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M The Salt ISake xribijonts. aiodat mobotxo, JjLntjart h, 3 'M
flStwAR is ended
Wjjtest in Carbon County
ijftftgn&nimous Concessions Art
Madc by Utah FueI Co
y fceady Acquiesccnco on Part of Stri
ttjcing' Miners, Who Save for Thom-
Wfrlclper, Jan 10. By magnanimous con
tjkKcMlons on the part of the Utah I'ucl
TjTrBompany and "ready nccMjIesccncc on inn
-SWrt of th' striking miners, a settlement
'iBws been reached by which the most bitter
jjHKnd vicious labor .struggle in the history
tho State Is practically terminated. Tho
, Rght for union recognition, however, will
vjKw contlnueil Indefinitely.
, Vfcrhe settlement was reached today be
llujKwcen G. W. Kramer, vice-president of tho
"?'Kbnipanv, and Attorney S. A. Kin? In bo
'P nlMSiIf of tho strikers- It does not affect the
IBsfclims of cither contending faction In tho
Twfey of an adjustment of grievances, but
JjKirmanently settles all financial contro-JSjaJt-s.
At the same time, It destroys any
&Parent 'caa0M or excuse- for the Strikers
II continue to reside In lhl county. Rcp
'jABsscntatlviiJ of both sides believe that a
SBfencral exodus of foretellers will begin In
'4wshort tl.ue. t
oBl'fhc agreement reached today saves to
XBhc strikers a sum approximating $75,000.
'"jMrhlch would likely have been confiscated
ijfBiy - the company but for the arbitration
'JKroccedlnKS. It was this threatened con
,"fBlBcatlou of miners' homes which caused a
frljijiKicnace to the peace of the Slate and fur
.jjshed'whatcver pretext was necessary for
?Bhe. sending of State troops Into the coal
giHeldi?. By means of tho agreement all
rtiDablllty of an actual conlllct hns been
.lKvertcd, and with the exception of ihreo
YKnall detachments tho military bus- been
JRnidved from the scene.
IjSjBjTlio strikers owned 22J houses which had
jj'Mpecn erected on company property. Ae
11 Kjtinllng to the term.-. o their agreement
AK;ali tho company they could be evicted at
j jjEBjiy time Suits to drive fhem from their
Tomes had been becun In all the camps.
WiBrfiey were delayed, however, ponding' tho
j'KEotlatlons for a settlement, and hao
-Jow been dlsm'ssed.
jjjljjKTlie, terms of the agreement Just reached
aEfovkic for the, appointment of thrco ap
5BraIere. S. C Sherrlll, a contractor om
Slpyed b tho company, was selected,
wjiIIo the strikers appointed II. H. Mcln
BHhtc. a contractor and member of a trades
jflpilpn of Salt Lake. These t'vo agreed
DHRki;i a third, who Is Hon. L. M. Olson, a
"JBtcrclmnl of I'rlce Jhid a former member or
he Legislature. The appraisers arc now
-tt "I.sltlng the various camps for the purpose
i if -fixing the values of the houses In dls
- J tote.
Sriicj will appraise all the houses and
improvements owned by each striking tcn
iTit and also fix a reasonable rental value
f. the property. When this I completed
lie company will lease the Improvements
or six months and uiy tho rental value
iked by the appraisers in advance for the
Specified period of six months.
jjTho owners, or strikers, .v!l I have the
ijght to rent the property four months
ffler th( expiration of the six months
"ubjec-t to the approval of the company.
i addition, the ownci-s have the right
sell tho i)iupcriy at any time before
obvr Jl IWI, subject to the approval of
companj, or to remove the Jmpiove
its from company property at any time
ore In tho event tho properly Is not
1 or removed before October :!lst. it be
lt's the property of the company. Tho
kerr v . granted permission to visit
property at stated Intervals.
he agreement further provides for the
lointmenl of an agent or an Attorney
represent the strikers in matters per
ling to the leasing-, sale or removal of
porty or earrylng'out' Iho terms of the
cernenl. Attorneys Kifg and Fowler
re named as trustees.
he agreement goes into effect at oner,
has been ratified by all tho strikers
h the exception of a ecore of miners nt
silo Gate, who are from a southern
ivlncc of Italy. They arc violently op
fed to any settlement whereby they
at give up thtlr ho.nes, and threaten a
turbanee, Their- opposition Is not con
cred oriouy, howevor.
lie agreement is highly satisfactory to
h the company and the striker.". The
ikcrs regard it as a victory, for the rca
i, the explain, that In case they win In
sir struggle for union recognition' ana
again given employment by the com
tiy they will have homes to which they
l return. If they lose In the labor fight,
Y still have the property.
