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aTVI- No. 312. Saj.t Lake City, Utah, Monday MorasoyGr, February 22, 1904, 10 paGES.FivB Cents. H
ffceai Highway Off China. Coast to Be iHE 1 1
Vlrr1"'"' H H 44444444444 444 4 -ff Tf1 H
tei Scene o Next Big Naval Engagement , I
Sen Skilled in the Game of Naval War Look for a Great Battle Between the Fleets of
f Czar and Mikado, and Say It Will Occur Somewhere in the Vicinity of
Shanghai Following the Smashing of Russian Ships at Port Arthur It Is Re
I ported Viceroy Alexieff Shot Down a Young- Lieutenant for Negligence,
jjdON, Feb. 21 From a reliable
jje the Morning Post's Chofoo
cj indent says ho leorns that
thousands of Japanese are ad-
l,y forced marches from varl-
,s of Korea on the Talu river,
f lilt severe fighting: is expected
t aispitcli from Paris says the
jtditionof the New York Herald
$ j dispatch from its St. Petcrs
2 correspondent saying- that it is
cad there that in a fight on the
titer the Hussions met repulse,
iilofs of 2500 killed. No con
jfc tittoa of this has been received,
jl correspondent at Tien Tsin of
S3' iSandard reports an attack by
C jQinese "brigands" on the Kus
. 3 post at Foochow as probably an
S eft to wreck the railway.
-ii said that Viceroy Alexieff has
3 sJ the ministry of marine to
jjj' iUm offlcers who are not too
s?,&ad Admirals who are not too
.ef whom he already has too
q. The Viceroy has issued pro
,! atioa's to the Chinese throughout
sinria seeking to enlist their
jgi ithy in behalf of Russia.
j is official report of the battle of
.j adpo, given by M. Pavloff, Rus-.
n iffinister to Korea, who left Seoul
lfjJodni February 13th, according
liiSt Petersburg dispatch, is prnc
IW identical with the report
fjHoasly cabled. M. Pavloff says
U u" the Japanese Captain of the
asTtkachiho sunk his vessel the
J, it following the battle, and that
iBoisian fire silenced the Asama's
L! ihtbette and wrecked her bridge.
m. Asama transferred eighty killed
ml waded to a transnort.
IL0.DONT. Feb. 21. It begins to look as I the" announcement from St.
nbarg a few days ao that the censorship over newspaper dispatches had
' innovtd was somewhat premature. Since the-"removal" of . the censor
: ).my little of consequence regarding the movements of the armies In the
j' rEuthaa come through. "What few dispatches have been received are very
ijPv pro-Russian In tone and otherwise.
Pita cablegrams regarding the movement of warships during the past few
'I Mllhough none of the dispatches have been verified, men skilled In the
J naval warfare here look for the next big sea fight to lake .place some
J' in the vicinity of Shanghai, off the China coast. In support of this
V crforecaHt, It Is pointed out that moat of the ships of the non-combatant
$ Including a number of United States vessels, have been ordered to
These vessels have on board officers detailed to watch that portion
5j I'-tame of war that Is to be played on the water.
A 1 Chtfoo dispatch of today says: The Russian forces in Manchuria are xo
j$ "sUbj entirely on the defensive. Extensive preparations are being made
J ,J&7, Port Vrthur, Newchwang and Lino Tang to prevent the .threatened
J of the Japanese troops. A big foi-ce of men is at work on the damaged
In the Port Arthur harbor, and efforts arc being - made to raise the
S "Jp Retvlzan.
iRtwpply of fresh vegetables and beef in Port Arthur Is very, short and
3; S4tora ora endeavoring to secure steamers to run the blockade.
