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J, 1 . .the Salt Laios tktbtohe; Saturday zzoi&rnsG, jaktjary 30, 1904. - IB
idsffrry D Egbert, a Double
flurderer, Pays Penalty
. "WVith His Life, in Oregon
st Words Were of
TjWParningf to Boys.
"gj fiero, or.. Jan 20, "My friends, you
fc Jnc a condemned man; take me as a
k; keep your children off the street,
?'above all, out of the saloons. Gen-
jen, my heart aches for you and
ts i children. Bad rnlslng and bad
pony Is the direct result of my
ST jifall. That's all. My heart is too
ho say much- I have repented my
Pith t c above words fresh on his
ithe trap was sprung exactly at 12:42
rk, and Harry D. Egbert, the mur-
fv J : rarney county, October 14, 1903. paid
UlJ 'penalty with his HCe for his crime.
M rt died bravely. 1
id,' wry Egbert, alias Jack Frost, ex
lllll ct DUrs'ar ant niurdorev, was
'm jedlfor one of the bloodiest crimes
''. ' committed in the State of Oregon,
, Wiling of John G. Saxton' and his
Watd Pinion, In the Wild Horse valley.
iber H, 1903. Saxton was a. well
isto n attorney of BurnB, Or., and for
' time being: a deputy sheriff.
"C j lid Horse valley Is an Isolated place
, '. mitbeastern Oregon, about 125 miles
lugGa of Burns. Saxton and West had
' i pursuing Egbert for .several days
' .'. rrest him for a burglary committed
able Vi Drain. Or., when they came upon
. 3 i.at Field's ranch. As Saxton and
ratlin it-went up to the house Kgbcrt com-
feed ehootlng and mortally wounded
it at almost the first Are. Saxton
J clnslde the house, and he and Bg
exchanged a fusillade of shots
i iagh a partition between two rooms.
nef i" was unproductive of results and
'Ij ton went outside the house. In re-
4 U e to cr,cs for wnter from West,
I, Ft was still alive, Saxton, exposed
"yf V (Klf to Egbert's fire, and was,him
' rtiot'down. Egbert escaped through
Hjada to -Rockland, Ida., and wns cap-(jKd-there
three weeks later.
izn Make Serio.us Al
stons Against a Prose
cuting Officer,
own. Pa.. Jan. Jl3.-Counsel on be
the Bechtel family today made
complaint agaJnut District Attor
chtrnw.'illor, charging gross and
negligence In his conduct of tho
lion of the case growing out of tho
.3 tr of Mabel Bechtel and the suicide-
-35 3ios".js Bechtel.
, s. Catherine Bechtel, hr daughter
OnH rs Henry Newhartl. a neighbor of
' ? Bechtel s. made nfflriavlts alleging that
District Attorney waa In a otate of
u ally Intoxication" during two dava
JsL he trlal maklnjr a. postponement of
glJJI caao necessary
3 also Is alleges that ho repeatedly
Ortlli frs. Bechtel during a visit, to the
3 itel home on Tuesdny. the date of tho
W ng of Mabel Bechtcl'3 bodv.
3 . Probst Mrs. Bc-chtcVs "daughter,
J that the District Attorney made
. -4 W Propooals to her, and Martha
Jill f swcar:1 to flJmlI'if chargofl.
lIBT(E5 tcwProvo and return via S. P I
m m3- K- Friday. February 5th,
Special train leaves SoJt Iake at
yifceago, Jan. 23. The nuallfica- !
'f the Ideal college profewor, ' as
'lftned by Presidcnt Harper. In a lec
l(w. at the University of Chicago on
- Faculty of a College." arc:
, j, rHe should be married.
Jrtrt 8hou,d a church member.
rHe should mix with his students
. j Idc the classrooms.
it "5 snou,cl have n doctor's degree,
i sjy :e should be willing to work hard
j en months in tho year.
BW :Ho should be In sympathy with the
i&i n aild lake an actlvo Interest in
n -u He affairs.
