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Offices and Freight Warehouse*
011 Water Front Go Up
*in Smoke.
Thr < olouihlii, llriiitjr to Sail fnr Snn
I 'r n itclnco, Ih Polled Out Into
Strcnoi Ah Kmlirrs Kail Thick on
Her Decks.
[Special to The Tlmes-nispatch.)
NOHKOIjK, VA.. Jan. 13.?The of
fees ami freight warehouse of 1
Cli^snpeakfl ami Ohio Hallway on thi
?ater front wore burned to the
ground tonight. caiiHing a Ions esti
mated at $100,000.
The Pacific Mall liner, Colombia,
with 120 passengers for San I'ran
?!?co, w hich lay at the SuutliKuU
terminal within 100 yards i*I thn
i blazing warehouse docks, had i
( lose call.
I'asKeiigcrs almost In panic w-ei^
<l?lieted w hen. with the assist;;m e >-f
a tug, the Colombia cut her lines and
hacked out into Menm, under a show
er of burning brands and sparks and
through a thick pall of smoke.
Several of the whip's hatches wer??
open as she was loading to fail i.t
inidnight. The Colombia arrived this
afternoon from Jlaltimot
The fire was the fastest burning
Norfolk has known in years.
>^\Vthln ten minutes < very Ktructur"
t In the c, <) Vanl j was ablaze an<!
the SuiiOigato buildings wen
threatened. In less than two bom*
the yard was flat. Several string*
of loaded box rant were pulled out
of the fire area
All the liurned buildings were of
frame construction.
HY electric: current
(Special fr. The Tlmes-Iilsj.atcb 1
STKASI'.riCO. V.\ . Jan. 13 -Kittle
i ltwlghl Klxjrlv, son ><l the late Mr
and Mrs. . 1 >. I.. Kherly, was ceverely
i hocked and burned y< stcrday. when
be attempted to turn on an electric
light during the terrific snow storm
that swept thi> part of the Valley
Tuesday night and all day Wcdnes
ila y.
I>ue to wires being crosveil ?1..
c:rrcnt was so strot,^ that the little
fellow could not" let fo of the
^ \ Itch. Mit) lingers w< re burned
a I most to the bone, and it was only
the dead wriuht of his i.i.dv that r
lensi i| !tlr:i from contact with th?
deadly current lie wa? stunned to
? inconsclousm ss aj.d suffered con
aideralily from ihe shock.
Tlie i !e tr;.1 iiirrent was t'jrned off
lit the power plant sl.or: 1 v after the
JtCcidenV Work IS being done on
the broken and crossed wires, an 1
poles are being erecteil that were
blown down all along the Valley
1'ikr. T' U pliniif lines are also
down all through this section, and
roads are so badly drifted that au
tomobiles cannot pass.
[Special to The Tlmos-Djspatrh.l
TOMS I SHOOK. VA., Jan. 13?In the
J unary term of the Circuit Court at
Woodstock. J mine Whiting directed
that an order be entered for the In
corporation of the tow nof Toms
Jt.-ook and pursuant to this direction,
an order Is being prepared.
The granting of the order In ques
tion Is In answer to a petition from
the citizens of Toms Brook. Illed with
the court sotiie weeks ago. in which
the pe:itloiters seek the incorporation
of their town In order that needed im
provements may be obtained and that
they might have authority l:i other
local matters.
Itemnliis Willi I'elersliurK I'lilr.
I'KTKKSHl"lift. Jan. 13.- U Willard
Kane*. for the pas tthrce years secre
l iry anil general manager of the Pe
tersburg l-'iJlr Association, will serve
in that capacity for the coming year.
? be having been re-elected to his post
at a meeting of the board <?f direc
tors last night. Other officers of the
association were re-elected as follows:
president. W. T. Haugh; vice-presl
dent, Kilward Klgenhruh; treasurer,
K. H. W h It more; secretary and gen
cral manager. 11. Willard Kanes. The
local fair this year will be held the
week of October 9.
Skin Tortured Babies Sleep
Mothers Rest
After Cuticura
Soop.Olntrr.mt.Takotn^Sc.rrerywhor# Foraarrplt*
aridrans: C?llCQr*LaboraUr Wt.ftayt.X .UiJdsti.
