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M iicral Condition of FiRian
rial Institutions Show
I inprovemcnt.
11 \ \ s > 11 I) W H E l> I ?' 'I 1 O >
?nfu| HrftCt-vrft >lnlBl?li1P>l Show
til* ft In nti i>l Num \ hnvr llcnulre
..??nt?. Nr? \?>rU llmli.it l.nrisrftt
I: *rrft? >tn?
jBy Associated Press )
WASHINGTON; Juno ?Coml'inc.l
? ?our.-> ? ' the : ational banks of
ihe c*''jr.try ?n M*iv ^ r^irawt
177 000 c.' a U . h. with lull two ex
ceptions. **? ercati r than si, ??????
ar.v call : neo April. 19-1. :? "r?lin?,
to km - Issued *?
?'oTnpiri>ii"r < t the i urrem > >
per. , .
The ..ntuniw I;?i..iila.i>- ?
and discount#. with an apparent ten
? ruiii 'IilifiVT* ol I nit**4*
?i??ncy u? ?ias? ? -u.v
.-fates govornttun *? untie.* and
th< r
ikIs anil
.rultv with corn .?.pws'diu^ i.di.c
? I v :;t to at .llty t-r ? ^
,d money ..-.d nd <.'.unt-i j.ap.-r and
, r. tic- able n rtase is; ;:..i. vidua. ?!?
t. Mts i Mr. ?sslnger. ?> .-???ir
t . warm:. t the ro Ill si n that ou:
national banks :.re in condition to
render ample ai*??tanc? t?- the mer
chant. the agriculturist or ?homso
,-vor may hav legitimate demand .u.
financial relief."
1.1.nit* Show ltoiliutum.
Loans and dls.-unts of th. national
. ..n5;.? c-.n May aggrogated J 11.1 ?
mio.ooo, a dfcf-an1 $98,000,000 since
March and a r'-duct i? ? ii '? ?" I
o'-0 000 since April 1921.
Moklnu* of cvirnsnnit secur!t.e?
}n $S* aggregated |2.125.0(
which was an Increase of $?3.000,C
<r March and $123,000,000 more than |
April. . , , ,
Othtr bond" a; d securities h?.d au
Kr-gated '.'00. ?" . an advance
j-TtX ? over ;h. pr?*c? ding call I*
March and of $1*2.0' ?? O0u o ? r a veat .
i *ii*5h ?n hand In tV.e banks a:r. '.it.
, i to J385.i".'o :n May. w n was
Si'.jfil.f'Oft less than March am! $?"*.
i...(.,0vu less than April a year a
llnnkt Nim ."Number S.1K10.
\n ii crease cif thirty-three onnks
the number reporting March
t. n ted bringing t!.- t u: " ?
, .?: ?;.a 1 banks with a capital stock
} 1 j.??.iV'ii i?>>o. an Increas* of ????
? .. j.:nc" March.
Surplus and undivided V ag
gregat-.ng $1 :.?3.0<?0.?-o0 s: owed ..n i:.
, of Jsine- Mar. h. ? 1
FtandlnK liability of thi> banks In
May v> vs $721,000,000, or $
in,>ie than March and an
J4 1.OCO.C00 Slnc.? April. 1^21 1 ??!P'>?'.'
liabilities in Mil) aggreirat ? i 5 ?
etif'.ooo.ooo. an Increase of ,|3iG.OOOi
<?00 since March, and of J 'l ? ? ' -"00
since Ajirli a year ago.
Thr percer.taBo of lonr.? to d^pt'Slt:
i May was 7'\?3 s ,r '?.?nt, compan
with 7".Il in March, arid with SJ If
\prii a year ok >
lilllft l'n> nblr Ileellnr.
P..lis payable In May act-r".at^
i4S.OOO.OOo, a reduction >'?' 1 '
000 sir.ee March, while redlscountei
,p?r apirr?-gating ?.*?". 1 ?' _wa
Ofo.OOO Ir-^s than March. a:.d J'Ot
r.00,or.Us.? than April a year ago.
Lawful reserve maintain, d tiy r.a
? r.nal bor.V.i in each of the twelv
! ?-d?-ral Reserve districts was
im o.OOO In excess of the reserv- re
ri'iircd against deposit liability ' J
r SP.000,000. National bank" ::: th
New Vork district, reported the :ars
f.? amount of excess r*serv .*i
?. i, f'lfi.O1 o end banks In S>; :i Kra:.*:.-o
? -h jr..00".0'0 excess were next
w. i;. s. s. LEAon
^IsnillitK of CRnlift.
Wnr 1.
h L.uth.
Thlr.1 l>resbj?erinn.
. i r ? . v
H"-.: lb. ..
Bell. ri.
ti, ?*
. . . 3
\\ r?t inln??or.
A It II H <i \ i:
f....... 3
Shanks ? s 4 0 0 2 2 ft
T tersek, U- I 0 i 12 0 1
Mcbrar c 1 1 2 5 0 ol
I ? '' -r. If O 1 I (
?? irr.mnr - 2b . . . ?. 1 ' 1 4
V ? - \! "% i r. I
? ? rf * :
Turn'.' p. r. 0 ' 1 0 I
/. f ? !.;? ? - -11. ! -? -1.
WhitCi Oahzfert CIar?. l>6uii1*j pljtyW?
-zer; ? . ?. ark t . it. . . i :. ?! -
M -.raw II ? l. .? ? , . -t, .
Thomas, 2; Ganzert ?. LSanen >-:\ balln
? . ? ff T: ?: .? ?> ..ff
Tiiim-r, IM* ..ff Imjju
:t.nir>K>: ? ff T -na.?. r in ? .us.
< ? " .: ? ? ,
out??>y I>uhn| 7: V>y Ganzurt t. i,-.
Tur?.< *i .:i . of ua. tv
Iln r ?
I . .
I it ( hrrau.
A I : P. H
l;.ik< i Jb.
HenriA, :.t>
Mr. r ? r. !! -'
1:1.11?' J.
M- .r t t.
<? r an t <>i > n;tii I.
AH. li M. ( . A (.
\\ vatt. 2b t :
H?rn-. ? f
?- b-r. ?.<?? 1 < t
< 'uttrri. ( f
u< lolier. lh. ; ;1
11 a trorici. 31>. . .... 1 .
1 iristlail If ? I. . ) i.
Ga'vin. rf -If ... 1
? IrtitKh, i
M: l< r. rf 1 " 1
CranRcr, If. ..2 " ? > ?
Total? . .2', ? 10 ? ii
Srorn by IniiinK^ It
F. H. Li. NNNN f'*: J00 1 ' ?
G r:?. ?? i "ovi-na? . M 7
Summery; Tlirto-t.iiHc f. ? -v.' ? .
iblcher. Jlor.ii r\;ris /'otti II. n. .
