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H 1
;( i 6 - the salt ttte Trtbunte: Satuicdat Moics-xntg, Jatjajeiy 30, 1904. 1.
Week's Earnings Reminis
cant of Old Days.
Lassaes Sanding Some High
Grade Rack.
Possibility of Its Return to the Divi
i dend Column Mill Is Now- '
Producing Steadily.
HL The prodigality with which Uncle
H Sam of Tlhtlc has responded to the
needs or the troaBiiry during the week
encourages the beilef th.it it will rc
' appear in the dividend column the prcs
Jr cut season, the receipts, -according to
an exhibit made by Manager Chipman
H yestcrdny. amounting to $5710 .slnco
Monday lust, while live, more carloads
of ore are at the sampler, wiih another
consignment of concentrates to reach it
t!:ls morning. An analysis of the atatc
Hp j juor.t reveals that to' the -week's earn
l)'"s, the lessees, of whlcli th'.ne are five
H sets now operating in the old stopey in
liumbv.g ground, contributed $$Q0O, one
M, carload of ore from this source mnrket-
t Jng for $?C00, nr.othcr for $2400. These
Hr r.rcs in each instance have denoted
B care fill sorting, as the argentiferous'
H, contents have been much in excess of
Hi the average, although Humbug ground
H, in former days h.13 been productive of
H, ore for which Uncle Jesse Knight, the
H former owner received over SG000 per
H j carload. For the first lot of concen
H trntes from the new mill the company
received ?74C. while the controls on
H three of the five carload? of crudo ore
fl which wore returned yesterday show us
much as 3S.3 per cent lead. 17 ounces
silver and $1.10 gold per ton. With the
crop coming in the remainder of the
B season as It has during the week, Mnn-
ager Chipman says he has no doubt of
1 his ability to resume the payment of
1 dividend?. Meanwhile work undcr-
M; I ground nnd In new territory is pro
grossing with most satisfactory results
Hs ; and important developments are possi
bio at any time.
Supt. Mayberry of the U. S. Indulges
j in Some Observations.
L With 130 tons of ore dally coming
' from the United' States company's
I Bingham syetem of mlneB to its-fur-
naces in the valley, Superintendent
j- Mayberry dropped down from camp
l ' again yesterday to confer with the
smelter management- with reference to
I future needy. Diamlsslng-tho latest de
' elopment in the Old Telegraph group,
f which is expanding with every shift,
Superintendent Mayberry ' says that
I 1 i Bingham throughout reveals an lm
l provement that cannot but add ma
I tcrlally to Its prestige as a camp of cop
per the present year,, the tonnage now
coming from its mines being considera
( oly larger than nt any previous period.
, To the output of the previous year has
, bf-en added the tonnages' from the Bos
ton Con., "Tampa and Columbia or Ohio,
while the management of the Utah Con.
is levying upon it for an increased ton
, nage. with tire Dalton & Lark group
adding steadily to Its production, al
. though no attempt it being made to
urge it. while' new levels at hitherto
. unexplored depths are being opened up.
To Mr. Mayberry as .1 neighbor has
, come, as It lias to others, somo very
I chperful reports concerning copper per
1 centages, with golil und silver values,
in the property of (he Utah Copper
J tj company, while at the less prominent
work is progressing with, most satisfac'
f, lory result?.
Superintendent Mayberry leaves ,for
L- camp again this morning. ' .
Columbus Con. to Go on the Board
, j ( As to the Tonopah List.
ji A. S. Campbell, chairman of the llsl
'. ing committee on the mining exchange,
,j announces its organization as follows,
il De AVitt B. Lowe, J. S. Ferris, J. M.
j'j Reynolds and James M. Hamilton. Jt
j Is understood that thef Columbus Con.
j of Alia, in which so much local interest
( ft- is manifested, and by which so much, is
1 bulns: done to rlvive the old camp, lias
! expressed a willingness to list Its
j ulures. and that the committee will
taito up the matter at once.
I , The board Is also being urged to make
1 room for a list from Tdnopah, of which
1 camp Utah hns been a liberal patron
v from the start-, nnd the hope la ex
J 1 pressed that It will consent. The com
' panics from the Nevada camp were the
first to make overtures, but as most of
them were youngsters, thoy did not be
lieve that the usual listing fees should
bo exacted, and thus 'it was that the
! Sun Francisco exchange was sought.
