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H Sieleff Got the Decisien in
H the Contest.
Good Crowd Witnesses! Merl
torlous Exhibition.
Hl McCarthy Claimed Ho Should Have
Hnd Decision, and the Pair
HLj Hay Meet Again.
' "'It vas the Dutch" (hat got the de-
i ldon In the twenty-round' bout between
Otto SlelofC and Jerry McCarthy at the
Grand theater last ntght. It was a fast
Hj fight between the Irish and the Dutch
Sor the wliitc -weltcr-welghl champion
rhlp and every one was satisfied with
1 the way they -went at It. Sieloff took the
aggressive from the start and fought for
' just about all thcr was in him every
round, Jerry, the local favorite, Jicpt on
the defensive, only straightening up
H' from -his famous crouch three or four
H times durinsr the game. He was fresher.
apparently, tlian Si'eloiT at the end of
H. the twentieth and would have worn him
Hr cut in a few more rounds.
Every sat in the house was taken
and the stngc was literally packed. Both
H men were heartily cheered when they
entered the ring shortly before 10
o'clock. Theodore Van Buskirk was
H chosen to referee the contest and au-
nounced that the fight would be accord
lug to the straight Marquis of Quecns
H bury rules. Manager Kellcy of the
Shamrock club stated that SlelofC
H' weighed in below tho agreement weight
H and that McCarthy forfeited his weight
money of 5100. It was pin In that Jerry
outweighed his opponent from about six
to ten pounds.
At the sound of the gong for the first
Hr round both men stepped forward. Jerry
W assumed his crouch and Sieloff took the
V aggressive. Sieloff was shifty on his feet
H and Jerry kept himself well covered. He
H was ever on the lookout for an opening
Bt and landed always In the mixnps. In
H the second round Sieloff got a stinger in
H", the mouth and nose, which brought a
B little blood, all that was seen in the con-
H test Sieloff did most of the leading for
H the first seven rounds and Jerry ap-
i pfired to be laying back. In the third
H Sieloff eeenied to be a little worried. Mc-
mj Car thy effectually blocked all of his
H ' main leads and only a few short jabs
r went home. The Dutchman ducked
fomu of JeiTy's vicious left swings. In
thf clinchc-s Jerry played a tattoo upon
BVM the other's back, but the blows did not
BSV bother SleJofC much.
HA In the fifth round Sic-loff got in two
- vicious uppercuts and Jerry stralght-
BVVb cued up. He stepped back from two
BVVbI 1 hard swings from SiclofC's right and
BVVb ii landed two hard ones to Sleloff's face.
BbVbI Both men rushed matters somewhat In
BVVV , the sixth and the footwork of the one
BbVbI and the blocking of the other saved both
BVVb from foine vicious blows. The seventh
BVVV was the slowest round of the contest,
BVVy j I both men hanging back a little for wind.
H The eighth was Jerry's round. Two
BVVV ; left swings went home to the Dutch-
BVVV r man's jaw and neck and two more were
U ducked. Sieloff uppercut to Jerry's Jaw
BVVn lj and they were mixing things when the
HVVV gong sounded. Honors were about even
BVVy i t In the ninth, tenth and eleventh rounds,
n Sieloff was still doing most of the fight-
BVVn ' i Ing. He tried to get In several ipper-
BVVH i ''Uts, but they landed on the other's
BVVn I glove. It was give and take In the tenth
BSSV and eleventh. Sieloff badly bruised both
BVVV 'j thumbs In the tenth mid Jerry did the
BBBV k,i mixing In the eleventh. The twelfth
BSSn was SlelofTs round.
H Jl Jerry got In a bad one to the ribs In
BBBH ,ji the thirteenth and landed a hard left to
; I the Jaw In the following round. Both
BBBn yj rounds were Jerry's. Both men clinched
BVVW Jl Ir the fifteenth and mixed twice. Slc-
III Inn hnrl .n little (hp- hfttw nf ihn. v-
I, ' ( hanges In the next two. Jerry tried to
, rush things in the eighteenth round
j ml sent his left and right to head twice.
I p Sieloff landed a right on' the eye and
? i several to the body. This was the best
j ;S lound of the go. Both men fought for
i 1 5 a knockout In the last two rounds and
' .J honors were about even.
