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iEj The SaitXzAKE trtbugne: Friday morning-, Jaotary l, 3904. j'
kit' " "
Jfily Effort Yesterday Was
to Hold Prices.
L: k
I; rjfmnsss of Market Duo to the
& 'Atistncc if Pressure.
4 ft.
3j Jalgomated Copper Shows Up
Strong and Largo Foreign Pur
uj chases Aro Reported.
5fevr York, Dec. 31. Nothing more wns
Ifcppted In today's slock market than
tl iiold prices. This attempt was oml
ifctly successful, tho market presenting
8 IT'hard and unyielding nurfacc. No
prist power o resistance was required,
'-5 fiTfact, for the prcssuro upon the mar-
j(t was the lightest.
L'-'j f Tho running up of tho money rate late
EaTtho day to 9 per cent, tho highest of
iSsl! life movement, was not unexpected, and
aJ usu of Kltlo luflucnco on stocks. The
'ara 'e was mucn ,css tnnn ofton happens
itl itT.thls period of the year, and specu
'JiUvo commitments are apparently not
L? over extended and not In weak hands,
m k 5w- that the shifting of loans dislodged
J' I jjljlle stock.
.vThcro was no buying demand of Jm
'pbrtance for stocks, and tho firmness of
tho market was rather due to nbsenco
-ja'i! f6f, pressure than to any active show of
.strength. Tho most prominent Ktock In
HH 'the speculation wns Amalgamated Cop
t p?r, which rose to a new high level of
tha movement. The only news bearing
on tho stock was the report of large
foreign buying of copper, tho December
-J export?. It was said, promising to show
Itik the largest flgurers for any month of
ttfei the calendar yenr. The report that tho
'United Cpppcr syndicate had been dls
1 tit rojvcd aleh had a favorable effect upon
Mf Amalgamated Copper. Tho movement in
gl Atchleon was a turn against the shorts.
mft1 London reflected n depressing Influ-'
"SJfj'PDCfl upon this market. The year end
SilrQney Pressure showed In London and
ail Paris as well as here, but Berlin's con
yjlgldlllon was reported to be unexpectedly
hfcltAflJ". The weekly statements of the
fyHitat foreign banks showed the enor
' tiff mous expansion of credits usual at tho
L;Ecnd of the year, and which aro con
1 iflifracted again much more promptly In
j Wt? foreign money markets than here,
ilk tJAj&Hiterlor movement of currency scorns
r i ?fc TCtiecn largely In New York's favor
rttpen' M ,i)lR wopk uut the chnnges In tho.
jffkjff, ft ln(rmcnt will he most largely nf
jfjMjdf' ujl by special movements of cash and
JjTTt J'nic change In the loan Item. Much
.3JlPst attaches to the nmount of the
JJSfcpiqted loan expansion The Increase
jjMftjhet earnings of the Union Pacific for
wovruber made what was regarded as
.,,1, awaUsfactory showing.
r-ffha hat in tho market seemed to give
jJi to rather more discussion of the
m- possible ulterior effects of an outbreak
'lid Pf'wnr hetYecn Russia and Japan than
BR?" teen given to that subject especially
14 W I tnc slac of posslblo effects on foreign
jjj money markets Some comment was
uyi hfn also to the number orf rnllroard nc
y p ipltnts In the recent past, 'and the 1m
fMfi 2Sl',at trains which have been affected.
Sis culminating horror of tho Chicago
flteaster gave force to tho consideration
lit t a,cc'cnts as destructive factors. The
'.tiyt 0slrig tone was dull and heavy. Bonda
U I0, m "Bht demand, but firm In tone.
rn Jl"61 8alc3- Par value. 51,935,OD0. United
EM bonds were unchanged on call.
: te new- York bond list.
i "es rcg ..KK L &. Nash unUs.lOWi
4! iroupon m w co E -Is ..102Vi
i,uli U 33 rc& ilex Cent -is .... 72
ufi n"10" -1(J 1st inc
B8 n rcg ..133 Minn & St I, 4s.. 07
S U S old is reg..l07Vis 2s 7SA
U S Es reg 101U con -Is 75
tli iiCSFpon 101 N Y C gen 3'.is.. Wi
r.! Akhlson gen 4s. W'i N J C gon Cs....l20ii
,rrf! Ifi'A43 85 Nor Pac 4s ...... ltC?i
ItvK?,lntIc C L 4s. 9.1 3s 71
SiiWr??,1 & 01,10 -Ib-.IOI Nor & W c 4s .. 96
O S L 4s & p ... 02
i irIF,01 Pcore'a Cs.KXJH Perm con 33 .. S.i
?J 4Vis ....103(A StL&IMc 5s.lll'j
i?SK?iC 3'8 "TO St L. & S F fg -la. Sl't
AKrrS.,i,',8 rjZ& St L S W is .... 93
j'5r-? &B,U? B -Is.llOVt, Seaboard A L. Is. 70Vt.
rS3K "s--13U, So Pac 4s SS
lZlWr ? & P "Is . Mo So Ry f8 114
nSMST B L K -13- 76 T 8t U & W 4s.. 71
irSWvT rlS 4s .. fo U P 4s 103
Tob "is B7 conv Is M?i
.W3!? So 4s,... US Steel 2nd 5s. 71
TJSWi&iTii ,Ji Wabash la 111
WCP jloa 4s ... 'Jift Deb B C3?i
SKv 9 ls..l02V4 Wis Cont 4s .... 90
(rtrfock Val 4'ts...l05 Colo P & I C0i
Jxt Rales. High. Low, Close
Hs-iSif , -41.50 7011 CSi coy,.
lK,TTeJcrrcd 2,M)0 91 SOU W
Ipi, 2.000 SO 79A 794
& O... .330 33H S3 33
CW'X AV Cu) CV 15 15
j1, TO" MM 2SH 2Si 23
l'i!Sllenn,& T . .. s
utrftccT iw 10 19 i8.
