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IMbACLASSIFIED AD- I fg wjjjjC toT I "h uf Itf A I Hl ll Inl il 1 lil lix SUNDAY IS A GOOD DAY I
Ibb to get results, j fy II J VWilr W V V & 1 H
Jw"'' V, Jr w--- "WEATHER TODAY Snow flurries.
j;jfc '
yoLTxT.Yl, No. 294-.. Salt Lake City, Utah, Thursday MoBararg. February 4. 1904, TWELVE phges.five Gents,
Railed hand of czar showing and belief mi
41 Iv Half a Hundred Men, Women and Children Slain
by South African Tribesmen-Bodies Muti
'tjs lated and Homes Burned.
' aMfHk 73 .--s
ym, ; 1 owmtsas!
j SbnJTja West
irww: 1 J
n : T?r C v
;L L J 1 !
fjHKn, Pet. 2. Col. Leulweln, Lieutenant-Governor of Germnn Southwest
.ynd his forces are safe In the southern part of the colony, according to
RK MBclal dispatch sent over the British lines from Capo Colony.
361 " arrived recently at Port Nolloth, Cape Colony, and afterward nailed Tor
"Jfoniund, where he is due to arrive February Gth.
following cablegram haa been received from Swakopmund, German
Mest Africa, from the commander of the Germnn gunboat Pahlblcht:
1 wie Barrlsons at Windhoek and Okahandja have been relieved by Frnnkes' J
iyiy. with two guns. The relief of Okahandja occurred January 27th, and
jy7"jBflthout losses.
January 2Sth there occurred a ten iflc battle between the. gallant llt
nnan 'force and the enemy, who numbered thousands. The engagement
. li.for 8b: hours and ended with the storming of the main camp of the en-
SD3i lfnated on Kaiser WJlhelm. mouutuin. Four GennanH were wounded.
i this defeat the enemy withdrew to tho Otjisangnti hills, but we suc-
3at ln setting away all the stolen cattle. The enemy devastated all the
.M and the railroad stations In the Windhoek and Okahandja districts, a
iSE9 ot KariDjlj and the barracks of the mountain battery at Johann Al
iSMt fsHcIghtB,
he lossea so far are ,kiiown to be forty-four settlers, including women
witi ' Wnn killed, and In most cases the bodies were mutilated.
i I .6 Itary losses amount to twenty-six, and there have been fifty other
00t y 11 ProbHb!e that Catadis has been besieged since January 16th.
Y.S1 m march on Omarurur will begin tomorrow. Col. Lutvein is expected
- steamer on February oth. Lieut. Winkler has arrived here with sup-
02,1 m the steamnr Krnest Woormnnn."
news was circulated here Jn extra editions of the papers tonight and
vcrgal rejoicing.
RYAN'S pleasantries
Jfskan Indorses the McKinlcy Indictment of Grover
CIe,vcnd and Likens Henry Watterson to One
rsjjR c Characters in "Quo Vadis".
iH? ; Wort. Ky.. Feb. s.-William J.
-XT J0 t&3lght by InvitaUon of the
QKj( r Leglelaturo to a crowd that
' Capital theater, many persons
)R ytf 0rne(l away. B0th sides of the
j- . assmbly adjourned and held
"' services in honor of William
itoday in thc ian at the House
&& Satlves. Mr. Bryan and scv-
, ;;mbcrE 01 the Legislature made
Was ,ntroduced tonight by
'cZk ft , am in Presenting him
lnf, i UBh Uvice defeated, he was
doted citizen in public life.
-1 K?;.,n h,s aJflfesH. compared
W S ;l0n' the Louisville editor.
14 i BTmaractw ln "Q"0 Vadls,"
-Srt I tn I oC irlme repented and
,pE,ffl U I? a Christian." He said
IHmocrS:" W0UM yCt repent
tX mrln Goeb,' Mr. Bryan said
JMjy,,.8 encompHsscd by corpo
gjgaEjl' that had determined he
should never be Governor. He paid the
man who wrote to Goebcl that he should
never be. Governor fn alive now and his
name Is mentioned now in connection
with the chairmanship of the Demo
cratic national committee.
He devoted tome time to Grover
Cleveland, saying McKlnley's Indict
ment of Cleveland, in which he said
Cleveland made money tho master of
man, he believed wps correctly drawn.
