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In Richmond's Pulpits
At Wo.din nd lleiKlifs ? Tho pastor,
Ilev W. A WrtRht. will prcaob at 11
A. M.. on "Modern Materialism" and
at s r. M . "ii 'Dominant ltenutK-:?
tloM." Siiiida> srliool at o 1 A. M .
(tint r.pworth Loasne at 7:15 1'. M.
At liarton Heights?Tin- pastor.
]tcv. W. S. Deyerlo. will preach tn
tli.' tr tTiiiiK on "L."vost Thmi M? '
and I'; t .< tvonlni; >?!) "Wivstl.ng
Wltli i?n?l. Sunday soh'-ol at
A. M.. :i ?. ? 1 1'pworih Jjfa 1:110 a at 7
F M.
\i Fran ii Memorial?The pastor,
I;c.. \\ Siatti It. U? t il will prea.-li at
11 A. M I'll 'In tho 1'rosc ijoo of
.lesns ami a' S 1*. M. > 'i Iv It j^tat
itudo th? Rulo?' Sunday school at
A. M. and Epworth lA'agtlo at
7;!.-. P. M.
At M ? irv- t T!i- ? -r. 1'ovr
Cr 'if . I ? vtT. w.U pr? a< h at *
. i M t!:i' 11ft? and . liara ?
Itl- ..I i. ? t ? i a I II I" rt i:. 1 ? ltoh. rt
i: 1 i> a*i*i No. 1. '-ill is <.r thr
i Home nn<l PaiiK'iter* ? f
flic ('??nfvd?.,r.!' v will attend tlu sor
vi. <?.- .n -, hody.
At 1 >? rth Chur h. CI.'itHn and
!;? a ' . ? ' r i- ts T! e j- l!ov T.
J.' .to1 ?? ? will pr-ach in tho morn
if it mi i!? i'r> of a M ither's
l!i :irt f? >'? r |..><=t Diitii:ht? ?" and
in ?'-? ?? i in. on "T1 ? 1 >? trradiiii;
T< i.ili t y ,f s?n and fie I'ovatir.i;
1 iifilit-1 o 'f Christianity."
At I nn> Str<*at?The pa<s? >r. Hcv. !
K. V. ii ? ? n, will preach In tho morn- [
Ing i n "The Holy Sabbath" and Inl
u ? ' ? "Th II us ? : W. s
liana:. S itiday Ik- 1 and i .. n > !
lJil t - i
M and
I v. - at 7 1'. >1
M in. r 11?Th" past or. j
It ?- WJist.. Will ;?r. a b t e|
!???:: ? at. ? t.-tisf ' ' ?
K -.:?!? : : 'i .it niuht on ' \ l'augh
tor Kestored to the Home and Loved I
' S,;ndav Mdi" >l and :io s j
ltd. . i > at" !>.-?? \ M.. and K;>- i
\v rth 1 .? :u;ii at 7 M.
At i.atir.-. Street--Th.i pas*, -r. ltcv.
Gcorg< W, McFaden. will preach Inl
"iho morning iiii .''For Lo.vi H Pake" I
: ml at i on "\VI > I I'oVt Co to
?;??!? "t I.IV Arli ol at :? ? A.M.!
and inch's initio class at 9:30 A. SI. I
At linl. ai d Park -Ulshop ?.?
Pennj will t tea. Ii In rnit j
and tin , a tor, !;? v. I. 'I \\ . !
??V'? ? 1 ' ?? b at r.ltsbt ..:i ' < 1 :' a .1 j
and \Valtlng." Sunday sclKiol at '.?..>?1
A. M.. and npworth I.cagin- at 7 j
?'? >?' |
l'.t d Stri'i * I'rrarliin^ it '.1
?!. and - I'. M. bv tho i ; - -. ?:< . :
I < til IS. i ?-??n >ult. M. ;nr v, mi/ ? t:
?"CI:- Man Who )'!. d Xak?d ' K\
ning ? uli.t i t ' \\ II We K* "W r
I...VI I ii; - ll.-yond t >?? ;? a \ ?
ilv t - ar,.| t i.i a r>' . v. :i
? ? i d:.iI weloomo A ppopie's i ii i
In i .? h. at t of tlif city.