Company officials, on tho other hand,
ilare that the strikers must now leave
: counli. They arc not employed and
ve no further claims to consideration
olr removal will only be a matter of a
v week. It If asserted. '
sldc from tho claims of the two oppo
ntfi, It Is evident that ondless litigation,
''olvlng enormous expenditures, liacs been
olded. The eviction suits would have
en bltterl contested by both parties.
treanwhllc the strikers are living In tuita
ovldcd by lite national organization.
iey awevt tliat they will live in tho
unty until the union Is recognized and
jigii succeed in augTientlns their forces by
iHhe men which the company 'imports.
.SpieiQ are still between SCO nud (WO strikers
WK county. An exact copy of tho
ffflMrreemcnt foliowK:
ivKKS ngrcemcnt, mado and cr.tctvd into
; dy of Jnnuury, A. D, 1!0I. by
flKnd oKween Gcoi-ge W. Kramer of Den
QIKBiV Colo.. ))arty of the first pari, and
of Sunnyplde. Carbon county.
Utah, party of the second part, wltnesscth
Whereas. The party of the second part.
the owner of a certain dwelling, being
situate upon cortnln lands owned
by the Utah Fuel company, a corpora
tion, at Sunnyside. In Carbon county.
Utah, and has heretofore as the lessee
of said company, held and occupied said
premise:? with said dwelling: and.
Whereas, The said Utah Fuel company,
on or about Novcmbnr 20, 19OT, caused tho
pnrty of the second part to be personally
served with a written notice of the re
scission of pnld leapi:. requiring said lessee
to. on or before December 31. re
move from its said premises said Improve
ments, and to quit and vacate same,
which said notice remains uncomplled
with; and.
Whereas, The said Utah Fuel company
has brought, or Is about to bring, an
action against the pnrty of the necond
part for tuch unlawful detention of said
premises; and.
Whereas. In order to obviate sueli liti
gation, the -party of the first part has
proposed :
First That he will pay to the party
of tho second pnrt the sum of . dol
lar? for the rental of the said dwelling
nnd adjacent buildings appurtenant there
to for a rcrlod of six (6) months, begin
ning on 'January 10. 1!VM. and ending July
15. IWI, with authority to sublet such
leased promises during said term to
whomsoever he chooses, tho party of the
second part to waive nil claims and dam
ages for wast and Injury of such leased
property, except as agalnBt such sub
lessees In actual possession and occupan
cy thereof.
Second That said Improvements are to
be removed from the lands of the snld
Utah Fuel company before November 1.
IWI, nnle.".s sooner sold subject to the
wrlttqn annrovjil of the general manager
of the said Utah Fuel company to somo
actual employee of said company In pur
suance of the rcgulatlonn of said company
hereby assented to. limiting the use of
Its lands and premises to Its actual em
ployees or other persons so approved by
said general manager.
Third That after July 15. 1WM. and un
til October ai, 190!. the party of the sec
ond part, subject to rucIi regulations of
said Utah Fuel company and such eon
sent of the general manager of said com
pany. , shall be at liberty to lease said
Improvements to employees of snld com
pany or other persons so approved by said
general manager.
Fourth That In the event of the failure
oX the party of the second part to dis
pose of or remove from the premises of
said company said Improvements as here
inbefore set forth, the partv of the sec
ond part shall forfeit to the purty of tho
first part all of sold Improvements, and
the party of the first part shall be entitled
to the possession thereof on November 1.
"Fifth That the party of the second
part, subject to the provisions of this
agreement as hereinbefore sot forth sa to
the rental period and as to the approal
of tho said genernl manager, may, at anv
time before November 1. lff)l, sell or re
move said Improvements from the lands
of said company upon paying and re
funding to the party of the first part
ratably such portion of the advance rents
I paid aa aforesaid as will ratably coyer the
unconsumcd portion of said rent period
at any tlmo when the partv of the first
part of his sub-lessees shall, by virtue of
such sale or removal, part with the pos
session thereof.
Sixth The party of the second part to
Terrain from going upon the premises
where such Improvements are situate dur
ing the term for which said Improve
ments are rented by him. except for the
parposo of removing his Improvements
therefrom or of inspecting said premises
not more than once every thirty 0) davs;
Whereas, The party of the second part
has accepted said proposal.
Now. therefore, In consideration of the
promises and of the payment to the party
of the second part of the said sun of
dollars, the receipt whereof Is
hereby acknowledged, the iald pnrty of
the second part do hereby agree to. on
or before January in, 1W1. deliver up to
the party of the first part the possession
of the said premises, and that will.
In all respects, comply with tho provisions
of said proposal.
