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The Salt Lake Trdhni: thiday MoiomzG, Jazhjaky 22. 1904. 7
I profit Taking Marked
Ifty in Wall Street,
it ?ros F,nd T'ioir ay
41 1 to the Exchange
'M i (Was Active Throughout the
V and Transactions Aggregated
M fife
V. rer Seven Million Dollai-s.
Jg Fork, Jan, 21. Tho Influences
$4 Jiave been gathering forco for
11 ma In tho stock market caused
j&urst of activity and strength to--5
Ich carried the wholo market to
1 level and routed a largo and
.' short Interest Tho rush to
If tho shorts was an Important
tjfcj'n carrying some of the most
QHocks upward, and the speculators
ro long of these stocks wcro able
$ftKtnc,rt nronts nt 11)0 0XI)ensc of
vflprlsh brethren. The movement
v .Sout any Important news devci
ftjl Jbeyond those that have been
S lacusslon for several days. Thero
1 tendency toward crystallization of
ct that war between Russia and
sjllkcly to averted for tho pres
llc foreign markets continue to
$1 hesitation and Inactivity, In the
Jjl hslon that a turn for the worst
4 feared; but the agreements
Jon successive points In tho con-,
I bavo given growth to tho con
71 Lnero that tho points remaining
VI 'sufficient to Justify a resort to
JJ, hQ growing volume of tho de
2for bonds has made an impres
sion the speculative inind as a
jrlirecursor of an Improvement In
.flng of stocks nnd tho continued
.accumulation of money at this
Sljfflds to tho belief that the dc
.ajpr bonds Is likely to extend to
list. Yesterday and today tho
jfiipalgn appeared under such aus
3ito Impress the uncovered bears
Sflprogrcss might extend beyond
Jreans to opposo It. The covering
IvjAwas very heavy from various
"inpolnts Tho leadership In tho
.jHpperatlons was rather clearly
JJliVto several sources which have
Hoposlng lntluences In great mar
afoemcnls of the last few years,
7JfcprcstIge of this leadership helped
ISjprallzo the bears. There was an
fflis profit taking throughout the
jftthe first In stocks which havo
rellmlnary advance todav. Theso
Southern Pacific, Rock Island.
Eric, Amalgamated Copper and
States Steel preferred. Later,
mo of these laggards were
Into the movement, the profit
lifted to stocks which had ad
1 the early part of the day. This
recess of closing up spcculatlvo
ents serves to reduce the tech
ccs In tho market for a fur
emcnt in either direction. The
of tho drought In tho South
3 0:10 of tho helpful influences
ly. Speculative hopes were ex
' a large diversion of prolHs of
peculation into stocks, and the
to stock exchange membership
cader of the cotton speculation
appropriate feature of the day.
ket closed active and firm and
, top prices for the majority of
were active and strong. Total
ar value, $7,075,000.
M States bonds wcro unchanged
Anew yoric bond list.
f 2s rcg. 10514 L. & N. u. is.... 99?J
y 10514 M. c. gold 4s... 103
rcg ...105 Mex. Cen. -is... 70A
Ml. ......... IMrfe. iSl 111c joi
irfJHs reg. .13214 M. & St. L. 4s.. 37
tm 31.. K. & T. -is. 93
4 VUs rcg 107 2r.d.s SO
fr 107V: Mex. NnL c. -is. 7Gy.
6 reg.. .101Vi x. y. C. g. Ps. rj$i
Di W-i N. J C. s. 5s. 131
iW E. 4s.. 99 N Pac, 4s 103
15 - SO'a 3s 72H
fcfcT B 93 N. & W. c. -is.. 97i
Pi is., 1014 O. S. L. 4s &
.' 95V4 jinrtic 95
LfiGa. Es. 1004 Ponn. c. 3',ts.... PC
ifc:. 70 'Reading g. 4s.. 9&4
MZiHs.. .103 St L. &1. Mt.
nj4V4s.. , 7CV c. Gs 113
Kl.Q. n. 4 s 92 fg. 4 s 84
Jm St. P. St. Li. S. W. Ists 94
. .10911 S. A. Ij. 4s...... GGi
imSi' 9; 's-Ul1. So. Pac. 4s SOV2
V !i& P 4s 74 S. Ry. 5s 113
fi K ........ S4 T. & P. lsts.. .11C
l C. & St T.. St. I. & W.
n. 4s.... z is 71
f ir. 4s.... SCVi U Pac. 4s 102'A
Cl b. 4s.... Vju, conv. 4s 9Sli
i Ms SSi,. V. S. Steol 2nd
1 i G. 4s,. 07 53 74
I ttitn 4a.. 93A Wabash lsts ...11511
I 1 4s S3i, deb. B C5?l
1 ?& D C. AV & L. E. 4s.. 91
i 103'f; MMsl Ccn. 4s . 90
I .5-.4V4S.... 105 C F. a 53, 72
t Sales, High. Low. Close.
Tt nr 3uco csu aivi
"d . 2,300 WHk SO
Bj re &. Ohio.. 27,303 82 50 S2
d 200 HI 90J1 rx)tA
,01 Pacific . . 7,300 Ws US lISVs,
-ifp J - 103 ic2' i2
tfiOhlo 5.200 Cl 33i SPi
J&. Alton 3.S-W 3S9j 37'A 3S
lit 10,300 $5Vl SI S3
It Western.. 2,600 17 17 17i
i crd ' m 31 30 30
i Northwest 2,m 1C9',4 l&S
tt inj & Trans. 1.-W0 u$ Wj
fc St Louis.. 1,400 SO 79V1 H(i
I'Uthorn 1,509 is-)i in wt
furred 1.CO0 67 57
CC"cd 2.S00 27:b 27 23'
i K & eat 7
f& R G... . 2,fX 23 22V- 22'A
I red GO) 72 72 72
I - ... .12.400 2!vSi 2S1,. 22
fiCd, -MOO COife fii cs
f,fcrred SCO 48't 48i
th prct ... 1T0
ftValley . . 400 74 71 74
"a 200 &l 5iu, soiA
Central .... 8,800 133U 133
ientral 2pZ
Hithern.... , ico 21 21
d .. .. 1,100 SSW: 37V- RS4
caBhvIHe... 9,700 111 109'i 110
lltan bt Ry. 1 100 123 122 123
jkfbt Louis
Ri E-acVU, 2M0 07Ti 1)4
Lic & 1 4-M0 19 IS lS-
J fffr" . 2,500 12fl 120 IMS
1 rcd -1C,,:H) 01 ffi
V 7& Vcat 3.900 23" 22 2216
LVgV'Ta 122 120V? 121
, b St Louis 100 o 01
... .31,700 47'1 4C 47 "
i &"C,X,- - 200 7i 7! 79
til referred Aj'
J 'ist-pVd:21: ?5:? Wli g
5ssai: j & ja ss
5 Kod . -I.S00 -A k- 35
rci .'"'' '1Q'm 1ICS-i
iclt'c ' co-S 1
JBLi y 1C.M"J --ta 21 2C
ij S3
-f- -f- -- -f
f N'ew York 5Cc -f
4- San Francisco .....CCc
-f- London W4d -f
-f N"cw York exchange $i.G0gl.C5 -f
-f New Y'ork exchange ....'312.5012.75 -f
-f Actlvo and higher. -f
"Wheat Active; lower. -f
Corn Steady; firm.
