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fjLr Day i Dullness
Bfrrks Wall Street.
I jj of Actual War Nws
!i ) Unimportant.
, '
; - "
IS a o Strong Bank Statement
I Jisolneffective-Somolit-S
Jwding in BiB Coppers.
l5 ! " "
f LrnrK Vo H -Tho inaction of
l f JL market was a natural o-
1? Shaor of the market on
I' ' ths week. The efforts
? &j having Proved unavailing
1 11 "Ws or to advance prices.
? t'oCKo up their attempt to-
Amalgamated Coppcr
riTislt not a single stock of
Z LI moved as much as a
3 S"u,ht's level. Some
4C jjfB ."SR. aTilSl S
8 W'Jfof iflccs. nearly lroper-
I SJWir'Vordpi account was tho
1 d2sfJ?L feature of tho day. and
I? lfta of the uneasiness felt
I- i ft threat of complications of
"j 'rcra In tho hostilities In
WJt.?0- in .the . threatened out-
hJuuinfc Private cables ro
I 'rirtKSre upon tho markets
g&'d Paris where some fears
ls2i es5t of financial ombarrass
t iitr these money centers aro
I l Sited to Russian "curty0,"!;
I Industrial, and tho fall In
rtnV tho war uroko ou,t ?,,p
r Lr, hv their holders.
tSfurcs seem to have extended
a f'Jifin-' of somo American securl-
Mfeta the New York market.
1 of actual war news hero seems
'S S but tho wheat market suf-
2 f. ideates the lmportanco that
f0 oine involvement of other
V of a strong bank state
Si rbl little effect on stocks. Tho ln-
M "f cash from tho Interior may
? ?th : preparation of interior Gov-
I Htorles to transfer 20 per
II ifftWrdcpoelt to designated No
I fob lh responso to tho call of tho
I dl the Treasury to provide for
'R zL., -nni nnvment. The effect
ijfctratlon will be seen, therefore.
5-tu In tho first place the cash In
hW&v York banks Tho effect when
Iisul remittances shall be made to
fMr-i rtockholdcrs la Btlll a matter for
NBirtiis from the sub-treasury lmvo
TMapctntcd by the tolcgraphJc trans
I He Sin Francisco on account of Ja
IHarcli This Japancso gold is be
IflT U t la payment for purchases of
EHfcj In this country. But It Is prob
Hcil payments In London for Japan
ctiiMS there aro also Involved. Ja
Htpld can purchaso sterling ex
la New York at a cheaper rato
AKha cold can bo transferred to Lon
(rvtd Japan Is supposed to be anxious
j ' tffcirvft her deposits In tho Bank of
J for future contingencies. This
ItMfB mar also help to explain tho
jflftf.l of sterling exchango at New
Ik fir Mvcral days past, Tho lato
RSiibut Amalgamated Copper and
'45 ijn Transit gave the market Its
fj r.ra of activity and contributed to
sk rak closln?.
iOT ds rerc dull and weak. Total 6ales.
?i; rtu, Jl.16O.0-Xi. United States bonds
, f(: icchar.ecd on call.
Lr. 2s rc? 1015k M. eg 4s 1034
H w lOlsi Mex. Ccn. -4s.... OHi
"2 ilirt? W 1st lnc
-Tea IOC II. & St. Li. -Is.. SSW
..T1-13 5 l22V M . 1C- & T. -Ja.. 97
i'ijbl , 132U 2nds 77
lt(Ll3 rcg-107 Nat. of Mcx. c.
r&m 107 4s 72i
SfeaE.4. . N. Y. C. g. 3s..
.. .5 N. J. C. g. 5s..li0
Wh N. Pac. is 102-
"rW a f lOlVi Ss 7EV-!l
si. .... lOti N. & W. C. 4S-... 97
ti3?'Ga' s. 10o6 O. S. I,. -Is & p. 91'j
70 Pcnn. c 3Va. .. 95
f,0,,,T3 10i4 Reading g. -ts.... W
'Illtt-V 5- 75'? St. I.. & vL Mt
lHW:fc.0- n. -is SI? consol 5s 112
i St. P. St. L.. & S. P.
-ill ''A: IS- -Is SO
Dl '8.125H SU L.. S. W. lsts 92.i
HIT L & P. s. A. L. 4s (W
fl (?? S. Pac -Is SSii
. C,a; St, T. & P. lsts 117
, a. is . .. &7?d T.. SU L, & Vf.
C3? . .. 78 4s G9
1 -co 4s .. 55i U Pac. 4s 102J4
l I41'".. . 85 conv. 4s &Y1
l ,S,G- 43" s'i V. S. S. 2nd 5s. . 72
.Vjl BJ-,lMn 4s.. 95V.. Wabash lsts ....116-71
H V6. w lco- B GOVS
J! D. C. . : L. E. 4a.. 8D
BS fJ- Hs. 106 Colo. F. & I. us.. 72ii
' Rnlnq "HIcVi Tw mn!o
, , i1' M WL C43't MVi
rtM -200 fO &r. f-ST,
Ohld. 16.1W 7tH,', 7Bi,
'W?. 100 li S744 S7
fK X J. . COO lEC; liH IK
S&SSli AUon KVj MS soyt
B2Sv:-.: c(y 15U 15 i1
a!iSlP.,l510 1231 139
fl(Kl3iT-' - "iw 'rii 'oii ovi
'IEsl':': : VJ l
ltfed. 100 52M. D2i D2
fKT ' J" 100 2W
fc" "'"" 3 "i'1
lEcitr'-' si'vi sij si
ilrPinp-'' S S
iilBpy S? wi covi C0U
Rc4? i s'.46n liiU jisi iSl
Elppd !"
'frlj1;; isoa 2l"ij 21H 21
SfflKt 3M 13H 13 IS'j
jnffSl&n S' 45l't
900 V ?3t&
jMEjjjj'vj v& ;:; ; ,
-- Now York i &9C 4.
-f- San Francisco cjo -f
London 27 -j-
LKAD. 4.
4- New York exchange W.WJN.GO -f
4- Now York exchange. $12.ofrl2.62V(, -f
-f Stocks dull, Irregular; bonds 4-
4- weak. 4.