It \ I'TI^T.
At Kami dsdi Strvi t Haptist i hurob j
?Tho pastor, It. v. \V. 13. Hubertson. I
will ptoa. b in tho morning "ti i
' I: i venth-1 lour l.a:?or>rv' and at
II.i:i mi "iUmarl;ali|i- Hi u!t of i'? ?
s? rtnon." Sumlay school at :< 30 A
M.. and I!. V. I'. L". and Stinbrains at
7 r. M.
At Irninat. lot. l orti'T ?!r i.-o ai d
l?:n.- stiM-t: ?The pastor. 1 it-\ .?
<?r11 or. 1'. t'.. will oond o t tin
annua' !;ui b luisin* s.t in111 ^ a I
ill .-prai; ..n tin- "Strotii;?'*t Man :n
ilo W 'tid' at iii?rbt. >unda\ . ????
t '? A M , a nil Itibb i-lio- 1 a t j
i l.'.i'i -i bool at J 1'. M. It. \ . 1'. I
? . . t : I-. m. i
A' ;? ?? >t - t- The pastor, \V. W
?V -. ? h In tli- m in i?ii
A " <1 I'llVpOM' of til
. I". XI mi "At tin' l!i nut ;t il
<t til*- Toinple." Suhdiiy ? :?
? ? i. a iid Junlot a::d -r
v r. r. at 7 r. m
? ' ? At ; - t l-Ml Kim j:. I 'rrol; Will
i??-. Ii 1 I '' in- -:ii n i and i- ri r. ?'
? I' ;??? t on i lav" r r t ?
illlig fund win bo liciil tho tMrd I
:id In J.tt-'ian .Sun i iv s !i
' \ M. and I.. V. I' ' I.- at 7
At !' '' Str-'-t-T. O ltf<*se. pv:.v.? !
' ' .I'd T. II. 1'itr, g.ivj el "?'ni-'or.
? : ? 1 v ii s-'-r va-s a t t b
" la ? . .-v.-1.: .i; i s
? - la: ?? so a. ii . and 1'.. V
!' ir ? I ilgs fit 7 P. M.
M < - I t:u- 15a-.tl.tt Ch'l: >1
The pastor. Ilev R. >v. Hillings
i i ? ? ' : t 11 A M. on ? M - -
' Mid at ? 1' M.
. W ? I ' - ti Me S 1
tor. her George |W. MriDanicl. I), p..
? ? i ? It os. the evening ser
- - Urol '
v P p.. at ; p. M
ti i
it Hib
ird w!il pro.
J.J :. ..
inir i .1 'I. w ifv.'. i .f" <y
-.V ii. . U. Autiro W :.i.:?i.-m.
t 'I r. ?
tif Tlo I ?
Ii Cnlti
? A
Ilndi.-a - ? r at 7 I*. M.
i rr I
?? d I v?-rl< t St i. i .
.t Krato . I . M '? ; i. ! i
I. tti tho morn r i .. i . 1 :? i
W (,? . it Irwin Wi ! pr-a.h ir? it,
? A. M.. and iloly oonni. nn< n .1
- ? ? v'. ' I I I f.1.1111 ' .-?( .?
? t 'I. Mil >- n 1 t |? ;.t.
At S i.i.th- IJp;-o - -: * . ? ? a- i.
j. " 1.1 I -' ' I' i- v I C. Do .viii' , ! 1 I
J i. \ ; ? .. || ?? - t?-r Ilo V .-or- ?? , a ?
^ A. M a tol I pr-'.-hat ?ii..i mtj
>'K- n.-rv! ? *11 o'cloi k A(t<rn. n y
Jl' \-:< <-!l and ??'rriniJII at f, ? an r . .<?!!
