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(lil She Salt fake Utibmit 1
tkj --Jr WEATHER TODAY Rain and colder i
- I
5 cxl. XT.VI. No. 277--10 Pages. Salt Lake Pity. Utah, MOxday Mosm.-JAyUimY IS. 1904, Fite Cents, i
Iffling Adventure of Bu'si
fss Wen in Kentucky.
ii Slght-Seslng In Groat
?tl, Cavern Perilous.
fiftes Who Wore Piloting Party
J ujjfrevcnt Terrible Disaster.
vlllp. Ivy.. Jan. 17. Eighteen dcl
yfto the Conventional League- oC
iiuSUgsion Merchants were thrown
'jKicy water of Echo river which
Vffilr ortuous cour through Mam
'rl,lj&ve and were wived only by tfie
o tho u,dc' Jonn :selson aild
gjfoic vork of Charles A. Muehl
fljrl of Pittsburg, Pa. The party
an Is Chicago; Frank E. Wng
lgo; John H. Baraett. Chicago;
ni, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. A.
!i, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs.
l. Muohlbronncr. Pittsburg; S.
Pittsburg; H. C. Rogers. Buf
. Stncey, Minneapolis; Ed Tub-
It. Paul; Mr. and. Mrs. J. W.
n. St. Paul, and Miss Lucie
if of the cave over Echo rlyor
: and the space in the center
an unaccountable rise in the
only two and a half feet above
. In order to ensure the pas
;he boat the men ana women
ed tc stoop over. At one place
swerved to one side, raking the
thosf occupants seated next
nk. These leaned further for
Ich loi.red one end of the boat
vatfi began to flow in rapidly,
cs saw llio dancer and" called
ufillronner to jump and take
t. Th'9 he did. landing in a
ik which offered only a blight
Lii?g down on his face he
h" rhuln and pulled the boat
he hank. The boat sank In
t of water. Further back
jre was no landing the water Is
;ip foot deep,
riifll e light of a single lantern the
onu? tfeaped by climbing over Mr.
0U5;i Conner's prostrate form and af--jr.:
j ting several hours for a boat.
"0Si 'ought In safety to daylight.
ii J" ler Men 'rmnP Froni Windows
inforW f n Burning' Building- in
'rt; Wc3t Virginia.
?M 1
rig, W. Va., Jan. 17. An on tiro
' i lur nnart of lltc business dls
rt(WS' burned tonight, causing a loss
mllftK $2,000. The lire originated in
! Jrtfcr-rooms of the "Wheeling Dally
fCTrfwid spread rapidly, destroying that
' P'IJsJg wholesale liquor house of Shac--VPrlohorst
and the -:tenslve phinti
locke Bros." Shoe company. Sev
jbtr Br building caught lire, but were
kAE! sprcn(1 wJtj, srn rapidity that
n. II loyees of th" Nwk had no chance
...........s- b iiy the Btalrways. and the night
:..."? Wen U. Smith, and his assistant,
d E .rchcr, wore forced to Jump from
Wwt.j-r nd-story window. Ihey escaped
TVMt-j- lit injurlc!. A few moments lator
0 Ert-j in collaneed. The News carried
t Eyrt si Insurance. Tho others wore well
leclir i
arxl IPolico Officers Organize to
d'th tect Themselves Ag-ainst
I Bogus Charges.
m i-a M -' 17- ,fmbflrs of Chicago's
M. ,1' y rcc, number SOO, und Including pa
jjlo'cfc (jrand 6fiiccrs of rank, today
' Jan organisation to be known as
CTOlH - omen's Progrosalve association.
pe.ipnl object. It In united, will lc
B?etlon of Tts members nguluct
made by ciimlnul.s und thieves
Vldintc given by the latter to a
iff Investigation committee. Thi
lavo resulted in tho dlanhnrgo of
l And they assert that tln-Ir dfs
K ueh teatliuony U i.njuat. The
tommlttee is denounced.
