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I 1
. :
iters Are Waiting for
fi&S ithing to Turn Up.
Si "
u3 f Shares Wavarlng and
vJm i Uncertain.
Regarding the War Situation
jji1 five Far East Helped to
lsV Paralyze the Market.
rJc, Jan. 2?. Prices of stocks hal
.7 nffi uncertain movement today,
iy deserved the name of fluc
'.gh purine the courso of the day
JjAj.l ;t enmo almost absolutely to a
Tho undertone was heavy,
and the slight advances at ono
fned wero Indifferently held.
; (the conviction that some sort
) .was near at hand In the strained
A n the far East helped to paral
I Ifttlvo activity. Even tho com
.' irketn reflected some dlspoal-
1 rait tho dcflnto outcome of the
,'KpIy to the Japanese proposals,
in. borts of the ninh of food shlp
; roas the continent to fill Rus
h's . orders were of somo slgnlfl
. 'to the effect of war upon do
rtWj ' ialnces here It Is pointed out
PAka no S2.11S.CO0 which the sub-trcas-,7"
'contributed to tho Kew York
k, week, more than three-fourths
, a?? aunt of Japanese gold deposited
' ranclsco. This gold is generally
to represent payment for army
P i' rather than a regular exchange
W : The usual preliminary estl
!f6rti itho interior movomont Indlcato
r. Now York of over J5.0CO.000, in
T-; omo increase in shipments from
u y ( to Southern points during the
I fc5 nncctlon with the cotton movc-
ho sain In the sub-treasury, It
tiaT o bo wiped out by today's credit
,5t if that institution at the elear
4 ' of 12,012.112. due to the taking
intral Pacific note for about 52,-
reme case of call money tyxlay
Indicate any notable weakening
Midltlon of the banks, although
st 8m rable loan expansion is oxpectod
!si,U ew's statement,
f Bt&tes Steel continued to be n
'Jn ijthc market, although the vol
JUjflB8' activity was much less today,
.w B.views continued to add to the
jnf jM-oplnlon against improving pros
Rho trade. There Is even a tone
MHL feUon of the attempts which have
piously mado to claim improvc
- - the Idea, apparently mistaken,
(ifcpuld encourage buyers to come
-wriarkat. The Union Pacific fa-
-ot earnings for December of-
contrast pleasing to investors.
"UJiK1 uniform tendency toward de
jpr that month, and which war; ex
Un tho returns for the "Wabash,
I Valley and Canadian Pacific, aiado
Tl jBTlie averago decrease in net for
I I vln roails reporting previous to
1 1 PXfll' ru'ns -as high ns 12 per cent
II jpK Pacific- showing Is attributed
pAlc . reduction In the cxtraordl-
Wiilltures for Improvements which
J If 'been in progress on that and
IjKivstcm, the Southern Pacific
1 1 Bleu also that the Union Pacific
IHUpBire credited with the most do
JMpKresIst&ncc to the present price
pjTiirnlls, even to the point of re
lBrom lllllng urgent requirements
llllB5got as much as a point over
lljJV' 1,ul fcl1 oack ',tM tnc lnt0
Uavn .the market. The closing was
Beasy. wIUi prices back to about
ravel, Pennsylvania ran off near! t
WIt the last.
T .iwerc dull and were inclined to
j giJft a lew advances gave nn Jr.
tt OsWone. Total sales, par value, $3,-
-fetatcs bonds were unchanged on
M4jr Y0RK BOND LISTr"""" '
reg..lW5 1j Sz N unl -Is.... 9n'
t US coup. .103 Man con g -Is.. ..103V1
' ms . 1C0 Mi x Ceiv-ls fi?
ro frpjup ....107 do 1st Inc lO
UttJreg ... 132U m & St L -Is 97
Jfreg. . .125M M K & T -is 07j
l,Wm reg .. 107J do 2nds SCHi
li'Hmt coup,.lCT7W of Mey c Is.... 7Gi.
C'WS 101 Vi NT Y C g 314s JS
iUriWBP 10U5 X J C g 5s 131
.'1'lB ... Kor Pac Is 103
pp,C?ijB S94 do 3s 73
5tiJ.L 4s.. f-i Nor & W c 4s.... 97V(,
-W -101-V, O S L, Is and p.. 35
'mim?' 5l, Penn conv 3,ts... 06-jIi
rtllW 6a K Reading p 4s 00-11
JHHI'fc0. ' " 70,'J St L & I M cCs..U2
. fl- Ag....l03u. St L & S F f(; -is S3
HifflBn 3Hs. 7CU St L Sw IhUj .... 03
ffi M .. w,i Sea A L. 4b OS'A
IJ'U "p l-1 s Pac 4s , SO
57 ion 7s. 131 So Ry Cs 113
r'-". P4a. ,.72 T & P lats llGMi
fflWi f i ' M T 51 W "la- 72
rf 8 L 48 B7,-i u" P'lc "0
LW' i .H ,w. 7S1.J, do conv 4s .... 97
jb, S l4b U S Steel 2d 5s.. 73
le,..--- S3U WabaBh lsts .... 40
y . 05tJ do deb 13 C)
,n4s.,. fti W & L E 4s 90
I -ffrf-T w . . AVIs Ccn 4s ...... 80
1 Tl&r 9. Ist.lCuVj C F & I c 53 73rj
iwit- " Sales. High. Low. Closo.
I Fi 0Vi 00,
- tJJJ d, tw) ftlt 01 91Vi
itk 'h'o 30.40) Rl 3 &l
ad SSdJ d 50) 91Z 91Y! 91
'w VlOO llSi 117i 11S
utSU IN' J 169
Of 5 1.3CO &5 JliA 33?&
jl'f,"g 'cat West. 100 17 17 lCi
iw, v rred 2S'
"iitf 1CllS'cst" ' 163 167 167'"
I!JrV -& T 000 J0' 10'
ft d 2.200 22M. 22 'I 22'A
aa-H" (8tL,. . . 300 7S? 78t 77
tl So 100 18 18 18
r?l trr?4 .... r,,i
..r-iV8 .Srrc(1 - 100 Di 2fi
T0.v iflfon If5t'
' " i "ccTi "C6
I PYl -COO 1D3 1321 lp
IVKui " '? "
lp'wish....'.y 4100-10J 107 106
I jKny"'" om Wiv Vs? im4
IskTcxns'"' '
'frUllSiL 1f -Wi 3?it ''
cW 1,100 C1'"
t,tillVr' '" 12(,) U
Sc:::: bS5 a- -ij- F
4lM?"cd ,P 2.766 I7t 47 Jrai
tJS-::.; SS S lif if
JJr " " 11 500 W
- "-' --- 1-
-f Xcw York Ooic -f
-f San Francisco 5c -f
London 255d -f
-f New York exchange $4.15tjM.50 4-
. COPPER. -f
-f New York exchange $12.3012.75 -f
4- 'irregular, quiet. '
-f Wheat Strong, hlshcr. -f
Corn Steady, higher. -f
-r- Oats Firm.
f Provisions Steady.
