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H. j J ! . 2 The Salt Lake Tribune: Tuesday Moeotng, Februaby 9, 19P4.
m - . . . m'
j j Four Made Mad Dash for Liberty to Get Extra Punish rri2nt
j I ! LegaV Point of Interest in the Case
j j of Abe Majors. .
I; J ComploInti will be Issued by County
, " ; Attorney "Westervelt today against
Abe Majors, Connors, Waddell and
t, Mullen, the convicts who planned and
i: took prominent parts In the dash for
J j , liberty which occurred at the State
1 ' prison on the 9th of last Octobor. They
j I will be charged with assault with ln
j j tent to kill and with escaping from the
I ' State prison. An additional charge of
robbery will be entered against Wad
i dell.
t I Deputy Warden Wright conferred
1 with County Attorney Westervelt yes-
1 ' terday with reference to the com
j plaints. It was intended that the war-
' rants should be issued yesterday, but
1 the matter was postponed until today
because of an unusual amount of busl-
. noss In tho County Attorney's ofllce.
The deputy warden will swear to the
Majors and Waddcll are said to have
conceived the plot to escape from tho
prison and to have planned the details.
Just before the desperate break was
1 made the secret was confided to Con
nors and Mullen. Those four, with
) Dayton, who was killed, were the chief
participants in the battle which re
' 1 suited in the death of one of the con
1 vlcts and the Injury of others, with
two guards,
, The four convicts have been In sepa-
I 1 rate confinement since the break was
' made. Majors and Waddell were con
, fined In the "hole" for several days,
but no special punishment has been Im
' posed for their Infraction of the rules.
I ' The prison authorities, however, pro- I
rj j j Tendency of the Times,
H' ij ' The tendency of medical science Is to-
' ( i ward preventive measures. The best
i, i ' thought of the world is being given to
j ' I the subject. It is easier and hotter to
H" J i 1 1 prevent than to cure. It ha been fully
V- ' demonstrated that pneumonia, one of
B j k the moat dangerous diseases that mcd-
B ii J i leal men have to contend with, can be
Hj . i prevented by the use of Chamberlain's
P J ' Cough Remedy. Pneumonia always rc-
V j i suits from a cold or from an attack of
H t .' , Influenza (grip), and it has been ob-
HT ' , i served that this remedy counteracts any
j ' tendency of those diseases toward pneu
monia. This haa been fully proven In
H j ' many thousands of cases in which this
H 1 remedy has been used during the great
I j prevalence of colds and grip In recent
P j n years, and can be relied upon with im-
H pllcit confidence. Pneumonia often re-
H- I I cults from a sllgnt cold when r.o danger
H . it Is apprehended until It Is suddenly dls-
H I 1 covered that there is fever and difficulty
B S 1 1 In breathing and pains in the chest, then
nil !t 15 announced tnat- the patient has
IPs pneumonia. Be on the snfc side and
J lake Chamberlain's- Cough Remedy as
aJV'ViS s00n as the cola ,s contracted. It al
KSLl V WaJS CUrCS irr S3lfc b 1111 drUBslsts
pose to pros-cute them to the limit of
the law for the attempted delivery.
The warrants will charge assault
with Intent to kill. Guard Zebulon Ja
cobs was the victim of the assault and
will be the principal witness. In tho
fight he received wounds which are
considered permanent and which caused
his removal from duty. They will also
be charged with attempting to escape
from the penitentiary. Besides those
tuo offenses Waddell will be charged
with robbery. At the time of the as
sault upon Jacobs Waddell Is said to
have stolen the guard's watch. It was
found on his person when he was cap
tured. If convicted of the charges several
more . years of Imprisonment will be
added to the men's sentences. The new
terms will, of course, begin only at the
expiration of their present sentences.
If convicted they will receive from one
to ten years' imprisonment, In addition
to the terms which they are already
In connection with the penalty which
will be imposed in case of conviction an
Interesting question has arisen In the
case 6f Abe Majors. Both he and Con
nors are serving life sentences. Attor
' neys declare that even If he pleads
guilty no sentence can be Impovid.
Such a. condition has never arisen at
the prison before and the result of
Majors's trial will be watched with In
terest by the lawyers of the city. Con
nors, it is said, can escape serving a
life's sentence through a technicality of
the law.
The warrants when Issued will be
placed in the hands of the Sheriff for
service. He will have no difficulty in
locating the men, to whom the formal
charges will be read In their cells at
the prison. An early trial '111 be requested.