WjSJrv of Naval Hero Succumbs
' SMder' Colo.. Jan. 17.-The
ii& f Capt- K,cn'"0,d 1'. Tob- 4-
' 7l?Cfl at lho h0IIH' of s,,bIoy
ff?diiw'todaj ' aftor t ,0l,f? H'Hes. --
C . -5son wns with her wIiph alio
1, lOiWmjinA will leave with the re-
Pd'tH tomorrow for Greensboro,
J 'fF'ho tJuy will bo interred.
S Dflft1 Croon Pearson was born at
nWfed " x- C., Fobi-uory 21.
sumK1'1 for thc liast twenty years
fat AflK ,VCn a sllrtcl!, tvom dys-
yf She camo to Douldor last -f
-rjMT' and lias Phice rcmalnwl
1 UT:Suiac c u"t of t,l b' 110111 t0
Government Bepreseatntlve Pepper
Returns From a Trip Covering-
25,000 Miles.
Mexico City, Jan. 17. Charles K. Pep
par, reprwontRtlv of the United States
Governmont for the projected Pan-American
railway, hns left here fn" horno, after
a Journey of 2T.,yv) inllcs ami visiting thc
capitals of twenty-jono different govcrn-
Mr. Pepper says that tho Pan-Amfrlcnn
rallwny. being built by Americans In the
southwestern part of the republic. Is to
day within lfi.1 inllefl of the Guatemala
lino and. whrn roinplotrd, Guatemala and
Xlraragua will build lines in continuation.
Argentina Is dolnt; most effective work
In railroad construction, and tliero It In
part of tin national-spirit of the dav to
.ipenk and Avrlte of n railroad from Xow
York to nucno! Ayres. In Chile some
1200 mllen havn been built, and Brazil Is
planning a railway that Is to pierce tho
Suicide of a Einnisli Maid in a Wyoming-
Town. Prompted by Inability
to Return to Native Land.
ICemmorcr. A"y-. Jan. 17. The sulcido
of "Mary." a Finn laundress employed nt
the Hotel ICemmorcr, Is now believed lo
hayo been prompted by tho lack of funds
to return lo her native town In Finland,
The Finnish people look upon suicides very
unfavorably, and It Is seldom the suicides
get much of a burial; but the Finns of
this place and adjoining towns intend to
giye thc girl aB good a. funeral and burial
as their means will permit, though they
feel the. disgrace very keenly. "Marv"
was about 21 years of age. of good pa
rentage, and had many friends In I his vi
cinity. Her action was a great shock to
relatives and friends.
Eirst Rain of Season Falls Upon
Parched Lands in Southern
San Francisco, Jan. 17. Thc first rain
of the season fell over portions of
southern California today. At Santa
Barbara the storm lasted three hours
and tho streets were flooded. Thc
weather Indications point to more rain.
At Ventura, where there had been no
rain since lat't May, quite, a heavy pre
cipitation occurred. Thc storm was
quite general over central and northern
Colorado Miners Acquitted of Charge
of Dynamiting Arrested on a
New Complaint.
Id alio Spi lngH, Colo., Jan. 17. Three of
the thirteen men who were acquitted at
Georgetown yesterday afternoon on tho
charge of conspiracy to blow up tho Sun
and Moon transformer, have lwen rear
rested on the charge of arson. They are
J. K. Chandler, Rossi Sanborn and Foster
Mllbum. They will be tried In Gilpin
county at the Jinn term. Information
charging them with thc crime will bo
filed In the District court Monday.
Eight Firemen Have a Closo Call in
a Burning Building in
Chicago, Jan. 17. FIro In tho Chicago
Consolidated Milling and Malting com
pany plant today caused a loss of $75,0CO.
Eight firemen lost their way In tho smoke.
Two of them were retidercd unconscious
and the rest had nearly succumbed when
other llremen cut a hole through thc roof
and reacued them.