?L-. ii .v 1 b 1 with l.iMe rlaHM-.x at ,
JT" '
? J" At the Church of tho Kpiphany
Th" rwi'ir, U'-v .1. W (ii Id...in \, a
* Ti r?r?-acb o:> "Sharing thr I,!f<- of f >.?
f Q, at 11 A. A!, ii-.d or "The PIiIIiiikIi
? \ ??? (from jin old adagu "it??pondcre is'
a* " /*
laiibns) at S I'. M. Church school
and BIUIO classes at 9:50 A. Mi
\t the Church of the Ascension.
Kourth Avenue and Custer Street ?
The pastor, Itev. Philip A. Arthur,
xvill preach in tho morning on "The
1 n v of l.ix'int-' a nil In the evcliinK on
A l.ivliiK Kaith." Sunday school
and l.tihlc classes at f? .30 A. M.
At St. Thomas' Episcopal Church.
iSiiiior Park?The rector. K< v. Elmer
? ' Pi drick, xvi'.l priarh :it 11 o'.l.nk
? ii 'Other Poiinda t ions <'.tn No Mail
i..?y '1'tin 11 That Is I .aid. Whlon l ?
ii ~tis Christ." At n i*. M . tfieri- will
? e an or^an prelude anil a coininu
ut- musical serxice. Church s.-nool
i H.:i., ;.is~ ;.t :? " ? \ M.
Holx Trinil> The pastor. ltov.
I. .1 ivait. I'. P. w.ii pr.ae.i
it iho iinrninc services. Holy cum
in union at > A. A* " * ,v school
.in! youug \* ? men'; - "
?. t."i A M. and ir i n's I i i?.?
A. M l- l .tn II. Kail, latv . ..
II in tl.e r-r - .-h Army, will speak
? :i >-. !i \\ rl. in South Africa .is
I, lias seen it.
i I. n h .f tin- Poly Comforter ?
v. \\ . !?: Co\. r< tor Holy ootn
-i-.utii'in. A. M. Sunrt.-y s-hoof.
? : \ M. M. Ml in It Service and fil
inon, 11 A. M. Kveiling: werviii* at S5
M with special addr* !?;. M >'
i;tl.i i\.\. a relumed mls-oonary,
?ililiK ef lu r xvorU in xVi'iii. tin
A i dr.c-'d.iy niitht. there n .11 he tin
?..i 1 n-.iii'.viek service in tiii parish
miidf, at ? P. M. hnt instead of ilio
?mi.iI address. Miss Vcnotln Cox.
f|. d ill I'atix e I'hilies.' . i.-tume.
w tail; al- it t'hiio vn^toirs n i l
? l.nw a n'umher of Chinese articles.
piu> m ti:hi \
\t Pert, r Street The pastor. Itov.
W V Ha:< W.'l preacn at >? ? 11* sor
Sunday school at 9i30 A. M..
?1 ,\ -se - 1.". \ M. Chris
? Inn Emleavot Society a: 7:15 P. M.
V Hi t:.' M? :? ' 1 Prest.yti riati
i ???nr. V Nine'-' ? :h and Kranklin
streets - The ''.istor l!ev, James K
;. w:: 1 preach in t e morning a
a' si*nil? ii to ' ? lied Men ai d
OaiSht'-rs i f P ih ?rita" Hi" sub
. ? w .'I >,a ?-t"lir < standard for
' i;ir I. .vi t?> Oim An -?tlier" and in lli"
?\ I !_ AV ' ?? 1. . l!e.?tlCSM World
Needs." 'Christina Endeavor at 7:lfi
p M mil Sunday school at 3:30 A.M.
At Th rd Presbyterian ?Kev. S. w
Modre. of Rltiefleildi \V. Va? will
Tiroach at both services tomorrow. A
-?"en' f-Tvi fir me:i will he he'd
?? ' P. M :> ?: 1 till Millie- t of the
? ? ir n ?'.! I . "The C.ow-.el Accord
ing t ?> V I " -???? ! ?. - ... .1 a | ?? '
>1 . ; *.? ? " hr si: a Iiiid< iv.ir at 7
'?' M. Evangel st ? service will he
? PiCleil i \erv !' ' " t!v '"t!l I"
'nnunry IS, and will bo conducted by
s. w y
\t i;:i>'er I i? i;. v. Kdward
?. I ? I >. \* ' '? C e i- >rn
? . ;;t;d W It ?; d v II tireaeh at
S'indav v ' !>???. \. ,\J
?? P'rst Presh>lterli*n Church?Dr.
