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: u sic-Sae in 0 i wkJ i i & v (TjI 1 i ( S I Ir v&JJ j 9 IBllllIi '1 f The Trlbnne ,3rlng8 'H i1 H
jj . ' ' WEATHER TODAY Snow flurries.'
NO. 301. SaIjT Lake City Utah THimSDAY MoiraDSTG, 11, 1904, ' .10 PHGES.-FlVTS CENTS. ij I
! In Seizes Masampho, Which Controls the Korean Channel, and
8Hl ill Establish a Military and Naval Base There-Attempt
P by Russian Press to Offset Effect of Naval Re-
verses by Publication of Unconfirmed .'
Sji) Dispatches From Far EasL ""'.
it Transports, Containing 2000 Russian
slj iefS Reported to Have Been Taken by
apanese Cruisers Off the Entrance to Seoul
1 Troopships Are Said to Have Struck
'heir Flags When Ordered to "Heave to"
l! iy the Japanese Squadron
!. ; ,
a Wednesday, Feb. 10. The Japanese licet Is still off. Port: Arthur and
rrr isofaseneml naval engagement are hourly expected.
dtx. ( .UCCC53 of Japan on the sea would carry enormous advantage and
jjllj- decide the war. On paper the ileets are almost equal, although the
t!j arc confident that their personnel is superior. They say that a
battle would be really a Japanese victory on account of Russia's lack
3tiis to dock and repair her larger craft.
( ; eized Masampho Sunday and dispatched a heavy force there. She
TWza fcrtify the port and establish a naval and military base. Masampho
5 acttdlnsly Important point, as it controls the Korean channel and is an
rppjj l:t tare for future operations.
i -Jlipatch from Chefoo says that upon the withdrawal of the Japanese
BED 1 b" from St Petersburg the Japanese fleet and transports at once pro-
I w Masampho After being occupied the fleet sailed for Port Arthur.
i; ml of the Japanese ships are guarding northern Japan, fearing that
3vi(! idght land a force from Vladivostock and for the, further purpose of
00X41 ttiS' four Russian cruisers from joining the Russian fleet at Port Arthur.
t-r Japanese war vessels are aiming to intercept Russian vessels coming
mfisjalch from Shanghai says that an important bridge on the Manchu-
;srai na3 teen blown up. Thirty men were killed.
sea r
don, Feb, 10 A meager and unconfirmed dippatch from Tokio stating
t.a Arte transports of the Russian volunteer fleet, carrying about 2000
fo' ' tifl been captured by the Japanese off the Korean coast, and cable-
)UTKi giving additional details of the sea fights of Monday, comprised the
TT. 5 i far news received up to a late hour this afternoon. Rumors of bat-
Vh on land and sea sufficed to keep excitement at fever heat-
Oi l M'- Petersburg and throughout the empire of the Czar all the country
r..Is( to bs aflnme with patriotism and every Muscovite from end to end of
"A Eajfan possessions is said to be willing and eager to enter the ranks of
. i tJ-'ly In the day the Czar affixed his signature to a formal declaration of
. i : Id an attempt to offset the effect of the naval reverses at Port Arthur
;CiTipulpo some of the newspapers Issued extras claiming a Russian vlc
jjiil Port Arthur. "Three Japanese warships and (our torpedo boats,"
vrajf ftt extras, "'are reported to have been seriously crippled. One report
1l fe Japanese battleship Crlphima was sunk. The people are demon-
,Mh kre Is no official conllrmation of the report.
0P. rib evening p. demand was made upon the editors for the i-ouvce of their
ballon. They replied: "It came from the British embassy."
KPris were received everywhere with manifestations of Joy, but
. S wnllrmlng them has come from Viceroy Alexleft'.
jJ1 add'tlonaI evidence the Vlcero has sent Is the names of the
fl DU, t-w odlcers, among whom were L.leut.-Col. Zalontchkovsky of the artll-
ij9 w'ho was on board the transport Angora, and a midshipman on
J the battleship Sebanopol.
Btiv! blowing story of the engagement at Chemulpo was received by the
'-Is? ltta Minlater today. It Is under date of Tokio. and reads:
'itiSt Japanese Admiral, on arriving at Chemulpo, Korea, sent in word to
to Russian ci-uisers, Varlag and Korletz, giving them a time limit In
C , eaVc Shortly afterward the Russians camo out and attacked a
' lr lcrp0(l0 boat- which replied with a torpedo, ineffectively.