J)e college professor who is mar-
J J said President Harper, "will do
s times aa much good In his posl-
!JB one1 who Is single. And If he
r re(; or four children he will bo
;better, for he will be a stronger
Slw Iberia inatjguhated
jjLlndon. Jan. 29.-AdvIces received to
rlml ? L5berla any that the new
28m.nt Arthur Barcluy. was suc-
lMt ."ynauBurated at Monrovia, the
JS3EL Januur.v The keynotes of
ggKjJwss to the people were commer
vtSZmJZ ?m nml the conciliation of the
l'PulatIon of LlbPrin. to
gg? 'lttlc attention has been paid for
I'jMO;', j- 29.-Canton today ob
wMminhlnley birthday. Special
a-Kli,iro?ramnfc8 were held in most
mwvSZS nrd thc !),nk carnation
mmYVyCT, In ovlde"ce. Mrs. Mc
fWKi .m?veV to the cemetery this
'VSr th ,a 'uree bunch of carna-
"mi oC tlie late PrcsI-
S8comi?.,i. -J" Pacific Amuse
v3KlH oi lS?a!r, allachcd 70 of the
Sftr S? f0.r 2cr0nses of pi-upur-w$re
not tt veu uccordlnsr to ton!
Washington, Jan. 29. W. W. Russell,
at present secretary of legation at
Caracas, Venezuela, hns been appointed
Charge d'AfTaircs of thc American lega
tion at Panama. Mlnlster Buchanan,
who Kails for the United States next
Tuesday, will resign when he reaches
Washington, in accordance wltl the
understanding he had when he accepted
tho mission to Panama. Mr. Russell
probably will bo named to succeed Mr.
Washington. Jan .-A delegation from
1 J-outslana Purchase exposition, head
ed by PrcFldcnt Francis, waa given n
hearing today before a eub-coinnilttco of
the Commute on Appropriations.
Tho representatives of tho exposition
have asked for a loan of i4,30,IO from the
Government, on condition that tho loan
be repaid out of the first receipts after
the exposition starts.
The plan Is to have- provision for this
loan Incorporated In the urgent defldencv
r.amp Back. Weak Kidneys and Urinary
nTltatlon are cured by Oregon Kidney
President Expresses Regret' at
Retirement of War
Washington, Jan. 23. President Roose
velt, Secretary Root and Gov. Taft were
tho principal figures at today's Cabinet
meeting. Thc meeting after tho transac
tion of the usual departmental business
developed Into a farewell for Secretary
Root and a reception for Gov. Taft.
President Roosevelt spoke with deep
fooling of the retirement of Secretary
Root. He wished It understood that,
whilo under tho circumstances, ho could
make no public expression of his feelings
without the appearance of trenching on
propriety, he was sincerely Indebted to
Secretary Root for tho great work ho had
done, Xo one. not even a member of the
Cabinet, could realize the labor. sclf-.uc-rincs,
generosity . and . disinterestedness
which had characterized Secretary Roofs
career as a member of tho Cabinet, or
how much his devotion to his great task
had meant to the administration and to
the country. Especially had all this been
truo, of thc Secretary's work during the
past six months when ho had expended
lavishly of his energy and ability, with
out thought of credit to himself, but sole
ly with the Idea of advancing the Inter
ests of tho President, his successor and
thc people of the United States.
In thc President's tribute to Secretary
Rcot the other membora of the Cabinet
cordliillv Joined.
During tho meeting no reference was
made cither to tho Panama situation or to
that in the Far Enst
Chicago. Jan. 23. Duke navigation
this winter has fitted the crews of the
steamers in service for a "dash for the
pole,'-' for It combines all the experi
ences of Arctic navigation. Lake Mich
igan has at last frozen over, the cold
spell of the larrt fiw days filling up thc
widely-scattered spots of open water be
tween the Ice tloes. In most winters
there is a wide stretch of open water in
At many points along the west shore
the ice is piled up solid, until It reaches
from the bottom forty feet deep, to an
equal distance above the water line. At
the criba the Ico is piled up until It Is
higher than the structures.