W P 'hards i?. pv -? f Then.
?! Si-niin.in . N. ? ? ." ?*'? ? a
??r-?.'? 'i ;> t 11 \. M. .v t > }' M
T>. v Thomiis P, Ony. of Scotland and
? . I>. , V ||? I rf dav - ho !
U Second Presbvierlan Clmrch
?"?(?;? <'re. t lietwoi *. Main .!? 1
? T! ?' ?' > to P'|s? '!
!? 11. vvpi prO.'fOi i'; ?'??. ?- ,.?)!
? u i "I T!,. v ? Oil of ,t. I at
? < ! ? T o-V"?!. ? - With C 1 "
. r ine. fiur W-ii- ? <dav t xc
? V o'c'oi I;. da V ? }?? ol at ' 1
\ M
'?-? ? . A vi *i ii t I * i ? . ?!? i ir s -r
> ? I t 1 ] 1 ? ?
Evenlnjr service at s P M.. r^nducu
s ,1 p. \ ?- "M M
i. ? S mli. ?? 1 i?. * M
?i d Christian End^avi r at 7:1S P. M.
i vrr m? i \ \.
V K.rst Pi-:: ? ? P Ave-..,"
? d ". ?? ? <*?.??The r: v. ??"rai.V
I v at 11 a V.
? W i- I- ?' ? " ' v ~nlr ? ?
P M. <iii "T(.i : ' . f the !i';-th."
niitivi i > \ mh:\ck.
't 1;>C TV:i I r ?? ? -t 4 ? t|?.
X vri'ie ; >' vr'v
r-.i -in i>o htdd at P. A. ill. siili.
I.IKIT.I II M l., PIT. rilS.
: c i't br. 1 ? " "? x M
1 ?' 1'. M The vnsr><
l. d fit 4 P. Ni 1 v .
xx a y ;.???! P.--.r
i? by the Kali": -Hedemptli
?I ? : "Itet'i-r If;.'.. c
lll llis far in liiri'im uf |Ii-m!|i.
' MS'-" 11.1 .P. ,i ??
'thrat.. :? Hi .th- .
- 1321 was exactly three times
Buchanan and Brewer Alter
nate in Presiding Over As
sembly's Joint Session.
Lieutenant-Governor 1< K. ltucli
anan aiui Speaker of the House lUch
ml I>. ltrower, Jr.. alternated In pre
? idlnp ov? r the joint session of the
General Assembly from 10 o'clock
yt stcrd iv morning until 2:5."> o'clock
In the afternoon. during which time
the vote for Governor, Idcutenant
'lovcrnor. Attorney-General, Secre
tary of the t "omnn'tuvi- ilth and Slate
Treasurer. cast in the Xovenil er elee
v. as olll.ially canvassed. The
i. onnt follows:
l-'or Gov. rn- r K. T.c ? Trinkle, 130,
tli"; Henry \\*. Anderson. (*..'.,?.?33: John
f" Goodin; n. C.7 . .Mrs ijeorpo Oustls.
1: .'"tut Mitchell. Jr. ?>.03??: Harry
st. r-^e Tucker, I Total vote cast,
"1 n.? 'IT . necessary to t hoice, 105,134.
I". I.c-" Trtnkle received 13!',416 and
\\ as declared , )< .-ted
K r 1 .icutciri'it-Governor?J. K
\V. st, J 11 ."???"?. John li Hasslnccr,
55,539! II Adolpjh Mueller, 1,076;
? ? >.I??t*. \a? . Total vote cast.
i o, i sstv to choice. i#",lv;.