The fight was preceded by two rrellm-
inarles of four rounds each. The first
was between the two thirty-pound chil
dren of R, M. Jones. The other was be-
i tween Tommy Markham and Ray Bar-
? ney. Both were good exhibitions. Ear-
, 1 nry and Charles Ross acted as seconds
I for McCarthy and Eddie Rohlnson and
Joe Wadlnskl for Sieloff. The time-
I , kec-pera were Charles Lange for the
I club, Billy Butt for McCarthy and Billy
I Sauer for Sieloff.
I The fighting game, so long as It is
L , I conducted on the square, will be con-
K ! tinned in this city, according to Chief
H Lynch. Both the chief and the Mayor
are In favor of permitting events of that
nature eo long as the public Is protected
H , from fraud,
n ! "The Mayor and myself have not dls?-
; cusHed the matter, but so far as I am
P , i concenied 1 am In favor of having the
I j game. Personally I am fond of it, and
1 I fo long as the grafters don't get busy I
1 j can uzi no reason why fights, should not
1- ' be pulled off here. AVe won't stand for
I j any crooked work, however, and the
H i i All druggists guarantee every bottle of
E; 1 Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and will
H ' refund the money to anyone who Is not
H Matlsficd after using two-thirds of the
Bt 1 i contents. This is tho best remedy In
H ; the world for la grippe, coughs, colds.
1 , i croup and whooping cough and Is plcas
ant and Eafc to take. It prevents any
H j 1 tendency of a cold to result in pneu-
H M morda.
thing will bo called off as soon as wc
learn of any fake exhibitions."
Six-and-a-Half Furlong' 1 Race the
San Francisco. Jan- 25. A six and a
hnlf furlong handicap was the main at
traction at Oakland today. A field of five
met with Kuturita ftivorltc and the Jon
nlnc's colt Jridlus ne.ti In demand. Away
to a good Btart, Trldlns took tlK' lead ut
once and. though hard prosed by Prin
cess Tltanla, beat her half a length. Fu
turlta r.-.n framcly and took third money.
Dick Turpin was plunged on In the 3-year-old
race, but third was tin best ho
could do. Young Popper led until the final
sixteenth, when Toledo caught nSm and
won handily.
Favorites All "Went to Defeat at Los
Los Angeles, Jan. CO. Favorites foil with
unfailing regularity at Ascot Park today
and tho thirteen books made a olean
sweep. Not a .single favorite finished
first," although some well-played .second
choices were successful. Weather fine,
track cooo.
San Francl9co. Jan. ?. Exhausted at
tho end of the fourteenth round tonight,
"Kid" Broad of Cleveland abandoned his
contest with Eddie Hunlon of San Fran
cisco, and tho referee awarded the fight
to tho California!!. Broad had had but.
a few days' preparation for the light, and
was, according to his own claim, not in
condition to continue. Hanlon gave him
a terrible punching ,about tne body. Tho
winner fought a fast and aggrosslvo bat
tle and directed most of Ids blows against
the body of his opponent, missing few of
his shots. Broad proved Ids capacity for
absorbing punishment to be great, but his
showing against Hanlon was of an Infe
rior order, nnd all through the fourteen
rounds Hanlon wan in fine condition and
rarely received a blow that cither Jarred
or hurt, with the pxcrptiou of one blow
on the cyo which ullt,tho lid open and for
a few moments caused hln confusion.
Broad was apparently outclassed and whs
at no tlmo able to penetrate tho peculiar
defense put up by Hanlon.
Ormond. Fla.. Jan. 29 All the one-mile
events In the automobile tournament were
run here this afternoon and two of the
five-mile contests. It was a field day for
W. K. Vandcrbllt. Jr.. for ho won cvvry
race in which ho entered. In the one
mile class he beat Brokaw, Breeze and
Bowden. winning his final heat In -17 3-5
socondH. Rowdcn won th 56-second class
ono mile in the finnl heat in 50 4-5 sec
onds. Tho best ti-nc In this race was madi
by Bowden in the first hat. -IS seconds.
A. W. Curtlss won the one-mile motor
eycli; race In 59 1-5 seconds. In the live
mile for gentlemen amateurs Mr. Vandcr
bllt won. his best time being 3.31 "J-3; ho
also won In tho five-mile free-for-all, with
a record tlmn of 3 313-5. Louis S. Rosa
won tho five-mile runabout race in 7:53
The course was In good condition and the
attendance large.
Frenchman Beats Yankee in Close
Billiard Score.
Paris, Jan. 20 By the narrow margin
of four points, Vlgnaux, tho French
player, defeated Sutton, the American, in
the billiard contest played here tonight,
and consequently retains the champion
ship of the world.