Mr. Bryan said he did not want re
organization of the Democratic party,
because he did not want the party to
take the chance of falling Into the
hands of the money power. Commercial
ism In politics he declared, was now
the greatest menace to the country. Ho
said he heard of one precinct in Dcln
ware where all the vote-' were bought,
and one auctioned off brought ?50.
He said the money question waa no
more dead now than It was In ISOfl, and
discussed at length trusts and monopo
lies that he said are being fostered
under the hepubllcan policy. He also
Scored President Roosevelt's policy to
ward Cuba and on the Panama ques
1 tlon.
jSEJ'vr'' Pcb' 3--Gu Wakefield
ZM. 'cholls were today placed
Jmw?1,01 the stance of the
Ss?0,l,M on a C,,aree 0C UKl"e
"k'K 8 ma"a an aUempt
-Ku T N,c,l0,ls. i- ' charged,
VC&W ,ate,y een .tho moving
spirits In n concern known as the Order
of Fraternal Home Buyers, which, it Is
charged, accepts InstallmentH of ?15
monthly from persona doBlrlng to erect
a home on contracts which. It is alleged,
are cleverly contrived so as never to
Thero are said lo be about 1C00 sub
scribers, mostly persons of moderate
Fleet of Mighty Warships, Trimmed for Battle, Lined
Up in Front of Port Arthur Awaiting Signal for
Action. Japan Becoming Impatient and Suspi
cious Over Russia's Delay in Making Reply.
Tokio. Feb. Z. A specially summoned
conforenco of the Cabinet, elder states
men, military and naval chiefs was held
today at the rosidence of Premier Kat
sura. The meeting Is believed to have been
of much Importance, though no details
of the discussion have been made public.
Possibly It foreshadows energetic ac
tion on account of Russian procrastina
tion. Although the Government officials
continue reticent it is manifest that the
situation Is of the gravest and that a
crisis is near at hand. The time ln
which the Russian roply will continue to
be a factor ln the situation is narro.w
lng. The patience' of the Government 13 be
coming exhausted, and If the expected
unswer Is delayed many days longer the
issuance of an ultimatum by Japan will
become inevitable.
The Japanese feel that the existing
conditions have entitled them to a more ,
prompt reply and are bound to Infer that j
the St. Petersburg Government Is de
termined not to yield, but la utilizing
1 the time to advance Its preparations for
1 An unofficial dispatch yesterday said
I the Russian decision means war.
SL. Petersburg, Feb. C The statement
printed abroad that the Russian reply
is being held back while M. Kurino, the
Japanese Minister, communicates its
substance to his Government Is untrue.
The Associated Press Is scml-ofilclally
nssured that the Russian reponso will
not be sent before February 5th at the
I earliest. .
A dispatch to Router's Tolegram
company from St. Petersburg,
dated yesterday, says the Rus
sian general staff has given Viceroy
Alexielt authority to declare war and
open hostilities on his own reeponslbll-
4- -r- ---r- -r-r- -r- -r- -f---
Port Arthur, Feb. C. Both the naval and military forces of Russia.
here are ready for war and It Is now believed that conflict la inevitable. 4-
Within the past few days the big fighting machines that havo been
lying in harbor here have been put In fighting trim and have Joined the
1 guard fleet In the outside harbor. The squadron there is a powerful -f
one. The vessels comprising it are:
Name. ' Tons. Name. Tona.
Retvlnran 12,700 Fremlaschek 9.C80
Peresviet 12.C7-J Sn'lvely 10.-I5O
Czarevitch ' , 13.110 Diana , 0,630
Orto 13,600 Paltada 10,930
Sevastopol 10.950 Askhold 0,100
Problcda 12,674 Varlag ' C.500
Petropavlovak .... 10,960 Boyarin w 3,200 --
4- Poltava 10,960
Total 51,490 4
4- Total 97.038 :
4 The squadron Inside the harbor consists of: -f
The cruiser Djlglt, of 140C tons; the torpedo gunboat Galdamalc. of" 4
4- 500 tons: the sloop-of-war Zablayaka. of 1234 tons; four gunboats and 4-
4 the torpedo flotilla. Simultaneously the third brigade Of Siberian rifles 4
4- and two batteries of artillery started for an unannounced destination 4
4- from Llao Tang, South Mukden. 4-
-t- Altogether about 9000 troops have departed, leaving 1000 men at Port 4-
4 Arthur, exclusive of the troops manning the fortifications. The arrivals 4-
4- of Japanese coal have been stopped. 4-
4- ln consequence of the military authority monopolizing the use of tho 4-
railroad, the latter has declined , to transport any more commercial 4-
4- freight. The telegraph company declines lo accept any more press or 4-
4- private messages, so they -will have to be routed via Chefoo. 4-
4 Forty-eight hours' quarantine has been ordered against Chefoo on 4
4- account of the smallpox. 4
444444444444444444 444444444441
ity, if circumstances render It neces
sary. Tho dispatch adds that an Imperial
manifesto declaring war Is expected If
the Japanese Government doep not ac
cept the conditions proposed In Rus
sia's response, which. It Is as.ser.tcd, will
be Russia's last word.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 3. M. Kurino de
(Contlnuod n Page 3.)