'Shoved' Into Coal Yart),
Pays Fine of S5
NORFOLK, VA.. J mi. 13.?Arthur
Smith, colored, ?aya he 1m koIiik
to Htay :t block away from any
thiiiK that looks like a coal yard
lle'll know, then, he Mayr. that no
Imily will shove him* Into one unit
Ket him In trouble.
Arthur was arrested last nlKht
on a charge of trespassing. ile
was on the property of tin* City
? ?as Company, wlit'iv- coal Is stored,
it was said And he had a ban
In his hand that would hold n I
Koodly helping of the black dia
Special Olllcer l.anew arrested
U'thiir. and Arthur said the of -
II. e>- c.iused all his trouble.
"Ah was settin' down on de
sidewalk cause inah feet hurt."
he told Justice Simmon?, "an* dis
hi ah man come aloni; en shovo
me rlKht In de yard."
!!?? was lined 15 and costs by
Justice Simmons.
Carry Off Jewelry* Clollii
and (wish to \ alue
of SI,500.
(Special to The Times-1Jispat'-h. I
I'KTKltSliCUC. VA, JaiK 13. -
UwrKlars made one of Wvjr large.'-t
hauls from a private residence In j
ibis city In years Monday nit-lit, po j
lice reported today, when they car j
rled off Jewelry and cash to the
value ?>f over H.T.OO from the resi |
-!.-n< ?- of Mrs. ..Miller, 31 -A <>ak
.Street, without leaviriK a clue as to
their Identity.
The police have been at work on
the case since Tuesday, but so far
have made little progress in run-;
nltiK down the thieves.
The family was away at the tim?
| the house was looted and the fW
t ruder* h? Ip? il t licms? lv< s to cloth-|
iiiK, Jewely and silverware, ran^iick
ini: every r? ??? ri? In the house. That]
the robbery was not the work of
professionals Is tKe belief of the po-1
they polntini; to the fact that,
the robbers left a fur eoat valued
at t :.()'> and othei valuable artb'le*.
"hut taking ."".eial ji.*iir.< of shoes
in their l?>ot.
Mrs Miller lives above her store,
with her ???'in nd married daughter,
and an entrance to the house was!
irainid by cliuhini; up ov?r rear
slieil to a rear window on tin- second
I floor. The thiev< .i u>ed a suit caso
"tulen from the home to carry off
th? r loot in.
Ilrlrk layer l-'nlls to llralh.
NOItK'jI.K. VA, Jan 13? S. T.
Miduett. bricklK\ er, working on
j n<-w hush school building. conic'1
May and l.ovltt A\.nuc>, fell from thi
1 top of the structure, about elxty fe. p
(this morning and sustained Injuiiis1
'from Which h< died while on his way
to St. Vincent's Hospital. It Is said |
that many of the bones in his body!
were broken and he was badly
brul sell.
THE racking, agonizing rheu
matic ache is quirkly relieved by
applying Sloan's Liniment freely.
It Penetrates without rubbing.
For forty /ears, folks all over the |
world have !< und Sloan's to be the :
l>est pain and ache liniment. Ask your !
You can just tell by its healthy, i
stimulating odor that it is going to do 1
you good. Sloan's Liniment is dean
anil non-skin-staining.
Ketf> Sloan's bindy for those sudden
and tmcxpccted attacks of neuralgia,
lumbago, sciatica, lame back, stiff
joints, sprains %nd strains, bruises,
Lad weather after-effects.
At all druggists?35c, 70c, $1.40.
Liniment fey
"If a man spends six years in tht
?rmy he surely would have to have {
;ood stomach. I have a good one now
ind Foley Cathartic Tablets made f
:hat way. If any one does not be
lieve this, let him write to Arthur L
Lyons, 454 Cincinnati St., Daytor
Ohio." That is from a letter receivec
by Foley & Co.
WAl.TIOIl D. MOSES & ro.
Genuine Victrolns and Victor Records
NcwOrus!c Day
at Moses*
Popular New Music
?For Victrola and
nArrr.it dan
tiik SHEIK
?Fox Trots by Club Royal
JRS.11- SSc
r;vi:nyiiodv sthi
?Pox Trots by "Whitcman's
?Sung by Peerless Quartet.
?Sung- by American QuartetC
?Sung by Ada Jones and Billy
?Sung by Hilly .Murray and
. Ed Smallc.