? ? Utusf. SJ'u< ii liasi > . ? ?
i r.-tl.i- Ii? MaKO'.d . I ?
jilt oil ill liiii. b.v 'I * y . ? ? I ?
Mllli-r Wy?ili>. by ("rouHi. i .
I ..ft ? r ? baM ? I" I: I. iii 1
? un! ? JlH-i" I'T. lit is ? if " .
t.ff Itiijm-. ?; /iff ?'rmnli. 1 !!;?
'.ff rt'iino. < I" I lulling*, off Tay
lor, 2 In 6 Inniru;*: Struck out by
Home. ft; |>y Taylor 1' by f'loiieh, '
'I'imu of Kiiinr 2 2'.. t'mjili*, Winn
AMU-VTa > ler.
Hare Collection Is Destroyed in Flumes Whirli Keduced
Home of IT. Thourez and His Sister to
Ashes Yesterday.
HOPKWELIi. VA., June 24.?In
??pile of the heroic efforts of both
Hopowcll Are-flghtlng companies. the
horne of Ii. Thourez und ulster, Miss
Hone Thourez, corner of Ktourth anil
Huron Streets, was completely de
-tr.iyi-tl by Are today about noon.
The building was a two-story
frati:>j Iiou.k- and the tire !?? believed
:o have started from an oil stove on
which Mls?- Tlioaror. had been cook
v.ic and to have been -aused by a
draft. Miss Thoure- states that she
ad left tl?. room to dress for lunch
and th.it the fire burst forth while
-ho was out ?f tho room.
Three a arm- were turned in to
K re Station 1 by Policeman Itulton.
I'! John K'.der and from the store
M1 k?? T.-ourour.is. but it required
?i thrtf minutes for the call to
re.n h the station. due to some cause
wh..-!j ;.;.s : t yet been ascertained.
Ta< were also hampered In
their work by the slowness of the
water i-rirs-isre. caused by the repairs
which are vow : f *:g marie on the
r.-w Mintping sta'i'T. In r?: 1 thr
:iremen estimate over eight mir.utes
\i"r? lost in getting' water on the
.\ rare Central African collection
? 'ir.os and relics went up In the
:!a:v.? -. and the los* of this collec
I ? ? :i .- r> if retted by both Mr. Thou
: ? : and hN sister more thai: the
loss of th' building and the tur
:iisM:.gs. Th?? collection :?? prlce
1? = ? aii 1 can ?? ver be replaced. In
?los<>d in it were dagg< r- ot" exquisite
workmanship, beautifully inlaid with
go'.-!. old coins, a very complete ol
ectlon of. native arms and many
othor interesting ri'xc- <. wh;>-h have
'???en gathered by the family from all
r>iir:s v f the world, but pr;ncipali\
I 'rom Africa. \ number of photo
| craplm of km*nt value wore nlso de
stroyed. Tiu< collodions w rro nil
I Kuthered during th<* recent expedi
tions to d:ff*-'-lit countries for th?>
Fox Flint Corporation, and nro tl>?>
property of Mr. ntul Miss Thourcr.
and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Smith, other
members of the family, who are In
Central America with the Fox Film
Company a: this t!:ne.
W ill lll?eu?* llenlth l'lnn*.
HOPEWELL. VA., Juno 24.?Miss
Agnes D. Randolph, of lttchmond. di
rector of the bureau of tuberculosis,
Virginia State Board of Health, will
!>e In Hopewell Tuesday for the pur
pose of discussing, plans for future
health work in Prince George Coun
ty with the Bland Public Health As
sociation. which will hold its regu
lar meeting 0:1 that day.
The association is just about t?.> be
gin a b.g drive for memberships In
the \ieinity of Hopewell and City
l'oin: and throughout tite rest of
Prince (Jeorge County, and loading
citizen* are most interested in mak
ing the organization an assured thing
tor tile coming year.
I*rr?b> lerlmi* In Hold Men's Meeting.
HOPEWELL. VA.. June ?4.?A
mass-meeting of the men of Hope
well and City Point, who are mem
bers ei the Presbyterian Church, will
he held at the Hopewell High School
building on Tuesday evening at &
o'clock for the purpose i f organizing
a men's club. Nat Harrison, of Pe
tersburg. a prominent layman of the
church of that city, will address th<
audience. A nun.I * r of oth.r speak
ers prominent locally will make ad
Bard of Britain Talks of
Strain of McCraes "Flan
tlcr? Field."
Tl.e light-minded bromides who
ii.'ivc repeated one after another that
RudyarJ Kiplinu :s d"Wn an! ou*
lied fi shepherd d.-e. Great |vt t? Need
? r.BeiiUl ?u! ;? rts. as Wordsworth
?^uTltciently proved. Stephen'n bltte
?.ii.rt', "Two Voices." in which lie
?? Id f the voice of thunder and the
? ? . -e <; "an #ld half - w itte 1 sheep.
addinK. "And Wordsworth. both ar
'liine." will recall to any reader of
Vi.-torian i>ttry what we mean Kip
linir. the imperialist has not had a
s u b J ?? t since General Joubert died
n 1< Tcept w)-.?n Hootovilt d:ed
n 1P20. says the Philadelphia Pub
lic I^edBor, and then how magnifi
cently he rone to the oc> a?!on w ith
Tl.e world is none the braver
Sin'e Orciit-He#rt wan ta 'en'
HI* Only Son Slnln.
The World War did not offer a sub
ject to the Imperialist poet. It was
? nly Hrltaln that appealed to him.
?t.d he sent h:s only son to it. The
--on was killed. It was not to him
i universal death, only a Hrltlsh
f? r.tr About the same time Colonel
MeCrae, a Canadian, sore-smit
ten ar.d ?nr,n to r. ? felt f'rebodlnRs
that after all the r sa rif.ee would
be vain. that th" end of the wai
'.could be a compromise, in which Ger
many would, as usual, ?t'-t the best
'?f it. ar.d wrote that unforgettable
j-.ri.-m "In Flanders Fields." If the
(?word tie dead left r ?? the living
were abandoned to the German,
W -hall not sleep 'Viutrh p ipp>?
Mow in r.ar.d-f- F.?ll
Hvtl Dot Has Ctimr.
Kipling that evil day h.i?
Th< sword has been surrendered t
Germany anil Russia. The I5riti?'.i I
.. i ?. <1 ? r.ot sleep und'er the p'-ppies
?n Flinders' F 'Ids. The Kings o:
F.r k'ar d and the HelgSnns }..-.irne>
the dead. 100.000 here. 500,000
?1 < r?- and are reminded everywhere
? f tl.e unrd'-emed" promise. Ktpllr.i*' -
e::, ? t J-. ?? serjv.ei to M <"rae'ti T1. ?
two r,rf bracketed. The dull mourn- j
ful tower of Klpllnc exceeds th'
!f* terril e warn:: >?' ? f M^Crae.
