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HfVoL. XT-iVI. No. 267. Sam1 Lake City, Utah, Friday Moexestg, Jantjabt 8. 1904-12 Pages, Five Cents.
London, .Inn. S. Tho Daily .Mail's Tokio tioiTcsnondeul learns thai Kussisi has made new demands which il will be impossible for Japan to entertain. The correspondent says that all 'the' powers are landing troops in Korea 'M
'Jmwiid that the llritlsh bine jackets landed at Chemulpo are expected lo go to Seoul immediately. Constant telegrams are passing between M. Pavloff, the Russian Minister (o Korea, Baron De Hobcu, the Russian Minister to Japan,
jijhfcid Viceroy AlexielT. t
Mit Confident That in Jack Shockley
pThey Have the Murderer of Glea
M son and Brighton.
!mate of the Sus
Betrays Him for
Reward -ShocKIey
to Tell a Straight
r-Condactor Brigh
Dies of Wound.
:ctiullons taken by the chief
were all that prevented a
In Suit Lake last night. AVhen
:ulated about the city at 3
at the murderer of Motorman
leason was In custody at the
hell the two hundred street
rniHlojecs began laying plans
innmary execution of the sus
upper the carmen who had
lived from duty adopted clt
(tre. armed themeclVes' and
en town. Thoy did not con
l front of the jail, but formed
roups along Main, First South
id South. The understanding
no move was to be made un
;ht shift got off duty at 12:30.
f the men quietly dropped
3 the Armory lo arrange for
ire of the rifles stored in the ,
nnd others piocurcd a rope i
y freely exhibited In front of
ing house where the suspect
mnlous preparations were rc
i the police deportment and
were taken to prevent a con
1 the mob. At S:30 Jack M.
the suspect, and his parl
ey Prcthero, wore placed in
rrlagrs at the entrance to the
;k of the Jail ai:d driven to
entlar The doors of the slu
ih had hjtn eloaed lo the pub
Ihon thrown open.
ccipitated utlion on the part
altlng croud. They did not
at tho prisoner was out of
J thej feu red thut a further
would balk their plans,
a yuvly of twenty de
nKn led by ex-Sheriff
Sloan, marched into the
aii'1 d u:undc-l tho guilty
icy v r anurcu that Shockley
talc n tj the penitentiary, but
)t lulhnt It until live of thfir
had bun permitted to Inspect
hsoner In the Jail. At last tho
e sMisfbd that they had been
I and the mob melted away.
tile police are satisfied that
Is the man they want, the case
him Is by no means con
They rely on hi own state
) fasten the noose about his
ntil after noon the department
ipletply at sen. Three or four
were brought Jn and ques
All of those were able to prove
fhe moat promising clue way
n by Ihe Sheriff's ofllce. when
oler. a boy employed as caller
Rio Grande described a bare-
J$ y,ards al 12 o'clock "Wednesday I
l&- JMulred concerning the Ih-Kt train
--Pherlff Emery and his deputies
concert with the city au
and rounded up several sus-ttJ0fl?M?-
' to ''Please them when their
- JBffn 2 0,1(3 3 o'clock In the afler
uncertainty was relieved and
-ZZjPKk t,1e 'll(l?s given it definite
t the statement of Percy
Jp. who dropped Into the station
ilAJfSJB,ulred for le Chief. After se
jr1:'j5Bf,i1)roni,flC or Protection and im
ifRi1 sala tlm "e could put the
--THP"i the track of the hold-up who
5S&.B3on and Brighton.
" iu sa.,tI' "antl arresl l,,c
mL 'natter was arranged and
0 left the .station, followed by
riJJMf', tne captain and two detec
M,ifmLs cIti7.fcn'3 clotheB, Prothero
etalr3 .it 14 East l-irHL South,
sfi iHf" 11 0 came down a few minutes
fffgf gm ' accompanied by Shockley.
