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Jj The Salt Lake Trxbtjioi: Sunday Mommra, February 21 , 194. H
. .oil - . . . BBl
(F lJ Henry C. Rowland
S 1 W3 bv McCluro. PhiUips &
were three of us aboard tho
tir Bole' Brown and myself Jor-
5 ?' formerly of the Bridgeport
6 ! '-i Beside, thero were threo
J? ' nnd the Chlno cook.
fi8 ' nod I had been shipmates on a
J?U ullar cruise up tho Chinese
ft had made a nice little haul
Ll and whoa wo wero cloolng
j jjj w suggested tho scheme o
fwicS a ,itUC VCSSCl tra(UnS
3& !Jitte Philippines.
, we were about to clear 1 fell
Kile Brown, who did mo a good
'fc i n I was in a sort of scrape with
'i 8 (ruthoritlcs. He was a nice llt
?JP ithouqh ho had about as much
'oi, my as a Chlno has Christian
w1; Doles liked him, too, and, as
Zi another white man In the out
''"l finally persuaded him to coma
i l Th Tfunny part of its was that
! 4m to caro 3 cents about the
& end of It. wouldn't take a
Sk! tfind absolutely refueed to let U3
'& feo any salary. All ho soemed to
Ifcut was to rig himself out in a
? at and a little, red cap. get a
Wi , lonr-handled brush and peck
I A canvas for all the world like a
'SS !&er at a hollow stump.
' trouble was that the mlnulo n
h Wm to look like anything he
ti,J w'auit that one and start another.
f'r told him that if he would only
lo oae until it was finished ho
7,7 5iEet a couple of dollars for it from
Sicurlet with money; but It was no
ait" "la! I thought that I had never seen
'&'ti nfinflnclal paralytic.
Eni 'h only goes to show what a darn
3i j fellow can make of himself when
Aj" mixed up in something he knows
&olout. One day I was deviling
5 n fltout a sort of paint mud-pie he
is 15 tzstiz?, but ho took it all good-nat-rW
fried said that It was a "ntudy."
a itat was a good name for it. as
i1 id right smart of study to make It
& Teen I suggested that he go up
'rat tome of his loose paint on tho
M ftrf deckhouse, as It needed a coat,
nca. At last he got up and went
,'i ;r, ar.d I thought he was mad, and
in to feel sbrry that I hod been so
Ji s3 and witty. Pretty soon he
tH :cadeek with a newspaper clipping
'Kai ided it to me without a word. It
ifrcnforr.eart review, and told how
Etti -
- rr,J svw
tho ncademy picture of the marine- ar
tist, Arthur Brown, had been sold to
Mr. Dana GIbbo of Now York for $800.
I went right forward when I had read
that, and gave the forward deckhouse a
good thick coat oX fretm green paint. I
calculated that It was a good healthful
color for my eyes to rest on every morn
ing whon I came on deck.
We had Just got back from a little run
down around Mindanao, where we had
been to carry out an Idea of mine of
picking up a cargo of curios knives
spears, shields, etc. to soli to the tour
ists and time-expired soldiers who want
ed war relics to take home to other
friends. It was almost dark when we
came In behind the breakwater and
uropped our hook astern of the great
white hospital .ship that lay there when
she was In port, and always made me
homesick, because I used to see her
swinging up Long Island Bumd when I
went ducking out of Bridgeport in the
late fall.
Brown and I took the dinghy and one
of our boys and started right in for the
captain of the ports, leaving Boles to
make things snug aboard the schooner.
After we had transacted a little business
wo went up to the Oriental and had a
drink and played a string or two of pool.
It was about midnight when we came
back down to our boat, and we had a lit
tle argument with a sentry, who seemed
to look on us with suspicion, although
this was after the 7 o'clock order had
been annulled.
Wo dropped quickly down the river
with the current, and struck the cut-off
that runs from tho Pa3ig into the basin
behind the breakwater. There was a
little brig lyiug Just in our course to the
schooner, and as we passed quietly un
der her stern I heard voices talking ex
citedly In Spanish. Brown was half asleep
in the bow, when suddenlv he straight
ened up, and then reached "over and gave
Emillo, the boy who was rowing, a
nudge In the back. He held water, and i
we listened, almost under the stern of
the vessel.
Our boat slipped silently up to the
brig, "and Brown reached out and held
the heel of the brig's rudder, which was
out of the water, as she wns light.
We must have hung on there for three
quarters of an hour, and then thero
came a pause. I saw Brown's hand
steal down and slip his revolver out of
his pocket; then he silently motioned to
Emillo to shove off, which he did quietly
enough, with the revolver covering the
nape of his neck. Brown wouldn't say
a word until we were alongside. Then
he motioned to Emillo to Jump abroad,
followed him. and waved him down tho
fore companlonway with hlo revolver,
and then slid tho hatch and bolted it
behind him. This done, he -walked to
the after companlonway and called soft
ly to Boles, who came on deck In his pa
jamas. "What's up?" he asked, in the quick,
aggressive way he had. I don't ever re
member having seen Boles sleepy.