<'rnt '.s dead. K ipl.nu^a'KeH up the
? -illen "tra.n. Th? re?ju?| j? awful,
?r.e r.rrri n t agree with ? '.?>.e* t.
tl.e terrifb f--rf* b-l'md th
in. The last v. rd of th- T't!">
h.?s ? ?r ?poker: We n..v- >. t ..?rre.
;t. t it w. must 1 t * j r ; : d ad
Crac and Kipling * igother, ?->..? . x
.'?? t> ? r- tf.trd::..- 1C.: i.g .- s i!-ad
an : ? b ? us wait !? r liall><w<>ci
f rat
: r*
-(<!?? 111 I lint I \no (.liampion
\n> Found Nlillin<:
I ojffl ln-1.
i: A d !'!??? |
v A ' >HK .' .n< : t IJ.. i
I, 20 years ??:'!. llglitWrlgKt chnm-1
lit. ?rid Jack itritton, the "old i
? r.T w i ? b'.lds 'he wel er j
? '.ainpi' n--. both
Leo tin Ni tb.
? -ti^e t.,
' f .11 I::
d a
>-e(.t re b> ? 1. .
? Hri'i ton will not be down to I
liKht-w. j/lit j oundaBe. I.i .,:,ard I
trained . t, Nrw Voi t\ ;ir.ii w,i 1 j
r.'.u nv between 133and]
? ' ? ' a. .i i ? ? t : t; a \ . rd i
'1 -? t tbf e|.|.'i ? an \cj;;
? 'rd - ?,. v. 1.1 he the
' In i . i is til ? orv
" '' ? -i* " ' <'ba rnj 'i
'' 11 r ? l J
It !- I,.
'Hi, II ?
- 'n . ?!.' 1.: it ton. It ? . K.i
I ' r liuffa : I.. '? -Tendler. of I'i.. -
j Mdelidiln ti.i l*!iir pail M? o <>f : lo
ir. on' dxngerr. .* " Utei? :i s for his
|cro? n
Ordinance Aimed al I)e\ ires j
Now Before lVtei>l>nr<:
Ctiy Fathers.
rKTKn.SHUnG. VA . June -4 -An
adjourned meeting of the City jn
? il xv a - 1-. ?1?1 this afternoon at 2
'clock. ? which time the uierr.hers
transacted considerable bu.-ines? of
Among tl;e ordinance* carried over '
until m? *\* Wednesday. :it ivh -h time
.1 :.1: meeting will be heil. v.-a
the one pertaining to the s >t :na
hin* *? >\v being operated i\ numer
?us stores of :he city. The ordinance
i? draw n up prohibits in- keeping
to be operated, a:: 1 opera"'.rig. :my
slot vendine mac!.inc. wh:> li may
< i e 1 i v e r to the ]iiir> iiasi-r or player .
anything of value, :n addition to the 1
inert handlse vended by ar.y *=ueh
vending or slot machine; or which
delivers any other than a rixtd quan
tity of merchandise in return for a '
certain sum of money, and to pro
hibit any other devi for gamins:
within the city of Petersburg1.
Several weeks ag ?1 ot machines
were installed in several ?-tores.
Five cents dr pped into the machine
give."- the player .i package of mint.*,
and pos-ibly a certain number of
brass che. :?= 'j:.ly when money Is
played does the player s* ?-".ire mer
chandise from the machine. The
br;i--< checks won by the play. r may
1 .. dropped back ir.to tr.? ir.a h!ne
-r the purpose of securing more
he- k.s. No rnir;t?. howev. r. are
>.*.v.-n t>> the player when the ir.a
hirie :? operated with a bras? check
Kvery check secured entitle* 11:
play.-r to mech.ind'.se worth 5 cents
The machines have proved unusu
.*11 y popular here and are said to b?
? v. d bv tcollege stud- : ' fr-rn
the West Just what ac*. :i the
f'oun:.. will take remains :<? be >'i>n,
HALTl.MOIiK. Mn., .luv j
Poultry?Alive, spr 1 ri tf chickens,
;? cmd SO U ; w hite I.<'Klioriis. ' "
i . young winters, 4 0':i 4 f>. old hens,
old roosters, 15':; 10; ducks. 1 ? .
: small and poor. IS; uprlng ducks,
20; pigeons, pair. 2&f? 40.
Kggs?l.oss off. native and nearby
firsts, dozen, 23 1-2j24; Southern, 12
'<i 13.
H itter?Creamery, fancy, pound'. 38
5 5> 1-2. prints. S'j^i 41; nearby cream
er:., I''i 36; ladles, 2C'/2 8; rolls. 2 4'-(
26; tiort-|)Rck?di 24; dairy prints, 24 j
i II* pr* * s.i butter. 2,>'ri2;?.
! ? ?;it.'.i*? -white, lo.j pounds. 1.25?
! SO No. 2. 5075; new |i6laloesi bbl.,
6.00 j 6.25; No. 2, 2.50?'3.60; sweets
.ti.d > ams bushel 1.' *i 1.2 ?. No. 2.
"'iT.'.. asparagus, dpi, 2.0'?'?i 3.co; No.
.. 1 ."ci';i L'.oO . beans, bush* '.. I .?'?t'H 1.25;
**ts, !' ?. 4.''<< 'ij 0.00, <. .ibbaL e. . rate,
I. carrots. !?>?., s.oi.i 'if (i.tiO; .
? n ? rat* . 1.0:i 3.5"; cucumbers,
basket. :: <i 1 S?. . n..-plants, . rate, 1.00
' i :. kale, bush' 1, 2' .
i.**ttU' *", backet, .".".'5 1.00; onions.;
100 pounds. 3.5005.00: NoJ 2. 2.50& I
? it. rii'.u'la. r ite, 1.15 }j 2. <>, spring
i.c ns. l'"j. 1.0'J '?! 1.2.*.; peas busl'.el, .
! .1 '? 'I L'." " , p* 'l.tl*'. 1.50'?I'3.00; I
radisl.es, 1 <? 0. 1.5? -i 2..',"; rhubarb, 100,.
4- spina h, i.uchel, 70 V 1.00;!
?. 1 ;a.-h, bask.-t. 1.00; t<>mat"* s, < rate.
I. 4 app.-'S, I ,1 k?-*l. bill.. I, '??'<!!
N<j. *..'??>; bushel, 1.7S'<r.
to >. appl* s. 'J 4 '"p.
