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r. 15s
jl V 6 . rms bait Xla&e TRiBimi Fbiday Mokotdstg, Jauaky l, 1904. , m.
I! 1 I , ,
I '-7! Yampa Smelter Now Cocked
I ,' and Primed.
' ' Blast Furnac t Care for 250
j j Tens Dally.
ij Will Go Into Active Commission on
j I .Sunday Morning-, With Steady
J 1 Stream of Ore.
,"! With the coke upon which the man
agement of the Yampa smelter in Blng
I ham canyon has been waiting for days
, finally at the bins, the announcement
i ' was inside at the general offices during
1 the day that the main blast furnace
. ' will be positively blown in on Sunday
morning at P o'clock. To this end the
ore bins have been filled by Superlh-
tcndent Craig of the company's sys-
( tern of Yampa mines, and Supcrlntend
j ' ent Sturtevant expects to experience no
i difficulty In working IiIm charge up to
i the maximum' in a short time. While
j i. ' ! the blast furnace is relied on to treat
j i i J 250 tons daily, It is not unlikely that
! , I , when It shall have settled down to adult
j ' i work it will show Itself capable of re
! dueing 300 tons or more, but on this
Manager Robinson is not relying at
this time. While the management has
not contracted for the sale of Its matte
, j there is always an eager market await
ing It at Ihc furnaces, and that It will
. ! j command a good price there is no rea
I ' son to believe other. However, Uan
, nger Robinson is not pcrniitting this to
I fi worry him, and the opeifrmarket will
j! have" soon added Yampa matte to its
I I dally offerings.
" A Gold Hunter Group Resumes Under
Ti " Skill of a Salt Laker.
The Gold Hunter -group of mines at
Mullen In the Coeur d'Alene country is
1 : again under active development, -with
$ ! m none other than D. P. Rohlflng of this
tf, city exercising a general supervision
, jl over the properties, that have long
, lj been owned by Chicago capitalists. It
I I Is the Intention of the management,
t said Manager Rohlflng on his arrival
, i from the north yesterday, to subordi-
i ; nate everything -for the time being to
t development work and X search for
I the ores of better quality, although a
J large volume of milling material awaits
k j( the starting up of the concentrator,
ir which has long been upon the ground.
, Mr. Rohlflng reports a great deal of
M activity in the Coeur d'Alenes at pres-
'k ent, with the output steadily increasing,
h and hot a little new money seeking a
l If foothold. In the selection of Mr.
u Rohlflng as a manager the company
has acquired the s'erVices of one of the
most experienced miners and mining
1 ft engineers in the Western country, and
f under his supervision the Gold Hunter
I ';j group should soon be made to assert its
1 j merits as never before.
! !
,j 1 1 President of the Imperial and Others
" j! Hurry to Atlantic's Shores.
' t Responding to a telegram from the
' I East, State Senator A. B. Lewis, to
I whose touch the Imperial mine out of
; ; 1 Frisco, the Royal out of Milford and
I the Manhattan out of Pioche, Nev.,
; , have responded so freely, left hurriedly
j for the Eas.t on Wednesday night, and
I while he declined to exploit the nature
I ' of an undertaking which requires his
' L ' presence there at this time, St is known
I- I' to not a few In thlo city. Its consum-
I " jf 1 matlon, indeed, said a local Interest
it j! I during the day, means much for the
' i ' entire State, and while to give it pub-
j liclty at this hour would be Indiscreet,
1 everything appears favorable to the
! ends in view,
r y
f : Gasoline Replaced at tho Mouth of
j the Long- Tunnel on Cactus.
' ; I With the turning on of steam in the
new plant by which the gasoline plant
j ' has beer, replaced at the Cactus mines
. ' i in Jhe Southern country two drills began
! ' ' to gnaw upon the breast of the long
.1 tunnel yesterday morning, and with this
i double the progress ought be made, said
' f Manager Johnson. Upon the tunnel
' nearly 2000 feet of work has now been
e' done, the remainder to be completed In
i ample time to meet the requirements of
the big concentrator. At present a cou-
i, j elderable volume of water is flowing
; from the tunnel this as Important, per-
' ' j haps, as would be a disclosure of ore In
I , a. region where water is more plentiful,
The cross-cutting of the new ledge, into
i I ' which a hole was punched ifor over 130
! feet, has been temporarily suspended.
t J j An Old-Timer Returns to Cordial Re-
fl l - coption at His Old Home.
