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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, January 13, 1922, Image 2

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Senator Serpent's Hill Would'
A me ml Two Sections
of 1110 (lode.
A hill ti> amend itul re-* nuot sec
tions 1 ni.l <>f tin- Cod* i'f Vir
ginia, i* to <"*?nfed*Tii!e pen
sions, was introduced in tin- Semite
yesterday I v Senator .1 Frank S? r
gent. of iSate City.
ll provides for tii** pa> incut of pen
sions. out of tin- State Treasury. as
follows: To veterans of the War
Itetwen the States. disabled as the
result (if wnnitds. J7". t atintitn; to
veterans wlm lost a foot or hand '
while in tlie discharge of his dutv as
soldier. sailor or marine t ti e Con
federate States. } 1 ('(' p. ! annnin to
veterans over ?'?-"? years .if aye. who.-.'
loyalty to the cause for ?h:rh th<?y
fouclit is !>? yoinl i|nest|on anil win
nre incap.icifntcd tis a result of par- j
tieipation In tin war ot I>?"?!$TT. ,
per annum: to widows, nntnarrled. of |
?'onfeilernt* veterans w hose litis-|
hand- last tj'elr 11x"? s In the ilivchari:*'
of their dat ? * ? per at mini, t??
widow s of i'nnfeder.ite veterans, who j
since hav. no 11* mari icl. whose hus
bands liave ilied since tertni ntit inn of
the War l.etw. ell the Slat. >? >1 ? pet
tin nit in; to i.ati.ns who si ived in t .e
Coiifed. rate h- xpitals dlirll.u t It ? w ir.
$.'.(i |n r al lium to personal repre
sentatives of deceased pensioners
f.'iO lor ftmeral expenses. for fu
neral expenses (if I 'on telle I ate pen
!-.? :n rs, > ?
(t'r.iit Inneil I'r in I-'irst I'ace i
liail expended lllOH'V ? 11 t lie Improve
ll|e;!t of tlie | loads lltol w.lo tlllls
aide to carr*
I V lie.' ? io|| - \
Highways and tlie
pa i t in. n t jun. ped nt
M on aftei III,. Il.ilise
order a t 1 ??'?lock.
t h< ir h.i>: to
II.L'hwav I ?. -
? tin 1 i ni**l iu lit
w a- , I lie.I to
w hen I l. ieua'e
No-Veil It.Mil.-V, ?.f W. 1:l.lllislllll of.
lend a IImiis.. joint resolution for
the a ;>poi n: :n* nt ??:' :i commit tee ot
>' Veti. to In ? ?impose*! Of three S'tl
titoi- and loin- I ?? 1 ? ?^. .to- :n;. :.??
ail inv< sticat ion of the a.t* of tli.?
llithway 'onim ^sion* I and the
"llichway i "oinmissioii and iep..rt it
iind.nu* to the 1 .? >: is la t u re tiy l-Yb
rua r\ 1".. 1 f? C iJ.
Inhcate Henley v.i.d Mo resolu
tion #'||> not dlr<. ted at til. .1. part
lilt lit or in a spirit of rlt'cl-m. hut
i it t led out tile I >llll!iendatiotls of
il'.vertiii: W>stmor. |an*l I>a\i- ill h ?*
ltiH"-saa. and the re*|i|est *if tin- State
II i \ a x i "oiii m i-- sinner. eo>itaiiie*l in
li:s ant ;al report, which was on th.?
? i. k o: ? v i ry lucin'o i.
Will >er?e \\itll*i||| I * n y,
1 ???!.?ii.it. I'arlii' I n-ans was ntei*
? :? *1 mi kitowini: the . . vt ,,f ih. in
\istii:at on. which l?clej:ntc Ilenley
said sl. 'iild not li.- mil' h. Iiecause the
III ?' in lo i ? would seive wit lout t pay
oilier than their per dloin.
Vnswi l ing a question from Pet* -
a t ? II. IV, .Mr. Ilenley Mild that the
? ? i ? I. tin : 11 \ ? s- 5 uatioti was to
1-1 tile ; eople kll'-w wll* tliel" III*.
? i ? -iii ?: the commissioner and
I ? . pai;ta?tlt w a - Jll-t of Other
' o '? : .!? Hall. 'ly.Iin. i".ih^on and
? ' a|: n that the people should
I are lo f' ? :mat o'i In legate nih
il t i!;n'Mat th. Itidiwav In-!
i' ' ? i ? ? i' id lit:: 'i iv.? v - * on - t it iite.l
? e I .iTC ? t ? 1 "St ,it| the State e\- j
? "lit i. -? ? dm -i < ion.