I. K. West received 141,390 and was
deotan ?! ? I? ct? d.
For At tornc.v-Oencrnl?John It.
v: |. r< It".!.*;: Harry K Wnleott,
? ,r. Thomas NV? ".mil1, 0.
.?till vote cast. -iT.s.*.'.'. nc -. ssary to
' J.'Ihi 1:. launders re
oiv, I li'.K.t anil was l.ircl
?leer. ?!
I-'.t S* oretarv the I'niimion
wealth? !'?. 'James. HJ.vm; T. X
Parsons, &P,2$3; K It naccltun, tl.004.
Total v>te ? i^t. necessary to
esojee. 10 t .?? 1'? II O. J lines received
? " w -? It lar* d elected
l'iir State Treasurer?Cli.xrlt s
Jchnstoti. l.is.40". J. W. r:ant?- irati.
?? : Tin'ti - i: Jackson. ~.4?'.3; I'
\V Smith. Jr. 1. Total vote . ast.
20C.4S1; necessary to choice, 103,241
" .iri- > A. Ji> Ti-ton r< ? iv*t ?! 1.v.41 ?*
and was il" land fleeted.
For He.".(I ighI ("lies4 Cnl'K
\n. III! Is tin* Must Wonderful of
All tin* llotnco'i tlile Hciiieilles
!:? ttlc nf Medicine and
Hook let Mall - <1. JfJie
HK'MMOMl VI] \ '!>1ACV
I'iftli mill Main Streets
it ieh hi mill, \ a.
Have your eyes ex
amined regularly; you
owe it to them.
It Is Easier to
Work Off
Than to Get
This is a good day to read one of our
interesting booklets:
"When Dollars Say Good-Bye"
"Mrs. Savabit"
"How You May Build Up Your Income"
"Am I a Success?"
"A College Education for Your Child"
"Household Budget"
"Five Banking Ages of a Child"
"Tlio IlitiiU with Tlirw flours of Opportunity."
The nurposo for which a church exists is missions. Take out of a
church tlio missionary Idea ami you have a ship without a port, an athlete
without a goal, a soldier without an order, a life without an objective.
You havo a barren treo that cumbers the ground; an umpty house hvit
whose door Is written "Ichabod." I.linlt the gospel in its seopo or power
and you cut Its heart out. Charles Wesley was right: "Take back my Int?? r
i-st in Thy blood unless it Hows for all the race." Christ lived and dieil
fur all men. The business of the church Is to make Him known to alt
nun. Our Christian religion revolves around two foci?"Come" and "Go."
Kvory one who accepts the invitation "Come" must hoar Immediately the
Imperative command "Go." It was our I.ord's most frequent ? Ills per
petual?command. It Is the key to the parables. It is the beginning and
the end of the model prayer: "Thy kingdom come . . . for Thine Is the
kingdom." It Is the driving wheel of the machinery of a church or denomi
nation. Slop that wheel and the machinery is motionless and us >lcss it
is the authority for Christian education. Colleges and seminaries w<-ro
founded to fit men to "go." When they cease so to function they ought
to ha revitalized or burled. It was none other than President Harper who
said, a ahorl time before his death, when he appears lo have made a
revaluation of the verities and vitalities of our holy religion: "It would
' " If the educational Institutions founded by our fathcTs tj>
tosier the Christian faith should conie In time to destroy the very faith
they were founded to foster."
A religion not worth giving away is not lit to keep at homo. The
charter of the American Hoard or Foreign Missions
by llio Massachusetts legislature. A m ini,.
was under consideration
...... ? . spoke: "1 am opposed t >> it-i
haven t enough religion for home me, much less to give to the world?S
to export lo foreign lands." A wise man rose and replied: 'Sir. I havo
this to say: when our r. iiKb.n |? ,,t this character the more we export of It'l
m i # w"rUI- thu we believe In il and receive It Ai 1
the bread of life al home."
Calvary Baptist
(Grove Avenue and Hutilevard.)
Rev. Carter Ashton .lenkens. M. A..
I'as tor.