Sjar:, Preferred .... "ko 65'.. 01 H'l
'WiSKrl Hud 1,050 1C7 1C5 ICG;
:fUKtWrt 1W 2(S) COO 20S
jfcgfe 2l5
Tl ,::iV "" BOTO 'jy?i 29 29
V&:r"e' 100 T2Vi 72U 72
Mowa pLtf,lr,nl - "HA 1311A 131H
wfifcfcsouthcrn':::::: ; s
jf?3fflfrcd 100 M
S.lllS ; ?t ft" L 763 ! 111 ,
Sit & S
fe 8.::: 9::4? n8y:
Eifev.::; 4'?S S S
4- 4-
New York 5C4c -f
4- San Tranclsco SCVJc -f-
-f London 2Qt4d 4
4- Nothing moro was attempted In 4-4-
today's stock market than to hold
4- prices.
4 "Wheat rulcl strong. 4
4 Oats bought by bull loaders. 4-4-
Corn had a bullish tendency. 4-4-
Provisions ruled higher.
4- Cattle Strong to 15 cents higher.
4- Hogs Steady to 5 cents higher. 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-
4-4-4-4 4- 4-4-4-4-
Rock Island - 3,044 2IU 23?i 24&
preferred 2W C2 CIV CI
S L & 8 F 1st prof CO
2nd preferred .... DW 42i 423i
SL&S W 200 14U H'.i H'l
prcforrcd 33i
St Paul 4,300 HfrJJ 1404 14d3
prcfcrrctl 120 177W 177Vi 177
Southern Pac 20.5M COli VP 494
Southern Rail 1,910 2031 20 20ft
preferred lfO 79 79 79
Tex & Pac 200 20 25$i 25&
T S L t W 100 25 25 25
preferred SCO ZSL 3S?i
Union Pac 21,000 81 SOVf. S0',a
preferred 400 S9 SSI'. S3
Wabash 100 20V, 20 U 20VJ
preferred 2(0 37 37-i 37
Wheeling & L E .. . 17
WIs Con 200 17 16 lGi.
Express Cos
Adums , , 225
American 195
United States 210
Amal Copper 5S.0S0 f.21 50 51
Am Can?& Found.. 200 20 20Vt
preferred 100 60 3 CS
Am Linseed Oil 9
. preferred 2S
Am Locomotlvo .... BOO 1S' 18 ISM
proferred 20J 77 70 76
A S & R 100 49! 49M. 49
proferred 200 90 90 90
Am Sugar 9,000 12SVt IM 127
Anaconda Mining .. 350 791.'. 78 78
Brooldyn R T 12,540 52 51 S2Vj
Colo F & 1 300 C04 29 S04
Col fc H Coal 1.52") 15U 14 14
Con Gas 2.CO0 195 193 191
Gen Electric 100 176 176 171
Intern'l Paper 300 11V4 U U
preferred , C4
Intern'l Pump If") 31 31 SO
preferred 72
Nat Biscuit ICO 37U 37 36
Nat Lead 100 l&Vi 15 15
North Am 700 S4 S3Vi KUt
Pacific Mail 100 26 26 26
People's Gas 720 9SVS, 9S'4 9S
Pressed Steel Car 31
preferred C9V-i
Pullman 21S
Republic Steel 900 7-;; 7i 7i
preferred 2fO 42 42 41
Rubber Goods 120 1SA i8i4 1S
preferred 1&0 75 75 74
Tenn C & I 2.210 3D 38 3S
U S Leather 1.450 7 Vl 7
preferred SS5 76 76 J6
U S Rubber 11
preferred 40
U S Steel 40.000 12 12 12
preferred 57,900 5S& 57 57
Western Union 2S0 S6 S6 S6
Total sales, 336,900 shares.
Silver and Drafts.
New York. Dec. 31. Bar silver, SCc.
Mexican dollars, 43c.
San Francisco, Dec. 31. Silver bars, 56.
Mexican dollars, nor.lnal.
Drafts Sight, 5; telegraph, 10.
Money and Exchange.
New York, Dec, 31. Money on call
strong, 67J9 per cent; closing bid 7; offered
at 8 per cent. Time loans llrm; sixty and
ninety day3, 5 por cent; six months, -1
:er cont
Prime mercantile paper, per cent.
Sterling exchange firm, with actual bus
iness In bankers' bills at Jl.8-lfjf4.&.10 for
demund and at Jl.SlfI.Sl.lO for sixty clays.
Posted rates. $I.S1474.82 and $4.S5R85.
Commercial bills, ?4.SO4.SO.
Now York Metals.
New York, Deo. 31. Tin again advanced
sharply In London, gaining from fl to 1
12s Cd. with spot closing nt 132 17s 6d and
futures at 133 10a. Locally tin wns llrm
and highc-, with spot closing at f23.75tf
Copper was unchanged at 56 17s Cd for
spot and 56 10s for futures In the London
market. It wns also good here, where
lako closed at 513.27ft 12.62,: electrolvtle
closed at $12.2212.50. and custlng at $12.12
dl 12.37.
Lead advanced Is 3d In London to 11 Gs
31, und was unchanged here at $1.37.
Spelter also was unchanged in London
closing at 21 10s. Locnlly it cWicd at $5.00.
Iron closed at 49s 4d In GInBgow and at
42s 7d In Mlddlesboro. Locnlly Iron was
unchanged; No. 1 foundry Northern Is
quoted at $15.0010,00: No. 2 foundry
Northern i. $11.0015.00; No. 1 foundry
Southern and No. 1 foundry Southern soft,
$13.50iT14.00, these prices being moro or less
Now York Sugar Market.
New York, Dec. 31. Sugar Raw, nomi
nal, rsllned nulet.
Live Stock.
Chicago, Dec. 31. Cattle Receipts.
7000. Strong to 15c higher. Good to
prime steers, J5.0OJi5.75; poor to medium,
$3 noJiJ.Oj; stockers and feeders, $2. Mi?
4.10; cows, 1.75ig-l.25; heifers, $2.0054.75;
canncrs. $1.752 40; bulls. $2 0034.25;
calves, $2,5055.75.
ZIogs Receipts. 32,000; tomorrow. 20,000.
