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5cjy ' WEATHER TODAY Threatening-; with local snow.
ivoT,. XT-.VI. Jo. 26S. Sam Lake City, Utah, Saturday MoTtfnnsrG, JAmjAHY '9. 1904-12 Pages, Five Cents, H
IffwAS! MINE,"
Suspect shogkley
jMs He Gave Hat and
Gun to a Friend. '
Ming Admissions Made by
the Prisoner.
jffc Are Now Confident They
SSSpre the Right Man, "but Will
Ljrile Up the Evidence.
bought the hat and a gun In
55Bpa.Hs, lut T gave them away to
UKj id of mine before I came here.
hlm the hat because' he needed
al'jj fl had another the one I have
tver since I came to Salt Lake.
J.! Id to gtt rid of the gun because
no use for it and I was afraid
J7 fit get me Into trouble Jt I car-
e admissions from Jack Shockley
JTJ lie net result of seven hours of
ing" by the police authoritleB and
nty attorney. The elation man-
Thursday night gave place last
sia Hq an air of chastened sorrow
could only be interpreted as an
Ion of baffled hopes A night's
Jliad enabled the suspect to
61 5 Ifis wits together and prepare
j t for the coming- ordeal. Instead
&M)Tf frightened and nervous lndivhl
rwsSkiJ was cxicctcd to break down
111)mKcss 1,101 "hiht 'before, the ofli-
jSfiid a linn, cool man who had
i7; Iw'r ready for every question and
rnn Ve nqt the slightest sign of wcak
22 Under the ceaseless lire of lnter
'9 tfes. He kept hla temper much
than 6ome of his InqulHltors and,
JJ I be, laughed a little to himself
. efforts to entangle him,
AHM replies were always consistent
! ie police will have their hands
j i investigating the truth of his
S snta. Of course they do not be
, M ini, policemen never believe nny
but they realize that something
tangible than suspicions and uu-
Hi ated accusations will be necd
ia' wnvlnce a jury thut they have
: - liit man.
!-of Police Lynch, Capt. Bur-
iVM' County Attorney Westervolt and
. yea Cliaae and Raleigh went to
i lltentlarj at 2 o'clock yesterday
STfJj on. Shockley, who, by the way
. KJ am with an entirely different
was pluced In one of the rooms
iW the warden's ottlce and his
yA y Prothro, In another apartment.
i qulaltors put in their time run-
jggji phi one room to the other. Pro-
buld make a statement which
led a question and the question
Put to Shockley. Then Shock-
iswcr would give rise to further
HOC , for Prothtro.
Jmfu"f suspect was very dcllber
- ail his nnswerH, speaking slowly
tefuJly weighing his words. The
jMmc he eamc ln conlant with his
"ggf was when they were lined
pirfljE''0 other men behind a railing for
Peatlon. They were Inspected by
t ljB5er 0 Passengers who rode with
ci.V'VW ttnd Brighton on the fatal trip
jjbf5aj' nhjht. No one recognized
SCpf the suspects. Then four
'iJWBtear men nere brought In. Two
"lere the men held up on the
. street line Saturday night
&flME'thcr two had been robbed dur
l?w;suimer The car men did not
ifly Identify anyone, hut said thut
jjiJilPy horo a general resemblance to
a-,,n who stuck them up. j
d m' 1eaG "arl!ey had gone the
T .K8 Drcess was resumed. Shock
3leated that he be taken to "Kid
;tOKJtaurant on Second South
ft;5whcro ho wa. positive, he said,
-rul explnln where he was bc
'iltani1 12 "'doe Wednesday
mThe police say that Shockley
OJjytW0. attempt to Implicate Prothero
H" 'hpld-up and they have no
--J?Wt' of making a case against the
nigt jP' -ne circumstance which lets
&rm ,riut jb the fact that the hat
aBS the car beside the dead motor-
4S25rfW6VerHl H,Z08 t0 ,arKe r1' him,
iUffc"tx Shockley to u. nicety.
?SRlfll,cvc'l tnat the liold-up had
urider hla coat Wlien he began
rftfzSMr- hc mcn held up on Brig--,lJ3lKt.
Saturday night zuy that
CSl'm. ?.01" was bareheaded and had
sWd!iC'rchUfH over his face, one
jH.n(1 tne ther bolow his eyes.