4- Thcat Activn, higher. 4--4-
Com Inactive, lower.
4- Oats Strong, Irregular. 4-
4- Provisions Active, higher, 4-
4- Hogs Firm, higher. 4-
4- Sheep Steady to strong. 4--r--r--f--r--r--r--r--f--f-f-f--f--r--r--h
Union Pac 24.000 77 76& VPA
preferred 10O 9-J 90 89$
"VVabash. 10-5 18U 38 1BU
preferred 1,4 a4& S4i 24U
V & L B 14Vi
Wisconsin Cen 18V1
preferred 40
Exprees Cos
Adams 220
American 190
United tSatcs 100 105 105 103
TV'clla Fargo 20S
Amulgjunated, Cop. 22,100 47i 4GV4 W
Am Car it Found. 1,200 l&?i lO'.i 19
preferred 100 G9.. 6Di (R
Am Cotton Oil 100 29 29 29
preferred SS
Am Ico 1 SU, Ki S
preferred 40) 31i SOU 3014
Am Linseed Oil 0U
preferred ... 27
Am Locomotlvo .. 10,000 ZVA 21 22
preferred 2t 79 79 79
Am S & P. WO 47' 47 47Va
preferred 1W 91 91 90
Am Sugar 1,500 124?i 124 3 21
Anaconda Mining . COO Gl G2i 62
Brooklyn R T 15,900 4HL 40H 40U
Colorado F & 1 31
Con Gas " 3,300 132'i, 192 191&
Corn Products .... 100 1S& 16 IS
preferred 69
Distillers' Sec 23,
Gen Electric 700 IK 1T 163
Intern'l Paper 300 11V1 31U 31
preferred 2CO 05 VI CoU C5
Intern'l Pump 33
preferred 71Va
National Lead 11
North-Am S3U
Pacific Mall 300 26?l lrU 26V-J
People's Gas if) 98 U P7L f5
Pressed Steel Car 2S,
preferred 300 69.j 60 69
Pullman Palace 210
Ropubllo Steel SCO 7 7 7
profcrrod 400 44 43V4 43
, Rubber Goods 3,100 20U 19?i 39'f.
preferred 75
Tenn C & I SW 36 S3i
U S Leather 100 7 7 7
preferred 76
US Realty 200 7i 7M. Tys
preferred 500 64 63 63
U S Rubber 11U
preforred 2,400 47?i 47V 471i
U S Steel 700 33',$, 30 30
preferred 7.7W 6fVi, C",U 56i
"'cstliighoitso Elcc 2") 3C0 359 359
"Western Union .... 200 S7'a S?1
Northern Sec 90
Total sales, 209,300.
NEW YORK. Feb. 19. The most striking
news of the business week, as shown by
special telegrams from correspondents of
tho International Mcrcantllo Agency
throughout tho United States and Canada
Is found In Pittsburg advices that con
stituent stoel corporation companies mak
ing Gtcel bars find the Improvement in de
mand sufficient to warrant discussion of
a voluntary offer to advance wages a
month hence
Quito as significant aro reports to the
International Morcantllo Agency from
New England that tho volume of railway
traffic there in general merchandise lines
Is 15 per cent heavier than a year ago;
that It Is heavier than a year ago on
roads centering at Chicago, at Duluth and
tho 'Twin Cities," at St. Iouls and New
Orleans, and Is but slightly below last
year's total at Pittsburg, with tho volume
This, In tho face of Interruptions to
traffic by snow, lco and extrcmo cold
weather, presents a more favorable situa
tion respecting current distribution of
goods than had been supposed Prices of
shoes aro to bo advanced soon.
Smaller Now England cotton mills may
have to shut down during tho summer
months, owing to uncertainty of prices
and supplies. Conservative Southern ad
vices say many Intorlor buyers aro un
questionably loaded with high-priced cot
ton, and xinlcss prices advance effects may
bo felt later. Further Investigation con
cerning winter wheat and range cattlo
shows that recent severity of weather has
caused only nominal losses in either di
rection. Western Pennsylvania expert
opinion Inclines to the view that there will
be no strike of bituminous coal minora
between tho Allcghonles and tno Missis
sippi where operators have refused to
moot demands made.
Silver and Drafts.
SAN FRANCISCO, Fob. 19.-Sllver bars,
9c , ,
Mexican dollarr, nominal.
DraftsSight, 32; telegraph, 10.
Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 39. Today's state
ment of tho treasury balances In the. gen
oral fund, exclusive of tho tl50.CO0.000 gold
reserve In tho division of redemption,
shows; Available cosh balance, 5223,133,997;
gold, S101.CSO.C57.
Money and Exchange.
NEW YORK, Fob 19, Money on call
steady, lifil por cent; closing bid, 1
per cent Time loans, easy; sixty days,
per cent; ninety days, SVs-l per
cent; six months, 4414 per cent.
Prlmo mercantile paper, 4vvVi per
"sterling exchango firm, with actual busi
ness in bankers' bills at p5-Ed for de
mand and at SI.S3 for sixty-day bills.
Posted rates. $4.83-1.84 and M.SGfc.
Commercial bills. ?i.83?;4.S2n.
Bar silver, 59c.
Mexican dollars, 46Uc
Bonds Govemmonts steady; railroads
Bank Clearings.
NEW YORK. Fob. 39. Tho following ta
ble, complied by Bradstreot. shows thq
bank clearings at tho -principal cities for
thb wcok enScd February 18th. with tno
nercentngo of increase and decreaso. as
compared with tho corresponding week
last year.
Inc. Dec.
r:--..-.-.:::! itSS ::v. SS
Boston . 11C.918.329 .... 38.1
Pittsburg .... C0.45S.5W .... 22-0
Ian' Francisco M.g .... J-
Baltimore i
Cincinnati S'nTomi
Kansas City in'asa 84
Los Angeloa 31
SSilLnd Or 3.352.070 .... 2.8
I.lae CITY . agjag w ....