Steady to Gc higher. Mixed and butch
ers', 4.00.90; good to choice heavy,
Jl.75f?4,90: rough heavy, $1 4OQI.70; light.
$l.35fiT4.70: bulk of sales, 34.WSM.75.
Sheep Receipts, 15.000. Closed lower;
lambs cloned lower. Good to choice weth
ers, $3.75ft4.50; fair to choice mixed, $3.00
Q3.75; Western shocp, g3.45fM.50; native
lambs, $4.25T4.33; Western lambs, $4,35
St. Joseph, Dec 31. Cattle Receipts.
1090; 10c higher. Natives. $3.50tG.25; cows
and heifers. $1.5024.35; stockers and feed
ers. $2-751.25.
Hogs Receipts, 4S0O. Market Cc lower.
Light. $5.5025.70; medium and heavy.
Sheep Receipts, 1000; 10c higher.
Lambs, COO. Yearlings, $5.00: wethersr.
$1.10; owes. $3.50.
South Omaha, Dee. 31. Cuttle Receipts
1S0O; market strong to 10c higher; native
steers, $3,252:5.25; cows and heifers, $2.50'
' 3.S3; Western steers. $2.7&'grJ.75: Texas
steers, $2.5023.50; rango cows and heifers.
$2.25fr3.33i canners, fl 7522.25; stdekers and
feeders, $2.503.b5; calves, $3.002 5.25, bulls,
stags, etc., $1.5023.75.
Hogs Receipts, 7500; market actlvo; lCc
higher, heavy. $1,602-1.70: mixed, $4.552 1.C0;
light, $I4024.CO; pigs. $3.rOff4.10.
Sheep Receipts, 4000; market active; 10c
higher; wethers, $3.4023.85; ewes. $2.7iV?
3.W: common and stockers, $2,2523.50;
lambs, $4.7523.75.
Kansas City, Deo. 31. Cuttle Receipts,
SOOO; higher; native steers, 52.60(2-1.75,' native
cows and heifer;, $2.4023.S5; atockors and
feeders. $3,2523.75: bulls, $2.252S.oO; calves?
$2.6025.60; Western steers, $14021.10; West,
ern cows, $1.50(72.90.
Hogs Uecclpta, EOCO; market 5210c high,
er; bulk of sales, $ 1.552 L70, heavy, $4.15
Old Year Goes Out in Live
ly Fashion.
Trad Especially Sod In Fish
and Oysters.
All Green Stuffs Cleaned Up for New
Year Dinners for Those Who
Can Afford Them.
The market was pretty lively yesterday
and tlie supply proved Inadequate along
several lines. The supply of California
greens, such as lettuce, radishes, parsley
and celery gave out early In the after
noon, and many orders had to be can
celed toward night. There was a constant
demand for poultry, but the supply proved
to bo Inadequate in this line. The Ilsh
market was well supplied with all va
rieties save striped bass, of which there
were none toward night.
The merchants report that there has
been a- moderate demand for turkeys all
week, but tho supply und trade in this
lino Is practically over for the present.
Hens and spring chickens each Jumped up
a cent, bub continued to sell well. Geese
were plentiful, with a constant demand.
The fish market did a rushing business
yesterday. Halibut, sturgeon and trout
were amongthe favorites, and sold strong
all dav. Large shipments of crabs, trout
und oysters were among yesterday's ar
rivals. The cold weather permitted the
oysters to be shipped in Ice boxen without
aiiy preserving, and they were especially
fine on this account.
Tho market Is becoming over-stocked
with butter, und the Indications arc that
the price will dorp within a day or two.
Hay, Grain and Straw.
(Grain Association Quotations.)
Delivered prices.
Alfalfa, per ton, baled $11.00
Oat straw, per bale 35
Timothy, per ton, baled 14.00
Wheat, per 100 pounds 1.65
Corn, per 100 pounds 1 36
Corn, cracked, per 1C0 pounds 1.25
Oats, per 100 pounds 1.30
Rolled oats, per 100 pounds 1.59
Barley, whole, per 1C0 pounds 1.20
Burlev, rolled, per 100 pounds 1.30
Flour, bnkers' No. 1, per ICO pounds.. 1.60
Flour, straight grade, per 100 pounds. 2.M
Flour, high patent, per ICO pounds ... 2.M
Bran v - 1M
(Cleavelnnd Commission Co. Quotations,)
At the warehouse.
Alfalfa, per ton. baled ,.$10 50
Oat straw, per bale 30
Timothy, per ton. baled 13.60
Wheat, per bushel 85
Corn, per 100 pounds 1.20
Corn, cracked, per ICO pounds 1.25
Oats, per 100 pounds 1.20
Montana oats 1.35
Rolled oats, per 100 pounds 1.45
Barley, whole, per 100 pounds 1.13
Barley, rolled, per 100 pounds 1.25
Flour, bakers' No. 1, per 100 pounds.. 1.95
Flour, straight grade, per 100 pounds, 2.10
Flour, high patent, per ICO pounds ... 2. CO
Dakota hard wheat flour, per 100 lbs. 2.40
Graham Hour 2.13
CornTienl 1.75
Bran and shorts, mixed 1.00
Dressed beef, pGr pound $ .05 57.07
Dressed pork, per pound OS f.03
Dressed veal, per pound 032'.09
Dressed mutton, per pound ... .03
Dressed lamb, per pound .07
Poultry. '
Dressed hens, per poundv $ .13
Dressed turkoys, per pound 5
Ducks, per pound , .15
Broilers 11
Roasters 12
Live poultry, hens, per pound .12
Live spring chickens 15
Jonathan apples, per box $ . 2.00
Santa Paula lemons, per box. 4.002) 5.00
California oranges, per box ... 3.002 4.00
lemons, per box 4.00-?!: 5.00
Utah apples, por bushcl3 1.75ft 2.25
California Bellflowcrs 1.752 2.0u 1
Pears, per bushel 1.50
Cranberries, per barrel 11.00212.00
Oregon apples, per box 1.75
Figs and dates 5c, Sc and 10c
Persimmons, per box i.0
Winter potatoes, per cwt $1.2521.40
Utah onions 1.E0
Utah celery, per dozen 152 M
California sweet potatoes, per
pound i 02&25 .03
Cabbages, per 100 2.00
Cauliflower ,i24
Daily Products.