Commercial Club May Taki Up the Cudgel and Assist in
I I the Prosecution of the D2alers Who Are Sell-
" i - ing Adulterated Goods,
v I
I, It Is very likely that tho matter of cn-
1 forcing the city's pure-food ordinance will
; , , be taken up very soon by the Commercial
i club. Certain progressive citizens brought
' J j the subject to tho attention of Secretary
I ' J Harris of tho club a few days ago, and
' . , ho readily acknowledged that It was a
i'm '' movement which might well enlist tho at-
, i tcntlon of that progressive body. Ho
, i promised to bring It beforo the board of
I 1 t governors nt their next meeting. ,
I J ,j While It la admitted that City Chemist
' ' i 'j Harms has been doing a good work In
I ( bringing to the attention of the public tho
i (' fact that certain foodstuffs which are
(regularly offered for salo In the city aro
' ji adulterated to a point which renders them
j positively harmful and wholly unfit for
' ! use, yet It Is urged that the only sure way
1 to stop tho use of such articles Is to stop
I 1 j .their sale In othor words, to vigorously
' . J1 prosecute those who expose and offer them
, I for sale. The city ordinance and tho Stato
I laws afford every facility for putting down
I tho traffic In impure foods, It Is pointed
, i .1 out, tho only thing necessary being for
'i some ono to take the Initiative In prosecu
ting violators of the law, and there Is no
person or body of men who could more
! i effectually carry on this, work than tho
i Commercial club.
I ' ' 1 Ono prominent citizen, in discussing tho
) i subject yesterday, said: "The situation 13
1 j' certainly one which demands action, and
I M there should be nothing half-hearted In j
. I 1 the way it Is takon up. It In true that we
t '! cannot always reach the manufacturers of 1
! Id
Impure articles direct, but we can reach
them through tho dealers, and It should bo
done. In case of theft or robbery the re
ceiver of the stolen goods Is held equally
guilty with the original thief, and the same
rule should hold good with those who rob
tfa and our families of health, bringing dis
ease and doctors' bills. If not oven death,
in return for tho money wo spend for tho
necessaries of life. Just consider for a
moment the showing made by tho chemist
in his analyses of the different ketchups
on salo in tho city, when ho found just
ono brand among the score or moro sold
which can bo consumed with Immunity
unless ono has a cnst-lron stomach. There,
ara patent medicines which arc 75 per cent
alcohol and tho othor 25 per cent poison;
canned meats which are secured from the
garbage piles of big hotels and res
taurants: coffco which Is largely chicory
or something worse, sugar which contains
sand and flour, and baking powder with
alum. One can't even tako an oyster
cocktail or a drink of whisky and bo suro
that he Is getting the real thing. Some
of the adulterations may not be oxactlv
harmful to tho health of the consumer,
but they arc robberies of his pocketbook
at least, and the possibilities of what ono
might take Into his system unawares Is
enough to cause the man who has a proper
regard for his stomach to swear off on
overythlng but corn bread and cabbage,
and city water, which Is kept reasonably
pure part of tho time. It Is true that
wholesnle prosecutions, with the full limit
of the law Imposed upon offenders, might
catch some 'Innocent parties,' but It Is the
only way to stop the evil, and It would
very soon causo tho dealers to inquiro
more carefully Into the kind of stuff thev
aro buying."
i Saratoga, Wyo.. Feb. S. A. J. Kcnncady,
Frank Duffy and William West, equipped
' with a complete winter camping outfit,
j i two wagons and ten head of horses, have
left for Hay Stack hills, north of Rawlins,
' where they will attempt to catch and tamo
.wild horses.
, A number of years ago Goorgo Ferris,
i , ' I ono of tho original owners of tho great
, , Fcrris-Haggerty mine, ran horses on tho
i open rango In tho vicinity of the Hay
Stack range. Once a year the stock wan
r corralcd and the colts branded. Finally
' I i tho herd became bo wild because of con-
, tlnucd freedom that It could not be cor-
' ,: y raled longer, and has been permitted to
I i run at large since. Now the number of
i " wild horses Is estimated at between 3000
I . ( and 6000 head.
" j The Hay Stack hills arc so called be-
J causo from a distance thoy look like hay
stacks, and aro situated In a barren, desert
country. In this dear;rt tho horses have
lived and have Inbred until the younger
stock Is small, but exceedingly swift and
hardy. There arc said to be many line
horses In the band from 7 to 10 years of
ago, large, well-formed and smooth-coated,
Theeo animals Kcnncady, Duffy and
West will endeavor to catch and tamo
sufficiently for tho Eastern market.