Meanwhile Utah Interests in the camp
overwhelmingly outnumber those of
Report of Connection With Johnny
Vein Below Is Corrected.
A report waa freely circulated during
tho day that the 0:0 body had been
tapped by the Johnny of Stntellne on tho
( COO-foot level, and while the assurance
ciinic- In a Setter to one- t the moro
Tirdmlur-at of the 8hiireholiln, Secretary :
' Hnlleran dcHaifd it nreinntur. in. 0
H 1 -
I EuropajLn.Skin Spwialist Soys Dp.M
H, j clrair 1b Caused by Pwanites. J
Uroa that theory, proved beyond t I
K. I ectibt a cur for dan-Jx-un va3 ooucht af
I 'I1": . ?lelnlu, chenilnta, dniffrlnta and
H, Phyiioiacs r.il "took a lyiafl" and lie ouc
50SJifx.1 ,0lJ tne pre.nut pioduct kno-jvn
B u 'c-ro'a H.irpleJd."
F ,,Tix!? v,ttM acUiuUy killa tho nrajsltei
1 i?1. i?" hoir bvV. do.ia It.i 7.-ork
Hl ! H"'-1 .efctivo acd contaias not an atom
t;.!,t:i?!.,tnc, !aJuriou to any thins olso
than the srm nloni. HorptrJCe caus-si
1 1 Pr1" S? UH nature Jntondtd It
, I .t-l "sas druSKtata. Bend lOn 'in
expect that connection with tho ledge
will ho nindo In the next few hours, how
over. On tho level above the ore on the
bottom showed a width of five feet, with
a .splendid valuation Bomo of It affording
?1C pr ton and ho .in relying on some
thing as good, If not better, at a depth of
aw wet. Manager Wilson is now headed
for camp, and before his return tho mill
win have boon started up again, with a
number of Improvements promising to
add to Its efficiency. '
Shorts Again Deal Heavy, but Mostly
Ineffective Blows.
The day on (ho mining exchange closed
with tho sale of 33,055 shares of 3tock for
-ff$I3.o and with conditions generally un
changed, notwithstanding the vicious ac
tivity of the bears at several stops along
the routo nnd the "holler" from those who
havo been requested by tho banks to
change the color of their Ink. Daly AVcat
did relax Just a little, that an order for
I tlrirly-flvr shares might be executed,
while Daly-Judge, which had placed Its
peg at $3.70, refused to budgo at less. Con.
Morcur wan shorted down to CO cents,
while Century accommodated several reg
ular customers with lots around SUac,
with Sacramento firm at 2Hic New lork
ti'nu ni'ntn.iscn(lr.H iinil ulinrfpil ilnwn la IS
cento, althofgh tho last transfer was at
Si cents, whilo Star Con. was placed for
future .delivery nt 21ic around which fig
uro there was considerable spot trading,
For Lower Mammoth, buyer thirty day?.
cents was posted, although but JHi
qcnts was naked for immediately delivery,
while Tctro brought R2 cents, and May
Day 7U ccntj:. Dulton of JMnrysvalo was
again In evidence and changed hands
.around a half cent, with tho day closing
on thfi following market:
I A.M. II P.M.
I Hid. (Askecl.ll Hid. jAskcd.
AJox !$ .03 i? I'$ .00 1$ .07
Alice 20 ! .20 I
Black Bess 00 I 03
Butler-Lib .. .10VJ -10i .104 .1014
California... .OHi .05 I .01
Carisa .. ... .10 .11 .lOlfe .1114
Century SP, .S3 1 .SO .Si
Croolo 35 I A -10
Ccn Msreur . .CO'.t .Glt.' .02
Daly 2.31 2.5n ! 2.33 2.C0
Daly-Judge . 3.32i 3.70 3,20 3.70
Daly West .. 31. CO 37.00 31.50 35.00
Dalton C0V& .00! .001J .0Hi
JOmcrald 0
V, & B B 1214 .C5 .1214 -C714
Oalena ($
G' Central ... 2.73 3.23 2.75 3.00
Horn Silver.. 1.00 l.OO 1.B0
ingot 0B', .02 .0104 .02
Joe Bo worn . .0014 -01 .0014 . 0114
Little Bell . 1.10
Llttlo Chief l .01 ,03 .01 .01
L Mammoth. .39 .40?i .10 .-1131
Lu Heine ...I .02?4 .03 .0214 J
Mammoth . .1 1 1.20
Manhattan .. J.W 1-lCj 1.00 1-1C
May Day ... .07( .07141 -07U .0714
Mar Wash ..I .0114 .01! .0114 -01
Nor Light .. 1 1 .01 ... ....