M A tory Is rife, said to be based upon a private dispatch, that immediately
Q tte smashing of the Russian fleet at Port Arthur. Viceroy Alexieff shot
41JIled a j-oung Lieutenant belonging to the fleet, In the presence of his
m eflcirs. The name of the Lieutenant ie not given.
it JUistorj' is that after the withdrawal of the Japanese fleet, and for tno
Wj flnding who was responsible for allowing the Russians to be sur-
W. Altxleft summoned the younger naval ofllcers before him and demanded
m Ranting of their whereabouts on the night of the disaster- The young
m tsot who was shot Is said to have admitted that he was on shore with
S fc Mends.
Jl Woner was the admission made, so goes the story, than Alexieff drew a
and shot the young man dead In his tracks.
if ARTHUR, Feb. 21 Sounds of desultory firing at sea are heard al
M tttly, and this morning firing was again heard. This Is doubtless due to
S .!mPted apnroach oC Japanese torpedo boats, but nothing serious has
jSj Sarrison is in excellent spirits and is firmly convinced of the ultimate
2p j?,f.lhe nsslan arms.
Wkral rlrit;5 " article invoking historical precedents to prove
t kZ1' 01 Japanese declaration that fuel and victuals will m all cases
2 2? contraband of war. The paper describes Japan's attitude as pre-38?-
and urges the neutral powers to disregard It.
82 j?8, Feb- 21. Tho Tempe, seml
fS?tCB 1 hlgh Russlan aiithorlty
Jl?8!? lhe United States wishes
Bf tti 4 RConul to Dalny, it Is certain
. UtgliUi Government alone can
Kfsaniter u l5 desirable to Issue
KT t0 th'- effect. It Is ncc-mmt-L
t,". member that, while Man
f Arth 88 10 China, Russia holds
M the r- iand Bahiy under a lease
mf fe f nese Government. The
3F5 lnitncnccd by Japan, which
H I HHHH-(' HHHH-rHfrH-rH -HH-4i-HH-K4H--4HH--r M M H-H-i'M-
1 .
. 1 " , A'or-i TVa- c-rsfmC -
practicallv has established a stale of
siege at those points. What Is more
natural than that the luws of war
should bo extended to those points and
that the authorities should refuse to
grant an exequatur to a foreign Con
sul? '
"If it pleases the United States to ask
China to issue exequaturs for Consuls
at Mukden and Antung. it is their right
to do so. But the actual situation con
fers upon us certain rights. Manchuria
hplntr the theater of war. occupied by
usnd recognld by the United States
and other powers aH outside of the Chi
nese zone of neutrality. It Is for our
military authorities to Judge the gucs-
jContl'iOfl on Page Z.)
4- ST. PETERSBURG. lrcb." 21. The
-ir appointment of , Gen. Kuropuljcln.
-r wlio was yesterday relieved of his y
-- functions ns Minister of War. to 4
4- the chief command of the. Russian 4-
army in the far East, was gazetted
4- this morning. ' 4
4- "With tho )qsslble exception of -f-
4- Gen. Dragomiroff, formerly Cover- 4-
nor-Gcneral of Klcn" and later mom- 4-
4- bcr of the Council of State, Gun. H-
-(- Kuropalkln Is the most popular 4--
4 man In the' Russian army. As a 4
4 bluff old soldier who has fought'hls 4
4 way up' from the bottom to bo Min- 4
4 ter of "War, he Is the Ideal of the 4
4 enlisted men. 4
4 Not one In the Czar's army has 4
4 seen more ghtlng, and no one can 4
4 tell a story better. There Is never a 4 j
4 dull moment In his company, for ho 4
4. Intermingles the humorous Incidents 4
-- of his campaign with talcs of the 4
4 sol -sacrifices of the men whom ho 4
4 led with Sliobcleff 'over tho parched 4
4- wasl s or. Ook-Tope or over the 4
4 icy sloprs of Plevna. 4
4 No one meeting tho jmort. grlzzlod 4
4 warrior In his charming .honn' on 4
4 the sunny side of tho Molka would 4-
4 guess the extent of his power or tho 4
4 burden of responsibility welshing on 4
4 his shoulders. As Minister of War 4
4 ho was considered a Just ehkf who 4
4 gave rewards and administered 4
punishments without fear or favor. 4-
4 It Is small wonder, therefore, that 4
4 the Russian army adores him. 4
4 Tho appointment of Gen. Kuro- 4
4 patkln to direct command In the 4
4 Held, has been received with enthu- 4
4 slasm. and his leadership Inspires 4
4 complete confldenco that there will 4
4 be no mlstnko anil that Russian 4
4 arms will' be carried to success on 4-
4 land 4
Lawmakers at "Washington Plnn to
Combine and Holp Each Other
in Legislation.