The* Words Arc Primed on the Uolls for Singing
?Fox Trot?ft.25.
?Fox Trot?*1.55.
?Fox Trot?$1.25.
eveuybody STi:r
?Fox Trot?1*1.-.'.
?Fox Trot?91.2.1.
?Fox Trot?*1.25.
Walter D. Moses & Co.
Oldest Music House In Virginia niul North Cnrollna
to si gr
"Clermont,* Kcsiclencc of
lilayur Mason, Dashing (ion
federate, Burns.
(Special to The Times? Itisputoll.]
? "I I AH I.OTTKS VI I.I.K, VA? Jan. 13.
-"Plcrmont," at one time the liotitr> I
of tlie lute Major Kob< rt !?*. Mason,
noted Confederate i avalryinan. anil
considered mil- of t S??? must convcn- I
It ntly arranged uinl splendidly lurn-l
Ished homes in North Virginia, wax
destroyed by lire lasl niuht, toKethci
with practically all of its contents.
Till residence was located on the
Tlircc-M Ih; Itoad Just north of the
?? ity limits, In t lie ri iiti-r ?>{ i !'M?
ilcrc estate, and miin<1 <-?! by a
maftnltlccnt grove. It was ;? three
story dwellltiK o? tine proportions,
containing twenty-two ronm.c, and
constructed of c'iih r"t' brick an<l
frame I' \\.1s owned ; ? ?! o(<n;>l'l
by .I. I! Price. When Mr. IJrice ac
<|iiir?'l the property thr. . years ago
he showed his a IM'I ?'la * :>.n <if its
? harm ami a<l vantages oy i-arryinii
otiit ;iii elaborate transformation of
ill'' old htlllilltiK. enlarging it <<
siderably ati'l entirely renovating
the xtructure.
An ample ? ? liar was provided,
whh'li acconinioda?t'l a large tnoib rt
.v(<ani-h<-ntinir plant, and the whol>
dwelling was ?-1? drilled with th?
most modern and orna*?- equipment.
Hantlfoine stairways were con
structed and tin- floors were covered
wiTli tlf best graih- of hnished
W'jvr llrtivfeii llii- state*.
I Miring tli" period Jus1 aft<r the
f'lerniont" was tin s ? :i?- ??! notable
and profuse hospitality thai was dis
pensed by the distinguished owners,
where the elite not only of the
county, but the whole State gathered ]
us In the old en di'.?
It Is understood that tlio. property
\y.-fcs covered bv insurance to a I
large amount, stated to be upwards
?,f |30,0()0, and K..0O0 on t lie con
? Mnd rifteen CiiIIimin of Hvldenee.
NOKKQIjK, VA.. .Ian. 1 :t Willie
'Jreeil. eolored. may not be a "bout
legger." V'11 Police Justice .Simmons
tills moriiinK thought that fifteen gal
lons of corn whisky and wine, found
in Ills home, was sufficient evidence
that he was. and sent him on to Cor
poration t'oiirt to answer the charge
fov lolating the Mapp act.
Klvr Tnken In Itnlils Sent Oil,
l'KTKHSHPH'I. Jan i:t.?The five
persons arrested by the police Sat
urday night in their whisky, raids,
were given preliminary hearibgs in
Police Pourt today, and held for tri.il
ill tli- II tistlny s Court. on the chare
of viola*, in g the State prohibition
Fine for Lumbago
Mustetole drives pain away and
brings in its place delicious, soothing
comfort. Jnst rub it in gently.
It is a clean, white ointment, mad'*
with oil of mustard. It will not
blister like the old-fashioned mustaril
plast i r.
(Jet Musterole today at your drug
store. 35 and ?i.'.o Iti jars and lubes;
hospital size, J3.00.
Operating Expenses for
Monlii Over I Million Dol
lars, According to Report.
i KpeciaI in Tin1 Time*-|.>tspatcll 1
UOANOKi:, VA , Jan 13.?The
operating revenu's of the Norfolk
anil Western Itailw.iy fur tho month'
f November. fur which a statement
was ImmuoiI ycntcrday. Uroppcil off
f 397,sr?2.2l, or 1.'pi r ci'iit from ihos?
of October, ami J2.O07. 179.19 from
tlwi.se of Niivi'inli.'r, 192". They
amounted to $!> I:!,?'?I IT. oporatint;
> x;h iim"< f<>r the month were $4
us compared with $.".,11!).