It Is further mutually agived and under
stood that the said Utah Fuel company
uses Its said premises as a part of Its
plant and for the convenience onlv of Its
actual employees, and that the "certain
lease heretofore held by the party of the
second part to said premises from said
company, was. on December 31, 1W3. ex
tinguished and rescinded, and thai this
agreement is based upon the agreement
of said parly of the first part as vice
president of the said Utah Fuel companv
to waive a present forfeiture of such im
provements by reason of the default and
failure of the party of the second part
heretofore to comply with the regulations
of said company as expressed In Its lease
of said promlsca.
In witness whereof the said parties have
hereunto set their hands and seals on tho
date in this agreement first written.
Severnl New Incorporations File Ar
ticles With Clerk.
Logan, Jan. 10. Complaint was Hied in
the First District court yesterday wheie
In Smlthficld City is plalnlirf Mid James
Mack and John A. Peterson defendants.
Tho last city administration were elected
on a pledge to Install a water-works sys
tem, and they have act about to carry
out that plodsre. Their Investigations -end
them to believe that two vpnnics tho
ownership of which is clnthicd by said
defendants are more convenient lo tho
city than olhcr source of supply of pure
water for a water-works sy;i.eui. The
complaint further alleges lh.it plaintiff
has tried to purchase from 'he said de
fendants said springs, but have not been
able lo agree as to the value of i.vnc.
and asks that the springs and the right
lo tho use of all of the water nrknhig
therein and fiowlng therefrom be con
demned and for a permanent water right
for plaintiff for a water-works -system.
That the value of the property be ascer
tained, the proportion bolonclnc to each
of tho defendants be determined and the
plaintiff adjudged to pay the same: that
the plnlntlff upon making such payment
may become the owner In fee simple:
that costs of court bo apportioned Ulwcen
the parties thereto.
Articles of Incorporation of the Cache
Valley Implenient and Produce, comp.viv
have been filed with Clerk Larson. Tho
principal place of business Is designated
as Ixgan; the duration of the company
la placed at P years, for the purpose of
buying, telling and manufacturing agri
cultural Implements, tools, vehicles, etc.
The capitalization Is 30.ti0, which shall
be divided Into 50M shares of the par
valuo of 310 each. The directorate Is as
follows; E. R. Miles, director and presi
dent: Audiow Anderso.'u director and vice
president: 1. C. Thoreson, secretary and
treasurer nnd director; P. P. Bingham, L.
R. Martlpeau. Wlllluni II. Darley and Jo
seph Watklus. directors.
Articles of Incorporation of the Locan
Mercantile company have also been filed.
The articles provide for an existence of
fifty years, for the buying and selling at
wholesale and retail wines. Hijuors. clears,
tobacco, drugs, patent medicine and other
mei okar.dlse. Tho principal place of
bu.'-lnesa to be at-Ixan. (Jtnh, The com
pany Is capitalized at JW.cno. which Is di
vided Into NXO shares of 310 each. Tho dl
"rectois and officers are ns follows: W.
II, Hi met, president and director; V. II.
H-jrst, secretary and trensurer and direc
tor: A. J. Hurst, director.
The Cache. County Educational irM'tutc
niet yesterday at tho Brlgham Young
college. Tho teachers came frni all
IMirt,"; of the county, the hard ro.idj with
plenty of snow making travel ea-y. The"
fe.'iUirv of tho programme was an able
and Instructive lecture on roadliK by
Prof. Moslah Hall.
Operated on for Appendicitis.
Sprlngvlllc. Jan. 10. Lavell Roylanco, a
young man of this city, was operated on
here yesterday nt bin home for nppyndl
cltls by Dis, Dunn and Taylor.. So far the
operation gives J-vory Indication i,f being
successful, aa the patient Is K'JllInar along
Proposed Summer Institu
tion IW$y Locate There.
Big Delegation Will Visit tho
Junction City.
"Weber Club Will Escort Visitors to
Placo Where It Is Hoped to
Locato tho School.
200 Eccles Building, L
Ogden. Jan. 10. j
Tomorrow is tho day set for tho selec
tion of the site for the proposed sum
mer school A big- delegation of edu
cators will arrive in the city tomorrow
morning and In connection with a com
mittee of the Weber club, will visit the
canyon, and It Is said that Ogden can
yon is almost sure to win over Provo
canyon. The railroads will be impor
tuned for special rates to Ogden and
tho street car line will be extended to
the mouth of the canyon to tho new
sanitarium there.
Should the school be built it will
mean the erection of .several new build
ings in the canyon. Besides this "William
G. Wilson Is prepqrlng the plans for
a mammoth new lojr hotel of Swiss
architecture which will be a great thing
for the teachers and pupils and patrons
of the canyon. The establishment of
the school would be a great thing for
the Junction City, as it would bring to
Ogden nearly 300 teachers.
