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' The Salt XiAKB Trci jTtntb: 'moxday Mobxestg, Ja:ntjary 11, 1904. 0 H
7 - :
iU0 articles cn the necessarily ab
liff topic of food arc carefully pre
3 and based or. knowledge of chem
nfl applied to cooklnj; nnd prncllc.il
mation derived from actual expert
Conducted hy I-lda Ames Willis,
ueUe building, Chicago, to whom all
iriec should be addressed. All rights
vert b. Banning Co.-, Chicago. Hefo
menus for three dnys:
Bananas. -Cream.
Grilled Bacon. aji
:whcat Cake?6ofrep - Hohey.
;r Croquettes. Celery.
Brown Bread. . Cocoa.
Cream of Potato Soup.
) Fricassee. Sweet Potatoes.
Little Carrots. Vinaigrette.
Tomato Jelly Salad.
Jellied App,e-oa-(;e Cream.
Cereal. Cream,
rd Liver. Stewed Potatoes.
Hot Rolls Coffee,
caronl Croquettes. Tomato Sauce. I
Fig Sandwiches,
d VcnIsonCsleak P' Currant Jelly
' Sueootn,h.
-clerv, Apple and Orange Salad.
Vpple Snow. Coffee.
Baked Apples,
n Baked Bean Brown Bread.
Lamb's Liver a la Terrapin. .
Stuffed Potntoer.
nncd Fruit. Coffee Cake,
lied Turkey01, SU Celery Sauce.
;d Potatoes Cauliflower.
Orange and Chcftnut Salad.
:i,ecse. Wafers.
ur of the. Nut Makes Most De
licious Griddle Cakes.
:Is plant is not a grass and. properly
tklng, docs not belong to the cereals
.11, but to the natural order of Polygo
ene, which includes dock, sorrel nnd
tmrb. It is probably a native of west
Asia or Russia. In the latter country
seeds arc usrd "in form of groats,
:lcularly by the soldiery, and are
ced with butter and oil."
temperate climates it Is largely
fvn for Its starchy seeds, which resem
th grain of grasses in composition,
ig about cciual in nutritive value to
ct. For this reason and because it is
1 In breads it Ip. for convenience.
ted with the cerealK
the millet and sorghum eccds of in
lt ha? Its strong food allies of similar
In, but among these It stands alone
Bi6ls. use as a humnn food by the Euro
i civilized races
tc name is derived from the German
tweltzcn. beech wheut or nut. from
"three-sided angular shape of the
li. In France It Is known as sarnzaln
in nolt. It was brought to England
2W year? ago. and to North Amer
by the early Dutch settlers, and from
h we have learned to bake It Into
j. The grain was common In Ger
ly In the fifteenth century and Is cat
ucd In many old books in the six
lere are three varieties of the plant
Ivated. the common, the tartnrlan and
notchsed. The second of these, the
artan, came from Siberia about fifty
s ago. It was there discovered by
mists in the early part of tho century,
i said of It that In Its nntlvo country It
s itself for five years.
.Britain the buckwheat is an easily
Ivated annual, being grown there
By for feeding poultry and game, es
ally pheasants. Hence. It Is said, the
in ot tho peculiar cry of tho guinea
I "buckwheat"
variety called Saraccnlum. a showy
mceojs plant was introduced into
nee na an ornamental garden plant at
it tho same time the Siberian came to
ope the latter was called anracean
ct. It grew to the height of about six
. T-Iils variety was also called halcus,
was cultivated In Italy. Tt was found
labylon by Herodotus and Its culllva
aiid ll curious qualities are men
eft by naturalists from time to time
: since
io seed of the buckwheat Is inclosed
a. husk containing much Indigestible
Jlose, When this husk, amounting to
nt M per omiL Is removed the rich
of the seeds is by no means low in
ritivo value, but stands midway In
respect between wheat on one hand
rice on the other. The great prc
aeranoo of carbohydrates In all cereals
catea that they should not be eaten
ic, but with other foods richer In fat
proteld. Instinctively wo havo
ncd this fact and remedy the defl
cy by spearing r generous supply of
tor over our buckwheat cakes and eat-;
them with maple syrup, honey or'
awe. Buckwheat cakes are rendered
e wholesome by the ndditlon of from
third to one-half their volume, of
ded corn meal. Thoy arc sweeter,
n. tender and bake a nicer, moro even
tic character of its albuminoids, mostly
ible. and Its richness In heat and forcc
Juclng elements, make It available for
Jd and cake-making.