(By A. F. Philips.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 21. The appll.
cabllity of that trite expression, "in
urrion there is strength." In nowhere
better manifested tlian in Washington
when Federal recognition for 'certain
sections is sought.
, "While there has been no sealed com-
! Understood Thai There Will Be a Limitation Placed
! Upon Armament by Hostile NatioBSBulgarian
Ageat Declares That Couatry Will Not Compromise.
PARIS. Ft-b. 21. M. Zoltovltz, the
Bulgarian agent in Paris, made the fol
lowing statement today:
"I can give the most formal assur
ances that Bulgaria has more than over
resolved to do nothing to compromise
the peace. It Is with great satisfaction
we have seen Hie powers elaborate a
plan for reforms In Macedonia, and we
wish, without any reservation, the
form rcallzcd.
"Above all, at this moment when the
powers arc following with anxiety the
events In the far East, Bulgaria will
avoid doing anything that would cause
the belief that f.hp proposes to profit by
the crlsiy. The Bulgarinn people have
unanimously expressed warm symputhy
for Russia.
"It Ip jinfortunnte that Turkey per
sists in lirr regret table hostility. Be
sides the annoying measures she has
taken agolnst our people, our commerce
suffers serious obstacles; and, finally,
the continued concentration of Turkish
troops along our frontier and the mobili
zation of troops at strategic points la
menacing uh."
M. EoltoVitz said there is a war party
in Constantinople which has a prepon
derlng inlluence and quoted from Con
sular reports to the effect that the Turks
fear a military insurrection If war with
Bulgaria is not declared.
"In the light of thepe facls." M. Zolto
'Jltz concluded, "it Is natural that Bul
garia, too. nhould bo preparing."
ft Is understood the powers are con
sidering simultaneous representations
to Constantinople and Sofia to compel
a limitation to armament.
The Turkish embassy is authorized to
state categorically that the Ottoman
Government has not given any orders
for the mobilization of troops.
444444444444444 4 444444444 4 44444444
4 "WASHINGTON, Feb. 21. The Postofficc department has begun a cru- 4
4 sade against the printing of objectionable advertisements and stories in 4
4 newspapers and periodicals throughout the country. 4
4 The action is based on section oSO?. of the Revised Statutes, which im- 4
4 poses a fine of not exceeding JfiOOO or Imprisonment for not over live years, 4
4 or both, for any person depositing in the malls, or aiding in circulating 4
4 through the mails, of any obscene print, pamphlet, etc. 4
4 It Is proposed to amend this law to Include vulgar advertisements and 4
4 other printed matter. , 4
4 Under the new policy a number of papers containing questionable 4
4 matter have been thrown out of the malls under telegraphic orders to the 4
4 postmasters, and a campaign will be waged against objectionable modi- 4
4 cal advertisements, which are being widely published. 4
444444-T44444444444444 4-
pact between States it Is nevertheless
manifest here at the aeat of government
that combinations do exist, combina
tions of States for the general welfare
of each.
It has been a source of no Utile won
der among the initiated that certain '
States get everything they demand. The
truth of the matter If that they have
the moral and personal support of rep
resentatives of other States in their
It la no small thing, for an admlnls
(Contlnued on Page 3.)