'i Capt. William Davidson, for many
J years identified with the mines at Bing
ham and nrr.v general manager of the
i l i Yellow Mountain Mines company, op-
i ' I Crating plant and properties nt Ophir,
t Colo., is ip town again, and by old
ft t friends is bting mont cordially received,
f ! At his camp in Colorado the Captain l
reducing twenty-five tons of crude ore
, daily to u concentrate carrying- gold and
silver, copper and lead, which product
' , ' in forwarded to the American Smelting
' r and Refining company's furnaces at
L! ' I' urango, Colo. Meanwhile a large
amount of development work Is being
done by the company, while the prop
erly affords many assurances of becom
ing a very productive one. He will re
turn to camp next week.
December Characterized by Some
Damaging Declines in Market.
The month on the mining exchange
closed on an output of 753.07G shares of
stock that brought $104.510 22, the day
upon the sale of 23.1S7 for 5G994.S9, and
with the Investor relying upon the new
year for a condition that shall more
intelligently reflect conditions at the
diggings, and the unprecedented
achievements at the smelters. The
close, however, was a featureless one.
The market generally w'as weak, the
investor indifferent and the shopkeep
ers sullen. Con. Mercur was again
marked down and parted with a few
shares as low as 70 cents, while Grand
Central, discounting the most favorable
reports upon Its ore bodies at Tlntlc,
responded to a bid of S3.60. while Daly,
on a statement that ores from the new
ledge were moving toward the smelter,
found a customer at ?2.60, with that
figure asked at the finish. The best to
be had for Daly-Judge at the close was
while Naildrlver recorded a
transfer at 60 cents, with Daly West re
leaslng'an odd lot at $35.60. Mammoth,
on a report that tho new year will see
its ores again on the market, sold up
to $1.20, after which it softened, while
Eagle & Blue Bell tilled an order at -15
cents. Yankee Con. was quite actively
dealt In around 40 cents, with futures
bringing 41. while Lower Mammoth
came out to a bid of 40. Sacramento
was again on the run and sold in
bunches down to lSVs. while Tetro was
yteady around 31 cents, the day and
1903 closing on the following market;
A. M. P. M-
Bid. lAskcdJj Bid. (Asked.
AJax $ .03 I .05V $ .02 .05
Alice 10 10
Bill-Beck 175 l.io
Butler-Llh. . -09 09
California .. . .00.$ .02 .004 .02
CarlFa ll', .12 I .11 .12
Century 70 .754 .72 . 75i
Creole 45 40
C. Mercur .. .71 .74,A .70Vi .72
Dalv '.. 2.60 2.G3 j 2.42 2.G0
Dnly-Judge . 3.10 I 3.40 3.1214 3.50
Daly West . 35.25 I 30.00 35.25 36.00
Dalton 01 .OUfe .01 .OUf
Dexter 04 05
E. & B. B.. .42V4 .S .42' .42
Galena 05 ffiU
G. Central .. 3.55 3.65 3.57 3.60
Horn Silver -.75 70 ,
Ingot 02;' .03,J .03 .03.
Joe B Wi .01 .OO-X .01
Utile Boll . 1.00
Little Chief .01 .06 .01
L. Mam 30 I .39! .3S .40
La Rclnc .. .01 I .02 .01 7.
Mammoth .. 1.05 J 1.35 1.05 1.25
Manhattan 00i,
May Day .074 ..OS .07 .07
M. Wash. .. .00; .01 .00 .01
New York 10
Ontario 550 5.50
Petro 0S
R.-A'conda 02
Sunshine 05
Swansea 45 .30 .45
S. Swansea .06 06 .09
Sacramento .lS'f, .19 .18 .18
Silver King 62.00 62.50
Star Con. .. .19 .20! .18?i .20
Silver Shield 05 .04 -04
Tetro 30i .31 .30 .31i
V. Stales 1S.00 1 1S.12
IT. Sam Con .23 .25 .24 .25
Utah 50 . 60 . 50 .57
Victor 03 .04
Wabash C6V4 06Vi
White Rocks 45
Yankee Con. I .40i( .41 .39 .41
Dalv, 200 at S2.C0.