The match was for MO points at elghteen
Inch balklinc, two shots allowed in balk,
nnd the play lasted for nearly trur hours.
Neither player made hlrjh runs at first,
but Vlgnaux finally let himself out and
scored 73. This was followed up by a
run of HG. which was the highest of the
evening. Huns:
Vlgnaux 3. 20. 2, 7. 0. IS. 3, 1, 2. 7C, 10.
IK, 0, 1, 29. 0. 2. 9. 0. 21, 13, 0,
20, 79. 0, 23500.
Sutton-0. 4, 16, 39, 13. 0. 1, 1. 35, SS. 0. 5.
13, 0, 2, II. 0, 16. 1C, S7. 1, 7, 11, 12S.
1, 17 1W.
"Won the Ladies' Race.
There was a ladles' race at the Fair
Grounds skating rink lant night. In which
seven young women took part. The first
prize wa a skating suit, and the second
and third prizes wcic skates. The dis
tance was a mile, and the girls finished in
the following order, cheered on by tho
big crowd present: Lyda Van Stceter,
Sndle Brown. Muggle Llttleralr. Emma
Emllson, Annie Smith, Lizzie Thomas and
Paulino Kemp.
Good Ball Players Change.
Los Angeles. Jan. 29. J. F. Morlcy, man
ager of the Los Angeles baseball team,
announces that he has signed Timothv
Flood of tho Brooklyn National league
club to play second base next season, and
Curtl3 Bernard of Toledo to play In the
outfield. This completes the team for next
season. Flood played with Sacranento
three years ago.
Three Winkon automobiles, 1901 pattern,
arrived in tlif city yesterday for tho Utah
Automobile company. They were pur
chased by Col. E. F. Holmes, E. V. Croll
and D. C. Jackling. general manager of'
the Utah Copper company, for 500 each.
The machines arc said to bo the finest
that havo ever been shipped Into the
Tlny are 25-horae power and have a
capacity of forty-ilvo miles per hour. The
machines aro tho first In the State which
are furnished with canopy tops, plote
glas.i fronts and complete protection from
tho weather.
"With the arrival of tho three machines
yesterday thcro are now thirty-eight auto
mobiles In tho city and fifty In tlu State.
The AVlnton was used by Barney Oldficld
in making a world's record of a mile In
39 seconds.
We are prepared to Invest your funds
eo that they will bring you tho largest
returns compatible with eafety. You
hold the sectirlty. We do tha work.
McGurrln & Co., 134 Main 8t.
Hotel Halls. Pleasant and comforta
ble, reasonable. 3rd So. and State.
We havo moved to No. 12 West Third
South. Will be glad to meet our old
friends and customers In our new loca
tion. On account of cheap rent we will
be able to give our patrons tho benefit
of same, and will sell uood good
cheaper than ever.
I N, i-tvflg, Pj?iv
A mistake of iw letters in the reading .
of the scriptures came near causing a ?o
rious tire at the corner of Fourth South
and State streets about 5 o'clock last
evening. Instead of heaping coals of the
on hLs enemy's head, C. H. Brown, a
colored man, Is jilloattd to have heaped
coals of firo on his bed.
The enemy in 'this case was Charles
Shclton, who Uvea In the rear of the Court
Exchange lunchroom, in a little wooden
addition. At the hour mentioned abovo
J. Scheffner. proprietor Of the restaurant,
s.ncllcd burning cloth lie traced the
smell to Shelton's quarters and, on going
in the door, found the comer of the room
in a blaze. Employees of the restaurant
and the Court saloon hastily formed a
bucket hrltradt: nnd threw water, snow,
ooffco and everything else of a liquid na
ture upon tho ilaincs.
This prompt action was successful, and
Seth Parsons of Salt Lake Succumbs
to Paralysis at the Ago
of 94.
At the age of 01 years, Seth Parsons,
grandfather of W. Benjamin Putman,
manager of the American Mercantile
and Reporting agency, died jesterday
morning at Mr. Putman's residence. 1157
Third street. The deceased was born
at Hartford, Conn-, in 1811. He was a
tailor by trade and ran a shop of his
own, thereby accumulating a fair com
petence, which he invested about twenty
years ago in an orange grove In Florida.
A severe winter killed his trees just as
they were coming Into bearing and he
was forced to .sell his property at a
great loss. Since that time he has made
his home with his son. B. L. Parsons,
at Sheldon, Mo., and his grandson. He
came here last August and has since
lived with Mr. Putman.