Ii... I;t.eiT.es, "i .art, J'.'*.*J2 canta
l"tip i ra'", 2.00'it 3.SO, cherries,
; I Ktapefl-Slit, t \. l.OI f(l
7'" l:ii nl'l" irte'-, (|uart, 2?<i
ir.iiii**--, l"v 7.0'J '?! ! I'.O1 . peach.-s. ;
. . ;. j" -? i .'.??? i piiiMippii-v, crate
2.75'<? 5.00; raxiiberrlea, pint, 8?rlS;
otrawberries, <iuart, i'ij 15; watermel*
. :.i . ? ach. 4 0r'.t
WASHINGTON, I> ? . me 2 4.?1
Ilk-.* siri' tly ft'-si., >ele. *(?.), can
?I'd p. di/*: . .?? *'iai!*' receipts, |
1 S..'Hlw i n. . ?
I., v * i '? ilt rK -1. r ? per lb.. 1 S;
; ir i.? ;? I p. r ill.. , spr !IIK I.bli'k*
per ib., 40^50; keuts, youtig,
. a it ? " fi.w is.
I>re<- ? d poultry l-"r* s),-l illed
c ? I.. kern p. r lb., SOU* ?; hens,
per ll. * r <??.v * i ! r* j.. r li. 1 >,. tuifc-l
? ??. pel jr., I , k? a is, ill tig,
' ll. tlO.
choice, per lb.,;
II. ni" diuiii. ; ? -'101-2; th; ri 0 ''i 7; !
I.nut.s. cl. ji lb., 14 'ij. 15; li*.a
h't-'- per lb., 11.
?ire.ii fri.it App ?" per bbl, S.0<({
9.00; por bu. banket. [email protected]; West
1 rri, per b \. : 7:.. "<i 1.25; '"allfornla
? ?rarn-'n. per crate. 7.5o?'? l?,0"; iernoris,
; ? i box 7'?(. Kiapefrult. per
I ? ' 'iS.ei', Florida orari??(s. S.OO
? (10.on. rawl,errie?, Souiliern, 5^15;
..? :ni.^ri ow ii v 'n 22 1 - 2.
Ve('el,ibl?H I'btatoeH. old. N'o. 1. per
libi '.i "?! j7S. per sack. Z.OOfi 3.o<?;
new potators nor bbl., No. l. 6.00O
?? N?i. i 2.00''i*. .itris i ..'iij<(/ ;j.oo;
? i a".* . 4" W ] .'?<?. rolua ino I<*| -
. > . <yinblii'?s per - rati.. 1.00'ir 1
? ns. pell ? r at ? 2 2.0" ;? al, - |
baifo, ne\V, per ha?ket, 7.'*'? 1.0,0s cu?
i iiiulii r- I .'.<"1(2.50; < KKplants, jn.r
? rat*' li.OO'-i 3.SO; tomatoes, p": box,
i-lor.da 2 So<}< 6.00; loans, 7502.50 per
basket. peas, 2.50'a S.OO per bbl.; pep
pers, per crate. 1.30^3.00; kale. 504/
1.00. aeparaKUS. per doz.. 75{f'3.00;
? plr.ach, per bbl, lOfi l.Cfc ><* ,
Report of AMociiition'i* Work
Shown Incrcnuing
HKTKIlHHUna, V.4., Jump Si Juhn
I.yon tirnmih. woll-known Inmliipsi
man, niirt for Punio ttmo ft??oo!titp<l
with numerous olvlo orunnlxnUofi* of
I't'tursbUrif. wn? elsulcil jirp"l(t<Mll of
thu A*mjc!utort Charities las'. night ui
a im-dtlng hold In tliu rooms of the
City Council. It wan the annual ntoul*
Inif of officer* for th?j your dating
from May 1. 1912. Mr. Drunch will
succeed Wallace D. Illanl<s. John M. '
liutiruhan wait elected firm vlco- ]
president to auccecd Mrs. Krcd Colo. 1
Mrs. \V. II. Wlllcox succeeds Walter |
K. d'Alton as second vlco-prcsldent.
Kev. C. Shirley Donnelly \vu* ihoivn
secretary In the place of W. S. l.lKon.
Wallace D. Blanks was elected treas
urer to succeed O. Cleveland Wright.
The following were elected to
serve on the board of directors: Wal- ;
lace D. Rlar.ka. John Lyon Branch. :
Mr* J Weet:r.ore Brown. Mrs. Louis
Drownlow, Mre. George Cameron. Jr.. |
Mrs. Krctf Cole, Rev. K. I'. Dandrldge. |
Rev. C. Shirley Donnelly. Julian R.
Gresham, E. P. Goodwyn. John M. '
Hanrahan. Mary Gray Harrison. Ma*
Jacobs. Miss Annie V. Mann. R. C.
Parsons'. Mrs. L. A Hosenstock. W.
M. Rucker. H. J. Tucker. E. H. Tur
ner. Mm. W. II. Wlllcox and G. CIPve
Iunrl Wrli'Kf
Mnk.rn Report for Mn>.
Mrs. l.ouis Brownlow read the re
port of the organization's work for
May. The report was adopted and
was as follows: paid out during
month, $7*>'i.75; unpaid bills on hand.
$357.J* 1; total expenses for month. II,
Eighty families wc r ?; helped during
ih?? month and three new cases, two
tubercular ar.d one paralytic. were
taken on for regular relief
At present Shere are forty-four
different families, comprising 174
people, being regularly assisted with
groceries or money. These families
post the organization about ISsl per
month. A summary of the reasons
for which tin- forty.four families are
being help' ?' are given as follows:
twelve. tui>t r. uP si.".; two. p.illagra;
two. paralyzed: four. Invalid!-; one.
blind, one. woman with broken hip;
five eases du> to old age (eight peo
l>'.e); ten widows physically unfit to
work, and with children to-'- jmini;
to work. Two widow* able to w- rk
if th?v can ilnd positions ? >:io n.an
able to work if he can ' a posi
tion. 11- has but one arm Two
men working. but not able to take on
ull support of their families. One
a ??man receiving nourishment.
(leans ill n ll 1 Vlil for Others.
Occasional help Is given to thre<
families In which the men are able
:o work, but cannot secure employ
ment. Thirty-two families ar< be
ing furnished with milk, nine ??f these
r- eiving iio other help. This <b>es
????t Include people who receive milk
? ?!? only a week or twn.
Ktnaneinl summary.
May 23.- Uecelveil from i-ov.mun
?> chest I5"0. When this amount
vas received there were no funds on
land June 1.? Balance in bank,
"?i: ??:! Received from community
June 1, 51.C50; received from
V. M. 11 A . I1?0; received from B
I'. O. E . *5<V On June 1st. all bills
fur March and April were paid to
th? extent o: 5577.02. Total ft
I ?^idltures during June to June 23.