ie flour of buckwheat compares un
stably with thRt of wheat, owing to
pendency in gluten, but a fairly nu
idus bread Is made nnd largely con
ied in Brlttnlny. The bread, like our
e. is greatly relished by those who
accustomed to Its peculiar taste,
ackwheat cakes arc very popular in
land, and in this country buckwheat
ays means griddle cakes and In nome
:ions "sasago gravy." To tho pecu
and characteristic flavor of this so
ed cereal la due tho traditional value
no buckwheat cake, which Ik tho popu
ravorlte of the griddle-cako season. A
on-pure buckwheat cake may be re
ded in tho light of a. luxury In this
tury a fact apparently not verified, by
hotel nnd restaurant menus. The dif
Hles and objections to raining It, with
Peculiar and difficult milling qualities,
e generally Riven the flour a relatively
n price In the market, especially for
Pure article,
no annual production of tho United
v?Jft 8a,J to be In the neighborhood
Z.OOO.MO husholB. the StnteK of New
k and Pennsylvania contributing
here are Rome persons who flud that
kwheat docs not agre with them, Its
causing an eruption of the skin called
tnorua. an aliment causing much dis
tort because of the constant Itching
i Irritation. In nil probability the oc
'atltm of tho Individual so afflicted la
a that thlfi cIbhh of food must be par
on o.f sparingly or not at nil: or, on the.
Mr hand, their physical condition may
oiop the annoyance.
; possible, loo. that the buckwheat
r may contain rye and gritty matter.
" tho addition of cornmenl, which
Previous scalding is not puffj
"y well cooked, in cake baking makes
th cakes verv hard to digest for most
people. When th yeast batter for buck
wheat cakas is left to' stand owr night,
be careful that it is perfectly sweet when
ready to bake.
If one feels any doubt as to the wholo
scmeneas of pure buckwheat flour a vldlt
to the "land of buckwheat cakes and
nony" among the Pennsylvania Dutch
will dlspol tho uncrta!iuv In their minds,
at least .is regard thli people.
Among the houhold redoes there ar
mHtiy for buekwlu-at cakes cherished with
thf- family traditions.
ffti'es ina-le of nure buckwheat are best,
but as snnv do mJ like the dipilnct nav6r
of buckwheat, we will give several' varle
Ues of recljiT. ' '.'
M'ako one pint of warnvstyeot milk; one
writ of wirni water, one cup of veaat.
two teaspoons of suit and rtv cuns of
buckwheat nour. 7ut half of the liquid
in a sto!i crock and gradually plfc rNud
bf-ai ir the. ntur. and cbntiuue to' bout
luiiil amoolli; thn add remainder of milk
and ,wY.ttr. the jUt, sind lastly the yeast,
being ar'f: to have the mill: lukewurm.
Two, lublcpnona of .sugar mav' be used.
Set whore the lwvfior will not chill until
morning, but inuft not be too warm or
It wlllv yo:u Soda Is us'il to correct the
aCldlly when the batter i.s soured.
Take one quart of buckwheat flour, one
teaspoon ( salt, one ncant cui, of corn
njea!. srahleii with a little boiling water,
two teaspoons of brown sugar or la littlo
buttermilk to make them brown nicely;
hiilf a r-nVe n. yent dissolved in half a
cup of lukewarm water and one quart of
warm water. Mix all together, adding
'east to lukewnrm batter and beatfr.g
hard for five minutes. Then cover and
set In a warm place to raise overnight.
A deep ston-waro crock with a wide top
Is best for the .vjmnge rover l with a
saucer. The cornmenl may he left out.
but it contain, the additional fat required
nnd makes the cakes brown more quickly.
Do not use molnHRea for this pi:noc; it
will make the cakes tough and Icfb dl-
CfGtlhle. If llinrn Is n uncnlr-lini nniv ftf
sourness in the matter in tho morning ust
a pinch of soda. Soda always removes
the peculiar taste of the buckwheat end
makes them tint ami insipid, nnd is there
fcro to be avoided by those who like the
buckwheat flavor.
Take one quart of buckwheat flour, one
pint of rornmral. one cup it Graham
flour, hall a cup of yeast, ohe teaspoon of
sail, a pinch of soda and lukewarm wotpr
enough to make a pretty stiff dough. Stir
the salt Into the flour and meal and make
into a .stlft' batter, adding the yeast wlille.
mixtnre is lukewarm. Cover and set to
Hfc In ;t warm place overnight. If too
thick in tho morning add lukewnrm water
enough to make It of right consistency,
and let It stand a few minutes before bak
ing. Add a pinch of soda .if the batter
.seems to be slightly sour. Bake on a
weil-grciised hot griddle and serve very
One authority tells us not to eat buck
wheat cukes singly, but to serve In layers
of four at least, each one .generously but
tered and maple syrup or honey poured
over the top.
AVol half a cup of yellow cornmenl with
a little cold water nbout noon and then
stir In a quart of freshly boiled water and
stir and cook until It forms a thin gruel.
I-ot It cool and add a teaspoon of salt,
half a cup of good liquid cast or half a
cake of compressed yeast dissolved in a
little lukewarm water, half a cup of wheat
flour and three cups of buckwheat flour.
Beat vigorously and thoroughly, cover
nnd set to rise In a cool place Until mom
irg, if for brenkfast. Thin the batter be
fore baking If too thick, using a little
warm water. Add half a teaspoon of bak
ing sodn Just before baking.
Tako a pint of purn buckwheat flour,
half a pint of whole wheat or Graham
flour, half a teaspoon of salt, two tea
spoons of baking powder. Sift all to
gether until well mixed. Then add enough
sweet milk to make a smooth, thin batter
and bake.
