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! 8 The SaitLake Trtbxtte: Satokday Moetn'g-, February 27, 1904. f
1 1 Bids Wnrrior Chief GodspeKl and
1 ' Sucoeas in His Under -"
. taking,
i . . .
' ST. PETERSBURG, Feb. 2C. A stlr
;i ring manifesto 10 the army was issuod
by the Cnar today in tho form o a mcs
. j jpe to Gen. Kuropatkin, the" commun
al der-Jn-c-hlef of the Russian army In the
, Far East, as follows:'
"Although as head of the military ad
)! 1 ministration since 1SSS, you havo worked
I wjlh energy and nj-sldulty to reorganize
and perfect the army, your work is not
ot done. The hour has come when I
; mus: summon you to head my valiant
army, to defend the honor and sover
i elgnty of KusMa and her soveraign ;
i (shtE in the Far East. Xnowlng your j
J brilliant gifts and eminent preparations
I for battle, I am glad to entrust to you
E tho ivsponolble command of my Man
H thurlan army against the Japanese, on
J our leaving your work nn Minister
A May Ood help you In your difficult
1 task, which you with such self-denial
have assumed. In taking leave of you
and thanking you. for your, six years'
work for the Rood of my dear army, I
runfer on you the order of SU Alexan-der-Nevski
in brilliants. Wishing- suc
cess tg you and trusting to you to
transmit to my brave army my impe
rial greeting and my blessing. May
I God kesp you unharmed.
It -f-r--r- -" -r- -f-f- -f
S f-
! 1 4- PORT ARTHUR, Feb. 2f. An in-
-f- sp-jctlon of the Japanoeo fire ships
' 1 4- sent Into this harbor on February
' 54th shows they wero loaded with -f-
coal and kerosene and that clcctrt- -f
i , -f- col infernal machines had bean -f
j - placed in the midst of the cotko. -f
It Stakes No Mention, of the Japs
Having' Lost Any War-
ST. PETERSBURG, Feb. 26. The
j Rus thifi morning publishes the follow-
in? from Port Arthur, under date of
Hj February 25th:
Bi "On' the night of February 24th the
Hf Japanese attempted to blockade the exit
H'j from Port Arthur buy In order to- en-
H) close our fleet concentrated within. Un-
H; der convoy of torpedo boats and trans-
H; ports; the enemy advanced four frelght-
ors, in ballast, at full speed to the gate
way, where it was intended to sink the
H' latter vessels: but the maneuver was
H;' immediately observed on the battleship
' Retvlzan, which was standing in the
bay before the entrance. The Retvizan
at once opened fire and, after It, the
batteries on the peak and those on the
HJ promontory' took part.
"As a result the ships with which It
H' was designed to blockade the port wcro
H, destroyed and their mission rendered
unsuccessful. According to a wholly
' unsupported report, one Japanese torpe-
Hj j do boat was sunk.
j "The cannonade began before 3 o'clock
in the morning and continued until 7
o'clock. From fi a. m., however, there
j were merely single discharges. The
- Japanese fleet, at long distance, an-
1 swered our fire ineffectively. This evi-
i dently was done merely to cover the re-
: treat of their torpedo flotilla.
I "The enemy's squadron, consisting of
ten large essela and seventeen torpedo
. boat destroyers, appeared yesterday
! about 9 o'clock in the morning, maneu-
Hl J verlng in sight of Port Arthur until
fl i noon and then began to withdraw and
j disappeared from the horizon. The
j cruisers Xovlk, Askold and Bay an put
i to sea and after the inconsiderable cross
' fire, returned unharmed."
Novoe Vremya this morning )ublishes
a long leading article regarding the re
lations existing between the United
Hi States and Ttussia. In considering the
unfriendly manifestations against the
latter in the United States, the Novoo
Vremya argues, distinction' must be
made between the people and the Gov-
; erument, and It attributes the agita-
tlon in the preis to a campaign en
glneered by the Jews, who. It has been
said, even talk of building a battleship
for the Mikado. The paper inrfstf,
however, that the traditional t'riend
ship for Russia occupies a firm posl
tlon in the American mind and heart,
and that the people cannot really pre-
. for the Japanese to the Russians, who
never have harmed thcrn.
Tlic Xovoe Vremya, on the other
hand, contends that vithout reason
the Washington Go,ernmcnt has been
, unfriendly to Russia, and compares the
most brilliant feat of the State dc
partment the telegraphic ratification
of the Chineae open port treaty to tele-
; grapliie maiTlages, which, it say?,
HL wmetlmes are practiced in America.