51,071 02. leaving a balance lt\ bank
? f 1*22.01. Summary of work done
luring 1H22 up 'o the pr.esem time
. s as follows:
Families N'ew
Expenses Assisted Cases
January . .11.845 24 163 72
h'ebruary . J-.31&.S7 lS'J 32
March 12.20* 5-7 12'". la
\prll $1.CO0.12 s _? r.
May I1.124.C6 SO *
I By Associated Press.]
NEW VOIiK. June 24 - A relic of
:li" gladiatorial rt.iy? of Home will
the homejiiate for th? baseball
iiamond of the Kn!gTi'(<= of f'..lumliiis
] 1! lay out near the Vatican to In
1 roduce American ."ports into Italy.
The plate js a blunt edged trian
.-le of marble that v a' part of the
jrnanu nta'tion of th< ancient coli
seum built by Vespasian and Titus
i. 7.*i A. I>. It was donated to the
Knights of Columbus Home welfare
lureau by a Roman antiquary when
pope pins XII. donated a playing'
it-Id *lt*
{By Associated Press. 1
< IIAUTAUQUA. N. Y.. June 24 ?
I'lans lor a nation-wide observance,
'f_.lt;!>* 4 were made at the blettniall
'.hvenrir.n p >f the General I-Ydera- I
lion of Women's Club; b'-ie today. |
Thousands of cominiitillies, it is ex- j
;.ecied. will follow the program for!
?ivic .celebrations outlined by Mrs. |
Percy P'-nnybaker. <if Austin, Tex . |
?halrman of th? federation committeoj
>n American citizenship, and Mrs. !
Moii/.o HI-hardson, of Atlanta, fJa..
halrman of citizenship training.
Speeches on Americanization and ;
-itizenship featured today's sessions
? f the convention.
[ By Associated Press )
WASHINGTON, June 24?The :<s
giiation of Chairman Simon 1 >. Kcss.
? f the Republican t'ongi esslonal ,
I'omrnlttee, will be presented to a !
committee Mr. Kefs said he dc
sired to retire because of his can
'lidary f.>r Republican nomination
for Se:.ator In the Ohio primary.
Men. said Representative Wil
liam Hoe Wood, "f Indiana, first vice
?r< ider.t-cha irma ri. probably would
? e ? i i to '-tireceil Mr. l-'ess Iti .
11m- with 'he committee system i>f I
,>ro mot i<:i.
[lly Associated Press. |
l.OS ANOEI.ES. CA I.. June 21 -Hebe
Iiani'-ls, motion picture a. tress, ar
retted in Glendale for violation of the
nee.i orilliHinro, was lined $ I yes
terday Miss lianlels did not appear
in court nor did her chauffeur. A
representative of the Autonu\(>il'
?;ut> of Southern California appear ? I
for her and paid the fine.
I'ntirral of (.erninii II. (illl.
PETERSBKRO. V.\ , June 24 I'll
i.'-ral services for German It. Gill,
former city auditor of Petersburg,
and Confederate veteran, were held
tills afternoon from St Paul's Epis
copal Church, Rev E. P. I>andridgc
rector, officiating.
| ir8t 'nforuiiil Affairs of the
Honnon Given Lnut
I i?YPNcniiuHa 0 'vlnp"''"'M,rh'i
| Hummor daiielntr wn?'i 10 24?
from a v'lniV with ? ,;olUr"'"l homt
If-nry C| , ' 7 Mrs
. *?. A. l.yjlch \Vurd " n'lirt'" \f?11,1
l<ucy and Dorothea Ward1
turnod from v;?it? in ? r?'
Hlchmond. Washington aim
Jaoquelln Venable. " suc"1 of iIl6?
of Hniu
*nd Grace Kerr here Margaret
ter"1'LvSl;'h" *"????
Kone to Lake George. havc
ha a beer? vis", n M?'' J,?h ? 11 *?
vey )n Rivcrrnont. 1 ,,ar
Mi's ."?eluVs,eU" XV-"ih'"??o"
? number of
ton to ^or /;r,i;r.. *,,nc ,o ,,"s
,, r, "'''Tim I'rom India.
?n tho tobacco bu.sln. -Ji,? "
itnn.,o,ph -r
^r- I'owell Garland fUHarcl i,n???
pUaT^w'v th'-'
??* ,,f"%:i
ri--l:npo,rh1^n<? n^:' ? 'm "?,,'K-5?l.dr
r .? mother. Mrn. ?]? i. , 1
>n-? k,?
I - t graduated imni the T.-nipb- fill
iyt of several weeks befnr. Kolric
(r.vMal l.uko ,;ai!ip in It?.
' do journalist ic work.
i- J'r ' jrra"h ?"n.
trni! u I " , " r' '"ed fro,,, t.?.
m!;, Kan1'^.;rr V"
in winston-su!..,,;; s r v,siu"?
Mf?s .Mary Moss j);is ...
friends at MeVnirk. '
Mrf.. Stanley Toinpltlni and llttl?
Alice, of New York ?
visited Mrs. *j
H. II, all,, (u r,.
ork ....
"I? ?' !">' .v-It. Mr>.
?;?? to font entia.n nt Toronto.
I.? v. and .Mr-. William M.KK1,ir-..n
! .it th.s w.-.-ij it, Ti.rnni.i atti-ndlni;
he International convent 16^? th*
Mwanls < lubs
tnn'.r,1 ::;'ns" 'v.,s"' "? ?n? i??,ipi,iK;
John Walker, v. ho u a, injur-^.l In
?n automobile nc.-ld.-nt h,re last '
, " r* h:is jl:st r.-turned to his home :
ha the city bavin* spent about six
months In a h?*<pitat. I
to'M\rf/.?f|Wf'nd0lV" ''or,nft<- has c.no
!o M-rhiKan to spend the hummer j
w 11*i relativf5?.
v Isiu-d'^Mp M:*\ X\: S- J?J'nson. who I
visited .Mr. and Mir. a. S I? I
here hav.. their home in
vlsiV."'! lb'.-inoke. I
week. " ,'"r"
Mrs. It u-arn and .?on Karl of
?rand I:.,,,!,. x ,it(,.^ MrX
W an. s - Mr- v \ i.
here. ' A" ,)'a,:?n. j
Web-t U "V SU*!" ?""1
. il- ""'<1 Mr-. |.ou?he U.