-f Oats Active; higher. -f
4- Provisions Steady. jf-
4- Cattle Steady; strons. -f
-f Hogs Firm; higher.
4 Sheep Irregular; lower. 4
44444 4 444444444444
Texas & Pacific 3,200 27 2CV4: 2C
Tol St L & West ... 700 2&V1 27Vi 20
preferred 'COO 39 3SVt 3SlA
Union Pacific 52.2CO 8JVv S0 SlV'i
preferred 300 SO'j 90',i 90
"U'abash 1.100 20- 20;
preferred 1.700 39 3S5I 3j
Wheeling & L E... . 1.9C0 IS'A 17 18
Wis Central 5,500 21 20 21
preferred 1, ICO 47ft 40 47i
Express Cos
Adams 220
American ' 190
United States 106
Wells Fargo 105
Miscellaneous .
Amal Copper 4S.700 G1VI 494 El
Amer Car & Found. 1.900 20 29VA ItHt
preferred S00 70 C0H C9
Amer Linseed Oil 10
preferred 200 ' 2S 2S 2S
A -nor Locomotlvo .. 3.000 1SVG 17 1S
preferred 700 75 77.tj 7S
Arner S & 11.. 1,400 49 4S 4S
preferred 300 91 99 PO'j
Amer Sugar Rfng... 21,900 127 125 127
Anaconda M C 1,300 77 7f 70
Brooklyn R T 1G.I03 51 49i. 50
Colo Fuel & Iron.... 900 31 30 29
Columbus & II Coal 200 11 14V4 13
Con Gas 1,400 194 19331 194
Gen Electric 2.000 17S 173 377
Internal Paper 2,500 12 12U. 12
preferred 2,20") K7 GC CT-j
Internat Pump 32
preferred 71
National Biscuit .... 1,10ft 3.ri 39 39V-
Natlonal Lead 1,100 li'.'i 1C 10
North American COO 87 S7VG
Pacific Mall 1.30-) 33 31 31
People's Gas 2,S0 99 95 99
Pressed Steel Car... CCO 29 291 29-li
preferred 200 70 70 09
Pullman Pal Car... 100 21C 21C 215
Republic Steel 1,900 7& 7 7
preferred 3.700 AC 43 455;
Rubber Goods C.700 21 19. ao
preferred 200 77 77 77
Tonn Coal & Iron... 3.C00 39 3S 3S
U S Leather S00 7 7 S
preferred 2.0CO 7S 77 7SPk
U S Rubber 1.000 13 13 13
preferred 500 49 4S 49
U S Steel 2i?.3 11 11 11
preferred 32.300 59 57 5S
Western Union S00 S2' SS SS
N Securities 91
Total sales for the day, 902,500 shares.
New York Metals.
Now York. Jan. 21. Tin- lost t In
London, closing at 129 5s and 129 15s for
spol and futures respectively. Locally,
tin was also lower, closing at 52$.25
Copper declined 5s in London, closing
at 57 10s for spot and 57 2s Cd for fu
tures. Locally, copper was unchanged.
Lake Is quoted at" $12.75T'13.00, electro
lytic at $12.G2'Q,12.S7. and casting at
?12.5&S 12.75
Lead was firm at $4.G0I.G5 locally, but
was 13 2d lower at 11 15s In London.
Spelter declined 2s Cd to 21 7s Cd in
London, but remained steady here at
Iron closed at 49s 9d In Glasgow nnd
nt 41s 9d in MIddlesboro. Locally. Iron
as unchanged. No. 1 foundry North
ern is quoted at $15.0057 1C.00, No. 2 foun
dry Northern at Sll.00lri5.00, No. 1 foun
dry Southern and No. 1 foundry South
ern soft at S13.75S1 1.25.
Live Stock.
Chicago, Jan. 21. Cattle Receipts. S000;
dull and lower. Good to prlmo steers, 51.90
(55.C5; poor to medium, $3 25Jt4.50; stockors
and feeders, $2.M74.00; cows, f 1.507 -1.00;
heifers, ?1.755?I.W; cunners, Sl.50g2.50;
bulls, J2.0ftr?I.C0; calves. S3.0WG.50.
I loga Receipts today, 20.000; tomorrow.
25,000. Mixed and butchers. $4.855.10; good
to choice heavy, $5.Cfio.l5, rough heavy,
S4.S5.00, light, Ji.C0lj4.a3; bulk of sales,
?4 Satfo.OO
Sheep Receipts, 1-1,000; sheep and lambs
stronj? to 10c higher. Good to choice weth
ers, SI.COITIO; fair to choice mixed, $3 25
474.00; Western sheep, J3.50J4.40; natlvo
lumbs, $1.50gC.OO; Western lambs, $4 -25
Kansas City. Mo., Jan. 21. Cattle Re
ceipts, GOO0. Steady to strong. Natlvo
steers, J3.GO;5J4.G5; native cows and heifers.
S2.15tj3.C0: stockors and feeders. S3 007j3.75;
bulls, 2.2551.1.25; calves. S2.75tjC.O0; Western
steers. S3.20ff4.20; Western cows, ?1.50ft3.30.
