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atlnnoni) Cun^-fJi^patch
"???tot. MSI KaL 111*
January 17. 110*. at tba Poat-OBlo* ?t
Richmond, V?., a* aacond-claas mattar.
^OBMSIIIED ?.v*ry 4Lay In th? ytu at *?Jf?u,b
Taoth Street. lUctunood. Vt? by !&<? llincs
D la patch PublUhtn* Ox, Inc.
favor us with uiauuaorlpli
and Uitulratioua for pub
lication wlal? to nav* ??
aiaiiablo arttcles re
turned, tUey n.uit tu ail
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that pu: yoie.
CAHO.N3 I" rl,uf*
DiapaUh and uut tu "?*
1'rlvate Branch h-a^ar.ja
counuctlnK ?"?? J
luston. l?l? ;suW
r,?ui; :?<?? *ork c,ly
Fltth Avi-nuu liuildlim;
liulldtng; J'blladolpQla.
Coluuml Trust Uuiiding.
6 Mo.
2 00
1 Tr.
I 1.10
nomr of
The Tlmo?-Dlipatch
Absolute!}' Plreproof
(1'ayuble In Advance)
1 Mo. S Mo.
tt.tly Only S .6i U'*
Sunday Only 40 ?J?1'
Dally and Sunday 1.0S i.~*
Morning and Sund.ty 1* criita a ""j1
Morning without Sunday >2 cents a werJ*
Kundny Only 1 cania a
membek ok the associated piibss?*n??
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republication of oil news dispatches credited to It or
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KltiUAY, .IANT.M1V i:t, I!--:'
< 'losing (la* Door 10 Bonds
IF the 1esolution introduced in the House
of Delegates yesterday by Mr. Smit 11 * - v.
and adopted l?v a vole of 7 0 to 1". means
unythlng, it means that the General Assem
bly, <.111 the .second day of its biennial ses
sion, lias closed and locked the door against
n bond issue for reads. It means far more
than that.
Virginia is in nowise a unit on tlm ques
tion of bonds for roads, but as a whole it
has been willing to listen to arguments pro
and con. It is demanding good roads, it
?wants them without bonds if that is pos
sible of accomplishment, but its attitude lias
been largely one <>f waiting to a-certain
through its nihly what is the most prac
tical and economical scheme of getting the
highway system built in a reasonable length
of time. .Vow the House, by its n-solved
determination to authorize no bond issue at
this session which it refused to reconsider,
thereby making it irrevocable has said that
il wants to hear nothing more of bonds.
"While not expressly refusing to listen, it
says in effect that its mind is closed to ar
guments . t t 14 ] fa* l>. It lias dt live red its ver
dict why hothei with the evidence?
It seems a shortsighted, tinstatesmaiililce.
unbusinesslike policy for the people's elected
representatives to pursue. Surely the mem
bers of the Virginia Good Koads Association
und the thousands of other citizens who
have devoted their tim?*4.ihd rmwiev for years
to the bringing of good "roads, ;,?,i ;1!V jmn.
estly convinced that a bond issue is the only
practical solution of Hie problem, are en
titled to a hearing. The futility , , such a
hearing now, ev *n it one were granted is
Whether or not a bond i.-sue for roads
is advisable a moot question It is a
question that the State wanted to hoar de
bated. It wanted to listen to all the evi
dence. following which it wanted a calmly
considered derision. Frankly, it was not
prepared to have "the House of Delegates
declare the argument closed before it had
been opened. Kven as a matter of general
?principle it cannot be considered other than
Unbusinesslike for a legislative body 10
pledge itself thus early in the session to a
Used course of conduct on a great State
problem, perhaps the great.-t that Virginia
has faced since Keeonstruction days it j.,
not democratic, it is not politic nor does it
soom quite fair to the intoning Governor,
no matter what l i- views may be, j.and
over to him as a closed incident perhap*
the most Important que tion to which he
will ha\e to supply the aii-v.e: during Irs
forthcoming administration.
l'.<|iialit> of Op|?orlunit\
That part of the Governors message
which relates to the a'dmi-sion ,,f
women to citizen-hip, eonrlud. - with the fol
lowing recommendation- "T . ..xj_, ..
laws in Virgin a s., i:,| },. , (i
to give to met) and women the saino opj r
tunity of rendering as citizens puhl!< ?,.r.
? vice."
The obligation tr, effect this equalization
U clearly implied by adoption of the nine
teenth amendment. Wlieth. 1 the compara
tive disabilities of the w..i?.-n .-.<ize,1..
. removed hy enactment of a "idankei law
hy linpioved legislation lor women," the
appropriateness of the relief v. ill i,e bey0l,d
question. It i8 argued with perfect pro
priety that such action would be "merely a
fulfillment of the spirit of the nineteenth
amendment, which guaranteed pollti.-al
equality to women." *
The American people could not have given
a more conclusive expression of the wl.-h t.?
have moil and women made equal befort the
v >-,
law in si 11 rt'spceis than was niven in the
approval of equal suffrage. (J ran ling of
tin; light of isuIf rage eliminated tlio out
standing legal difference; removal of other
disparities might be expected l<? follow as
a matter <>i course. The nation lias been
committed to the principle of political
equality as between men and women. Few
question now that this commitment is per
manent. t inier these conditions, the de
liberate perpetuation of less important In
equalities would lie ungracious and illogical.
No special legislative proposal is in mind
here. Manifestly, where the object is the j
same and the proper course of action so !
easily determinable, one bill should bo as
good as another. The desired relief should
be granted. The woman citizen should bo
assured that her standing in court is fully
ns high as her standing at the ballot box.