The Icebergs are of great size, and
how they came to be formed is regarded
as a mystery by winter navigators, as
the thickest chunks of Ice they have
seen are not over eighteen or "twenty
Inches through.
It Is considered by steamboat men
that there is not half the danger in win
ter navigation with the lake frozen over
as there Is when there are vast moving
fields of Ice to catch the steamers and
crush them. In the past a number of
valuable steamers have been crushed
by the iloes and lost.
We Risk It
Druggists Who Sell
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Agree, If It Fails,
To Refund Cost.
Of course wo reimburse tho drugat.
You know him, and trust him.
Dr. Miles' Nervine is medlcino for your
It cures dl3ea3cs of the internal or
gans, by giving tone to tho ncrvc3 which
raako these organs work.
It i3 a novel theory not of anatomy,
but of treatment; first discovered by
Dr. Miles, and sinco mado use of by
many wido-awako physicians, who ap
preciate Its value In treating thc sick.
If you are sick, wo offer you a way to
bo mado well Dr. Miles' NorvIuc,
This medicine ia a scientific euro for
nerve disorders, such ns Neuralgia,
Headache, J-oss of Memory. Sleeplosa
nes?. Spasms, Backache. St. Vitus'
Dance, DpUepfly or Fits. Nervous Pros
tration, etc.
By toning up tho nerves, Dr. Miles'
Rcstorallvo Nervine will also euro those
diseases of tho Internal organs due to
a disordered nervoUB systorn.
Somo of these arc: Indigestion, Bil
ious Headache, Kidney Trouble, Chronlo
Constipation, Dropay, Catarrh, Rhcuraa
tlwn, etc.
"My brother had nervous prostration,
and was not expected, to live. I pre
vailed upon him to trv Dr. Miles'
Itonloratlvo Norvlne, and now he has
fully recovered. You remember I wrote
l you how It .savod my Ufa a fuw ycant
ago. when I had nervous trouble. I
preach Its niorlta to everyone." ItEV.
M. D. MYERS. CorrcctlonvlUo. Iowa.
THPIi'TP Wrtto.ua and wo will mall
a. xvxixt you H FrC0 Trial Packajre of
Dr. Mllee Anti-Pain Pills, tho New.
Scientific Remedy for Pain. Also Symp
tom Blank for our Specialist to dlagnojm
your ease and tell you what 1h wrong
and how to right ft. Absolutely Free.
$4,000,000 TR9LLEY LINE.
City and Interarban. Lines io Bo
Built in Manila by American
San FranciBco, Jan. 20. Richard T.
Dafiln, who will be general manager of
ths big American street railroad sys
tem to bo inaugurated In Manila, lias
arrived here on his way to tho Orient.
The companj-, he says, will invest some
5-1,000,000 In organizing a street car ser
vice, which will be eventually extended
to the suburban districts. One hundred
trolley cars will be sent over as a start
er, and California will benefit by the
shipment of 50,000 redwood ties. The
other material will corao from Pitts
burg Coal from Japan or Australia
will be the fuel used. In all some forty
miles of roud will be placed In opera
tion. The company, which has a fifty
year franchise, is backed entirely by
American capital. The principal own
ers are the J. G. White company of
New York, the Pittsburg Security and
Investment company, Frank Ruhel and
Peter L. KImberley of Sharon, Pa., and
some large Detroit Intoi-eats represented
by Charles M. Swift of that city, who is
president of thc new concern.
Rich Man Kills Himself.
Detroit. Mich.. Jan. 20. Jeremiah D
Farwell, one of the most prominent cap
italists of Detroit, died today from a
bullet through his stomach, fired, it In
supposed, with suicidal Intent.
Judge of the Natal Supreme
Court, Sends the Following
Remarkable Testimonial
The World Is Cuticura's Field,
Used Wherever Civilization
Has Penetrated.