2 t't.Vi f..r tiir in i'i . iliim month, ami
57.71 in November 1020.
'I'!.'- ii< I income was $ 1 .t>2S.292.30,
a lii'i'rciiM' of $21 .'(11.7 I. as (tomparod
witli that of < iclol>i?r. hut an in
i rni'r of $733, 93. or 32 |ht ???? t:t
a' lomparol with that of Novunliir,
'i lii- proportion of operating cn
|nj'Si- to (?????rali<iK'r<'Vi'ii<i<,s w .is 71.37
per cent. |:i ii.-tolii-i- it was T 0. f?
p'i r ???lit; in Nov iinlier. r.'2'l. MS I:'
p? r i?? iit. The proportion of tnfiis
portation *? x | ii ? n vir.s to operating
i ? vi riin s was .*.1.27 p'-r colli in So
\ ? nilx r, 1 9I'ii.
l-'or the lir.<-t i |i von montli.i of
liii- vi.ir the operating revenues
amounted in $73.". I 3..*i I s. 1 0; in ) !? 2''.
*M'.39?;,9l7.<i3, a decr-apo of !l Iter
ri'iil < iperatiiiK i-\|)onsf.s wer>:
$.'?9.:: 19,43!M'.7, ami $77.'>70.S91.01, a
decrease of 21 per ?"*???t. Not lin'omc
f. i th" "Ti-vi'ii months was Jfi.liifi,
J 'j 2 1*.. whirfa* a delieit of $l.r,24.
k:.h ?> i v as -ti^u n in tin: same period,
in 1920.
Thf proportion of operating ex
panses to operating revenues for tlie
period was 7."'. per cent. as rom
pared with 9fl.fi! p'-r rent in 1920.
Tlx- proportion of transportation ex
penses to operating revenues was
.'17,7 1 i <t cent, as compared with
11.7V pr r i' lit in tlie 192ft period. *
(Inimi'il *rl/eil l,l<|lior. I* ('iirrorWil.
l,VN<MlltI |{<;. VA.. Jan. 13.? W. K.
fisliorio. who claimed three pints of
lojiior t.il.en hy the poller here in :i
recent i.i 'I, at tho trial of Mary
j Vnii: l- i:a n. wlioyc Jrfforson apart
1 i. i hi I.. 1 i i-.-n raided. was In 1<1 for
| thr- mil ml jury Thursday after prc
J limliiary lii.il in the police court.
j llilt I l?y Women Voters In Majority.
) l.YNt'iiHrilG. VA., Jan. 12.? liec
? nl of the i ity tro.a Hirer's ofliee lure
( si:ows that more women have paiil
: i he Sin 11- poll lax than men. the
: _ jn-v h-iiip, 4 4 Hi females an<l 3S23
:iiiil?y, :t tola! of R373.
Colds cant make
me qu.it work
"I USED to lay off many a day
* with my winter colds, but no
more of that for me."
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar Honey, with
iU lialsamie, healing qualities get* right
down to work at tho fir?t sign of n eol<f.
Ixxxvnft up the phlegm, eaiiea the irritation
and r.topt the cough. Get m bottle from
your druggist's today, 20c.
\ fir Coughs and Coll
Want Women to Pav
City Capitation Tax
(Special ?<> Tin* Times -1 >i*patch,) |
I.YNflllM ltfS. V.\ .. Jan. 13 ?
Ik'li'KOt' Mayo <" liiown. who rep- |
resents t.ynchhui'K in tho Iluu^c '
of lieU'C-ili's, has i!11 rodilced u !
lull in amend ili" chartvr <>f I.m il- |
J>nrn to kiV" li t- counvli the riulit i
to assess capitation tax dm woiih n.
This with assessment-: on men will
give the city to Jln.nuu an
nually. which is to In- serrated
for tin- support ,,f tho municipal
Henry (luiinly .Man Kxoner
ateil liy Full (lourl t?f
[Special to Tin- Times - IMsp.it ch.)