Insurgent Forces at Pajarito Fire on a Yankee H
Merchantman and the CoIumbia-.Re- . H
sents Insult to the Flag H
Several Hundred Marines Landed and the Rebels Completely j, H
Routed, After a Running Fight-Some Damage-to-Prop- i H
erty Done by Shells From the Warship,-and-the-Mer- H
chants of the Invested City-File Protest. . H
"WASHINGTON, Feb. 21. A. belaled
dispatch dated February 12th, from
CapL J. M. Miller of the cruiser Colum
bia which, with the Newark, is in San
Domingo waters, brings ofhclal con
firmation of the Associated Press re
garding the bombardment of the Insur
gpnty by the war vessels of a position
near the capital city, the landing of ma
rines and bluejackct8'tb punish revolu- j
tlonlsts, and their subsequent re-em- (
According lo CapU Miller's dispatch
the affair occurred on a river about two
miles from Santo Domingo, presumably
at Pajarito, the place mentioned In the
press dispatches an the locality of the
The Insurgents, who were stationed on
the mainland, llred on a United States
merchairt vessel, the New York, which
was under convoy af a launch of the
The shots fell so dangerously near
the war vessels that the net of the in
surgents were construed by CapL Miller
as an attack on the vessel and a bat
tery lire was opened on the revolution
ists This way followed by the debarkation
of 400 marines and bluejackets from tho
Columbia and the Newark, who made a
successful landing ashore.
They dislodged the Insurgents from
their positions and chased them Into the
country. After accomplishing this the
marines and bluejackets look ayaln to
their boats and returned to their ships.
One man. a bugler named Painter,
was seriously wounded by the accidental
explosion of hls tiring piece. There were
no other casualties.
Close attention Is being given by ad
ministration ofllcers. to affairs in San
Domingo. A number of warships -ire
being kept In the wators of that coun
try so that American Interests may be
zealously protected In casea of trouble
between the regular Government and
the Insurgents. Forcible interference in
the affairs of the country, however,
have been avoided up to this time, so
far as news received by the department
is concerned.
Tt Is authoritatively stated that the
question of the annexation of San Do
mingo to the United States has never
received the slightest consideration on
the part of the United States, and
moreover the Administration Is unable
to take a position or adopt a policy
other than the protection of American
Interests In San Domingo, because of
the absence of satisfactory Information
as to conditions there.
SAN DOMINGO. Tuesday, Feb. 16.
Yesterday a French merchant steamer
entered the river, convoyed by a launch
of the United State cruiser Columbia.
The rebels abstained from firing1 on the
This morning the Government troopr,
attacked the rebels outside tho city,
and severe fighting ensued, lasting
many hours. The rebels were forced
to retire, leaving many killed and
wounded on the field. The action re- I
4 - q V14: ;.4.i:v, ,
4 WASHINGTON, Fob, 21-Late 4
4 tonight tho Stoto department re- 4 jJ
celrcd a cablegram from Minister 4 '
4 rowcll. dated at Santo Domingo, '
4 February 16th, saying-. j
4 A dcdalTO battle has bcn fought 4
4 between the Govornmont forcee 4
4 and tho inaurgonts. It extended 4 fl
4 over two days and resulted In a 4 j ,
4 victory for tho Government. Tho 4
4 slego has been raised and the In- -f '
-t- surgente are m retreat. 4 l
suited In a completo victory for th j . ! IH
Government, and. the siege of the city ( ll
is considered to have been raised. J
Postofficc department hna begun a cru
sade ngninnt tho publication of obscene
literature... .Union of lawmakers of the
Western States Is planned at Washington.