Spokane. Wash.. ....
lHgffi8;u'8:::: :;:..sas $
Outside N Y 7Vcd"" 14 S
Totals, Canodiv 4Q.k.'j.iu .... xi.j
Motol Markets.
vorjC Feb. 19. Tin advanced
iv?J3 in Tondon. spot closing Bfl higher
S K whl"e futSres were 2s fid Usher
ut "A is 6d. Locally tin was about 30
Points' higher in -WgSkS8
voppor ciuouu. . . iUQ jondon
ffot"1 It 2 .S UKh.a localhj
Hen Fruit Sells as Low as $8.50 on
the Iiocal Market Frozen
Salmon In.
The spring sunBhlno has awakened thC
lethargic Utah hen and eggs have takon
a decided drop on tho local market. The
top price was reached about two weeks
ngo, when the few cases of fresh egga
which camo to market wero picked up
readily at ?12 a case. With a few days
of open weather, they declined to 511,
and would have continued to go lower
but for tho late snows. It was not until
tho middle of this week that many were
sold as low as 310, and yesterday they sud
denly dropped to 59, with a few selling
as low as JS.50. With no serious rclapso
In weather conditions, they will contlnuo
to decline until tho low mark is reached
In summer.
Invoices of frozen salaion were received
yesterday, which Is to somo extent tak
ing the place of tho fresh articlo at 13
cents Instead of 35. A few Eastern chick
ens aro arriving, tho Utah product con
tinuing scarce
Hay, Grain and Straw.
Oat straw, per bale $ .303" .35
Alfalfa 11.50
Timothy, por ton, baled 14.00U.CO
Wheat, per bushol 85$ .90
Corn, por cwt 1.30
Corn, cracked 1 -35
Oats 1.40J 1.45
Rolled oats 1.55
Barley, rolled 1.25
Flour, bakers' No. 1 2.10
Flour, straight grade 2.20
Flour, high patent 2.40
Graham llour . k 2.30
Cornmeal 2.00
Bran 1.10
DrcEsed beef, per pound $ .06 O'.O?
Dressed pork, por pound .07
Dressed veal, per pound .03
Dressed mutton, per pound.-... .05 QO?
Dressed lamb, per pound...... .07J,6
Drcssod hens, per pound $'.16
Dressed turkeys, per pound , 23
Ducks, per pound.,.. 17
Springs 18
Llc poultry, hens, per pound 14
Live spring chickens 35
Clown of Maine lemons, per
box S3.C07M.25
California oranges, per box 2.00$2.50
Utah apples, per bushel 3.251.50
Lemons, per box : 3.50&4.60
Oregon apples, per box 1.50
pifTa nnH Hntr Sc. Sc. 10c
Winter potatoes, per cwt $ 1.25
Utah onions 35
Utah colery, per dozen SO3I.M
California sweet potatoes, por
pound 03.01
Cabbages, per 100 3.0033.M
Cauliflower .12
Parsnips, per 100 1-10
Carrots -So
Beets 1-w
Green onions, per doz 00
Lettuce WW .GO
Dairy Products.
Butter, per pound ? .21
Cheese, per pound -Jj
Eggs, per caso - S.oOJp 9.00
Fancy cheese, per pound .33Va
Comb honey, per crate 0.00
Strained honey, por pound.... .Ji
SwcltEer cheese, per pound .IS
Fresh Fish.
Stcelhead salmon, per pound $ .15
Halibut, per pound..... L.
Striped bass, per pound 32
Shad, per pound o--a
Mountain trout, per pound .c0
SoIeB, per pound ,..
Flounders, per pound 09
California smelts, per pound 32
Codfish, per pound 13
Catfish, per pound 1-
Perch, per pound J
Lobsters, per pound 35
New York oysters (counts), per
10O l.w ,
Utah carp and mullet.. .0C
Sea bass
local market and also In London at 11
lis 2d
Spelter remained unchanged at $5.00
5.10 locally and 21 12s 6d In London.
Iron closed at 60s Od In Glasgow and 42s
9d In Mlddlcsboro. Tho local market was
nominally unchangod; No- 1 foundry
Norlhorn la quoted at $15.CK316.C0; No. 2
foundry Northern, 514.005-15.00; Jo. 1 foun
dry Souther and No, 1 foundry Southern
soft at $13.75fi.l4.2a.
Grain and Provisions.
CHICAGO, Feb. 10. Wheat for May de
livery today old at 51 03 a bushel, an ad
vance o tf&raHc over last night's close.
Other deliveries wero also strong, the Jul
option at one tlmo bolbg up 3c compared
with yesterday's final quotation. Sharp ad
vances In foreign markets, duo to posslblo
war complications, wero potent factors In
the local situation. Competition among
millers for wheat sultablo for the flour
trade was an equally vital Influence. May
wheat closed at a net gain ot SU'S&ac,
July wheat finished. Via up, May corn up
V-c oats lVfec, and provisions 32g'l2&c.
On tho wildest trading experienced since
the market started on its bullish courao
May wheat opened at S1.00S1.01. Tho ini
tial quotations wero WS'lHo abovo yes
terday's closing figures. July oponcd
ic hlgbor at &0'4&2OU.c
Tho action of tho market was fore
shadowed by a sharp advanco In prices
abroad, Liverpool wheat futures being
quoted 1HS1W.0 higher and London quo
tations closing ltt2Vic Idffher. The
growing Hcarclty of good wheat through
out tho country was an added Inspiration
to the buyer. Eastorn bidders for Oklu-
homa wboat made offers equal to SI f. o. b.
Galveston for hard wheat, and mot with
no responso from country dealers. Ro
ports from other Boctionts showed that
similar conditions applied to tho greator
nnrt nf tho winter wheat region. Spring
wheat mlllors, owing to the .greuter scar
city of their own special milling variety,
were roportcd In close compotltlon with
millers m Kansas and Nebraska for the
wlntor wheat of those States. All those
considerations doveloped a very bullish
sentiment aaiong local tradors, the buying
Increasing as tho prica continued to rise.