I'.NNN II,I.K. V A , .Ian. 13. Another
homicide, the second w\thin two
weeks. was reported toilav from
ilenry fount y. .hi,I I'annill. a Acum,
beiim shot ami almost instantly killed
\\ ednesday by John Foster. a farmer
of ? stablished iMe?rity at Oak l.cvcl.
Wednesday evening a full court of
magistrates In ai l evidence in tho
case ami acquitted Foster on the
ground: of jus;iliabip lutiniciilc.
i'annill. it. was testified, arrived]
yesterday in front of Foster's homo
witli a Winchester over iiis shoulder,
lie called Foster to come to the road,
which he did. On reaching there. It
was stated l>y wit nessvs. I'annill ex
claimed: "Now I've ijot you where I
want you!" atrl lie took hi:-! tfun from
off his shoulder as though to use it.
Foster, however, jvas armed with a
.U-calilipr revolver, which he drew
quickly and iip shot Hip nejjrn four
times. Three bullets took effect in
I'anniirs liody. and tile fourth in the
head. There were two eye-witnesses
to Dip shootimr. Fostpr remained be
side the dead ni'sro while others noti
fied the county authorities.
Man ist ra' ? s Slielton. Adams and
l'ree '? II presided at the hearing held
during tiie afternoon and quickly re
turned their verdict. lni|Uiries failed
to I'evi al any previous animosity be
tween the two men and the theory
was that I'annill was the worse for
drink when it took place. Panniil
was a farm laborer, not employed by
? Stop Your (.'ounliK With
At llriiBBlsts
Prepared aiul Guaranteed hy
American Laboratories, Inc.,
HicltinontI, Virginia.
A Treat for You In the
Magazine Section of the
Evening Dispatch
"The Campbells Are Coming"
By Meredith Nicholson
Tom Watson, Bard of Richmond
School Girls of 1922 Contrasted With Those of Thirty
'Years Ago
An Illustrated Article?By Frieda Dietz Pollard
"Two" Street in the Throes of a Barber War
A Humorous Article You'll Surely Enjoy?By Robert E. Golden
Beauty and Nick
Sir Philip Gibbs Carries You Farther Into This Absorbing Story.
Weekly Puzzle Page?$75 in Prizes
$75 in Prizes.' All Richmond Is Talking of This Contest.
T-vo Pages of Colored Comics
'Many Other Interesting Features
Dispatch Papers?Morning, Evening and Sunday?
: 13 Papers a Week ;. 25c
Evening and Sunday.............. 15c.
Peninsula Ollicials iNoliiietl
1?y Highway Commission
of Action.
NKWI'OUT NKWS. V.\.. .Ian. in.?
Announcement was mail- by letter
from tlio Sliiti' 11 ? i? li \\ iv Cnrnrni.' -ion
today that the commission will h-.tr
the H:im]?toii lloa?is.i SIotl?'? sit r-Uicli
tnotul Highway Association in Ulch
monil next Tu? s?lu> noon on tin- -ul>
Ject of allocation of fumls for rea'l
building. it wan .statcM liy l't ???ii|i r,!
titiy I'. Murray, of the a.s*i>oiationv
this aft< rnoon.
.Mcttllii'is of tin- Legislative Com
mittee. appointed loilav. will appear
1 efore the rmiiiiiission, salil the pres-?
hlent. They ate Itriun I'owe. of
nivhinonil; W. \V. Koliertson. of Nor
folk. C. H. Melton, of I 'ortsinoiHli;
I?r. .1, A. C. Chandler, of Williams
Iiiii k; M. <> l<acl;ey, of I la m;>ton, ami
I'. W. Iliil' ti. of Newport News.
This committee will pray of the
coinmb.sioii that they allocate for
the year's program, the coast t ??
capital highway what is a fair
amount, t.iUinc all iinulcs of the
situation into consWIeratIon.
1'nr Colli*. Crip or liilliiriis.n
ami as a Preventive. take l.axativej
itltOMO QU IN I NIC Tat.lets. Tin- gen- I
nine bears the siunat tire of K. \V.
tilove. (He sure you get . III!' ?MO.) ;
:it?c. Ailv
Don't waif
for lime
to heal
that rash
ResinolSoap and
Ointment have $ven
comfort and permanent
relief to thousands
of skin sufferers
Why don't you^ive
them a chance to
heal yourskin?