Butter, per pound $ .26
Cheese, por pound ,. sia
Eggs, per case "V...XS. 50211.00
Fancy cheese, per pound ,13,
Comb honey, new. per crate 3. CO
Strained honey, per pound .,07
Swcltzer cheese, per pound 18
Fresh Fish. f
Stenlhend salmon, per pound $ .15V1
Halibut, per pound 12
Striped boss, per pound .15
Shad, per pound 10
Mountain trout, por pound 2520
Soles, per pound ; .Co
FloundcrH. per pound ; 09
California smells, per pound .12
CodllBh, per pound 13
CntllBh, per pound : 12
Perch, por pound 10
LobBters, per poijnd u
New York oysters (counts), per 100. 1.C0
Utah carp and mullet .06
Perch . a... .12
Sen bass , '. .12
Crubs. per dozen 3.00
4.75; packers, $.52I.C5; pigs and lights.
Sheci Uecelnts, 2G00; strong to 10c high
er; muttons, $3.5024.35; Iambs. $1. 755.65;
range wethers, $3.6021. 10, ewes, $2.2023.55.
Grain nnd Provisions.
Chicago. Dec. 31, yVhunt ruled strong
throughout the cntlro sefslon. Steady ca
bles and small receipts wero bull factors
at the start, and May opened unchanged
to '.V2Vlc higher at S4V to Sl-s5U. There
was good general buying In both May
and July, and with only light offerings
the mnrKct advanced. Reports from va
rious portions of the winter wheat belt
to tho effect that the fields appear brown
caused apprehension nmong ohorts. The
feeling of uneaslnesss was Increased by
the warlike news from the Enst, and an
urgent demand from shorts soon carried
May up to Sli. The market lost part
of Us strength late In the day on realiz
ing, hut tho close was firm, with May
at S4&. Clearances of wheat and flour
wero equal to 322,600 bushels. Primary
receipts were 1.004,200 bushels, with a
holiday last year. Minneapolis, Duluth
nnd Chicago reported receipts of 616
car?, against 6S7 cars last week.
Reports of smaller yields west than
expected and relatively higher prices be
ing paid by feeders, light Interior move
ments and tho action of wheat, all tended
to creato a decidedly bullish sentiment
In corn. After opening a shade to Vc
higher at nSVii to 45. May sold be
tween 45Vi and 45T4,, closing at 45'2-15's-.
Local receipts were 142 cars, none of
contract grade
There was good buying of oats bv bull
leaders on reports that the bulk of tho
Northwestern crop bad been marketed
and that receipts, arc to fall off. The
close was steady, with May at 33Vs23SU,
after opening a shade lower to n shado
higher at 3S to asifc and ranging between
3S and 3S?a. Local receipts were SI
Smaller receipts of hogs had a stimu
lating effect on provisions and prices
ruled higher. Commission houses were
active buyers early and advnnccd prices,
but part of the gain was lost on realiz
ing. The closo was strong, with May
pork 20c higher nt $12.02. Muy lard
was up 10212&C at $7.02,Mr7.03, with ribs
7&2l0c higher at $6.720.75,
Estimated receipts for tomorrow:
Wheat, 20 cars; corn, 175 cars; oats, 60
cars; hogs. 21.000 head. Board will bo
closed until Mondaj'.
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close.
Wheat, No. 2
Dec (new) S2 S2U SU S2
May S4U S4i S1U
Jul' 79 79?a 79 7914
Corn, No. 2
Dccombcr 411 42 41al 41K
May 45W 45 45Vi 45)i
July 44& 454 44i 45V4
Oats, No. 2
December 36V S5& 35
May 3S 3Si 3S SJSVi
J"'' 3515 29 35 35
Mess Pork ,
Jnnuary 12.57'A 12.05 1.50 ' 12.65
May 12.90 13.05 12.S7& 13.021A
January 6.S0 6.S7V 6.72Vs 6.S2,j,
May 7.00 7.07 C.971. 7.05
Short Ribs
January 6.37Vj 6.47'A 0.37V. C.12&
May 0.70 6.75 6.05 C.75
Cash quotations wero as follows: Flour,
f:rm; No. 2 spring wheat. 812S3c; No. 3. 72
f73c; No. 2 red, S3'i2$6lc; No. 2 corn.
42',c: No. 2 yellow. 4l1:c; No. 2 oats, 362
6Uc; No. 3 whlto 36ft3Sc; No. 2 rye. 62c.
good feeding barley, 31237c; fair to choice
malting. 43253c; No. 1 flaxseed. OoUc, No.
1 Northwestern, $1.02"; prime timothy
seed, $2.90; mess pork, per barrel, $12.02
12.75; lard, per 100 pounds. $6 Sl26,S2l";
short rib sides (loose). $6.37V2.626; short
clear sides (boxed), $6.37V:26.50; whisky,
basis of high wines. $1.27; clover, contract
grade, $11.25.
Articles. ' Rccps. Ships.
Flour, barrels , 45,400 49,400
Wheat, bushels 41.100 73,200
Com, bushels 121.S00 91.200
Oats, bushels 1S1.200 92,100
Rye, bushels 11,300 10,300
Barley, bushels 76,900 9.S00
On tho produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady' creameries. 16J7
232c; dairies, 14221o. Eggs, steady, at
mark, cases Included, 2522Sc. Cheese,
steady, lOiflOVSc.
St. Louis Wool Market.
St. Louis, Dec. 31. Wool Nominal; Ter
ritory and Western mediums, lS219c; line
medium, lW17c; fine, 15216c.
Butter and Eggs.
New York, Dec. 31. Butter. Rccolpts,
5P00 packages; llrm; creamery, 15223'tc;
State dairy. 14-220c.
Eggs ReoeJpts, 3S00 packages; steady,
Western, 31237c.