He was stricken with pnrajysls on
Wednesday night and died at 5 o'clock
yesterday morning. The remains will
be shipped to his old home In Missouri
for burial. His son. E. L. Parsons, will
arrive this morning to Jake charge of
the body.
Arrivals at the Cullcn yesterday: J. G.
Allrlgh, C. B, Webb, Michigan; James B,
Anderson. Lexington. Ky.; E. Chatters
and wife. J. Flowers and wife, Mansfield,
O.; A. Dcslammls and wlfo, Wohtcr,
Mass.; W. F Cordes. Denver; F. A. i've
leth and wife. W. G. N'agsly, Louisville,
Kv.; John Monturc, Logan, George T.
Smith, Joseph- J. D. Call. Bilgham City;
M. L. Hartroose, Ogden; E. T. Brown.
New York.
Yesterday arrivals at the Wilson Euro
pean: C. H. Boffin, William Krug. JI. L.
Park, Omaha; Henry nickel and wife,
Cedur Rapids; M. M. Alexundrhi. A. H.
Auson, W. G. Lewis, L. C. Doughtcry.
St. Louis; Charles Boyle, II G. Tvvormy,
Amborland. Wyo.: B. S. Adtler, H. A.
Boyer. A. E. Stansbury. Denver; M. .1,
ICneill. Gcorgo Gelding. George B. Smith.
Harry Chaurant, New York; G. E. Adams,
M. B. Pope, Vernal; J H. MncLcnnan,
Bert E. Werthclmer, Hartland Law, San
Frunclsco; J. W. Stowurt and wife. Spo
kane; Joaeph M. KurtH. R. X. Dickman,
Chicago; George B, Carr, Milwaukee;
Mrs. Jennie Dc Mott, Mrs. Clara Baiter.
Colorado Springs; D. A. Depue. Mammoth,
A. D. Smith, A. M. Wrench, Telluride, E.
C. Schocin;, St. Paul: N. J. Thorstenbcrg,
Llndsboy: Frod G. EgKenbergcr, Plntta
mouth: F. A. Hill. Park City; Hugh Mc
Cune, Bingham; William S. Marks. Tooele;
W. A. G. Loot, Seattle; G. S. Kimball.
Los Ansrclcs; E. 13. Jacobs, McCammon;
T. M. Edwards, Rode Springs; J. C. Sul
llvanj Eureka.
Visit the National Capital on New
York Ticket
Without extra fare via Vandalia-Pcnn-aylvanla
Short Lincp. In addition to
the advantage of traveling over match
less roadbed In solid vestlbuled trains,
passengers may purchase Philadelphia
and New York tickets, good via Wanh
ington and Baltimore, at direct line
fares. Ten days stopover In each city;
also at Philadelphia. Confer with J. M.
Chcobrough, A. G. P. Agt.. 800 Century
building, St. Louis, about this convenience.
Fi'08 Musicnle.
This evening at 8:15 our regular Sat
urday night "Musical" will occur. "Mu
bIu lovers Invited. Mrs. Bessie Brown
ing, soprano, and "Apollo" grand piano
player in fine pclectlons.
In a few mlnuUs the fire was out. Thou
It was discovered that coals from the cook
ing stove in tho room hod beon piled In
the center of tho two lcds. Tho lid was
Ktlll off the stove, and a llre-ahovel. used
In the attempt, lay" on tho floor. Although
the door was not locked, the Incendiary
had broken In through tho window by
snuBhlng the glass and window frame.
Mr. Shclton suspected Brown of the
crime because of an altercation which oc
curred earlier in the day. Shelton Is a
teamster and has not only given Brown
emplovment, but has allowed hln to sleep
In this room. Yesterday Brown got drunk
and became no troublesome that Shultoii
ordered him to move. Other persons had
flcn Brown In the vicinity about the tlmu
the firo was discovered and his peculiar
action In loavlnjr the sceno when told that
his room was ablcze strengthened the su.
olclon against him.
Patrolman J D. Brown arrested the
suspect a short lime aflor the nrc and
I lodged him In the city Jail. Ho Is charged
I with arson
The residence of Mrs. Sarah Jane
Cannon, widow of George Q. Cannon,
on Ninth West, between Tenth and
Eleventh South streets, was destroyed
by firo yesterday afternoon, resulting in
a loss of 51500. Mrs. Cannon believes
that the fire was started by means of
matches which were ignited by wood
peckers. The birds had pecked a hole
through tho cornice and made a resting
place of the garret.