-Soofhinq t\nd Hccvlinq
? *
Writes Mrs.Hardee Regard
ing Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Los Angeles, Calif. ?"I must tell
you that I am a true friend to Lydia
.K Pinkham'a
Vegetable Com
pound. I hnvo
taken it off and
on for twenty
years and it has
helped me change
from a delicate
girl to a stout,
healthy woman.
When I war. mar
ried I was sick all
the time until 1
took Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. 1
was in bod much of my time with pain3
and had to have the doctor every
month. One day I found a little
book in my yard in Guthrie, Oklaho
ma, and I read it through and got the
medicine?Lydia E. Pinkham s Veg
etable Compound?and took eight
bottles and used the Sanative Wash.
I atonce began to get stronger. I have
got many women to take it just by
telling them what it has done for me.
I have a young sister whom it has
helped in the same way it helped me.
I want you to know that 1 am a
'friend indeed,' foryouwerc a'friend
in need. "' ? Mrs. George Harder,
1043 Byram St., Los Angeles, Cali
Busy Kentucky Public Oi'liejal'
Sii) s T ImmI ford's B 1 a c k
Prnnfrht Helps Him Kec^
rinsically I'it ?"> e v e r
Without It."
Clay City, Kv.?"I have boon in
business here for twenty-one years; i
am also coroner, riding tlie Ken
tucky hills and hollows in all kinds
of weather and under all kinds of
conditions." says Mr. Sam T. fair,
of this place. "To bo able to do so.
I must keep physically'lit, and Tlied ?:
lord's mack-Draught is my stand
"These trips used to give mo)
headaches, and I hat, I found, came
from hurried meals or from con
"I was convinced that Mlack- j
Draught was good, so now I use it.
and it gives perfect satisfaction. It
acts on the liver, relieves indiges
tion, and certainly is splendid. 1 j
am never without it."
When you have a feeling of dls-j
comfort after meals, causing a
bloating sensation, headache, bad |
broalli and similar common symp-j
totns, try taking a pinch ?f Hlaok-i
Draught after meals?a pinch of tho!
dry powder, washed down with a!
swallow of water. This has been '
found to assist the stomach and j
liver to carry on their normal work i
and helps prevent, or relieve, con-|
Your druggist can supply you
with this well-known, pvtroly-vege
table liver medicine. Insist upon
Thedford's, the original and only
genuine Black-Draught powdered
livor medicine.?Adv.
Make application to the Virginia Railway
and Power Company's Offices:
Mr. H. L. Smith, Superintendent
Mr. W. F. Bryce, Superintendent
Mr. 11. Pollard, Superintendent
Room 305
We prefer former employees of the com
pany, or men who have had street railway
experience in other cities.
Virginia Railway and Power Company
General Manager
? ? ?
Richmond-Petersburg Division
Kodak Prices
Reduced 15 to 25%
T*oni?il.?that jclorloii* frt'llnjr that
cnmrH *rltl? a clrur, pure, ruddy com
plex lull.
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are lost forever! No question will ba
asked, except one question, "How
you lose them?" There Is but one
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rose, my cheeks nr<i filled out and my
rhoumatlnm, too. Is gone!" This wltl
bo your experience, too. If you try S.
8. S. It Is guaranteed to bo purely
vegetable In all Its remarkably effec
tive medicinal Ingredients. R. S. S.
means h new history for you from now
on! S. S. S. Is sold at all dr" : storea
In two al7.es. Tho larger si: j la lha
nioro economical.
?Of refreshing* newness are these new
Winter Coats, fashioned of Bolivias, Nor
mandies and Novelty Mixtures. All are
lined with silks and most of them trimmed
with furs. Loose-back, wrappy and the
smart fitted models. The majority in
brown shades. Full range of sizes for
women and misses at
AlWAVS,. /
M'pjirc pleased t<> announce a decided rcdnctiun on
all Kodaks, many of which arc hack to pre-war prices.
For example, the Vest I'oeket Kodak. The 15)20 price
was $!).!!), the 11)21 price $s.(M), while the new prieo
V is $G.50.
U Our stock is complete, and the new prices are in effect
7 at all of our establishments.
S. ^a!eskl<^^ Optica! Co,
Main and Ki^rlith Streets 22.'1 Kast Hroad Street
250 Pimples, 736 Blackheads
and 3 Boils!

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