A Scotch Verdict
rT",m.'MAX II NKWllKllltV was elected to
A the I nited States Senate from .Michi
gan through a prodigal expenditure of
money, in all human probability lie could
not have been either nominated or elected
by any other means. His title to a seat in
the highest legislative body was chal
lenged on the ground that it was bought
and paid for contrary to the spirit and letter
of the law and contrary to all political de
cency and conscience. The Sena to, by Us
vote yesterday, virtually placed the brand
of guilt "upon him, condemning the lavish use
of money with which his seat was bought,
yet it permitted him to return to his place
in this body.
The Senator, his political fate in the bal
ances, rose iu his place in the Senate and
answered for the tirst time the charges which
had been laid against him. charges which
tiisi were preferred in court, thereafter be
fore a Senate committee and lastly before
the Senate itself. 11 is defense consisted
solely of ignorance on his part of the use
of money in bis behalf, lie dared not con
done the outrageous outlays. Ho had not
I lie courage even to offer au apology for
the practices by which he prolitod. All he
could do, and all that he did do. was fer
vently to swear that he knew nothing of
what was going on until it was too hue.
Thorn 1* common law wherever there is
civilization ai:ain.-t any person receiving
.stolen goods. It such person receives prop
erty that is acquired by theft, knowingly,
the receiver becomes guilty of crime. If he
receives it unknowingly he may escape prose- j
cation and punishir -nt perhaps, but he must |
surrender the goods upon demand of the '
owner or of a court of justice.
Morally if not legally, Truman II. New
berry has become the possessor <>t' a seat, in
the Senate that was purchase,] in t he open j
market. That seat is not literally stolen !
goods, of course, but there is hardy a shade
of difference, in the minds of millions of ;
American people. If it was wrong for his
family and his friends to spend au almost
unprecedented sum of money to accomplish !
his election, it is wrong for him to hold j
what was wrongfully achieved. Mr. New- |
berry may not undo the crime that was com- j
milted in his name, but lej may give up that j
which lie was not entitled to receive.
If Mr. Newberry wishes to do the manly j
thing, he will resign at once, lie will hand !
h:u k to the people uf Michigan the cointnis- '
sion for which the money oi his family paid, j
lie will tlnn announce hi- candidacy fori
election to the vacancy and allow his fellow- j
citizens to pass once for all u|?<>n his con- j
duct. It he should be re-elected under such t
circumstances, the whole world would sic- !
< crd him vindication. There is no other
way in which lie can gain it.
The Full of ISriiiiiii
'"p* 11K resignation of Premier llriand ami j
1 his Cabinet y> terday iai. but be re
c< ivi il with profound regret in all countries
ardently longing lor the establi hue nt of
iclulions by which the various governments
would unite in a common effort to over
' ? me the universal economic pro.-: ration !
that has followed in the wake of the world
\..ir. With a linn grasp upon the problem - ,
I" be faced and the genius ol a tru r.??.?.
.nan. ilriand had mark-'d out a i nr e fur
l-'ranre to pursue that brought I m into
aei ord wish the ? nlighlene j ,.|.
Hie It I ?' e:. i ;i i i ves of i he olio r nation con
stituting tlie entente for a solution of tin .?
various problems and tin niobilLin; of the '
lesiiife^ oi the nations tor international '
rehabilita; ion.
He wimi a great victory for France at the !
arms conference in Washington in turning
back the tide of sentiment against it tor
in - ir-tence on prepared defeasi veness against j
pi ? ih'.e Herman aggre . ion in the future |
He move the menace of outside aggression. I
he said, and Franc, would gladly reduce jis j
military strength France's security for the j
future has been a- urcd h> Cleat ltrit.iin
agreeing to enter into a treaty to come to !
its n.-M-ta::ec should it be attacked With
thi? assurance, llriand turned his face to- !
ward t'.e immediate problem of restoring
economic world order.
Hut at home hi. political opponent ; wore
poisoning publii ; ? titiment again: - the wi i
d< m of the course lie was pursuing at 1
< at.m . I! telling hie k to Paris, In faced i
a hostile fhatnln i ( i Deputies. When lie j
realized that reason no longer guided the
counsels of that body, he showed hi - dis
gust at the attitude adopted |,v j,j
poneiits and peremptorily tendered iiis own
resignation and that of Iiis Cabinet. In
bringing about hi political downfall, hi
enemies 1:'iv? precipi'atcd a condition that
can but mean mufti ion for Frame and a
1< -? of sympathy of the w. rid that mm! re
j',; d in it-; apparent reaction t i those
nobler ?? "iitiinent.s which now inspire toward
better things
Hum idng the Soldier
xyrlTH I he coiign clonal election
W preaching, ilio quest ion of a soldiers'
h til! ? is becoming a \.-iy t roiibl. some one
to the Hepablii in party I'ariv leaders
realize that :f C.;. vote j., |,MI jjtl. |j. ;m;b|i
? all representation in the next Congress Is
likely tJ, be reduced beyond a afe working
majority, if not entirely swept away. That
Would put Hie administration in a hole and
Ion-doom its defeat in the next presidential
eict iion:
So, at the recent W hile House conference
cirJain baders submitted to the President
:? plan for bonus legislation, whose deliber
ate purpose !s to bunco the soldier vote with
legislation that would prove as dead sou
finit. in so fur us to any immediate benefits
id lie realized from it. Their proposal is
tliat the present session of Congress enact
a bonus bill of from $3,000,000,000 to
$5,000,0(?o.i?00, to be paid out of the interest
on the foreign obligations to this country.