A cot ion tinallv pri v;i I*.I for the|
t ? li': ll : ? to 11 \ ? 1 to the regular
!' .t *i Far pa?.or emeritus of
\ ?'t';t ?. ? t't ? - li\ : . ? ia ti ?"Inn ? h.
' " *" d Mi- i * .itS n at the n|n niiit;
I .o I .. ?. ? . ?! I i.-' ?? ; a t .-s y ? ?v t ? ? r >? I a
it 1 ?; ? .-l
II W Wil . .ins called at
i ? ? t 'i to ? pi-oi. i - > . - no tlioil ? ???
i ? p ir-- truck of lillsiness t rnnsacte-l
*ll' sum- I'eitili ill- dm v lull it'll \
I .i: .. 1 -t of hit's I ? t. ? red I'.y I; . p
: t! t ii ? ?? hull* tills t HI*: III lie I - i. I * ?
i ii'i,|i.eti re rd of rill h, day's pt..
? *11 lilt s
ZZ 1M leii.lt. II I.:. \ offet .1 a lo'tlt
? - ? I .|| ' t I ? ? 4^ ? ? i ?? j .'i of tile
State lliu way I ?.,?; .i n\ ; arryj
7.- iiit ? li* t mnietidai .oii\ ot ?;?? v?? t
? j .ir |>nvi? "I'll* re?..;tiiio:i was . ;,r
i *??! i.v.-r to toilny at t1 ? i cnlar
hour, afiuf I.eitiK t Imronuhl\ di?
? * l-l'ssed,
^3,* The House, by a votf of 7? to 17.
|'(l?|l'|e.l a |. S' ' ' 11 off* led || V I ??' 1 * ?
f.-jite Smith. ' lit it. - ?*l ]d* dv mt;
* that 11? ? - -?? ? ' I.- I? fo> i id in
? pr o ve in * til -Id 1. o|;-i.|ered .it
? t h s t ine
? i Hi it ? ? t. i : I- ?! I.- .o ? r 11 II ? e -
ii an W I't- i i H* is.- i l.io'it ni-d nn
t 1 1 ?? o .. I Hi > III t li : I.U W he II 1 lie
'.Z". Vole f..r '? .MCI and l.i< I'-aant
lll.Vil ' t | to N-iO'ti ln-r ? 11 t- ...
ill 1 ? i ma 1
~ SKNATK lM{<)Ci:i:i)lN(,S
"* T* ? S* ti :? t ?? wil4- i n ? ?? t t * \
* 7T ' ? x 1.' '? ' ? It ? .i
j \ ? f i ? <1 j ??? ? >! 1 > ; 11 ! h ? 11'? ? ? ). ? i r. w 11 h
? L .f ?:' * . a * I ?? v? t f" r I '? I *11* ?? ^ H . 1;
J ^ ;. J ? I Si ? ?' T|' n. ? S? J|
4 ?
A Rare Display of
Diamonds, and
lirn jon rornldf r
fli#* fj ii ii 111 y >ou'|| rrr
cninlj lir nur|ir|nf d a I
Ihr I Oft prlcr of fhlrife<*
<it AHrn'w. We %*nnt
%un In rowf In mid
nimpirr our. prlrri
wlfb llio*^ ?*Uruhf rf
before arlrrtlnp flue
wbfrr. Th*r? ibr teat.
F<inrtr.rnth mill Mnln Street*.
: ?
fie. in the chair. In vocation was
pronounce.) l>y licv. Kr.il l{. t'henuult.
pastor of Uroii.l Street Method?
1 I'urcli. Kl^iht liil's jiiiil resolutions
were introduce.! tin* hulk ot which
propose a in ml in out to certain sec
tions Acts of the (Sciieral Assom
1'1 -v iu force six less than on
the opening i|a\
Senator Morgan I;. Mills, of Itich
"" move.l that when the Senate
iMljoiirn. it ?lo *?* until 1" o'clock this
morning, at which time the vote for
Covei nor ami l.ioutch'itt t ?< Sovornnr in
l!i. November election will he can
\ .?ss. il
\> 1-':"S tile Senate n.ljoiirnc.l upon
moiioii of Senator I'liarles 1'. (iravatt
"f I'orl Koyal.