5sA Cera' exchange of shots then followed. After a hot Are. the Russians
iorH 10 Chemulpo and sank at the bottom of the harbor.
te ' J Et J'ct known whether their sinking was due to the Japanese fire
fa m IU53lanH' wn action, but 1 1 Is believed to be due to the former.
t! 1)0111 Russian vessels so ught refuge on a French warship ut
mFU if?' Tiiere were no casualties a mong the Japanese, and their vessels
TO damage.
paa t,"sTl0 official advices re ceived by Baron Hayashi, only four
J?i U01 Japanese troops have, up t o the present, been landed at Chemui-
J Patch from Vladivostock says private telegrams received there rc-
J0$ iw01!1 i tc rout of the Japanese by the Russians on the Yalu river.
?' hi' a,so claim that Chemulpo. Korea, has been occupied by
r wMicra and marines.
iFtfflrl;'rUntlaunt,jd bv e ab
Scr2? 1 confinnatlons. Japan Is,
f TucJS-?1 naVal ViCtry at
rn"Ic cablo1 I't-port from
wtfovtH i Sk th , Jalanc-ae lorpedo
rMf' Ini'Bc PaisMan vnxv-
WW!' Touo's licet of filx
SSb oW U,1C onlrc "sslan
We o civ, .' ,0 fort T'"7 Consul
1m 'hp result of the main
n8 Jot hb,'a 1)!U5S"'1 th.- scone of
preserving thtir alignment and fighting
vigorously and steadily, and apparently
uninjured. Tho newspapors here published
extra editions containing news of thc bat
tle, and produced the fir9t popular demon
trntlon of the war.
Flags were raised everywhere, and ox
cited crowds thronged thc strcM?.
London. Feb. 11. Tho Pf-klng correspon
dent of the London Times ascribes tho
habitual over-estimation of the Russian
forces In ihu Far East to thc claim (orlH
Ing from thr. Boxer noublea) put forward
b M. De Giers (then Runlan Minister
This 13 one of tho Japancso war
4- songs that the little brown men
sing when they go Into battle. It Is -4-4-
typically Japanese In spirit and ex- 4-4-
presslon. although tho form Is 4-4-
somewhat changed by translation: 4-4-
4- Kogim funto kakoml wo yabutto 4-4-
kalru. 4.
Jr Ippyaku rltel kenrul no acda, 4-4-
"U'aga Ken sjdcnl ore: waga uma 4-4-
taouru. 4.
4- SyufuhoDc wo ujumu' kokyo no 4-4-
yama. 4.
4- Through the siege have I rushed 4-4-
With a single 6tced to fight and die 4-4-
(For a Samurl cannot die In bed of 4-4-
peace), 4.
4- Through an hundred leagues havo 4-4-
I flown 4-
4- Amidst the hail of bullets and tho 4-4-
clang of swords. 4-
4- My sword Is broken and. my steed 4-4-
Is fallen. 4-
4- And I will bury my bones In, tho 4-4-
. soli of my land 4-4-
To mingle my auhes with .those of 4-4-
my fathers. 4-
4- By the autumn Wind that once blow 4-4-
over the place of my birth. 4-
at Peking), during tho peace negotiations
at Peking In 1S0O for an Indemnity of
fIT.t'OO.COO on tho ground that Russia had
put 173,XXi men In the iJcld.
11 Is now known, ho wove r; lhat tho real
numbor of these men will be under 100,000.
Continuing, tho correnpondent says an
American military officer who has Just
relumed to Peking from n trip through
Manchuria, made for thc purpose of re
porting tho situation, declares that all the
Russian officers ho met In Manchuria pro
fessed to believe war would be averted.
While he was at Port Arthur, on January
Cist, the Russian fleet was hurriedly or
dered to sea, but In getting out two ves
sels stuck fast In tho mud of the shallow
bnsln tvnd were compelled to remain behind.
Toklo, Feb. 10. The Japanese have cap
tured ut least five Russian commercial
steamers, Including the Eknterlntoslav,
Moukden, Russia, Argun and the Alex
ander. They were captured by the Ja
panese In Korean and adjacent waters at
various times since Saturday by small
cruisers. Some of the steamers are rich
prlzs. The small steamer Kollk l.s de
tained at Yokohama, It3 status not being
clear. Thc Eknterlntoslav belonged to the
volunteer fleet.
This news was accepted In official cir
cles and transmitted to the palace. This,
combined with the bottling and destruc
tion ot two ships at Chemulpo Tuesday,
stirred tho populace to the highest en-
(Contlnuud on page 3.)
4- 4- 4- 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4--T4-
4- '
4- Washington, Feb. 10. Russia to- 4-
4- day Invited of t)u United States a 4-
4- declaration of her neutrality In the 4-
4- Far Eastern war. 4-
4- Tonight Secretary Hay sent the 4-
-t- draft of tho declaration of our neu- 4-
trallty to the President for his slg-
4- nature and It will be Issued from 4-
4- the State dopartmont tomorrow 4.