-- Cattle-Slow, lower. -f
-f Hogs Weak, lower.
. Sheei Steady. -f
llf f f l-r - --
Southern Pac 16.200 CI D04 C0
Southern Ry 2,(00 22 22Vi 22.
preferred S00 S1U -1 S3
Texas & Pac 1.200 2tr)i 26 23
T St L & AVest.... 10) 27 27 27
preferred 100 as?; 3S?4 3-SVi
Union Pac 25.000 Sl S0Vt SOvS
preferred 1.&O0 01 &9 91
Wabash 210 20 20
preferred 3,X) 39 3S 3S
Wheel & L E KO JSli. lS?i IS
"ls Central &00 20?i 20i 20
preferred SCO 46?i 4C 46
Express Companies
AdamB 220
American 100 195 195 192
United States KO 110 110 103
Wells-Fargo .... 205
Amalg Copper .... 30.900 49 4S 4S
Amor Car & F 1.000 20 19 19
preferred 100 70 CS fS
Amer Linseed Oil 10
preferred 2S
Amer Loco 4.5fO 21 20 21
preforred 300 S0 79 75
Amer Sm & Rcf... 2,7(0 50 CO CO
preferred .., 92
Amer Sugar Ref.. ll,?0 12S 127 127
Anaconda M Co.... COO 73 72 70
Brooklyn R T S,I00 4S 43 45
Colo F & Iron SCO 32 32 31i
C & Hock Coal.,.. l.SCO 15 15 15
Cons Gas 2,100 191 193 193
General Electric 400 173 172 172
Intcrn l Paper 400 13 13 13
preferred . 67
Intern'l Pump :. -33
preferred 72
Nat'l Biscuit 5(0 40 39 40
National Lead 16?i
North American 400 S7 86 S7
Pac Mall 1.70) 2S 27i 27
People's Gas 2,20) 101 1007, 100
Pressed Steel Car.. 300 301 30 30
preferred 10-) 71 71 71
Pullman Pal Car.. 700 217 217 215
Republic Steel 1,500 7 7i 7
preferred 1,900 45 44 -11
Rubber Goods 100 21 21 21
preferred 75
Tenn C & Iron 6CO 35i 33 3S
U S Leather SCO 7 7-T1 7
preferred 500 7S 7S 7S
U S Rubber 400 13 134 13
preferred 1.100 53 52 52
U S Steel 2.900 11 11 11
preferred 44,500 6 55 05
western Union SS
Nor Securities 94
Total sales for the day, 402,200 shares.
Silver and Drafts.
San Francisco, Jan. 29. Silver bars,
55c; Mexican dollnrs, nominal; drafts,
sight, 12c; drafts, telegraph, 15c.
Money and Exchange.
Now York, Jan. 23 Money on call
steady, l&if? 2 per cent; closing bid and
offered, 1 per cent.
Time loans dull and steady; 00 days.
3tQ"394 per cent; 50 days, 3iQ4 per cent;
six mpnths, 4-i per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 4I5 por cent.
Sterling exchange weak, with actual
business In bankers' bills at S4.S5.EOQ
4.85 G5 for demand, and at $l.S2.90ff4.3 for
sixty days; posted rates. $-1.81 and ?1.S6
S4.S7; commercial, bills, Jl.S2.
New York Metals.
New York. Jan. 29 Tin was about 5s
lower in London, closing at 12C 7s Cd for
spot and 127 tor futures. Locally tin was
In fair demand and a little higher, with
spot quoted at S2S.O.V02S S5.
Copper also was lower In London, with
spot quoted at 56 7s 6d and futures at 56
Es. Locally copper was unchanged; lako
quoted at S12.G2fil2.S7; electrolytic,
$12.507712.75. nnd casting. 512.37012.C2.
Lead declined Is 5d in London to 11 8s
9d. and lost about an eighth of a cent lo
cally, with the close prices ranging from
$-1.45 to 54.50.
Spelter advanced 2 Gd to 2L 17s Cd, but
was easier here, declining about 5 points
to $4.90ff5.CO.
Iron closed at 43s 9d In Glangow and at
42s 3d In Mlddlesboro. Locally Iron was
unchanged. No. 1 foundry Northern Is
quoted at lCfrlCc; No. 2 foundry Northern,
14515c; No. 1 foundry Southern and No. 1
foundry soft, S13.757jl4.25.
Live Stock.
Chicago, Jan. 29. Cattle Receipts, CC00;
very dull. Good to prime steers, $4.75
5.50; poor to medium, $3.7554.50; stackers
and feeders. $2.25'g4.00; cows, Sl.&Ofrl.OO;
heifers, ?1 .75714.50, winners. 51.50tf2 30;
bulls, 51.75Jj4.10; calves, $5-50fjT.OO.
Hogs Receipts today, S2.000; tomorrow,
20.000. Mixed and butchers, 54 757M.95;
light. $l.5O4.90; bulk of sales, 51.SO5G.00;
good io choice heavy. S5.00ijo,12; rough
heavy. $.7&fl4.95; light. $4.G0ff4.90.
Sheep Receipts, 5000; mostly 10 cents
lower. Lambs, mostly 10 cents lower.
Good to choice wethers, $4. 20Jj:4. 50; fair to
choice mixed, 53.50iil.00, Western sheep,
S4.COfj'5.25; native lambs, 51.255 0; West
ern lambs, ?l 50S5.1O.