Mr Carroll: S. II. X... Tl?A I,ill
l'! ..\' le for i ie- !n*p> < tl?n of gasoline.
niptlm. I..* ii /. i lit* mi.I .nil.. 11.| iii.I^ mill
fiut.l- lis. .1 t..: )l< i:Iiik in.) imn. i pur
I"? refer:. ,l l<> lie. i*i)niini;t?..* dii (Sen
fill l.tWH.
-Mr. Utevntt: S. H. No. Ifi?A hill m
anion.I ai..| r< -rna. t i*.>i itun ,?f tlie
Cmlc ..f Virginia pa that only voters tie.
l.Titiiiii; t.i p.* 11 ? in int.-rest a
'"I'll ' > ?*!?'.' t. >lt l? !>?? I ? 1 si,nil part I?1 Jl:l I.
' ?? 11 ? I ' ? f?* t ? "' * I It. t il' i'otlltllit tee (Ill
1 ? .l-a* s i.II.I K . . II.ins.
Ml. S.-i e.-iit . ,S. II. \o. 1.; 1,|||
iuncml ..til ??nail *Oct Inn ISIS of tin.
' "f Virisliiiii. uiiioh was taken u;>.
? O.lir.i I.. |? prime.|. ami reforr?il in
T*i- 1 " ''i" m. .. f .t I'.iiirt* ..f Justice.
M ' ??' "I S. II No. IT A I.ill |<.
.i*i? ? ?i.i aii.i |. . niict ^.'ciii.n is Hi *jlt.
? ? I- \ i r c t n I a, iflui-h was taken tin.
reforr. .1 to tie i'..inniitteo for t'ourt.s ..f
.lust .
Ml. S* rK* alit. h\ I.'aw. pi. s*.nte.| S. |;
? V 1*111 to alii.-ii. 1 .iiel r< -.'iia*t
*' ' ' "?'* I -'till .if .in net rolntlni; to
C*?if.-.!.-t.,*.. i -in. ..us. icf.-rr* ,1 P. tin i\.i,i
inltt it Kin
Mr. I If lining S. It \?. J;, -a hill t.r
aiii..11.l .,||.| t. . |i.i*i s.. ti.,|, ?f ti?,
1 Virci:-: . :. f..... 1 II,,.
m.tteo ..It I'mill: I,.,. r,.|.? IIIM| Towns.
Ml. Mill. r S. It. \? .'** ? ,\ lull t.i re
n.l'iits. .1. |*. r.,, ? ,, 1|au ((|1
' t M 1 "lost: >.\ . ,t ii, .?l.l.i t..
turo Waller Ware. who was .-..?apt,,,:
th- In iir.t* r ,.f SI,. . ff \v. . It.,,,,1
at.l S. ik-a nt .1 til 1*. n 1-. i!,,,..,, ?f ((|11I1L.,.
< V.,.. -*t-I- -. I I,, prime.I. .,,?i
? rr. .1 t.< Hi,. <'oiiiiiiit: l-'itnwu .
mii.ls in the house
f*'rr.'l un u'r:"lle r'"
To III- i '< ? itl III 111 ?? *? rial ions:
t. -V,,-. r" ? V;""M! ,x amen,| .,,,.1
r. ? t i'iiie i o"t ? V."t * t * "f iin "lt
""t, .' oil I ???I'-'t'a I .? p. i,..on,
'V M ? 11: "\\ n A I. ? t?
.11.1 r. viia. i ? I j..ii .1... ..i th- i 'u.i.. ,.f
. rK'n|:i- i. ml t.. rep.-a,
yi.l.. f.,r (J,,, i.y vin. nt ..'it .? 11,.' s'- , -..
? ""ii r J ..f t|, at:..in- t... i;!,.
!? ??ri a it )i <.f r It. i.iutiti - ;irn| ,.f
e..,,ai? f.-? f. I.., v a, j ,,,!s
? ?? "X >!,.? inaxhmmi
- ? "? " ? ??*...