Descendant of Italian Patriot Dis
covered Among Band of Revo
lutionists. Caracas, Thursday, Jan. It. Gulscppo
Garibaldi, a grandson of the Italian pa
tilot. wns discovered among the revolu
tionists who woro captured last August
at Cludad Bolivar. Wheu President Cas
tro learned of this fact, and after Gari
baldi had been recognl;:cd by officials of
tho Italian Legation, he ordered his im
mediate release.
Remains of Late J". L. Blair Taken to
St. Louis Deceased Carried Over
S1,000,000 Insurance.
EuhUs, Fla., Jan. 17. The tody of James
L. lilalr. thc former general counsel of
tho St. Louis World's fair, who died yes
terday. was started for St. LouLs today,
accompanied by Mi-?. Blair and her eon.
Neither would make any statement of
t hoi r plans. Mr. Blair was under Indict
ment charged with embezzling .WS.OW. lie.
held life policies amounting to il.lSJ.CO),
and it Ix said that at least half a mil
lion of this has been assigned to his creditors.
Boiler Makers' Strike.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Jan. 17. John Mc
Neill, president of the Lloilrtnaker.s'
i nlnn of America. toda called a strike
o( bnil rank' i miploted bj two com
UtIs Inn md on At Uattcllr, Ala, bc
taubi non-union nidi have been imploded.
Two Points Upon Which Neither Japan Nor Russia Can Agree,
and the Slightest Moye by Russia Would Precipitate
War-Korean Troops Raiding.
London, Jan. l& In what It claims
ns an authoritative Htatenient, the Dally
Oraphio this morning announces that
the negotiations have arrived at a stage
leaving two poinLs upon which neither
P.ussla nor Japan Is Inclined to yield,
and ns to which no means of a com
promise have yet been found. Both
these points concern Manohurla, and
their acceptance would not in the
slightest modify the legal statu quo
or change the administrative situation
in Manchuria; but Japan insists that
"they he embodied in a treaty between
Japan and Russia, while Russia, as a
matter of amour propre, refuses to ac
cept such dictation at thc hands of
Japan. Much, however. Is still hoped
from the Czar's Influence."
The statement adds: "Of course any
attempt of Russia to Increase very
largely her naval forces In the I2ast
by moving her Blaek Sea or Baltic llects
would make war a question of only a
few hours." This statement seems to
be borne out by tho Associated Press
dispatch from Toklo yesterday, that
Search for Baron Toll, the Explorer,
Thus Far Unavailing Trace Is
Found by Relief Party.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 17. A dispatch from
Yakutsk, Eastern Siberia, dated January
IGth, saya that boatmen of tho oxpcdltlon
commanded by Lieut. Kolcholak have ar
rived there and reported that tho efforts
of the expedition to find Baron Toll on
New Siberia and Bennett Island. In the
Arctic ccean, havo been unsuccessful. Ba
ron Toll loft documents on Bennett Island
3howlng that he tilrned southward No
vember S, 11-02.
The Polar explorer Baron Tolt left the
yacht Xaria May 23rd, ill company wtth
two YukoLf, and started for Bennett
Island. Tho Zarla left her winter quar
ters early in June. 100-J. to tlnd Baron Toll
and hiss associate, tho Zoologist Blrutiu,
but was unsuccessful In its mission and
returned to the P.lver Lena. Blrutiu es
caped across the Ice.
Three relief parties were sent out by
the acadoaiy early In 1C03, one of them
being under command of Lieut. Kolcholak.
Alleged Oppression of Mayor of the
Isle of Pines Will Be Re
ferred to Roosevelt.
Havana, Jan. 17. United States Con
sul Stelnhart, having declined to inter
fere in (lie grievances which the Amer
ican residents of the Isle of Pines have
against Mayor Sanchez, of Xueva Cer
ono, In connection with the arrest and
imprisonment of Morgan Pearey, the
son of a prominent American, a peti
tion to President Roosevelt Is being pre
pared for the signatures of the Ameri
cans. This petition will allege that the
conduct of Mayor Sanchez is oppressive
and Intolerable and will pray for the
appointment of an agent other than
United States Minister Squires to Inves
tigate the case, with a view to request
ing the government of Cuba to remove
the Mayor.