4- Having received enough favorable 4-
4- replies to insure tho concurrent iic- 4-
4- lion of European powers In his en- 4-
4- doavor to locallzo within as small 4-
4- an area us possible tho hostilities In 4-
4- tho Far East and to Insure over as 4-
4- much of China as jwsslblc hor neu- 4-
4- tnilily, Secretary Hay tonight ad- 4-
4- dressed notes to Russia and Japan 4-
4- Inviting their co-operation in this 4-
4- endeavor and announcing that the 4-
4- United Stales slood stahvartly for 4-
4- this principle. It was known In ad- 4-
4- vanco that bolh the combatants 4-
4- dcslro tho localization of tho wur. 4.
4- 4-4- 4-4-4- 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-
M'. Advance- Regiment of Russian Infantry Entering: Sbxthern Korea.
And the Tail Broke.
44-4-4-4-4-4--f 4-44-4-4 4-f MM 4-4-1 I I H H I I I I H I M 1
4- THE PRINCIPALS Russia (pupulatlon 141.000.000). and. Japan (population 43,000.000). 4-
"t NATIONS VITALLY INTERESTED Pro-Russian, Austria, France, Italy and possibly Germany: -pro-Japan-
esc, England and United States. 4-
T CAUSES OF THE WAR Russian policy of nggresslon founded In the declaration of Peter the Great, lhat
4 "Russia must have a window to the cast," pcrts free from Ice. Determination of Russia to maintain sphere of In- 4-
1 fluence In Manchuria, richest of Chinese provinces. Equally positive determination of Japan to kcp Manchurian t
4- ports open to all commerce and to maintain her own sphere of influence- In Korea. y
PROBABLE RESULTS OF THE WAR Absorption of Manchuria and Korea by either Russia or Japan. Dis- X
4 Integration of China und establishment of separate dynasties later to become prey of victor. Establishment of 4
T English supremacy In Tibet and the Persian gulf. Eventual obliteration of Turkey. 4-4-
4-4-4-4-4- M M M -H-4-4-HH-4-K-4-H-4-4-4 IUIHIIMI M-4-4-4 M M 4 4-H-4--4-4-44-f M M M M M M M k M-4-
James Davidson.
1". S. Consul to Antuns.
Washington, FcU. 10. J M. Ferguson,
the second secretary of thc American Le
gation at Tokio, who has been In this
country on leave of absence, called at the
Slato department today and will sail from
Vancouver February nd for Yokohama.
Edvin V. Morgan.
I". S. Consul to Dalny.
! whonco he will proceed at once to his post.
On tho same steamer with Mr. Fergu
son will go James Davidson, the nowly
appolnted American Consul at Antung.
Edwin V. .Morgan, who koos as Consul
at Dalny. will sail somo tlmo this month
! from San Francisco on tho steamship
I China.
of the Southern Paclilc shows Increased
receipts... .Rebuilding of Baltimore will
be conmenccd at or.eo Congressman
George Howell 'of Pennsylvania unseated.
....Correspondence of Machcn with Con
gressmen Introduced as evidence In postal
trial Senator Raima's condition Im
proved. FOREIGN. Thrco Russian transports
carrying 2C00 soldiers taken by Japanese.
.. .Many patriotic dcmonHtratlons
throughout Russia.... Emperor of Ruaela
Issues manifesto declaring wnr....Pope
Plus N. reported to havo lost his oyo
slght American officers with a com
pany of Ruh'Klan troops In tho field.
rigation election held at Nampa, Idu,
STATE. Fivo frelght-caro destroyed by
flro at Park City..,. Fur mura of SpuiUsh
Fork wll celebrate securing of u bcel
cuttlug station with u tnand ball.
CITY. Opening of tho University club
houso.... Republican members of the City
Council agree ns to a division of the city
patronage Barbern' union will support
Japan In the war....Ch!of Devlno Is turned
down In his claim nyalnst thc city....
Worn Jordnn inaugurates another Irriga
tion scheme... .Dr. Keith will erect a lino
building on State street .be Majors and
throe other, convicts arrested In tho peni
tentiary. ...Trustees and county officials
working for a school district consolida
tion.. New Board of Publlo Worka takns
hold. ...Miner brings suit against tho Daly
Wot for WG.KK.,,,Real-astnto transfers,
2 107.... Bark clcarlnG. ?JM.Kil,...Ywitir
day's Block nalea, 1SJ CW Rl)urca for JTtilO.Si.
,...Oro and bullion H-jttlonienlK during; the
day, $3,70O,
George A. Yielding Puts Bui- '! I
let in His Brain.