Here Is Week's Schedule in District
This morning William La Ttose and
David Williams will be brought for
trial before Judge Kolapp in the Dis
trict court on four different counts, one
charging house-breaking,- one burglary
and two petty larceny. They may de
mand reparate trials.
On Wednesday the hearing of the
Zang saloon robbers comes up. The
first one to be tried Is R. E. Hickey,
then John Monroe, next George II.
Wells, and James Eaincs. Separate
trials to be had In each case. John D.
Murphy represents Wells, while Soren
X. Christensen of Salt Lake will defend
Hickey, Monroe and Balnes
The -witnesses for the State are John
IIollov, George McCloud nnd John Car
negie, alias "Scotty." Hollow was one
of the s-ng that committed the burglary
and who was captured that night, turn,
ing State's evidence.
Report That Consolidated Company Is
After Ogden Street Car Company.
Notwithstanding denials, there appears
to be soncthlng In the rumor that there la
a deal on foot for the absorption of tip:
Ogden street railway system by the Con
solidated Light and Railway company.
There Is another proposition before tho
directors of the local road, however, which
may defeat the deal. Since the report was
announced that there was a posslbllltv of
the construction of a summer school In
Ogden canyon, some of tho officials of the
local road have about decided that It will
be mere profitable to them to retain tho
system, extend the TVcniv-sccond street
line to the canyon and convert the motor
lines now running from Ogden lo the Hot
Springs Into an electric ruad. If tho latter
proposition is accepted other extensive Im
provements will be made In the svstem.
Felon Can Only Be Charged With
Petit Larceny.
A peculiar legal question has arisen
over the prosecution of Price ' and
Lewis, the two men who stole. ?2" from
a man named Clark, In a Twenty-Fifth
street rooming house some days ago.
They stole the money from Clark's
room but are not burglars. They rilled
his clothing but ore not robbers. This
arises over the fact that Clark took the
two fellows to his room for the night
and when he aross in the morning dis
covered that his friends had already
left after rifling Ills trousers of ?2o.
The fellows will have a hearing today
on the charcc- of petit larceny.
First National Bank Directors Will
Select Him Today.
Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock the an
nual mcolinc of, tho directors of tho First
National bank will be held. The meeting.
It Is .supposed, will elect John Plngree as
successor to James Plngree. who resigned
and retired from tho bank Saturday even
ing last. John Plngree has bri-n acting as
assistant cashier for some time and will
make a most capable officer at iho canh
ler's doj;k. Juitp-s Plngree. iho retired.
1ms been connected with tho bank for
twenty-vwo years, and It Ih stated that he
will soon be ut the head of a new bank
to be established In Ogden.
J. H. Winslow Will Bo Arraigned Be
fore Judge Rolapp.
J. II. Winsiow, charged with Incest,
will be arraigned before Judge Itolapp
today for plea.
Chris Peterton, charged with assault
upon John ColTin with a deadly weapon,
will also plead.
Street Car System Demoralised by the
Street-car traffic was praellcally de
moralized at 10 o'clock last nlijhl, and by
12 o'clock livery car In thu city was block
aded and had to be shoveled out In order
'to got then Into tho power-house. .Snow
fell continually from early In the morning
until about 10:30 last night, beginning wltn
r heavy, soggy snow that packed on tho
track like Ice, and winding up with a
light, Huffy fall that covered the track for 1
several Inches.
The city council holds Its regular ses
sion tonight.
The citizens of Uintah arc preparing
to give a big banquet on the 21st In
honor of the old folks.
A heavy snow-storm visited Ogden
yesterday, lasting the. entire day.
Sleighing was superb,, but tho street
cars were delayed.
G. E..Jones was brought in from the cut
off yesterday morning In a sorlous condi
tion. Ho was Injured In falling fiom a car.
One shoulder and arm were badly crushed.
Ho Is lng In tho City hospital
Nick Rocns, a Greek, was Instantly
killed or. the Cut-off about 7 o'clock last
evening. He fell between the cars and
was- badly, mangled. The body vas
brought to Rich's undertaking parlors.
National Live-Stock Association Will
Convene There in Future.
Portland, Or., Jan 10. That future con
ventions of the National Live-Stock asso
ciation will be held in Denver, Colo.. Is the
general belief among the. delegates to the
convention who have arrived in Portland
so far, although delegations from several
cltlcH will be In attendance prepared to
make a light for the 1W5 convention.
Among the cities that have announced
themselves as being candidates for tho
next convention are El Paso. Tex.: San
Joso, Cal.; St. Joseph, Mo., and Denver.