St. Joseph, Jan. 29. Cattle Receipts,
1100; weak to 10c" lower. Natives, ?3.40fi
5.10; cows and heifers, S1.7&Tj"4.00; stockers
and feeders, $2.75fj4.CO.
Hogs Receipts, S400; weak to 10 cents
lower. Light. $I.COQ"4.S5; medium and
heavy, $4.&O7(G.07.
Sheen Receipts. 1100; steady to 10 cents
lower. Lambs. $5,G5.
Kansas City. Jan. 29. Cattle Receipts,
30CO, lower; native steers. 53.CO'L70; na
tive cows and heifers, S2.25Ti3.G0; stockers
and feeders. 53.00773.75; bulls. $2.25773.25;
calves, 52.750.10, Western steers, 33.50ft'
4.20; Western cows $1,507(2 50.
Hogn Receipts, 5CO0. Lower. Bulk of
sales. 5-1.C57J-1.M; heavy. Sl.S51f5.00; pack
ers, J-I.75774.P0; pigs and lights, 5I.257J-1.S0.
Sheep Rccolpta, 1000. Steady. Muttons,
W.&OTH.&O: lambs, 51.5075 75; range weth
ers, $3.2577-1. 25; owes, 52. 5073 00.
South Omaha, Jan. 29. Cattle Receipts,
?.000. Slow; 105715c lower. Native steers,
$3.507j6.10; cows and heifers, $2. 70513.75:
Western steers, 52.507J3.50; cunnors. Sl.5073
2.50: stockors and feeders, $2.50-1.00;
calves. SXOOTjy.50: bulls, slugs, etc.. 52.507J
Hogs Receipts. 7500, Weak: 5e lower,
Heavy. SI.S07T4.95: mixed, S1.704, SO; light,
M.&Ofi-l.fiO: Pigs. 53.507J4.f(l; bulk of oalcs,
Shc;p Receipts, 2500. Steady. Westerns.
5-l.4O7jO.00; wethers. SI.COjfI.40: ewes. 53.C07P
4,00. common nnd stockers, 52.507j3.75;
lambs. Jl.COTJO.Jp ,
St. Louis Wool Market.
St. Louis Jan 29. Wool, nominal; me
dium grades combing and clothing. 17f21e;
Tho peculiar cough -which indicates
croup Is usually well known to the
mothers of croupy children. No tlmo
should be lost In the treatment of It,
nnd for this purposo no medicine hao
received moro universal approval than
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Do not
waste valuable time In experimenting
with untried remedies, no matter how
highly they. may be recommended, but
give this medicine as directed, and all
symptoms of croup -will quickly disap
pear. For, sale by all rlrugglsta.
Carload Gets Into Town
From California.
California Crabs Another Wel
come Arrival.
Fish and Vegetables Are Plentiful,
With, tho Prices Remaining
Winter cabbage from California reached
tho local markets yeotrdny. A carload
was received by a commission house, and
other consignments arc expected to follow
In a. few days. It Is the first shipment of
that plcblan but decidedly wholesomo veg
etable that has reached the city this win
ter. They will he retailed at 53.59 per
California crabs were also received yes
terday. They are selling at T2.73 per dozen.
Fish of all kinds are plentiful In the local
market, except salmon, which Is becom
ing scarce. The price, however, has not
Vegetables of all varieties are also plen
tiful. There were no new arrivals yester
day of consequence and no changes in
price were noted. The market remains
practically the same as the day before.
Frozen salmon we.s one of tho few now
arrivals and is being sold at retail at 10
Hay, Grain and Straw.
Oat straw, per balo S .SOS' .35
Alfalfa li.00
Timothy, per ton. baled 14.007714. &0
Wheat, per bushel S67r .)
Corn, per cwU 1.257? 130
Corn, cracked 1.30Ji 1.35
Oats 1.357?' 1.40
Rolled oats 1.45$ 1 50
Barley, whole 1.15 1.25
Flour, bakers' No. 1 1.90ft 2.00
Flour, straight grade 2.0O? 2,10
Flour, high patent 2.30
Graham flour 2.10
Cornmeal LS
Bran 1.057J1 1.10
Dressed beef, per pound 5 .00 f.07
Dressed pork, per pound .07
Dressed veal, per pound .03
Dressed mutton, per pound 05?.06
Dressed lamb, per pound .... .07
Dressed hens, per pound $ .15
Dressed turkeys, per pound 23
Ducks, per pound 17
Springs 17
Llvo poultry, hens, .per pound 12
Live spring chickens 15
Santa Paula lemons, per box. $2,505? 4.00
California oranges, per box .. 1.5077 2.50
Lemons, per box 4.COTf 5.00
Utah apples, per bushel 1.257 1 GO
Oregon ipplcs, per box 1.50
Figs and dates Cs, 8c, 10c
Winter potatoes, per cwt $ 1.25
Utah onions 2.00
Utah celery, per dozen S07J1.CO
California sweet potatoes, per
pound 037?-03
Cabbages, per 100 3.50
Cauliflower .12
Dairy Products.
Butler, per pound $ .20
Cheese, per pound .12
Eggs, per case 9.C07i 9.50
Fancv cheese, per pound .... .13
Comb" honey, per crate 3.00
Strained honey, per pound .07
Swoltzer cheese, per pound.... .IS
Fresh Fish.
Steelhcad Galmon, per pound. ...$ .11
Halibut, per pound 13
Striped bass, per pound 15
Shad, per pound 10
Mountain trout, per pound 257J.30
Soles, per pound 09
Flounders, per pound 09
California smelts, per pound 12
Codfish, por pound 13
Catfish, per pound 12
Perch, per pound 10
Lobsters, per pound .15
New York ojstcrs (counts), per
1C0 i.eo
Utah carp and mullet CO
Perch .12
Sua bass 12
Crabs, per dozen 3.00
light fine, 157tl7c; heavy fine, 1214o;
tub washed, LO7J30c.
Butter and Eggs.
New York, Jan. 20. Butter Steady;
creameries, 1722c; State dairy, 117J19c.
Eggs Unsettled, Western, 337j2Co.
Grain and Provisions.