During tho past fow years many com
plaints have been made concerning tho
wild horses, for when onco a domesticated
animal joins tho band he cannot be recov
ered. In a day or two thoy are as wild as
tho wildest of the desert band, and tho
6tallIon3 of- the herd fiercely realat all
efforts to cUt them out. Therefore ranch
men havo been compelled to submit to the
loss of valuable animals. Several times
hunting parties hava chased the herd and
shot down numbers, but domcctlc horses
will not face them when tho stallions turn
at bay, and such raids havo not resulted
In materially decreasing the herd.
The Mongolian population of Eureka was
reduced by ono Sunday afternoon, when
Zip Ting, a Chlneso laundryman, was ta
ken Into custody by Deputy United States
Marshal L. H. Smyth and escorted to Salt
Lake. Zip Is thought to bo a likely candi
date for asportation, as he Is supposed to
nave slipped Into the country over tha
border, In violation of tho exclusion act.
He will be taken before United States
Commissioner Twomey today and warn
ned aa to his qualifications for residence
In the "land of the free and the home of
the bravo."
Kansas City, Feb. Vke-rresldent
Dwyer of the International Brotherhood
of Teamsters, who came hero to direct
,the local strike of carriage drivers, was
ordered from the city today by the police.
Krnest Sundqulst
Was down on the list
For taking the washing tho housewives
hax'o missed.
Fortune so fickle
Got Ern in a nlcklo
For stealing G. W. Evans's bicycle.
Judge DIehl does not believe the aphor
ism that cleanliness Is next to godliness.
He .cave Ernest Sundqulst ninety days In
Jail for taking a wash. The wash. It
should be explained, was taken off a
clothes-lino. The principal loser wan Mrs.
T. 13. Bcatty, wife of the secretary of the
State Board of Health, who had $15 worth
of linen taken from her clothcs-llno.
Ernest pleaded guilty and was sentenced
as above.
A peculiar thing about Sundqulst's thof t
of a bicycle, and something which Indi
cates that tho punishment provided by tho
statutes for' petit larceny Is not very of
fcctlvo as a detcrront. Is that the boy re
stole tho Identical wheel ho was arrested
for stealing a few wcoks before. He
served two rnonthH and the bicycle wus re
turned Jo its owner. Last week Sundqulst
went back and took the same bicycle from
tho name place In the same way. He told
tho court yesterday that he had been
drinking and was out of money. Ho got
fifty days on this count.
This Is the story of William Kctid,
Who sampled Pabst and Schlltz and Letup
Lest something good should pass him b.
Ho took some bourbon and somo rye
Ho faced the court and told his talo
Of long-sick wife and children pale,
But still he got five days In jail,
Did William Kemp.
Bert Items hnd Just come In from Alta
and William Farrell from Bingham.
They both got numerous drinks from a
bartender who know how to sling 'on.
The consequence was that both miners
got lit clear to the eyes.
They were discharged and left tho court
room sadder, but, It Is to bo hoped, more
E. S. Jones, a nlnoteen-ycar-old boy, ad
mitted that he had been Intoxicated and
explained that he got that way through
going Into a saloon to pay a bill.
"Will you promise not to do so again?"
asked tho court,
"Yes, I will," Hald the culprit. "I didn't
feel that I ought to pay that bill anyhow,
unci I will never do it again."
Maud Smith pleaded guilty to the charge
of keeping an Immoral resort and tho Clt
Attorney urged that she bo fined at least
JEO, because, he alleeed, sho had been In
tho business for six years and had never
been caught before.
"I cannot agree with your reasoning,
said Judge Dlohl. "Persons In this busl
nesfl cannot bo expected to come In volun
tarlly and pay for tho privilege of con
ducting It. They must bo convicted for
this as for any other crime. Tho court
will Impose a fine of $20."
Jane Moore. Inez Wellesloy and May
Brown, Inmates of Maud Smith's house,
also pleaded guilty and paid $10 ea'ch.
Louis Sllgh pleaded guilty to drunken
ness and was lined i3. Ho pretended that
he had made no disturbance bn the street
but had called at the pollco station on
business Sunday night and had been de
tained because of his condition.
"Were you arrested on Sunday night?"
"Yes, sir."
"Well, you have had a very narrow es
cape. Tho clerk mado out tho con plaint
'Monday morning." If you had boon
charged with a Sunday drunk your lino
would have been $3 "
Mr. Sllgh subsided.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money If It falls to
cure. E. W. Grove's signature on dos.