UjZZirF walked weat along First South
rMgyjrcachd Richards street, and
1f. XConllnuea on Pago 11.).
Rumors That Legation in Colombian
Capital Were in Danger Said
to Be Unfounded.
Washington, Jan. 7. Arthur Beau
prc, United Stntes Minister to Bogota,
arrived in Washington today and called
on Secretary Hay. lie told Mr. Hay
that the reports about danger to the
safety of the American legation in Bo
gota had been greatly exaggerated.
Mr. Beaupre also raid that in his opin
ion, judging from the quiet conditions
prevailing at the Colombian capital
when he left, there was little danger
of war on the Isthmus. The Minister,
being accredited to the Colombian Gov
ernment, was not inclined to comment
on conditions there, but it was gratify
ing lo the ndmlniHtratlon to learn from
him of the courtesy with which ho had
been treated and the honor which had
been shown him at his departure. The
Minister does not nttcmyt to minimize
the high feeling that prevails in Colom
bia icgarding lethmlan affaire, but he
believes that the people of the republic
i are beginning to realize the situation
and what war would mean,
I A dispatch to Pr. Ilernin, Colombian
! charge d'affaires, received today from
Paris, said that a French tribunal had
been appealed to by an agent of Col
ombia with a view to preventing the
transfer of the Panama Canal com
pany's rights on the iethmus lo the
1 American Government without the
, consent of Colombia. Counsel of the
Colombian Government, according to
the dispatch, assured the agent he
' thought there was' good ground for be
lieving the. effort to prevent the trans
fer would be successful.
The step, it is said, is with the full
cognizance of the Colombian authori
ties and was Instituted by an agent of
the Government who left the United
States after consultations with Gen
eral Reyes and Dr. Herran. The end
sought to be attained in to frustrate
the tale of the concessions, franchises
and properly of the canal company to
the United States, preparations for
which have already been under way.
Discontent Openly Expressed in Car
tagena With. Diplomatic
Policy of Reyes.
Colon. Jan. 7. Thf Rural Mull steamer
Atrato, which arrived today from Sava
nllla and i Cartagena, reports that there
in great military activity in both those
towns, and thul. larg.- numbers of troops
aio concentrating In Cirtugenu. Many of
thsc troops arrived from the Interior
durlnc tbf last fortnight. 11 Is learned
thai iho Colombian troops at Cartuijenii
now r.u ti bt.r at least
'flu- Columbian evriser Ger.eial Pj::on
and tPe oteam tuff Nellie continue to
convey ii"ioii;i to 'ntumatl a" they enim?
In from "lo - Interior. The last." ilecucli
uu'iit, which consist' d of 300 men from
the department of Antioipil. .were brought
tn Cartagena by train from Calamar.
Moirt of thoao aro volunteers, wlihcut
The war talk Is unabated In Cartugcua
and In certain quartrrs dlKcontotit I?
om.nly cxpressf-d with the diplomatic
policy of Gon. Reyes.
MstJ. Coles's division of COO marines froai
the United Slates cruiser Dixie disem
barked tlda morning and went by train
lo 12:nplre station on the Panama railroad.
Inhabitants of Country Adjacent to
tho Mountain See Safety in
Guadalujara. Mex., Jan. 7. Violent erup
tions of Mount Collma volcano have
caused the Inhabitants of the country
Immediately adjacent to the mountain to
become alarmed. Many of thn people
have left their hoTien and sought safety
from the ashos and lava.
The most liuerostlntr feature Of tho
eruptions Is the earthquake shocks which
ur.e felt in the recoil of tho volcano.
These seismic dlHturbancs are of un
uaual RCv.Tltv, but no Bcrlons damage baa
been reported.
Loud Is Cliosen.