But it is idle, the article go:s on, to
talk now of sending United States Con-
. puis to Manchuria. Unsatisfied with
; hbj success. Secretary of State Hay un-
dertook to secure the neutraiiuutlon.
Hl the lnvokibllity of the administration
1 and th. entity of China. Diplomatists,
j liXicographerH and publicists being In
' doubt as to what all this meant, Secre-
tary Hay kindly announced that he did
' not care to have his proposal defined
in detail. The article concludes:
'"The American Government has ta
ken a position which ill accords with
. the former Rood relations with Russia,
and ve are convinced that tho conduct
' of the United States gunboat. Vlcks
; burg, in refusing to protect and receive
drowning Russians will not meet with
r wlfle jr-inpathy in America, nor will
the Americans sympathize with the na-
val demonstrations at the mouth of the
Yaiu rivor of v.'hich the telegraph
. brought a report yeeterday,"1
Czar and Czarina Pray at the Tombs of Their
Fathers, While KuropatRin, the Famous General,
Goes to Devotions Before Girding on His Armor.
ST. PETERSBURG, Feb. 2C Like a
knlcrt of olden times before "crolnir to
battle, Gun. Kuropatkin today per
formed tiio most solemn rites of the
mother church.
After f;i.stinA this weok lit went to
the church in the Cadet Corps academy,
where he was educated, made hip con
fosxion and partook of tho sncrameail.
The officiating priest, liolding up tho
sacred imago of SL Serglua, which has
just arrived ht Moscow, hlessed the
prostrotj commander and bade him
godspeed. The Genoral "wa.s shakbig
with emotion and ombracod many of
his assembled comtxules.
Tho Metropolitan of Moscow, who ac
companied tho Ikon of St. Sorslus to
SL Petersburg", has received letter from
the Czar recoiling the overthrow of tho
Tartar hordes under its auspices and
! prophesying- that It will also lead the
Russians to victory over tho Jupa-neso.
There is a difference of opinion among
the naval and military ofilcers In regard
to the purposo of the Japanese forces a t i
Port Arthur, but the prevailing opinion
is that it is to effect a diversion (o eovar
their movement elsewhere. A iugh na
val officer said:
"I cannot understand what tho Japa
nese hoped to accomplish. They forgot
that the days of wooden, Inflammable
ahips are post. If their object really
was to block tho channel, borrowing
Ithe Idea from tho exploit of tho Morri
mar, it was equally futile, as it -would
ST. PETERSBURG. Fbv 2(J.-Llke -4-
millions of thoir subjects, the C.ur -f
f ami Otorlna today made cuiiferieloiiB -f
-f- of their sins. It wao a day of iimls'i' -f-
T h well an o? prayer, )iowver. and 4
4- the solemn rilns uttotuliug the cero- -f
-f niony of confusion aUernottd with -j-
-f- thanksgiving for iho news from the -f
4- ICt. -f
Thoir MnjtioVl confessed In the -f
4- church of tho "Winter Palace to
-f- Count Chaplain Yanlshoff and after- -f
-f vflviX walkiwl In the palace garden, -f
The visit of tho Czar and the -f
-f- Caaiinn to tho Imperial tombs in -f
4- the cathodral of St. Poter and SL -f
-f Paul mid the fortross of St. Potor -f
- and St. Paul occurred this even- -f
4- Ing. Tliey prayed for a long tlnio 4"
-f- boside tho tombs of tho Czar's -f
father arai brotlier, and a cheering -f
4- n)Ultltndj greotcd tlioni as they -f
4- drove to the Chupol of tho Savior 4-
4- in Peter tho Groat's hounc, which 4
4- Is a short distance from the for- 4
4- iros. There they -nttonded a Bpe- 4
4 clal sarvlco of prayer. 4.
be easy to olear the entrance by blow
ing up tho wreck. We believe the Japa
nese activity at Port Arthur was a feint
to engross our attention while they con
tinued the disembarkation of troops In
Korea. 1 do not believe that at this
time they will attempt a landing in
force on the Liaotung ponlnsula."
Admiral Togo Compelled to Send Merchant Crews on the
Blockading Vessels, Owing to Fierce Rivalry Among
Officers for Places on Doomed Ships.
TOKIO. i-eb. 26. Vice-Admiral To
go's attempt to bottle up the Russian
fleet at Port Arthur by sinking a fleet
of stone-laden merchant steamers in
the mouth of the harbor ovidently
foiled, though the venture caused no
lose of life and the vessels lost were
not of great value.
Five t'hips were prepared by Vicc
Admiral Togo for the attempted block
ade. Four are reported to havo been
sunk, but the fate of the fifth is un
known here. It Is presumed that it
withdraw with the other Japanese ves
sels. The Ave vessels were filled with
stones so as to make the obstruction
permanenL and were manned by volun
teer morchant crews. It was Impossi
ble to select naval officers and sailors
on account of their great- rivalry to
participate in the daring venture.