IfLffiBkn facl thut he emMcd vlo
efl5nile going through the conduc-
E et ,l waH thought that he
ilrftMPfl""' hand at the business.
K'wt manifested by the em
)lrl tno street railway company
lKK' night when they demand
,y .ot tne Purpose of lynching
'town considerably yester
fjy jjp sober reflection the men de-j-rjgl?1
't would b better to let
jCRXContlnucd on Pogo 11.)
Japanese Government May Get Turk
ish Warship Now Building nt
Philadelphia, Jan. S The Japanese
Government has secured nn option on
the new Turkish cruiser MedJIdlc, now
being hurried to completion at Cramps's
shipyard. Both the Russian and Jauun
cpo Governments have been negotiating
with the Sultan for the cxultier for a
month pist through the Oltomnn bank,
an English corporation In Turkey. The
latter transacts nearly all of the Slnanclal
business In Turkey, and has practically
the oonlrol of all the Government's cash.
Representatives of Rufcla and Japan
have been working through th bank,
bidding higher and higher nn the war
fever increased, until. It Is claimed, the
Japanesu offered hnlf n million dollar?
more than tho cruiser cost, after which
tho RunHlnn representative withdrew.
Tho Medjldlo cot about J-J,l).COO. and
the Crnmpa are under contract to dellvev
her In Constantinople, when the balance
due will be paid. Should the sale be
made, the cruiser w'.ll he turned over Im
mediately to Japanese officers who arc
at Seattle awaiting orders from home to
proceed to Philadelphia.
The Medjldlo on her trial tost developed
a speed of 22.24 knots. Tha guns for her
havo been made In Englund, and if the
sale Is made will be shipped to Japan via
the Suez canal and mounted in the navy
yards In Yokohama. When In commls
bIoii she will bo manned by ICO men an!
will have ; battery of fourteen guns.
Eight Train Crews Pass the Dangor
SigTinl Without Noticing Any
thing Was Wrong.
Chicago, Jan. S. Without noticing
that tho light in the semaphore above
a suburban station of a railroad enter
ing Chicago was not burning, eight
train crews have Dassed the danger
signal while a high olnelnl secretly
marked down the numbers of the
trains. Eight conductors, eight lire
men, and eight engineers are now on
an enforced vacation of sixty days.
The remarkable test was suggested
by the wreck that occurred on the Pere
Marquette railroad nenr Grand Rapids,
Mich., on December 26th, and by a de
sire of the company to throw tin ut
most safety precautions about ita pa
trons. According to the rules of tho com
pany a light that Is not burning has the
same significance that a red light, or
danger signal would have.
Pighting at Puerta Plata, San Do
mingo, Is to 3o Confined En
tirely io LE.nd.
Washington, Jan. S. TU Navy de
partment today received the follow
ing telegram from Commander Dilling
ham of tho cruiser Detroit, dated at
Puertu Plata, San Domingo, January
"Morales' gunboats delivered ultlma
tum and threatened bombard Puerto
Plata after twenty-four hours' notice
With concurrence of Capu Robinson ot
the English cruiser Pallas, made such
representations to both sldea that they
have agreed, the one not to bombard
and the other not to fire on gunboats.
All fighting will be confined, to land side
of town In future. United States Inter
ests secured. Have small parties landed
at Sosua and at consulate In Puerto
Iroquois Theater Practically Destitute
of Any Apparatus to Fight
Chicago, Jan. S. No evidence of Impor
tance which had not been made public
waa obtained at the Coi-oner's Inquoft
over tho victims of tho Iroquois flro to
day. Tim most Important witness of the day
wjik Engineer Murroy of the theater,
whoao testimony showed that the theater
was practically destitute of protection
against lire; that no precautions had been
taken and no instructions had ever been
given to any ot the attache.".
Two more names were added today to
the 1IL of victims of tho lire. Nellie
Dawson. 27 years old, and Estello Ma Sr.
31 years old, died In tho hospital. Tho
doathH today make a total of 606 fatulltlcs
duo to tho fire.
Jdckson Day Banquet.