41 1 desire to givo my voluntary testi
mony to the beneficial effects of your
Cutlcora Remedies. I have suffered
for somo time from an excess of uric
acid in thc blood; and since the middle
of last year, from a sorore attack of
Eczcnn, chlelly ou tho scalp, fue, ears
and neck and on one limb. I was for
several months under . professional
treatments, but the remedies prescribed
were of no avail, and I was gradually
becoming worse, my face was dread
fully disfigured and I lo3t nearly all my
hair. At last, my wife provallcd upon
me to try the Cutlcnr.. Remedies and I
gave them a thorough trial with tho
most satisfactory results. Thc disease
Boon began to disappear and my hair
commenced to grow again. A 'fresh
growth of hair is covering my head,
and my limb (although not yet qulto
cured) is gradually improving. My wlf o
thinks so highly of your remedied that
she has been purchasing them In order
to make presents to other persons suf
fering from similar complaints, and,
as President of tho Bible Womou's
Society, has told the Biblo women to
report if any case should come under
their uotlcc when a poor person Is so
afflicted, so that your remedies may be
resorted to,"
(Judge of the Natal Supreme Court)
Pletermarltzburg, Natal, Oct. 29, 1901.
M thronpnoflt tti m'H. Cudcnn Itadrrnt. 'J.
fln form of CliocotiU Coiled Tlllt, Vc pr vltl cTtai),
Ointment. JO- . Boon. Ct, DtroU i London, ST Chirtf r
houn Sq.i Vtrfj. 6 ue 3t U Piixi Uctui, Li; Cotum
bat At- Pottr Dnic Cbm, Cri. Sole Frotn.
WSMd fcc-iil About Chs 8kln ind Scdp."
I Elk Liquor Co.,
I Salt Dake Agents for jj
St. Louis Draught and M
Bottled Beer. D
; 'Phone 20G0.X. Corner Statfl
j and Plrst South. O
''What's In a name?" The highest!
quality If It s n
..Three Crown. J
Try Threo Crown Spices. They're B
pure, strong and poeas a rich, charm-H
iiiK flavor that cajmot fall to please!
the most critical. I
Thla trademark on every can. I
Sealed proposals In triplicate, will be re
ceived hero until 11 o'clock a in., Febru
ary 29, 1SMI, and then opened, for con
Btructlnff frame poBt exclnuiKe building- at
Forp Du Cht'Kne, Utah, Including plumb
ing, steam heating and gua piping-. In
formation furnished on application to Q
M., Fort Du Chesne, or the undersigned"
V S. reserves the right to accept or reject
any or all blda or any part thereof
Envelopes containing bids to be marked
"PtopohoJb for building at Fort Du
Chesne." and lulflrcscoO. Lt. Col, J. "SV
Pope, C. q.J '
J '
Jl NeW Wrinkle, (No. .13)
Oyster Coc&tail..
Taiie one teajpoonf ol of lemon joicc, half to ono cap of
Armour's Tomato Bouillop. Season with salt, pepper
and tobasco. Add 1 pint of small oysters, and chill ' .
thoroughly before scrv-incr.
Above is taken from edition de luxe "Culinary WriQkles"( just '
out) which will be sent postpaid to any address on receipt of
a metal cap from far of Armour's Extract of Beef.
Armouk & Company, Chicago.
JLxtr act
of Beef
The 'Best Extract of the Best Beef
For Sale fey all Dealers. J;
: Prostatic Troubles Nervous Debility I
: permanently cured, no mr-s. a
matter now long stand- s&Zb. Cures quick and radical ffi
: lug the disease, in from ffV-In 20 to C dajs. by my W
F to 20 days. fc own famous method. n
Stricture M Varicocele S
cured in lo days, with- bfi .-T ffSfl .... HI
10 out cutting, pain, drugs g& ompletcly and pcrmn- H
or detention from busl- & y , h nently cured bv my nw
j,e53. Ju -"fsSa process; all disagrceablo H
ioi" n tu i MSft&XlSh symptoms soon disappear
Wasting Weakness A Kt&?(?8M completely and foro7cr. V
i Time of cure, 10 to GO v H Is safe, painless and I
days, by my original. A cwptrl bloodless. An absolute
very simple remedy j iflKferi cure guaranteed.