Hogs Receipts, S000. Higher. Bulk of
sales, SI.G53f4.90: heavy, -1 S04.95; packers,
S4.G0fr4.S0; pigs and lights. S4 30fj-4.75.
Sheep Receipts, 2000. Mnrkot steady to
strong. Muttoii3, S3.W1T4.40; lambs, Sl.GSp
5.75; range wethers, 3.25Q4.30; ewes, $2.G0i)
South Omaha, J.in. 21. Catllo Receipts.
2500; market steady. Native steers. $3.40
5 15; cows and heifers, S2.$0??3.SO: canners,
S1.3O&2.50; stockera and feeders, ?2.75fiM.W;
calves, ?3. 005.25; bulls, stags, etc , S2.40S?
4 00.
Hogs RecolpLs, 0509; mnrkot CJilO cents
higher; heavy. ?4.Sftfji4.95; mixed. 4.75'?i4.S0.
light. S4.CW-4.SO; piss, S3.50tT4.40; bulk of
sales, $4.75t7;4.S0.
Sheep Receipts, 2700; market shade
lower; Westerns, S4.OOJf4.90; wethers, $3.75
(4. 40; ewes, $2.O0f?4.O0; common and stock
era, ?2 50t73.70. lambs, S-l.75fj-5.75.
St. Joseph, Jan. 21. Cattle Receipts,
1C00. Mostly strong to 10c Higher. Na
tives, ?3 40ti5.15; cows and heifers, S1.755)
4.35; stockers and feeders. $2. 75 'a f. 30.
Hogs Receipts, 4400. Flvo to 10 cents
higher. Lkht, ?4.55!yi.S5; medium nnd
heavy, LSjSo-CO.
Sheep Receipts, 2. Ten to 15 ccnt3
Grain and Provisions.
Chicago, Jan. 21. Tho day was one of
marked activity and excitement In tho
wheat pit. An ominous lull pervaded tho
pit at the stnrL. Opening quotations w;ro
steady. May being c higher to c lower
at 91tr92'4c Trading was barely under
way, however, when a general selling
movement began In tho July delivery. Tho
cause of Hie sudden activity In this option
was the relief from drouth experienced by
the growing crop In the Southwest, where
copious rains wcro reported. With the
heavy selling In July, small holdCra In
May decided to secure profits before It wan
too late. As a result general liquidation
ensued. The leader of tho longs bought
openly in an effort o stern the tide, but
orferlngs were too liberal, and before the
break had been checked May had declined
to 90Vc, a loss of l&c from tho high point.
Julv M'as much weaker than May and sold
from S3c to S4c at tho opening down to
S1c, a sheer drop of 2c. With May at
90c early short sellers began to buy and
the market gradually recovered. Commis
sion houses and local traders were liberal
buyers tho later part of tho day and May
regnlnod all of Its early loss, tho price
again touching 92V4G, Jut before the close,
Final figures were at 01fiftc. July did
not respond to the Improved sentiment as
readily as the nearby delivery nnd closed
with a loss of lc at S3c. Clearances of
wheat and flour wore equal lo 323,500 bush
elB. Primary receipts woro 371,300 bushels,
against 307,200 busnols a year ago. Min
neapolis. Duluth and Chicago reported re
ceipts of 357 cars against 351 cars last week
and 374 cars a year ago.
Corn opened steady on firm cables and
unfavorable weather'. May being a shade
higher to a shade lower at 50c to C0,
50c As a result much of tho early de
cline was recovered and a firm lone" pre
vail! d at the close, although May was
'i-.-o lower at 49lS50c. Local recelyts
were 21C cars, none ot contract grade,
Oats faired the best of the grains, and
Prices Are Stiffening in Sev
eral Lines.
Chickens Are Plentiful at the
Higher Prices.
Salmon Goes Out Readily New Lot
of Sturgeon Among1 Recent
There Is a firm tone to the local market
generally and business Is fairly good.
Slight udvnnces in hay and grain are im
minent at any time; somo arc likely to be
shown In today's quotations. Chickens aro
plentiful at tho higher prices, but thero
la no overstock. New shipments of salmon
received yesterday went out readily. A lot
of lino sturgeon was among yesterday's
arrivals. It sells at 13 cents a pound,
wholesale. The market Is well supplied
with nearly all kinds of fish.
Hay, Grain and Straw.
Oat straw, per bale 30G .35
Timothy, per ton. baled 13.50
Wheat, per bushel So .93
Corn. or cwt 1.20
Corn, cracked 1.25
Oats ; 1.35
Rolled oats 1.45
Barley, whole 1.154J) 1.20
Barley, rolled 1 l-25fi 1.30
Flour, bakers' No. 1 1.90JD 1.95
Flour, straight grado 2.0031 2.10
Flour, high patent 2.20
Graham flour 2.15
Cornmcal 1.75
Bran 95j 1.00
Dressed beef, per pound S .0G $r.07
Dressed pork, per pound .07
Dressed veal. j;cr pound .OS
Dressod mutton, per pound Oj'y.Ot;1
Dressed lamb, per pound f .07&
Dressed hens, per pound $ .15
Dressed turkoys, per pound 23
Ducks, per pound 17
Springs , 17 ,
Live poultry, hens, per pound 12
Live spring chickens 15
Santa Paula lemons, per box. 2.25??' 4.00
California oranges, per box 2.75'fl) 3.00
Lemons, per box 4-CVu 5 00
Utah apples, per bushel 1.25 1.50
Cranberries, per barrel 11.50512. 00
Oregon apples, per box 1 75
Figs and dates 5c, Sc, 10c
Winter potatoes, per cwt ? 1.25
Utah onions 2 f0
Utah celery, per dozen 45 .50
California sweet potatoes, per
pound ., 03',i57'03i
Cabbages, per 100 3.50
Cauliflower .1216
Dairy Products.
Butter, per pound .$ .21
Cheese, per pound .12
Eggs, per case 9 OOTfll.OO
Fancy cheese, per pound .13A
Comb honey, per crate 3 00
Strained honey, per pound .07
Sweltr.er cheese, per pound .... .13
Fresh Fish.