; ? - r"t ! II.- St.,:,. s|l(| I , ,
t ' ,! ... i "???is'itv. >ii i ? . ii\ r.., ]
? ' ? in' "I" cerl'a ,'n" if. "* '''71""'
f.SLjfliSj ' forfelto.7 I
' S 11 II. I I.. .III;. ?.| ..,. I
1 ' '1' ' '""le ..f virci II I . I . It ??..!. ? ? t
ieliciti all acu anu
'it" \'r, " >""" ? wi-.i iit's .. -i i
11} .Mr. Ulhsnn?A i.in m Hinon.t nn.l ro- !
? Hon t\ii ,1, v ,K u t |
, ' " ""1 HtIt lev en <.'lll ri'ln J ,n.| |
?My >t, ?.'?*, s i. a. pari., .i r |jr |sr.,.!
" x '? Kwi-ll-A i*. ., | :
1 ,*, . , .,| 1
of \ 11 |? : ||| ? * I
- ? ? ??t"?ii 11,!K ,-h, sltv,. ; 0 I
?* < ? 1 - ! r iNil? *w lr i
, M , M - Ku f* ? A *.|J! To i : o)> ?, ? 4|..
?ll,s 1,1 lh" t*i- ??????"; i
,,?!), M'. A ?? amenil ,...
u.:11. .? on'coiirt*"of VilsUc'" '
iii!v i. .naof :
i t Ion tov; oi the Co.i
)\y ? * Hr own \ l, i;;
th>ll ;>v. of th.
CI 111
tn.V "V"" V ?" ani?? t I
i 'rto V -.ctiot, . 'v, .., ...
. i'l.' n!v r';"","" v : 1-x'ii.i.iinii! t:.
",'U '"'v ativ ..|| . ..
r ..... " " ' "f th" "f v.: ?
M. II- rl*. ,| , ,, .?r v Jin
tl- lies'! ?!?im",|i^V^'aourco '^r'.'nn 1!
i.-,|",|?Vt'lt'hIr ?* ,ni"r
li? T
* hi: prohibit!
. ?' '* ? ? CllK-nd iitiii | .* . i
? ! 1 ?' f tl'" '?'??!? ..t :?
. is ro,;rl? ?? !
! ? ?' ?" ' : i'lima va- - I a
'??? M_ M. Ilrown?A hill t*, aiiicnil nth! I
f " ' 'J ~ ?* 'I ??*"! ' |.'.r,
, f l?r.?!i;it !o?? in,| ? )i.*
I- liril '.V'" 'V n,l,?"???l Ju\-enilr 1
, . . ? Utiif lor i *,.. p; .., . . ,
'?ri h ujjate" ?h"l/ l.o?
? * il Price?\ hilt t*. aiiion.l nn.l !
clulA. ' ' ,l"'" t-'oilr ..| Vir-I
"i '' Ilrown- A lull t.. an ntnt '
.' ? " ' :>??? .*r tin- , i \
M ?" Ilrown -,\ l.ll) ;,i,.vii.| a;i.i '
. , t ? - ??! til I . : ,
?- ??!'? ? v I.: p. ??? |.. ?? ,
?l sta.lt es i, p;. .i||i| t ,
.f/ '?<?? l 'II ? - ,
,i . , *,,JI 1 ??? N. .in.I ti. ,!.*?. it..
? "'' ii !?r.'vU!nj.M..fi
/eliaeV ?eeltV.,n''?MiA --. I ;
II 1 I
1; v
' * 'otnrnii :???? ..ji ,
W.i!M'n \ in! t .
?!???<111* \ or ?li?ii ur i
I:V M, 'h!" ' ? -I'lt
aina ?*??? ,.'.lf fo'* ' h?Mn?lH.rt actu'
I ? '"v hMfllln*. t?> r. sud n
IV M. ?i'.,i '"">ni ?" tline?
,t \ ??*? r.n.ui, .
m m u iHiatps a i.ii: to uboliali tho
' "' * " s "f ;? Tit| t ? nil
' " ??"[-'?"i-is ..f ii,
... .. ... : ; ?' '. t'i'?. r- -t. t..|o,.
It. \ t . . . ? "I'll a n.l ..
lloov??r?A bill to amend and rc*(iia(l
Mictions .?ai? I ?'jr? of the Codo of
\ ir^lnl.i a> amended by an net umirovcd
March Is. !!..??