New York .. .lSl(, . 18-411 -IS I .1S
Ontario . ... 4.S3 5.23 I 1.C0 I C.25
Pctro 03 .01
nich-Ana. .. .0014 -Wis
ncccu-H 50 50
Swansea .T.... '.13 I 50 '
Sacramento . .21 .21?4! .20-,, 214
Silver King.. CI .00 C0.00 I CO.OO 63.75
Star Con ... .21 .211 .21 .2111
Silver S 02 .03141 .02T& .02
Tctro 311J .32 I .30 . 8214
U S 20.25 21.00 20.25 22.50
Undo S Con. .22?'u .25 .23 .27
Utah M0 I .53 .-1314 .60
Victor 03 J. ....... .03 .10
Wabash .. ..I .03141 .00 .03H .01
White Kocksl I .10
Yankee Con. I I2-T11 .15 A2 .50
Consolidated Mercur, 100 at 60c, seller
sixty days.
May Day, 1C0 at 714c
Sacramento. COO at 2111c.
Star Consolidated, 500 at 2111c. seller fif
tcn days.
Century, 10D at S3c; 100 at Sl4c.
Dalton. 2000 at c; -1000 at 14c.
Shares sold, W
Selling value. 34S0.50.
Daly West, 25 at $34.6714
Martha Washington. 1000 at 191c
Tetro. 10(0 at'32c.
Shares sold, 2025
Selling value, $1203.12.
AJax, 1000 at Cc.
Lower Mammoth, 200 at tic.
Century, 100 at S-I14c. , ; .
Martha Washlnston, 300 at lftc.buyer
fifteen days.
New York. C000 at lSHo.
Shares sold, 10.0CO.
Selling value, 51179.75, ,
Butler-Liberal, 2000 at 1011c. -1 't , v
Cnllforniii. 2C0u at 114e. -J)aly
Wept. 10 at W1.S714:
Lower Mammoth. FD at 12c, buyer thir
ty days: COO at 4211c buyer thirty days.
Now' York, 1500 nt ISc, seller sixty days;
TJVS at 18Hc, seller thirty days; 1000 at 1614c;
500 at lSc.
Star Con.. 1000 at 2P',c; 1000 at 21c; GOO at
2114c. buyer thirty days.
Shares sold. 12.710,
Selling value, $2SG.SS, 0
Boston Copper Market.
Boston, Maes., Jan. 29. There wns no
Increase In business In the copper market,
but there were not so many shares promis
ing for sale, apd prices held fairly well. In
fact sonio of them were Inclined to Im
prove. Trading was very quiet und con
fined to one or two specialties which are
mpved up or down spasmodically. Utah
was a featuro today, selling up to $33.
United States Mining sold down to $20,
but recovered Its loss very quickly. Other
leBiies were almost neglected. Hornblowor
& Weeks, S3 State street, Boston, nnd 10
Wall street. New York, furnish the fol
lowing quotations:
Sales. High. Low. Close.
Amalgamated ..3,210 $19.1214 51S.1214 $18.25
Bingham .. .... 130 22.25 ......
Mercur .-. CS0 M"
Dnlv West 72 31.3714
United States. ,.1,505 20.75 20.00 20.75
Utah 1,035 33.00 32.25 33.00
Curb-Boston. 5fl.00ifC.25,
Largo Number of Idle Men Now Vis
ible at tho Park.
Park, City, Jan. 20. The last of the Daly
Judgo force went lost night at 11 o'clock,
when the remaining shift at the mill was
laid off. This throws on the town, all
told, about 2TO Idle men, which gives Main
street and the resorts a very animated nlr.
The men are leaving for Butte and other
points In "bunches.
General Manager nnd Superintendent
John McSorcly will not cpm-nence pros
pecting operation, It Is understood, until
the first of the month
An Eastern Official Discusses Earn
ings of the U. S. Mines.
A Boston jrublicalion quotes a director
of. the United States Mining company
as follows:
'Hie United States Mining company
earned about S,000 net In 1903. Wo cx-
j ported to earn $1,500,000. pav off "our bonds.