Story of Advancement Told by Re
ceipts of Postoffice During First '
Ten Days of This Year.
Chicago, Jon. 17. Comparative reports
of tho postal receipts at thc Chicago
postortleo for tho firet ten days In lOOtf
and lftOt show remarkable gains for thc
beginning of the new year. Statist Ira
furnl?hed by Postmaster Coyne show that
the sales of postage stamps and postal
cards at the Chicago postofflco In the
first ten days of ISM amounted to SSCO.-llG,
against S2S-1.269 for the. same period In
IMC. Th general postal receipts In the
first ten dnys In ltKM aggregated $.3.S57, an
increase of over the business of the
same time in 10"W.
There also was a 13 per cent Increase in
the amount of registered articles handled.
Signing of Marriage Contract Be
tween Heiress and French Count
Occasion for Gifts.
Parle, Jan. 17. Tho signing of a mar
riage contract between Mlsa Constance
LIvermore, daughter of tho Baroness Ray
mond Selllere by her first carriage, to
Count Odon dc Lubnrsac, was the occa
sion for thc receipt by them of magnificent
gifts from friend1. Mrf. Astor. Mra. Bar
ney, Mrs. Potter Palmer and other Ameri
cans pave Jewel6 and other valuable pres
ents to tho bride.
Railroading in Peru.
Lima. Peru, Jan. 17. The Government
has granted perm!s?lon for the use of
freight trains having a velocity of twen
ty kilometers an hour to be run on tho
new American ralluav line between Oroya
on thc Oroa rlvtr (nlnety-tUe miles from
Lima) to Cerro de Pn.co, the capital of
thc department of Ynla.
Japan had received Russia's communi
cation saylntr that Russia would re
spect the rights and privileges already
acquired by the powers in Manchuria
under the existing treaties with China,
except In the case of the establishment
of foreign settlements, which shows
that negotiations are continuing on the
question of Manchuria.
At the Japanese Legation last night
it was said that no fresh news had
been received, and that the situation
remained unchanged.
The Dally Mall's Toklo correspondent
says that M. Pavloff, the Russian Min
ister at Seoul, has notified the Korean
Government that Korean troops havo
crossed the Chinese border repeatedly
and committed excesses against the In
habitants. Russian customs officials on
the extreme northeastern border report
similar occurrences, and assert that the
Koreans arc burning villages and kill
ing people. Minister Pavloff warned
the authorities that such proceedings
will necessitate severe measures. The
correspondent says that riots have bro
ken out at Chyung Choyngdo, in the
province of riyongan, Korea.
The Daily Mall's Seoul correspondent,
Young Woman Who Told
Strange Story Arrested.
Prominent Business Men Fig
ure as Complainants.
Woman Declares That She Was Shot,
, Bound and Gagged Story of
a Drug Clerk,
Sioux City, la., Jan. 17. Hattie Pit
cher, tho young woman school teacher
who asserted that she had been shot,
bound and gagged last Tuesday night
in the Henshnw hotel at Miller, S. D.,
was today arrested on a warrant sworn
out by half a dozen prominent business
men of Miller. She Is charged with as
sault with intentions to commit felony,
and administering ether to "Wilbur
Quirk for the purpose 6f robbery.
Quirk way a clerk in a drug store at
Miller. On Tuesday night he was held
up by two masked persons, bound,
gagged and after having been made un
conscious by the use of ether, was tied
to nn Iron bed, where he was found
the next morning in a serious condition.
He could not give a description of his
assailants', and the affair remained a
Miss Pitcher at first said" she had been
shot accidentally. She took the Sheriff
to the place nnd pointed out the re
volver with which the wound was In
flicted, but wouldn't say who shot her.