Eagle & Blue Bell, 100 at 45c.
Grand Central, 100 at S3.60.
Lower Mammoth. 103 at 40c.
Sacramento. 750 at 19c; 1500 at lSc.
Shares sold, 4050.
Selling value. J1D03.2S.
Comstock, 200 nt 17c.
Con. Mercur. 200 at 72c.
Duly. 200 nt $2.60. '
Dalv West, 12 at f35.00.
La Relne, 1000 at 2c.
Martha Washington. 10C0 at lc.
Naildrlver. 100 at GOc.
Tetro. 500 at 31c.
Sacramento, DOO at lS'.fcc; 1000 at lKc;
2000 at,18ic, buyer 60 days; 00 at W&c,
buver w days; 500 a 19c.
SharcH Fold. 7212. .
Selling value, ?2211.45.
Carlsa. 500 at ll-ic. buyer sixty, days.
Con Mercur, 100 at 70c
Grand Central, 100 at J3.60.
May Day. 3100 at 7&C; 3000 at 7?ic, seller
thirty days.
Mammoth, 100 at $1.20; 100 at $1.17.
Sacramento, SCO at lSc.
Butler-Liberal, 2125 at 9lc; 1000 at 9'ic.
Dalton. 10(0 at Hie
New York, 300 at 9&c.
Shares sold, 11.925.
Selling value, $1015.81.
M.iv Day, 500 at 7ic, seller thirty days;
500 at 7iiic, buyer thirty days.
Sacramento. 1000 at lSc.
Shares sold. 2000,
Selling -value. $259.33. '
Boston Copper Dull.
Boston. Mass.. Dec. 31. The copper
share market continues dull, but tho tone
appcara to be Improving. Trading, out
side of one or two lss-ues, was very light,
and prices show a slight Improvement
over those of last nighU The steady ad
vanco in Amalgamated absorbs the at
tention of traders, who pay but little
heed to the balance of the list, which is
practically to Itself. Interest Is growing
and a belter market is being looked for
In tho near future. Hornblnwer & Weeks.
br6kcrs. 53 State strett, Boston, and 10
Wall street. Now York, furnish the fol
lowing quotations;
Sales. High. Low. Close.
Amalgamated ..S1G0 $52.50 $50.75 151.87
Bingham 110 22 87
Daly West 75 35.50
Mercur 100 0.70
Utah 2S57 31.37 30.50 31.00
United States ..313 18.02 18.25 18.37
Curb Boston, $5.G265.S7..
Officials of the Northern Plant Inter
viewing Local Smelter World.
The Ladd Metals company, operating
a furnace at Mineral, about eighteen
miles out of Huntington, Or., was repre
sented in the city during the day by
Mcssra. Charles E, Ladd, Its president;
Ezra Snow, manager of Its various in
terests, and George AL McDowell, all
public-spirited and enterprising resi
dents of Portland. Or. Discussing the
new plant with which it is proposed to
do as much for the diggings tributary
to It u has been accomplished by sim
ilar ones elsewhere, the visitors say it 1b
BOSTON Crawford, Parker.
CHICAGO Auditorium, Great Northern,
Palmer House.-
DENVER Brown Palace.
KANSAS 'CITY-Midland, Coaten.
LOS ANGELES The Angclus, B. F.
Gardner, 305 Spring Street.
NEW YORK Waldorf-Astoria, Impe
rial, Astor House.
OMAHA The Millard, The Paxlon.
PORTLAND. OR. Portland Hotel.
ST. LOUIS Planters', Southern.
SEATTLE Hotel Northern.
WASHINGTON-Willard. Raleigh.
working most satisfactorily with about
seventy-five tons of ore dally .being re
duced to matte. At present this product
Is finding a ready market at the smel
ters of Salt Lake valley, and It waB to
bring the plant Into closer relations with
the local managers that the visitors
gathered here. It is tho first time, said
President Ladd, that he has been af
forded an opportunity of looking into
the resources of the city, and with the
result of his observations ho was very
much pleased. The day was devoted by
the visitors to the various smelter of
fices, where they were most cordially received.
San Francisco Mining Stocks.
Sun Francisco. Dec. 31. The official 1
closing quotations for mining stocks to
dny were as follows-.