Chicago, Jan. 29. Var rumors caused
on advance of c to lvic In tho price of
wheat today. Part of tho advance was
lost on prollt-taking, but tho close was
firm with May ?ic higher than yester
day's final llgurcs. Corn closed with a
gain of 5c for May,, Oats aro up c
Provisions aro unchanged.
A sharp bulgo occurred In wheat at tho
opening, due to reports that the crisis in
tho Far East was not far distant. These
reports wero given emphasis by higher
prices in foreign grains, Opening quota
tions here showed May o to l?ic higher
at 90c to 91c, with July lc to lc higher
ut S2c to S3c Buying orders came large
ly from shorts. For a time thore. was
little wheat on the market. Tho leader of
tho longs, howover, took the selling side
toward tho end of the first half hour and
was Joined by smaller holdors, with tho
result that prices declined abput c for
the high point. May steadying around
CGc and July at S2c Tho market lost
Its onorgy and ruled comparatively dull
the remainder of the day. Long wheat
continued to come out on an small up
turns, but tho demand was equally good
on every reaction. Tho market was helped
by Argentine strike nows, small receipts
and an Improvement In cash demand tn
the Northwest. May closed at 907TWVtC,
after It had sold down to U0c July fin
ished at S37JS3',4c Clearances of wheat
and our equal to 002.100 bushels. Primary
rucelptB wero 119,200 bushels, against 522.
439 bushels a year ago. Exports for tho
week according to Bradstcets of wheat
and Hour, were equal to 2.90S.O0O bushels.
Minneapolis. Duluth and Chicago reported
receipts of 253 cars, against 200 cars last
week and 302 cars a year ago.
Tho Influences which governed the
wheat market were factors In tho corn
pit. After opcnlns c to c higher at
50c to 5C4ic, May sold between 60c and
G8c, closing at fO'ififiOc. Local receipts
were 215 ears, none of contract grado
Oats wero strong throughout tho etitira
day. May opened V,c to higher at 42-&c
to 42c, sold between 4245r421,c and. 43c.
closing at 13c. Local receipts were 71
Packers wcro moderate sellers of pro
visions and thero was further liquidation
of lard by bull hoi!: ox. In spite of this
selling and In the f,u,r- of lower prices at
the yards, tho market ' Icldcd vrry little,
closing practically at jcitorday's pries
Buying by commission houci s and shorts
on the strength of grain was the main
supporting feature. May pork and lard
closed unchanged at 513,32 and $7.42.
Ribs were a shade lower at 4G.70.
Estimated receipts for tomorrow;
Wheal, 15 cars; corn, 200 cars; oats, 85
cars; hogs, 25,0)0 head.
Articles. Open. High. T-ow, Close,
Wheat, No. 2
May 91 91 00 9&H
July S3 S3 S2 S2i
September 7S 7S 7S 7Si7
Corn, No. 2-
January 47 -17 4G-,3 4i
Mav 50 50 50 50
July 45 4S 4S 4S
Oats, No. 2
January , 39 40 39 40
May ' 42 43 42 43
July 37-Vi 3S 37 3S
September 33 33 33 33
Mess Pork
January 13.25 13.25 13.17 13.17
Mav 13.35 13.37 13.32 13.32
January 7.25 7.25 7.20 7.22
May 7.40 7.47 7.10 7.42
July 7.42 7.47 7.12 7.45
Short Ribs
January C.42
May G.72 G.75 C.70 C.70
July G.S2 G.S5 G.82 C.S2
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
steady; No. 3 spring wheat. 7G7jS7c; No. 2
red, S9fj934c; No. ii corn, 47c; No. 2 yel
low. 4Sc; No 2 oats. 4O7r40c; No. 3
white, 407?-l2c; No. 2 rye, 67c; good feed
ing barlc, 3S7W9c; fair to choice malting,
4557c. No 1 flax seed, 51.10: No. 1 North
western, 51.17; prime timothy seed, 53.15;
mess pork, per barrel, 513.25713.37; lard,
per 100 pounds, S7 20$j'7.25; short ribs sides
(loose). $6.37rfTG.G2; short clear sides
(boxed). JO&lfr.CO; whisky, basis of high
wines, $1.37, clover, contract grade, $11.25.
Articles. Recpts. Shlpmts.
Flour, barrels 15,000 1G.S0O
Wheat, bushols 29,200 22,500
Corn, bushels 170.1CO 197.400
Oats, bushels CG.C00 94,200
Rye. bushels 10.5CO , l.-VO
Barley, bushels 27.500 13,500
On the produco exchange today tho but
ler market was firm; creams, l&7J22c;
dairy, 137J19c; eggs, weaker, at mark, 27
29c; cheese, steady, 107J10c.
Coast GTaln.
San Francisco, Jan. 2". Wheat EaBlcr;
May, ?1.3S.
Barley-Quiet: May. ?1.0S bid.
New York Sugar Harket.
ISTcw York, Jan. 20. Sugar Raw, quiet;
fair refining. 213-lCc; centrifugal .tKJ-tcst,
3 5-lGc; molasses sugar, 2 9-lGc. Refined
is qulol; crushed, 55.10; powdered, $1.50;
granulated. $1.45.
Coffee Firm, No. 7 Rio, S 15-lGc.
Treasury Statement.
Washington, Jan. 29. Today's state
ment of tho treasury balances in tho gen
eral fund, exclusive of tho 5150,000.000 gold
Jn the division of redemption, shows.1
Available cash balance,. 522o,640,64S; gold.
International Mercantile Association
Summary of Business Con
ditions. Iew York, Jan. 29. Telegrams re
garding the state of trade from cor
respondents of the International Mer
cantile Agency throughout the United
States are summarized as follows;
"In the Central Mississippi valley and
throughout the Southwest, business in
most staple lines promises to exceed that
of the opening months of 1903. General
wholesale orders for spring trade this
month in that region are said to be
heavier than in any preceding January.
More than 115,000 wage-earners have
gone back to work in Pennsylvania and
the Lake region within a fortnight
"Extraordinarily easy money markets
are not likely to continue much longer.
Early ratiflcatio nof tho Panama treaty
would mean probable payments to Pan
ama and the canal shareholders. As It
stands, the Government depository
banks might have to furnish $25,000,000
of the funds needed. Overhanging new
capital issues will also tend to advance
"Olllclals Interviewed Insist that steel
rail prices will not be cut and point to
the Interest of the Pennsylvania rail
road, through Its steel mills, to keep the
price up and to light rails being $2
higher. Despite pessimistic reports as
to iron and steel, the demand continues
to slowly increase, notably for struc
tural steel and basic and forge Iron.