Drops of blood were found leading
from the drug store where Quirk wns
assaulted to the hotel. Other arrests
are promised.
m.'iss meeting In Philadelphia appeals to
the Sonate for Smool'c expulsion Na
tional Board of Trade will discuss amend
i ments lo existing laws.... Eighteen men
have thrllllns adventure in Mammoth
cave. ...Both branches of Congress will
have a busy week Congress of miners
at Indianapolis of unusual importance
Chicago policemen have organized to pro
tect themseHeH against "grafters". ...Five
hundred tickets have been issued for the
Bryan "dollar dinner" to be given at Lin
coln tonight The Panama canal sub
ject, postofflco Inquiry and other mut
ters of Importance aro scheduled for Con
grens this week. .
FORWGN.-Ovcr 200.WO Italian Immi
grants arrived in the t'n'.tid Stales last
year ..War Is again on In Haiti It is
authoritatively announced that there aro
two points In the negotiations upon which
neither Russia nor Japan can agreo....
Japanese arc awaiting the slcnal for a
call to arms, nnd will not back down....
The Czar's manifesto keeps peasant
classes down ...Turkish troops bluff tho
Sultan Into paying wages. ...Duke of Or
leans applies for divorce.
Bacon of Colorado Springs commits sui
cide becauso of pain Body of another
victim of steamship Clallam washed
aahoro. ...An Insane woman on the Union
Pacltlc overland created a renatlon by dis
robing In ono of tho coaches. ...Tho mo
ther of Capt. Richmond P. Hobson. of
naval fame, died at Boulder, Colo Rev.
R. H. Kennedy of IIIIlebor5. Or., acquitted
of burglary. . ..War between lumber car
riers on tho Paclflc coast opens First
rain of lho season in California.
CITY. New freight schedule, with In
creases as high as 17' per cent on some
articles, to go Into effect today... .Mel
ville KelloKg. manager of "Hello, BUI."
company, disbands and Ills actors have
him arrested as an abscoudlntr debtor....
Evolution of man denied by Elder Pen
rose at the Tabernacle. ...Funeral of Mrs.
Jane W. Romney largely attended...,
Judgo King place Voltaire In a new light
by hla lecture at Unity hall.. ..Gov. Wells
rotums from Portland after attending the
Live-stock association convention.. ..Brig
Gen. Cannon goes back to Carbon county,
nnd fears trouble at Scotlild. ..Mayor
Morris will probably semi his appoint
ments to the Council tonight for confirmation
cabling yesterday, makes no mention of
these disturbances: but, according to
the Dally Telegraph's T'okio correspond
ent, thc Seoul correspondent of the Jlji
Shampo learns that a general rising 13
imminent at Phong Yang, and that Ko
rean soldiers are co-operating wilh the
rebels. Phong Yang was the scene of
the rising which led to the war between
Japan and China. The correspondent
also says that an armored train with
quick-firing guns from the ships Is
ready at Chemulpo to rush men to Seoul
at a moment's notice; that the Japan
ese have secured control of the Korean
I court, and that, thc Emperor has wired
Peking and Toklo advising a triple of-
! fensive and defensive alliance, and
I promising not to leave Seoul.
I According to the correspondent, Mc-
( Levy . Brown, supervisor of Korean
I customs, secured possession of Korean
field guns, on the pretense that they
needed repairs, and locked them up In
the custom-houf.e.
The Dally Mail's Port Arthur corre
spondent estimates that the total num
ber of Russian troops now in Manchu
ria is 200,000, half of wnom are guard
ing the railway, and adds: "China's
(Continued on Pago 3.)
Five Hundred Tickets Have Been
Issued for the Bryan Dollar
Dinner at Lincoln. I
Lincoln, JCeb., Jan. 17 Five hundred
tickets have been issued for the "Dol
lar Dinner" to be given tomorrpw night
in honor of W. J. Bryan.