Accompanied by four battleships,
nine cruisers and numerous vessels of
the torpedo flotilla, the stone-laden
steamers reached Port Arthur on
, Wednesday. While the fleet engaged
the shore batteries the steamers mndc
a dash for the mouth of the harbor, di
rectly under the Russian guns.
Details of the attack have not been
received here, but It Is evident that the
Russian fire sank the steamers before
they reached the points planned for
their foundering hy the Japanese.
It is said that all of the crews of the
four vessels escaped In boats and wero
picked up by Japanese torpedo-boat de
stroyers. The report that two of the
torpedo-boat destroyers were sunk by
the Russians Is denied.
The naval department has received a
brief dispatch from the commander of
one of tho torpedo-boat destroyers, say
ing that no lives and no warshlpp were
losL and that no damage was Inflicted
by the Russians.
The five merchant vessels which were
prepared for sinking were the Jlnsen
Maru of 2331 tons, the Tien Tsin Maru
of 2043 tons, the Hokoku Maru of 2776
tons, the Buyo Maru of 1169 tons, and
tho Bushlu Maru of 1349 tons. Each
carried five men, two steering and
thrco firing and running the engineo.
4- t
4 NEW YORK, Feb. 26. Arrivals from Port Arthur report that be- 4
4- fore the Tuesday attack the Russians received timely warning from thrco
torpedo boat destroyers which met the Japanese fleet twenty miles out- 4-
4- side, says a Herald dispatch from Chef 00. , 4-
4- The Japanese fleet approached to within eight miles of tho entrance
4- and commenced the attack. 4
4- The first to retaliate were the forts, followed by the Petropavlovsk, 4-
the Novik, the Pallada and the Askold. 4-
4- The engagement lasted until nearly daylight, when the Japanese re- 4
tired. Evidently they attempted to destroy the arsenal. 4
4 The forts had live guns silenced. 4-
4- Tlie damage to the town was serious. One shell struck amid the 4-
' anchorage- of Junks, blowing many to atoms. - 4
4- The Newsky works and the engine works were struck three times. 4
4- Several shells fell Just short of the arsenal, striking the mud wall .4-
4" surrounding it, but doing no damage. 4
4 . Several guards were killed hy bursting shells. Civilians took refuge 4-
4- in the new part of Port Arthur. 4
4- Five thousand men are working day and night strengthening the de- 4
4- fenses of the garrison, which is 20.000 strong and well provisioned. 4
Three merchant ateatnera are still at Port Arthur. 4-
Radium fluid, or a Hallno solution Im
pregnated by induction with the properties
of radium, is believed by Dr. Samuel G.
Tracy to be endowed with thcrapoutical
possibilities Jhat -may work a revolution
in thu ireatTieut of many disease!, and
may strike at tho root o Buch Hcourgcs aa
tuberculosis, .Uphthurla, typhoid and othor
Infectious nialadlps, ami tho protozoal dis
eases, buch an mularla, und perhaps scar
let fovor.
"I have been u.sinjr radium for about
three months," ho said recently, "and
somo of the cases treated havo already
Bhown marked improvement. I hope to be
.able to niak'i specific and favorable re
ports in a very short time. I havo made
a formal statement of my oxprimentu for
the benefit of tho profession. It medical
men take up the Investigation thus out
lined I havo no doubt tnat it will be
proved by clinical facts that radium is
destined to be a, vary URcfal tbroapeutlo
In tho treatment of diseases that havo not
as yet been found amenable to tho usual
methods of treatment. .
"F have bi;n working- along certain spe
cial lines of electro-therapeutics for ten
years." addd Dr. Tracy, "and have now
recognised a comparatlvuly new physical
j property In radium, that oi Induced radio
activity, or that property of radium
whereby it imparts radioactivity to othor
bodies in Its immediate environmeuL Ra
dlum, as is well known, possexsos antisep
tic and antl-fermentatlvc qualities. 1 rea
son, therefore, that wo might suppose it
had aii.lnhlbitiva effect on Infectious dl
easos. , "In ny experiments on induced radio
activity I found, as I explain in my .stato
niijiit in the Medical Journal, that a nor
mal salt solution is one of tho best media
for tho manifestation of thla phenomino,i.