Andes $ .21 Jii3tlce $ .10
Belcher 27 Mexican 1.45
B Sz B 2.00 Occidental Con . .63
Caledonia S7 Ophlr 2.95
Challenge Con . .21 Overman .' 23
Chollar 25 Potosi 22
Confidence .72 Savage 55
C C &Vu 1.20 Sierra 7sTev 65
Crown Point 17 Silver Hill 62
Exchequer , l'i Union Con Co
G S; C 43 Utah Con 14
H &. N 74Yel Jacket 23
Adams Con ....J .25 Little Chief ...$ .00
.Alice 13 Ontario 6.00
Btecce .... 10 Ophlr 2.50
Brunswick C .. .04 Phoenix 13
Comstock T .. .05 Potosi 19
C C A- Va .... 1 10 Savage 45
Horn Silver .- 1.85 Slorra Nov 53
Iron Silver ... 1.85 Small Hopes .. .20
Leadvllle C ... 02 Standard .. ..1.20
Adventure ..$ 3,23 Osceola $60.73
Allouer. 4.25 Parrot 22. 00
Amalg'd 51.87 Qiilncy 90.00
Bingham . .. 22.50 S Fc Cop .... 1.50
C St H.J435.0CK34&O.O0 Tamarack ... 105.CO
Centennial .. 16.00 Trinity 5.00
Dnly West .. 35.60 U 8 18.00
Dom Coal ... 72.25 Utah 31. 00
Franklin .... S.00 Victoria .. .. 2.25
Isle Royalc .. 7.00 Winona .. .. 7.50
Mohawk .. .. SS.00 Wolverine ... 68.00
Old Dom 12.00
Large, superb and Incomparable. Lo
cal and lonc-dlstanco telephone la
every room.
The best carbons and rlbbone all
typewriters at Pembroke Stat'y Co,
Pembroke stationery have been known
since '63. The two mean reliability, good
goods, fair prices, fair treatment.
Another Rflarysvale Group to
Be Exploited.
Gratifying Envelopments at the
Log Cabin,
Eighty Feet in Gold Bearing Ores
Substantial Values Encountered
in Bradburn. Group.
Having Inaugurated the season's cam
paign of exploratory work on the Marlon
gioup of mines out of Mnrysvale and
adjoining the Log Cabin, Ben D. Luce,
manager of the property, came in from
the south again yesterday morning, and
to his associates In the undertaking
brings assurances of a most favorable
outlook. After careful inquiry into the
geology of the zone, the management
has decided to tap Its ledges by tunnel
and to that end ground is now being
broken. From its outcrop, the main As
sure, said Manager Luce, affords be
tween $3 and ?4 gold per ton?
He reports the main tunnel on the Log
Cabin group now 4S0 feet into the zone,
the last eighty feet having been on the
strike of the ledge, the filling of which
shows an average of $3 56 gold per ton.
In addition to this, tho company is driv
ing two other tunnels and opening up
Its large amount of gold-bearing terri
tory in a manner that must soon dem
onstrate its merits.
The Bradburn group, In the same lo
cality, Is being developed by a Pitts
burg crowd on a most energetic scale.
During the season they have made a
number of disclosures in which the rock
showed values that were quite sensa
tional and the owners arc much en
couraged. At Mafysvale its mining men are rely
ing on a great deal of activity the pres
ent season, and certainly many golden
opportunity have been waiting to re
spond tb endeavors of which capital only
Is capable.
, i
Only a Leak at Intervals, That Will
Soon Be Corked Up. t
The new $200,000 water service with
which the Newhouse mines and pro
jected concentrator out of Frisco have
been equipped has been practically per
fected, said Manager Bettles, who came
up from camp yesterday morning, and
in two weeks that portion of an under
taking which has done so much to pro
mote the development of the Beaver
county copper belt will have been con
summated. Thejlpe line, which was
put under full pressure on Wednesday,
showed a leak at intervals only, these
to be corked up In a few days, when the
remainder of the back-fllllng will be
stnrted on 16,000 feet of pipe having al
ready been put under cover. Meanwhile
the excavation for the big reservoir has
been completed under the direction of
Mr. Dedeiichs, a building is now being
constructed above it and the cement
work will follow In a few days. Man
ager Bettles did not hesitate to con
gratulate Lloyd W. Mogg, secretary for
the company, by which the pipe was
manufactured, that it has provided the
undertaking with a first-class water
service, and its formal acceptance' ap
pears but a matter of a short time.