Michael Connor, Jr.. ot Oil City, Pa.,
has written to Mayor Morris, asking for
information concerning his father, who
when last heard of was In this city. The
letter follows-
"My Dear Sir: Tf It would not incon
venience you any, I would like to have
you help mo locate my father, Michael
Connor. Whon last heard of ho was In
your city, but as that was a number of
years ago, and he has not corresponded
with any one since. I am at a loss to know
what to do It will certainly bo to his
Interest to Know of this, and I am sure
If he knew I wanted him he would bo in
no way backward about telling mo whero
he Is.
"If he has been In your city lately and
you can give mo any Information regard
ing him. your efforts will be greatly ap
preciated, I'll assure you.
"Ho was a proficient railroad man, that
Is, on track work, and would probably
'hold a good position by this time He Is
5S years old. 5 feet 10,i inches tall, plain
face, with red complexion would weigh
In tho neighborhood of ICS pounds. Yours
very truly, MICHAEL CONNOR. JR.,
"11 West Sixth street."
Chicago. Feb. 8. Mrs, Enroy J. Hcnnlg,
a victim of the Iroquois theater fire, died
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run-dowu and falling off in flesh and
looks, the root of the trouble can be
traced to womanly diseases which under
mine the general health. The proof of
this is that women who have been cured
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Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures
the womanly diseases which sap the gen
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dries weakening drains, heals inflamma
tion and ulceration and cures female
" I suffered for three years with ovarinn
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ncrt day took my first dose, nnd (t was ray first
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great change within from pain and suffering to
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"Favorite Prescription " makes weak
women strong, sick women well. Ac
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Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets invigorate
Btomacb. liver and bow1"-
All These Famous Pugilist's and Athletes Tell of Their Cure by
Swamp-Root, the Great Kidney, Liver and Bladder Remedy,
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Jame3 J. Corbctt, tho Former Cham- Champion of the World Jeffries De- Georgo Brown, tho Colobrated IJnse
pion, Tells How He Was Cured by clare- That Swamp-Root Is a Won- ball Player of the Nationnl League,
Swamp-Root. derful Remedy. Writes What He Thinks of Swamp-
brookltn. n. T., Nov. io, 1903. HOTEL DELAY A1ST, Koot' ,MPTRF
Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Blnghamton, N. T.: -y p;fv -vTnv i n -iqno . HOTEL. EMPIRE,
Gentlemen:-About two years ago this -3., Ult3 x("- J xjyj0' New Tork City, Oct. 19, 1903.
extremely robust body of mine showed Dl. ILll10r ix, L0., Kilmer &. Co
signs that something was wrong with "Ririp-hftmtoil N Y Blnehpmton N Y
It. My usual vigor gave place to a feel- J3injiianiLUti, . uinBn..mton, . i.
t ' Gentlemen: Your great Gentlemen- After finished the coach-
v J3CtT V 4,'?'t4?V remedy, Swamp-Root Was rCC- Ing of the Columbia College Baseball
0rh ty'& ommendecl to me by Lou l
qucnt headaches, occasional spells of M-lfl Ji'i'lflPs
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appetite could hardly force myself to ilgiiafcW
eat a meal. Two physicians whom I mm0 , S!
consulted said I had malaria, but their !?Si'WSB$S 1 - r,."r!'1 HI
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WITNESS Ex-Sheriff Masterson. , New York National League Club.
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Deposits recelved-suWlcct to claiVry
H. L. MILLER, Cashier. pt
H. P. CLARK. Asst. C"B -
a. DUN & CO., SI ,
The Mercantile AgenflS
GEORGE RUST. General Milf&T.
UtnJi, Idaho andwrfB
Offlco in Progress bldp.. Salt
Bankers, ji
Established 1S59. I070JfI,i
Transact a General BanklnsBwm,.
SAFE rp.pnsiT BOXES FOtt 'mJjT
QESERET national banJ
Salt Lake City. Utah.
Capital, $500,000- Surplag, if j
U S. HILLS, M03Effir3I
President cmjjHWllfi
H. S. YOUNG. &. , 3W
Sofo deposit bo.ie3 for jMfy i
S35 abKXt::::v-4j
Exchaneo drawn on ill P""
M' cCORNICK & CO., rAfe
Salt Lake City, Utah- Mfc
U M. 6. HANAUBB. jKL -
Ben3ared to IB South W. B$m

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