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K.: 4 The Salt XiAKE Tribtohs: TmrasDAY Moknxntg, February 25, 1901-. I
It! 1
li Issued Every Mornlnnr br
1 J Salt Lake Trlbupo Publishing Company.
J ii Publisher end General Manngcr.
j Entered at tho Poatofflco of Salt xaxs,
I 1 City as pooona-cla. matter.
Dally and Sunday Tribune, ona wcok.$ .25
, ' Doily and Sunday, ona month l.w
1 , , Daily wul Sunday, two months 2.W,
.( Dally and Sunday, thrco months -
" ', Dally and Sunday, one year 11
n Sunday Trlbur.o. ono year.
Sundav Trlbuno, six months i-J"
Bcral-weokly Trlbuno. one year i.mi
I 1 All remittances and business letters
Bhould be addressed to
i 1 Salt Lako City, Utah.
t S. C. Bockwlth. Spoolal Affenoy, Sola
i , Eastern Advortlalnp Agont. Eastern of
f. co 3--45-47-43-i9 Trlbuno Building. Now,
York. Western office, 610-612 Tribune
Building. Chicago.
. .! Washington Bureau 1417 G Street.
' Tribune Telephone) Numbers.
Buslnosa Office "C ,Si;"54J2
I I Citv TiA tor .....S3 3 Tling;
1 .Ken and 1 Nlffht Editor K-aRlnsa
j . ' Thursday, Pobruary 25, 1004.
! 1
11 Tho Mayor, howover, is clearly en-
1,1 titled under tho law to tho right to-grin
j , and bear It
'i An excellent football coach having1
3 been seaurod, many feel that tho fu-
3 ' turo of the Stato University 1b assured
' Tho Russians at Port Arthur appear
'to havo concluded that it -was about
j time for them to take a hand in the
t war. 1
It must bo very annoying to the De-
! mocracy to-And that tho Republicans
1 j in the Council this time aro Republl-
1 cans,
It j Grover Cleveland finds in- tho writings
'i i bf tho only living ex-President a fine
j lot of principles for the Democracy to
I' stand on.
This weather is certainly springlike,
but few people are likely to be misled
by it into tho notion that it is time to
, clean up their premises.
Tho Council minority can get assu
rance that it Is exactly right by goings
around and asking any Democrat who
;! wants to get Into office.
II How can Councilman Fernstrom
favor tho Mayor's side when' ho has
handed down so many opinions holding
that a Mayor has no rights?
' "When one remember that tho Rueslan
fleet at Port Arthur has been' destroyed
several times, it must be admitted that
its knocking out of Jap ships is really
something wonderful.
I The Russian Government is perfectly
willing to do everything possible to fa
cilitate the, transmission of war news,
requiring only in return that it be the
kind of war news It likes.
Ladies who get angry when told not
to obstruct walks should remember that
the only people who have a right to
stand around on corners are those who
can chew tobacco and swear.
I Just when tho girls supposed they
would be prote, ted by policemen against
offensive men on Main street, the offi
cers themselves are becoming awfully
xude, telling the ladies to move on.
The substantial premium of 514,025
which tho successful bidders, E. H.
Rollins & Sons, give for the 55-13,000 re
funding bonds of this city, "speaks
loudly for the good credit this munici
pality enjoys. It is not considered a
good timo lo market bonds, but cer
tainly this transaction is no proof of
that fact, for the premium is a good
one. Tho bonds bear four and a half
per cent interest, and aro really a gilt
edged investment.
If it is true, as reported In tho dls
patches yesterday, that tho Japanese
have suffered, serious losa In an attack
on Port Arthur, it only emphasizes what
has been considered' fully proved before,
that it is useless for a fleet to attack land
fortifications. This was so thoroughly
proved in our war with Spain, notably
in tho utter failure of our wholo naval
contingent at Santiago to make any im
pression on tho Morro castle at the en
trance to Santiago Bay, that it Is a
cause for wonder to see the persistence
of the Japaneso attack upon the fortlfl
cations at Port Arthur. Tho depth of
eea at Santiago made whatever movo
ments our ships saw fit to make there,
entirely practicable, too, whereas tho
Japanese fleet at Port Arthur is liable
to run aground at any time, as the
HL whole region is shallow water.