Was Well Known In Salt -Lake j H
Cit ' 1
Tailing to Secure an Engagement Ho tA
Ended His Troubles With a IH
Spokane, Wash., Feb. 10. George A. , !
Yielding, an octor, killed himself at Jhc ' '
Hotel .Spokane tonight under dramatic ') jH
circumstances. Ho went to tho door cC ' IH
Floronce RobGrts'f; room and knocked. 4
Thc actres.i falling to respond, ho drew a l j , ,
cheap revolver, placed tho muzzle In his ' '
mouth, :lred and fell dying at thc door. I 1 I
He was with th.; Florence Roberts com- M
panv for some time, but was discharged I ,
at Seattlo about a month ago. He then , ;l ' IH
went with the Paul Gllmore company and U: JH
lost his position with that company at IH
Portland last Saturday. I 'IH
Coming here, ho failed to find employ- j , ilH
me-nt and threatened to kill himself. Ho I J ilH
was watched by a detective but slipped (J iH
lrom sight and was dead before a hand I K lH
could be lifted to prevent thc tragedy. j 1
He was 31 years old and leaves a dl- ' 1 IH
vcrced wlfo and child In Rochester, N. V., j IH
and a brother In DctroiU P 1 1 IH
Yielding was well known in this city, j " 1 , IH
where he has appeared with various com- J 1 m
panics. Ho was what is termed a good ( H) 'IH
fellow, but was considered somewhat er- Y IH
ratlc. 1 ' VM
Chicago, Feb. 10 A fc:ist laid on a I'lH
tablo thrco blocks long and forty feel illlH
under the street was a feature of a novel PH
banquet participated in here tonight by IH
O) banqueters, the guests for the most IH
part being members of the Chicago Press iH
club and their ladies.
The banauet was given to thc Press club H
by President Albert G. Wheeler and Gen-
cral Manager Georico W. Jackson of the . 1 IH
Illinois Tunnel company. Thc banquet
was held In that portion of thc company s 1 H
underground worKlngn lying on Jackson
boulevard between Franklin and Clark , , IH
Rich and Poor, High and Lowly in thc Czar's Empire, Try- j
ing to Console Themsslvss by Hope
Born of Naval Defeat.
! H
St. Petersburg. Feb. 30. This morn-
Ing the city was placarded with
the Imperial manifesto. Tho intense in
dignation with which the news of "the
stab In the back." intllctcd by Japan
was received here seems to be general
throughout Russia.
The whole empire is fired by the war
fever. From Kleff, Kharkoff, Ekaterl
noslav and Moscow come stories "of
patriotic demonstrations. Public balls
and other festivities have been counter
manded, and the Red Cross society ia
besieged with fair applicants anxious to
go to the front.
The state of feeling here was illus
trated at the theaters laat night when
people demanded the nationu anthem.
More remarkable was, the refusal of
the Dorfky drivers yesterday lo accept
money from ofllcers whom they drove
to the palace.
The newspapois in general denounce
the action of Japan as being treachery,
declaring that it is "truly Asintlc.' but
insisting that the issue of thc conflict
will not be decided by the naval en
gagements, as tho Japanese will have
to meet Russia on dry land, when the
score will bo wiped out
The Novoe Vrc-mya Kays it is quite
possible that the whole of Korea has
been overrun by Japanese soldiers In
disguise, and thut Rupsla may first have
lo assume the aggressive, but when her
forces In southern Manchuria and IH
Korea, are increased, the Japanese will f
realize what they have to meet. 1 IH
"God, right and International law are
on our side." the Russ says.
"One hundred and thirty million Rus-
sian hearts are beating In unison in the. H
desire to expunge the traitorous slight .1 IH
on Russian honor. Enough of defensive jH
tactics: let us drive out thc foe." ' H
The Bourse Gazette says: H
"Yesterday we longed for peace. Now j 1 1 H
we think only of war. The world soon j ;
will be startled by Russia's heroic t IH
work. Japan has placed herself beyond j IH
the pale of civilization. j ij ' ll
"Thc upstart, pigmy Jap would uot j, ll
have dared to attack the giant Russia j ll
without the encouragement ot England ii IH
and America." a IH
In this concction the Kusa claims to H
have authority for saying that the IH
two new Japanese warships (the Nisshln H
and Kasaga), were saved from certain H
capture by the Russian squadron bound H
for the far East under Admiral Wirous v H
by the action of a British battleship in .;
placing his vessel across thc Suez canal V H
and hoisting a signal of distress, thus U H
delaying the Russians two days. 1 1 H
The anti-British feeling here Is bitter, '1
it being asserted that thc Japanese at- 'H
lack on Port Arthur was launched from ' 'IH
Wrei-Hl-Wei. ' j 'H

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