The fire was discovered shortly after
2 o'clock yesterday afternoon and had
practically enveloped the building. Cen
tral station responded to the alarm, but
was of little use for the reason that wa
ter could not be secured. There are no
water mains near the residence, which
Is outside the city limits. The river
Record by Pupils and Teachers in
Salt Lake, as Shown in Super
intendent's Eeport.
The report of Superintendent D. H,
Christensen of the public schools of Salt
Lake City for the fourth month, ending
January S, 1904, which has Just been com
pleted, shows a total of 3.692 pupils en
roled. For these pupils there aro 31C
teachers, making an average of forty-two
pupils to each teacher Although there
were 1S23 cases of tardiness during tho
month the per cont of punctuality was
very high. Only two of the schools fell
below 99 per cent, and the average was
99.4 per cf-nt The two schools referred to
are the Bonneville. 93 6. and tho west sldo
high school, of 97.7 per cent. There wcro
six cases of corporal punishment for tho
month and two of these were In the
Union school. Tho report shows forty-tlvc
colored pupils to bo attending the public
wan too far away to permit pipe connec
tions. A pond which is nearby was
frozen so solidly that no water was i
available. I
The building was a two-story adobe '
structure and was one of the old land
marks of the city. It was erected in
the early days and had been the prop
erty of the Cannon family since its
erection. The furniture was saved with
small loss. The building, however, was
almost totally destroyed. It Is esti
mated at the fire station that the loss
will reach J1500. There Avas no insur
ance. Mrs. Cannon declared yesterday thnt
she believed that woodpeckers were the
cause of the fire. It Is supposed that
matches had been left in the garret and
that the birds caused them to become
The theory underlying "The Mummy
and the Humming Bird" Is that a hus
band should pay ?omo attention to his
wlfo or he may havn to pay attention to
a rival. The ida Is not a new one on
tho stage, but in this play It Is worked out
In exceptional ways. Tho husband plays
tricks on the lover, scares him nearly to
death a couplo of times, and Instead of
mussing up tho stase at the last with tho
baflled fellow's remains, eaves him from
the vengeance of another husband who is
on his trail. Through much of It the
Mummy, who Is tho husband, exorcises
surprising self-control, and goes In for
having somo spoil at tho expenso of tho
frightened Humming Bird, who Is tho
lover. It all makes unique complications
and excites wonder that things should go
on ro. But its peculiarities which glvo
variation to the old-time plot aro what
make It entertaining, and one Is thankful
for them.
Tho clever Mr. GUmoro shows an ad
vance In the part of the Mummy. His
work last night was excellent, There was
a naturalness about it that made it very
effective. John Martin as tho Italian
organ-grinder was very good in tho scene
In which thf character is tillable to speak
English, though later when ho could
speak It with an Italian accent, the ac
cent did not appear to-be tho real thine
Nor did G Arthur Yielding, who took
quite well tho part of tho Italian Hum
ming Bird, convlnco one that his voice
was truly like that of a gent from Italy.
The support generally was satisfactory,
though one of the ladles had ovldently
had a practical Joke played on her by
somo mischievous person who had told
her. wo Imagine, that many of the people
in the audience woro doaf.
The play will be given again this after
noon and this evening. Tho audience last
night was a largo on;.
J. C. Lc&ry. exalted ruler of the local
lodge of Klks. yesterday Issued a personal
letter to every member of the lodge, ask
ing that the benefit performance to bo
given at the Grand tonight by tho prin
cipal members of the lata "Hello Bill"
compan. with tho aid of somo of tho
best local talent, be remembered by a
generous purchasing of seats. This action
was urged not aloho on account of tho
worthiness of the cause for which tho
performance Is primarily given the as
sistance of the Gleason and Brighton fam
ilies but also ns a matter of reciprocal
favor for what the actors concerned havo
done for the Elks. There can be no doubt
that thoro will bo full houses at both the
afternoon and evening performances- It
in said that "The Adventures of Bill. ' tho
play to bo rendered, is the funniest of
farces, and that nil who attend will bo
well repaid, aside from the beneficent
The cast of characters Is as follows:
William Johnson John Daly Murphy
Christopher Smith ...Frank Mostyn Kelly
Dr. Jack Gordon Echlln P. Gayer
Col. William Johnooru Walter Llttlo
Capt. Morris Dana T. Smith
Tho ShertfT Ilonry Adams
Attendants.. Clfurles King. Gcorgo Wileon
Isabella Dean Miss Rennlo Pcderseu
Henrietta Hart Wllma Pcderseu
Mrs. Col. William Johnson
Miss Mary McClaln
Marie, the Maid. ..Miss Chrlstino Johnson
Dorothy Dean Ml?a Kathleen Clifford
If you want clothes that fit and al
ways look well on you, see Gordon, the
tailor, at 109 W. 2nd So.
