Huston, j
Kirst Assistant .Sai-r,.iary a.f Com.
? .liatiia s I". K. ii.n l. . I,airman
ia -? issii. <1 a pa'i'Si.n.al invitiit ion t>.
? Npi.rt.rs to att.'tiii iiml m..,., \|,
II -t.'ii. Tin- Innclii'on xx ill |M. sa.rx.il
-.1 1 a.rlork.
'I'aa l)lsi'iis> I'lij Karin.
lio Man's Assot'iii t ton of St. I'ai|'<
I . I " . a ? pil I I'lllll'l'll XX ill llla-.'t |n l|,p
loans.' at .*, UlIS af|r.r
?II t ? a alisi'llss ||,.. proposal of (.)[.
? ihlisli
?'' > la tin J inli/,' |i
li.liai a,,,, ,. ?,..(I:V Miin
\v,n !"? ?h?. sp..ak.-,>
n^ v,,< '? ???? iiivtittaiion.
i lie ^ alcntine Museum
O|ion liaily from io to 5.
Sa'ituriliix s from 1 d to 3.
Aalni'ssi,,,, I'roc.
MEN?Furnished Rooms?MEN
I,!" *"|'JT" "? IrerlM
in l>\\ _ u ,:i;K _ ,mN I I|
lla iaia-il?I.|K|,
? I"C mill I old \\ ii | ?? r
l"*lr \ n lor
11' foriiui t ioii nt
? l-:\T|? \| M. I X
tnl. $r?oo: K id ford, $500; Itiii'iin Vista'.
$300; Xi'U |ioi I N'cws, $1,750; Clifton
Koine. $150; I lopcw ell, $1,750; Suffolk,
l-'or the Ci.itiity of At mac. $050;
I'iii- Hanover. J150; for Henrico, $S5o.
and other counties with like popu
lalion a proportionate salary limit.
Kor each trljil of a felony case the
t'oniinotiwenllIt's attorney is to tc
fi'lvc $10. ivlii'iv urn' person is trieil,
ami wlnrc two or inoiv |i?*rsons arc
iikIit-l$1" for one ami $5 for each
of till' ot hers. l-'or each misdemeanor
case >."? is allow t il I'.ut tlii* annual.
? atnitms arc Iii>iit? I to the amounts
?ixfor each ?? it > ami rnuulv in the
Stat*-. This compensation js uaiiinl
I'm tin- |?iosi'i ution of criminal cases
(?o\rnit?r l)a\is and Incoming I
(Hi iff l\\<M-uti\r Kxpccled
;il I illuclit'txi Tttdav.
Coventor \\ i -titioicl:iii,| Mavis. \t - I
tortiey;ici a 1 John I: Saunders ami i
no-ml its of tin- Legislature will to- ]
ila> attend the lunehenn of t!n> \'ir-|
nini;' Stati.' V.cterimir* Medical As- j
Mutation in Mltr|diy?.s Hotel. Cover- j
nur clei'i K. Irt'i 'Crinkle will nttciiil '
unless business prevents
The luncheon. arranued as a ".??>
lial frolic" ami whirl) will lie served
at 1:30 (I'rliirk, marks the close of
the two-day annual convention of the
assoi'iat ion
Ml II S Willis, of < iorilotiovillr.
was eleeteil president al the liusini ss
session yesterday :tfternoon. other
nlliccr- el. t -il were Mi K. .1 Will.
I la rrisonlmt a. vii c-presiilctit ; I'r
ItaWSoll. I'ha I I ot t eS Vl! II'. veeollll Viee
liresiilent; Mr W C. t'hrlfman.
Ithu-kshuru. in'retary-ireasurei Mr
J. ti. Kerne* lmnun. State Veterina
rian. made a brief address.
VII fllllccrs mill Iliri-I tiir". of t IIloll
Hun nre Itelnliiril fur the
I *.iiouiiit: \ ritr.
I.. V. Mollis was re-elect I'll prrs! -
dent of The Savinus Hank of Kiclt
inoiid. at the stoekliolilers' annual
tueitinu * ester.la* afternoon at l
o'clock \ll director* **??!?? returned
to I'tllec an I W. .1. Hit11 ???? and l-'rank
\. Ilolivuti Well elected as l|ew tli< to
ilers of tin I...;i i I. ? lllic- rs. in their
I e|iorts. indicated a success! til, sat
ivfactorj ..ear.
.Ml the officers and directors of the
I'nion Hank wete re-elected at th
stockholders' session at noon licotue
W Call is president. Ccports showed
tlie hank in a health* financial con
dition as a result of an cxcee.linu 1 *
! 11 ospi i nis * ea r. C. i' Hnrksdaie i
. i.sliiei and ,\l M. Walker assistant
. asliier.
The directors arc; A. P. A1so|i. II.
W t'artitmton. Charles Mavenpott.