When May wheat reached $1.01 the big
long Interest becamo an open seller. For
a time! t looked as though the markot
was on tho point of breaking. After re
acting to 99c, however, tho prlco was
again forced upward by tho urgent de
mand from shortH. Trading was so largo
and general that it was decidedly difficult
to follow. Fluctuates In May wero espe
cially wldo, and it was necessary to go
away over tho market to fill orders,
Prices climbed upward until tho noon hour,
when the high point of tho day was
reached, May soiling, at 51.03,
Meantlmo July had risen to 93c Somo
reaction resulted on heavy renllrlng saios,
but within the last row minutes of trad
ing May again touched 31.03. The cloeo
was at $1.024 for May and at 92?,o for
July. Clearances of wheat and flour were
canal to 3GS.320 bushels. Primary receipts
wero 409.400 bushels, against 417,600 a year
ngo. Exports for tho week, according to
Bradstrecfa, wore 1,657,000 bushels. Min
neapolis, Duluth and Chicago roportcd re
ceipts of 25-1 cars, against :ai a year ago.
While tho bull campaign was in full
progress tho anthuslaBm In tho corn mar
ket had died out temporarily. Not until
lato in tho. duyj did. jtho. com jlt feel .the .
effects of tho bullish foreign news, and
tho strength In wheat. There was big
coiling off May corn by ono of tho moBt
prominent commission houses, which was
reported to havo sold over a million bush
ols during tho day. Tho opening on May
was tt5A!Qi higher at G5yifi55IJi56c.
There was very little corn wanted early
In tho day and tho prlco gradually de
clined to bU&c. The close was lfrm at
5GVc. July showed greator strength and
closed lUc hlghor atlHVfcffSl&c. Tho rela
tive strength in July was duo to heavy
purchases by a largo provision Interest.
Local receipts wero 19C cars, nono of con
tract grade.
Oats wero strong, but not especially ac
tive. After opening i'Sic higher at 44U
44$ic. May ranged between 44fM5V6c, clos
ing at 45ttc. July closed o higher at 40c.
Local rocolpta were 70 cars.
Provisions felt tho effoct of the war as
much, If not more, than the grain mar
kets. There was an active demand for In
vestment account tho ontlro day, and
shorts wore bIbo liberal buyers. Whllo
tnoro was considerable liquidation at
Umc3, offerings were well raKcn, and the
cntlro list showed gains. May pork led In
tho advance, closing Mia hlghor nt $15.67,
after selling between $10.17. and' 515.C7,t.
May lard was up 12V at $7.90, and ribs
37&c higher at $7.42.t Estimated rccoipts
Xor tomorrow Wheat, 20 cars; corn, 2S5
cars; oats, 150 cars, hogs, 20.000 head.
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close.
Wheat, No. 2
May . 1.00 1.03 69H, 1.0241
July (old) 0U6 94U- 9U 93tt
July (new) 90V 93 90& 92TJ
Sept (old) S7 SS?i SG-i SS'i
Corn. No, 2
February 63
May 555i 56 G5-S,
JUly 65 65 ,53 64i
Oats, No. 2
February 42
Muy 44U 40i 40 40i,
September 34 35 31 35
Mesa Pork
May 15.20 35.C7 15.171.4 35.57
July 15.05 15.60 35.05 15.45
May . 7. SO 7.90 7.771A 7.90
July 7.90 S.07'4 7.90 S.03
Short Ribs
May 7.25 7.42 7.25 7.45i,i
July 7.37Vj 7.50 7.37V& 7.50
Cash quotations wero as follows: Flour,
nominally strong: No. 3 spring wheat,
S5fi99c; No. 2 red, 9SV2-S11.05; No. 2 corn.
52',ic; No. 2 yellow. 63c; No. 2 oats, 42Hi
43c. No. 2 white, 46c; No. 3 whlto. 42V!tf
40Vc; No. 2 rye. 72c, good feeding barloy,
41$W2c; fair to cholco malting, 4S⪼ No
1 flaxseed, $1.11; No. 1 Northwestern, $1.18;
prime timothy seed, J3.25; mess pork, per
burrcl. $15.3716.50; lard, per 100 pounds,
$7.67i4tfR70; short rib sides (loose). $7.12Vi
(Ttf.SlVi; short clear sides (boxed), $7,3711
7.60; whisky, basis of high wines, $1.27;
clover, contract grade, $11.15.
Articles. Recps. Ships.
Flour, barrels 31,105 33,400
Wheat, bushels 34,200 22.8(0
Corn, bushels 170,50) 163,100
Oats, bushels 227,200 312.100
Rye. bushels 4.800 4.700
Barley, bushels 95,200 18,900
On tho produco exchango today tho but
ter market was firm; creamery, IQMjc;
dairy, 38Vf022c. Eggs, firm at mark, cases
Included. 2SC0a Cheese, steady: lOfflOc
Coast Grain.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 19. Wheat-i
strong; May, $1.47-; Decombor. $1.44.
Barloy Strong; May, $1.10 bid; Deccm
bpr, S1.C6U.
Livo Stock.
CHICAGO, Fob. 19.-CatUc-Rccclpts.
2X1. Slow. Good to prime steers, $1.90
5.75; poor to medium. $3.5OJW.S0; atockers
and feeders, ?2.E01T3.15: cows, Sl.CofM.OO,
heifers, S2.001M.75; cannors. 51.GOU2.C0;
bulls. 52.0OJN 50; calves, S3.GOTT7.50.
Hogs Receipts today, 28,000; tomorrow,
20,000. &10c higher. Mixed and butchers',
J5.10fi5.45; good to choice heavy, 5. 357i5.50;
rouh heavy. fS.10.?j5.35; light, $4.COa5.50;
bulk of sales. f5.10fo.C5.
Sheep Receipts, C0O0. Sheep, steady;
labs. lOfiCOc lower. Good to cholco weth
ers. S4.0OfiM.eO; fair to cholco mixed, $3.00
4.25; Western sheep, $4.20Jj5.15; native
lambs, $1.005.75; Western lambs, $1.00g
ST. JOSEPH, Fob. 39. Cattle Rccoipts.
1600; steady; natives, $3.7&35.35; cows and
heifers. $1.854.50; stockcrs and feeders,
Hogs Receipts, 4500; 10 to 15c higher;
light, S4.S5QG.2U; medium and heavy, $5.10gi
Sheep Receipts, 10,00); active, firm;
lambs, $G.10; yearlings, $5.25; wethers, $4.60;
ewes, $4.15.