It Is generally conceded that In case tho
convention fails to go to Denver perma
nently: the fisht will lie between El Pnso
and San Jose. The only fear that Denver
will not win is based on tho possible ef
forts that iho Texans will make lo gain
their cnuse. They are coming In strong
lumbers, bringing tho famous Mexican
band from El Paso, and will, no doubt,
leavo no stone unturned to land the next
meeting. San Jose Is not wnglng any ex
tensive campaign, but her delegation will
do all It can to secure the next convention
for that iilaco. '
The selection of Denver as a permanent
convention place Is being urged, first, for
lis central location; second, because more
business onn be conducted during a con
vention there than It can be when held
at some now place where attention Is dis
tracted from business by sightseeing.
Four Men Injured in Wreck at
Bingham, Jan. 10. Parley Jones.
, James Murray, H. Kaolman nnd K.
Mathews were injured In a wreck on
the Copper Belt railroad at 11:30 this
morning. An engine was bringing
down six loaded and one empty car
from the Boston Consolidated and the
Yampa. When near the main track
the engineer noticed that the train was
getting beyond his control, and sig
nalled for brakes'. When the brakes
were applied on the first and second
cars the chains broke.
(At this point telephone communica
tion with Bingham was cut off by the
storm and It was Impossible to get fur
ther particulars of the accident, either
by telephone or telegraph. It was ga
thered, however, from previous re
marks of the correspondent, that the
train ran into some boxcars' and was
wrecked. Parley Jones, the engineer,
had his skull fractured and James
Murray, a brakeman. was Injured
about the head. Editor Tribune.)
Annual Convention Will Open in 1
Portland Today.
Portland. Oi., Jan. 10. Tne National
Wool-Growers' association will open Its
convention Jn the Baker theater tomorrow
morning nt 10 o'clock Instead of Tuesday
morning, as previously announced.
This change in the progrnmme has been
madc that questions of Importance to both
organizations may be acted upon by the
wool-crowers before they are submitted to
Iho National Live-Stock association foi
further consideration. A Joint meeting ot
I he two associations will be Held Tuesday
.nornlng, the wool-drawers concluding
their convention Wednesday. The sessions
of tho Live-Stock association will continue
through Thursdav and Friday.
Tomorrow's sessions will lie devoted to
reports from committees and addresses on
conditions of Uie range sheep Industry In
various States. The most Important ques
tion to bo considered by both associations
will be the Government control of pnblli.
lands and Government regulation of
Officials of Western Federation Meet
at Colorado Springs..
Colorado Springs. Colo., Jan. 10. Presi
dent Moycr, Secretary Haywood and D. U.
Copley, members of tho i.xecutlve com
mittee of tho Western Federation of Mi
nors, held a meeting In Colorado City to
day with officials of the federation from
all parts of the Stale and members of
milonu from Denver. Cripple Creek. Victor.
Colorado City and other cities. The cor.
rerenco lasted nil day. Notnlng was given
out. but persistent run or has U that the
question under discussion Was the quick
settlement of the strike. Tho meeting. Is
considered Important. President Moyer
and Secretary Haywood loft for Denver
this evening.
Mt. Pleasant Appointive Officers.
, Mt. Pleasant. Jan. 10. At the first meet
ing of tho new City Council hold 'in their
chomber last evening Mayor Beaumnnn
handed in tho following appointments:
J. W. Cherry, city attorney; S. P. Soren
sen. road supervisor; M. F. Roscnburg,
se.Vton, Nells Mnlson. water-master,
Dr. C. N. Ray. health officer, with J. M.
Hovleu and O. N. Chrlsmau ns health
board; II. J .Brown, Inspector; Nells Ur
xen. cstray poundkecper. The Council
laid the appointments over until their noxt
N, P Nellson. Jr.. was appolnlcJ fnc
chief by the Council.
Butte Man Arrested.
Victor. Colo., Jan. 10. Arthur Parker of
Ruttc, Mont., a member of the Western
Federation of Miners, has been arrested
by the military authorities here. He hhn
not been here three wcekrf. and the mili
tary say ho was sent here to foment trou
ble and assist In the prolongation of tho
Wife of Major-General of Confederate
Army Passes Awny in St.
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 10. Mi:s. Mary
Preslon Kenncrly Brown, widow of
MaJor;General John S. Brown or tho
Confederate army, died today, aged C9.
Mrs. Brown followed her husband and
brothers through the Civil war, acting
.is a nurse In hospitals and on the bat
tlefield. Even after hor husband died
of fever, after the siege of Vicksburg.
Mrs. Brown continued aa a nurso until
the end of the war. She then canio to
St. Louis and since ha3 resided with
her sLslcr.
-f Denver, Colo., Jan. 10. Mrs, Tt. T. -f
4- Anthony, a newspaper woman, well -f
f- known in many parts of tho country
4- under tho namo of "Polly Pry," was -f-
f shot at twice at her Iiotio In this
citv by an unknown man tonight,
The bullets went wide of the mark.