I ft
U Wishss I
One and all
Sa happy I
I New York Stocks,
1 Bonds, Grain )
I and Provisions j
I Stocks bought and sold on margin I
or lor cash. jf
I Continuous quotations direct from 1
jjj Now York Stock Exchange. I
t Wo have a special department for 9
1 buying and selling stocks and bonds f
R for cash, which enables us to give- 1
3 beet of satisfaction to hankora as L
woll as Individual Investors. I
I C. V. CUMMINGS. Manager
ggj Rooms 211-212 D V Wnlker block. 1
St. Louls-Vassar Mining and Milling
company, a corporation organized under
the laws 6f tho State of Utah. Location
of principal place .of business, Salt Lako
City, L'lah.
Notice Is heroby given that at a meeting
of the board of directors of said corpora
tion, held on the thlrty-llrst (31st) day of
December, 1903, an assessment of two (2)
cents per shuro was levied upon the capi
tal slock of tho corporation, payable im
mediately to W. B. Lako, secretary, at the
banking houso of Walker Bros , bankers,
Suit Lake City. Utah, and that any stock
upon which this assessment remains un
paid on the llrst ;lst) day of Februarv.
1901, will bb delinquent and advertised for
sale at public auction, and unless payment
Is made before, will be sold on the eight
eenth (lSth) day of February, 1901, to pay
the delinquent assessment, together vjjn
cost oi advertising and expense of sale.
Tho said assessment Is levied by order
of tho stockholders holding and represent
ing more than two-thirds of tho capital
stock. W E. LAKE, Secretary.
Cut Price Sale This Week
Best Creamery Butter 26c.
Cranberries, per quart $ .10
7 cans Lewis Lyo 60
3 Oxford Flakes 25
3 1-pound packages Raisins 25
Gallon can Best Sorghum 53
CO-pound can 4. Co
10-pound can 1.00
5-pound can , 53
3-pound can , 33
2 pounds Llmberger Cheese .38
Good table Butter 2o
16 Larco S,weet Oranges 25
9 cans Hominy 1.00
14 bars Beat 'Em All Soap ,27
4 cans Good Table Peaches 25
6 cans Table prunes 25
2 poundo Fresh Salted Peanuts 25
Mixed Candy, per pound 10
5 1-lb packages Good Starch.. ., 25
Skinned Hams. ptr pound 14
Picnic Hams, per pound 10
3 cans Peas : 25
3 pounds Best Gloss Starch , .20
Macaroni, per pound 10
Fresh Eggs, per dozen io
High patent Flour, per cwt 2.S0
Straight Grade, per cwl 2.10
nakers' No. 1 -2.00
Best Limberger cheese .20
2 boxes Cocoa 19
3 cans good Salmon 25
C-pound box Crackers 40
Peanuts, per pound ... 10
20 Caramels 05
Good Potatoes, per bushel 75
Warranted Baking Powder 2 lbs for .25
Gcod Cocoanut, per pound 20
Phone 1448-Z.
1 Progress i
Market. I
H. WARD, Prop. 1
Tel. 797. i
139 W. Second South. f.
Old Evergreen Mining and Tunnel com
pany. Big Cottonwood mining district,
Salt Lake county. Utah. Principal placo
of business Salt Lako City, Utah.
Notice Is hereby given that at a moot
ing of the board of directors of the Old
Evergreen Mining and Tunnel company,
a corporation, held at the office of tho
company, at Salt Lake City, Utah. Tues
day, the 29th day of December, 190.1, an
assessment of 3 cents per share wns levied
upon the capital stock of tho corporation,
payable Immediately to II. G. McMillan,
secretary and treasurer of the company,
at his ofllcp. No. 161 South Main street.
Salt Lako City, Utah Any stock upon
which said assessment may bo unpaid on
the 23th day of Jnnuary. 1904. will be
delinquent and advertised for sale at pub
lic auction nnd unless payment is made
before, will bo sold at my office on tho
29th day of February. 1901. at 12 o'clock
noon, to pay delinquent assessment, to
ccther with the cost of advertising and
expense of sale.
No. 161 South Main street. Salt Lako
City, Utah, December 29, 1903. .
Sampson Mining company, principal
ulaco of business, .Salt Lako City. Utah.
Notice is heroby given that at a meeting
of tho board of directors of the Sampson
Mining company held on tho 21st day of
November, 1903, an usacsoment of 2 cents
per share, being Assessment No. 10, was
levied upon the capital stock of the cor
poration Issued and outstanding, payablo
immediately to H. H. Green, secretary or
the company, at the company's office,
sulto 700 McCornlck block, Salt Lake City,
Utnn- , u u
Any stock upon which this assessment
may remain unpaid on Monday, January
4 1901. will bo delinquent and advertised
for sale at public auction, nnd unless pay
ment Is made before will bo sold Wednes
day, January 20, 1904, at 4 p. m., at the of
fice of tho company, sulto 700 McCornlck
block. Salt Lake City, Utah, to pay tho
delinquent assessment thereon, together
with tho costs of advertising nnd expenso
of cale. H. H. GREEN, Secretary.
700 McCornlck Block. pS7
stockholders of tho Pembroke Stationery
company will bo held at Its of lice, In Salt
Lako. on the 19th day of January, 1901, at
5 p. m., to voto upon amendments to the
articles of Incorporation to Incrcaao tho
capital stock of said corporation, and In
creasing tho number of directors.
Old Evergreen Mining and Tunnel com
pany. Big Cottonwood Mining District,
Salt Luke county, Utah. Principal placo
of business Salt Lako City, Utah.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meet
ing of tho board of directors of the Old
Evorgreon Mining and Tunnel company,
a corporation, held at the office of tho
company, at Salt Lako City, Utah. Tues
day the 29th day of Deccmbor. 1903, .an
assessment of 3' cents per share was levied
upon tho capital stock of the corporation,
payablo Immediately to H. G. McMlllun,
secretary and treasurer of the company,
at his office. No 101 South Main street,
Salt Lake City, Utah. Any stock upon
which said assessment may be unpaid on
the 2Sth dav of Jnnuary, 1904, will be
delinquent ahd advertised for sale at pub
lic auction, and unless payment Is mudo
before, will be sold at my ofllco on tho
29th day of February, 1901, at 12 o'clock
noon, to pay delinquent assessment, to
gether with the cost of advertising and ex
pense of sule. HENRY G. McMlLLAN.