I ojlr Moating debt and ilfcclare a dividend
'H at least 51 per share, but our stock
holders arc no doubt familiar with the
nason3 why we were Unable to meet our
expectations. Our smelting plnnl, how
ever. Ib now running mnoothly, and for
.November and December we vcro able to
earn slightly better than J1W.000 net per
month, lo bo exact, our November fig
ures were a few dollar less than il03.000,
and whllo tho Dccomber net earnings
htivn not been reported, they should bo
as good uo November's. Wc have, within
au14.V Btwrted a fifth furnace, which
l'hould lnoreRse our not earnings from $15.
0C0 to J.'O.OOO por month on tho present
prlco for copper. It should bo remembered
that one-third of our product la gold
which does not fluctuate in price, and it
BOSTON Crawford. Parker.
CHICAGO Auditorium, Great Northern,
Palmer House.
DENVER Brown Palace.
KANSAS CITY Midland. Coatea.
LOS ANGELES Tho Angclua. B. P.
Gardner, 205 Spring Street.
NEW YORK Waldorf-Aetorla, Impe
rial, Astor House.
OMAHA The Mtllnrd, The Paxton.
PORTLAND. OR. Portland HoteL
ST. LOUTS Planters', Eouthern.
SEATTLE Hotel Northern.
WAfiHINGTON Wlllard. Rnlelgh.
Is by rsapon of this fact that wo arc able
to produce our copper for practically
With the- $Vm not of 1&03 we retired
incst of our bonds, expanded In the
neighborhood of J200.000 In smelter Im
provements and considerably reduced our
llontlng debt. This year wo should pay
off our floating dobt, makn additions to
our plant (building a lead stack at a cost
of between 52.V,OM and SW.CW; which
should return us not earnings of about
J2CO.000 per annum), and pay a dividend of
51 to $2 per sharo this year.
San Francisco Mining Stocks.
San Francisco. Jan. 23. Tho official
closing quotations for mining stocks to
day wero as follows:
Alpha Con ? .fllMoxIcan 1 C5
Belcher 37 OccI Con 90
Rest & Bel 1.70 Ophlr 3.S0
Caledonia 95 Overman 31
dial Con 27 Potosl 22
Chnllnr 22 Savaue 53
Confidence 1.15 Seg Belcher OS
C C & Vu 1. CO Sierra Nov 61
Con Imp .03Sllver Hill 69
Crown Point 30 Union Con S3
Gould & C, 33 Utah Con 25
. Inle & Nor CS Yel Jacket 47
Justice 091
Adams Con $ .10'Littlo Chief 06
Alice 27 Ontario COO
Breccc 10 Ophlr 4.50
Brun Con 03 Phoenix 13
Com Tunnel ... .OS Potosl 25
,C C & Va 1.70 Savage 59
Horn Silver 1.03 Sierra Nov 75
Iron Silver ...... 1.25 Small Hopes 20
Leadvllle Con ... .02Stor.di.rd 1.G0
Adventure .. ..2.50 Old Dom 10.00
Allouez 1.50 Osceola 53.50
Amal 4!s.l2'.4 Parrot 20.00
Daly West ....31.50 Quincy 93.00
Bingham 22.00 Santa Fc Cop . 2.00
Cal & Hec... H5.00 Tamarack .. .105.00
Centennial .. ..15.00 Trinity 4.25
Copper It 44.25 U S ,.. ..20.50
Dom Coal 01 fO Utah 32.6214
Franklin .... 8.00 Victoria 3.23
Isle Royale .. S.00 Winona 6.50
MohawK 36.30 Wolverine .. ..72.00
Encouraging Besult of Operations on
thevLittlc May Group.
Park City, Jan. 29 J. A. Larckor is back
from the Llttlo May with somo splondld
samplco of gold and silver-bearing quartz
taken from the cross-cut just completed In
the prospect. In view of assajs from tho
same lead cropplngs In tho past week
which have Invariably shown encouraging
values In gold and sliver, Mr. Lar,ckcr la
particularly anxious for returns on the
present samples, which cone from a point
fifty-five feet below the surface, the low
est point ever reached on tho vein before.