? > '.ladys, who have be.-n
visltltiK Mr> <: i- .-mi V
have r*t.:r?;.;, - ' ,h. ir m
.? ? 10 tn.-ir bom.-" i
.irp. <; Grr-y Simpson and bal.v I
are v,siting t m-N. Simpson. * I
Mls? Maritaivt Gairut.-.n has
tinned from Itrlstol. where she was
<a ?i on account of the nct-ioilii 111.
ness of h> r il,.,; i . t
Mrs. Itober. It'a.nsey. of I'.l |.afto
rr.va?. '. : s 11: i, u- Mrs ,| ( ?.
mtinds. ., ? ? t.. \\-.,,,,
"'irwul. Apartments,
pend \ n.-tition at Iteiiilik.
Mr? Job,, ii. i.,.ui>. M,s?.s K
and l.llzab.th l..\ter Abl.ot Mrs
I"-\ter Mt.-y and Miss 1 :i |> i.I(v
havo goti? to Itemlik. ,.n the Itapi.a-,
J.annock Hlver. to spend t?elr vara- j
RlchmonVir'"lyn 'Shan"r 19 vmUi^ \
sne'nd ' ^ p?rK'"'?n has pone to j
Mr ' I s:Vmm?r visil?"?r In Iowa.
?one' U xl lrH- T:U- {''''c,n;<n have
o Alb.tn>, ??a.. to visit their1
daughter. Mm. j. r. Ammonettr i
l.r'. illMr."? 1
Illdf^o ' *-s111 rife ,?t Oak
Mr 'in* Mr*. W v. Kvan,. of ,fiKh '
Mrs.' \v! I.. iVmi'i^'1" S,S Mr
uAp??** is ;,silinK "t;
u. frohibition ollii-.-r !
:> a ending th,- national prohibit ion'
offlcem convention in rr?vi,i..M,.!
A. I.. April Net Opcratiiu; liirnmr
$l,(lll,Ss7 AciiIiinI ?h;s,suo
in April. Il('.*l.
N'KW VOItK, Juno '.'4?Atlantic \
Coast I.ine I.aiiroad Company rcui.s
to rc?l steady improvement during
tirst four rrion(lis of 1922, compared
with results or ti?*ns i:s corre
sponding porioil of 1921. Along with
improvement in cross rcvontio has
been substantial r?-flnti<?n in operat
ing rusts. Kre ig ht uross. reflecting
general Improvement in-South, has
made substantial gains, while pas
.?i-n?cr gross. despite absence of local
traffic, in April approximated figures
of that month in 1921.
Freight rovenuo of Atlantic Coast
I.inc In April totaled J4.76S.413. In
crease of $270,000 over April, 1921.
Passenger revenue of Jl.rt53.407 vv.is
off on'v J1C4.9S1 from the 1521 month.
.Vet operating Income in April in
creased 11,032,397 over April, 1921.
In-four months of 1922, decrease
In maintenance was about $1.C00,000
from 1921 period, while saving in
transportation expense totaled S2.
7S7.000. This made total reduction
in operating expenses of J4.312.299
from total for first four months of
Attend Trnlnlnjs School nt l.yneliburg.
I 'RTKItSHl'HO. VA., ,lti no 24 ?
Among the members of (he Market
Street Methodist Sunday School vis- j
li.'ig l.ynchburg recently to attend
the Virginia Conference Training
School, which Is being held at Ran
dolph-Macon Woman's College, were
.Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Itradsher, Mrs. I
M. R. Brent. Mrs. T. II. Kirkland.
Mrs. A. C. Stewart, Misses Annie
Scott, Anita Young, Kthel Steere,
Maxlne Walthall, Paul K, Wtbb and
Earl BrlU?<b
Alaskan Trip of Hardings Probably Ih Postponed Until
Next Year Because of President's Ever-Increas
ing Duties?Other Capital News.
[ Hy United N?w? ]
W A H111 N(J TON", Juno H.?The pick
of the Mnrlno Corps. passing In re
vlow before President aiul Mrs.
HrrcHng unci a. select company, early
I in tliu wook, eymbollced the pusslng
j or the social season as the first da>t?
jo? numrner drift on the capital.
The exodus to cooling resorts con
tinue* with a steady pace. Ambus
nudorts, attaches, members of tho ad
ministration family and soolal celeb
rules huvo loft during the week or
uro contemplating an early de
l arture.
Hut President and Mrs. Harding
h ay on. Their Alaskan trip proba
bly l.i postponed until next year, mid
| possibly may linvo to go by tho
hoard altogether, because of the
j President's ever-Increasing duties.
i Mrs. Harding, playing almost the
j lone hostess game, now that the re
j freshing woods of Maine arc drawing
I social leaders to their Mhndowy re
cesses, Is doing her very test. And
I lifr reception to the ladles accom
panying the Philippine delegation to
] Washington was one of the mo?t
j picturesque events at the White
j House so far. The ladles, dressed,
j for the most part. In native oostumes
strolled about the lawn and lln;tll>
: took (ho rose path to President
' II".;.linn's private oll^e, where lie
! tendered them a brief reception.
Th.> minister of China, I>r. Sao-Ke
' Alfred Sz-v sailed Wednesday on the
Ucrengarla, with M HorlH I3ahk
meteff, retired HuunUn ambassador,
for a ahort stay In I.ondon. He will
bo uoiio a month, return'ne with hi"
children, and will then to to Woods*
llolo. Mas*B.? to Join Mm v. al
ready eummerlnjj there.
Of the junior Cabinet n. I, which
numbirs many ('Harming debutantes.
Mies Mary Wallace, a choice reprc
sentatlvo and daughter <>r tlic Sccro
tary of AKrlculturo and Mrs. Wal
lace. nails for Europe July 1 for an
extended tour. With Mists Wallace
will be a partv of jpdlcKc fVlends.
I and she. with Miss* Marian Pcnnnck.
[another of the party ami known In
Washington pocietv afte'r her vis*U
I ;o Ml/>s Wallace lust summer, will
I r- msir. abroad until Oclobet
The i hjimj of colleRC commence,
merit sciiKon. with the attendant diK
nltifs of honorary decrees, have not
escaped t > i ?? capital set: Secretary
Mellon has* iusit returned from Dart
mouth College, at Hanover. N. It.,
whore he received tl?e decree of doc
tor <>f laws. Ambassador fSodde.s. of
?"?rent Hritain. and I ?r I'haniorrn,
minister of Nicaragua, also have re
ceived honorary d?prces this week
Another conKr^ssional family has
Kono lo tho Northern coast for lb"
summer, that of Senator Truman 11
Newberry. Mrs Newterry has
opened their summer home at Wat--h
rill'.. It I., an.I will be Joined by tb<
Senator whenever bis duties permit.
Total Enrollment for Session]
617?Lar{rc Improvements
A re Proposed.
fppcia' to Tho Times-Dispatch] |
I.KXINCTO.V. VA , June 24.?The |
annual r<- ;? ort of General K. \V j
Nii-hols, superintendent 'if the Vir- :
jKitiiu Military Institute, to the board .