(used exclusively by sfW$iK MtfKvW'l '
m-)' ffmS Blood Poison
! Private Diseases f fiWP' Every vestige of poison
i cured In 3 to 10 days, 9 ryfvn!' removed from system
H without tho use of pol- ' x'ftfir without aid of mercury
S sonous drugs or potash.
J ConciUtatton Is free and Invited, and In consulting me you may be sure
0 that nothing thnt science can devise or skill perfect has boen left undone
to alford you a speedy, safe and peinianont euro
WRITE me In full confidence, explaining your troubles as they appear to
y ou and receive by return mail my honest and candid opinion of your cane.
j ' I
I Powerful BiiykIsicegitives
Toni-;htFrom 7 to 9 O'clock! '
I TONIGHT 7 top O'clock 1 I
I Wvfl 100 Ta??ta Silk "rjllsts, tucked and box I j H
1 bSk MW--n. plaited, In colors and black, sold at j'l
I K.r . -' 53.50, $ j.00 and $4.50. A S hours aelllns 1 H
I mUSt ClCai" tnem qulck at " I J H
I" Tonight BOYS' CLOTHING DEPT. Our Shoe Dept. I ! I
From 7 to o o'clock, for Tonight Spscial Tonight 1 I I
2 hours only 1 1
40 pieces white aatin D ' 7 Ij:s'riL' 9 O'CLOCK, i H
-'" Boys Mjsses, I
White .,A,1Woo Kjd and B I
Nainsooks Kne,e Pants c ,f g. I
in navy blue, tape scams UUUCS fl MM
Patterns suitable for and linen sewed, war- light weight and very m ' 1
children's aprons and ranted not to rip. Ttog- j dresay, OOOD VAIUE
dresses, worth l'J'a and ular 75c alues. for two AT $1.65, sizes 11 to 2.1
lfic. 10 y ards to a cus- hours only, from 7 lo 5 OUR SPECIAL 2- Ij I
tonier, no more, at p. in., for HOtTR PRICE " S J
83cYard" 45c $1.00 I
I hi., mn . i. ., .- j '
mfimMAUHOQB RESTORED "cupideke" I
MHaPutafi Thla creit Vccewble Vltnllior. tlio prewrlpUoa of n famon Trench phveJolniv, wlU mM
Wmr JtP aulclcl7CurBTou of nil nerrous ordlstnti of tbogeneraUTCorf;oiut.uch onlvOBtaion- ;
mS WuS hood, InnoranJu, I'oJnii In tho Hack. Momlnul Einllou.. Aorxoa Betilllttf,) IH
bm. Z5$Y& nation. It stops all Iomcs by Oar or nlcbL rcmaiurjtr, whlcb if not cbedcod Jpods MM
jWB 10 Hnerroatorrhclea twifl nU tbo horrors of Smpotcocj- CUl'TDEAK cleanses tbo llre MM
ihpMdnQTE OUrilJENE Uroogthari nod rctonR. Tbe ronson burtnrprs nro not cared by doctors vmm
?b"aS?o rilnctT per "cent ro trmiblo.1 Trttb ir...tatUl.. CVPIDENE l tho only known '.wW. MM
o euro wltboul un operation 6,100 leiVlmODlaK A written (jnarantcc K Iron nnd mon..y rcujrncjA If sUi MM
boins do not oOc a pormaornl curt. 8 1 .OO a bou six for B 00 br malljSond for Tree circular and , MM
tlmonlilK. Artdraia . !d A VOL M EDICXXB CO.. Han Froncl.c. Col. MM
GODBE-PITTS DRUG CO.. Salt Lake City. Utah, Airenfai. . Jmm
I I Of the Daynes Music Go. stock of Pianos, Organs, Piano I j I
I Players, etc.t at less than factory cost is bringing the purchas- Ij II
I ing public our way. At the rate we are selling Pianos and ' I
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Carstensen -Anson Co., I
en (Incorporated.) I j
Temple of Music. 1 !' H
j 74 Maii St., Salt Lake City. Old Stand Dayios Music Co.

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