Recent Visit by Mr. Bettles Puts
Tonopah Talent to Guossing.
A. G. Bettles, who Ib well known here,
and who, It Is said, represents the New
house syndicate of Salt Lake City, has
purchased a group of claims located in
the Monte Crlsto range, about twenty
five miles northeast from Sodavllle. It
Is said that the purchase has been made
for the American Smelting and Refining
company, says the Tonopah Bonanza.
These claims cover a big deposit of
copper carbonate and oxide oren, to
gether with a large percantage of chal
coyprlte. The gossan Is particularly
rich, while the upper portions of the de
posits yield uniform values of from 30
to 40 per cent copper. Over 540,000 worth
of the crude ore of the above grade has
already been shipped and the property
Is thus already a shipper. It Is under
stood that the price paid for the prop
erty was 5125,000.
The group referred to by the Bonanza
Is the Contact Copper, which was pur
chased some time ago by Mr. Bettles,
who Is the Western manager for Mr.
Newhouse, J. 15. Thompson and other
Salt Lake talent. The output Is being
reduced at the American's furnaces In
this valley, but otherwise It nor Mr,
Newhouse Is Interested.
Settlements for December Exceed the
Two Million Mark.
In the ore and bullion market the set
tlements for December attained a total
of 52,052,100, the aggregate affording tho
best evidence perhaps of the pace with
which the old year passed out and that
with which the new begins its record.
That the pace will be maintained those
conversant with the diggings have no
apprehension whatever, while there are
assurances on every hand to denote an
Increase that shall fulfill every expec
tation. On the ore and bullion market yester
day the settlements amounted to 565,000,
McCornlck & Co. reporting them as
they follow: American bullion, 524,700;
gold bars. 55600; gold, silver, lead and
copper ores, 534,700.
In the metal market sliver advanced
and ruled at 56U cents an ounce, with
lead stationary at $3.50 per hundred
pounds and casting copper at HVfi cents
a pound.
Mining Notes.
There will be no session of the mi
ning, exchange today.
Ben T. Lloyd has gone Into Beaver
county to rush the campaign on his in
terests in that region.
Columbus Con. shareholders will meet
In annual session on Monday, when a
most gratifying report is expected.
The Yankee Con. of Tlntlc marketed
nine more carloads of ore yesterday,
for which it received approximately
54000, while three more were billed out
of camp yesterday.
Arthur Hudson of the Tonopah
Belcher company left for his camp on
Lone mountain yesterday morning to
devote his undivided attention to the
further development of the property,
State's Wealth of Metals.
J Ounces of Ounces of Pounds of Pounds of
t Gold. Silver. Lead. Copper. t
Certified to by Smelters ........ 161,788 14,753,533 95,800,000 37,856,740 ::
Knight & Warnock, Or z buyers 9,000 300,000 7,300,000 400,000
t Consolidated Mercur 50,760 '
Sacramento Mining Co 5,576
t Annie Laurie Mining Co 19,860 258,000, . - '
f Century Mining Co 6,032 f
X Johnny Mining Co '. 3,210 15.100
j Total - 256,226 15,326,633 103,100,000 38,256,740
J Valuation...,. $5,124,520 $8,199,648.55 $3,608,500 $5,061,888-68' f
J' . f
X " 256,226 Ounces Gold at $20 per ounce $5,124,520.00
X 15,326,633 Ounces Silver at 53c per ounce. . . 8,199,fi48,55 V ' ' X
103,100,000 Pounds Lead at 3c per pound ..: . 3,608,500.00 t
:: , . 38,256,740 Pounds Copper at I3c per pound 5,061,888.68 ' t
X Total Export Value .... $21,994,557.23 t
t Sacramento Mercury 20,000.00
I . Total $22,014,557.23 t
I ' ' quantity" 64,064 oz. gold ; value $1,281,280.00
t Gold, fine ounces .... 192,156 2,648,597 oz. silver; value 1,517,999.39 4
X Silver, fine ounces. . . 12,678;036 12,302,714 Ib. coppsr; valuj 1,639,958,24
X Lead, pounds. ,609,441 Total Increase $4,439,237.63 X
X Copper, pounds 25,954,026 Sacramento Mercury 20,000.00
X -The average price of silver in 1902 ' . 4cq 937 o f
X was 52.16 cents an ounce; the aver- 4)4,4rD7,ZO.60 f
X nge price of lead 4.06 cents per DECREASE X
X pound; the. average price of copper
X 11.88 cents per pound. The compu- 7,589,441 lb. lead ; value 365,630.43 X
4- tation of gold was on a basis of S20 . i
L an ounce. I Net Increase $4,093,607.20
t $
4- The revision of the table published originally on December 27th last, and the deductions arrived i
j at is after reports from all sources of production were certified to the smelter offices, and to Knight & X
X Warnock, local ore buyers. Every item credited to the output has been, verified through official chan-
nels, and cannot differ materially from the exhibit that shall be made at a later day by Government of- 11
X flcinlB, although tho latter continues to adhere to its practice of computing the output of gold and sil-
X ver at "coinage" value.