The speakers comprise many of tho
leading Democrats of thc State. The
subject of Mr. Bryan's toast has not
been announced, but it is unlikely that
the prediction that he will announce
definitely the policy he is to pursue In
the approaching compalgn will be realized-
It is more likely that his speech
will be short, along general lines and
largely extempore with a possible brief
review of his European trip.
Mr. Bryan's present stay in Lincoln
Is to he short. Tuesday he leaves for
New York city, where on the 21st he Is
to participate In the Holland society's
banquet. From there he goes to the
South to fill a number of lecture en
gagements. He will be accompanied by
Jlrs. Bryan and his daughter, Grace.
Minnesota Republicans at Sea Re
garding Method of Selecting
Congressional Delegates.
SL Paul, Jan. 17. The Pioneer Press
tomorrow will print nn interview with
ex-Congressman Joel lleatwole. In
which he points out that the Minnesota
Republ leans are in something of a
quandary regarding the. method to be
pursued in the selection of delegates
from Congressional districts to thc Na
tional Republican convention.
The call for the convention, issued
yesterday by Chairman Hannn, pro
vides that delegates from Congression
al districts shall be chosen In district
conventions, in the same manner that
nomination:- for Congressmen are
made. In Minnesota Congressmen arc
nominated at primary elections, and
there Is no provision under this law for
the holding of party conventions.
United States Dispatch Boat Dolphin
Detailod to Receive the Body of
Lato James. Smithson.
New York. Jan. 17. The United States
dispatch boat Dolphin. Commander J. 11.
Gibbons, from Washington, D. C, ar
rived here today under orders of the Navy
department to await the arrival of the
North German Lloyd liner Prinzcss Irene,
from .Genoa, wiilch is duo to arrlvo on
Tuesday and which bears the remains of
James Smithson, founder of tho Smithson
ian institution.
Tho Dolphin will meet the Prlnzess
Trenc In New York lower bay and escort
tho vessel to her dock. Tho coffin con
taining the remains will bo transferred to
the Dolphin, which will tako It to Wash
ington, whore re-Interment, with appro
priate coremonles, will bo made.
National Board of Trade Will Dlscues
Proposed Amendments to
Existing Laws.
Washington, Jan. 17. At tho annual
meeting of tho National Board of Trade,
which will bo held In this city tho coming
week, beginning on Tuesday, various
phases of the present Interstate, commerce
law and proposed amendments thereto,
the ship-subsidy question, postal affairs.
Including one-cent postage and tho proper
postal classification of mall matter; tho
Isthmian canal, reciprocity with Canada.
Cuba and other countries, various sug
gested reforms In tho currency laws, irri
gation and forestry, natlonnl Inspection of
grain nnd Government crop reports, and
other Important questions will be corisld
irtd. Two hundred dolcKHtcs from all
sections of the country are expected.
Francis A. White, Prominent as a
Railroad Man nnd Promoter,
Dead at San Francisco.
San Francisco, Jan. 17. Francis A.
White, a well known resident of Ever
ett, Wash., died' In this city today at
the age of SO years. Mr. White had an
active career in the development of the
Francis A. White was born in Xlnn
dllla county, New York, July 19, 1S23.
ISarly In thc fifties he came West, being
one of the pioneers of Nebraska and thc
Central West. He became one of the
projectors and owners of the first stage
line to run between Omaha and Den
ver before the Union Pacific railroad
was completed. Mr. White was largely
interested in railroad construction and
banking in tho middle West.
Mutinous Turkish Troops Who
Threatened to Sack Beirut Will
Get Their Wages.
Constantinople, Jan. 37. Orders bavo
been sent by the Government to thc Gov
ernor of Beirut, Syria, lo pay tho arrears
due thc Turkish troops thcro, tho non
payment of which has kept thc troops in
a mutinous conditions for several day3
Mutinous Turklnh troops havo been ter
rorizing Beirut for several days. Tho mu
tineers, who numbered about ISO) men.
were landed January 11th from Yemen.