'I'm Committee oa Finance:
Ity Mohsi m. Iluil aii?l S. I >. Kokith?A
foil! to am.n.I an.I |. fiurl hii net to
raise fVi'init" f.?r the ?*up|,i?rl ol 11?4* >:ov
?? t'litii?-tit aii*l public fi ? v ?*cl?ools. an*I to
pay intercut on v la* i ul?!ic vt?? l?t. and t"
IToviil* .1 spvri.ti ta.\ f??* |m iis|(iii.4 at
a ?it liorlfted by i<i-rliMii lv? of 11|.? CoiiMl
l tit Ion.
Tn * i n in 11 !???.* on <;*n*i.?1 l.a?<;
Ity llcrboi t l. Tayloi A ln:> to anii'tiil
ami i f-vnart MTtuu, !.*??? ? ?! 11? ?? I'mlc *?r
Vti KillIs*.
To Commit tee mii Privileges and Klee
t lotl.H '
11> .Mr. l'rlc \ li. tn anion*! and r??
? na* t section !?". i liaptcr l'?. ?if the Code
nf Virginia. . rt .a t Ing t?. tow i ? Klfttra t ioti
i.f \.-.r
T ? **ommP ton lti?ails and IntMiiMl
N? \ ik.i : ion
My Mr. Iloan^ A bll tn am-nd and
r? '-enact s? i*tlons ;{'.*-j ami of ?h*- t'odi*
of Virginia.
To Commit tee oil Special. Private and
I.or?! L*-uIs!a t Ion :
Ity M. ?" It* own A l-i: to atu*-ti*l and
r?? ? ?'iiai t mm ! loll 1. ??f chapter T. of an
act <r?a tliiK and .liovmliiiK tin- charter
??f tli. '.it\ oi l?vu<'hbtiri;.
i:> M. ^rv I'i i.-.. Mid IIadd t. \ t?!!!
to ami'fid and r*? enact >*rt|on .V,t) of tin*'
Cr?<|. of Virginia
11\ .I.? 111.? ^ 11 i?i ;*?*? \ 1? ' for the relief
i.| W I. Wlittdiiir.nt. *
Ity \! ? Sli. pin rd \ lull tn annex tn
?In- county .if I'ln'stv !l irt a pan of the
county of Henrico.
sin<;lk votk wins
cikcut jriHiKsmr
(Continued I'rom l-'irst I'ait1' >
following jinlpes xvlio had no oppo
Kit ion.
Kit *! <'it i >iit. .1 i.U" Cliiir)* s \V
t". > 1 ?? 111.111
I'ifih ."it. <ii?. .Indue i.enrye .1
111 ? 11 < 11 ? - >
'I'lill 11 ? lit li Circuit, .1 ?!<)???? (*|jii;4--'t
I! .Inlles.
Se ven I ???? ti t li Circuit. .lini^e t ?
U hit in?.
Twenty ti I -1 Circuit. .luilm* \. A
?' >li I |*l>.']'
I'ivil .liistiii' ?"??lift nf Xorfu! k.
.tallies I ?:? .ml
I'ivil .1 1st li i' Court of Uivh'l)o||i|.
\V. < *i-iiin|> TiH'l?'?r
I:iiii:t Vista Corporation <'1111'.
I iiduc 1 I. ' !;i nlin s
?liului' I'rvntl* It r on in 10:11 <'il.
Kor tlii- ti'ims ixpiritic j?fI?? r Keh
1 :iary 1. I ml'-. tli?i tollowint; noniii.a
i i<iiis vvi ri' iiunl
Supreme <'niut Vpi?i'iils. .Tiiilu"
I;. I 'i i nt is
Twenty-itf'li Circuit .1 mlk<*. T. M
I tans
Twi i.l) six'.1 1 ? Ii"?'llII. .Indue sj.i
Uiithani I-'Tt*! **I|
Twenty - si'Vfn t 'a Circuit. .1111I1: i 'A il ?
limit K limns.
Twi'fity-liulit Ii I'iri'iiii. .Iinluc It. |i
Twenty-n iiitli Circuit. .Indue I!iii
tii'tt T. iS'iiilnn.
' :i\\ an I 1 'li.'inrcl'v Court, S'nn'"'!;.
Indue Ki.haiil M el I \* a 1 lie
I :. w ami Ki| <1 it v t'oiirt. Kiilii- cm!