Washington, Jan. 7.-Postmnstr-Uen-eral
Pavnn has npnoiutcd former Repre
sentative Eugene I- l,oud, of California.
aH the Culled St u.n delegate to the In
ternational poBtal congri-Hg lo meet '
Rome. Ilalj, next sprint:. A Congie--slonal
appropriation of $75G) Is aaUablo
for the. exjicnaea of tho UulgKlc
Horses Attached te Vehicle
Become Frightened.
Big Coach Is Overturned and
Occupants Injured.
Disaster Occurs Near Boulder, Colo.,
and tho Wounded Aro Mostly
University Students.
Boulder. Colo., Jan.- 7. A serious tal
lyho accident. In which a number of
University students nnd town people
were severely- injuredr-ocenrrctr on a
steep hill two and a quarter miles cast
of town.
Two coach loads of young people
were returning from Haydcn lake.
While descending the hill east of town
the four horses attached to one of the
coaches got beyond control of the
driver and the coach was overturned.
A dozen of the occupnnts were hurt.
The most seriously Injured were Miss
Lena Newman, a University student,
and Miss Edna Pa1 dock, daughter of
the proprietor of the Boulder Daily
Camera, who were pinioned beneath
the vehicle.
Miss Newman suffered a fractured
ankle and both were seriously crushed
and bruised.
Gov. Taft Assures Marquis Ito That
This Would Be Attitude of '
the United States.
London. Jan, S. The Dally Mail s Tokio
correspondent say?- "Gov. Taft had a
secret conference with Marquis Ito at tho
United Slates Consulate at Yokohuna. I
understood that Gov. Taft assured the
Marquis that the Pulled States would ob
serve a friendly neutrality toward Japan
In the event of wilt, and that, If neces
sary. It would grant the u?e of Ainurl
can ports In tho far East to tho Japun
cse lleot."
Brig.-Gen. Vifquain Pnsses Away
at His Homo in Lincoln,
Nebraska. '
Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 7. Brig.-Gen. Vlclor
"Vifquain died tonight r.ged C7 years, lie
served throughout the Civil war with an
Illinois regiment, was United Stateu Con
sul, respectively at Uarranqullla and Co
lon, during the llrst and second adminis
trations of Grover Cleveland, and during
the Spanish war was Lieutenant-Colonel
In W, J. Bryan's regiment, succeeding
Mr. Bryan as Colonel. For a number of
years ho was editor for the Lincoln Democrat
4- reklng, Jan. 7.-Gen. Yuan Shlkl.
commander-in-chief of the Chinese -f
-f army ami navj , sent his foreign ad- 4-
vlser. Charles Denby. Jr., to Peking -f
4- to investigate the report as to tho
probability of war. Mr. Denby has 4-
-f- reported that nccordlnjr to tho best -f
-f- opinions obtainable, based on dlplo-
4- matlc information, war cannot bo 4-
4- overtod. 4-4-
4- 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4- 4- 4-
Morgan attacks tho President in tho
Senate Young woman falls deud on her
husband's gruvo In Now York Dietrich
trial atlll on n Omi.ha.. . .Throo lives lost
In a collision on tho elevated railroad
In Brooklyn Senator Kearns Introduce?
a number of bills of Interest to Utnb peo
ple Pair of twins born In two dltror-
ent yoars In Ohio .. Damage .suits being
filed against the proprietors of thn Iro-
quolc theater Ruth, tho daughter vf
Grovor Cleveland, died In Princeton
Tho Kansas City Star says that Senator
Jlannu will announce himself a candidate
for tho Presidency noxt Tueedaj .. . .Klght
aiehblshops plan a trip front Now York
to Rcmo. . A girl worth Jt.OCO.COO In hiding
In Mobile lo avoid marrying an objec
tionable man... Ex-C'onKreseman Drlggs
found ifullly of corruption while In of
llce... National TTottlng association bars
tho windshield In harness racing.
FOREIGN Russian marines march to
tho capital of Korea ...Public sentiment
In Jap.-n urses report to ams.