"Prices have been stronger for cattle,
ruUber, coffee, cotton goods, raw cotton,
wheat and corn. Not the least encourag
ing feature of the business we,ek has
been the renewed confidence In a pros
perous season, due to an Improvement
in collections. St Paul, Minneapolis
and Duluth unite in reporting as largo
volume of orders as at the like period a
year ago. The situation is even more
favorablo than that in the Ohio River
valley and through the South Atlantic
and Gulf Slates."
Business Outlook Is Reported
Bright by the Commer
cial Agencies.
New Y'ork, Jan. 29. R. G. Dun & Co.'s
weekly review of trade tomorrow will
Business conditions would bo most sat
isfactory if present high prices for tho
leading staples wcro the result of whole
sale demand, but tho prominence of ma
nipulation prevents any gratifying con
clusions. Aside from tho lines temporarily
stimulated by severe weather, trado Is
qulot, and evidences of Increased activity
with the approach of spring aro hope
fully awaited. Reports of tho building
outlook have been prepared by branoh of
fices of R. G. Dun & Co., at the leading
cities, and Indlcato that high cost of ma
terials and labor have curtailed opera
tions, although tho year 1903 showed a
good gain over 1902. Demand for lumber
Is gradually improving, stocks in the yards
arc light as a result, and attractive prices
promise a large cut. Weather conditions
aro favorable for winter wheat. Trans
portation has suffered some Interruption
by dorms, but railway earnings thus far
reported for January arc 3.S per cent larger
than In 1903.
Optimistic reports aro not numerous
regarding the iron and steel Industry.
Comparatively quiet condition's In hides
have not depressed tho tone.
Failures this week numbered 302 In thu
United States, agalnBt 213 last year; and
25 In Canada, compared with 30 a year
Now York, Jan. 2 Bradstrcet s tomor
row will say
Weather conditions have been unfavor
able throughout a wide area, and, w'llle
In somo Instances helpful to retail trado
extremn rold or heavy snows have rathr
sharply chocked spring trade and retnrded
trariHportatlon. There is a rather quieter
feeling found also In several lines or spec
ulation and of Industry. An exception to
this is found in thu South, which section,
stimulated by almost undreamed of cotton
prices. Is preparing to plant an enormous
acreage. ,
Spring trade, which was opening actively
in the Southwest, has been brought prac
tically to a standstill for the time being
by zero weather.
Rather less satisfactory reports come
from tho Iron nnd steel trade. Building Is
practically suspended at a number of
cities, and lumber Is generally quieter.
Wool is firm, with a steady vomme of
business at Doslon.
Wheat. Including flour, export for tho
week ending January 2Sth aggregate 2.
917.R22 bushels, against 3.53S.1D2 last week.
1 ,420,005 this week lust year. S.703,3fi3 n 1W2
and 3.77C.00O in 1901. From JUnc 1, 1903, to
date they aggregate 9S.730.03S bushels,
against 165.9fll.C24 last season. 100,521,001 In
1102 and lll.f07,Sll In 1901.
Corn cxnorts for the week aggregate
l,4f,9,3Sfi bushels, against 1.151,202 last week.
2.OI5.0OO u year ago. 427.01S In 1M2 and 2.
4S7.707 In MOL From July 1. 1C03. to date
they aggregate 33.4S7.473 bushels, asalnat
20,?35.710 last season, 20.3SS.037 In 1902 and
11J.7S2.O00 In lfOl.
Business failures In the United States
for tho week ending January 2Slh number
242, against 2M last week. 230 In tho like
wek of 1903, 303 In 1902, 23S In 1901 and 171
in 1900.
In Canada failures for the wcok number
I IS, which compares with 25 last week nnd
SO In the sa-ne week In 1903.
"Weekly Bank Statement.
New York, Jan. 29. The following ta
ble, complied by Bradstreet, shows the
bank clearings at tho principal cities for
tho week ended Jandary 2Sth, with the
percentage of Increase and decrease as
compared with the corresponding week
last year.
Inc. Dec.
Is'cw York 51.310.471,201 0.S ....
Chicago 159.0S2.55S .... 0.3
Boston 122.027,810 .... 0.4
Philadelphia llfi.373.490 .... 1.1
St. Louis 53.E59.479 1S.3 ....
Pittsburg 35.S3fl.25 1 .... 22.1
San Francisco 2C.953.S5C .... 1.9
Baltimore 21.C4C.395 7.4 ....
Cincinnati 20.S73.300 .... G.2
Kansas City 21.232.028 10.7 ....
Cleveland 12.47C.C12 .... 19.2
Minneapolis 14.172,935 0.2 ....
Omaha C.S3S.4SS .... 4.7
St, Pnul 5.2C4.021 .... 1.7
Los Angelca 5.G7C.107 ICS ....
Denver ..... 4.0C9.931 4.3 ....
Seattle 3.251,152 .... l.C
SALT LAKE CITY.. 2.S24.421 14.1 ....
Portland, Or 3.057.2G3 .... 17. G
Spokane. Wash 1,832.230 1C.5 ....
Ilelena 4SS.172 15.9 ....
Totals. U. S $2.110. 112.2S3 1.2 ....
Outside N. Y S05.911.079 1.7 . ..
Totals. Canada ..$ 41.2SS.201 . . 10.0
New York Stocks,
Bonds, Grain
I and Provisions.
I Stocks bought and sold on margin W
or for cash. H
Continuous quotations direct from
New York Stock Exchange. tj
We have a special department for
buying and selling stocks and bonds In
for cash, which enables us to give
best of satisfaction to bankers as H
well us individual Investors.
S C. V. CUMMINGS. Managor.
i Rooms 211-212 D F. Walker Block. K?
! I fl ' U LY. If you are saxonal.
til HH D ly weak, no mattes
ill HM ffi fro what cause; undc
Kg I Tl ft IB veloped; have stricture,
JwftMBSfcSJBB varloocele, etc, Mx
PERFECT APPLIANCE will cure you.