They well know that there is no immediate
prospect that this debt, will be puid, untl
ihat only uiie of the governments concerned
is prepared to pay the interest on its share.
The proposal is conceived in political trick
ery und is dishonest on Its face.
Ho it said to the credit of the President,
however, he declines to become a party to
the trickery. He wants Congress to enact
bonus legislation and expects this action
within tin- immediate future, but he (irmly
opposes ihe passage of any bill which does
not raise th<> money from which the com
pensation is to be paid. He realizes that
it Iiiiiiiis payments are made contingent
upon collections from abroad it may he a
long time before the service moil are com
pensated. ltut from what source is the
money to be derived? That is the question
that confronts It* publican leaders in Con
gress with growing concern. They are well
aware that the business of the country can
not support the added burden of taxation
roi|Hired to meet the bonus that those ele
ments of big business which support the
Itepuhliiaii party by supplying its campaign
funds will not stand a general increase in
taxes. They are up against a proposition
tl.iil is giving them no end of worry.
To insist on a "dry" oath as a test of
eligibility for office, in the opinion of pro
ponents "I that movement, would strengthen
enforcement of prohibition. .Maybe so. On
the other hand, might it not tend to dis
ioarage olllce-seeking?
Surtax evaders are at least patriotic to
the extent of helping boost liberty bond
values, thus helping the government redeem
its assertion that these bonds are "the best
securities in the world."
What to do with battleships discarded
under tin- .snapping agreement, is said now
to be ;i problem in the conference. How's
that? Is there no room left at the bottom?
The people who were taken off their feet
by a ninety-mile blow in New York must
have been visitors, unskilled in the great
New York art of windjaiuming.
Up With the Times
lie Valera insists tliut lie will never take 1
the oath of allegiance. lie will let his neigh '
In his neigh.
Suggested slogan, I'm- um> in the event of J
enforced iieilestrl;inisiii: Have exact pair ,
Perhaps there is no better ? videnco of New- j
berry's unlit ness* for the- place than his will- |
itii;tiiss t<> take it under llie conditions.
The chief problem liefore the fSeiieral As- j
e< inl?I % is to determine what a good house- |
l?e pet would do under the circumstances. I
I he nervous const ruct ion of some people Is
* a- h t It.'t they would rat her walk than s'tand,
any how.
t'einaud on the pirt of the ladle* f,.r *, .
"III.ml . t law" doesn't necessarily mean that
ti i \ . re trying to pull the wool over any- j
body's eyes. I
?M. liriatul. it now appears, didn't get enough
?curity tu go around.
lief ore it finishes with one of its eontrover- j
,-ial items, the Stale legislative body may earn j
the right to be known as l5ener.il Assembly. .
M. J>.
A correspondent observes that !">?? Valrra is j
o. ? npying a rather isolated position. < ill. that
man will stand by himself to the last ditch, i
I! may appear politically treasonable to i
talk about simplifying governiueiu, bill there
really no valid r-ason why it should in- lm- |
i ? ???ible for a public otlicial to know what he I
i aliout.
Spirit of Virginia's Press
"I'ompulsorv school atteiidanee." sajs liie I'e- |
terslnn g Imlex ? Appeal, "is ? irreel in theory. .
Il ii be Hie duty of the State to provide
M'hmil.' for I lie II* ? education of I he yoiltlg, '
v . -h nobody denies. I lie Stale should possess
t ?? li^ht to iniiiji-l attendance upon .such ?
s. Iiools "
'I'i.i- I'.lackstone I'niirier ventures to preach '
this little sermon: "A report from a commit- 1
tie appointed by a religious organization to !
;n\tsiigatc the subject states that prohibition ;
is h inn well enforced, lint the place to In
\* -iij*.iio tin proper < nforeement of Ibis law is
i.? ? t in the church |n u s, t>u( in tin* back alleys,
the hills, gullies, and brush of the woods,
t ickcts. sticks and tall timber.
In discussing Virginia's bad assessment and
t.i\;ition systems, (lie Norfolk Virginian-Pilot
:? "Tin fact thai t tie cities pay into the State
treasury more than six and a half million dol
i .i" anuuallv against approximately live m it -
i ???ii paid by the counties, and receive from
im State treasury in return about one and a
half million as against more than six and a
half millions received hy the counties, shows
i i.it lin n is .something radically awry in the
.state: I a \ S\ St t 111."
1 l*i* are some interesting statistics from
tin Halifax Kccord-Advert Iser: "Hunters In
Halifax this season paid $1.7T>t in licenses. $3,
7l .i in hells. $7.:il I in nuns'and other parapher
I.a. and killed fit* worth of game."
Sa\ s the llrb'tol Ib-rahl-Courler: "Nearly
fmir tn tisaml physicians of the Middle West
agiec hi declaring that wine and beer are not
i*i* (li< ine In behalf of the wet fraternity, we
would like to ask what a physician knows
about medicine."
The I'ibaniia Set tind rises to make this mo
I ? >ti: "That member* of the House of Dele
gatus and Senate refrain from what they have
? isid< i i d their dut>. viz the framing and
lit rod ad ii in of a windc lot of little measly bills
that take up a lot of time und accomplish
in.thine but rather <!e\otc their time to amend
ing a few of the laws we already have ami
turn the remainder of their time to ruuds,
svhools and taxation."