KANSAS CITY. Feb. 19. Cattle Re
ceipts, 2000; strong; natlvo steors, $4.W5
5.2o; natlvo cows and heifers, $1.75ff4.2o;
stockers and feeders, $2.25-1.25; calves,
S3.0035.60; Western steers. $3.504.50; West
ern cows. $2.ttJTS.40: bulls. $2.7&8'1.75.
Hogs Rccoipts. 7000; higher; bulk of
sales, $5.0056.25; heavy, $5.10fi5.20; packers,
S5.05Jf6.25; pigs and lights, $4.80SS5.05.
Sheep Rccoipts, 20w; stoady to strong;
muttons, $3.7555.25; lambs. J5.00g6.00;
rango wethers, $1.15j4.40, ewes, S2.733M.15.
SOUTH OMAHA, Feb. 19. Cattle Re
ceipts, 1500; markot stoady; native steers,
S3.301j5.10; cows and holfers, S2.65S3.75; can
ncra. $1.75Q2.C0; stockcrs and feeders, $2.75
(g-4.00; calves, J3.0Off5.50; bulls, stags, etc,
Hogs Receipts, 7000; market RfflOo high
er; heavy. So.lGfio.Wi mixed. SS.OJTrS.lO;
light, $1.8535.10; pigs, $L OOjJi. 75; bulk of
sales, $5,053-5.35.
Sheep Rccoipts, 6000; markot steady to
strong; Westerns, $14035.25; wethers. $4.00
54.40: ewes, $3,003-1.30; common and stock
crs, S2.G033.80; lambs, $I,6035.7G.
Butter and Eggs.
NEW YORK. Feb. 39. Butter, firm;
fresh creamery, 15310c; Stato dairy, 143Clc.
Eggs Firm, Western firsts, 34c.
Now York Sugar Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 19, Sugar Raw,
firm; fair refining, 2 13-lCc; centrifugal, 96
test, 311-lCc; molasses sugar. 2 9-36c. Re
fined is steady; crushed, $5.35; powdered,
$4.55. granulated, $4.45.
Coffee Steady; No. 7 Rio, 7Uc
New York Cotton.
NEW YORK, Feb. 39. Tho cotton mar
kot opened weak at an advanco of 1 point
to a deollno of 11 points. Tho close wus
barely steady at a not advance of IHqVo
no Ints.
S50,000 Blaze in California.
SANTA CRUZ, Cal., Fob. 19. Tho plan
ing mill and lumber yard of tho Loma
Prlcta company wero destroyed by lire
today. The loss Is about $50,000.
I We want you to uso
j Three Srowsi 1
I Baking Powder I
It 1b perfectly puro and Its results!
will pieaso and SATISFY tho aiostffl
Manufactured by I
1 New York Stocks, 1
1 Bonds, Grain
1 and Provisions. 1
H Stocks-bought and sold on marffin B
ufl or for cash, m
1 Continuous quotations direct from
1 Now York Stook Exchange. n
1 Wo havo a special department for PI
L buying and selling stocks and bonds m
j for cash, which enables us to glvo m
I best of satisfaction to bankers as ft
I well as Individual Investors. 1
fi C. V. CUMMINGS. Manager. W
n Rooms 211-212 D. F. Walker Block, g
ING. Raymond Mining Company.
Notlco Ib hereby given that a special
meeting of tho stockholders of tho Ray
mond Mining company will be had and
held at the. offlco of said company, No 64
East Second South streot. Salt Lake City,
Utah, on Wednesday, tho 23rd day of
March. 3901, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m.
of said day. Tho object of such meeting
and the purposes for which tho same will
be had and hold aro to consider, adopt, np
prove, ratify and confirm a consolidation of
all tho assots, property and offcctB of tho
Raymond Mining company with the as
sets, property nnd effects, both real and
personal, of tho Illinois Gold Mining com
pany, a corporation, pursuant to the pro
visions of section 340 of tho Revised Stat
utes of tho Stato of Utah, such consolida
tion to be effected and approved upon tho
following terms and conditions, to wit-
Tho namo of such consolidated company
shall bo "The Raymond-IllinolH Mining
Company." and shall bo organized and in
corporated at Salt Lake City and county.
State of Utah, with a capital stock of
$400,000, divided Into 400.000 sharcB of the
face or par value of. ono dollar each; thw
stock of such consolidated company shall
bo allotted and divided as follows, to wit.
160.000 shares of tho capital stock thereof
shall be allotted to said Illlnoln Gold Min
ing company, or Its nomlnoc or nominees,
and 250,000 shnrB of such capital stock
shall be allotted to the said Raymond Min
ing company or its nominee or nomlnoes
Tho directors of said consolidated com
pany shall consist of flvo persons, two of
whom shall bo designated by tho Illinois
Gold Mining company and three by the
Raymond Mining company, to hold offlco
for the first year. Tho articles of incor
poration of such consolidated company
Bhull contain a provision that the capital
stock thereof shall bo assessable and that
osscssmnnts thereon may bo levied by tho
board of directors for tho purpose of af
fording a worklnc capital to carry on tho
mining operatlonn of said company; to
pay and discharge Its debts and liabllltlcH
and to acquire, purchaso and hold any
property, real or personal, which tho
boord of directors of said company may
deem advisable, such assessments to bo
levied and collected In tho manner ns may
ho prescribed bv law. Sold articles of In-
wi iiliuil nuu.ii ii'jii.liii oui.ii wv,.'-.
vlslonB as may bo required by law, and
shall delegate to the board of directors .of
said company express power and authori
ty to sell and dispose of any part or por
tion of the real or personal property of
said company without securing the au
thority of the stockholders so to do. or
without any ratification of tho stock
holders, provided, however, that the mem
bers of tho board of directors voting for
any such salo or disposition shall In tholr
own right own and control or beneficially
represent at least a majority of the out
standing capital stock of BUch consoli
dated corporation. The articles of incor
poration of Such consolidated company
shall also contain a provision that tho prl
vato property of tno stockholders shall
not be liable for tho debts or obligations
of tho company, and said consolidated
company Bhall take, receive and hold the
propertv, assets and effects of each said
Illinois" Gold Mining company and said
Raymond Mining company, discharged of
and from all dobts, liens and Incum
brances, except for current expenses ac
cruing from and after the 18th day of Feb
ruary, 1904. which said consolidated com
pany ahall assume and nttrco to pay.