Church services. 11 A. M. and J"
T. M.
Sunday School, 0:30 A. M.
Pastor's subjects: A. M., "Help for
the Troubled"; p. M., "Practical
Oakwood Avenue
Baptist Church
Chlmborazo Houlevanl and
I1 Street.)
Itev. I"
11 A. M :
>:i vi d
\V. l.tllllngs. Pastor.
"Missionaries for Christ."
"What Can I l>o to H<
All Saints'
Episcopal Church
(Krankln Street, between Madison
and Monroe Streets.)
Hev. J. Y. I'ownman. 1'. I'.. Hei'tor.
Ther? will be Holy Communion at
S ,\. M.
Sunday School, with Hildo Classes,
at !':30 A. M.
Morning Service, with sermon by
th?- rector, at 11 o'clock.
Afternoon Service and sermon at G
Music by the choir of 40 men ami
boys und'-r the direction of Krnest II
Cosby, organist and choirmaster.
Primitive Baptist
l'M-r C. W. Mlll-'r, of W'ashlncton.
rid ' V.der .t. M. I ?lckerson. <?( Floyd
County, will preach at the church
Twenty-einhth Street and Somme
Xveiiue, Sunday.
M, riling service. 11 o'clock.
livening service, 8 o'clock.
Public cordially invited.
I'lder Dickers'n is with u? as Stat
vi.ator as well as niluister.
Tabernacle Baptist
(Corner Grove Avenue and Meadow
The pastor. Dr. P.. Aubrey Williams,
will preach at both services.
Subject Sunday night, "The Story
if a Man Who Overcame His Handi
Sunday School. A. M.
It Y. P. V.. 7 P. M.
Grace Episcopal
Hev, w. H. Ilurkhardt, 1). D., Hector.
(Main Street, two blocks below Jef
ferson Hotel.)
s M . celebration of the Holy
11 A. M., Morning Prayer and ser
& P. M., Kvenltig Prayer and address.
0:IC A. M.. Sunday Si hool and Hiblr
Class for men and women.
Holy Trinity Church
(North t.aurcl, near Main.)
Hev. J. J. Oravatt, I). I)., Hector.
Holy Communion. S A. M.
Morning Service at 11 A. M.
Kvenlng Service at S 1>. M.
Sunday School and Young Women's
Hible Class. !?:15 A. M.
Men's Hible ("lass, 10 A. M.
At the evening service Mr. Francis
II. Hall, lute captain In the British
army, will speak on the mission work
of South Africa as he saw it.
tint isiiax.
Hanover Avenue
Christian Church
(Corner Hanover and Allen Aves.)
Hev. .1. I:. Hunley will preach both
morning and night.
11 It s'lbje ?! will be "The
Testimony t '? the Spade to the Hible,"
and >i o'clock 'The Seed Growing
Seeret ly."
i'.ib!e School at &:30.
Young Peopl- s meeting, 7 P. M.
Community l:;ble Class, Tuesday at
1 << o . lock.
(West Franklin and Hlrch St.)
S A. M., Ifoly Communion.
9:30, Sunday School.
10, J'ible Classes for men and
11, Morning Prayer and sermon.
Mr. Peter will preach.
Third Christian
("fiOO Ka ,t Marshall Street.)
The pastor. .1 (
prMieh at 1! A. M
llelsabeck, will
did S P. M.
S:lf>, Evening Prayer and ser
mon. Canon William Sheafe Chase,
of Hrooklyn, N. Y., will preach.
Subject: "A Uniform Divorce I,nw
mil Censorship of (lie Moving Pic
All pews in this church are free.
You are invited to all services.
M'>rning suhj< ct
Christian C(dl'-ge.
Christ "
The Need of the
subject: "Abiding In
Hible School. 0 30 A M.
Senior Knde&vor, 7 P. M.
Prayer Service, Wednesday, 8 P. M.
Special for
Today Only
Australian Jam.
2-pound Can Peach or
Melon Jam, 35c.
2 Cans for 55c.
All-Wool Army Over
coats, $4.95.