Tho World's First Limited Train
Was operated by the Pennsylvania rail
way system, which from time to time
Introduced new features, attaining the
perfection In travel seen today In the
Pennsylvania Limited, leaving Chicago
daily at 6 o'clock p. m., and the Now
York Limited, leaving SL Louis daily
at 12.30 noon, the finest trains in tho
world, mnklng the run to New York in
quick time. George T Hull, district
agent, haH Interesting information re
garding theBC trains and their routes,
which will be furnished upon applica
tion at 810 Seventeenth street, Denver,
CaHfernlA ithiI Tfniitnui Hjim.
United States for tho District of Utah.
In the matter of David I. Gallagher, vol.
bankrupt. In bankruptcy No. C65.
To the creditors of David I Gallagher of
Salt Lake City, in tho county of Bait Lakw
and district iLforcsald, a bankrupt.
Notice- Is hereby glvcnthat on the ISth
day of January, 19CH, th. said David f.
Gallagher was duly adjudicated bankrupt,
and that the first meeting of his creditors
will be held at my office, in tho Commer
cial block. Salt Lake City, on the 9th day
of February. 1904, at 10 o'clock In the fora
uoon, tit which time tho iald creditors
may attend, provo their claims, appoint
a trustee, examine tho bankrupt and trans
act such other business as may properly
conic before said meeting
Roforce In Bankruptcy.
Salt Lake City, Jan, 9 lWt,
I From 7 to 10 P. M. nly
Turnover oliars
100 dozen fine khlte embroidered and hemstitched top collars, In a great
variety of pretty new patterns. Regular 20c and 25c collars, 0& 1
for three hours only, from 7 to 10 p. itl, choice at r I
GOc fine silk lined' fabric gloves, for Immediate wear. Cleaning up bol- j
ance of stock from 7 to 10 2Z0
p. m. only, at, per pair - '
.'..Waist IeanUp...
i We will place on sale for three hours only, from 7 to 10 p. m.. one lot of j
I waists, comprising all our broken lines that sold originally from 65o to i
$2.00, made In a variety of desirable styles, fancy Persian materials, g
Avhite piques and madras, colored Oxfords,, etc., etc.. all sizes "Xft
In this lot, but more from 3S Inch bust to 14. Choice at OOr J
Heother Blanket Special j
! 10-4 sine cotton fleeced blankets, in tan color, with variety of bright col
! ored border? 95c regularly: EIO
for tonight only OVr
I SSS Plenty of those stylish winter suits
I Qy an orercon3 or kvs are 3ttU here.
iWAw With a fourth or more clipped from 5
I lwp., ouu regular low prices. :j
I f kinds for ?4.50, and the higher priced and $
1 i ess P1156 kinds are reduced in like j
I proportion. jj
k f our n"ter suits, except-bines j
Kip and blacks, and all of our overcoats, in- j
j Jra W eluded. j
1$ a sayin chance seldom to be- had. j
One which you can't afford to pass.
jj Orders By Mail Promptly Filled. j
f!ArPAPT?TT Nose nil throat tron- hjcb
t,Ji-L-H"n'xtJ-Li blcs.Norrout Diseases, wjtf&SSS3jy
Kldnej-and Llvor Dlneac&. BUddor Trou- )SKi5n?2,Ywi
bio), Heart IXicaio. DUoatws of the Storuneh A iSS8Kti!
nnd BowoU, Pile, Fistula and Rectnl Dl- W-SSMaKaS
tcaiea, Koirmlo Complaints, Chronic Dl- vSiSHtrfcr
tees of Women and Children. lUckotn, jr&4- CrS3jHU
Hplnal Troubles. B'ntn Pljeuov DeifnuKs, Jf MlJWru
Asthma Bronchi nl and hws Troubles. LV. liWSlz ' If
rUiouwaUim. Uny Fover. Xouralcla. Hr- x Nf
terla. Eye nd Kar DlsaMs. Goitre lor bis yr, '
noot), Varloocole, lyjst Miabood. eta, Zv-rvZ5
Blood Diseases. Prtrato DIiasos. Scrofula. 'WJpT. SjC(W&K.
and all forms of Nervous and Olironlo Dl- ktiJvy
tenias. (that, aro curablo.) " ' 'v'yV''''
OUR MOTTOl A lor foe. quick AMt
cure, mild and painless treatment W'
Conaulttttlon In pornon or by letter 4l-
Dtt. x, J. sitonr.s. frtoton.ll. Call or write. rin. o. tt ationss.