It is, of course, well for tho City
Council to insist on thorough fire pro
tectlon for tho publlo In our places of
amusement, and to pass ordinances
that will requiro the most modern
safety appliances. But wo do not be
lieve that it Is fair for the committeo
tp class the Salt Iako Theater as "a
veritable fire trap." as the talk In tho
Council on Tuesday night Indicated
Borne of the members' opinions to be.
The truth is that Mr. Pyper, the mana
grer of this Theater, Ib and has been
taking extraordinary precautions in
the direction of tho public safety; he
has mode the stage practically flre
proof; he has designated by prominent
signs the exits, and there are plenty of
them; he has ordered an absolutely
fire-proof asbei?tos drop-curtain, and In
every way has shown a disposition to
conform to every reasonable require
ment. Under the circumstances, It
seems an unwarrantable cruelty to at
tack hl9 theater by nnmo In this man
ner, which is as unjust an It is unde
served. Pass any fair ordinance you
like, gentlemen, but don't be unfair in
5-our preliminary criticisms.
An excellent effect of the unanimous
agreement of tho Republican Council
men is seen In the report of the special
committee to which waa referred the
Mayor's communication In which he
urged that he bo allowed to pack tho
city offices with Democrats, and the
nominations which he made with that
The report Is plain-spoken, direct, and
positive. Its accuracy cannot be dis
puted. It proves conclusively, apart
from all party considerations, that the
city would suffer in the administration
of Its public affalro If the Council should
consent to tho changes proposed' by the
Mayor. That Is a sufficient reason why
tho changes should not be made, and the
committeo was clearlyi justified, on that
ground alone, in reporting against con
firming the nominees.
On another ground, also, the Council
opposes confirmations. The move of the
Mayor's Is n mere partisan grab, and
an offenslvo one at that. It proposes to
put men In office merely because they
aro Democrats, to the Injury of the city
as the report amply shows; and it pro
poses to insult the Intelligence of the
Republican Councllmcn by naming as
Republicans, men who bolted the ticket
and did their best to defeat the very
men who are now called on to confirm
them in office.
Suoh tactics as that are not merely
partisan, they aro contemptible. As the
committee very pertlnontly and well
says: "In his appointments of so-called
Republicans, does he treat the Republi
can majority or the Council with fair
ness, or does he not rather insult their
Intelligence by asking them to support
renegades from their party, whose only
qualification for office Is that they, in
opposition to tho ticket upon 'which the
majority of this Council were elected,
supported and assisted In electing the
Hon. R. P. Morris to the office of
Very strongly and aptly put, indeed.
And the committee Justly concludes by
saying: "In regarding these aappolnt
menls of his Honor, the Mayor, we arc
quite certain that the public will sus
tain us. We, or, rather, the political
party we. as a majority of ,thc City
Council, represent, will bo held respon
sible by the people for any mistakes
that may be made by the city govern
ment during the ensuing two years; con
sequently, we expect the support of the
public In our efforts to learn whether or
not his Honor, the Mayor, may assume
that un-American stand of autocrat and
dictator, or If ho is to bo compelled to
treat those whom the laws of our State
make his apsociates with a proper
amount of courtesy and consideration."
There is no question but that the peo
ple of this city will sustain the commit
tee in Its dignified and well-considered
action and report. It is fair, and It
takes the correct attitude.
The Republican members of the Coun
cil .have repeatedly-assured the public
that they are ready to co-operate with
the Mayor in all things to the city's ad
vantage; but they show that what he
proposes in this matter is to the city's
disadvantage; therefore, they refuse to
agree to it.