<mni& Unfit Ilrond
8 Kiuit Broad
1812 Hnll Ht.
i.t i lli:it.\ \.
First Engiish
lMonument Avenue and l.ombardv
street )
I>r. .1. J. Seherer. Past r.
The pastor will preach at 11 A. M
and S p. M.
Installation ?>f ehurch o'llcers will
be held at 1 1 A. M.
Sunday School at .10 A. M.
St. John's Evangelical
Lutheran Church
(I.otnbardy and Franklin Streets >
The pastor, the Hev. ?i. Outhe, will
preach at II A. M. on "I. vlng True
to Truth."
Kvenini; sermon at X p. M on "Tli ?
I'ouble ?;ift," Illustrated by moving
pict lire.
Annual meeting of the coni/re-; i
tlon Monday evening at S I.', o'clo k.
Meeting of HrSilhcrhood of St. John
Tilesd v eve 111 tl IT at N o'ebiel:
Broad Street Methodist
(Tenth and Hroad Streets)
Prcnchlnu at II M. and s P. M
by t',' na^t'T.
ItICV. l'HKI) H. i'lli;.V.U'|,T
Morning subject "Till; MAN WHO
KI.KP N'.\ K l;l
Kvenltu: Mtlleet: "WJl.r. w
kn'mw on: onus hi:y?in*i?
tpi-: ?;i;vi:
rhe students of th" i !tv and stranu
"rs are c . . ! i moxi c-.-d i we|,
A PI'"t'M:'S I'MI'III'II IV ?]?! {I;
Centenary Methodist
('"?race Street, between Fourth
and Fifth.)
Hev. T. A. Srnoot, P. P, Pastor.
Morning subject: "He Ye Trans
. ;ned."
ICvenlng subject: "Ron. Remember."
Sermons by the pastor.
A chorus choir of thirty voices. Mr
Howard l'. Hryant director.
Laurel St Methodist
Episcopal Church
"The Church with a kind heart."
The Hev. (Jeorge II. McFaden, on
For I.ove's Sake," il ,\. M? and
'Why 1 l>on't 'b? to Church," 8 P
Sunday Seho(d. 9 .10 A. M.
Men's Hible Class, 9:30 A. M. T
? Sray lladdon, teacher.
Monument Methodist
"There was a man. they called him mad:
The more he gave away, the more hu had.'
First Presbyterian
(West Grace and Madison.)
I'r. F. T. MiFad, n. Pastor.
Preaching at II A. M. by l?r. f>. W.
Hlehardson. president of Theological
Seminary, Nanking. China. At /< P.
M. by Hev. Thonuts I'. Guv, of Scot
land and Canada.
Sunday School at &? 30.
Hible Classes at 9:50 A M.
Cordial Invitation to All.
Second Presbyterian
Pastor, Hev, Husscll Cecil, 1"). D.
Sunday Kehool, '.i;15 A. M
Public Worship. II A. M and R P. M
Morning subject: "The Vision of
J. sus" (Communion).
Kvenlng Kubjeet: "Forgiveness With
> lod."
Prayer-meeting Wednesday evening
it s o'clock.
First Unitarian Church
(Floyd Ave. anil Harrison St.)
Tlie Fatherhood of Clod.
The Hrotherhood of Man.
1 he leadership of Jenus.
Salvation by Character. *
The Progress of Mankind Onward |
and t'pward Forever.
Services at II A M. and * p. M.
Pi ? aching by Hev. Frank Pratt. Sub
ject. morning: "What Is tlm Holy
Special course of Sunday night lec
ture-sermot.s upon "The Principles
and Proof a of Kvolutlon."
Jan. 1C?"The Involution of th?
Kart h."
Jan 23?"The Involution of Man." ?
.Ian. 29?"Tli-? Processes of Hvolu
l-'eh. S?"The Proofs of Evolution."
Feb. 12?"Involution and its Hela
tl n to 1,1 fe and Hellglon."
You are invited to th^e services.
Your mind will In- quickened and your
religious life deepened.