Bailey Is dead In Pooatello Several poo
pie hurt in a tallyho accldont in Boulder,
Colo Fifty-six labor agitators expelled
from Tcllurlde. Colo . .Statu militia en
joined In Cripple Creel: from driving qut
union "mliiers "Mother Jones" is very
sick at Trinidad Officials plan to en
force th" vagrancy act in Cripple Crook.
Preparation! under way for tho No
tional Live-ntoek association convention
to be hold In Portland.. ..Peter i bristcn
son charged with sheep ntealng at Wcl
ocr Ida.
STATE. John Uharlet. a ahoepherdcr,
took his own life at Kelton Business
men of Provo hola meeting In Interest
of union depot for that place.
CITY. Police, officers are contld:nt they
have the murderer of tho street-car men
In tho person of Jack Shorkloy,... Thomas
Brlphlon, tho second victim, dies nt the
Holy Cross hospital just before midnight.
. ..Mob of stroot-car men cttempl to iccl
tho suspected murderer to lynch him, but
are outwitted by the officers nnd tho
prisoner 1 taken to the penitentiary....
Commercial club takes up the work of
securing better freight ralen for Utah
jobbors Port Douirlas troops arc or
dered to Manila... Workiugman Is found
dead In his bed. ..Miss Flanders gives a
ploaslng piano recital... Mr. Neldcu talks
bitterly of tho ousting of Clirk Moreton.
Report on tho number of Chinese In
Utah mid neighboring States.... Qn. Can
non reports on conditions In Carbon
county. Utah nrt works to be taken to
the St. Louis fair ltrce rewards fif-
fercd for tho capture of tb-i murderer of
the street-car men Burglar eorvlng a
term in tho penitentiary Is round to be
Insane ...Raul-estate transfers, 7u0....
Bank clearings, -ISIilS. ...Ycstvrday'a
stock sales. 33.Ci shares, for f 10.173.62
Ore and bullion settlements during tho
Golden State Limited, on the Rock
Island, Is Wrecked in New
Topeka, ICau., Jan. 7. A wreck of the
Goldon Stnt Limited, tho Reck Island'
ovcrlund California train, occurred at
Revuelto. N. M., thin nioniins". A
freight had takon to the sldlny, but sev
eral cars projected. The pa ranger Irani,
behind time and running at sixty miles
an hour, swung around a curve, itriklne
the freight with crashing effect. The
Golden State Limited -ngino wis disabled
and derailed, many boxcars demolished
and V) yardn of track torn up. TIig
dispatch simply adds "Nono killed." At
the genarul offices of the Rock IslnuA
hare It Is said that "no ono wna l:llld
or seriously Injured." The ofUclids were
unable lo stato whether any had been
injured slightly.
Damaged by Wind.
Rawlins, Vyo., Jan. 7. The heavy
f winds blow down tho smokestack at tho
electric light powerhouse so that tlso cllv
was In darkues.s nil nlcht and again to"
rtlght the damage not ct being repaired.
Council of Japanese Minis-1
ters Is Held.
Manifest That Russian Propo
sals Are Unsatisfactory.
Japanese Nation 19 Deeply Stirred,
and the People Favor Abandon
ment of Negotiations.
Tokio, Jan. 7, Tho attitude of Japan
toward tho response of Russia is still
undellned. Premier Katsura, the Min
ister of. Foreign Affairs, the Minister
of "War, the Minister of Finnnec and
the -Minister of Naval Affairs held a
council yesterday afternoon.
It was decided that tho Cabinet con
fer with the older statesmen before
deciding on a course of procedure. It
is manifest that the Russian proposals
are unsatisfactory. It is believed that
Russia will make concessions in one di
rection and impose new conditions in
The Japanese nation is deeply stirred.
Public sentiment favors the abandon
ment of negotiations, believing them to
be useless, and urges a, resort to arms.