Steelhcad salmon, per pound $ .14
Halibut, per pound 13
Striped bass, per pound : .15 I
Shad, per pound 10
Mountain trout, per pound .., 2ot7;,30
Soles, per pound .09
Flounders, per pound 09
California smelts, per pound 12
Codfish, per pound .-.r 13
Catfish, per pound 12
Perch, per pound 10
Lobsters, per pound 15 "
New York oysters (counts), per
100 l.f.0
Utah carp and mullet 0C
Perch 12 ,
Sea bass .12
Crabs, per dozen 3.00
while there was a sharp break early In
sympathy with tho wheat weakness, all
of the loss was recovered and a new high
record in May recorded. May opened un
changed to Vjc lower at 42Hc to 2c, sold
down to -liyc, but reacted later In the day
to 42rs.c. The close was at 12V4429ac. Lo
cal receipts woro 100 cars.
Provisions weathered the galo and held
steady In the face of tho sharp break In
grain prices Much smaller receipts of
hogs than had been estimated with an ad
vance of 10c in the price at the yards was
tho steadying inllucncc- There was somo
selling by local longs and also for outside
account, but tho market held well and
closed steady with May pork 2'.c higher
at S13.27A. May lard was up 6c at $7.25,
wliilo ribs were a shade higher at SO 701?
Estimated receipts for tomorrow:
Wheat. 40 cars; corn, 323 cars; oats, 1G5
cars; hogs, 27,00-3 head.
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close.
Wheat No. 2
May 92V1 MVi 90V' 92
July S4U S4A 81i S3'
September 791 79 77 79
Corn No. 2
January 4iV 4C 40ft 4C1&
May Mi CO1.. 49'A CO
July 4Sli 4Si 47?i -1SV&
Oats No. 2
January 30
May 12 Wv 4Ui 42
July 35 39i 37 3S
September 33?i ai?i 33'.; 333;
Mess Pork
January ' 13 00
May 13.27&13.37". 13.22!A 13.27A
January 7.00 7.02'A 0.971(1 7.0'Vi
May 7.22 7.27',(.- 7.17'! 7.25
July G.27& 7.30 7.25 7.27'.A
Short Ribs- 0
January 0.37 fi.37'. G.371'. G 37'A
May . .1 C.72' G.75 G.67i, G.72(5
July G.S0 G,0 C.S0 " rt.SO
Cash quotations wcro as follows: Flour,
firm. No. 2 spring wheat, S0fiS7c; No. 3
92fj?Sc; No. 2 red, 92fi9Sc No. 2 corn. 4GVc
No. 2 yellow, 4Sc. No. 2 oats, 3HT(30c. No
3 white, syrmiio. No. 2 rye. GOc Good
feeding barley. 40c; fair to choice malting.
475i5Sc; No. 1 flaxseed. $1.07; No. 1 North
western, S1.12H,. Prlmo llmothv seed, S3 25
Mess pork, por barrel, Sl3.10gi3.27-; lard'
The peculiar cough which Indicates
croup Is usually well known to the
mothers of croupy children. No time
should be lost In the treatment of it,
and for -this purpose no medicine has
received more universal approval than
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Do not
waste valuable time in experimenting
with untried remedies, no matter how
highly they may be recommended, but
give this medicine ay drected, and all
symptoms of croup will quickly disap
pear. For sale by all druggists.
per 100 pounds. $7.Q2',-2: short ribs sides
(loose). Jfl.20gG.35; short clear sides
(boxed), $6.C2VWi0.70. Whisky, basis of
high wines, S1.27. Clover, contract grade,
Rets. Ship.
Flour, barrels 3S.000 52.000
Wheat, bushels 71.C0O 43.000
Corn, bushels 2S3.000 325,000
Oats, bushels 1S0.00O 115,000
Rye. bushels 9.000 7,000
Barley, bushels CC.OOO 11,00)
On tho produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; creamery, l&tieic:
dairy. 13ffl9c. Eggs steady, 23(j27c. Cheese
steady, lOtJlOc
Coast Grain.
San Francisco. Jan. 21. Wheat Weak
er; May. SL33Hi.
Barley Weaker; May, S1.0G1.
St. Louis "Wool Market.
SI. Louis. Jan. 21. Wool Nominal.
Medium grades, combing and clothing,
17(I721c; light line, 155il7.;c; heavy, 12
llc; tub washed, 2021c.
New York Sugar Market.
New York, Jan. 21. Sugar Raw. nom
inal; fair refining. 2 27-32c; centrifugal
.9G-test. S 11 -32c; molasses sugar, 219-32c.
Refined Dull.
Butter and Eggs.
New York. Jan. 21. Butter Irregular;
creamery. 15j22c: State dairy, 14?pl9c. Eggs
llrm; Western. 2S31c.
Treasury Statement.
Washington, Jan 21. Today's statement
of tho treasury balances In tho general
fund cxcluslvo of tho $150,000,000 gold re
serve in tho division of redemption,
shows: Available cash balance, $225,907,
708; gold, SS.021.G20. ,
Big Bond Purchase.
New York, Jan. 21. Speycr & Co. and
Kuhn,- Loeb & Co. havo Jointly purchased
$3,000,000 of Southern Pacific 4,,(. per cent
two to five-year coupon bonds. These
bonds ore a portion of the authorized Is
sue of $30,000,000 gold bonds of 1900. It Is
understood that a largo proportion of tho
bonds purchased today will be marketed
I New York Stocks, 1
Bonds, Grain I
I and Provisions. 1
K Stocks bought and sold on margin N
vi Continuous quotations direct from H
I Now York Stock Exchange. H
H Wo have a special department for B
a buying and selling stocks and bonds Dj
! for cash, which Enables us to glvo H
i bent of satisfaction to bankers as I
g well as Individual investors, m
I C. V CUMMINGS. Manager. I
M Rooms 211-212 D. F. Walker Block B
Progress !
j Merket. j
H. WARD, Prop.
Tel. 797. !
I 139 W. Second South.
At all times. Our thoughts and our
hands are both active In carrying out
Work Intrusted to uy. and there Is no
problem In which pipes, and valves,
and taps, sinks, drains, traps, etc., are
the factors that wo cannot solve.
Experience In all lines, the use of
high-class material and the employ
ment of competent worktnon, enables
us lo carry out all Jobs satisfactorily.