Tin 11 a rrU oiibm g New s-11. cord, assuming to
speak for the farmer, says: "lie is insisting
that his business shall be taken into full
partnorsliip wt!i other occupations, and ac
corded the same privileges, rights, anil Im
munities. lie wants to be recognized as an
count partner, willing to 1m-.ir a full share of
the burdens, and demanding his full share of
the benefits that conic from legislation or
frftm business practice*.
"The sooner this Just demand Is recognized
and accorded him. tins sooner the wheels of
Industry will again begin to revolv* and gen
>ral prosperity return,"
f rai
11V IIKMtV i:i)\VAHI) WAltNBil
Good iVlRbl,
Good night, Ul(l World, cood night!
I've <10110 my liislig loilay
Ami all (lie worries of Uio erintl
Aro to be laid away.
Between tlio dusk and dawn.
lii'tnccn tlio dark and light
There is a respite for my soul?
(iiind night! _. . . Good 11 itit!
Good iiilit. Hull fare, good night!
You've had your loll, ami now
I'll f'.'t l Hit* soothing hand of sleep
I |*->i? my weary brow!
Coil uiiidi' i In: day? for work.
To struggle, and lo Hght . .
Mul man must rout if lie would toil;
liood night! . . . Good night!
Good night. Mistake.*/, good night!
i iood night my errors till!
What human weaknesses niareh l>\
tin this terrestrial bull!
Mm 1 shall have my bleep.
And every thing comes right
(<oil ldcss and keep you. every one! . . .
'iood liiglit! . . . Good night!
Churcniil Gull's Dull)' Thought.
"When a lop-eared mewl git a notion l'
h.ilk." paid Charcoal Kph, moodily, "diirneij
of'n he don't git mighty nigh as cranky as 4
woman! Gat a dill pickle, Mis'iah Jackson!"
,\ flea is a powerful slnail thing to he so
at' f-vava t in tr
Nino times out of ten the tenth time is right.
No man who loves, knows why he loves.
The old fool continues to wear folly medals.
Health Talks by Dr. Brady
$ |ioct it culnr Firs! Aid.
A village manager of a nearhy place spends
mo this Interesting letter:
"I was much Interested in your recent ar
ticle on "KirsI Aid for Asphyxiation,' anil noted
particularly your statement that the most com
petent authorities assure us that the Kcliafer
method (prone pressure manual method) of
artificial respiration is more reliable than
pulmotor ei|upiiu i;t.
"The village ot hasf endeavored to
keep ;l |iulinotor outfit in condition for emer
gency service during the past five years, bill
our erporietu < has shown it to be very dilllcult
to prevent the apparatus from getting out of
adjust incut. It has been my personal opinion
for some time that a condition involved
considerable danger, and liavo felt it desir
able to discontinue the usv of the pulmotor
entirely. I have hesitated to do mo, because
I had thought that authorities advised Its
"The principle purpose of this letter is to!
request you to furnish us with a reference to
the authorities who advise agains't dependence
on pulmotor equipment, so that we may in
foi 111 oursidves fully on this point, and can j
back up our i ecouiuu nil.ition lo the village
council. "\'illagr M AN AG Kit."
I am blessed or cursed, 1 am not sure, with!
an inborn antipathy for tiling systems and
such like machinery. Cursed, in this ins'tanec, |
for at the moment I can't put my hand on
the original reference, which consisted of a
report made by a British coiniiu-<?io:i after an
exhaustive investigation of the various nicth-|
? ?.is and expedients of resuscitation some t'lij
years* ago. The report favored the Helta fori
method which every man. woman, boy and
girl knows or should know how to apply
as the most efliclent we had at that time.
I'rofesMir Yandeli Henderson, of Vale, who
has conducted special studies of asphyxiation
and resuscitation for the Fulled States Hureait
of Mines, recently yaid in a discussion, reply- |
ing to a i|iiestion about the lung motor, the!
pulmotor and oilier apparatus: "The tstand
poie.t which seems to uo- to be justified now by
eight years of experience, since the first com
mission investigated ilie matter, is that even
if wo had an Ideally perfect apparatus for giv
ing artificial respiration, it would s'fili lie bet
ter to discourage, and even to forbid tile liianu
lacture, sale, use and introduction of such ap
paratus, because it leads to delay, and thus
t > more deaths?deaths which could and should
be restorations. If a man is drowned to the
point at which he has s*t<>|<pcd hfeuthiug, and
his heart is bating only feebly, oi if a man j
has gotten hold of a live wire and his resplrn- I
tion has stopped, you have only two or three j
minutes within which life can lo- restored.
Now, if is impossible for us .ill lo go around
with a lung motor or any oilier apparatus j
strapped lo our hacks? all the lime; lieiiec, an j
often fatal delay. Laboratory experience shows'
that for most ease.s the manual method is I
actually better. I >r Melt/er < s. J. .Melixer, of I
the liockoft ller Institute fin Medic al liescarch, !
New York, N. Y.). was strongly of the opinion. I
and I think he was justified, that mechanical'
apparatus very often injures the lungs s*eri-|
oiisly. On tile other hand, the manual or!
Xoliafor method has a large nuuibei of clear-!
cut recoveries to its credit. The supri inely
important point, as experience shows, is that!
you cannot have people prepared to give the'
manual method and you cannot iutroiiiie< rou-1
tine training, if they know that when they
telephone for a lung motor or pulmotor it I
will some. I nm more and more strongly of
the opinion that the introduction of apparatus
actually increases fatalities."
There's enough "authority," in my judg
ment. Dr. Yandeil Henderson's opinion out
weighs anything that ha.s been said in be
half of the respiration machines. I hope the
manager of the village of will succeed
in convincing the village fathers that their
children should know the Hchafor method.