Maj. Nathan, an olllcer of the British
army who was second in command of
railway transportation in the Trancvaal
during tho Boer war, linn arrived in
Peking. He traveled over the Siberian
railway with the special view of as
certaining the possibilities of the toad
for the transportation of troops and
suppllea in the event of Avar.
Maj. Nathan made careful observa
tions and collected u great amount of
data. His. opinion, baaed on his ob
servations, Is that the railroad would
break down and that Its administra
tion would find Itself In hopeless con
fusion within, a week under the stress
of nr emergencies..
The Government Is silent concerning
tho terms of the Russian rejoinder. A
high authority here, however, says
that the reply Is unsatisfactory to
Japan, especially In Us features bear
ing upon the question of Korea. He
says that the Russian Government In
Its communication, expresses a desire
for a peaceful settlement of the mat
ters In dispute.
Japan has token the reply under con
sideration and if convinced thnt Rus
sia's protestations are honest and that
there is a chance for pence, she will
continue the negotiations. At the same
time the ministry is unqualifiedly op
posed to a long delay.
It Is becoming apparent that Japan
would resent any intervention upon
(Continued on Pago 11 )
Tho jobbers and .shippers of Salt Lake
and Odeu met at the Commercial club
last night and took vigorous action
against the alleged railroad discrimina
tions. It. Is claimed that the exlettng
tariffs threaten the jobbing and ship
ping Interests of Salt Lake and Ocden.
Tho meeting was attendnd by a. largo
number of representative citizens of this
city and the "Weber county capital.
Among the number wre representatives
of tho largost inlcrepts In Utah. A ve
hement and gcnoral discussion took place
In which tho action of the railroad com
pany was hllteily criticized. Denuncia
tions wrrc frequent.
The primary object of the meeting Ta.-.
. to doTbtc flomq mcana of obUlnlng bot-
ter freight rates for Utah A resolution
was passed and nn advisory commit :e"
appointed to act In conjunction with the
board of governors of tint club In accom
plishing tho purposes of tho meeting. An
executive scoslou of the two bodies fol
lowed, In which two bourn were devoted
to a general discussion of tho situation.
The resolution followa.
"In view of tho fntt that thera Is now
In effect a schedulu of freight ratts In
Utah by reason of which tho jobbers nnd
shippers of tho Stale rre practically
b?.rrtl from operation In their legitimate
market, wo. Win Jobbers end uhlppers of
tho cities of 3lt Lake and Ogdcn. ur
gently requenl the board oi govornorB of
tho Commercial club to use ail mcntns In
their power to i-ecuri; nn early and equi
table adjustment of tho fllscrlm Inatlons
complained of, and we pledgo thorn mr
loyal support In their efforts to accom
plish this purpocc."
AXtor adopttns )he rosoluttOD a cam
mlttec was appointed to apt with tho
board of jrovornors. The committee lo
composed of tho following: S. II. Love.
'A' W P- Klsfjr. rntnagei' of
tho Henry Wagoner Hrwwlng couipanv
W. S. McCarthy, trafilc mnuuirwr of the
Salt I.uke Hardware companv; i J.
bian, of tho firm of Jungk & Fabian: Jo
aeph Gcoshejran. commission merchant,
and Joseph Scowcroft of Ogden.
The me'jilng was adjourned and thn
committee went Into executive sc.ilon
with the board of governors. The commute-)
vna authorized to proceed nt oncn
to employ all the expert assistance mc
!inary to accomplish tho purposes for
which the committee wan created. Dur
ing tho session the action of tho railway
company wa? fully discussed. Tho Com
mercial club agreed to boar the oxpen-oo
of fhe employment of expert railroad 'nm
hi examining tho tariffs which have been
lajpol by tho railway company
Street Car Mm Entered Police Station I
at 9 O'CIocR Last Night and De- .
manded Alleged Murderer. I
Arthur Kuhn of Ogden and Miss
Nowburger of New Albany Married
. in Indiana City.