< Ii oru- W I all. W. ti. Neal. Al. .1,
Straus. te W. Tiller. C. C. llatks
<iale. Samuel ,\| Tompkins. Itiehard
< I** a1111111-> and Cordon Walla, e. ,|o|,
M. Tstylor was elected its a new litem
I... ,,f the hoard.
South Richmond Man Was
Convicted of Murder
of His Wife.
Klijnli Davis, of South lUchinond,
who was con vie toil of the murder, al
most ilvt' years jik", of his wife. and
sentenced to ?lie in the electric chair
on January 117. was* ycst?-rday k ranted
a writ of error and suiipi'kimIi'iik l?y the
Supreme Court of Appeal*. Kxecu
tion of the sentence is I hereby auto
matically delayed several inonllis. as
It will take some time to prepare a
stenographic report of the evidence
ami do other things necessitate.) hy
virtue of ^rllllliliK ?>?" the appeal yes
t erila y.
'I'llis work, it was* declared yester
day. could not l?e ilolie hy the time tlie
March term ItcKins. hut the paper* In
the ease uiav he ready iu time for the
.tunc term, which will he heltl it'
Staunton. .Kiillowini; adjournment >>f
the March term. tin. Supreme I'otirl
will not attain meet in ItichiiUind un
til November.
Appeal was tiled yesterday hy l.otiis
(i WeiiilenhurK and llarry M. Smith,
Jr.. > "iins.'l for Davis.
Mr. Hooker to Spell k on l.ee.
I <r. lieorue K. Honker, pastor "f
Monument M. 10. I'liuieh. will speak
S.'n la;, i fli' on "Tile ; f?* and i'Ii.tr
ailer of (tencral Holier! K. l.ee."
Meinliers of all < 'onfed. rale orcani/.a
i ens hi th?' city, iiicltidifiu I lie vet
era in; have heen Invited. The ser
vices start at s o'clock, and spe. ia!
music will lie a feature.
Delays Telephone Inquiry.
l-'.iiimu to oliiain a i|ti< runi yester
day the I'l.lltlcil I'ollllll't tee on ? ?l ?! i -
natie. postponed e.insidera t inn of )'h.
I li. l;.-i s.in r< solution/ imiuirlnu into
tiie .111? *st ion of tele j>-U.>ne rates, until
Today and Tonight
in "Richmond
Clencral Assembly convenes, 10
A. Al.
V. Al. I. Ituard of Visitors,' semi
annual meeting-, Klrhmomi Hotel,
10 A. Al.
Confederate Museum, Twelfth
andNClny Streets, open 9 A. Al.
to 5 1*. M. |
Dance under auspices Women's
t'luli, i: I nter Park schooihouse,
Hawthorne and Walton Avenues,
henellt Crippled Children's Hospi
tal. S :S0 I?. Al.
Confederate .Memorial Institute
or Itattle A"hi?ey, Itoulevard anil
Kensington Avenue, iipi'ii 10 A.
ai. to r. i". si.
Italian Charity Hull. Orays' Ar
mory. SI'. SI.
.Men's Association. St. Paul's
Kpiscopal Church, parish house,
to discuss City KiirinT ?"> P Al.
(?'or Theater Calendar, see edi
torial page.
mxl .Monday night. when the com
mittee meets I. discuss a number of
proposed changes in the charter.
Aletuhers of the committee present
yesterday were Chairman Alar\ Cunst,
Alderman .loseph C. Nunnallv, Conn
? ilm< n T. 15. .Morton and Percy Smith.
I?r. I'nllMeh'N Subject*.
The sulijectx of lialilii K. X. Calisch's
sermons for tills week are. for this
eveniiiK at K:Io'clock, "The Aloderti
Pharisee," ami for Saturday morniiiK
at II. "The Knil of a Thing Is llettcr
than the Meuinning Thereof." ?The
public is welcome at all services at
He t It A ha ha li.
\ M4?si\i: <? \ i,a i-:\ i:>t
a JAN- 16
t'rn el*
I >?rn l<l I mi
? I X ?
l.utiilerr, \.
In <*oiin?'f
I in?i It li
A piii-nrniiit
Sialic Paterson
Tin* li tirnnfh?n? I I>mu*lim ^tnr
In Hi'iirrlulri' of Oniiro*. %?% I f li
The Hawaiian Revue
\ ll<*iiimIfiiI rrolomir, u l(h
Nn(l?v M u*li'In iih. n ml
I In im'Ith?S ii i|i rising I *? 11* i * i r I i'h I
i:ir ???*(<?.
A ?'VELVET KIND" Week-End Specially
Produced Especially for the Discriminating Hostess
is the time to order
The Hospitality Brick will furnish an excellent
dessert for your Sunday dinner. We will deliver one
half gallon or more to your home Saturday or Sunday.
Special Molds Made for Special Occasions.