Electric Wiring and Fixtures,
109 East First South. Telephone 752.
Primary, Seoontlary or Tertiary Blood Poison
Pormanontly Curod. Yon enu bo tmatcJ nt homo
ntidor somo piartinty. Capital $3)0,000. Wo solicit
tho most oVstlnnto enson. Wo huro curod the worst
casos In 15 to M doyn. If yon hnvo takon morcury,
lodldo potash nnd still havo acho3 nnd pulns. Mucai
Patohe.i In Mouth. Soro Throat, Pimples. Copnor
Colorod Spots, Ulcora on any part of tho body. Hair
or Kyobrows falling out, vrrfto for proof ot euros.
Cook Remedy Co
010 ItiSOBIO T3HPIH. CMacs. I1L lOO-fig Beck ft
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Vnnus Gold Mining company will bo
held at the ofllce of the company, Room 23.
Eagle block, at tho southeast corner of
Second South and West Templo streets, in
Salt Lako City, Utah, on Monday, the Sth
dav of February, 1WM, at -1 o'clock p. m
for the purppse of electing directors of tho
said company for tho ensuing year, and for
the transaction of such other business as
may properly como before the mcetlnir.
Salt Lako City, Utah, January 16, 19H.
Cheese, Butter, Tobacco,
Rice, Meat Sale.
13 bar3 Diamond C White Russian
Soap , $ .50
Buttermilk, per gal ir,
Best Creamery Butter 21
Pumpkin, per can 10
Twin Bros. Mush, 3 packages....:... .25
G-lb. packages premium Wheat Flakes.
worth 30c 17
10c Navel Oranges "ft
Good Lemons, per doz 10
7 pounds good Coffee 1.00
Dunham's 1-lb. pkg. Cdcoanuu 29
G lbs. Prunes, for .25
Ben Davis Apples, per Tjox: 1,23
50c Tea .35
Cranberries, per quart- .10
3 Oxford Flakes 23
3 1-lb. packages Raisins , 25
Gallon can Best Sorghum..."..::-...;.... .59
50-pound can 4. SO
10-pound can 1.05
5-pound can , 55
3-pound can , 35
2 pounds Llmbcrger Cheese... 38
Good Table Butter 3)
Ammonia, per bottlo 09
2 Bottles Pickles .- 19
11 bars Bcat-'Em-All Soap 60
i cans good Table Peaches 25
5 1-pound packages good Starch........ .25
Picnic Hams, per pound 10
3 cans Peas 25
3 pounds best Gloss Starch... 20
Macaroni, per pound 10
High Patent Flour, per cwt 2.30
Straight Grado 2.10
Bakers' No. 1 2.00
2 boxes Cocoa 19
3 cans Good Salmon 25
5-pound box Crackers 40
Horse Shoo Tobacco, per lb 42
.1 lbs. Best Cream Cheese ? GO
5 lbs. Good Rice 25
Best Swiss Checso f 25
Warranted Baking Powder, 2 lbs. for .23
Cooking Eggs, per doz 20
2 pounds Comb Honey 25
Good Vinegar, per gallon 15
Phone 141S-Z.
J Thoeo sufforlntr from weak-
2 ncses which snp the pleasures
B I B of life should take Juvcn Pills.
One box will tell a story of
marvelous results. This medicine has more
rcjuvonatln?. vitalizing force than has ever
been offered. Sent post-paid In plnin packaco
Only on receipt of this adv. nnu SI.
ilado by its orlglnntors C 1. Hood Co.. pro
prietors Hood's Sarsnparllla. Lowell, Mas?
Notice of a Special Meeting of the St.
Louis-Vassar Mining & Milling
Company, a Corporation, Organized
Under tho Laws of the State of
Salt Lako City, Utah, Jan. 16, 1904.
Notice Is hereby given that there will
be a special meeting of the stockholders
of the St. Louls-Vassar Mining and Mill
ing company had nnd held on tho second
day of February, 1904, at 3 o'clock p. m.,
at room No. 10. Walker Bank building;
corner Second South and Main streets.
Salt Lake City, Utah, tho above-named
placo being tho general office of said cor
poration This notice Is given and said meeting
called by tho undersigned stockholders of
said corporation, who are the owners and
lioldcra of more than two - thirds of
tho outstanding capital stock of said cor
poration. Said meeting Is called by tho
undersigned stockholders for tho reason
that there U no secretary of said cor
poration and for the further reason that
tho president of said corporation refuses
to make such call. Said meeting Is called
and will bo had and held for tho follow
ing purposes and for tho transaction of
the following business:
First To remove all of tho present di
rectors and officers of said corporation
and all directors nnd officers thereof who
may bo or claim to bo such ofllcers and
directors at the date nnd time of holding
such meeting, and to elect upon such re
moval of such directors and officers,
otlmr directors and officers to fill the va
cancies caused by si;ch removal and all
other vacancies existing at that tlmo
for any reason.
Second To authorize and empower tho
board of directors of said corporation to
levy an assessment of not oxeceding two
cents per share on each and every sharo
of the outstanding capital stock of said
corporation and to glvo consent to the
Signed M. A. Hughes, S. V. Shclp, Rob
ert GorllnskI, Ezra Thompson, W. S. Oak
ley, Henry Newell. M. II Walker, J.
Frank Judge. J. C. Lynch, E. B. Gorlln
skI, James A, Minor, Harriet L. Miner,
Charlos A. Walker. J. R. Walker, L. II.
Farnsworth, Wllford Van Wagencn, John
Austin, W. S. Willis. J. C. Jensen. Jo
seph R. Murdock, H. T. Coleman, Sam
uel Hulr, Jr., Charles Buhler, Fred W.
Hayt, F. II. Officer.
It Is very Important that you attend this
meeting. If you cannot attend, send
First publication Jan. 19. lgQI. r!450
Lake County, Stato of Utah.
Aramlntlo Walsh, plaintiff, vs. John T.
Walsh, defendant. Summons.