Arabia, and immediately besieged the
Governor's palace, demanding tho pay
ment of about SSO.GX) In arrears of pay
and threatening oihcrwlso to sack tho
Report of tho Commissioner of Educa
tion Shows Satisfactory Pro
gress on tho Island.
Washington, Jan. 17. Tho annual report
of the Commissioner of Education for
Porto Rico, Samuel McCunc Lindsay, an
nounces a substantial and satisfactory
progresn in school affairs of tho island.
Tho year closed with 1003 schools open.
Tho total school enrollment was 70,217,
which Is 19 per cent of tho estimated total
of tho school population of thc Island, and
7 per cent of thc estimated total popula
tion of the Inland for 1303. For tho sup
port of "nil schools tho Department of
Education had available from Insular ap
propriations J574.C76, of which 5515,1C ac
tually was spent. Other expenditures
bring tho grand total actually spent for
education during tho fiscal year up to
Body of Another Victim of the Steam
er Clallam Disaster Drifts Ashore
at Port Angeles.
Port Angeles, Wash., Jnn. 17. The body
of a. man, supjiosed to be W. E. Rook
lidge of Tacoma, was found on tho beach
"today. On tho body was a life preserver
bearing the name "Clullam," proving con
clusively that tho dead man was a victim
of the disaster which sent such a thrill of
horror throughout the country a week ago
yesterday. Besides a number of other ar
ticles which will serve to lend to thc posi
tive identification of the deceased, cardw
bearing tho names 1 Keown, sign-painter,
and another bearing tho name and ad
dress of A. II. Parkes, 101S EaHt Prospect
street, were found on tho body. Neither
card bore thc name of a city or town.
Rov. R. H. Kennedy of Oregon Ad
judged Not Guilty on a Charge
of Housebreaking..
Hiilsboro, Or.. Jan. 17. The Jury In tho
case of Rev. R. H. Kennedy, charged
with tho burglary of tho residence of E.
H. Warren, early this morning returned
a verdict acquitting thc "accused. Tho
jury deliberated upon tho guilt or Inno
cence of Kennedy, who is a minister of
the Congregational denomination, for
eight hours. Much testimony damaging
to tho defense was Introduced but tho
Jury returned a verdict for Kennedy on
the ground of reusonablo doubt.
Renewal of Storm in Pennsylvania
Interferes With Traffic on
Eastern Lines.
Corry. Pa., Jan. 17. A renewal of Thurs
day's blizzard la.st night has again Inter
fered greatly with trafllc on all roads.
The Chicago limited on the ErJo wns ten
hours lato today, and last night a Penn
sylvania passenger train was stalled In a
drift for hours. Tho snow ploughs arc
constantly In uso and heroic efforts are
being mado to keep traffic open. The
Jamestown, Chautauqua Ss Lake Erie Is
completely tied up.
Republican Uowspaper Men Congra
tulate Roosovelt, and Indorse His
Candidacy for President.
St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 17. Tho Repub
lican editors of Missouri, In convention,
here, adopted thc following resolution:
"Resolved, That tho president of this
association be Instructed to telegraph
President Roosevelt Its congratulation on
his patriotic, consistent attitude with re
gard to the recognition of the Ropubllc of
Panama and to inform him that tho Re
publican press of MiHuouri Is a unit for
his renomination at Chicago next June."
Little Republic Again the ' j I
Theater of Warfare. I
Ferelners Implicated Are to , I I
, Be Deported;
Revolutionary Forces Raid Estates of H
Americans in Santo Domingo , ' JH
diild Injured by a ShelL " H
Cape Hallien, Jan. 17. The Govern- t
ment troops which disembarked recently 1
at Sossua were yesterday ordered1 to
march on Porto Plata. A brisk attack, JH
supported by tho guns of a Dominican
war vessel, began in thc evening. jH
This morning operations were resumed
and the Government troops entered Por
to Plata, causing the iligtit of Gen. Dcs- JH
champs, who took refuge in the United
States consulate.