This notlco Is given and meeting above
provided for called by tho president of
tho said Raymond Mining company, pur
suant to an order of tho board of direc
tors of said company, and at tho request
of tho owners and holders of moro than
two-thirds of the outstanding capital
stock of said Raymond Mining company.
President Raymond Mining Company.
Dated February IS, 1904. sl312
Special Stockholders' Meeting.
A special meeting of tho stockholders of
the Ontario Consolidated Gold Mining
romDanv Is horeby called to meet at tho
offlco of Snyder & Wight, 326 David Keith
block Salt Lake Clt, Utah, Monday, tho
22nd day of February, 1901, at 30 o'clock
n'Sald meeting Is called for tho purpose ot
considering and voting upon the following
1 To remove nil or any of tho directors
of"tald company, and In case of the re
moval of any of said directors, to fill all
vacancies occasioned thereby.
2. To change the general office of the
company and tho place of meetings from
Salt Lake City to Park City, Utah.
s338 J. E. LUCEY. Prosldent.
Tho Duckvlllo Gun club. Office. 105
Commercial block, Salt Lako City. Utah
Notlco Is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the board of directors of tho Duck
vlllo Gun club, held at the offlco of tho
corporation on tho 2Sth day of January,
A. D. 1904, nn assessment of twenty-five
dollars per sharo was levied on tho capital
stock of tho corporation, payable at once
to Arthur Brown, treasurer of said cor
poration, at tho Commercial National
bank, 8alt Lake City, Utah. Any stock
upon which this assessment may romain
unpaid on tho 4th day of March, 1904, will
be delinquent, and advertised for aalo at
public auction, nnd unless payment Is
made before, will be sold on Monday,
March 21, 1904, at 32 o'clock noon, at tho
offlco of tho corporation, to pay tho de
linquent assessment, together with tho
cost of advertising and expenso of sale.
J. E. M'GINNIS, Secretary.
106 Commercial block, Salt Lako City.
Utaru r2297
TRACTORS. The Committee on Buildings and
GroundB of tho Board of Education of
Salt Lake City, Utah, will rocclvo bids up
to 31 n, m., Tuesday, February 23. 1904. ut
tho boardrooms, city and county building.
Sealed proposal, marked proposal for
heating and ventilating; and sealed pro
posal, marked proposal for plumbing and
sewer connootlon of tho Lafayette Bchool,
nltuatod ton rods north of tho oornor of
North Tmplo and State streets In tho
Eighteenth word.
Said building la to bo heated by low
preBSUru gravity return steam heat, with
direct ana Indirect radiation and natural
Phins and specifications may bo had at
tho office of William Plnnoy. Superinten
dent of School Buildings, 531 North Second
West street.
Each bid must bo for tho full comple
tion of tho work In all Its detail parts.
Each bid must bo accompanied by a cer
tified check made payable to the treasurer
of tho Board of Education. This check
must bo 6 per cent of tho amount of each
bid. The samo Is to be forfolted to tho
board If tho successful bidder falls to
promptly enter Into a contract and esu
outo a bond satisfactory to tho board.
Tho right to reject all bids lo resorved.
Chalrman..;-CjSUJttJL9J and
JJ ground 5
Consult County Clerk or the respectlTt
6ignero for further Information.
bato division, in and for Salt Lake county,
State of Utah. In the matter of the cs
tato of Thomas B. Brodcrlck, decoased.
Tho petition of Glenn R. Bothwoll, pray
ing for the lasuanco to himself of letters
of administration In the estate of Thomas
B, Brodcrlck. decensed, has been set for
hearing on Friday, the 2eth day of Feb
ruary, A. D. 3904. nt 10 o'clock a. m at
tho county courthouse, In tho courtroom
of said court. In Salt Lako City, Salt
Lake county, Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said court, with
tho seal thereof ufflxcd, this 10th day of
February, A. D. 3904.
rScal JOHN JAMES. Cleric
By David B. Davlea. Deputy Clerk.
James H. Moylc, Attorney for Peti
division. In and for Salt Lnko county.
State of Utah. In the matter of tho es
tate and guardianship of Edward Warren
Ellis and Helen Mar Ellis, minors. No
tice. The petition for approval and settlement
of tho annual account of the guardian of
tho persons and estates of Edward War
ron Ellis and Helen Mar Ellis, minors,
has boon sot for hearing on Friday, tho
4th day of March. A. D. 1504, at 10 o'clock
a. m.. at tho county courthouse, in the
courtroom of said court, In Salt Lake City.
Salt Lako county, Utah.
Witness tho Clerk of said court, with
tho seal thereof affixed, this ISth day of
February, A. D. 191.
Seal. JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
bato Division, In and for Salt Iako coun
ty. Stato of Utah.-ln tho matter of the
estate of J. A. Epperson, deceased. No-fee-
... t.
The petition of Llllic Epperson, In which
potltion Frederick J. Vincent Joins,
praving for tho lasuanco to tho said Fred
erick J. Vincent or letters of administra
tion In the estate df J. A. Epperson, de
ceased, has been set for hearing on Frl
dav. the 4lh day of March, A. D. 1901, at
10 o clock a. m.. at the county courthouse,
In the courtroom of said court. In Salt
Lake City, Salt Lake county, Utah.
Witness tho clerk of said court with tho
seal thereof affixed, this 15th day of Feb
ruary, A. D. 1901.
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davlos. Deputy Clerk.
S P. Armstrong, Attorney for Peti
tioner, sll-la
Court, in and for Salt Lake county. Stato
of Utah. Department No. 1. In the mut
ter of the estate of Henry Slcgcl. deceased.
The petition of Joseph II. Sieccl praying
for the admission to probate of a certain
document, purporting to be tho last will
and testament of Henry Slcgel, deceased,
and for tho granting of letters testamen
tary to Sarnh L. Siegel, Joseph II. SicgM
and Harold L. Siegel. has been sot for
hearing on Friday, the 4th day of March.
A. D. 3901. at 10 o'clock a. m.. at tho
countv courthouse. In tho courtroom of
said court, In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako
county, Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said court, with
tno seal iiirrcoi UI11.M.-U, -11113 juu, u.ij ui
Fobruarv, A. D. 1904.