I tiiliio 1 \ ? rl \ T < 'niinp
. "m p"i atimi t'mti't. ?? 11 \- nf I'ri'il
?:;.?! m .1 ;ilm- .lolin T. 1 -Ii
I'nVpnrat "11 I'olllt lit\ of S.VIH'll
I iirs.-. pasMi-il lis ami followinu I In
? ?-1 ii' 11 of .Inilui* Wi'st. .IihIl'i- Kr:;ttk
I' I'htisiian u a - ii'iiniiiltiati>il
1 nrpi'i at inn t'oiirt. i-itv of l'i>lir?
li'i'V .1 nil l: ?- .latiiis M .Million.
1 % 1 pm at ion <*oiit't. I'liy of Pan
\ iI ?. .ImlLi' I ?anii-' IV Witlici ^
1 1 ipmai "ii <"oiirt. i'ity of Airv
?.: 1 li a. .luil* I !nli. n si m Monrtlio
l.aw ami ?'liain i'i > 1 'onrl, > ? 1 >- if
Una I.oki .IiiiIl-i l!o\ it. Smith.
Open Child's Bowels with
"California Fig Syrup"
linrry Mother' A t ??aspoonftii of
"< 1 hfurnia Kin Syrup" now will ? hor
i.'M> ? Ii an tin- littif liuui'ls ami ill
1 fi-w limns you hnvi' a will, play
tnl ? hil l ami 111 Kv??n 11 cross, fev
erish. enlist ipu led 1 hili! loven itf
"frun>" taste, ami mothers ean rest
? asy In hi-, it never fails to work
all tin- sour lnli- and poisons rlKht
out i'i tin' stomach and I10weis with
out miplnt; or upsettiiiK the child.
Tell ynii:' ilrtiKKisl you want only
the i.'1'iiuitie "California KIk Syrup." [
w!... h has ilirietions for hahies ami
liiililtin of ail aMes printed on iiot
ti- M ? titer, you must say "t'aii
t'orn t " i'.i r'usi- tiny imitation.?Adv.
"Cauliflower," said Mark Twain, "is
nothing but a cabbage with a college
This reminds us to ask if you have
? ever heard of our unique College Plan.
If not, will you give us the pleasure of
handing or sending to you our College
Plan booklet?
"TIip linnli with Tlirci1 l>imrs <if Opportunity."
Here and There
in the Assembly
Silt it hey IFouhl liar
Kinsmen of Juilpe From
Office in Court.
*? ??niior Sofia in., it i? .
11r I ,,ain| 11 ' b catht t sh.no.
i" -
I Ml?-i>h?>n Henry l.?v,, ,.r
to j'.v ,v',',m!,rr ,,r ,h",,,,uw-|,, ":
?Ot" , U,? Vl'll'lilllJ
"" l,urt'?^' III p.'ll.moilS.
w HU'Zlr of s
I.V. ,'l. I." " ,iU
i. ? mi ? a"",>l???????U
, in,,-, ,,-i.\ ?"e 1" ""v in i,?v
?""II who IS rMJ.to.l I.v .ill) ii j i \
nitv ?i,hi? ti...
OOMI-Ill I.. tho JuUBQ ,.f
J\rv\ V"1' l,in ?f
U.M..V n'1 ,,y >,
...... 'vvaMt* I. 'I,.,. plfl I
?'????'IfiiiK f..r era li.s HI V,.
Kill IA WMtiM.M.
.M....,h..,,s Of 11,.,. "|KHo? ...
?...! :.ll other . n.plov, s ...
Mr? ?"ohll.iu,| r,..,n
, . " 1,1 "??> "-Ii
f I'm ' \v "?Uy ?r llMlirecllv. t.v ;i
"" ' "'.I |,y |,o|CK!1?. kwH,.
,1 , j?. fr >vl|tfon |?i?r itviii?ivti if
? 1,1 1-1 ,1..", ?' ,y "'?'?'KS.I.-S Hill'
, , , ? Thi> I.ill is ,|,
" 1 '? ?"t*oji ???? rfvciiiu-s 1111* ii,.
"I"'.a.ion- of ,?c Si?t?. Bov. rnnum
< rushy Thompson, "Wen |
?* h.M.. for scvi'ial .l.i v -
' " with the niomh. rs ,i?.
Ix iinchff. of ti?. < ioneraI
nil.! \
?XI I III media to source f?ni
W hloh Hip particular Krant..r ?l. i lv...
I",.- t|,e properly must I..* -t.,i.,i
in th.? .I..-.I, provldo.l |vvi."iti. ii..
;X L?"y'?r'8 '??? ? '? f?vor
? If an mil.