They have agreed that there shall be
no friction of their making, nor have
they proposed any matters that will In
volve any contention. But, as when a
match is rubbed on emery paper a fire
is kindled, so when the Mayor applies
the friction, heat is certain to be devel
oped. In all proper ways the Republican
Councllmen have given repeated assu
rances that they stand for the public
welfare and tho advancement of the
city; but that they will resist and defeat
the attempt of the Mayor to make them
accessories to the building up of a Dem
ocratic political machine at the public
cost. And In both and all positions they
are unquestionably sound and' right.
The attempt to make It appear that
Mayor Morris la In some way 111 used
In this matter is a puerllo bit of non
cense. He began the aggressive con
tention, and forced whatever fight there
Is on. The Council is merely acting on
the defensive, protecting the rights of
the city and Its citizens, and maintain
ing its own dignity and rights.
Judge C. K. Gilchrist Is dead! Tho
news will be a Hhock to thousands
throughout the whole west mountain re
gion. He has resided in this city for a
generation, and was always a stalwart
gentleman, always outspoken for loyalty
and truth.
He was a lawyer u of marked ability,
and a man of far more than ordinary
attainments. His reading was wldo and'
varied, and he was a keen thinker. For
some years he has been living a life of
ease and retirement, but he kept in close
touch with cherished friends.
Hl9 death will be deeply deplored, as
the passing of ono of the old' guard,
whoBe hearts were always In tho right
place, and who never failed to speak out
for the supremacy of tho laws and the
sovereignty of their country. Peace to
his ashee! He was a bravo, true gentleman.
The Twelfth U. S, Infantry took Its
departure yesterday from Fort Douk
las, for the Philippines. It is understood
that the command will go to the south
ern part of the archipelago, to Min
danao, "Wncn this regiment was In the
Philippines before, it was in Luzon. It
will have a wholly different sort of a
country to operate In this time, and an
entirely different sort of native people
to deal with, though of tho same general
stock. The Filipinos of tho north are
Catholics; the Moros of tho south, who
comprise tho principal Inhabitants of
Mindanao, nro Mohammedans, Tho
Filipinos of the north have been usod
to servitude and oppression for cen
turies; the Moros of the south have
been a free, cqnquorlng people them
selves, fighters and resentful of all in
trusion. They stood tho Spaniards off,
always, but had to succumb to the
American arms. "Wo trust that the
Twelfth will not 'have duties too ardu
ous, and that when it leaves that region
It will leave as many good friends as it
has made by Its good conduct and cour
tesy In this city.
The report of the Rocky Mountain
Bell Telephone company is good read
ing for the public. Its lines now reach
nearly all the towns qjC more than five
hundred population in Utah, all of such
towns in Idaho, and all but four In
Montana. It Is a great service, and In
constantly growing, not only with the
country, but In advance of it.
"During the year twenty-three new
exchanges were established, 2310 new
toll-line wires strung and 52S0 new sub
scribers added, 200 of whom were in Salt
Lake. There are 19,000 subscribers to
the system. There arc 16,000 mile3 of
toll lines In operation, ninety-six ex
changes and 2727 toll stations." That
Is fine; It 1h business; gratifying pro
gress concisely summed up, and Presi
dent "Wallace Is to be commended for
his excellent report.
He dwells with especial and pardon
able pride on the extension of the long
distance service of tho company, and
his faith In the sustaining appreciation
of the public in the efforts of his com
pany will, we trust, be wholly Justified
by the results.
The telephone Is one of the great In
stitutions and conveniences of modern
life. We use it, we cuss It, we complain,
we grumble, but after all, how could vc
get along without it? In case of busi
ness, we can transact in a minute what
without It would consume half an hour;
In social matters, we do In five minutes
what would otherwise tako an after
noon; in appointments, we fix with a
few calls what It would tako hours
otherwise to accomplish.
No longer does the busy housewife go
with her market basket to the grocer,
the butcher, the fruit and the vegetable
vender, and weary herself walking to
and fro, but she goes to the telephone
and makes her order, and woe to the In
cautious tradesman, who does not fill
the order satisfactorily.