Seal. JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davlcs, Deputy Clerk.
Henderson. Pierce. Crltchlow & Bar
rottc, Attorneys for Petitioner. sl21l
Utah and Nevada Express company, lo
cation of principal place of business, No.
209 South Stato street, Salt Lako City,
Utah. Notice. .
Thero are delinquent upon tho following-described
stock, on account of assess
ment levied on the 5th- day of January.
1904, the several nmounts set opposite tho
names of the respective holders, as fol
lows: Cert.
No. Name. Shares. Amt.
1 F, C. Gentsh 100 $ 0.0-)
2 f. M. Miller 160 32S.00
3 B. F. Miller 3000 $00.00
4 B. F. Miller 300 80.00
6B. F. Miller 300 SO.CO
6- B. F. Miller 1C0 SO.O0
7 B. F. Miller 300 80.00
8 B. F. Miller 300 60.00
9- B. F. Miller 100 80.00
10 B. F. Miller 105 0.00
33- W. N. McGlli 300 80.00
13 Wm. Hayes -W 32.00
34 A. C. Cleveland 200 360. CO
15 H. E. Nichols 200 360.00
30- H. E. Nichols 200 350.00
39 H. B. Prout 700 560.00
20 W. S. McCornlck 300 S0.CO
21 W. E. Travis 300 S0.W
24- G. A. Snow 700 C60.00
25- A. C. Cleveland CO 40.00
20-W. N McQIU CO 40.00
27-W. N. McGIU...-, 300 40.00
2S A. C. Cleveland 1000 800 CO
C9W N. McGIU 500 400.00
SO J. B. Williamson 500 400.00
31- Wm. Hayes 200 160.00
33- B. F. Miller 260 200.00
34- B. F. Miller 250 2CO.00
35- B. F. Miller 250 200.00
36- B. F. Miller 250 200.00
37- B. F. Miller 500 400.00
38- B. F. Miller 600 400.CO
39- M. M Miller S00 640.00
40- W. F. Ford 60 40.00
45-B. F. Miller 30) 80.00
4C J. H. Latey 0 40.00
47 B. F. Miller 90W 7200.00
4S B. F. Miller. 10 MO.00
49-B. F. Miller 300 210.00
- 20.000 $16,000.00
And in accordance with law and in ac
cordance with tho ordor of tho Board of
Directors mado on tho 5th day of January,
1904, 00 many shares of each parcel of suoh
Btock as may bo necessary, will be sold
nt the offlco of sold company at No. 209
South Stato 6treot. Salt Lako City. Utah,
on Monday, the 29th day of February,
1901, at the hour of 12 o'clock noon, to pay
tho delinquent assessment thereon, to
gothor with tho costs of "advertising and
expenses of sale. H. B. PROUT,
209 South Stato street, Salt Lako City,
First publication, February 15, 1C04. sll
Godlva Mining company, principal placo
of business room No, 310 Whitlngham
block, West First South street, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
Notlco Is hereby given that at a meet
ing of tho directors of tho Godlva Mi
ning company, hold on tho 26th day of
January, 1S04, nn assessment of ono dollar
per share was levied on tho capital stock
of tho corporation, payable on or bc
foro the 29th day of February. 1904, to J.
E. Berkley, secretary of tho company, at
room No. 310 in tho Whitlngham block, on
West First South street, in Salt Lako
City. Utah. Any stook upon which this
acsc.Hsment may remain unpaid on tho
1st day of March. 1504, will bo dollnquent
and advertized for solo at public auction,
and, unless payinont Is mado boforo, will
bo sold on the 19th day of Mnrch, 1901, to
pav tho delinquent assessment, together
wllh the coat of advertising and exponso
of sale. J. E. BERKLEY.
Room 310 Whitlngham Block, West Jlrst
South Btrcot. Salt Lake City. Utah. r21C3
Joo Bowors Mining company, principal
place of business at Salt Iako City. Utah.
Notlco lo heroby given that at a meet
ing of tho directors, held on tho 23rd day
of January, 1904. nn assessment of ono
half (W) cent per sharo (being assessment
No 10) was duly levied on tho capital
stock of tho corporation, payablo hnme
dlat'y to It. T. Burton. Jr., aecrctnry of
company, at the office of tho com
nany. room No. 225 D. F. Walker build
ing, Salt Lako City, Utah.
Any Btock upon which this assessment
may romain unpaid on the 1st day of
March, 3901, will bo dollnquent and ad
vertised for snlo at public auction, and
unless payment la mado before, will be
sold on the 23th day of March. 1904. to
pay ths delinquent assessment, togothor
with the cost of advertising and expouso
of salo. R. T. BURTON, Jit.,
Consult County Clerk or the respective
signers for further Information.
division, In and for Salt Lako county,
Stato of Utah. In tho matter of tho es-'
tato of Margery A. Aldrlch, deceased.
The petition of Zlna Martin, adminis
tratrix of tho estate of Margery A. Ald
rlah, deceased, praying for an order of
salo of real property of said decedent, and
that all persono Interested appear before
tho said court to show cause why an or
der Hhould not bo granted to sell so much
as shall bo necessary of tha following de
scribed real estate of said deceased, to
A cortaln mortgage of real CBtat made
by Jessie Robblns to deceased, recordod
In book 4-P of mortgages, page 556, rec
ords of said Salt Lako county, of tho
value of approximately $1000.
No. 2. Also lots 7 and S, block 1, amend
ed plat bf Linden Park subdivision of lot
11. block 21. flvo aero plat A, Big Field
No. 3. AI30 nn interest In the following
described parcel ot real estate: Begin
ning 1 rod west of tho northeast corner
of lot 4, block 19. plat F, Salt Lake City
survey, running thence south 20 rods;
thence east 6V4 rods; thence north 0 rods:
and thenco west 6V4 roda to tho placo of
beginning, being tho west 6 rode of lot
3. and tho cast 1 rod of lot 4 of said block
19. Tho last plcco described Is subject to ( 1
a mortgage for approximately $00. Has 1 .
been net for hoarlng on Friday, tho 26th
day of February, A. D. 3904. at 30 o'clock ,
a. m. at the county courthouse In th
courtroom of said court, In Salt Lake City,
Salt Lako county, Utah. j.