' rt cll me- wth you
ows the: wLte?
Wby the Man Living Next Door Committed Suicide.
New- York, Fob. 3. Gov. Odell and
other up-State Republican leaders who
were induced to Invest large- sums in
the bonds of the United States Ship
building company, have decided lo be
gin a fight against Charles M. Schwab,
Max Pam and others connected with
the concern.
It was learned today that when Gov.
Odell was In this city Tuesday he re
tained Edward Lauterbach to prosecute
the fight for himself and other up-State
men who got caught by the shipbuild
ing financiers.
One of the shipbuilding victims was
Reuben 1 Fox of the Republican State
committee. Mr. Fox is one of Mr.
Lauterbach'a client-.. He got caught for
$10,000 of the shipbuilding bonds. Gov.
Odell paid over 51S0.000 ln cash for $200.
000 of the bonds.
Mr. Untermyer today prepared papers
in the name of Mr. Fox in application
to Justice Kirkpatrlck of the United
States Circuit court for New Jersey to
have Mr. Fox made- a party plaintiff in
the Untermyer suit to have the ship
building company declared insolvent.
proposition to loan Jt.COO.OCO to tho St.
Louis fair meets with Domocrnllc opposi
tion ln tho Senate.... Noto from Lorenz to
Machen for $25,000 Introduced ln tho postal
trial at Washington... .W. C, Whitney to
be buried In Woodlawn ceraete:-y Friday.
....Story oX municipal bribery In St. Louis
told by former member of tho House of
Delegates during trial at Fulton. ...The
President sends correspondence regarding
tho landing of troops at the iHthmua to
tho Senate.... Senator IInntK.'i- condition.
FOREIGN RiiPfilan warships lined up
ln rront of Port Arthur aud awaiting or
ders. ...Patlenco of tho Japanese Govern
ment becoming oxhau3ted..,, Redmond
speaks on homo rulo In British Parlia
ment.. ..King Peter's Cabinet -has re
signed In Servla.... Tribesmen In German
Southwest Africa massacre inhabitants of
an entire settlement.
tween Idaho and Washington citizens over
tho uso of Fort Sherman.... Promising I
gold strike made ln QuarLzburg In Bolso
basin. Ida....Peoplo camped In tents along
tho Granlto ferry irrigation property in
Idaho waiting to purchase land Oppo
sition to construction of San Pedro road
develops at Rivorsldo. Cal.
STATE Lovi Wood of Park City pois
oned by eating canned shrimps.. ..Coal
ville pioneer dies from old ago Garfield
county farmers fooling bluo over snow
fnmino and litigation over water is now
CITT Murray greatly excited over tho
mysterious disappearance of a Jlttlo ch!ld.
....New pastor named for the First
Methodist church.. ..Red Onion saloon dis
cussed by tho Council ln committee of tho
whole. ...Legal battlo over tho signature
on a J1500 check thought lo bo a forgery.
....Commercial club committoea named....
Crippled beggar suffocated to death in tho
Sandy Jail. ...Joseph Gcoghcgan criticises
tho court for liberating four boys against
whom ho complained Board of Public
Works troubled over sldowalk contracts.
....important decision of the Supremo
court In a damngo suit. ...County Com
missioners plan for better county roads.
....Postmaster Thomas replies to charges.
....High doath rato for Janunry....Judgo
King talks to University students.. ..Real
estate transfers. $lS,0fll....Bahk clearings.
f511.!5C....Yeaterday'H stock sales. Sl.21.1
shores for ?H42.S7....0rc and bullion set
tlements during tho day, JS1.500.
I Admiral Schley 111.
Washington. Feb. 3. Admiral Schloy Is
confined to his homo by an attack of
grippe, but expects to bo out in a fow
Physicians Say There is No
Need for Alarm.