(Seal.) Secretary.
No, 161 South Main street. Salt Lako
City, Utah, December 29th, 1903.
California Mining and Milling company,
of Nevadu.
Prlnolpnl placo of business In Nevada,
Elko. Elko county. Nevadu; principal
place of business in Utah, 221 South West
Temple street. Salt Lako City. Utuh. Lo
cation of mines, Uintah Mining District,
Summit county, Utah.
Notice Is hereby Klvcn that at a meet
ing of the board of" trustees of said cor
poration, duly held on tho 2Sth day of
December, 19D3, an assessment (No. 5)
of eight (S) cents per share was levied
upon the capital stock of this corpora
tion, payable Immediately to H. G. Fish
er, assistant secretary, at the office of
the Western Exploration company, the
office of this company. No, 221 South
West Temple street, Sail Lake City,
Any and all stock on which this as
sessment remains unpaid on Saturdav,
tho 30th day of Junuary, 1901, at 12 o'clock
noon, will be delinquent and advertised
for sale, and If the assessment Is not
sooner paid, together with tho costs of
advertising, so much of ench pnrcel of
stock as shall .bo necessary to pay said
assessment and all costs of advertising
and sale will bo sold at public auction
at tho said ofllco of the company on
Saturday, the 27th day of February, 1904,
at .1 o'clock p. m.
By order of the board of trustees.
W. L SNYDER, Secretary.
New and elegunt In all Its appointments,
ttO rooou, single or cn suite, Ci rooms wlUt
Mtb. Q. a Holme. Proprietor,
Consult County Clerk or the respective
(lienors for further Information.
Estate of John L. Beckett, deceased.
Creditors will present, claims, with vouch
ers, to the undersigned at offlco of' C. B.
Ja?k, 33 Commercial block. Salt Luko City,
Utah, on or before the 20th day of April,
A. D 1904. ADA M. BECKETT.
Executrix of Estate of John L. Beekett,
C. B. Jnck, Attorney for Estate.
Date of first publication, Dec. IS, A. D.
1903. pl5S3
division. In and for Salt Lake county,
State of Utah. In the matter of tho es
tate and guardianship of Joseph P., E'er
ett, Vaughn-A., Adallnc, Ray C. and Min
nie Cutler, minors. Notice.
The petition of Heber S. Caller,, the
guardian of the persons and' the estates
of Joseph P. Cutler et nl., minors, for
confirmation of sale of the following-described
real estate, to wit: All of lo.s 7
and 8, in block one O) of the People's Co
operative Institution, first addition, in
Lchi City, Utah county, Utah, for the
sum of S50.00, and upon tho following
terms, to wit: Cash, as appears from tho
return of sale, filed In this court, has been
set for hearing on Friday, the 15th day of
January, A. D. 120-1, at 10 o'clock a. 31. , at
the county courthouse. In the courtroom
of said court. In Salt Lako City, Salt
Lake county, Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said court, with
the seal thereof afllxed, this 31st day of
December, A. D. 1903.
fScal. JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By J. U. Eldredgo, Jr., Deputy Clerk.
Don V. Hnrwood, Attorney. rl2
Estate of Joseph D. Lewis, deceased.
Creditors will present clal-ns. with vouch
ers, to the undersigned at No. 21S South
Main street, Salt Lake City, Utah, on or
before the 1st day of November. A. D. 1504.
Executrix of Estate of Joseph D. Lewis,
S. H. Lewis, Attorney for E3tatc.
Dale of first publication, Dec. IS, A. D.
lf-03. pissi
Estato of Martha Reeves, deceased.
Creditors will present claims, with vouch
ers, to the undersigned at 404 McCornlck
building, Salt Lake City; Utah, on. or be
fore tho 20lh day of April. A. D. 1904, '
Administrator of Estate of Martha
Reeves, Deceased.
Evans. Ingobrolsen & Evans, Attorneys
for Estate.
Date of first publication, Dec, IS. A. D.
1903. pl5S2
batc division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty, Stato of Utah.
In the matter of the estate of George
J. Woodllng, deceased. Notice.
Tho petition of James H Woodllng and
Rrasou L. Woodllng praying for tho Is
suance' to R. D. 'McDonald of letters of
administration In the estato of George
J. "U oodlllig. deceased, has been set for
hearing on Friday, tho 15th day of Jan
uary, A. D. 1904. at .10 o'clock a. m., at
the county courthouse. In the courtroom
of said court, in Salt Lake City. Salt
Lake county, Utah.
Witness the clerk of said court, with
the seal thereof affixed, this 31st day
of Decomber, A. D. 1903.
(Seal) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk.
Frank Hoffman, Attorney. rl3
An ordinance levying a tax nnd for the
assessment of property on the east side
of Third East street between Second
South and Third South streets, in Side
walk District No. 22. for the construction
of a sidewalk.
Be it ordained by the City Council of
Salt Lako City. Utah:
Section 1. That tho City Council does
hereby levy the tax and provide for the
assessment upon the property hereinafter
described abutting on the cast side of
Third East street between Second South
and Third South streets. In Sidewalk Dis
trict No. 22.
This lax Is levied to, defray tho ex
per.se of conotructlng a sidewalk upon
said portion of said street opposite tho
property hereinafter described to be espe
cially affected and benefited by said Im
provement, nnd it Is hereby adjudged, de
termined and established that the same
will be especially benefited thereby to tho
full amount of tho tax hereby levied, and
said parcels of land aro hereby assessed
nt an equal and uniform rate In accord
ance with tho linear foot frontangc upon
said portion of 3ald street fronting upon
and to a depth of twenty-five (25) feet
back therefrom, and the tax hereby levied
and to bo assessed upon said parcels of
land Is eight hundred nnd seventy-one and
20-100 ($S71.20) dollars, or ono and 32-100
($1.32) dollars per front or linear foot,
nnd tho treasurer Is hereby authorized
and empowered to assess In accordance
with the provisions of this ordlnanco for
the purpose herein mentioned, nil of lots
4 and 6, block 49. pint "B," Salt Lake City
survey, as the same aro shown upon tho
official plats of said city to a depth of
twc-nty-iive (25) feet back from said street.