Chapiri-Sacfys Corporation
16;' '
It consists of a ccntcr of APRICOT SHER
BET, with outer layers of MAP-LK CHOP
three delightful llavors, all teeming with
Goodness I
JiiiIr* Crump Wilt Mnko KfTrctlve
.Mnnilnmtm t.rnnteil Agnliml
Cur Company.
Jucro Crump, of tho I,hw ami
KquSty Coujrt. nlttiiiK for JuiIro Weils,
of Hustings Court. I'art II., ih px
to Ihhuo an orilvr today innU
lac cffi-ctlvo a ma ml :i m us graiitvil
the illy ifKalnat tin* Virginia Hall
way anil Power Company kpvpiiiI
?lays uku, ?conipelllnw tlio trin'tlon
company to Iksuu transfers to points
on the Hlc'liinoml ami I'i'torslHirjr
lino within tho corporate limitx.
This order Is the result of .1 con
tention that the company lias iI? ? 1::? I
ly refused toyissue transfers to Hli
zens of Iticliinoiiil IIvIiik aloiis 111 <
linn of the I'etersirnrK Turnpike,
who are, It is alleged, entit!eii to all
privileges allowed under the fran
chise. Tile question was presented
In Council ijeveral weeks iiko ' liy
Councilman Carter C. Jones, and a
resolution directing the City Attorney
lo proceed In the inuttvr was adopted.
Cnder the rules of tiie company a
clti/.en taking a car al any point
u'ouu the line could ?ei a transfer
? nlo the city proper, but upon Ills re
turn he was forced to pay an addi
tional fare.
We Will 0ffer~300 Yards
Sport Silks and Satins
At $2.98 a Yard
In this lot are some of the handsomest Silks we have
ever sold. Some of them .were originally priced at
$4.98, $6.00, $8.50 and $11.00 a yard. All to go in this
sale today at $2.98.
Most of them are composed of Silks and Artificial or
Fibre Silk, giving them a handsome metallic effect.
Large Lot of Remnants of
Silks and Dress Goods for
Today's Selling
Floor"One, Grace Street
Women's and Children's
In some instances there arc certain lots where the size assortment
is incomplete; others are different numbers we are discontinuing.
All have been reduced t<* prices that should clear them out today.
Women's Cotton and Lisle llos
ierv, dropped-stitch effects, in
hlack or brown; were 50c; re
duced to 25c.
Women's Lisle llose. with em
broidered clocks, in black only;
were $1.00; reduced to 50c.
Women's Sport Hose, in black
only; were $1.00; reduced to
Others, were I? 1.35, reduced to
Women's Silk Hosiery, in cor
dovan only, with white clock
ings; were $1.50; reduced to
Women's full-fashioned Silk Hose,
in broken sizes; assortments in
black, white and colors; were
$2.00; reduced to $1.25.
Children's Hose
Children's Ribbed Stockings, in
white only; were 25c and 35c;
reduced to 15c.
Children's Black Ribbed Stock
ings; were 35c to 5<>c; reduced
to 25c.
Children's three-quarter length
Ribbed Hose, in black ? were
25c, reduced to 10c? were 50c,
reduced to 25c.
Floor One, West
Interesting Reductions in
Don't buy any Silverware until you've seen these pieces,
many of a kind, which means: See Them Early:
One 5-piece Tea Set, Sheffield
Plate and beautiful Cromwell
design, plain burnished; was
$1)5.00; now #05.00.
One 5-piece Tea Set, in Sheffield
I'late. hand - hammered; was
$100.00; now $75.00.
On,e 4-pIece Tea Set, hammered
design; was $55.00; now $35.00.
One 4-piece Tea Set. plain Co
lonial shape; was $50.00; now
One 5-piece Tea Set. Sheffield
i'late Silver, Reed & Barton
make; was $75.00; now $50.00.
Two Vegetable Dishes; were
$15.00; now $10.00.
Butter Dishes; were $3.75; now
Reed & Barton Plated
; Flat Ware
A Certain Pattern tb Close Out at
Big Reductions
t- ? .
Table Knives, hollow handles;
were. $25.00 a dozen; now
Table Forks; were $18.00; now
$10.00 a dozen.
Table Spoons; were $18.00; now
$10.00 a dozen.
Dessertspoons; were $1(5.00; now
. $0.00 a dozen.
Tea Spoons; were $9.00; now
$0.00 a dozen.
Individual Salad Forks; were
$18.00; now $10.(Ml a dozen.
Orange Spoons; were $12.00; now
$7.00 a dozen.
Sugar Spoons; were $15.00; now
I? 10.00.
Individual Butter Spreaders;
were $13.00; now $8.00.
Icecl-Tea Spoons; were $15.00;
now $10.00.
One lot of odd white-handle cel
luloid Steel Knives, in dinner
and breakfast sizes; were $8.00
to $12.00; now 50c each.
Two sets Dinner Knives and
Forks, in Simeon Rogers Plate;
were $8.50; now $6.00.
Other Odd Forks and Spoons re
duced. \
Basement, Central

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