Witness tho clerk of said court, with ,
tho seal thereof affixed this 13th day of
February. A, D. 1904, ,
(Seal.) JOHN JAACES, Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. s912
Estate of Mary L. Dash, deceased,, II
Creditors will present claims, with r
vouchers, to the undersigned at Rogers &
Street's offlco. 317 D. F. Walker build-
ing, Salt Lnko City, Utah, on or beforo
the 25th day of May. A. D. 1904.
The Executor of tho Estato of Mary L.
Dash, Deceasod.
Date of first publication, Jan. 23, A- (
D. 1904, !
bato Division, in and for Suit Lako coun-'
tv. State of Utah. In tho matter of the
estate of Elizabeth Harter, deceased.
Notice. . .
Tho petition of Sarah Harter Watt
praying for tho Issuance to herself of let
tors of administration in the estate oi
Elizabeth Harter. deceased, has been pet
for hearing on Friday, tho 4th day of
March, A. D. 1904, at 10 o'clock a. ra., at
the countv cburthouse, in tho courtroom 1
of sold court. In Salt Lako City, Salt' I
Lake county, Utah. I
Witness the clerk of said conrt -with tho 1
seal thereof affixed, thl3 17th day of Feb- I
ruary. A. D. 1904.
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk.
Stewart & Stowart. Attorneys for Pe
titioner. S1263
T- . . - . T 1 - - TIT TJul.ll.iA J.A.Q Dfi ilsjl
Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at tho office
of G. H. Backman, 42 Commercial block.
Salt Lake City. Utah, on or before tho
1st day of June, A. D. 1904.
Administratrix of tho Estate of Helene W
Hedcllus, Deceased. I
Date of first publication, Jan. 30, A- D.
G. H. Backman, Attorney for Estate.
. 1 1
division, in and for Salt Lake county,
Stato of Utah. In tho matter of tho cs- j
tato of Mary Holm, deceased. Notice.
Tho petition of Samuel Brlnton, admin
istrator of tho estato of Mary Helm, de
ceased, praying for tho settlement of final
account of said administrator and for the
distribution of tho reslduo of said estate I
to tho persons entitled, has been set for U
hearing on Friday, tho 4th day of March. I
A. D. 1904. at 10 o'clock a. m., at the coun
ty courthouse, In tho courtroom of said !
court, in Salt Lako City, Salt Lako coun
ty. Utah. , !
WItnoss the Clerk of said court, with tho
soal thereof affixed, this 19th day of Feb- I
ruary, A. D. 1904. 1
fSeal. JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clerk. I
Stewart '& Stewart, Attorneys for Es- !
tate. 01377
1 -
bato Division. In and for SaltLako coun
ty Stato of Utah In the matter of the 1
estate of Agnes Whitworth, deceased. I
The petition of John Whitworth, pray-
Ing for the Issuanco to himself of letters I
of administration lm tho estate of Agnes
Whitworth, deceased, has been set for
hearing on Friday, tho 4th day of March, ( .
A. D. 1904, at 10 o'clock a. m., at thu
county courthouse. In tho courtroom of
wild court, In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako fi
county, Utah. jj
Witness the Clerk of cold court, with j
the seal thcroot affixed, this 16th day or 8
February, A. D. 1904. J
Seal. JOHN JAMES, Clerk. I
By David B, Davies. Deputy Clerk. jj
Wilson & Smith, Attorneys for Petl- J
tloner. sl210 1
division, In and for Salt Like county.
Stato of Utah. In the matter of tha es
tate of Georgo J. Woodllng, deceased.
Notlco. ,
Tho petition of R. D. McDonald, admin
istrator of tho estate of Georgo J. Wood
ling, deceased, praying for an ordor of
Bale of real property of said decedent, and
that all persons interested appear before
the sold court to show cause why an or
der should not bo granted to sell so much
as shall bo necessary of tho following do- 1
scribed real estate of said deceased, to
Lots Blxtccn (16), seventeen (17). elghtorn !
(18) and nineteen (19) in block ono (1),
amended plat of Linden Park subdivision
of lot cloven (11), block twenty-ono (21),
flvo aero plat A, Big Field aurvoy, all slt
uato In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako county,
Stato of Utah, has been act for hearing
on Friday, tho 26th day of Fobruary. A. '
D. 1901, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the county
courthouse. In the courtroom of Bald
court. In Salt Lako City, Salt Lako coun-
tWltness tho clerk of sold court, with
the seal thereof affixed this 33th day of
Fobruary, A. D. 3904.
(Seal ) JOHN JAMES, Clork.
By David B. Davies, Deputy Clork.
F. H. Clark, uttornoy for petltionor. s94t
Under authority of an order of sale
granted by tho District court of Salt 1
Lako county, Stato of Utah. Probato dl- (
vision, on tho 6th day of June, 1S03, In the j
matter of tho estato of Emma H. Adklng.
deceased. I will sell nt private sale tho
following descrlbod real estato and per
sonal property, to wit;
Commonolng nt tho northwest corner of ,
lot 4. block 47. plat "D," Salt Lako City
survey: thenco south 10 rods: thenco east ,
61l4 icct; thenco northeasterly to tho
north lino of said lot, 74 feet oast from .
tho place of beginning; thence wcBt 74 '
foot to the place of beginning, together
with the Improvements thereon.
All household furniture and pictures
belonging to tho estate of Emma H. Ad- j
kins deceased, situate in a dwelling- ,
houso at No. 374 Fourth street, Salt Lake
City. Utah. I
Tho solo will bo mado on or after Feb- .
ruarv 12, 3904, and bids will bo received at
the "offlco of Wilson & Smith, rooms
705-8, MoCornlck building. Salt Lako City.
Utah. Terms of sale, cash, gold coin of 1
tho United States, 10 per cent of tho bid'
payable at tho tlmo of sale and tho bal- '
anco upon confirmation of tho salo by the I
Administrator of tho Estato of Emma, IL, j
Adklns. Deceased. 1
Dated at Salt Laga, i&LSUM

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