Sec 2. This ordlnanco shall take effect
upon approval.
Passed by iho City Council of Salt Lake
City, Utah, December 11, 1903, and re
ferred to the Mayor for his approval.
J. O. NYSTROM, City Recorder.
Approved this 16th day of December,
19-33. EZRA THOMPSON. Mayor.
Stato of Utah. City and County of Salt
Lake ss.
I. J. O Nystrom. City Recorder of Salt
Lake City, Utah, do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing Is a full, true
and correct copy of an ordlnanco enti
tled, "An ordinance levying a tax and for
the assessmont of property on tho east
side of Third East street between Second
South nnd Third South streets, in Sldc-wallc-DIstrlct
No. 22, for tho construction
of a sidewalk;" passed by the City Coun
clll of Salt Lake City Utah, December
II, 1903, and approved by the Mnyor De
cember 10, 19(0, as appears of record In
my office.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed tho corporate seal
of said city this 16th day of December,
Seal. J. O. NYSTROM.
City Recorder.
Bill No, 137. ,
Sidewalk Exenslon No. 02. pl595
Stato Engineer's Office, Salt Lako City.
Utah, Dec. 19. 1903.
Notice is hereby given that the Conti
nental Mines and Smelting corporation,
by Henry M. Crowthor, Its man
ager, whose postofflec address Is
Salt Luke City. Utah, haB mado
application In accordance with the re
quirements of chapter 100 of tho Session
Laws of Utah, 1903, to appropriate opo (1)
second foot of tho water of Llttlo Cotton
wood creek, situated In Salt Lake county,
Utah, to bo diverted by means of an In
take box and pipe at a point Immediately
abovo the Junction of the north fork of
said Llttlo Cottonwood creek, from which
place tho water will bo conducted In a
pipo for a distance of about 2500 font, and
thcro to be used from January 1st to De
cember 31st, Inclusive, of each year for
general domcstlo purposos, Including tho
extinguishment of fires, at the Contl-nentnl-Alta
mine, situated abovo tho town
of Alta, In Llttlo Cottonwood mining dis
trict. It Ib Intended that only tho lesser
part of said water will be consumed, and
that the greater part of It will bo rotumed
to tho natural channel of said Llttlo Cot
tonwood creek at n point where said north
fork colinocts with tho main stream.
All protests against the granting of said
application, stating the reasons therefor,
must be mndo In writing and filed In this
office after thirty (30) days nnd before
sixty (60) days from tho date hereof.
A. F. DOREMUS, Stato Englnoer,
First publication, Dec, 19th; last, Jan. 19.
1904. pl667
Consult County Clerk or the respective lH
signers for further Information. ''
division. In and for Salt Lako county, M
State of Utah, In the matter of the es- , t WM
-tatc of William IV. Donncll, deceased.- fM
'Notice. t: JM
, TIls Petition of Percy T. Sadler, praying (
Tor the laaunncc to himself of letters of I
administration In tho estate of William H. j,
ponnell. deceased, has been set for hear- H
,011 Friday, the 15th day of January. A.
13. 1904, at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the county 1 IB
courthouse. In the courtroom of said court, r H
In Salt Luke City, Salt Lake county. Utah. ft
Witness the Clerk of sold court, with the U
seal thereof afllxed, this 23rd day of Do- ,
ccmber. At D. 1903. '
Seal. JOnN JAMES, Clerk.
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk. IH
Price & McCrca. Attorneys. . '
bate Division. In and for Salt Lako coun- 1
ty, State of Utah. In the matter of the
estate of Paul HInchy, deceased. Notice. 1
The petition of Georgo H. Rose, admin- M
lstrator of the estate of Paul HInchv, do- 1
censed, prayjng for tho settlement of final
account of said administrator nnd for tho
distribution of the residue of said estate
to the persons entitled, has beon set for ' 1
hearing on Friday, tho 15th day of Jan- IH
nary, A. D 1901, at 10 o'clock a. m., at
tho county courthouse In tho courtroom 1
of said court, In Salt Lako City, Salt Lake
county, Utah.
Witness, the clerk of said court with
tho seal thereof affixed this 21st day 'of
December, A. D. 1903. If 1
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk. , Li
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk. VL
Thomas & Maycock, Attorneys for Pa- S
Estato of Charles F. Johnson, deceased. I
Creditors will present claims, with vouch- I
era. to tho undersigned nt 315-316 McCor- 1
nick block, Salt Lako City, Utah, on or :
before tho 12th day of April, A. D. U04. I
Dato of first publication, Decomber 9, .
1903. ALEX, KEE, ,
Executors of the Estato of Charles F. "
Johnson, Deceased. !' IH
Goodwin & Van Pelt. Attorneys. p741 IH
Division, In and for Salt Lake county, 1 IH
Stato of Utah. In the matter of tho estato ; IH
of John Larson, deceased. Notice. H
Tho pe'tltlon of W E. Fcrroboe, admin- f,
lstrator of tho estato of John Lornon, do- 1
ceased, praying for tho settlement of final '
account of said administrator and for tho 1
distribution of the rcslduo of said estate '
to tho persons entitled, has beon sot for -
hearing on Friday tho 15th day of Jan- :
uary, A. D. 1904, at 10 o'clock a. m., at ;
tho county court houso In tho court room '.
of said court, In Salt Lako City, Salt '. Il
Lake county, Utah. '
Witness tho clerk of said court with tho '
seal thereof affixed -this 2Sth day of Da- ''
ccmber. A. D. 1S03. JOHN JASIES.
(Seal.) Clerk. 1!