A t.ill to anion.! an.I re-, naot
J N" --s "f the Code of VIirIi ,
Known a* j|?. primary hill, so that
<"nv voters holonjriiiK to the |urh
? who.,,, nilor.'si ? ?ri,?ar.v
h. I.I >ha I participate therein. ?;,s
Inn...In. in t|,o SniHlf. \cst.rd.o I.v
S. 'iiii"i i 'hai I.'k r. liravnil. ,?f (?.., :
'? " "'a* referred to tit
ii hi..? on Privileges nn.l |.;i,.,t ion v
M'onllniio.l |."rorn Kirst I'am- .
oonforenfe, however, there w?5 ioSie
that Mr. Brian.!* ''
t it .in. 1.1 mlcht have ,, fnr-rr;,.hinir
. ir.-.'i on III,, naval limitation
National Bank
thrift Clubs
vow open
' ... *'"""
& rcccive chrck " X ^ :
WRBKLY KL1 W***,*!
5on ^2. ? 5
Vtcr- -Pre?. 9**b<U*ln.
Capitals Surplus W.^oo^joo.oo
Kram. it wum pointed out that tho
i *? 11 rl ii k Premier had been illrcctly
i csponsililc for Franco's withdrawal
of licr .'I5il,(ii)0-t on capita| ship pro
I'osal. ami that the ' temper of the
Mi<c<t<lliiM Cabinet on that subject
cod It] only |>,. conjectured.
In Vlrtunl A?rc ? iieiit.
IncliiiuMl in the few treat \ pro
yis ion.s not yet llnu'ly accepted in the
informal conversations <?r the "hit;'
live" arc understood to he the s
lions relating to disposition <.f
-? t.?p(>? ? <l ships ami tixiiiu .1 "stii.tnf
''"<?" for I'ai I'lc fortlflcal ions. On
'''<? Cornier, however, the chief <l<-le
K.ttes mi' said to he In virtual agree
ment. while in re Kit ril to I'ortilleations
'lie instructions awaited from Tokyo
ire ui'tier 111 y expected to make an
rally settlement possil |e.
AMIiotiuh ilescrilteil liy delegation
?|iokesiiteu as representitin n<? seri
"is diveruetice of views, the discus
sions over met boils ot* scrapping li.tve
Housed unusual interest amoiiK the
n.ival experts of ,ihe conference. In
their subcommittee report the ex
perts rccoinmeiKlci! that permissioti
l?< ?* i \ 11 for con version <?f proscribeii
tvarshlps into other types of craft.
'"'I tliev have nixed that the pro
vi?i<ui would represent a larxc ft tin n -
:il savitiK beenuse of the nccessilj
f 'constructlim new vessels of varl
? 11s classes in the near future.
'I litis, lion* of th" five powers has
it present a modem airplane carrier.
<nd the ratio agreement permits
'liem to iiulM from two to five each
If battleships partia!l\ complete. hit
rallili? <>iitsi<l ? the list of retained
k<?>s?? Is could remodel* <1 into iir
[?lane carrier types, it i? aisled,
'illicit of the motic) ail enily spent on
nil's could be saved.
1 his
<-a r<l?
mot her I \ p
I'll i.?
is ih- view that
<1 lia 11 losli i ps into
f war vessel would 1101
ord with ih" ultimatum pur
11>? ? Washington conference
tion Is tin<lcrsto)ul to have
<?11 tak'Mt in tin- "liljr II vi-" meet
ni;s I?\ Secretar\ 11 unites. To sup
l-ot'l it the aiuumeut was mad<^ thilt
is .1 matter <1 f policy th?. conference
'liotihl ttvf .1 practical demonstration
if lis desire to reduce armament by
?!><?< :fyiny lit it the surplus -hi|is
nust he put out of business alto
i<t Iter.
Hampton Instil ute Choir Kiirrril to
Itcpenl I'roirrain nl Colored
Church of Thl* City,
V choir of eighteen voices, which
.presents the lo st musical talent of
lit lliimptoii Institute tcolore<1i. uav.
'?Mt . .inc. i ts in the Kirst ^tnpi 1st
'it 11 till of 111<h 111 o 1111 fcolored) lust
11 u 111. I lie llrst concert took place
1 J.F. Kohler&Sons
Set in
Solitaires or dusters,
each precious stone a
beautiful example of the
la|mlar> '.s art, enhanced
by mount mus of ex
? I 1 i -11 ?? ibsiun.
selections Krimi
f.MI.OO t p
Knst Itrnnd
S11 eet
'I'he lilenl Cilft.