Louisville. ICy , Jan. 7. Miss Sylvia
I Ncwburger of New Albany, and Arthur
Kuhn of Ogden. Utah, wore married last
evoning at 6 o'clock at tho homo of tho
brido's fathor. S. W. Ncwburger, in New
Albany. Tho ceremony was performed
by Rabbi Enelow of this city Tho wed
ding was to have taken place in. tho
Standard club of this city, and invita
tions had been Issued to a large number
of tho friends and relatives, but owing to
a death In the fumlly of tha bride, tho
JnvitatlonB wero recalled and tho wedding
solemnized at the homo of tho bride. Only
a few of tho lntlmato friends and the rel
atives wero present.
After tho ceremony a supper was served
to forty-live persona, the tables being at
tractively decorated with cvorgTccn and a
profusion of cut nowars, and at each
plato was a largo chrysanthemum aa n
souvenir. The bride's cako was cut by
the bridegroom nnd in tho piece which
wat Iven to Miss Blanche Adler of
Loulavlllo was found a handsomo gold
ring. Tho brlda wore an elaborate gown
of point laco,
Aitor tho ceremony Mr nnd Mrs. Kuhn
left for California and other points In tho
West, whoro thoy will spend an extended
honeymoon. Mr. Kuhn is a wholesale
merchant of Ogdon and belongs to a
prominent family. Ho and his bride will
mako their homo In that city.
Among tho out-of-town guests who at
tended tho wedding woro Mrs. A. Kuhn
of Ogdcn. Utah, Jeff Goldsmith of Cln
clnatl, and Leo "Wcrtheimor of Birmingham.
Commissioner Advocates Opening
Reservations Comprising' Hundrod
Million Acres as Solution.
"Washington, Jan. 7. The question of
opening the Indian reservations, compris
ing nearly lW.OOO.OOO acres, was consld
wrocd today by the Hottso Committee on
Indian Affairs. The Indian commissioner
was heard at length by th eommltteo
and he took iho position that to throw
these lands open to settlement was tho
proper nnd speediest way to elevute- tho
Indian and to settlo for all time the In
dian question. He said this course nhould
be pursued with consent of tho Indians
If possible, but If not. Congress should
take tho tictlon necessary to Inauro the
settlement of the lands by whites, all
property values to be Kuarantcod to tho
Indians who owned the lands.
Four Boys Injured, One of Them Fa
tally, in Collision With Wagon
' at Colfax, Washington.
Colfax. Wash.. Jan. 7. Lawrence Duch
cmln, aged 12. was fatally hurl In a
coasting accident this forenoon, liia
brother, Ralph, agd 10 year?, had hla
hip fractured nd two ribs broken, and
two othor boys wero more or lea- hurt.
The youngrtiers wero coasting down a
steep hill and lost control of the sled,
which poinded with a wagon Trwreneo
Duchomln'a skull wna fractured ami there
!s no hope of his recovery.
First I'onnnl Evoning Social Event of
the Season Given at tho
Whito House.
Washington. Ju. 7. A recepllun In
honor of the diplomatic corps, the first
formal evening hoclal event of the season
at tho White house, was given tonight by
President and Mr?. Roosevelt. It was
largely attended, fully 23t persons crowd
ing into the house during thn two hours
of tho reception. Invited to inoct tho
diplomatic corp: wero tho Cabinet, tho
Supreme court, both houon of Congress,
officers of the army and navy and others.
Two Chaplains Appointed.