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk. I
Stephens & Smith. Attorneys. j
division. In and for Salt Jike. county, IH
State of Utah. In the matter of tho es- ; IH
tato of Martin Sorcnsen, deceased. No- ! IH
Tho petition of Jacob Jensen, praying 1,
for tho Iscuancc to A, B. Irvlno of lottcrs i
of administration In the cotato of Martin ; IH
Sorcnsen. deceased, has been set for hear-
ing on Friday, the 15th day of January, '
A. D. 1904, at 10 o clock n. m., at tho coun- ,
ty courthouse, In tho courtroom of said
court. In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako coun-
tv. Utah. i
Witness the Clerk of said court, with IJH
tho seal thereof affixed, this 2-Sth 'day of H
December, A. D. 1903, tH
Seal. JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davlcs, Doputy Clerk. ilil
Ashby Snow. Attorney.
division, in and for Salt Lake county. ,
Stato of Utah. In tho mattor of tho es- ,
tato and guardianship of Agnes Whit- JM
worth, an incompetent. Notice. J
Tho cross petition of John A. Whit- j
worth, praying for tho issuanco.to himself f
of letters of guardianship on tho person e'H
and estato of Agnes Whitworth, an In- 'H
competent, has been set for hearing on
Friday, the 15th day of January, A. D. ' Il
1H4 at 10 o'clock a. m., nt tho county ' IB
courthouse, in the courtroom of said court, ?M
in Salt Lako City, Salt Lako county, Utah. eH
Witness the Clork of said court, with tho
seal thereof afllxed, this 23rd day of Dc- fll
comber. A. D. 1903. 1 1
Seal.j JOHN JAMES, Clerk. , kiH
Bv David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk.
W'llson & Smith. Attorneys. 'jH
division, in and for Salt Lako county. i'l
Stato of Utah. In tho matter of the es-, r'H
tato of Atkinson Whitworth, deceased. L
NTho petition of John A. Whitworth.' il
praying for the Issuance to himself of lot-, hH
tcrs of administration, with will annexed, I jH
In the estate of Atkinson Whitworth, de'
censed, and that the special lcttera of ad- H
ministration Issued to C. A. Lowry be ro-
voked. has been set for hearing on Friday, 1 g
the 15th day of January. A. D. 1904, at 10 rH
o'clock a. m., at the county courthouse, In ll
tho courtroom of said court, in Salt Lako fiH
Cltv. Salt Lako county, Utah. iil
Witness tho Clerk of said court, with tho Ul
seal thorcof afllxed, this 23rd day of De- llH
cembcr. A. D. 1903. 1 rl
Seal. JOHN JAMES. Cleric LH
By David B. Davlcs. Deputy Clerk. ' Ijl
Wilson & Smith. Attorneys. Hl
bate division, In and for Salt Lako coun- , I'lH
ty, State of Utah In tho mattor of tho tjll
cotato and guardianship of Clem B. and tl
Flora Wlaemnn. minors. Notice. fil
The petition of Mrs. Lou E. Dukes, the I'M
guardian of tho persons and the ostatcs 'iH
of Clem B. and Flora Wlsoman, minors, . liH
pravlng for an order to settlo annual ac- I hiH
count nnd to mortgage tho roal property fH
of said minors, and that all persons In- aH
forested appear before the said court to H
show causo why an order should not bo lH
granted to mortgage so much as shall rH
bo necessary of tho following-described iH
real estate of said minors, to wit: Com- iH
menclng 10 rods north of the S. W. cor- H
ncr of lot 4, In block 31, plat A, Salt. Lako , iH
Cltv survey, und running thenco north 3 nH
rod's; thenco oast 10 rods; thenco south ll
3 rods; thenco west 10 rods to placo of ll
beginning, has been set for hearing on
Friday, the 15lh day of January, A, D.
1901, at 10 o'clock a. m,, at tho county
courthouse. In the courtroom of sold
court. In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako coun- IH
ty. Utah. IH
Witness tho Clerk of .said court, with
the sen! thereof affixed, this 30th day of jH
December. A. D. 1903. il
rSeal. JOHN JAMES. Clork. JH
Bv David B. Davlcs, Deputy Clerk. i ilH
Hlgglns & Senior. Attorneys. H
Benjamin. Utah. Dec. 15; 1903. Morthy H
Mining nnd Milling company of Utah. ll
Principal place of buslncos in Utah, Da- fH
vld Hone & Son's store, Benjamin, Utah iH
county, Utah. Locations of mine. Drum
district. Juab county, Utah.
Notice. Thero are delinquent upon th
following stock, on account of assessment
No 2 of 1 mill on a share, lovlod on the h iH
20th day of Novombor. 1903, tho sovoral
amounts set opposite the names of tho re- 1
snectlve ohnrcholders, as follows: ,
No. of j
Shares. Ain't. i
John Dowsnlp 1.212 $ 4.21 j nfl
Caleb Hono M.89 93.1S
Henry Matley 12.110 18.84
Thomas wllllson 0 ,C5 I
Isaac HanBon -l.OvS 6.07 1' jH
Jumes Shinglcton ..0 .SO I
T O. Dedrexson 4,500 4.50 1 fH
C W, Stewart. Sr... 12,767 12.65 i'l
c' W Stewart. Jr... 6.043 6.05 f
AuKUSt Mlers 3.329 3.35 iH
William Klxmollcr 3.401 3.40
Wllllatn Rockhlll 350 35 VM
Jones Bowcn 1.000 1 00 ?fB
Ncphla Stewart 2.000 2.00 Jl
Arvilla Stewart 5,131 C.13 jl
And In accordance with law and tho or- .
der of tho board of directors, mado No- , IH
vembor 20. 1903, so many shares of each
narcel of stock n9 may be necessary will lH
bo sold at auction nt David Hone & Son's lltH
store Bonjnmln, Utah county. Utah, at 2 IH
p m. January 4, 1901, to pay delinquent
assessment thereon, togothor with cost of
advertising and expense of sale. llJjjH
FRANK MATLEY. Secretary. i
Benjamin, Utah County. Utah. plESS j

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