Eg ;
Jacobs k Levy (JoimI Clothes.
High grade madras and cotton
crepes in the newest, smartest
stripes and patterns. All colors
guaranteed absolutely.
Pajamas Reduced to *2
Choice of tan. blue and pink in
rich mercerized fabrics with
silk frogs?right in make and
fit. Wonder value at this low
price, $2.
Corliss Coon Collars 1 C
Reduced to
?100 dozen stiff collars, the
newest styles from this famous
house, in all sizes, now on saie
at Ifie, (5 for ROc, 32 for $1.50.
Iii the auditorium of tlic church, and
the second before an overflow audi
ence In the lecturc room.
?Mrs. It. It. .M uii fori I ami l>r. S. C.
Mitchell. professor at the University
of Richmond, were present and de
livered short undresses; It. <?. I'urves.
Held secretary of tin- institute, and
l>r. J. K. iirfnc, prim I pal of the
school, ;i|>? attended the roiHMTt.
it is probal>]<? th;it tin* ?%iitcrtalit
UMiit Will l><> r?'|M>i<iv?l ill Richmond
:iKitivi In (h?> ttoar future. prohahly
ai 1t'ily Auditorium.
(? on I In y?d Krom Klrst fane.)
!v,".1 <V"UI 1 "f 'M'lVon I m. de
11 a t<Ml hi in liy six voles.
In the I'riuir of |#|fr.
.1 Ililx"' West Is ill III,, prime of lire,
vigorous In health, and his career -mi
t.'c heiieli has been marked I y <|uali
tics which have distinguished him.
'< has a wide acquaintance thcouK||.
jut the State, haviitc held eourt un
d. ? appointment in various sections
>'? Virginia.
liniKe West has been a'wnys a
public-spirited citizen ..f bis county,
oeinir actively identitied with oil
eivlc and benevolent undert 111<Iiik-I In
'is section i?f ihf Stati
Tli" campaiun conducted in .Indue
\\ st s behalf was a vigorous one ami
n.mv lion its and business men ap
?e.ircd iir?? in his support. I?avld A
Harrison. Jr.. a former m -tiiber of ilie
Mouse, wai the ni a natter it. ha rue.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Creates an appetite, aids digestion,
puri'les the l>!uod, promotes hsmiii
ilation, gives Ptrcnjfth. Costs only
5 Cents a Day
I'll ink of flip
Advnnlupos of
Selecting Vour
From the.
Corley I'o.'s
I'iniio Salon
Wliat an mltanlaKr il Is to
have nut inertly the plnno* of
one mnkcr. but ihe best planus
of more ilinii UO makers, ^1 In
one trim piano no I on, ulirre
?on enn eomimre, Inspect,
Indue and fl II (111 > select Just
Ilie kind nf piano lies! milled
lo your IR>li> .vim r require
ments and jour need*.
I :* I reiuel > IIiih.v 'rerun. Will
lie \rriiiiKed.
Jhe rarfeq fompemu
"i:? Knu Itroail?Thru to CrncF
Those who have waited
may now buy?
Smart Winter
at 25.00
and 30.00
An assortment of nearly one hun
ched Coats that were assembled
from higher priced linos and re
duced for quirk clearance. Choice
of line Velours. Xormandlcs and
other fashionable fabrics, in all of
the most favored shades. Un
usual at such low prices.
Second Floor.
"E 1 ? m
Cash or Credit
f \
f Tho South'* lar?e*?*
Credit CloMiIr^Hous*
When Days Are Short
and Nights Are Long
When opera, drama and screen have afforded their best in diversion;
when snow, sleet or rain have contributed their discomfort to daily
existence?then HOMI2 offers the comfort, warmth and cheer than
which the world offers nothing greater in content of body and mind.
To advertise just the piece of Furniture that will interest
every reader is practically impossible. Yet some
where in our immense stock that piece is ready for
its purchaser, perhaps just the piece you have set
your heart on, and the price is very much less than
you would probably suspect.
Furniture for any and every room in the house at prices
within the reach of all. And remember when you
buy Sydnor & Hundley furniture you don't buy price
alone, you get the best quality possible at the price.
Seventh and Grace, Richmond, Va..

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