TTmVTR flTTR"RR "RV TVTATT. 00 uot dojpnJr t-ecmw you IIto at h distance from tha
XIUITIXj UUXUiODI AT.lfil.Jj cUy Drv, tihorco' neir uystcui of KOMK TREATMENT
makes It caity to pet expert adTlco and treatment at homo. TUolr nen- sjrnptora blank covers
overy symptom of dlr.easo irblcli enablos them to diagnose yonr cae and tell you T.-hat your
trouble It. what can bo dono for you, and what tbo cost of n cure will b. WR1T12 if 7011 cannot
call, for their new symptom Hit und toko advanUure of tho KRED EXAMINATION. Wuotbcr
70a Uto treatment or not, tho adTlco costs you nothing.
Weak IVlen Pay When Cured
IXC ion tuner from any of tho weaknesHJS or AVo euro ton flrnt and then ask a. REASON-
disease canted by lunorancc, cicohh or con- ABLE FE1S w hon you ere curud. You can de-
taBlon TOUAltE T1IK VERY I'ERSON WE pond upon our uord. tliontands of patlent-
We have provonoura-Jllln curlnc CHRONIC YOU with the distinct understanding that tto
dtfeascs br publishing tho nany voluntary will not demand a VEB until wo euro you.
11 loitlraonlals from homo people, giving nauies, Thlu npplles to Lot Manhood, Somlnal Weat-
plwS!n"rSrwntii!ii nilit rmKi.-o neM.9pormatorrl.oea, Varloocole. Dlwaaes of
IX ritlVATE DISEASES ,ho pt 0n. Unnatural Lowes, Gon-
nccnoio It would betray conndence. Hence, orrboes.Glcot, Stricture, eto.. Contatrioas Rlood
wo havo to prove our skill In this class or trou- l'olwn, and all WEAKNESSES of men. Con-
blu-s In another way. This Is onr plan. sulfation and advlco froe.
A OOJco Hourx 9 a. m. to 6 p.m.; Erentnc 1." to S; Sundays and Holidays, 10 a, m. to R
j DRS, SHORES & SHORES, Expert Specialists, BCtgcffcufah.
E-is as---sgstesS5------assat--r-----i mfryTgJ "t i arrno
$8.75 $8.75 $8.75
For any $12, $15 or $18
I 205 So Main. 10 e. 2nd So.
Power company" 0t tht ltft
City, on May Mth itS1"" tfluLlal
and OKdcn Gal tJ ST .
ptriod of twenty-flv. ?nd iS4iMmWm
o use nnd occiim- l8hl ' n
lsnw iind public pPiL'h 'SftC
for tho purpose or !Sot!liD
clcctrlc current hi "Wli
btrccts. or both- p,ao iM Thr
day of July. jSt' Jj t. H Mf i tt
heirs and aeeltrnfS Hf
cupy the- streets, allow in
pWwcs of Salt Lak, citv1 fSftM " 3
of conroylnp learlcBl5lf,r lW
trlcal current by rnoans "trtfMj f
abovo tho surface of VW'
ineans of pipes or ctoa$M 94"
tho around: woQtia Me
ThaL afterwards, t0 i, TkitT lii
day of December. u sliL-i
of Salt Lalco Oty by '
dlnancp. grontcd to MFL
helra and asslcns fnr l p ifc
tr-nvr. yoaM from" AW
of occupylns and wn? J'.fc
leys, Janca and miwi. If ,b iMl
City for onriffiUaCnte. I
vcylnp; Ra and ckctrI?.ifl(W
means of citable k
bo laid below tho surfL, S
or by nicans of vits Wt ,
ploocd above aald Btrelt
electric llKhtln and riMll ID
nnd also IlrwVd '
ilio ground for com-eyCJK. b
lryr and furnishing Si
poses, to thr. inhablUnU M
ih dato of Paid ordlnV fM
erect and maintain a shSJii'Lfl:
In tho atreets. alleys lad liSlC'.