Cincinnati. Jan ?. Tho "etui,s of tho
Jackson day banquet kIvou by tho Duck
worth club here tonight wns. tho ad
dros of Judson llormnn. Attorney-nun-oral
under th second Cleveland admlnin
tratlon. Mr. Harmon was (riven a rccep
tlon In the clubrooais previous to the
banquet and waa received with demon
stntllons throughout the .evening. In his
address he waa bitter In arraigning tho
Republican party.
Irrigation Affairs in Utah.
Washington, Jan. S. Senator Kearns to
dav Introduced it joint resolution pro
viding for printing -10.000 additional eoples
of tho report of Prof. Elwood Mead of the
Agricultural department relative to Irri
gation affairs In Utah. . . .
Given Cordial Reception.
Mexico City. Jan. S. Charles M. Pcpp4r.
tho Pan-Amcrlcan commissioner, who nns
ovrlvod from Central and South America,
la confcrrlnK with tho Government. Ho
reports n satisfactory and cordial rocsp
tlun In all tho capitals of Latln-Amcrlca.
Fivo Halls in Chicago Safe,
Chicago, Jan. S. Building CommIs?loner
W I Ilia ma today received reports of Bixty
thro halls examined yesterday. Onlv
live needed no changes to conform with
tlw low. These were allowed to remnln
cpon, but tho others woro ordortd closed.
I i
X Tolcio, Jan. S. The Japanese Government has practically determined to continue nego- X
X tiations. 3t is dissatisfied with Russia's latest terms, but does not feel warranted in issuing
t. an ultimatum or breaking off negotiations and will make another effort to secure their modi-
flea tiou before resorting 1o force. It is anticipated that the discussion will consume a few 1
f weeks, during which interim a breach of the peace is very improbable. X
I I I I I H t 1 I I I M MM M I ' n u n 14 ' n 1 H I II M MM M t HH ItHI t H H I I I) t) ) n
Would Prevent Russia From
Gaining Advantage.
Eldest Statesmen f Japan to
Hold a. Conference,
People Bepose-Confidence in Govern
'ment's Ability to Rise to Oppor
tunity and Avert Crisis.
Toklo, Jan. S. The eldest statesmen
of Japan did not hold a conference
today, but. probably will confer tomor
row. ' Meanwhile, the wildest rumors
arc afloat.
The press unanimously demands that
the Government take ' decisive action,
thereby preventing Russia from gaining
advantages by further, .dnatory-. tac
tics. The people repose confidence in the
new Government's ability to rise to the
French Government Believes War
"Will Bo Averted.
Paris, Jnn. S. The Associated Press
learns that in the opinion of the French
Government there la a chance of avoid
ing n conflict batween Russia and Japan
as a result of a concession made l;y Rus
sia In her latest note. The dispatches
which have corno to Paris from all quar
tern today have been most pessimistic,
and the hopefulness of the Government
Is In strong contrast with them.
It nppeurs thut Ruesln's concession re
lntcs io the recognition of the prepon
derance of the Interests of Japan In Ko
rea. This hus been the crux of the iuex
tlon between tho two powers up to the
present moment. Just how far tho con
cession goon it In Impossible to learn, but
the effect In Toklo. according to Informa
tion obtained, has been more satis-f-ictory
than the press dispatches show, nnd It is
believed that the negotiations will con
tinue. The French Government denies the sen
sational reports to the effect that It hns
ordered a division of warships and troops
to China. Only ono French ship Is undr
, Instructions to proceed to the far East.
Recognizing tho situation as dangerous,
thtre la talk In official ami diplomatic
circles of tho advisability or separate or
Joint mediation by tho powers who do
slro peace In tho far East.
it is said this could propcrfo" be done
In accordance with The Hague conven
tlon without giving offense to either Rus
sia or Japan.
The semi-official Temps expresses the
vliJw prevailing by calling attention to
the fact that Great Britain, France, tho
United Slates and Germany are nil Inter
ested In the malntonanco of peace, urg
ing that to prevent efforts v'th friendly
intervention by saying that one power
or tho other would hocomo offended, Is
tontrary to tho Interests of the Govcm
mcnt and humanity.
Resolution Introduced in the Hou3e
on the Subject.