4- Mrs. Anthony answered a ring at
her door bell about 9:30 tonight, and -f
as soon ns the door was opened a 4-
4- man fired two shots at her from a -f
4- pistol and then lied. For the past 4
4- two months Mrs. Anthony has been 4-
4- conducting a weekly paper In this
4- city, and she attributes the shooting 4-
4- to the offense given by some article 4-
4- appearing In her publication. So far 4-
4- the police have no clue to tho would- 4-
4- be murderer.
-T-4- 4-4-4-4-4-
leaders gathering In Washington for
the meeting of the national committee....
Many Important questions Hchcdulot! to
come up in Congress. ...Several lodles
from tho wrecked vessel Clallam recov
ered at Seattle Incoming vessel at New
York report teiTlflc weather.. . Postoffice
employees at Boston barred from solicit
ing ''otos In competition.
FOREIGN. Geromc, famous painter,
dies In Paris.... China Is afraid of becom
ing Involved In the Russia-Japan trouble.
Rebels using cannon In San Domingo,
Russians massing troops at Vladivo
stok ..Reported In London that the
American vessel Clarf-nce S. Bement was
burned ut sea Germany will reualn neu
tral an between Russia and Japan-
STATE Odd Fellows Install officers nl
Mt. Pleasant ...Foresters elect officers at
Sprlngvlllc ...City appointive offices filled
at Mt. Pleasant Several companies in
corporated at Logan.
CITV. John M. Shoekley makos a com
plete confession of tho murder of Oleason
ami Brighton, the street-car men Two
thousand dollars of the reward offered for
the capture of tho murdc.-or will go to tho
two stricken families Funerals of tho
murdered men ore largely attended ami
many prominent churchmen were among
the speakers. Man aged 75 drops dead In
the Rio Grande yards. .Wife of Rev. P.
A. Slmpkln Is successfully opcrotod upon
for appendicitis ...Judge '.nwc lectures on
Abraham Lincoln Warren Foster ad
dresses Socialists In opposition to caoltil
punlshTicnt Prominent Democrats givo
out the Information that Mayor Morvln will
send In nil his anuolntments to the City
Council tonight Hunters send a carload
of rabbits lo the citv to be distributed
among the poor . F"lno church record
made by the Unllarlun society . .Ono of
iho worst storms of manv years passes
over the city Held'a band gives another
successlul concert Review of Shocklcys
street-car hold-ups In this city Inst Jul v.
....Death of John Tlngey at the age of S2.
Snow fell lo a depth of two feet In
Tooele one day last week.
Mrs. Lester Colgrove of Fillmore la
visiting- her brother In Salt Lake.
Mrs. Susie Simons has returned to Pay
son after a week's visit In Salt Lake.
"Among those who are praying for
snow are the sheopmen on the Castle val
ley desert," says Michael Barclay, writing
from Wellington.
Forty-two oil locations were received
at tho office of the Tooele County Re
corder last week. The oil locations are
on C,arrlngton Island, Great Sot lake.
C. C. A. Chrlsteuscn Is home from Salt
Lake, lie has finished his work In tho
historian's office of the Mormon church,
where he lies been employed for the past
year, says the Ephralm Enterprise.
A Mlncrsvllle nolo In the Mllford Times
says: "The leap year ball given New
Year's eve was a very orderly affair.
There was no 'urging on ' Some of the
young people declared they had all the
dance they wanted."
The Richfield Reaper says: '"A dog was
icund by some parties In a steel trap
north of town Tuesday, caught by both
fore feet. The animal hud evidently been
In the trap several days, and had become
so saago that he would not permit being
released It was killed to end Its misery."
Deputy Sheriff Darnell was hero Sunduy
and Monday morning looking for a man
who calls .ilmsclf the Rev Robert Rob
erts; sometimes lie poses as an eye spc-
clallst. says tho Payson Globe-Header. He
seems to have a mania for murrylng as
many women as he can. and then slips
away without even leaving his address.
Thirteen months ago Harvey Johnson.
i'ged 19, son of Carl C Johnson of Logan,
had a suvere attack of typhoid fever. The
effects of the fever left him In a bad
shape, one of his legs being live inches
shorter than Us mate. He was taken to
i the Holy Cross hospital for treatment,
and recently was removed to his home
With excellent prospects of speedy recov
eii'. The Payson Globe-Header says: '"Tho
old gentleman Kinder died at 11 o'clock
Tuesday night of bronchitis and general
debility. Franklin Kinder was born Scp
ttmber It', 1SW. In Taswcll county, Vlr
ulna, and came to Payson In July. 1SC0.