The tunnel Is fifty foot long and will dem
onstrate whether or not tho values In
crease with depth. If so. Mr. Larckor In
tends next spring to project a 1000-foot
tunnel which will cut tho samo llsauro
at a depth of 900 feet. The Little May Is
a group of fine claims situated In Danlol's
canyon, six miles oast of Ueber. Tho
country Is comparatively new to the pros
pector, but. according to Mr. Larckor,
bears all the marks of a splendid min
eral region, the prevailing contact being
limestone and schist, and the veins, all
of the gold-bearing quartz variety, In
variably occurring as fissures.
Various Camps Reach. Valley Smel
ters With 150 Cars of Ore.
Eureka. Jan. 29. The ore shipments
from the Tlntlc district for the past week
amounted to 150 carloads, divided among
the mines as follows:
Dragon Iron mine 15
South Swansea 2
Lower Mammoth , 17
Carisa 1
Grand Central 12
AJax , - 3
Bullion-Beck 7
Gemini ; : 14
Eagle & Blue Bell 2
Centennial Eureka , ; 52
Salvador r. 2
Yankee V 8
Tetro 4
Total 150
Uncle Sam mill 3
New Discovery in the Upraise in the
Company's Tinhorn Ground.
Manager E. W. -Young of the Mystic
Shrine leaves for Its properties at Bing
ham this morning to inquire Into condi
tions there. In the raise above tho lower
tunnel In the Tinhorn claim ten Inches of
$20 ore has been exposed, said Mr. Young
estcrday. with everything favorablo to
substantial development In a short time.
'1 he company has been most persevering
slnco work was Inaugurated several years
ago, and whllo it has been rowarded by a
number of disclosures, the point nt which
tho main oro body Is expected Is yet
ahead of tho main tunnel and on the
Utah in Boston.
Tho News Bureau says United Slates
Mining led In point of activity on the
Boston stock exchange last week, with
transactions numbering 22,775 shares. Dur
ing tho snme period 8227 shares of Utah
Con. were dealt In. while Bingham Con.
recorded tho transfer of 3032 shares.
Moving Bingham Ores.
With the tracks cleared and its roll
ing stock unincumbered, the manage
ment of the Copper Belt yesterday
moved 600 tons of ore, while the con
gestion of up freight in the receiving
yards is being rapidly relieved. Assist
ant Manager Bayly says that the out
tonnage will from this time be steadljy
Increased, and that In the absence of
snowdrifts there will be no more Interruptions.
Large, superb and incomparable. Lo
cal and long-distanco telephone In
every rooui.
Wagemaker sectional cablnet9 and
enrd index flics. Pembroke Stationery
Co. 'Phone 758.
Not How Cheapo But How Good.
Blue Point Fcrfectos,
Sensational Output of the
Ohio's Mill.
Earnings to Roach Abut $1000
Crude Ores Coming With Concen
tratesExpert Talent Tells of
' Conditions at the Plant.
A sample of concentrates with which
W. C. Thomas, smeltermaivon the New
house staff, yesterday returned from
tho Ohio Copper company's mill at
Bingham, affords a lesson on- concentra
tion In that camp of copper, gold and
silver that cannot but appeal to the
metallurgist, while foretelling a more
liberal use of thatnjiethod in the future
reduction of Bingham's wealth. The
product, indeed. Is almost a sensational
one. the copper sulphides bristling with
nutlve copper and cuprite that occur In
the cells and crevices of the rock, and
while assays show an much as 27.5 per
cent of the red metal, with ruling values
in gold nnd silver, the presence of the
red metal in native state renders It
somewhat difficult for tho assayer to de
termine actual contents. However, the
smelter in whose Integrity the manage
ment has unstinted confidence- wJIl cor
rect all these things in the washing.
While the new mill with its battery of
six tables and a slimer designed by Wll
lley is yet in the- teething period, said
Mr. Thomas, it has already demon
strated its elllciency, and that adjusted,
the company, with concentrates pouring
from the plant and first-class ore onto
the market, ought to begin netting at
least $1000 a day. Tho management In
the meantime Is experiencing the usual
Interruptions. They do not differ nor
are they nny more aggravating than are
those experienced in the initiation of
every plant, mill or smelter, and will
havo all been overcome in short time-.
Fred Bettles, who has boen inspecting
the plant, says of the product that it is
the prettiest he has ever seen, and al
ready it shows a net profit of 530 per
ton, while the- slimes product contains
as much as 14 per cent copper, this hav
ing previously gone to waste. The out
look for Ohio Copper is assuring.
Columbus Con. Pvealizes on Its Treas
ury Stock The Projected Mill.