(Copyright. National Newspaper Service.)
News of Fifty Years Ago
(From the Hichmond Dispatch. .Ian. l.'l. 1ST.V
The newly elected grand officers of the
Grand l.odgo of Virginia, Knights of I'ytliias.
were installed yesterday. The grand chan
cellor announced the following appointments:
Dr. J. M. Jarvis, of Portsmouth, grand guide;
J. T. Kiam, of Danville, grand inside steward;
Charles T. Taylor, of Kicliniond, grand out
side steward.
The Governor yesterday commissioned Al
bert t nil way major of the First Regiment, Vir
ginia Volunteers.
Virginia will receive $30,000 this year from
the I'eahoily Kducalionul Fund, of wiiich llich
moml's public schools will gel fU.KUO and her
normal s'cliools 11,000. Manchester public
schools get {7"0.
Mr. K. V. Valentine, of Ibis city, left Itich
mond for New York on business in connec
tion with the Lee monument, which is soon In
bo erected ill Lexington.
Governor Walker yesterday appointed
Luther H- Snead to be a notary public for
Charlottesville and Albemarle County.
The Legislature lias elected It. F. Walker
Superintendent of i'ublic. Printing and the
Governor yesterday approved his bond and
he entered upon the discharge of tlio duties
of his office.
Married, at the Eleventh Street Synagogue,
on th<> 3rd day of January by Kev. Dr. Bettel
helm, Mr. Maro.ua Hear, of Wilmington, N. C.,
and MIhs Carry IS. Demelman, of Hichmond.
The national hunks of Virginia hnd on the
16th of December uwiols to the amount of IH.
fil0.fi59.62. Individual deposits amounted to
$6,869,989.61. *
At (lie l.>rlc.
Jollity Ik tlu- keynote of tlic week
cml ??III at the l,yr|f. tK
A niiiit. programmed as "Tlio Ureal
iiHi'Vni"' .I.1"*' aul'1"1 won.ler." open*
the I.Ill win, offerlny lliat is uni.|uc
i?ist? fMn?rlsli1K: una luillcrouh
fuiMs .iii.i turns,
K.ldle I'lirilii uimI Ulorla Archer, la
,Vl ? i H i 11 conceit. which they
tiL'.. . .,""1 Ua> " r,vcal
' ? ' is 'I'lile <1 iff*'roil I in the
W.l> <>l ele\ef miiijjs ami 11 II in > I I'o IIM
I Morios.
I'crn. ami Coulter. In "I >.n Mown
I." ? ||,.. |,|( ,.| |.j||
Mill a budget ..f uo\ ,;| S..IIUS )<ni|
t? rplsr)iori>an efforts lliul ai>|?.irriit\y
?ti ?? ?list ini*i ivcly their ?.?wti.
?la 1'ellto Cabaret." a manikin
uiiMleaJ comedy, |,v Alantolls Mam
kins provides fifteen minutes of
!?>? I'. Frederick
Ma \\ ley, a skit, ami the usual I'a the
? e\vs reel round out an aI together
worthwhile hill.
Hie UU.
'The A11 airs ..f Anaiol" Mart* out
with several decided assets, among
.? hem being Wallae..- Ceiil ami Ul?i la
-Wiiiison. I'lav in},' the leading roles.
Wamla llawley. Itel.e l>,nil. Is. Theo
dore |{.,|? i ts ami a <1. Iigl,tfM| ex
"in'" "f ?hat the air., tors art
>?><K>? t I.e. The Ktury |,ur|,oits t?
;l a.ixen ..i- jo, things that i
"ja.li ?'?"<llilll t ...gag. in w lioli ?
i'liiiiiiilht'o|iy among women ,,f ),
wile s aye ami .-li;,rin; th.it Satan u ,.
a hut a woman iwl...-',
s-.ine one ealls to our at t el, t i< *u ?,.J
an undisputed ami well-known axiom |
"i A.Iain s meaner |,hilos.,|ihy i, ami
the never-failing tonic that there !.
so much gooii in th.: worst of u- ami!
so IIIlleli had ill the best of i.s. ;,<l '
inIInit tun a.I nhsurduui.
The mo.lorn Don Quixote, with a'
siiiieraliiimi.inc.! of time ami wealth !
inter.Mn himself i? u,e pi oM.nal w. I j
f.ne of several women to the n? g|. ,-f
of a jealous wife Who turns, just '
tin- Worm <1 til. ati'l matters are I
righted in llo
mi vent ioua I. iiot-t<
he - violal. .1 manner alter an el.,I.
?at- a ml fantastic .lisplav of u.,.r.
s.'t I ing. The character i
interest ||,^ .?,e. |.ul nnfortunat.lv
tile |,|0t |,(. ??|V heme 1
;"Vr,;!,V i'"ss.?nVi1 m.
I'l dieted ? ml It is ., ,.ase of \.|
At I lie <<1I<111I11I.
I.Ik., all ureal stories, wluoh in
v K>. ti..- tea. hums of some g re,, t
moral truth. "I'orjurv"
drama that lingers and fas..,
'' I' than dazzles hy Us |ll-lrx
side,.dor Til, ereation !lu, , ,
tests T., an uiim.iisiir.il iiiv-,..
011 tli. .motional wprk of the |, a.l
"? , t? 1. William l-arnum. wl,.
J* 'i'"" ! :1 w ' !> * 1 'inI ili. .I to as.. :,i ?
I'." 1 o the mail Who til e\. VSS|V(.
t em per and emotional uiicoiitio
t uln. il The pla \ i? m,t unlike ? ] .