All Seat:? Free.
TT rt ? ? Ft'.1,1;
tl'ormerly of Washington)
Lci^li SI reel's N ow Pastor
7-.">0 P. M?Spirited Song Service; Ilenutlful
Hapt is ma 1 < irdlna nee.
S P. M ?People's Popular Happy Hour. Down
t'i Hate Top e?"How to Clve the Worktngman a
S<|U.ir>; I ?eal, or Would Christ .loin a I.abor
1 'nioti ?"
11 A. M. "The Hlggest Secret In the World."
Twrm > -I'll I h nnd I.rlicb Nljfema.
vSt. John's Episcopal
Services at 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. by
the rector, the Itev. Hugh W. Sublett.
Men's Hible Class at 9M5 A. M.
Portraits of Jesus in Mcdcm Literature
lilt. II. II. C. M A ("I, A CI! I, A.N*
Presents S<srles of Sunday Kvenlng Studies
at si:vi:.\*rn htiikut chiiistia.n ciiuitcii
(??'I'lii- Friendly Church")
Jan. 1.1?Jesus as Servant ("The Servant In the House").
Jan. 2-?Jchus as Discoverer ("The Parsing of the Third Floor Hack").
Jan. J!'?Jesus as Hedeemer l"!,<? Mi.sei ables").
Feb. 5?Jesus as Invincible ("The Terrible M->ek").
Service H P. M?Quartet Choir.
Mrs. G. Watson James, Jr.. violinist, will play 'Dials "Meditation*
Sunday Night.
(Corner Park and Allen Avenues.)
nr.. C.F.O, K. HOOK Fit. PASTOH.
Sermon at 11, A. M. Subject: "IS
Sermon at S P. M. Subject: "Till?
Sunday School and Men's Bible
Class at f<:30 a. M.
pit i:sm TKit ia v.
St. Paul's Church
Sunday School and Hible Classes at
9:45 A. M.
Morning Prayer at 11 A. M.
Young People's l.eaguo at 7 P. M.
Musical Prelude at 7:45 P. M.
Kvenlng Prayer at 8:15 P. M.
At the 11 o'clock service the rector.
Hev. W. ltussell Howie, II. D., will
preach on "The Seat of the Scorn
ers," and at 8:15 on "Tho Message
of Hohert in. I-.ee on War and Peace.'
Grace Covenant
Presbyterian Church
(1627 Monument Avenue.)
Hev. Charles I, King, pastor, at
the morning hour; subject, "Captain
of Dord'a Hosts."
Dr. Walter D. Dingle, D. D.. at 8
P. M.: subject, "How May We Know?"
Sabbath School, 9:30 A. M.
Hible Classes, 9:15 A. M.
Special musical program at eve
r. lug hour.
Visitors Are Always Welcome.
At Grove Avenue Baptist Church
The Two Weeks' Evangelistic Meetings begin to
morrow night. Dr. II. M. Wharton will preach every night
next week.
The Church With the Wide Open Door
Second Baptist Church
Franklin at Adams Street
Dr. Solon H. Cousins, Minister.
11 o'Clock,
"The Tonic of Big Tliingg.'
S o'Cloek,
"Tho Added Touch."
1,1 'I'll Kit AM.
Bethlehem Evangelical
Lutheran Church
(Sixth nnd Clay Streets.)x
Hev. O. A. Sauer, Prfstor.
Sunday School and Hible Class at
Subject: "The Fath
Servlce at 11.
er's Huelness."
Evening service at 8. Subject: "The
Duties of Governors and tho Qov
"Til* Chuxg* WUth * Message."
of UalUiuoro.
M. Wharton
of Baltimore
Preaches at
Grove Avenue Baptist Church
Every Night at 8 o'Clock During the
Next Two Weeks
Beginning Monday Night
Everybody Invited to Hear Tills Popular Evangelist
? >*?-. . * - I I
.. V.v ... ?? ? ... r v.<- ^ . v. \ f\. . ? .n' . .- . .v ?. , : H'!- .1
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