X. -H-HW-K millMKmnHlltHIHIl.tlllUMHI ! M H H U't MM Mfftt
and promising several carloads of ore
the present month.
Manager C, W. Whitley of the Amer
ican Smelting and Kenning company
was at his desk again yesterday after
a day at Park City, which he reports In
most thrifty condition.
The directors of the Old Susan Mi
ning company have called for an as
sessment of -cent a share, which will
net them about $3G0, with which to
clean up its Indebtedness.
A letter from J. P. Sweeney to Rich
ard L. Cdlburn says the Jumbo has the
'stage in Goldfleld, out of Tonopah. at
this time, the face of the entire eouth
drift averaging 5G0O in gold per ton,
while assays on picked samples show
from $1049 to $1609. Great excitement
prevails at camp.
A telegram from Tonopah says work
was resumed at the Tonopah company's
mines on Wednesday night, but that
the forces were withdrawn again yes
terday morning. There appeared to
have been some confusion over the tele
gram from the company's Eastern of
fices with reference to railway construction.
Scratch, scratch, scratch; unable to
attend to business during tho day or
sleep during the night. Itching piles
horrible plague. Loan's Ointment-cures.
For the Christmas holidays. Tickets
on sale December 24th, 25th and 31st,
1903, and January 1st, 1904; good for re
turn until January 4th. Particulars on
application to agents.
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thereon paid, and said animal taken jlllUe
away wlthlp ten (10) days from tho dato Ljb,
of the first publication of this notice, It
will be sold by the city poundkeeper. at IFP
public sale, at 10th So. and 8th East Jan- Qba:
uary 9, 1W4. In this city, at the hour of : iOf,P'
p. m.. to tho hlyhcst bidder. IiIhc
Dato of first publication, Dec 31. Itb,:
C. H. GATES, Poundkeeper, faf.
. IVXr
An ordinance levying a tax and for the l";?
assessment of pi'operty on the wost side of
East Temple street, "between North Tern- nit
plo and First North streets, and on thS
west side of Center street, between First ;Ajna
North and Vine streets, In Sidewalk dl- fP
irlets Nos. 12. 20 and 27, for the construe- "
tion of sidewalks. P5
Be it ordained bv the City Council of
Salt Lake City, Utah: "j15
Section 1. That the City Council do t!'!oj
hereby levy tho lax and provide for the t-J-
assessment upon the property hereinafter p11
described, abutting on tho west side of
East Temple street, between North Teni- mh..
pie and First North streets, and on tha
wcsLsido of Center street, between jU21
North and Vine streets. In Sidewalk &-,v"'$fi
trlcts Nos. 12, 20 and 27. ,
This tax is levied to defray the expenrfe .jjfi
of constructing sidewalks upon said polfil titf
tlons of said streets opposite the propei't:l JM'
hereinafter described to be especially osfc3fcS
fectcd and benefited by said ImprovemeinTj P?
and It Ig hereby adjudged, determined and f?If
established that the same will be especial fif
ly benefited thereby to the full amount of Xt
the tax hereby levied, and said parcels of 'Jj
land nro hereby assessed at an equal and S1
uniform rate in accordance with the
linear foot frontage upon said portions of WJ5
said streets fronting upon and to a depth JH?
of twenty-live (25) feet back therefrom, pf'
and the tax hereby levied and to be as-
sessed upon said parcels of land is one i jj?'