: "f visitor." was it.' -opted by the board
: at :i-- final meeting yestcrday and
ordered published.
i :i h.- r ? ?; >. ? r t General Nichols Rives
a ileta. ? d r?-vi??w of tlx: activities at
'lie Inst.t-.it> f<.r the session, which I
? ?inl.il W'f'inc< "Tin- academic
. ir ii .-v i -losing " lie sa> s. "murkn I
?he n;.1 ?U' c<>s> fill year in the in- i
re history i.f tlie institute .n many, j
? t ii"t n it!!, of its activities 'I'll. '
?II*. m? ? i a 1 e and esprit of the
???rp> of .l?i? I - hav? been admlr
a 1. .? "
'???ncrat Nichols states that th? |
i; iiirnllmciit for the session was J
'?IT. 'I'lie increase ,ti enrollment in
'lie ias': fifteen years was 100 per
? tit. and the increase in academic ;
! and military stafTs lias been 100 per
j cent.
There has not been a proportion
ate in ro.iBc in dormitory facilities,
however, and General Nichols calls
particular attention 'to needs alon^
I that line. Committees have been
named to conaiilef Use dormitory
problein. and it is hoped that early
::i the fall a definite plan will b
r?-aily r execution.
.Major Robert I.. Itates, promoted I
from adjuir.i professor "f psy??holficy j
anil I .g.<- ?" ii.^" i.iti professor with
' ???? ran!: ??: 1 eutenant-co!on? !
< aptain j. ,\. it. DUlard. promoted ?
from assistant professor of ICnkMm)> j
to adjunct professor with '(he rank
I of major.
Robert J. Trinltle. promoted from
i an inM ructorship in electrical en
gineering to adjunct professor with
| the rank of major.
John 1*. To'.vfit s, I'nted State?
arm;, retired, promoted from an in
strue-orshlp In history to adjunct
profe.-sor with the rank of major.
' apt.'iin 1, S. Hoberts. appointed as
|-:sta:.t professor of mathematics.
1 ptain M (J. Uamey. appointed as
s is ? a tit professor . .f history.
| i he t? u?wiim tesignations have
!>? > n accepted: Major .lumen O. Al
len, as adjunct professor of civil en
gineering and mili'tary science; Cap
j t a i ti Ka> mond 1*. James, as assistant
[ professor of mathematics and mili
tary science; f'aptaln Reuben J.
'?rim. as assistant professor of
I ^ |a:glnnin~ with the seslson of
19J3-24 the entrance requirements
at the institute will be fifteen aca
demic units instead of fourteen as a'i
I'urlng the summer the library and'
ab'.ratory fai-ili'ties and equipment j
will t.e greatly enlarged, and work j
will soor, |,e started on the comple- !
;;"ii of the grading of the parade ?
(?Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
MS XING TON*. VA.. June 24.?The
authorities of Castle Hill Military
Academy are pleased with the pros
pects for the coming session, which
opens September 19. The main
building 5s located on an eminence
overlooking the stately building and
grounds of Washington and I>ee Uni
versity and tiie Virginia Military In
stitute. All the necessary improve
ments. including a complete equip
ment. will be ready several weeks
in advance of the o. enlng date. The
enrollment of new student" has al
ready reached a number beyond the
expectations of the superintendent at
this season. Several cadets have al
ready arrived, and will spend the*
summer at Castle Hill.
In addition to the main building
with all modern conveniences and
rooms for 100 cadets, the school has
secured a larne gymnasium, which
will accommodate indoor athletics of
all kinds.
Castle Hill Academy enjoys the
unique distinction of being the only
military prep school in the State lo
cated in the same community wltli
two great Institutions of learning,
and this feature is accepted as a val
uable asset.
While It is the purpose of Castle
Hill Academy to prepare boys for
the leading colleges. universities and
government academies, a well-or
ganized commercial department will
bo a part of tho course.
A portion of the main building has
been assigned to tho lower school
for hoys under 13 years of age. This
department will be directed by a
special corps of instructors, and
made a prominent feature of the
Social and Pergonal iWs o
arrenlon in Kpj.
: I Special to The Times, niximtrh 1
WAItHK.VToN- V\ t.
J una ci *|'li
members of t?.<% ir .,?
r. Ir'? "arr.ritori <;arde
Club enjoyed motor trip r,nr,
*;ry Th,,r-""v Wh- ?">? ?,r.
!."? r" Mrs. ,hich N, ,
"ranch vi?n,;,| :,w.r..
"f "10 hanifMotiKM uardfT'R t
neighborhood ,h*
lawn i>t th?- m vr r'
M'tln Street fur ih? ""
Wftrrcnlon Ubnrv
cxrfu,,1K4.. -r II,..
??""i ?.
mr-rlal itl.rln- a'V" '' !1"
week. J"?i-stow,, )as,
Mi'sso,. n\Vtf?nHt"hMr?;,vf.''
?Z'rttb"mr w'?rre,,i..,, aft.'/vp'. ,.,V'
Inpion.' W1"t<r "n*1 ?PrlnK in \V?*h
? 'r and Mrs Oi;.r]., ,...
I'avi.T Ktirnliauith r '' Jp"
Mrc I- s; ?,, , '? ',r K'"M* of
I'tirin. ""nckw.li a? ?Clifton
trie, ' Nur^'- "?.or. ?'?
!.?? W..dnMd?iS, S wVh r!?"1
pre*,nt.?|^ y
nimous vote this a.wclavon n, ,,,
^"t Of ex|flU.nr,. tiirrrn. " ''"T
b?-lnr, ami MTw. " ^ l' T, ,'n
Sharpies* K.-ith .Vurs? 'A^*t 1 ?t'1
ngo! W" f"-ri>or.,:ed '
vis - r./s;
.hiu"-pi:'n'r A"? mH
ir i hi" Adams nn.| Movd Wolfe
MJ*m \ lotoria Orav tMrH < <? ,? ,. |
MIm Mamie Krlttle \|r? p ,? i JV
son and MIsh Ittui, Shir|'ev' A"'lor
Mr un,' Mr.,. c;?y ,f ^
k *e f'orrp|. Hewitt Stewart An.
AI win \TaY\v?'r ??<> Mi**
ftM of ^ "sliiriKton. were week
."r <>r -Mr. and Mr V i
Kirk pa trick at "Meadow vlilo."
*Uty?:*? r,.H.e s?id
,,u-v U,re HoiiKhl liv \ir.
n i . w,n,n Kaiser'*.