Washington. Jan. S. Representa
tive Slayden (Dcm.. Tox.) Introduced a
resolution in the House requesting the
President to tender the good ofIlcc3 or
mediation of the United States to Rus
sia and Japan. The resolution follows:
"Whereas, by the provisions of The
Hague peace convention of 1803, tender
of good offices or mediation by a nation,
stranger to a dispute, cannot be re
garded at an unfriendly act. and,
"Whereas, By said convention It Is
made the duty of signatory powers, If
a serious dispute threatens to break
out between two or more of them, to
(Continued on Pago 1L)
London, Jan. S. Tho Kobe corrc- -f
spondent of the Dally Exprcgs
-f sends a scare rumor to the effect -f
that a collision between tho Rus-
4- slan and Japanese fleotE has taken -f
place r.car tho Island of Taushlma -f
In tho strait of Korea, nils rumor -f
Is not mentioned In any other
source, and. In view of tho fact
f- that the Government Is exercising -f
a censorship ovor all nevrs con- -f
cernlng naval matters, It mas' safe- -f
-f ly be disregarded. -f-
In Minneapolis culled up a friend ovor the
telcphono and told him to listen while
ho shot his wife.. ..Russell Sago retires
from actlvo business Forty-two labor
organizations In New York city form a
central body... President Roosevelt sends
to the Senate a big prist of army pro
motions... Postal frauds discussed In the
Senate Two girls kidnaped at Fond do
Lac, Wis Chicago woman loses hot
mind reading of tho Iroquois theater hor
ror. ...Councllmen of Bloomlngton. 11U
compelled to act as police. ...Chaplain ot
tho House of Representatives prays for
the family of ex-President Cleveland. .
Trade conditions roportod very dull In
New York Senator Dietrich of Ne
braska acquitted of the chars of .brib
er1. FOREIGN'. Negotiations between Japan
and Russia are coritlhued. .'.Japanese
press demands prompt action. ...Emperor
of Japan rivlowa his troops lp Toklo....
Fighting In San Do.nlnso Is confined to
tho lana...."VOntreal has an opldcmlc of
typhoid Warships are assembling at
llcntcs shot throuch the eyebrow by a
hold-up San Francisco slilprwrs pro
test against the advance In rates W. J.
Allen shot himself through tho head at
Prescott, Ariz..... Military officers at
Cripple Creek isrnore the injunction ...
Damaging testimony concerning the au
thor oC the explosion in a mine at Helena
STATE. Ogden makes discovery
throURh a decision of tho court.
CITY. Shockley, the man suspected of
the murder of the street-car men. ad
mitted to the officers that he once owned
tho hat found In the car Board of Ed
ucation has a hot wrangle over Judd and
Morcton Rose, tho murderer, refuses
the assistance of a lawyer... Important
mectliu; of San Pedro railroad oftlclala
to he held In this city next week. ..New
board of governors for tho Commercial
club to be Installed today.... City Attor
ney Nye favors the appolnrnont of a
street Inspector. ...Building permits for
the year. ...Money ror the schools of tho
Slnto....Snd story of a girl led astray
In tho city... Idaho oftlclnl comes to Snlt
Lake for requisition papers for a horoe
thlcf. ...Sports at the University.... Real
estate transfers. Bank clearings,
$IW,3S,. Yesterday's stock sales. 37,059
Fharcs, for 515,1 G7. SO. .. Ore and bullion set
tlements during the day, $CS.300.
Mob Attacks a Polling- Booth, and
Two Election Officers
Are Shot.
MemphlR, Tonn., Jan. $. In a riot fol
lowing tho closing of the polls In the
city election a mob attacked a polling
booth and, after a fltfht In which forty
shots were tired, a bnllot-box was sc
oured and burned. C. Simon and George
Llcbmann, offlcern of election, wore shot
and seriously wounded. Tho content which
resulted In tho ntfht for the ballot-box
probably will be taken Into court.
Cashier Took All Depositors' Mon&y
but $1800, and Is Now
in Jail.
Highland, Kan., Jan. 8. Stalo Bank Ex
aminer Crummcr has found only ISO)
cosh In the wrcckod bank of Highland.
Tho deposits at tho tlmo tho brink waa
closed amounted to -pore than t$0,(X.