No drugs or electricity; 76,000 cured and
Developed. 10 DAYS TRIAL. Send for
free booklet. Sent sealed. Guaranteed.
Write today. R. O. Emmet, $ Tabat
Block. Denver, Cola,
City Poundkeeper's Sale.
Notice is hereby given to tho owner or
owners of tho animals hereinafter de
scribed, and to whomsoever It may con
cern: That thero are Impounded at tho
present time. In tho city pound, tho fol
lowing described - animals:
One red and brindle, streaked with
white, cow, about 4 years old, branded
PJ PI on right rump, I X on top left flank,
big U upside down on left side with
bar under it, end of right ear cut off, left
ear quarter out under tliree notches.
Also one Jersey heifer about 3 years
Also one Jersey steer about IS months
old. all with same brands.
If said Jinimals aro not olalmed and all
amounts due thereon paid, and said ani
mals taken away within ton (10) dayB
from the dato of the first publication of
this notice, they will bo sold by tho city
poundkeoper, at public sale, at TOth So.
and Sth East. February S, 1901, In this olty,
at tho hour of 2 p. m., to tho highest bid
der. C. H. GATES.
Dato of first publication, Jan. 2S, 1904,
The annual meeting of tho stockholders
of the Edison Electric company .will bo
held at the office of said company, In
the Beckwith banking building, In tho city
of Evanston, Stato of Wyoming, on tho
fourth Thursday of the month of Febru
ary 1904. at the hour of 12 o'clock m., for
the" purpose of electing trustees to hold
office for tho year noxt ensuing, and until
fhelr successors shall have beon elected,
nnd to consider and act upon such other
matters, when lawful, as may bo pre
sented. WM. R. STAATS.
Secretary of tho Edison Electric Co.
Dated January 3, 1901.
Godlva Mining company, principal placo
of business room No, 310 Whltlngham
block, West" First South street. Salt Lake
City, Utah.
Notlco is hereby given that at a moot
ing of tho directors of the Godlva. Mi
ning company, held on the 26th day of
January, 1904, an assessment of one dollar
per share was levied on tho capital stock
of tho corporation, payablo on or be
fore tho 29th day of February. 1904, to J.
E Berkley, secretary of tho company, at
room No. 310 in tho Whltlngham block, on
West FlrBt South street, In Salt Lako
City, Utah. Any slock upon which this
assessment may remain unpaid on thu
1st day of March, 1904, will bo dollnqucnt
and aavcrtlzud for salo at public auction,
and unless payment Is made before, will
bo sold oa the 19th day of March, 1904, to
pay tho delinquent assessment, together
with tho cost of advertising and expense
of sale. J. E. BERKLEY.
Room 310 Whltlngham Block, West First
South Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. r210S
Tho annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Venus Gold Mining company will bo
hold at the office of tho company, Room 23,
Eaglo block, at tho southeast cornor of
Second South and West Templo streets, In
Salt Lako City, Utah, on Monday, tho Sth
day of February, 1904. at 4 o'clock p. m.,
for the purposo of oldcting directors of the
said company for tho ensuing year, and for
the transaction of such other business as
may properly come before the meeting.
Rait Luka City. Utah, January 16, 1901. ,
Consult County Clerk or the respecUv
eicnera for further information.
bato division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty. State of Utah.
In tho matter of tho estate of Edward
Lambert, deceased. Kotlcc.
Tho petition of Elizabeth Bartlctt Lam
bert and Wm. H. llalgh, executors of
the estate of Edward Lambert, deceased,
praying for an order to sell the follow
ing described personal property of said
decedent, to wit:
2 tons of lucerne hay. 2 horses. 2 cows,
1 buggy. 1 wagon and' hay rack. 2 sets
of harness. 1 mowing machine. 40 chick
ens, IS shares of common stock in tho
Utah Sugar stock, cert. 11. IS shares of
preferred Etock of the Utah Sugar stock,
cert. 103. has been set for hearing on Fri
day, tho 5th day of February, A- D. 1904,
at ten o'clock a. m at the county court
house. In the courtroom of said court,
In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako county,
Witness the clerk of said court, with
the seal thereof affixed, this 23rd day of
January, A. D. 1901.
(Seal) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
Bv David B. Davies. Deputy Clerk.
David M. Haigh, Attorney.
bate division, in nnd for Salt Lake coun
ty. State of Utah. In tho matter of tho
estate of Joe Manclnl. deceased. Notice.
Tho petition of Charles Boncttl. praylns
for tho Issuance to himself of lottcm of
administration in the estate of Joe Man
clnl. deceased, has been set for hearing on
Friday, tho Gth day of February, A. D.
VOl. at 10 o'clock a. m at tho county
courthouse, In the courtroom of said court.
In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako county,
Witness the clerk of said court, with Cho
seal thereof affixed, this 21st day of Janu
ary. A. D. 1904 JOHN JAMES.
fSeal.l Clork.
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clork.
A. J. Weber, Attorney for petitioner.
batc division, In and for Salt Lake coun
ty, Slato of Utah. In the matter of the
estato of Jens P. Mortcnson, deceased.
Tho petition of Edward R. Mortcnson,
administrator of tho estate of Jens P.
Mortcnson. deceased, praying for tho set
tlement of final account of said adminis
trator and for the distribution of tho resi
due of said estato to tho persons entitled,
has been set for hearing on Friday, tho
Sth day of February, A D. 1901. at 10
o'clock a. in., at the county courthouse.
In the courtroom of said court. In Salt
Lako City. Salt Lako county, Utah.
Witness the clerk of eald court, with tho
seal thereof affixed, this 21st day of Janu
ary. A. D. 1901. JOHN JAMES,
Seal Clerk.
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk.
holders of the Keith-O'Brien Company.