In a paragraph with which tho an
nual report of the Columbus Con. of
Alta is supplemented the following is
verification of what was told by The
Tribune on Thursday last appears:
"Since the foregoing was written, lo
cal capitalists have purchased a large
block of the treasury stock, which has
enabled us to obtain a clear title to the
property. It will also enable the com
pany to meet ail Its obligations and
carry out Its plans for the future and
the early payment of dividends. As a
result there Is no more- treasury stock
for sale."
Mr. Jacobson will leave for Park City
today to ascertain if the mill machinery
contained in the Weber-Kearns plant
can be made to serve the Columbus's
projected concentrator, in which event
he sees how it is possible to make a
saving of a good many dollars while ex
pediting the equipment and the produc
tion of concentrutes at the property.
Ed Hoffman to Take Superintondency
of Bingham Property.
The superintendence' of the Silver
Shield company's TBIngham property
will on Monday next pass into the handu
of Ed Hoffman, who is now serving the
Indianapolis company in similar capac
ity at its group in Tooele county. Mr.
Hoffman has for many years been Iden
tified with the- mines of Utah, having
been among the first to disclose the
presence of ore in the Lower Mammoth
of Tintic, while under his direction the
Galena of Fish Springs, In the Deep
Creek country, recorded some of its
most important developments. Mr.
Hoffman will continue to serve the In
dianapolis in an advisory way, making
periodical visits to the group Into which
the long tunnel is being driven.
News of the New Discovery Con
firmed by the Management.
The reported strike in the Copper
Mountain group, three miles north of
the O. K., out of Milford, and to which
orief reference was made yesterday
morning, wa3 verified during the day,
particulars lrdicatlng that the cross
cut has extended for fifteen feet Into the
ore body, with but one wall exposed.
The Intention of Manager Bowering, In
whose favor the $125,000 option on the
group Is running, Is to Increase the force
at once, while with the ores maintain
ing the quality with which they are
credited shipments should be quite active.
Campaign of Development, With Bo
nanza Flat as Destination.
The energies of the Daly-Judge con
centrator, Park City, arc being gradu
ally relaxed, and in a few more hours
its machinery will have been silenced,
the plant being hung up until such time
as the ore bodies Justify a resumption,
Superintendent McSorley. who was In
augurated during the week. Is now en
gaged in the organization of forces that
will be led by him into a country under
lying Bonanza flat, and in which he, as
well as the management, Is confident
of substantial disclosures. Certainly
the progress of work will be followed
with much interest abroad as well as in
this locality.
Oro and Bullion.
In tho ore and bullion market the day's
EottlemontH amounted to $59,9, McCor-
American bullion, $23,200; gold, silver, lead
and copper ores, J31.700.
In tho motal market silver ruled at E5&
cents an ounce, lead at i3.50 per hundred
pounds, and casting copper nt 12 cents a
Mr. Weller's Withdrawal.
A card from the house of Hornblowor
& Weeks, Boston and New York, makes
the following announcement:
Wo regret to state that, owing to 111
health, Mr. O. E. Wcller. who has been
associated with us for several years, feols
obliged to withdraw from actlvo business,
and we beg to notify you that his Interest
In thn firm of Hornblowor it Weeks ceased
January 1, 1001.
For some time Mr. Wcller hns been
at Hot Spring", Ark., in an effort to re
gain his health, with a large circle of
acquaintances here hoping for Its com
plete restoration. As an exponent of
Bingham and its resources none have
been more vigorous.
Goes to California.
Tom Wnldcn, foreainn at the Alliance
tunnel, will lcnVo shortly for California
for a two-months' visit. James Gray, n
miner recently employed at the Silver
King, will be elevated to Mr. Wnlden's
position temporarily.
Tonopah Stock Sales.
Wednesday's transfers on tho San
Francisco exchnngo wore rocorded ns fol
lows: Montana-Tonopnh, 5300 at Sl.-I5f?
1.471.40. the latter figure for delivery
ten days later; Belmont. 100 at 17c, buyer
thirty days; Midway. POO at 45tj'17c.
Mining Notes.
Manager John J. Daly of tho Daly-Judge
left ior Park City yestcrdny morning
The management of tho Tampa smelter
has two cars of matte at the sampler.
Mjij. Catrow came In from Bingham
Inst night, after an absence of many days.
Tho delinquent sale of Little Chief, un
der the half-cent assessment, Is scheduled
for Monday.