\alle c ruels Industrial School with
A. \V. Ituhrman. of Rlclmmnd J?ad
Kra'n k s" ? u- ,0 -11 " ^
Forest ha.l Val ur-, Wnodherry
. J " splendid consign
ments that averaged S^'io
Seward Stock Far ml i',ieWbnrK>
r?r,. .irocen y '"""Cb-Iffd from the
IMerM?r"i St<."'lc '?'frrns. Carnation
I ertj? Colnnthn. a son of the world's
< hamplon yearly milk producer, over
all aue.s and breeds, secured from
this sale a good lot of the real top.
Dr. \\ allace C. Saunders, of njch
mo nil. managed the sale and dl?i
oatt'lA 'n!,,r!l,,Mi'>K Pure-bred
Mxtl h . .8eC,,?1'' f"r nI1 of ??"
tlon remained j? this. SO(..
<11.t llooks t lose .lime :jii
PKTKRSBURO. VA . .I?ne "1-Cl.v
Am tor Korrest Tuok.r
ti elaj thai ih,. city., t.ooUs would lie
? i,o. i <?" ri,la-v. Mine 30. ani after
hat date nil balances to tiie credit
be ^nll In\,l,,lcl"?' department will
Who h? . Is imn?r'?nt for all
who have claims against the citv io
PfMtnt them before tho closins date.
)?'? Virginia Ivorndyke Butter Hoy an
j Marathon Skylark Ormsby.
I'miKtrirr? lla\e rjn,. Itrrord.
The fir*t ten <iauktiters of Vlrgir.1
Kornd.vke Butter Hoy. the ?onio
herd Mie, U> Iresheri, averaged 16.0:
pounds Of milk an.I er.B pounds o
' i?111?c-r in orv: your at an avrnife agi
of two yeairf and nine inontliii. Thli
average wat< an Increase of 4,91:
| pound* of ir*ilk an-l 1C1 pounds 01
liter over Uhat of their darns m
| comparable wv. an excellent ex
ample of the real value of a goor1
i Mill lo a dairy herd. The Junior her*'
j *:re. Marathon ..Skylark Ormsby. wa
Ijut hasetl frorir, the 12. C. SchroiiM
jStock Farms. ?*f Minnesota, during
the past !%nd bids fair to adi
? ?ven greater lauvels t > the V. P. T
In ril than did Virginia Korndyke Hut
j t. i Itoy. This yojinK Mill in out ol
the row . Qiif eti 4 ?rmshy Mercedes
. Slaving five yearly* records that av
'?.?rage better than l.OCin pounds ot
butter, and is sirc<t by a grandAon of
luitliess Skylark i'rmsby, the first
? "\v in the world t" proiluce 1,50(
p uruls ( ( hutt<*r in 'An* year. In ad
dition to these rocordta, eleven of thi
nearest dams In his i??dn;r. e have ar
a\erage yearly production hettei
l.i/OO pound* of |.utter. Thu?
Marathon Skylark ?'t .-j* '?> Is noth
ni: less than an lnt<?risfjfc ation of the
Mood of the *vorld'> <l produc-1
i I rig animals and should utn\, hlm.??'li
to t.. of Infinite value to- Hi. v.
herd. *
I'dorntloiml Ktbllrlt*.
Klfllratlonnl exhibits lutve 1 eei<
plai ed at many of the mor<> Import
?mt falrw of the State ?luring''the |?ast
few years. The exhibit of i.:?21 wad
; composed largely of t he high irj .ill*,
ling and excellent type individuals ?..(
the V. I?. I. herd*. In \vhl< h rcpreser*
| tatlves of the six breeds of cattl.i
; most popular In Virginia and thrie
breeds of hoys, were found. Them
> cattle and hoKH were fitted, handle !
| and placed on e\h:bi'ii>n entirely by
students taking thi animal ImsbandiV
at \'. r. I Such exhibits ha\>.
! proved themselves of a vast educa
tional value to various eu.i-tions of
(the State. After eompleting its rir
| cult of county fairs in the fall of 1521.
i the V. I'. I. live Mock exhibit was
j taken to the State Fair at Itichmond.
where, in addition to consistent win
nings by all breeds represented, the
[following championships were won:
'Irani! champion llolwteln-Friesla^J
female: junloi champion .lersey hulll
and .-hampion Shorthorn steer. The
in. t that the animals of the v. |*. |
herds can win so consistently |n the
show ilng is proof conclusive of thcil
: it.dividual excellence.
Stock .IihIkIhk Contc?t*.
Many student activities have been
I promoted arid encouraged by the
I partment. Stork judging contests!
| among the students have been held
at various times throughout the year.|
These contest* create interest, en
thusiasm. and ths keenest of c>mpj-|
tltlon among the students, and at tliy.
same time, teach them many prac
tical points that would otherwise be
hard to grasp In the classroom. A
live stock show, in which the stu
? lints selected, fitted, and exhibited
i animals from the college herds, was
! staged In Hlacksburgr. In addition
to thei'e activities, n stock judging
team, composed of five men. was sent.
| to the Virginia State Fair. where it
j met and defeated the North Carolina
State College team by a score of .1,4 |i|
to n.o:;.
fSpecial, to The Times-Dispatch.]
HA HRISONBCH'S. VA.. .Mine ; | ?
The greatest feathering of farmer"
ever assembled in the Shenandoah
Valley is expected to attend the
"Oet Together Day" arranged by the
Rockingham County I'artn Hureau
lake place at landless Caverns, six
teen miles south of het?, on Satur
tlay, August 1?.
A committee has been at work on
the day s program for over a month
and announced yesterday that cx
<Jovernor ii. C. Stuart, president of
the Virginia Kami Hureau, and Gra>
Sliver. Washington representative of
the American Karrn Hureau. would
probably deliver addresses.
Music Is to he furnished by either
the Marine Hand, of Washington, or
by one of the army hands in tl?>
areas around Washington and Bal
timore. Negotiations for the service
of one of these organizations arc ex
pected to he completed within the
next few days.
The owners of the Endless Caverns,
u ho also own the surrounding park
in which the program will be car
rivd out. have placed their entire
grounds and equipment in the hands
?f the committee for the occasion
llotvntan Defeat" Fischer. lvj
HAI.TIMORB. .Inne 24.?Herbert j?
How ma ii, of N York, defeated f!ari
Fischer, of Philadelphia, in tho final."*
of the singles ftf Hie Maryland tcn
ti Is tournament.' The scores wera
ti-i. fi t. C-0.
Snutlierii Annncintlon Hevolts.
Atlanta. 7-0; Birmingham, *^11;
(Second game seven innings.)
Nashville, fi; Ijlttle Hock. o.
Chattanooga, 4*3; Memphis, !?zf?
(Second game seven InnlnioiA
New Orleans, S; t

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