The State of Utah to the said defend
ant: You aro hereby summoned to appear
within twenty days alter tho service of
this summons upon you, If served with
in the county In which this action is
brought, otherwise within thirty days
after service, and defend tho above en
titled ncticn; nnd In case of your fail
ure so to do, judgment will bo rendered
against you according to the demand ot
itic complaint, of which a copy is here
with served upon you.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
P O. address: Room 10 Eaglo Block,
75 West 2nd South Street, Salt Lako City.
Utah. rlC72
City Poundkeeper's Sale.
Notlco is hereby given to the owner or
owners of tho animals hereinafter de
scribed, and to whomsoever it may con
cern: That there aro Impounded at the
present time. In tho city pound, tho fol
lowing described animals:
Ono bay horse, about 12 years old, stripe
In face, 2 whlto feet on left side, branded
on left thigh J S. T
Also buckskin horse. 1 years old, star
In forehead, branded H on left thigh.
If said animals are not claimed and all
amounts duo thereon paid, and said nnl
nials taken away within ten (10) days
from the date of tho first publication of
this notice, they will be riold by tho cltv
poundkcepGr. at public swile. at Tonth
South and Eighth East. Jan 31. 1901, In
this city, at tho hour of 2 p. m., to the
highest bidder.
Date of llrst publication, Jan. 22, 150-1.
C. II. GATES. Poundkceper,
California Mining and Milling company,
of Nevada.
Principal place of business In Nevada.
Elko. Elko county. Nevada: principal
place of business In Utah, 221 South West
Temple street, Salt Lako City. Utah. Lo
cation of mines, Uintah Mining District,
Summit county, Utah.
Notlco Is hereby given thnt at a meet
ing of the board of trustees of said cor
poration, duly held on tho 28th day of
December, 1903, an assessment (No, 5)
of eight (8) cents per share was levied
upon tho capital stock of this corpora
tion, payable Immediately to H. G. Fish
er, assistant secretary, at tho office of
tho Western Exploration company, tho
offlco of this company. No. 221 South
West Temple street, "Salt Lako Cltv,
Any and all Btock on which this as
sessment remains unpaid on, Saturdav,
tho 30th day of January, 1904. at 12 o'clock
noon, will bo delinquent and advertised
for sale, and if the assessment Ir not
sooner paid, together with tho costs of
advertising, so much of each parcel of
stock as Bhall bo necessary to pay said
araessmcnt and all costs of advertising
and sale will bo sold at public auction
at tho said offlco of the company on
Saturday, the 27th day of February. 1901,
at 3 o'clock p, m
By order of the board of trustees
W. I. SNYDER, Secretary.
Consult County Clerk or tho respective
elGnera for further Information.
hate division. In and for Salt Lako county,
State, of Utah. In the matter of the cBtato
of Hyrum Cluff Chrlstcnson, deceased.
The petition of Alvlda Chrlstenson, ad
ministratrix of tho estate of Hyrum ClufC
Chrlstcnson, deceased, praying for the
settlement of final account of said ad- I
mlnlstratrix and for tho distribution q
the residue of eald real estate to tho per
sons entitled, has been set for hearing on
Friday, tho 10th day of February, A. D.
1904, at lu o'clock a. m., at the county
courthouse. In the courtroom of said
court. In Salt Lake City, Salt Lake coun
ty. Utah.
Witness the clerk of said court, with tho
seal thereof affixed, this 15th day of Janu
ary. A. D. 1901. JOHN JAMES,
IScnl.J Clerk.
By David B. Davles. Deputy Clerk. !
Estate of Ablel Leonard, deceased.
Creditors will present claims, with
vouchers, to the undersigned at office of
Smith & Putnam, room 12. Commercial
block, Salt Lake Cltr. on or before the
20th day of May. A. D. 1901.
Executrix of Estate of Ablel Leonard,
Smith it Putnam, Attorneys for Estate.
Dato of first publication, January 20,
A. D. 3901.
bato division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty, Stato of Utah. In the matter of the
estate, of Jens P. Mortcnscn, deceased.
The petition of Edward R. Mortensen,
administrator of the estate of Jens P.
Mortensen, deceased, praying for tho set
tlement of final account of said adminis
trator and for tho distribution of the resi
due of said estate to tho persons entitled,
has been set for hearing on Friday, tho
Cth day of February, A. D. 1001. at 10
o'clock a. m.. at tho county courthouse,
in the courtroom of said court. In Salt
Lake City. Salt Lako county, Utah.
Witness the clerk of said court, with tho
seal thereof affixed, this 21st day of Janu
ary. A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMES.
Seal Clerk.
By David B. Davlcs, Deputy Clerk.
bato division, in and for Salt Lako county,
State of Utah. In the-matter of tho cstato
of Charles Thlrklll, deceased. Notice.
Tho petition of tho Utah Savings and
Trust company, administrator of the cs
tato of Charles Thlrklll, deceased, pray
ing for the settlement of final account of
eald administrator and for the distribu
tion of tho residue of said estate lo tho
persons entitled, has been set for hearing
on Friday, tho 29th day of January, A. D.
1901, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the county
courthouse, In the courtroom of said court,
In Salt Lake City. Salt Lake county, Utah.
Witness the clerk of said court, with tho
seal thereof affixed, this 15th day of Janu
ary. A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMES,
Seal. Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk.
Stephens & Smith, Attorneys for Peti
division. In and for Salt Lake county.
Stato of Utah In tho matter of tho cs
tato of James Thompson, deceased. No
tice. The petition of Frank Thompson, execu
tor of tho estate of James Thompson, de
ceased, for confirmation of tho salo of the
following-described real cstato of said de
cedent, to wit: Part of lot 1. block 37.
plat "A," Ogden City survey, commencing
nt a point 10 rods west of tho southeast
corner of said lot, and running thenco west
59 feet; thenco north 8 rods; thenco east
59 feet; thenco south S rods to tho place
of beginning, situated In Weber county.
State of Utah, for the sum of $500.00, and
upon the following terms, to wit: Cash
upon confirmation, as appears from tno
return of salo filed In this court, has been
set for hearing on Friday, the 29lh day of
January. A. D. 1904. at 10 o'clock a. m.. at
the county courthouse. In tho courtroom
of said court, invSalt Lako City, Salt Lako
county, Utah.
Witness tho Clerk of said court, with'
the seal thereof affixed, this ISth dav of
January, A. D. 190-1.
rSeal.J JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk.