Allser.,1.1, " Victor lingo's master
won; dramatized In 111,Th t.
lacking to some extent the support
and setting. hut m "ivrjuM wil
1" I'?r?itun Is dlehledly at his ze.
"', A ,ll??'''"inatliiK audi, 11 . will
.;"l.l> m. ,|,at a p|llv
'??i.l. into tliat almost paleolithic ,
"f 1 r the standpoint . '
"H'1 l"diti.al <1,. v e I o p m. ti t |.,-., s
?' e it a in 'harm that results lr??,
Ho ultra 1 noil*, i'11 setting an.I
| 1 1 ,f' ' ' i'1 addition to i|,. ohvii.-is
?r!M u^"K ; lioiild
II ' '?'?'Kle i inotlonal i. a. tlon.
the ff , / U',S "f ??"??l"iiri?K
l,u . '? l"'tl ItlK a pin through
lutt I. r My t ?> ilaitu 11 it 11 as
"K" umi stiiifinir a ;vlUi
a t evident moral; lie s.,j.| ,|,e
<-eo.lli.Kly llkalde i? ,1,.. magmti
SII1' I- jV ' "V AI"Ole. TI <> III
,11.1 ? e,?le? t ami i.l.,1 out. .-,-,
\v- 11- ^ ,li-s '?'?Ion.
JVV. k <1 i,S an,I
rank M,.,in,oi,. as Phil Uonrke Ml|.
o;,,i',le,',,::::;.l,,y ,"n"- *"??
"r*. ' < ?hiiImu,
'I 'K antiotim , in, HI f .,
>r Mrs l.'lMko to he V I ' "k;
i,llW. 1 "e Academy of
ua r v S"""'ay, Jan
' hir latest .\ew 1
Aliu/lc' o? "'i-'rui', v
Vork 1 oin. il v sne( , .ss- ??\k- 1,
rcc"itcii"!i !a ,,,al *'"? '?? '?'?Kelly
"PPtcciat, U,.i,?erV,n?^?>,rVN
?^,t 'i- ra
/? ,, "?l"' "tious work for and
1';,,'^ h,r
ly in the lie;',,' ',!t" h"' ,'i" '
>'? liem-ra II v ,, e,.g?' JI'^V1 r* *J
'IksHng,1 ished actiess i ,, ^i, '""M
-:^:-.X,td,Vr;v i"
reuieiuheroil as ,'' 1
-I ,.. 1 i|K author ,.f i
. ' ' <'<lll.il,. I eft,., ... , 1
s si
MI-,l er-iml'S'i "" r"N' "f Marion
hy- us
not modify pacts !
(?'ontinuml l-'roin Kirst l'Ug, )
w'n ?'0 ?ubjcci to .h,,,,. Hi
personnel nor In Instructions.
\s .Minister o| the Colonies" M
>arraul sai.l. "I have rcs|K?o,|. Mi?;
"i"1" our procedure I will .etna In
' ' ? irge of colonial affairs niit.l t 1,.
name ?,y slic,ess?r is uiinottmr t
??' Journal olllelal. I ?i,:,|, co?.
,,s ?' "' legate lo the confer,!, L>
H,a" Wl"k without interruptiou
in 1 tie spi.-u that I have here
"'?? spirit of {food-will am:
conndl lice."
He Wen:,| not coiniiicnt upon ti.,.
preset political Hit it at ion in Kranoo.
?Mlt ..Ilk occasion to s|,eak of the
distiiigi.i.shcil chameter of M. JVin
When .Secretary Hughes, in mcei
<UI o. i|lC naval committee ,.f Hve
" is 1, . tiling, pushe.l u slip of paper
tc-xard M Sa'taui, saying t!':;t
ian.l had r. s.gncl. l?. sin;'.. I md
passed the note hack to Air. Hughes,
who turn showed it to Air. Halfour.
and the hit ,,f paper then was passed
r"i;i.d the taIde.
IMs.nsseil Win, |>ank ihhm.
in he ?iu'U,! 'aking part
"' he , tsciisston of (|,0 naval treaty
with calm Interest. As a matter of
fact, he had heard the news a unar
ler 01 an hour earlier, unit wan quite
prepared to recelvo Air. Hughes'
communication t rant|ui|ly. He liadj
I>eett called to tho telephone hy a
niemher of the French delegation
who had been Informed of the resig
nation hy the Associated Press.
The development was ' the' one
wholly absorbing' tople nt French
hojtfWiunrtQrs, and, somewhat regard
l??a of the remark of the heart of the
delegation that the menibora would
not ho prepared to comment upon it i
It was nevertheless discussed with
'n,nJtn??8- H was thought not!
unlikely that M. Harraut would be
Theater Calendar
A<"AI>KM Y?Dark.
I.Y Itlt * ?Kel t li Vatiilevil 11
Ciil.tlNIAli?William l-'arnutn in
"I'erjui .v."
HHOAI?\VA Y?Anita St i'xv .hi in
"Tins invit'Hiic (??car." Marie l?aii
ri nl, soprano. will appear at eaeli
ItlJiM* --All-alar i msi in "Over
tlte hill."
ISIS All star east in "Tile \f
filil-H of A tialol."
<>"|:uN CiiiiMlanee Talin.nl^e in
A Pair of Silk KUjukih^H."
The Weather
f Furnished liy u. 8. Weather llurcau.)
I'ltrei'iiol: Ylri;iiiia
? xm riill) fair lixlay iintl
tuiiiiirriiw ? mil miiih
eliamce in Iriiiprriilnrc.