Notlco is hereby given that a special
meeting of tho stockholders of tho Kolth
O'Brlcn company, a corporation organized
and existing under the laws of the Stato
of Utah, will be hold at tho office of said
companv, No. 100 David Keith building,
Salt Lake City, Utah, on tho 15th day of
February, 1904, at 2 o'clock p. m., for the
purposo of amending the articles of In
corporation of said Kclth-O'Brlen com
pany, tho proposed amendment of the ar
ticles' of Incorporation of said Keith
O'Brlcn company being to change article
Ifi of said articles of Incorporation so the l
samo shall read as rollows;
That whenever tho aaJd corporation Is
Indcbteti In an amount exceeding 10 per
cent of tho amount of the outstanding
capital stock of said corporation, tho board
of directors shall have tho power and au
thority for tho purpose of paying said In
debtedness, to levy and collect an assess
ment upon tho outstanding capital stock
'of said corporation In an amount suffi
cient to pay said Indebtedness but not to
exceed 50 per cent of the outstanding cap
ital stock, and shall havo the power and
authority to levy and collect such other
assessments upon the capital stock of said
corporation as aro authorized by statute,
but only ono assessment exceeding tho
amount authorized by statuto shall bo
levied bv the directors of said corporation.
To the "talent heroin mentioned tho capi
tal stock of this corporation Is hereby de
clared to bo assessable.
J. X. FERGUSON, Secretary.
Dated January 2?, 1901.
Notice of a Special Meeting of the St.
Louie-Vassar Mining & Milling
Company, a Corporation, Organized
Under tho Laws of the State of
Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 1G, 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that thero will
bo a special meeting of the stockholders
of the St. Louls-Vassar Mining and Mill
ing company had and held on tho second
day of February, 1904, at 3 o'clock p. m.,
at room No- 10. Walker Bank building:
corner Second South and Main streets.
Salt Lake City, Utah, the above-named
place being the general office of said cor
poration. This notlco Is given and said meeting
called by the undersigned stockholders of
said corporation, who are tho owners and
holders of more than two - thirds of
the outstanding capital stock of said cor
poration. Said meeting Is called by tho
undersigned stockholders for tho reason
that thero Is no secretary of said cor
poration and for tho further reason that
tho president of said corporation refuses
to mako such call. Said meeting Is called
and will bo had and held for tho follow
ing purposes and for tho transaction of
tho following buslnees;
First To removo all of tho present di
rectors and officers of said corporation
and all directors and officers thereof who
may bo or claim to be such officers and
directors at tho date and time of holding
such meeting, and. to elect upon such re
moval of such "directors and officers,
other directors and officers to fill tho va
cancies caused by such rernov.H and all
other vacancies existing at that tlmo
for any roason. .
Second To authorize and empower tho
board of directors of said corporation to
levy an assessment of not exceeding two
cents per shore on each and every sharo
of the outstanding capital stock of said
corporation and to glvo consent to tho
Signed M. A. Hughes, S. "V. Sholp. Rob
ert GorllnskI, Ezra Thompson, W. S. Oak
ley, Plenry Nowell, M. H. Walker. J.
Frank Judge. J. C, Lynch, E. B. Gorlln
akl, Jamos A. Miner. Harriet L. Miner,
Charles A. Walker, J. R. Walker, L. H
Farnsworth, Wilford Van Wagcnen, John
Austin, W. S. Willis. J. C, Jensen, Jo
seph R. Murdock, H. T. Coleman, Sam
uel Hair. Jr., Charles Bublcr, Ercd W.
Playt, F. II Officer.
It Is very Important that you attend this
meeting. If you cannot attend, send
PFirst pub! 'cation Jan. 19, 1SOI. rlJ50
on Monday, tho Sth day of February, 1904,
at 10 o'clock a. tn at tho office of tho
Venus Gold Mining company, at Room 28.
Eatrle block, routneast corner of Second
South and West Temple streets, Salt Lako
Cltv Utah, a special meeting of the atock
holders of tho said company will bo held
for tho purpose of considering the follow
ing amendments to tho articles of Incor
poration, to wit:
Article IX. amended to read ns follows;
By striking out the word seven" in tho
first line of said ortlclo and n -ting in
lieu thereof the word "five." ns to
make tho first sentence of said Article DC.
to read as follow3t
"The officers of this corporation shall
consist of n board of llvo (6) director, a
president, a vice-president, a secretary,
and a treasurer.
Article X. amended to read as foilows:
"It ohall rcquiro at least thre (3) direc
tors to constitute a quorum of tho board
of directors authorized to transact tho
business and exorcise the corporate pow
ers of this corporation."
This stockholders' meeting 1b called by
the president and secretary of tho said
Venus Gold Mining company, this llth day
of January. 1904. C, L. ELDRED,
First publication In Salt Lako Dally
Tribune, January 16, 1901 1
Consult County Clerk or tho respective
signers for further Information. 'H
bate Division. In and for Salt Lake coun- y M
ly. Stato of Utah In tho matter of the M
estate- and guardianship of Henry L.
Chrlstensen and Claren Christcnscn ml- H
nors. Notlco.
The petition of Slno P. Solomon, the
guardian of the person and estato of I H
Henry L. Chrlstonson and Claren Chris- H
tensen, minors, for confirmation of sale of H
the following described real estate, to H
Tho south half (?) of tho northeast one I
fourth (Vi) of the northeast one-half (Vi) oi B
section ihlrty-ilvo (35), township ono (1) 1 H
south, rango two (2) wpst, of Salt Lake ' 1 H
meridian, containing twenty (20) acres, to- I H
gcthcr with all Improvements thereon. JH
and twenty (20) shares of slocks of the IH
Utah and Salt Lake Canal company, all H
situated In Salt Lako county, Stato of
Utah, for tho sum of $3500.00, and upon i ' H
the following terms, to-wlt' Cash upon ' JH
confirmation, as appears from the return 1 IH
of sale, filed In this court, has been set H
for hearing on Friday, tho 5th day of Feb- H
ruary, A. D. 1904, at 10 o'clock a. m. at the H
county courthouse. In tho courtroom of H
said court. In Salt Lako City, Salt Lakr lH
county, Utah. IH
Witness, tho clerk of said court, with H
tho seal thereof affixed, this 25th day of M
January. A. D. 1904. H
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk. '
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk.
Kinney & Chrlstensen, Attorneys for M
Guardian, H
Estato of Mary L. Dash, deceased. lill
Creditors will present claims, with , r
vouchers, to the undersigned at Rogers .1- , II H
Street's office, 317 D. F. Walker build- II
lng, Salt Lake City, Utah, on or before II
the 25th day of May. A. D. 1901. i VM
Tho Executor of the Estate of Mary L. Ill
Dash, Deceased. II H
Dato of first publication, Jan. 23, A.