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Incoming Uners Hoport Terrific
"Weather in Crossing the At
lantic Ocean.
New York, Jan. 10. The American
line steamer New York, which ar
rived today from Southampton, was
closely followed by the French line
steamer La Savole. ten minutes being
the difference in. time of arrival at
tho lightship, Both steamers encoun
tered terrific gales and seas.
The New York had a particularly
severe gale from the north-nortlnvcst,
with violent aiualls and high head seas
on "Wednesday. January 6th. The ship
had slowed down in the gale to se
cure some gear, when an enormous sea
curled over the bow and swept over
board F. Comullgch, a seaman. A life
buoy was sent after him, and almost
instantly Second Officer Keys, taking
a turn about his body with a ilne,
Jumped into the after the sea
man, who had In tho meantime se
cured a hold on tho buoy. Before the
second officer could get to the unfor
tunate man Comullsch lost his grasp
on the buoy and . disappeared. The
second officer was then hauled on
board. The Now York brought f 1,045,
000 In specie.
La Savole also caught the gale of the
6th. At 11 o'clock p. m. a huge, rolling
wave, of tremendous height swept over
the bow, dashed aft with tremendous
force, smashed in the forward bulk
head of the sraokln-room under the
bridge and flooded that compartment.
No one was hurt
Among the passengers of La Savole
was Santoo-Dumont. the aeronaut. He
says he came here to complete ar
rangements for his forthcoming ex
periment with a dirigible balloon at
the St. Louis exposition.
Music in Catholic Churches.
Rome, Jan. 10. The Osscryatore Ro
mnno. the Vatican organ, publishes a
note by Cardinal Crctonl. In which he
sends to the Catholic churches throughout
tho world regarding sacred music. The
churches are allowed to use their present
music until it is possible to substitute tho
Gregorian chant.
Don't Worry.
This is easier said that done, yet it
may be of some help to consider the
matter. If the cause la something over
which you have no control it Is obvious
that worrying will not help the matter
In the least. On the other- hand, if
within your control you have only to
uOt "When you have a cold and fear
an attack of pneumonia, buy a bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Ttemedy and
use It judiciously and all curse for
worry as to the outcome will quickly
diwppcar. There is no dnngcr of pneu
monia when It Is used. For sale by all
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h )
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Clarence S. Bement of Newport News,
for San Francisco, Destroyed i
in Mid-Ocean.
Ixtndon, Jan. 10. Advices to Lloyds
from Fort Stanley, Falkland Islands, state
that the captain and crew of the American
shlj) Clarence S. Bement. whicli Balled
from Philadelphia August 10 and Newport
News September 22nd last, bound for San
Francisco, have arrived there and report
that their vessel was burned at sea. There
were no fatalities.
The Clarence S. Bement was a three
masted Iron ship of 1727 tonn net. She was
built at Philadelphia in 1SS-I and carried a
crew of aboutftwcnt-nvo men. Tho ves
sel hailed from San Francisco and was
conmanded by Capt. Grant. G. W. Hume
of San Francisco was the owner.
Report That Pope Had Forbidden
"Women to Wear Low-Cut Dresses
Is Erroneous.
Rome, Jan. 10. Martins D'Antas, Portu
guese Embassador to tho Vatican and
dean of the diplomatic corps, says that
the report that Pope Plus has charged him
to forbid womon to wear decollete gowns
nt receptions which are attended by car
dinal and other prolntes in erroneous
Embassador D'Antas says that ho last
saw the Pope on December 27th, when he
called to pay his holiday greetings, and
that his Holiness, without giving injunc
tions or even recommendations, and more
as a Joke than otherwise, said It was de
sirable that the gowns of the women
should bo somewhat 1 lgh cul.
Postofflce Employees Barred From
Aiding in Contest for Most
Popular Employee.
Washington. Jan. 10. The Postofflce
department has issued Instructions to
tho postmaster of Boston prohibiting
postal employees from soliciting; votes
lh a competition. A contest has been
started there by a newspaper to de
termine the most popular postal em
ployee by the largest number ,of votes,
A regulation forbids employees from
soliciting votes In such contests. This
regulation applies to the entire postal
Gelling up at nihl, too frequent urina
tion during the day aro cured by Oregon
Kidney Tea.
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Other Members of Dreibund to Ob
serve Siniilnr Attitude' in Event
of War in Orient.
London. Jan. 10. It Is learned by the
Associated Press on tho highest author
ity that it has been decided, in the event
of war between Russia and Japan, that
Germany will maintain a strict neutral
ity and that other members of the Drei
bund will observe a similar attitude.
The importance of this decision,
which the Associated Press understands
will almost immediately be announced
In some ofllcinl manner in Berlin, can
not be easily overestimated. It will in
a measure insure that hostilities will
be confined to tho two powers con
cerned, and it will be certain to give a
great stimulus to the efforts which
Franco nnd Great Britain are making
In St. Petersburg nnd Toklo respective
ly In favor of pence.
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