.Ninth t'uriilliiu?I'air
I??? 11a> ami toinorruu; no
?liiingr hi Iriii|M*nituri*.
I l einiM'ruttir?* Y?h| rrila>.
r ' I. ? *11 t.. I lire . .
Ma x imiiin i? in|??-i .i'.uiu (u ?* IV M
M llillii ii a: 11 ill i ?! I ?.((?? to * I'. M . .
Mfi*n i \ in j?. i .i: in i- > ? u riln > .
\ :iiii. t?ni|M...'lire |.*r i h it* j *
I tl< > >. .<?!? ;i|.?y I.
Kxi-f.i ??!??? .Mar* h I I. S >
,i in y ??...? J a unary I
I .oral ICaiuliiM.
It.i nf ... I J Ii a- * < ? itiif > IV M Nam
KaHitull I limit-* ? inline J'. M ...None
I It- a< y . Mutch I II.I..
llxit -b I.i mi.ir > I . .j7
I.mail OliM'r\nlluiii at K I*. M. Vrsirrilay,
V. ? I ?l!r ? i -.a. tiatthw- * wr.-l \ ?
I" ?'t I" vn i! 11 ? ? r ??I 5 iV M. il.ar.
V|ircial Data.
i ? ? ilry lilliji, . 30 I . IT'J
I 'I ?*, W ' lit!III. -?> - ? ?- I
iC .v . humidity 1| \ :
H'MiIHIINn in IXIIMHII \ m i iiiiis.
? II i'< ( il I UI'C.
S IV M Hirfii l.w?v. W .lilt
A:.?.? ii. .. . j j I .1 ? u .ir
A t l.i i i .ii ..i . > 1 'l? a r
.uitic ' ii y . .'?# ?; . I i *I?jiHy
? i.ll ii -ton
M? at>;inia i .
.1 1' ? lua?l>
IV I'liiudy
? I.HI
Clout! y
?'!? .tr
NX ? ?.. a.uton ... j i . i i , |
u ic
MINI \ l t Itl: \|A| \ \ \f.
Ja tiu.i: ; l f. i:02.
iih;n miu.
r a a i i.'-f . 7 M ,.?.s t; 1 li
?~ja fc* i-? ; ; i ct.'iiu.x .... i "
i. ? ji>?.-1. 11 i . r.-in.iin ;< ? \hi.:.-t.| nf
'.lollies In tin- Hew i II.. t. II.; ha <
liail that i <mm...|| . in Hi. I., ymi, ,i
.llili rami inliilM i it..-. i liniiii U.atj
Ii..I. ? -s ft1 ? I ii M. i:il.i!ul.
I am KellliiK Hi. il ..| i,ilic. - |
in.ui,?il M I irla nil i.. ?imi ..! |,ij
fllellllu JUHl tlCfuro I., left Was I. .!!_?
! "II I" .\"V? till ? I. a:;.I 1|. I n I ilna I >i
that In would ii.. i I., a v. in tu ilicip
!',:u ili* i' ikiis ..l I In k.n\t rum.'lit.
SI. VU:ani (lli-t'lis.siny jmlitnal jius
I I lil I It I. liefnri If follow ill M.
I.rianil In.in. , hail v)i. irnpr.'N.vlon
that lli.-ii woiiUl |i>- a ? Imiik. ..f y ,. v .
i i mil.'lit hy January I... Inn hi ail'li il
' he 'la > h- I. ft that I he I..nr-(.? ? w . i
iit.il> w oalil i; i \ e the j 11 ? 11. ~ t r> l wo
inoiiths lohh'.i
"l'f. I'Vl-r ? llele W ithout ^.OII^ too
?Il I 111 ? Into I II I I nt I'l .1,. h llllllt I.
i all. il atti iition to th. lath.-i w. ait
|io.'il:'.n ..f tii. Itriainl Calunit .vh..ri
' ? h. t ? ? i ? ? il.- i ? ,i ^ he in hi I ii u nf I'ar
liainetii In i letol.er. SI. Mi land lia i
a II llou i. < ? il III Selili.inher lh.it h>- in
ti ll.I. ll to fo lo Washington hlinn. If.
am! h. .uiaiiK.'.l t> > ih< Wa-hinj;
toii . on 11-reii. ami Ins iioli.y towaril
il hhoiilil I..; I..- a>ion for a lontiil. in e
vole. Tins vol. look plnee four ilays
before ii,' h. iluli il Mailing ..f M,
!!rlaii>l. anil the niitiin>-nt of even
? l r. mi. .u> i.|i|ioiii Ills of the I'rinn
Minister was thill he eolll.l not Ii.
II >? 11 i.<l a vol. of I'oiitiileui'i: on that
Funeral Services JleM This
Morning at 10 o'dluek
1**1*0111 (lie (.Impel.
Tin* funeral of Hlioinas W. Jnsi'|i!i.
for many years In < 'Iml'Ke "I l "?
Hunan nf Weights anil Measures, who
died id liis home. UliJ Spri n&hlll
A \ emu'. h'orst llill, Wednesday morn
ing, will lie from the cliapel at
.SlioekiM! < '??rnelery al I'? o'eloeU litis
iiiornitlt: .Mr. Joseph was one of 111"
oldest men in I lie employ of tlie ell v.
Kiir many viais lie uunduiited liIk d?
piirlmciil ali.ne. Wltliln llio pun.
I Iii co yuiim his olllco had been en
litiucd, ami now four men arc neces
sary to liamllu Its details. Owlm;
to the lllne** of Mrs. .lost ph. Iho fu
neral w ill lie si iiilprlvate.