Caohlor Marcel lt whoso defalcations
ruined the bank, Is In Jail. Ho Insists
ho could restore thj bank If he -could
havo a chance.
Treasury Balances.
Washington, Jan S. Today'p statement
of the treasury balances shows: Available
cash balance, $227.805.1)01 ; (fold. $100,113,195.
Animated Debate Occurs In
Executive Session.
Constitutional Right of Presi
dent Was tho Issue.
Democratic Point liaised That Roose
velt Had No Right to Create Posi
tion "Without Consent Senate.
Wnthlnglon, Jan. S. In a execu
tive session of the Senate today the
nomination of -W. I. Buchanan to bo
Minister to Panama was discussed for
more than two hours, the debate being
confined entirely to the constitutional
right of the President to appoint a
Minister to. the new Republic without
the co-opernlion of the Senate.
The point waa raised by the Demo
crats that the position to which Mr.
Buchanan was nominated was not in
existence when the appointment was
made, and that the President had no
right to create the position except with
the consent ot the Senate. The Demo
crats who supported this position were
Senators Morgan, Bacon, Bailey, Pct
tus and Blackburn.
The Republican Senators almost
unanimously supported the action of
the President. They declare he acted
wholly within his constltutlona' pre
rogative. The principal arguments on
that fide of the qeustlon were made by
Senators txlge, Cullom, McComas.
Spooner and Allison. No decision was
reported, and It was agreed that the
matter would be considered again . on
The status of Mr. Buchanan, who Is
now at Panama acting virtually as
Minister of the United States, was dis
cussed at length. The general current
of the debate divided on party lines,
though questions propounded by Sen
ators Spooner and Heyburn, both Re
publicans, showed they entertained
some doubts as to tho legality of Mr.
Buchanan's acts at Panama until he
Is confirmed ay Minister by the Senate.
When the Senate went Into exectiJIve
session word was passed about among
the Republicans that when the argu
ments wero practically exhausted a
motion should be made to table Sen
ator Morgan's resolution to reconsider
the nomination. A motion of that char
acter Is not debatable. Some of the
arguments made by the Democruta, it
is said, demanded thorough considera
tion, and tho plnns of the Republicans
to conclude the debate were not carried
into effect.
Senator Kearns Secure Position Tor
G. m. Wiley in Office of Secre
tary of Senate.
Washington, Jan. S. Senator Kearns to
day secured the appointment of G. M.
Wiley of Salt Lako to a position in tho
office of tho Secretary of tho Senate.
Mr. Wiley was fomie-ly connected with
ono of the banks of Salt I.ako Cltv, and
his now position pays JiiCO per annum.
Acquitted of Conspiracy Charge.
Manila, Jan. S. Ballantlno nnd Mil
ler, charged with conspiracy to defraud
tho customs by furthering tho Illegal en
try of an exempt class of Chinese, have
both been acquitted In the customs Court
of Appeals,
Helper, Utah, Jan. 8. The strikers
held a large meeting here today. There
wcrd representatives present from nil
the camps and matters pertaining to the
settlement of demands of the company
for them to vacate the houses occupied
by them were fully discussed . but no
final action was taken,
Tho houaoholdcrs In nil the carapv
but Castle Gato were agreeable to a
compromise of this question. A few
parties from Castle Gato opposed any
plan of settlement but tho large ma
jority favored the recommendations
made by their attorneys, Sam A, King
and A. S. Fowler. Another meeting
will be held tomorrow morning at Cas
tle Gt. when It Is believed an agree
ment will be ariired at.
The right to the ownership and pos
session of moro than 250 houses in in
volved In this settlement. These houses
are worth practically 560.000.
Mr. King was asked today tho pro
posed terms of settlement but he do
cllued to make any statement until It
was known that a sotttemont would be
agreed upon. He seemed, however, well
pleased with the progress being made.
It Is evident that all parties con
cerned' are anxious thnt this phase of
the strike question be immediately ter
minated and this ending will have an
important bearing on the final results.
Kelllher and Price are both here ad
vising with Iho local kisdera.
Bannock Indians Elect "Wallace- Green
as the Head of Their
Tribe. .