D. 1901. , IH
Estate of ITeleno W. Hcdcllus, deceased. H
Creditors will present claims with IH
vouchers to the undersigned at the office , H
of G. H. Backman. 42 Commercial block.
Salt Lako City. Utah, on or before the 1
1st day of June. A. D 1904.
Administratrix of the Estato of Holcnc W. 1
PIcdellus, Deceased. 1 fl
Dato of first publication, Jan. 30, A. D. IH
1904. IH
G. PI. Backman, Attorney for Estate.
Estate of Mifflin L. Palmer, deceased. I
Creditors will present claims, with
vouchers, to the undersigned, Taylorsvllle IH
Utah, on or before the 15th of May. A IH
Administrator of tho Estate of Mifflin L. 1
Palmer. Deceased.
Date of first publication, January 1C, A. 1 IH
D. 1901. rU39
qualntanco among users of wire rope.
Nono but first-class men need apply. IH
When' answering send references. Ad- , 1
dress Box 17, Station D, Cleveland, Ohio.
bate division, in and for Salt Lako coun- IH
tv. State of Utah. In the matter of tho IH
estato of William W. Tuke, deceased
Notice. H
Tho petition of Mary Ann Tuke. admin- IH
lstratrfx of tho estate of William W. IH
Tuke, deceased, praying for tho sottle- H
inent of final account of said adminlstra- H
trlx and for the distribution of the residue M
of said estate to tho persons entitled, has IH
been set for hearing on Friday, tho 12th
dav of February. A. D. 1904. at 10 o'clock
a. m., at tho county courthouse. In tho
courtroom of said court, in Salt Lako ' IH
City. Salt Lako county. Utah.
Witness tho Clerk of said court, with IH
the seal thereof affixed, this 2Sth day of
January. A. D. 1904.
Seal.1 JOHN JAMES. Clerk. ' HBVJ
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk. ,(
Wiley L. Brown, Attornoy for Pctl
tloncr. ij
bato division, In and for Salt Lake Coun-
ty. State of Utah. In the matter of tho
estate of David Why to, deceased. No- BBV
Tho petition of Mary J. Whyto, praying
for the issuance to herself of lcttcre of
administration In tho estate of Dayld
Whyto, deceased, has beon set or hearing
on Friday, tho 12th day of February. A. . IHBV
D. 1904 at 10 o'clock n. m., at the County
courthouse. In the courtroom of eald
court. In Salt Lake City, Salt Lake coun- HftHJ
Witness tho Clerk of said court, with f
the seal thereof affixed, this 27th day of w HB
January, A. Dt 1M1. JOHN JAMES.
(Seal) Clerk.
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk. I
S McDowall. Attorney for Petitioner. i
Joo Bowers Mining company, principal j
nlaco of business at Salt Lako City, Utah. I
Notice is hereby given that at a meet- i HJH
Incr of the directors, held on the 23rd day
of January, KOI, an assessment of one- JBVB
half (V4) cent per share (being assessment H
No 10) was duly levied on tho capital BBVJ
Bto'ck of the corporation, payablo Imme HHVJ
dlal-'y to R. T. Burton, Jr.. secretary of VVJ
company, at tho office of tho com-
niny. room No. 225 D. F. Walker build- JM
lng Salt Lake City. Utah. HAVJ
Anv stock upon which this assessment BBV
mav remain unpaid on the iBt day of JKH
M-ifch ISOl. will bo delinquent and ad-
vortised for sale at public auction, and
unless payment is mado before, will bo BBV
ft on the asth day of March. 1904, to LfffJ
nay tho delinquent assessment, togothef J
with the cost of advertising and exponso '
oV sale T. BURTON, JR., I LH
or 8Q1C Secretary. I, ILH
Room No. 225 D. F. Walker Building. , LH
salt Lake City. Utah. rtW? j
St Louls-Vassar Mining and Milling
comuany, a corporation organlzod under n LH
the laws of the State of Utah. Location H LB
of principal placo of business. Salt Lake j
CNo'tlcctts hereby given that at a meeting 1
nf the board of directors of said corpora- lkl
?lon held on tho thlrly-flrst (31st) day of 3
Tioeembnr, 1&03, an assessment of two (2) 9 iLH
cents per sharo was lovled upon the capl- LH
t-xi stock of the corporation, payable lm- i
mediately to W. E. Lako. secretary, at the R LH
Kcing house of Walker Bros., bankers. LH
Halt Lake City, Utah, and that any stock i LH
tmon which this assessment remains un- j
nald on the first -1st) day of February. i
i&M will bo delinquent and advertised for j LLH
solo at public auction, and unless payment ' l jLH
Is made before, will bo sold on the eight- LH
ccnth (ISth) day of February. 1901. to pay d VM
the dcllnquont assessment, together with IkH
cost or advertising and cxpenso of sale. i
Tho said assessment Is levied by order1 fM
at tho stockholders holding and rcpresont- i LLH
Inc moro than two-thirds of tho capital
itock. W. E. LAKE. Secretary. Jj
Tho Duckvlllo Gun club. OHico. iw
Commercial block. Salt Lako City, Utah. ,
Notice Is hereby givon that at a meet- 'M
lng of tho board of directors of tho Duck- - ,
vlUo Gun club, held at the offico of tho ,
corporation on tho 2Sth day of January. i
A. D. 1901, an assessment of twenty-five- , IH
dollars por Hharo was levied on tho capital . ILH
stock of tho corporation, payablo at onco f IH
to Arthur Brown, treasurer of said cor- i I
poratlon, at tho Commercial National
bank, Salt Lako City, Utah. Any stock I - LH
upon which this assessment may remain .
unpaid on tho 4th day of March. 1904, will
bo delinquent, and advertised for sale at IH
public auction, and unless payment Is IH
mado before, will be sold on Monday, ,
March 21, 1901, at 12 o'clock noon, at the I
oftlco of the corporation, to pay tho de-
llnquent assessment, together with the '
cost of advertising and exnenso of sale- JM
J E. M'QINNIS. Secretary. fH
IOC Commercial block, Salt Lako. City, , ntLH
Utah. r297 1 l

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