Stephens & Smith. Attorneva.
on Monday, tho Sth day of February, 1904,
at 10 o'clock a. m., at tho offlco of tho
Venus Gold Mining company, at Room 2S,
Eagle block, routhcast corner of Second
South and West Temple streets. Salt Lako
City. Utah, a special meeting of the stock
holders of the said company will bo held
for tho purpose of considering the follow
ing amendmonts to the articles of Incor
poration, to wit:
Article IX. amended to rend ns follows:
By striking out the word "seven'' In the
first line of said artlclo and Inserting In
lieu thereof the word "five." so as to
make tho drat sentence of said Article IX.
to read as follows.
"The officers of this corporation shall
consist of a board of live (5) directors, a
president, a vice-president, a secretary,
and a treasurer "
Article X. amended to read as fo'lows:
It shall require at least three (3) direc
tors to constitute a quorum of tho board
of directors authorized to transact tho
business and oxcrclso tho corporate pow
ers of this corporation "
This stockholders meeting Is called by
the president and score tai-y of tho said
Venus Gold Mining company, this llth day
of January, 1901. C. L. ELDRED,
First publication in Salt Lako Daily
Tribune. January 18. 1901.
St. Louls-Vassar Mining and Milling
company, a corporation organized under
the laws of tho Stato of Utah, Location
of principal place of business, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
Notice is hereby given that nt a meeting
of the board of directors of said corpora
tion hold on tho thlrty-llrst (31st) day of
December, 1903, an asscssmont of two (2)
cents por share was levied upon tho capi
tal stock of the corporation, payable Im
mediately to W. E. Lako. secretary, at the
banking house of Walker Bros., bankers,
Salt Lako Cltyt Utah, and that any stock
upon which this assessment remains un
paid on the first '.1st) day of February
1901, will bo delinquent and advertised for
salo at public auction, and unless payment
is made before, will bo sold on tho eight
eenth (ISth) day of February. 1901, to pay
the delinquent assessment, together with
cost of advertising and expense of sale.
Tho said assessment Is levied by order
of the stockholders holding and represent
ing moro than two-thirds of, tho capital
Btock. W. E. LAKE, -Secretary.
Under authority of an order of salo
granted by tho Third District court. Pro
bate division, Salt Lako county, Utah,
dated January 15, 1904. I will sell ut pri
vate salo tho following described real es
tate, to wit- Beginning nt n point In a lino
of fence about 7 chains CO links south nnd
25 links east, from tho northeast of tho
northwest of section 13, township 2
south of range 1 west. Salt Lake meridian;
running thenco south 5 dCgreeri 45 minutes
west 9 chains 4 links to the- north line or a
nnrrdw rond; thence west along north lino
of said road 1 chain SO links; thence north
9 chains; thenco east 2 chains G5 links to
a point of beginning, and being 1-3 Interest
In and lo tho above described real estate,
together with water right, to bo sold to
tho highest bidder for cash, and subject to
confirmation by said court. The said salo
will bo made at tho offlco of C. M. Nielsen,
attornoy-al-law, rooms 0S and 209, Con
stitution building. Salt Lako City, Utah, on
tho 30th day of January. 1904, Bids will bo
Tecelvcd on said hlst-namod dato and placo
between tho hours of 9 o'clock n. m. and
1 o'clock p. m. Bids must be In writing.
Dated January 16. 190-1.
Administrator of tho Estate of Emma
Johnson, Deccnocd
C. M. Nielsen, Attornoy for Estate.
Consult 'County Clerk cr the rcspectlvo
signers for further Information. I
,,?l0oP'viB,0n' ln and for Salt Lako Coun-
l' . ta,e. Utah, In tho matter ot tho I -JH
estate ol Dougal Adamson, deceased.-
The petition of Polcr Adamnon. praylnc iH
for the Issuance lo himself of letters or 'H
administration in tho cstato or Doutral
Adamson. deceased, lias-been set for henr- 1 'H
A. D. 1901. .jit 10 o'clock n. m., at the
county courthouse, ln tho courtroom of
said court. In Salt Lake City, Salt Lake H
county, Utah.
Wltricfs the clerk of said court with the
seal thereof affixed, this 12th day of Jan-
uary, a. D. 1904. tM
(Seal) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By,5aitl E Davles, Deputy Clerk.
S, W. Darke, Attorney. r903
CO"1!1' and for Salt Lake county, Stato IH
or Utah. Dopartment No. 1. IH
Jn tho mutter of the cstato of Mary
L. Dash, deco.-und. Notice. JM
riie petition of George Dash praying for IH
uio admission to probate of a certain doc- , IH
ument, purporting to be a transcript ot JH
e last will and testament of Mary L fM
iJjisii. deceased, and for the granting of JH
!5.qfs testamentary to himself, has been JH
act for ncarlng on Friday,- the 22nd day
o.r January, A. D. 1501, at ten o'clock a. IH
in., at tho county courthouse. In tho
courtroom of said court, ln Salt Lako
C!,Yt'. Snlt Lal:c county. Utah. I
Witness the clork of said court, with '
tho seal thereof affixed, this 7th day of
aQUar A- D- 1S04- JOHN JAMES. fM
(Seal) Clerk.
David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk-
Rogers & Street and J. J. Guhccn, At- .
torneys for Potltloncr. (H
ai,1 for Salt Lake county, Stato 1
Utah. Department No. 1.
in the matter of the estate of Clara Z. jH
Doolcy, deceased. Notice.