Chango for Bottor Expected
This Morning.
Patient Was Sleeping Soundly Last Sl
Night Family Physician Sum- Hl
moned From New York. H
Washington. Fob. 3. Senator M. A
ITanna had a setback lato this afternoon IH
which for a time considerably alarmed hi
family, who had been encouraged to hope
that ho was getting to be himself again.
The congestlvo attack which thoy feared
was averted, to somo extent, by prompt
action, and tonight the Senator, while not jH
50 well as early in the day, showed excel- jH
lent rallying power and Improvement over
his condition at nundown.
The setback cama in the form of an at- IH
tack that resembled sick spells that havo H
seized the Senator on two or three occa
sions In the past few years. Ho was fH
seized about 5:20 thi3 afternoon with ka
congestive- chill which has been marked
heretofore by a rush of blood to the head IH
and coklnesa of the extremities. H
McmbcrH of tho family were on hand at
its first outbreak, and by tho prompt ap- jH
plication of mustard plasters and hot
water the attack was prevented from bo
coming so serious as it was feared It
might become, and later in the evening It IH
was stated that the Senator's condition
was again almost nt his normal state of IH
the sast few weeks. IH
Dr. Rlxcy, the attending physician.
called In Dr. Magruder, and when they
left Mr. Hanna'a home at 9 o'clock tho
Senator was sleeping Roundly, and tho
physicians said they did not expect to
return again until S o'clock tomorrow IH
morning. jH
When they left tho Senator's pulse was
SO, his normal pulse being 72, and the tern- IH
perature 10). or 1-10 abovo normal. The
doctors said thoy thought his temperature
would bo normal again in the morning. jH
A thorough examination was mado of 1
Mr. Ilnnna's heart, lungs and kidneys. jH
and they wcro found to be all right. Cll
Dr. Rlxcy said tonight: "Senator f
Honna's condition is not alarming and I I
hope he will be out ln a week or tea f
days." j
Tho illness of the Senator Is due to
physical and nervous exhaustion, caused
by attaclcs of grin and overwork.
At tho rccmest of Mrs. ITanna, Dr.
Brewer, tho Now York physician, who has jf
attended the Senator and members of his
family at intermittent periods for the past ,
twenty-five years, has been asked to como H
lo Washington for consultation with tho
other physicians. He Is expected to arrlvo I
hero early tomorrow morning.
Dr. Urov.'er attonded tho Senator when
tho latter was 111 some weeks ago In New
York. His summons here, it Is paid, does
not Indicate any great alarm on tho part
of tho Senator's family, but Is to satisfy j
thotr wish that hlu advice may bo had In j
Uso matter. j,L
EInior S. Glover, tho Senator'? private I
socrotary. postponed his trip to Chicago, ) I
which he Intended to mako tonight, to at- 7
tend tho meeting of the sub-commlttco of
tho national Republican committee, to fH
make arrangements for tho national con- jH
vcntlon. Mr, Glover hopes to otart to- i f
morrow with Senator Scott-
Characterizes as "Ridiculously False" the Story Sent Out j
From Washington Telling of an Alleged Misappro- ,
priation of Eleven Hundred DoIIara,
Postmanter Arthur L. Thomas, who
has returned from his trip made to
Washington to meet certain charges
brought against him ln hio official ca
pacity, when called upon by a repre
sentative of The Trlbuno yesterday re
fused to be Interviewed for thlB news
paper. An evonlng pnpor yesterday con
; talned, however, what was termed a
, "prepared lntorvlow," ln which Mr.
Thomas reiterates tho statement ac
credited to him before ho left Wash
ington, to the effect that the charges
against him had been fully met and
that he would not bo removed from
ofllce. Ho states that everything had
narrowed dowu to the charge that he
had paid. James D. Adatnu, Jato cashier ,
his salary while he was absent from the i
ofllce, sick, and cited several alleged l
precedents for this action. The state-
mcnt ln the evening paper then con- 1
"When asked about the publication of ,
a telegram in The- Tribune to which was 1
afllxcd the name of A. F. Philips, and
M'hlch charged him with a shortage of
about $1000 in his accounts, and
that he would be permitted to work the
amount out, Mr. Thomas said that any- :i
one familiar with ofllclal methods know
the charge to be ridiculously false. The
Government of the United States did
not permit any officer to work out a 1
shortugo in his olllclal accounts, and. '
that If a shortage was discovered tho
Government would demand lmmedlato IH
i reatltutioiu"

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