Tho cent assessment on New Red Wing
of Bingham became delinquent yesterday,
the salo to follow next month.
Tho Cnrlsa of Tlntlo has two moro cars
of high-grado copper ore In transit and
that will bo ready for Monday's market.
Lumber Is now being delivered at the
Black Diamond, Stockton, and actlvo
work In the big ledge exposed In tho
Ilonerlno tunnel will bo Inaugurated In a
fow days, said Managor Dcdcrlchs yes
terday. John W. McChrystal leaves for Cali
fornia today to comblno pleasure with an
examination of mining properties that
havo been commended to him.
Tho condition of Manager Georgo IL
Robinson of tho Tlntlc Mining and De
velopment company Is rapidly improving,
to tho gratification of his friends.
Tho old Sheba engine that served tho
Copper Belt railway at Bingham until It
fiew the track In In tho shop and will be
on tho line again In a ohort time.
Tho South Columbus and Superior Mi
ning companies of Alta havo found moor
ings In the Commercial block, from which
tho shareholders will bo regularly advised.
A lottor from Harry Joseph, manager of
tho Carisa and other properties, indicates
hie return to Zlon tho middle of next
month. With Mrs. Joseph ho Is now in
P. W. Madsen. manager of tho Century,
leaves for tho mines nnd mill In Park
Valley today, and with assurances that
tho usual J3C00 distribution will take placo
next month.
Andrew J. Mnlloy, who has done so
much to promote the development of sev
eral mining properties In Utah, doparted
for his homo In the East yesterday, much
pleased with conditions at each of them,
R. N. DIckman, a mining engineer of
Chicago, who has been inquiring Into mi
ning properties out of Milford, camo In
from tho south yesterday, on his way
cast. Mr. DIckman has a fund of In
formation that would bo of considerable
Interest locally, but Is not ready to re
leaeo it.
James T. Fulton will leavo for Tonopah
again on Monday, whero ho will remain
during the season prospecting that and
tho outlying camps, of which ho acquired
vnluablo knowledge last year, his friends
and prominent Interests with which ho Is
Identified hoping to see him return with
a competence.
i y2IKI,l)lscHARGESi
1 JIEBBk Eacb Capsule TS 5
? jbcarethennmcfiWrorJ
5 Beware ofcotmtirfelia 5
First Church of Christ, v
V lf2r ) Scientists, Excursion (,TOw!7 1
y pvo
Account Lecture by Judge Septimus J. Hanna,
Friday, February 5th, 1904. j
FARE FOR ROUND TRIP SI. 25. Special Train via S. P. L. A. 1
& S. L. R. R. Leaves Salt Lake at 6:30 p. m.; returning leaves
Pxovo 10:00 p. m. jj
' ""- ' " 1 ""damans
I We have just received a new shipment of old 'i
rwhiskey, of the famous Old Crow and Hermitage '
brands' from the distilleries of W. A. Daynes & Co. We 5
are proud to be sole agents for these celebrated whis- I
kies. &
"Tho Whiskey Merchants." f
Overcoats and Suits
i Including all of the Alfred Benjamin & Co. Suits and Overcoats. The 6
following reductions prevail: j
A",lATSat...$l0.75 STa1-ctft.!?5. $15.00
l" &&ats .t...$i4-50 SS'gSi a&TEfc
1 All $30 to $35 d O at 20 per cent discount,
OVERCOATS at...$I0.50 A MonQrch U
SUITS, all $12.50 to n Bosom Shirts at 75 P
cTt00 r'"6! V 7,5 ?ds onds Manhattan Shirts, i
SUITS, all $15 to $1S Cm large Hizs, worth .J
values at .'JO ?L50 to $2.00, at 90r
I Take advantage of this splendid opportunity to enpply your needs.