"Bolac, Ida., Jan. S. The Bannock "In
dians havo a new leader in tho person of
Wallace Green, who has obtained official
recognition from tho State administra
tion as chief of the tribe. Green Is a son
of Rig Chief Tage, former ruler of the
A few week's ago the Sho.Mioncs cent a
distinguished delegation to Boise for tho
purpose of having Chief George recog
nized as the successor to his famous
father. Chief Jim. Prompted by the suc
cess of the Shoshones. tho Bannocks, who
were without a tribal lender, decided to
put forward Wallace Green as their
This morning a delpwillon of ten Ban
nocks waited upon Gov. Morrison and
presented their credentials, which showed
them to bo of good repute. Among thn
delegates was Teton Bill, a deacondont of
tho dlsthifailshed MadLson John, who car
ried the credentials of the latter trans
mitted to him. Thcso credentials wero
supported by a recommendation to Gov.
Morrison to be treasured with thorn for
further reference
After satisfying himself that the dele
gates really did represent the will of the
tribe to which they belonged. Gov. Mor
rison accredited AVallaco Green as chief
of tho Bannock trlbo on tho Fort Hall
Government Employees Will Have to
Earn Salaries in the
Washington, Jan. S. Unanimous decis
ion was reached by tho Cabinet that tho
hours of labor for Government employees
shall be from U a. m. until 1:20 p. m., a
half-hour of that time belnp allowed for
luncheon. Tho new regulation will apply
only to the cxeoutlvo departments, and
will go Into effect next Monday. Hcrc-tofor.-
the departmental hours have been
from 0 until ! o'clock, with n half-hour
for lutichecn. The decision reached to
day alfocls not only tho omployees in
Washington, but also those In tho de
partment!; throughout the country.
The question was raised by tho Ap
propriations committees of tho Houso and
Sonato on applications made to thorn by
thn heads of scvaral department for ad
ditional clerks. H was pointed out by
the committee that tho law distinctly
provided that employees of the depart
ments should work seven hours a day.
and that, undor the present system, the
Government wus settlnjc only six and a
half hours of labor. Tho committees
urged that, as a matter of economy in
the omploynent of additional assistance
In the departments, the present employees
ought to be required to work full seven
The subject was considered carefully by
tho Cabinet and the Jo!lslon reuched was
announced. It will affect approximately.
It Is cald, 100.0CO omployees of the Government.
All Papere in the Case of H. Smith
Wooley Have Been Sent to
Washington. Jan. S. Secretary Shaw Is
unable, after Inveetlgntlon Into the
charges that havo been brought against
II. Smith Wooley of Boise, to determine
whether or not this man Indorsed by Sen
ator Heyburn and Representative French,
should again be nominated by the Presi
dent to bo ossaycr of tho Boiso office. lie
has therefore transmitted all tho papers
to the President and shirked nil responsi
bility, leaving tho decision entirely with
the President.
Tho investigation made by Treasury In
spector Bnll was far from convincing and
leaves much to be desired. ThlB report,
however, Is largely offset by representa
tions made by Heyburn nnd French, who
claims thut tho President, when he re
views both sides of tho case, will reap
point Wooley.
Ono Thousand Cases of the Fever Are
Now Being Treated in Mon
treal. Canada.
Montreal. Jan. S. There are ap
proximately 1000 cases of typhoid fever
in Montreal and the half dozen smaller
municipalities which Join it on tho
three sides. The. health officera of tho
various suburbs say fresh cases are
being reported constantly despite their
efforts to check the disease. In the city
proper tho number of caws Is far lea.-?
than In the suburbs.
Policemen are going "from house to
house distributing printed warnings
urging householders to bol their drink
ing water and to make Inquiries as to
the condition of the dairies.
Gen. Gordon Very 111,
Miami. Fla., Jan. 8 The following bul
letin was Issued by Gen. Gordon's physi
cians at fi o'clock: "'Gen. Gordon has
passed a Tcstless uftcrnoon. with consid
erable pain In tho stomach. The tem
perature has risen to 102 li-S. with Irregu
lar and weak nulse. At this hour hn Is
resting mors quietly than at any time
slncu noon."
Must Close Gambling-Houses.
New York, Jan. S Ppllce Commissioner
McAdoo has notified tho police Inspectors
that ho had received information that
Kambllng-hoiifics and poolrooms were be
ing opened In Manhattan borough. Ho
allowed them forty-tight hours to closo
wvery t;ambllng-houso and poolroom In
tho borough.