"See that little brig over by the mouth
of the cut-off?" said Brown. "Well,
we've been eavesdropping under her
stern for the last hour or so, and I'm on
the inside of n very fine filibustering
scheme, generously subscribed to- by a
lot of merchants right here In Manila."'
"Humph." said Boles. "When Is It
coming off?" .
"It's under way right now. There's a
big steam launch left Hongkong tonight,
loaded up with Mausers, Remington and
Mauser cartridges, and the Lord knows
what else, and this brig is to meet her
150 miles duo east jof VIgan and run the
stuff into a bag near Cabugao."
We were silent for a couple of minutes
to let the Idea soak In.
"When does the brig go out?" I asked.
"She clears tomorrow for somo place
in the north, couldn't learn where."
"Was Emillo with you?" asked Bolos
"Yes; Just now ho'a down forward
under lock and key."
''Good," said Boles. "Well, Knapp "
"Boles," said I, "you are an English
man, but Brown and I aro Americans,
nnd It seema to me that our duty to
our country in a case of this sort is im
perative. Of course, it Is our plain duty
to prevent these munitions of war from
falling Into the hands of the enemies
of our flag, but nt the same time I see
no reason why this cannot be accom- i
plished In a manner profitable to us. !
We have got the Information, and we
ought to be the ones to profit by It. I
calculate we can handle this thing
without any help from any one, and I
claim that If we do "
"Ss-h-h not so loud," said Boles in
that aggravating way of his; "no neod 1
to get mad about It no one's contra
dicting you."
"Now, Just shut up till I get
through," said I. "and then you can
heave on your Jaw tackle for a while.
We haven't roportcd our arrival yet.
and the best thing that we can do Is
to light right out for the neighborhood
of Cubugao and hang around off there I
until this hooker turn3 up with tho con
traband. Then we'll Just waltz In with I
w j V
our little onslgn at our peak and aimer
it In the name of lno United States of
"And then?" asked Boles.
"Oh. well," said I, "If we run all the
risk In getting the wtuff, I calculate
wo're the ones entitled to It, ain't wo?"
"Tho Quartermaster would probably;
mako a dlfforont calculation," said
Bolos, "but wo can run It right back
to no it, wo can't do that, either 1
what the dovll could we do with it?"
He tugged away at his mustache and
scowled at the deck. Suddenly he looked IH
"Suppose wo Just stow It away and JM
trade It off littlo by little?" IH
I brought my fist down on tho hatch
with a bang. liH
"No, by gosh d'ye think I'd let one IH
cartridge fall Into these niggers' hands IH
to wipe out the life of one American
iMldlcr? I'd scuttle this darn wagon IH
first with all on board." IH
Bolos laughed his hard little laugh.
"Let the eagle scream. No friend Jor- IH
dan tha"t wasn't my idea at all. Why IH
can't wo trado It outside of the Philip
plnes in Polynesia?"
"It goes against my grain," said I, IH
"to put weapons Into the hands of sav- IH
ages of any kind." .
"Right O'" said Boles; "but seo hero. IH
Do you know what that filibuster will IH
be suro to have that's easier to handlo
than guns, cartridges and , conned
goodG? No? well, I'll tell you. Monayi
It'a a suro thing If we can only And
IL To hell with your Mausers, we'll
give them to the mermnlda. Now, IH
Brown, let's hear every word you over-
hoard. Wo don't want to get mixed In
our dates."
Boles nodded. There's nothing in It
but acute lead poisoning If wo go at
It In an amateurish way. But I've a
little plan that I think might answer IH
only, it's about as safo as taking an IH
after-dinner smoke In a powder maga.- I
zine. Now I'll set It forth, and if you JM
don't think it's worth while, or If it IH
doesn't strlko you that the profit Is
proportionate to the risk, we'll paddlo
right over and sec what wo can get IH
out of It at headquarters."
With that he sprung his plan, and
as ho went on with It, I could fool my
throat Itch from ear to car, and littlo
Brown's hair pushed his painting cap1'
right up In the air, but from the way
his cyc began to glitter I could boo IH
that his good sense was leaving him. IH
When Boles got through wo were el
lent for a minute.
"Well, gentlemen," say3 he, "what's
the verdict?"
I poured out a stiff drink of gin, and
lit my pipe. While I was slowly blow-
lng out the match, I made up my mind. IH
"I'm game,," said I; "I'm a gol-dsimed IH
fool but I'm game."
"It's up to you, Brown," said Boles.
"Eefore you answer I Just want to say IH
that my advice to you is to come In.
Knapp and I need the money. You've jH
a nice little Independent Income, and IH
there's no reason why you should take IH
a long shot like this. If you "
"Doctor Boles," said Brown, his voles
so husky that he could hardly get out IH
the words, "I've sailed with you and IH
Knapp for about five months, now, and
I've never stood shy yet, havo 17 I
don't see why unless you th you're-
afraid that I may fall you when " IH
I saw that he was just on the ragged, IH
" (Continued on Paca 18.)
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