U.'Kiil wan lipicksi'il at t'ity Hull,
when new:, of the "hath ol Mr. Jo
seph it-ached thai plair. II*" was I"
loveil liy all hi:- assoriatrs in llo* fit..
kii vern men I. ami hail in in an artiv..
meuihi'i' 1.1 the liuptist I'hurrh fur
Ilia n > >ears. Ilcsides ills wife lie
leaves two M'liB, Kohi i t ami 'Tt"
ami .1 ill uk I; I er. Mi: . I'irtJ llall,
II Iih nioml.
I'oneral of "I. Ilnll/.
?riie funeral of M. Iloll::. w h i do I
al Vnviuln II'..Milt 'I Wetliii'l.dtl > wl'l
In from the I'hapel at llehriw 'Vine
tery this morning at II o'ulocU.
.11 m. I liurle.-t llupittt.
Mrs Mary li. I?upaw. wife "I"
I'haries Impaw ilieil v L-at- 1 ilay niorn
lii(; at I 1. ' .mi U. al the home ol In i
sister, -it) lo .Ma until la Vvcnuc. 'II.'
f ti 11 c t <? I will I,, trom Wi'oiJy":' nude i
tailing parlors till:- aft. moon a' -
0 . lin k , ami the Initial w ill he I:.
1 >a li "A oud.
Airs. >lnri;iircl \. IHIIim.
The ftiaer.il of Mm. Margaret \
I > 111 <. 11, v. id-nv i>1 .lame!, i illloti, win
do t Wi-tint?.I,: > a(tt: 1 noon at In i
I .(lie, -'.I " Pari: Avt line, will la f r.. ..
S.if . | II' al t I'ulht 'It a 1 at 10 oelor
this 1111 * I 11111. it lul Initial will lie III
Mount i alvai y < 't.u.eti r>.
IIt'lilir it I*. \ ineenI.
I'unet.i I tit I \ It ? h Iff Ke ; til |( 1\" 111 -
re ill, who t| It t| a I I lie ho in*.' t '1 1.1 '
sister. 333 Kust franklin Htrtiet, will
la rtimlu'teil f i out the home at -
o'elor li I h la all' i iiot'li
We till It, llttrim,
i ui;iii:mt:K.suiMt';. v.\.. Jan. i .
?The hotly of Webli K Owens, v. h"
died In N'lifulli, w.i brought here
hy rail ami tal.eii to his n.tllve .oiinlv
Kiln; ?! ? ? ? t t - hy a wtomolule hear*
w U ii: in11 t int:li 1 wan made in t Ir
ian.ily l'ln ymg gr--ui.d in .ir .Slnl"
The ih i t a:a il was iiiiiuarrletl. hi
li .itei a number of rel.ulvt ?. Inai'i
w .is t itustd 11y hrotii.'hl.iI pneumonia
I'll li I'm I of Mrn. Ilelln I', \\ Insltui.
i-i. i i.it.~i;r i:tva. Jan. 1. i-v
ll'i.l -vrvlire.'i for Mi;-. In-liu I'. Win
.??tori, hu. wit- held at the (jiave lu
Hlanfnrti I'euirtery at 11 o'clock th.
inorriliiK, th. lit v. l?r. <II. Hryan. ? '
i irare I'.p.s o|iaI I'hurtli, olllrjat 11. r
Mi. Winston, who was the whl"
..r Uohet t W. \\ ii.stoii, lit)..| In | ?
h .riie, j:il Jones Street, :t ti n'r|??. .
'I lesilay ? vrnliiK Sin- Is survived I ?
one i ti p-son, ltohcrt WiiiMnii, t.f tlui
Uikik lltm*.
liANVII.I.i:. V.\., Jan. I ' Ant
I:I.- -. 6|, lilt I Tile lay night ill I
'It-rural ili.-pltal aft-r an 111 n? ?
rlirht wok. lie suffered a i;etiri.il
1.1 ? akdown in heiiltli which w .i !?
In .t ed h> a Slloi.i: of pa: al. . Mi
Hoi t line to llanvi le thirty \e.l!
UKO, helng a native ,.f Rio-slur'
Scotland. lie i nluhllsh.'d a Mat
hi. ith ' sht'!> in I mii villi wisp li in
maintained for many years. Hi
wife died three j. ars alio and it
:aid Ilia I li- has no relative- in t'.
1(e) itolils 11 en tit (.ruts' lloil).
I.:eiit i iiaiit I:. I I ' 11' y tiio'l I
lit ell olertetl pi- - id< iit of Hie 111' 'i
uint.d ilr:iM V rl e I a ti.? V .^sorlation
t'aptaili .latii's I. I'vlers i.1 \ire-prt
id. nt. OUit r ollirers are t'aptain W
p i; |l: i r, sei t-iid virf-prevl'lent. f?p
i..in w ?' lit r\ t ril. secretary. ai.<
Sergeant K. A. Buchanan, treasure)
I'M I en lliiey I in |?ri? vi-?.
I ,ittle l-:i !? ii llitev. tlauKhttr of Mr
ami Mr i 'lauile llucy, ?.f t'li' ta-.\
H t- . -A h-- rame t" HI l.iiirinl f
tit alio* lit uii I- i Hi Iti'iinU. h i
it tinned home mm h improved.
with a big O
We are placing on sale a
lot of High-Grade Over
coats and Ulsters. They
are in lots of broken sizes,
but all sizes are repre
sented. .. j. u; &&*$?&&& -?*
Regardless of their former
price, they are being sold at
mxmA Jmmd
.. ?? iL.. i

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