Tho British cruiser Pallas has landed
marines to protect the consulate. The
United States cruiser Hartford has ar
Five persons connected with the. c,on
splracy headed' by Gen. Monplalsir to
start a. revolt against Gen. Nord and ,
condemned to death by a military
tribunal, were executed today in tho ' lM
presence of a vast crowd. Several for- u
eigners who took part Jn the conspiracy ,.H
probably will be deported.
On January 2 in tho absence of Prcs- 'M
ident Nord, who went to Gonalves to '; Jt
take part In the celebration of the cen-
tenary of the Independence of Haiti, "
Gen. Monplalsir attempted to start a
revolt against thc President, but thc 'H
movement failed. The General's son
and an accomplice wcro killed1 and many BH
arrests were made.
High-Handed Action of President of
San Domingo.
San Domino, Wednesday, Jan. 13. An
incident which came near having serious f
results but for thc coolness and prompt FH
intervention of United States Minister HH
Powell, took place here on the arrival X
of the Clyde line steamer New York. ll I
President Morales demanded that tho LI
shipping- agent surrender the ship's let- i a J
ters and when the agent refused to com- n 1
ply his arrest was ordered. In order l 1
to avoid being- arrested the agent went , y 1
on board the New York, carrying the . i M
letters with him. He then sent for l&fl
Consul Maxwell, who accompanied hi in '
to the palace, where President Morales
renewed his demand and compelled the 'H
agent to give up several letters. '1
Minister Powell, learning "of the In- iH
cident, promptly went to the palace and
demanded that the letters taken from
the ngent be delivered to him. This
President Morales refused to do, but jH
Minister Powell persisted in his dc- jl
mand, saying that the Government had
no right to take such action and that '
the President must hand the letters to r lH
him, which President Morales reluct- IH
tintlv did. Minister Powell also told IH
President Morales that the agent was
entitled to hio protection as he repre- H
scntcd nn American company and that 1 vM
he (Minister Powell) would not consent
to this arbitrary act on thc part of
the Government and that, furthermore. t
the ngent could not be expelled, as was (hI
threatened. Finally the case was sat- IH
isfactorlly settled. ijH
Revolutionary Forces Raid Estates of H
San 'Domino, Sunday. Jan. 10. Tho jH
revolutionary Gen. Navarro, having n
seized cattle on an estate at Lafc, which
is an American property, lho agent of j
tho estato applied to United States ,
Minister Powell for protection. The j.JH
Minister was compelled to refuse the 'H
request as he has no force at his com- ,
mand sufficient to guard the estate
The force on the United Statc3 gunboat IbIH
Newport is too small to safeguard or-
tates from pillagers, and In order to pro- '
tect United States property the Minister H
says there is great need of a larger k
warship here. If the revolutionists 1 IH
ahould enter the city Just now it would
be Impossible to prevent the pillage
which would be sure to take place, and 'H
there is no other warship here to sup- ,JJH
port tho Newport should it be found
necessary to land men. Il
There was continued firing around the
city Inst night and this morning-.
f Heavy Italian Immigration to -f
-f tho United States. 4
4- Rome. Jan. 17. Tho United States H
continues to bo the chief objective 4-
-f point of Italian emigration, tho '
4- number of emigrants going thcro In &H
4- im reachlug a total of nearly 230,- fjH
4- 000. Tho Government has entrust- -4- Ul
A- cd Adolfo Rossi, Inspector of cml- 4-
-t- grallon, with a mission to the 4-
-f United States for the purpose- of .jl
4- studying with tho United States 4- -H
4- immigration commlsHion tho best
4- means of directing Italians to thn 4 tM
4- agricultural States and of thus pro- 4- -H
4- vontin? their concentration in th 4- , IH
4- large towns. Rossi also will lnvea- 4- IH
4- tlgato th-3 relations of tho Italian 4- iJH
4- emigrants to tho trades unions. 4-
f T H4 ,

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