Rawlins. Wyo., Jan. 7. The Stato
Board of Charities and Reform has ap
pointed two chaplains for the Stato
prison here this year. Rev. E. E. Glffon
has buen reappointed as Protestant chap
Inln and Rev. Father Dolahunty nn Cath
olic chaplain. Thoy will conduct ser
vices as heretofore, tho Catholic chaplain
preaching the last Sunday In tho month,
and the salary of ISW a- year dlvldod. pro-j3Bi-l!onatolyA
Police, Anticipating the
Action, IM Successful- H
ly Spirited the Prisoner H
Away From the City H
Jail Only Thirty Min- H
utes Before. H
The street car employee4, bent upon
lynching Shockley,. the suspected mur
dercr of Motorraan Gleason and Con
ductor Brighton were about a half hour
too late to carry their plans into cxecu
tlon Inst night. About 8:30 o'clock
Shockley was secretly taken from tbt;
city jail. A few minutes after 0 o'clock
a delegation of a score or more of de
tcrmlned looking street car men from
the mob which, hud. gathered at the
front door of the city hall, entered the il
place and demanded the prisoner. They
were told that he was not there, that
he had been taken to the penitentiary.
The men were skeptical at first and de
clined to take the word of the officers
In the matter. Then Sergeant Roberts
proposed that they select a committee
of live to look through the Jail to sat
isfy themselves that tho man they
wanted was not there. Tho proposition
wns accepted, after some argument
the committee was appointed, th& five
men were shown through tho Jail nnd,
after satisfying themselves that Shock
ley was not In the prison, they returned
and reported the Tact to their friends
and the mob quietly dispersed.
From the time of Shockley's arrest
nt ( o'clock yesterday afternoon until
about 9:30 last evening, when it became
certain that the prisoner had been re
moved from the Jail, there was a crowd
of from llfty to -00 people hanging
about the front of the city hall build
lng. During the early part of the even- H
ing the crowd wa.s composed largely of
persons drawn to the place, merely by il
curiosity, nnd there were no indlca
lions of an organized attempt being
made to gain possession of the pris
oncd. Soon after the dinner hour. 'H
however, the uniform caps of street
car employees begun to show move H
numerously Jn the crowd, and knots :H
of street car men could be seen on thn
principal streets. Gradually these be- ;
gan to gravitate In the direction of tho
jail and it wits noted as they assem
bled that the men had removed the
distinguishing numbers from their H
caps. Aside from this precaution no
attempt was made by the street car
employees to conceal their identity
Nor did they hesitate to speak out jH
boldly concerning their intentions. They jH
were determined to lynch the man who
they believed had killed their two fcl- ;
low employees. If by any possibility
they could reach him. A few there
were who counseled against hasty ac
lion on account of tho element of doubt
to which it Ecemed that the man ar
rested might be untitled, but they wcr
greatly In the minority. The great ma
Jorlty were in a frenzy of Indignation
over the terribly cold-blooded crime
which had snuffed out the lives of their
two beloved comrades and were unwtl!
Ing to listen to the arguments of po
slble Innocence. There is no doubt.
however, thnt these argument? did
Kcrve to delay organized action and
very probably suved Shockley from
meeting death last night.
Inside the police station ther were '
evidences of apprehension on the part
or i ne ponce oiuciais u.m iiic uusnicyis- h
like preparations of the street car men i
came to their ears. The outer door? of I ,H
the city hall were kept locked and of- 1
fleers were on guard to refuse adnils-
slon to anyone who could not show jH
conclusively that he had business in thn H
building and that 1c was of a peacea
ble nature. More than a dozen olllcers,
Including policemen and deputy sher
irfs were In the building, prepared to ll
do their best to make a hostile demon
titration futile. Other officers sur
rounded the jail proper and were stn
tloncd at alleys am! other openings In
the block on which the jail Is located. j
to prevent tho. possibility of a surprise
from any direction.
These strict precautions were rigidly ,
maintained until about 8:30 o'clock. .
when a sudden and slgnlflctmt relax- j ,.H
ntion was noted about police heatlquar- iH
tors. The front door of the station wax JH
after that left unlocked and there wer ''11
no jKillcemen on guard cither in th
hallway or about the Jail A ?igh of H
relief seemed to escape from the entlroj
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