Is any one sick? What way so quick
nnd certain to summon the doctor as by
telephone? , And In case of accident,
when timo is he very essence of suc
cessful treatment, and a fow minutes
gained may mean the saying of a life,
what could possibly take tho place of
the telephone?
In a thousand ways, the telephone
has made Itself indispensable in mod
ern life. We didn't miss It when we
didn't have It, but now that we have It,
how wo should miss It were It taken
And so we rejoice In the extension of
its benefits, and congratulate its man
agers In this region on Its extension and
constant Improvement In service. The
telephone Is a great commercial, social,
and civilizing Institution; its use brings
persons and communities closo together
and makes for the betterment of human
intercourse In all walks of life.
The news that Salt Lake Is now vir
tually tho headquarters for the West of
the work of the irrigation officers, Is ex
cellent. The Intimation that as the work
Increases this will be tho place of cen
trallty for all the officials of that work,
and will be the general headquarters for
the West, Is even better.
As we pointed out the other day, this
is the natural location for such head
quarters, the central position from
which the whole arid field can best bo
reached. This Is plain from an exam
ination of the map, In connection with
the work In progress in Wyoming, Mon
tana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.
It is the best possible solution of the
question to have a supplementary head
quarters and point of consultation here,
for Washington is too far away for any
sort of convenience in consultation or
celerity of action. And besides all that,
we have presented the very best scheme
for a general Irrigation proposition that
has been presented by any section, anjl
the whole question is better understood
here than elsewhere. The selection of
this city for the Western headquarters
was certain, In fact, from the moment
that a Western headquarters was seen
to be necessary.
It is announced that Japan , has con
cluded a treaty with Korea, guarantee
ing Korean independence, and that
this is a master stroke of policy, as
it will put Japan on the samo high
plane of altruism which the United
States ascended to In 1S98 when we
guaranteed not to take Cuba when we
took It, not even If Cuba's best Interests
and our own required It. At the
same time. It is reported, just as
authoritatively, that the treaty which
Japan has negotiated with Korea se
cures a protectorate over the country
and predominance In "the land of the
morning calm'' for Japan. Also, that
Russia protests against the latter, as
an exaction obtained under duress, and
of no value. In all the uncertainties
of the situation and the movements, one
thing Is absolutely certain, and that
Is that there will be no altruistic nego
tiations or moves by Russia,
From tho Philadelphia Ledger.
A well-known Quaker of Media, now
retired from business, tells the following
story. Itr the early '50s ho Vent Into tho
office of an Insurance company to nego
tiate an Insurance on an-overdue ship
When he reached his home word was
before him that the ship- was lost. He
wrote at once to the insurance company:
"Do not write up the policy, as I have
heard of the ship."
The officers, thinking that the Quaker
only wanted' to have his premium re
turned, wrote back:
"Notification was received too late.
Policy hadi already been written and is
now In effect."
Poor Feebles (about to he operated on
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Dr. Cutter Certainly, If you wish It,
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"I'd like to bo opened with prayor.
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all tho time. Why doesn't she kcop still?
His Wife Sho can't. Thero'o a mirror
on each side of her. Detroit Freo Press,
Hlcko Well, old Sklnflynt has gone up.
Wicks Oh, I guess you're mistaken.
Hicks Not at all. His house has failed,
Wicks But I've got later news. Ho's
dead. Catholic Standard and Times.
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could only glvo me a llttlo help"
"I'd Hko to help you, poor man," said
Cholly Sophtlcy, "but I'm afraid I haven't
anything about me but, wait! Can you
chango a ten-dollar note?" Philadelphia
"Charley, dear." said young Mrs. Tom
kins, "I havo done you a great Injustice."
"In what way?"
"I suspected you without ronson I asked
several of your friends that you ro with
of ovenlngs whether you knew how to
play pokor. and overy ono of thorn thought
a minute and said you didn't." Washing
ton Star.
fS. D. EYHNSjj
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