....Mrs. Lily Langtry buying blooded
horses In Chicago.... Advices received at
Washington announce that a United
Slates ship has bombarded a San Do
mingo town. ...National Association of
Manufacturers moots today in Indianapo
lis.... Accident at Lackawanna steel
works In Buffalo kills three and malms
several other people. ..Itcclamatlou work
on tho great desert Is explained by Chief
Nowoll at Washington,
FOREIGN. Navol oxports look for big
naval engagement off tho const of China,
near Shanghai.... Powers will not stand
for wjir in Bulgaria... Financial strain of
war on Russia la great and stocks show
doprcsflon. ..Dr. Amndor, flr3t Prcsldout
of Panntnn; l inaugurated.
Hclfrich, prominent citizen of Mountain
IIouc, Ida., killed while trying to board
SAN DOMINGO. Thursday. Feb. 11.
The Clyde liner New York arrived here iH
this morning, convoyed by the United j
Slates cruiser Newark, and Minister ;
Powell Instructed the captain of the '
vessel to discharge his cargo at the
wharf. An agreement has been made J .
by Minister Powell and Commander I1 1
Miller with the insurgents and the Gov- 1 ,
eminent that neither party should lire
while the New York was at the wharf ,
discharging. , ; ,
The Government kept this agreement. , , i
but the insurgents fired on. the steamer
and on a launch from the cruiser Now
ark, which was entering the river.
Eight rifle shol3 damaged the New
York's woodwork, endangering the
lives of the passengers and crew. IH
Tho commander of the United States .
warship then decided' to shell Pajarito. , IH
near this city, the place occupied by tho ,
insurgents, and to land 400 marines HBV
with the object of punishing the lnsur-
gents for insulting the United States , i HB
Hag and damaging an American
At 2:30 the Newark approached and i1 ,1 V
opened lire, discharging ten shells?. The 1
insurgents fired upon the marines white , BBB
they were landing, wounding some of 1 IBBB
them. The marines returned the fire ( BKBJ
and the Insurgents ran awuy. ' flBB
The marines landed were divided Into 1 IH
' two columns and searched the houses. BBS
woods and bushes. They then followed BBB
the Insurgents, who fled while the BBB
mariney were reloading. Tho result of BftBJ
the bombardment Is not known. The BBBJ
shells from tho cruiser Newark caused
some damage in Pajarito and the sur- I lfl
rounding country. '
A protest signed by prominent cltl- HflBfl
zona has been distributed to the public 'BYbI
against the action of the United States 'PflYJ
warnhlp. which It describes as an inso- BBB
lent outrago against the liberty of the BB
I republic and a disgrace to the national , BKBJ
dignity. ,
The Newark left this afternoon for BH
Guantanamo. f (
President Morales arrived here today. j
The day passed nuletly. but tonight BBBJ
firing began at the west gate of the 'BbVJ
city. MBIbI
a train. ..Jealousy prompted Mlns Lou ' HVB
Adams to kill Patrick II. King, Jr., at ' BVfl
La Junta, Colo Now railroad Is bclni j HBI
built In Wyoming. 'bVbI
STATE. Great crowds visit the Ogden
morgue, where victims of the Jackson dt?- H
nstcr await burial People of Mailt 1 ex- . BKBJ
press regret at the death of Col. Bin- ,
CITY. Thieving propcnBltles of well-to- i-
do whlto people foico the Chinese to 'i M
discontinue their New Year hospitalities. i' BBJ
Jesse Shafer discovered dead in a 1 ( ll
rooinlng-lioiisc from an overdoso of car- I iHBKv
bullc acid by the girl lu was to have mar.
rled... .Reports from Carbon county In- () jl IjH
dlcato activity on tho part of thn striking '( BBJ
miners. ...Bartender at tho Court saloon i BKBJ
arrested for keeping open on Sunday.... I jH
Ball at now Federation hall to bo the chief "
event on Washington's hlrlhday....I-int
tributo paid to Col. Bruback....Don Car- ,
los Musser delivers an Interesting a(idrcn
on tho future of tho Philippine Islands , v
I at Unity church. ...Good crowd appro"a
of the band concert at tho Grand. ' . 1

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