Takc City, with neetStJPUm
proper appHancCB thereto it(i2Kitt
alao to lay pipes and codSll'''
electricity and Kas for mW Sfllif Ml
used by the Inhabitants thcKtm1 W
heat, power and other InuUstSa' '
merclal purposes; and 1;
Whereas, The Utah Light miM. .
company, by a n?rlcs nt m!w .
cr.cos. hna become the rrML
the owner of ai; the f rsx"kSS.
set forth, and Li now ensairfMi-i
Ins: a largo power station w tlSRv .
river and otherwise Improvtes t 'UU
stations In Salt Lake City. utmL
purpose has issued a MrlHiJlft
m thirty years from Jamarrlll! "
has requested that each fraatSilA
tended for an additional rrtHW
five years, namely, fifty Tf-ii'tAfc
the tlmo of the Rxantltuj of iim: mr
franchises respectively
Now, therefore, bo It orftlulBK
Mayor and City Council of 64ltIM tl
Section 1. That each of ullnBV
and ordinances grantlnsr Mil tafcWir
bo, and tho same Is. htrely vMy
striking out from Section 1 tfB3
said resolutions and ordlnatj kj of
' twr-nty-five years" anl liSMri..
therofor tho words "fifty yrtBjll
Provided'. That after May IriB-rt 1
additional aro Hshbi be furalsisMF .
charge to tho city, during tteoBPW'
f ra nchlae. ' M'
That after July 21th, 131?. tii Bt
nrc lights be furnished frtc hVI
to the city, during the lira of lifc-titic
That after December lt!
ditlonal arc lights to fcralsiil HL m
charge to tho city, during tie BT;
That after May 17th, 1S2. s'.mtK t
nl arc lights bo furnished frMefqB!,',
tho city, during tho life ot mk$U
Sec" 2. That th slid Uuh
Power company, its succtsjoripW
slgnr. shall place all their tra2fc4
wires within tho followlns boirrf .
trict of Salt Lake City, tj3WlWe!
1. On "U'ePt Temple street fro Jjf'!
tcrsectlon of South Templa (ttfliauti
to Fourth South street mTlLi
2. On East Temple street (rMrT
terscctlon of South Temple tUemU h
to Fourth South street. Wffi
5. On State street from lU li!bir
of South Tempi street south WBjfet!
South street. jU
A. South Tcmsie e'.rett froBfm " '
section of West Templa iirHl
State street. Xz
6, Flrat South street fren l3".B
tlon of "West Temple street lttri
otreet. M'a
C. Second South street irea ijBj)
section of West Temple i JKgy
State street. ... Srtk
7 Third South FtrMt froai'jy1
tlon of West Temple strrt a V1
-trcet. . Jg u
8. Commercial street na Wmlt
Btrc U .iVKnj
Sec. S. Said Utalt Ugbt TkMtJ,
company shall commence
1W5. and shall build and WW5
nocessary ixnduits nnd wan
underground transmission g?"i,MWM
than a distance of one KocX "Wv
that Is to say, the ulstan?.f?le
full block each and ever 'tttf
uary 1. IOCS, and the wh
trict shall be completed wlt-JaM
from January 1. 1S. .JWH.
"Light and Power company UrMi
with the approval of the
Lake City, locate he pla -., ..
in tho streets of the cald
.aid wires will be f "V'jSS
nary L 1S5, and tlto right to "W, ,
build tho said underground c
Ttaya for the transinlfdon
locality is hereby granted VK
Sec 4. This franchl, t
and privilege to be
upon written acceptance flW
City Recorder within Eixty
aPSDercTL This ordinance haU 'Ml
feet upon Its approval.
ferred to the Mayor t0$Eii
Vetoed by the Mayor d,!!B55
sented to the City - Council l gT
recommended by the 'vn51V.,.
two-thlrd rnajority. fM-U
nnd referred to ,ho,Mo OTSflft"1
Pfoval. J cj'ty
La'ke City. l-d04Mv
the above d"rneinance
correct copy of nnJ ilaxMj
ordlnanco amending !"tnsm
tain resolution OTKuhlL
the predecessors .pf tho wjfm0
Power cojnpan. nw UttW
Council of Salt iJike
ber 14th. 1N, and fby u
for his approval wlh(5MLn
and again Present Wrf W 5
ell amended aw r"" d br t"
Mayor, and a,nm.iblrip.
Council by more thon w 9ptajm
December 23t h. 1
Mayor December 31U 1. - my
record In inr o(J T hae briV,
In witness whereof i n cor)
my hand and afuxevl in of
of said city, this 3lst JN-Ygra
J' city Www
Bill No- 1-. zMkh
and .porta aro moat la ' " Jfj
ylM to tt. "Vta'cC W1?!
able when uiod & a
lent exercise. DfiU'Sfl

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