thousand three hundred nnd flfty-nlnc and S1
C2-100 ($13.-0.G2) dollars, or one and CS-1W
(Sl.CS) dollars per front or linear foot, and Etl!
tho Treasurer Is hereby authorized and ;)P
empowered to assess in accordance with"
tho provisions of this ordinance for the ,.1M'
purpose herein mentioned, all of lots 1 if661
and S. block 91, plat "A," and all of lot 1. l
block 5, plat "E," Salt Lake City survey.
as the sa.me are shown upon the official 5J(
plats of said city, to a depth of twenty-
Jlvo (25) feet back from said streets tjT?
Section 2. This ordinance shall tako ef-
feet upon approval. TJj0
Passed by tho City Council of Salt Lake iV'S
City. Utah. December 14th. 1M3, nnd rc- Lg
fcrred to the Mayor for hia approval Islg.
J. O. NYSTROM. City Recorder. ftiS
Approved this 10th day of December, l"
1903. EZRA THOMPSON, Mayor.
State of Utah, City and County of Salt tFj'
I, J. O. Nystrom. City Recorder of Salt fll
Lako City. Utah, do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing is a full, true and
correct copy of an ordinance entitled "An
ordinance levying a tax and for the aesess- :s J
ment of property on the west 3lde of East
Temple street, between North Temple and
First North streets, and on tho west side of XC,'C
Center street, between First North and Sft
Vine streets, in Sidewalk districts Nos.
12, 20 and 27, for the construction of side- n,g
walks," passed by tho City Council of
Salt Lake City, Utah. December Uth, . Vl
and npproved by the Mayor December ftf-A
Ifith, 1903, as appears of record In my of- q,
lice. fpiv,
In witness whereof I have hereunto set tn V;.
my hand and affixed the corporate seal e IgjSi;
said city, this 17th day of December. l?-itSjf
J. O. NYSTROM. 0ft5
Seal.1 City Recorder,. ttv
Bill No. 1ES.
Sidewalk Extension No. 53. plsW
An ordinance amending an ordlnanM Jl
granted to tho Rio Grande "Western Ball-
way company on October 6, 1903, and ap- pic
proved bv Ezra Thompson, Mayor, uc- -a
tobcr 9. 1G03. , 'T'
Be it ordained bv tho City Council or JM
Sait Lake City, Utah: ,
Section 1. There Is hereby stricken out Pi
tho word "shops" from section 8 of a cer- pv '
tain ordinance entitled, "An ordinance
confirming nnd granting to tho w
Grande Avestern Railway company a rlgni f..
of way In certain streets in Salt Lahs .
City. Utah, to construct railroad tracks, a , fi-A
passenger depot and to vacate certain u .
streets." passed by the City Council Oc- .5 i.
tobor G. 1903. and approved by the Mayor
October 9. 1903. lfKtJ.
Sec. 2. This ordlnanco shall take effect j"
from and after Its approval. w list
Passed by the City Council of Salt I.aKe I
City. Utah. December 2. 1903. and referred IqI
to the Mayor for his approval. . iH&l
J. O NYSTROM, City Recorder I
Approved this 3rd day of December, I? I
EZRA THOMPSON, Major. Jfplfu,t
State of Utah, City and County of- Silt
Lake ss. , eu Bv)!
I, J. O. Nystrom. City Recorder of ffrlygi
Lako City, Utnh. do hereby certify that If
the abovo and foregoing la a full, "Ji 'Ijjt gt
and correct copy of an ordinance enu- i li((nn ,
tied, "An ordinance amending an ora
nance granted to the Rio Grande Htk ,
Railway company on October 5. 19. nn 1 ccee
approved by Ezra Thompson, Mayor, liUij
tobor 9. 1903." passed bv tho City 5"'JKyjfc
ell of Salt Lake City, Utnh. December -IViPRhi,
1903. and approved by the Mayor Dec5" prCf0
bor 3, 1903, as appears of record In my 01 :"atQrj.
fice. 4 ... t$ns
In witness whereof I have hereunto s g (jv
my hand and affixed the corporate se-u it
of said city, this 3rd day of December, ;j,ti.,
A. D. 1903. M. Aft-
City Recorder
Bill No. 135. r -v

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