I Ills wife, Marv Ann Kinder, died June 10,
JFPI, Ho was tho father of nlue children,
six of whom are living, and thirty-four
grandchildren and fifteen greal-grandchll-ore:i."
AVayr.c county Is taking a step lo have
a creamery established and n telephone
line put In In the county, and commlttceft
have boon appointed. The committee on
tho creamery consists of A. L. Billings ot
Loa, James A. Taylor of Fremont. E. Sor
ti. son of Lyman, Seth Tafl of Thurbcr,
Charles Snow of Teasdnle, and John C.
Jacobs of Torrey. The telephone project
U In the hands of Albert Steens and H.
K Hickman of l.oa and John C Jacobs
of Torrey.
A eo:illlet over dancing and the triumph
of the dancers Ik thm reported b the
Spanish Fork Press; "At the. priesthood
meeting In the Fourth ward last Sunday
the question came up as to whether
dances should be allowed In thu now meeting-house
or not. BlHhop Hanson nnd his
counselors, tho high councilors and nearly
all of the nlgii priests were opposed to
dancing In the new meeting-house, and
the younger members were In favor of It.
A vole was finally taken, In which those
Invorlng dancing won "
The Spanish Fork f'rers has the follow
ing mix-up story; "A team belonging to
Eruslus Barney of Lake Shore ran array
from tlm back yard of the Young Men's
co-op ycat'Jrdny, the hind wheels getting
uncoupled going through the lane by the
postofflce. They then shot across tho
road and smashed Into Nephl Hansen's
horse and buggy, completely demolishing
the buggy and throwing all three horses
lo the ground. This ended the runaway.
-Mr. Barney will pay Mr. Hansen JW for
the damage done to his rig"
A dramatic event at Grsntsvlllc receives
this mention in the Tooele Transcript:
"The play 'Nevada lust Saturday evening
by the home company was not a very
r motional drnmn ; It was too light comedy
for the Graiitsvillo public, and being In
the hands of sonio Incxpcrlonced persons,
who had never before appeared on the
stogo, the force and energy of tho play
was weakened to some- extent, and In the
third and last act It was evident that mis
chief was browing, but It did not ma
terialise, ending In a very abrupt man
ner whol her It was any defect (n the
play or the unavoidable fault of the actors
was not known."
Dr. John Xost Dead.
Adrian. Mich.. Jan. 10. Dr. John Kost.
formerly a professor In Adrian college and
at ono tlmo chancollor of Heidelberg uni
versity, died nt his home hi-ro today, aged
Mi' years. His writings and original re
searches had brought him Into promi
nence In International scientific circles,
Work on Prospect Ceases
for the Winter.
Imprftvtments Being Madt sit
thi American Flag.
Pipe Line 33oing Laid From .the Crest
of the Hill to tho
;rrr"1'" TRIBUNE DUREAl',
Park City. Jan. 10.
Frank Hoguo and George Sla'dc visited
the HI Henry, over In Snake Creek dis
trict, yesterday, and closed the mine
down for the winter Mr. llogae said
today that the property Is In sph ndid
condition, tho cross-cut having pene
trated the formation i0 feel, the latter
part of tho bore being Jn a splimhl
mineral crn. It Is to be rcsietted that
the Til Henry company was not able to
reach the ledge for which ft Is was dri--Ing,
as a disclosure was expected In
view of the condition of the ledge out
cropplngs directly above which slvow good
values, especially In gold. It is the ex
pectation to start the prospect up' again
nexl spring, when It Is anticipated that
with a very Ultle drifting he ledge will
Ho uncovered.
The Intcst Improvement nt tho Ameri
can Flag contemplates the lalng -of a
water pipe line irom the tank on iho
ciest of the hill to the property. The
work Is already proceeding. Hitherto
the American Flag has received its wat r
supply from a spring, bul the growth of
the operations there render It necessary
to obtain a nioro ample supply of the
fluid, it wos probably from 111.' f:ct
thai men were talien from the prospect
to lay the pipe lino that the rumor .b
lalncd credence that the American Flag
force was laid off.
Elmer Warbuiton. a compositor em
ployed by the Park City Miner, received
a very painful Injury yesterday whili
printing bills. Tho second finger of his
left hand was crushed by the press. Dr.
Worde examined the Injured member and
found that the first Joint had been com
pletely flattened. Four pieces of bone
were removed.
Un!tcd States Marshal Ben Hey wood
was among the morning arrivals from
Salt Lake.
Frank Wcstcott visited town today.
O. N. Shields contemplates buylnc out
the tinshop of J. W. Gclger, who Intends
scon to locale in Sail Lnko City.
Hnrry Shlpler, commercial photogra
pher. Is vlidtlng town.