Quiet nt Xishineff.
St. Petersburg. Jan. S. It Is soml-offl-clallv
announced that all Is quiet at
Kinhlneft. The military- and police forceii
there havo been Increased for the pur
pose of protection, but thlB la usual In
tho caac- of all holidays.
Felling Against the United H
States Very Bitter. H
Anxious for a Riply Frtm
Secretary Hay. Jt
Ministor May Then Eeave for Colon
at Once, and Diplomatic Rola
tlons Will End. ,
Washington, Jan. S. Gen. Reyos In
still awaiting tho Stato department's
roply to his request that the correspond
onco between him and the Washington
Government regarding the Panama in- ll
cldent be sent to the United States Sen-
Gen. Reyes has advices- from Colom- .
bla that the feeling there continues to
run high against the United States and
while the preparations arc being made
for hostilities. Gen. Reyes has been able
thua far to restrain his people from an
It is quite possible that upon receipt
ot the Stato department's reply to his
last note. Gen. Reyes will leave this
city immediately for Colombia. In that il
eveut. Dr. Herran, the Colombian il
charge, will close the legation and re- Cl
turn home, thus marking the breaking- fil
off of diplomatic relations between this Rl
country and Colombia. ll
Fleet Is Assembling There for the
Purpose of Making a Hostile Dl
Panama, Jan. 8. A licet of warships
is assembling at Colon, presumably with
the purpose of making a hostile demon
strntlon against Colombia.
The authorities will insist upon the
withdrawal of the Colombian army now
lined up across the border this side ot
the Atrato river. Naval officers feel
certain that it Is the intention to com
pel Colombia either to withdraw her El
troops or to fight.
All the warships are due at Colon be
fore Tuesday, prepared to start Imme
dlatoly for TJtumati or Cartagena. It !
Is believed in Colon that the Colombians H
are ready to fight. 'H
Secretary Hitchcock Authorizes the
Grazing of Sheep and Cattle in
Yellowstone Reservation.
Washington. Jan. 8. Secretary Hitch
cock today authorized tho grazing of 95.
CX cattle und horsos and 250,000 sheep In H
tho Yellowstone forest reserve In Wyo
mlnrr during tho season of 1904, He stlpu- IH
lntcs, however, that permits uhull bo Is
sued only to persons having- Improved
ranges within twenty-five miles of the re-
Blooming-ton Mayor Serves tfotics jl
Upon Councilmen That They Must
Serve as Policemen.
Bloomlngton. 111., Jan. S.-Da- to th
Inability to secure sufficient numbers i ' lH
citizens to ecrvc as special officers dur- H
lntr the street railway strike, Mayor Mor-
rlson today served notice upon everv KH
member of tho Board of Aldermen that fH
tliny would bo requested to servo as po flH
lice men Saturday nnd Sunday, and pox- iH
fllbly Monday, If thcro is any more ills- IH
' Considor 'Canal Treaty. El
Washington. Jan. S. The Senate Com- IH
mittco on Forelsrn Relations todnv con- IH
tlnucd consideration of tho Panama canal liH
treat', reaching tho fifteenth article In
general discussion of the convention. It 1
been mo apparent during tin- debate thn' I il
jtiKgcstJou for alterations of tho treaty kH
would not b2 confined to the Democratic CH
members. tH
Typhoid Epidemic in Pennsylvania. . il
Butler, Po., Jan. S. Three deaths from fH
typhoid fover have occurred during tho . tl
past twe:ii.y-four hours, rulslnp the total IH
to nlucty-clght. Ono now case was re- Il
ported. fl
Wants Money for Militia. Il
Washington. Jan. $. Secretary Shaw te Pl
day transmitted to tho House a request fl
of Secretary Root for an appropriation Ml
of $5So,C40 for now arms and- equipment lH
lor organized mllltliu I
Preserving Petrified Forests.
Washington. Jan. S. The House Com- '-'jl
mitten on Public "Lands today ordered a H
favorable roport on a bill to preserve the. 'fl
petrified forests of Arizona by making i H
national reservation of the lands where H
they are located.

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