9 Harry S. Xew, Vice-President
1 Y f tllC IndiaiiawoIifl Journal, j
uood m'r!t'es: I
l "I think I have never made a railroad j
I journey freer from annoyances of very
1 1 I f 4 character, or one more satisfactory in
3 mm! Jy. Very respcct' Ultm that which I have
I WW ifelfll JuSt comPleted ove the Burlington 5
1 11 JH Route from St. Louis to the West and j
I v return. The roadbed, Itself, is fine, its j
R passenger equipment new and well cared E
S for, the employees of the road are par- I
9 ticularly attentivo and polite, and the I
3 . dining car service is the best I have
I ever seen anywhere." P
Remember, the Burlington is the Ifi
E SHORT LINE from Denver to the
1 East- u
I jj TICKETS: 70 West Second South St.
and Denver 0m
Ban Francisco m T: Ml
EPArtT' " 6:55 iJr
For Ogden. Omaha, ChiM T
For Ogderj. Port'lan'rC'si." 6:00 ALS
thony, San Francisco W'
intermediate points ... aca lft . lv flT I
For Ogucn. Omnha, Chlcaeo
penyor. Kansas City. S lkLwel
t-oul, nnd Son Frar.cl3eo
For OBden. Cache VaMe; :IOlf
Denver Kaiwaa City, ffi
ha, St. Louis and Chicago . li
For Ogdcn. Cache ViJiJ.' H5tv
Butte. Helena, Portfe
Snn Francisco nnd Intormt -E'
dlato points tt , i. . iJtrt
T. M. SCHUMACHER "Z, , 1 WLtt, I
CUV Ticket ofQce. aoi Mk&.jftt 6'
Telephone 30; &
Snn Pedro, Los Aa- WJB '
gclcs & Salt Lako VMMK'uti
R. R. Co. 9UWf
From Oregon Short Lin' tv. 1 F,
Lake City; Un9
Stockton. Mammoth. Eureka 5
and Stiver City &
F?r Provo. American Fork.
Lehl. Juab, Milford, FrUw i
Callentes and Intermediate 'Pl
Pomts ,fiM ,j(tlc
ARRIVE. 6:W1 ;-g
&Vjrsa infers- '
Callenteo and lntermeJlata ' haki
p,nt3 m I
From Provo, Lehl, FalrfleM. , ffUfw
Mercur and Sanpete Vall7 ,
Ry. points 5jBiJF
From Silver City, Mammoth, '
Eureka, Stockton. Tootla Mfie!
and Garfield Beach... A tsi MMt I
Dally Pullman Buffet Sltepbr Cc JBPrft
trlco between Salt Lake, MlfrortL v-jHf.
nd Callentes. j':
Direct stage connections for all tiMtiJSt
districts In southern Utah and fcftfcH1
City Ticket Office, 201 Main SlJKfe!
Telephone 250. BctH'
Ej. w. gillett. j l. HodPy
Gen'L Pass. Agt. ComroerdiL WCti
Through car, Salt Lake Cllf tj jP
Loub and Kansas City. Onlr ,HBDZ
to New Tork. Buffalo and principal ;WT(
East low rates for summer travi,
Especial attention to ladles tzi
Tourist eleopsre through to ;
Boston and other points without c-
Two trains dally. niA
Inqulre at tioket office, 1CJ fgRr
tBalt Lake City. 4nyrlnnr0D
fullv riven. H. C. TOWwwim,
In effect November 21, 1W
N'o. 10 For Bingham. Htbr,,iJ
Provo and Marysvale...- ruL
No. 103-For Park City !Sr"
No. 0 For Denver and East.... 13
No. 5 For Ogdcn and West SW
No. 1 For Ogden and West
No. 2-For Denver and Kat.....
No. 8 For Provo and Eureka., j.
No. 0 For Ogden ard local Pl,1'2Mte
No. 4-For Denver and East-"'i2ST7
No. 3-For Ocden and Wcat "gjW
C From Ogdcn and the pf'!i
No. 12-From Ogden and local Pu 'im,
No. 7-From Eureka and Provo..UJg
No. 6-From Denver and ffj)..
No. 4 From Denver and E"fWL,
No. 2 From Ogden and the ";:,? L
No. 101-From Park City jyv'V'-'m
No. 9-From Bingham, HeMr,(ji&h
Provo and Marysvale n-.lt
No. 4-From Osden and tho W ot
No. 3 From Denver and El , 'l . jMTl:
All trains except Nos. 1 to 'W,
tcrmedlate points.
Ticket Office, Dooly BlocK.
Phone 205. a BETOyflAs-;
From Utah to Sc
Kansas City and Chicago.
Also direct line to GfSSBk
Paso, City of Mexico anLtjtM.-.
camps of New Mexico and -an
Ask nie about reduced rates itW..
0. p. WABBEIf. jjiC
General Agent, No. 411 V001'
Salt Lake M
Now and cloRant In all Its flPPjug.
250 rooms, single onsultogJL

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