Mrs. E. A. Blasher entertained at dinner
last evening.
A. E. Wedge'wood. who has been visit
ing the Great Western, returned to Salt
Lake today.
M. W. Merrill and P. 'A. Llndsey left
for the Brlgham Young academy at Provo
Mr. and Mrs. F. U. Bliss left for Sail
Lake this afternoon.
G, W. Lanborne arrived from Salt Luke
N. W Dunyon returned from the cap
ital this morning.
N. W. Sonnedecker visited tho Silver
Bell lodav
French Vessel Vienne Is Missing,
and Is Twenty Days Out
of Port.
Paris, Jan. 10. There Is still no news
of the French naval collier Vienne,
which Is generally considered' as lost.
Anxiety Is expressed concerning the
cruiser Galilee, which was sent to seek
the Vienne. but the Gaulcrs affirm that
the ministry of marine has received a
dispatch from the commander from the
Galilee though this, dispatch is not' pub
lished. A dispatch fiom Oran. Jan. 1, said the
Vienne, which was bound fiom Roche
fort for Toulon, and fears for the safety
of which has been felt owing to the ves
sel having been twenty-two days out
and not having- been heard from, arrived
there with her engines disabled.
Desperate Fight Occurs Between Cit
izens and Marines in Which
Two Arc Fatally Hurt.
Norfolk, Vsi., Jan. 10. In a fight between
citizens and marines at 'the Portsmouth
ferry dock, I.a'wson Cuddy nnd Joseph
Flynn are fatally cui nnd Robert Dadden,
Uonjamln Murks, Frank Benedict and Joe
Donohue, n urines, are hold by tho police
pending Iho results of tho wounded men's
More serious trouble was averted by a
large detachment of police charging the
ferryhouso and fighting their way through
the combatants to stop a squad of marines
on nn IncomlnK ferryboat from lauding.
The cause of the fight Is not known.
Ono of the marines, during the chargo
of the police, drnw a razor and began
slashing rlcht mid left. A riot call for
pollco brought additional police, who were
able to slop the fight
American Line Successfully Inaugu
rates It, After Extremely Rough
Passage Across Atlantic.
Lomluii, Jan. 10, The American line
steamer Philadelphia arrived at Ply
mouth at -1.-30 o'clock this morning af
ter an extremely rough passage, and
successfully Inaugurated the new mail
service between Is'ew York and Ply
mouth. All tho arrangements worked
Mmoothly and If Ik claimed that from
three to live houra will be saved In
the delivery of the malls in London.
particulars about Oirden realtlea. Ogden.
Utah. oT&ij
Osuen realties; Orl to, Utah- pS703
allied up to Slt.OO,4 your choice H
Valued from $11.00 to ?1S CO, your
I 205 S. Main, I H
1 10 E. 2nd South I H
6ataiMiiiinmiiii f. iww'MPfi. IH
f mmnaiaica). The convenience M
! telephone In M
9 B ordering coal reach- IH
n jQi 1 '" l,s highest degree. IH
r&JZVsL ' perfection In the H
En tMSEffi? "ow exchange serv- m
i lee which lias been K IH
R9 Hnstalled In "That M IH
0 7 'a V fi Good Coal" office. H
h I 11' have direct serv- K
n it ice to oaoh of our jtj
fl l h four (0 yards and m tM
, S t f, H I, a.V four ' numbers to j IH
1 call, so you won't find, ihcm "busy m
(i now" 2W, 12D and CjO. B
The Man on f
I Meighn St
llfc Diamonds I
I Wl Watches I
A good Tesolu-
tion is: "always bo j.
on time." Let us
help by selling g
you one of our ?
good clocks or
watches; any price.
LYON & CO., 143 Iain St j I
is the plumber who sticks to the old
fashioned exorbitant charging way of
doing business. We are In thorough.
accord with modern methods and np
ply them to our business ns
We examine' and study every new
improvement In our line, so that when
called upon to furnish or repair It. up
know how to do It and do It right,
and our way of doing work Is to com
mence early, work faithfully and g't
out of your house as quickly as pos
.siblc. Saves our time and your monfi
What, bath tub out of order? We'll
be up
Electric Wiring and Fixtures.
109 East First South. Telephono 752. jB
New Yorlt Denial Parlors H
ItDoms 2,1, I Eajto Blk.. 71 W. 2nd So. 1
Teeth Extracted Without Pain
Modern Dontlstry. Beat work. Lowest
j fluster's I I
; FSour I
! J And your money. 5 S t H
5 s It's an even trade ( f H
i I cither way. One Is ) S H
u u I
New and elegant In all Its appointments. ;
20 rooms, single or en suite, :l rooms it u I
bath. C. S. Holmes, Proprietor. !

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