. PotHon of George Jay Gibson
praying for tho admission to probato o I fM
1 iLcrta.In document, purporting to bo tho jH
last win and testament of Clara Z. Doo- IH
ej. deceased, and for the granting of fM
l tors. testamentary to Georgo Jay Gib
i r. ' AasJieen set for hearing on Frl-
the 22nd day of Januarv, A. D. 1904, I
at ten o clock a. m., at the county court- ! jM
gouse. In the courtroom of said court, in B
Sal,t Lake City. Salt Lake county. Utah
Witness the clerk of said court, with ' IH
the seal thereof affixed, this 7th day of
January. A. D. 1901. JCHN JAMES, '
(Sea ) clerk. fM
David B, Davies, Doputv Clerk. M
Thompson & Gibson, Attorneys for Pc- lH
bate division. In and for Salt Lako county. IH
State of Utah. In tho matter of tho 03- IH
tato of Catherine D. Forsytho, deceased H
Notice. IH
Tho petition of Louis H. Farnsworth. H
administrator of tho estate of Catherine m
D. Forsythe, deceased, praying for un H
order of sale of real property of said dc- lH
cedent, and that all persons Interested H
may appear beforo the said court to show IH
cause why an order should not bo granted H
to sell so much ns shall be necessary of IH
the following-described real estato of said
deceased, to wit. Real estate Commenc-
Ing 24 rods west from the southeast cor- 1
nor of lot 2. ln block 97, plat "A," Salt ilH
Lake City survey, and running thenco il
west 2Vi rods, thence north 10 rods, thenco '-jH
east 2Vi rods, and thence south 10 rods to H
the place of beginning, together with Im- M
provemcnts thereon, situate in Salt Lako M
county, State of Utah, subject, however, IM
to a mortgage Incumbrance thereon of H
$500 and accruing Interest, which without H
deducting said Incumbrance was ap- M
praised at 32000, has been set for hearing M
on Friday, the 29th day of January, A. D. H
1904, at 10 o'clock a. m., at tho county H
courthouse, ln the courtroom of said "jH
court. In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako coun- M
Witness the clerk of said court, with tho ,M
seal thereof affixed, this llth day of Janu- iH
arv. . D. 1904. JOHN JAMES. ilH
rScat Clerk. 'Il
By David B. Davlcs. Deputy Clerk. H
S. McDowall, Attorney. rlOCS MM
bate division, in and for Salt Lako county,
Stato of Ulah. In the matter of tho cs- M
tate of I-leleno W. Iledellus, deceased
Notice. '-H
Tho petition of Carl W. Hedcllns and
Helen V Kcndrlck. praying for tho Issu-
ance to Helen W. Kcndrlck of letters of jjH
administration ln the estate of Holcno W. SM
Hedcllns. deceased, has been set for hear- i IH
lng on Frldav. the 29th day of January, i
A D. 1901, at 10 o'clock a. m., at tho coun- m JM
ty courthouse. In tho courtroom of said
court, ln Salt Lako City, Salt Lako coun- H
Witness tho clerk of said court, with tho H
;cal thereof affixed, this IGth day of Janu- iJM
ary. A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMES, tM
I Seal. Clerk. IH
By David B. Davies. Deputy Clerk. H
G. II. Backman. Attorney. H
bate division, lu and for Salt Lako coun- H
tv, Stato of Utah. H
In the matter of tho estate of John A. H
Jonkins, deceased. Notice. H
The petition of Minnie R. Torpy. ad- jH
mlnlstratrix of the cstato of John A. H
Jenkins, deceased, praying for the sot- H
tlemcnt of final account of said adinlnls- H
tratrlx and for tho distribution of the M
residue of said estate to tho persons en- H
titled, his been set fVcv hearing on Frl- H
dav, tho 2?nd day of January. A. D. 1901. H
at "ton o'clock a. m., at the county court- H
house in the courtroom of said court, In H
Salt Lako City, Salt Lake county. Utah,
Witness the clerk of said court, with B
tho seal thor-iOf affixed, this 9th dav of H
January. A. D. 1901. JOHN JAMES. H
(Seal) Clerk. H
Bv J. U. Eldredgc. Jr., Deputy Clerk. JH
PWco. Crltcblow & Barrette, Attorneys IH
for Petitioner. 711 I H
bato division, in and for Salt Lake coun- B
ty Slate of Utah. In the matter of tho BaBSB
estate of Joo Manclni, deceased. Notice. H
The petition of Charles Bouettl, praying H
for tho Issuance to himself of letters of iH
administration In tho estato of Joo Man- H
clnl deceased, lias bean Bet for hearing on H
Frldav, tho Cth day of February. A D. IH
1901 at 10 o'clock a. m., at tho county H
courthouse. In tho courtroom of said court, H
In Salt Lake City. Salt Lako county, H
U Witness the clerk of said court, with tlia
seal thereof affixed, this 21st day of Janu- H
irv A. D. 1901. JOHN JAMES. H
r's'cal.l Clerk. H
By David B. Davlcs. Deputy Clerk. IH
A J. Weber, Attornev for Petitioner. H
bato division. In and for Salt Lake county, IH
Stato of Utah. In tho matter of the en- IH
tato of W. D. Palmer, deceased. Notlco. IH
Tho petition of J. W. Houston, tho ad- B
mlnlstrator of tho cstato of W. D. Pal
in or, deceased, for confirmation of tno
snlo of the following described real estato
ofvsaid decedent, to wit: Commencing at
tho southwest corner of lot 2, block 16, A
plat "B," Salt Lake City survey, running jHBVBVB
thoncc north four rods, thenco cast IVj
reds thence south 4 rods, thonco west 7Vj H
rods' to tho placo of beginning; also, com- IJH
mc-nclng 2 rods west of the southeast cor- B
per of lot 2. block 19. plat "A," Salt Lako BBaBaBaj
City survey, and running thenco west 3
rods, thenco north 10 rods, thence east 3 H
rods, thenco couth 10 rods to tho placo of H
beginning; also, commencing 2 rods" west H
of tho southeast corner of lot , block 29, HS
plat "F." Salt Lako City survey, running Hfl
thenco west 50 feet, thenco north 132 feet. H
thenco cast DG feet, thenco south 132 feet H
lo tho placo of beginning, all of said H
property situated In Salt Lake City, Snlt H
Lako county. Stato of Utah, for thti sum H
of 9500, and upon the following terms, to H
wit cash uuon confirmation, as appears H
from 'ho return of sale, filed In this court. H
has been sot for hearing on Friday, the, H
"9th dav of January, A. D. 1901, at 10 H
o'clock a. m., at the county courthouse, ln H
tho courtroom of said court. In Salt. Lako H
Cltv. Salt Lake county. Utah. H
Witness the clork of said court, with thn 1 B
;cnl thereof affixed, this ISth day of Janu- H
arv. A. D. 1901. JOHN JAMES. H
ISeal Clerk JH
By David B. Davles. Deputy Clerk. IH
Stephens & Smith, Attorneys for Estatt. H

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