"Tho method I employed was tho Inser
tion ai two hermoticidly scobid tubes of
radium bromide Into a bottle containing
tho salt nolutlori. One tube contained a
small quantity of pure radium, having a
radioactivity of l.SDO.000. The other tube
contained ten milligrammes of 130.000 ra
dioactivity. These tubes remained m the
salt solution for twenty-four hours. That
tho solution v.'us impregnated with tho
properties of the radium which hnd im
parted to tho lluld Induced radioactivity
1 was proved by tho fact that photographs
of a numbsr of articles wore taken by it
I after an oxposuro of twenty-four and thlr-
1 ty-Blx hours.
I "Now, remembering the germicidal and
antl-fermentatlvc qualities ct radium, it
was found thut these qualities, though in
a lean degree, wero prcGt-nt also in the ra,
I dloaotivity Induced In the normal salt so
lution. Its effect upon micro-organisms
and fermentation, is well as Its likoly ac
tion upon the tissues and llulds of the
body mad me believo that the uac of thie
radium fluid, admlnlutored internally, will
bo of service In Intestinal dlseaueo, as uIho
for sprays, gargle, inhalations, for ure in
surgical dressings with oaturated com
presses, and in many other vavd a vast
field of positive usefulness I believe will be
opened for it if preuent experiments give,
the results hoped for."
Dr. Tracy said he wa carrying on a
series of observations at the Vatidt-rbllt
Clinic and the Now York Skin and Cancer
hospital, but that medical cthicn would
not allow him to discuss the specific cci'f a.
Hp hoped, however, at an early date to bo
able to lay full details beforo the profes
sion, so nn to explain the favorable rvaultB
of ills theory.
"I must impress on you," he ooid In con
clusion, "that theeo experinvmts havu not
yot been widu cnousrh to make positive
statements, other than that we hope that
tho Internal administration of this radium
fluid will strike at the root of the dlseaHO
and that tho light against tho bacteria
will thus bo waged directlv in the tissues
nflcted through the agency of the blood
and lymph circulations and the v irlous
internal secretions." New York Cor. St
.Louie Poit-Dispatca,
Salt Lake Baseball Fans
$ust Gat Busy. !
Other Cities in the League Ar
Ready. i
Local Association Is Handicapped,
for Funds in the Work of
Scouring- Players. i
There wn5 r. llttlo stir anionij- tho base- j
ball fans here 3'osterday wlion it became
known that "Slat" Davis, the crack
ilrst bowman of last year's team, liad
been signed for that position for tho com
ing season. Every enthusiast in town
accrued tickled with the news and nat
urally inferred that the association hero
had ovcrcoino all its difficulties. This, j
howover, is fnr from the truth, and the
situation is looking no hotter at tho pres
ent time than It luis for a long while.
Tho association i3 up against It for ready
money with which to secure a team and
make ready for tlx. opening of the sea
son. "Slats" has merely been on the re
serve hero and his signing yesterday doos
not signify much.
The truth Ls Salt Iake Is up against it
for "rocks " Tho association hasn't got
a red cont on hand and the people aro
taking no interost in tho outcome of th
gamo In this city for next summer. A
short time ago Salt Ixko was assuming
to say what othor cities should bo ad
mitted to tho leajiuo, and now that the
; league has been formed she seema to bo
dropping complotolv out of tho race. The
Salt Iako club's rights In tho leaguo have
been reserved through the energy of cer
tain of tho directors, but thnt Ls nil.
Along with tho other teams she has
posted her 51000 forfeit money to play to
tho closo of the season and unless some
thing is done, and done at once, this
monoy will havo boon lOHt and Salt Lako
will bo out In the- cold reading about
games In other cities instead of seeing the
real thing at Walker's flold.
Tho other towns In tho league, Spokane.
Butto and Boise, have organized strong
associations and are getting a hustle on
themselves. They arc preparing for the
opening of tho season, the latter part of
April, and aro signing thotr players. Man
agor McCIoskey of the Holso nlno has al
ready signed Georgo Babbitt nnd Gils
Klopf and leaves for the east tlds morn
ing to engage tho rest of the players.
Butte and Spokane are also both signing
their men and getting ready for the ante
season o practice work.
President Sam Newhouso of tho Salt
Iake club is out of town and there are
two vacancies on tho board of directors.
Vice-President Clorenco McCornlck and
Secretary C II. GriiTIlh are hustling
around a llttlo, but not getting their
hands on any money with which to do
business. They think It Is up to the peo
ple to display warm Interest at least In
the matter and come up with a llttlo
ca.sh. It Is tho intention to hold a meet
ing of tho board of directors, at least of
as many as can be- gotten together. In the
next few days and mako a final effort to
organize a team that will bo- a credit to
the city when the game opens up.
First Baseman Dillon Is to Play on
tho Coast, and Not With the
Brooklyn Nationals.
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2C It appears this
afternoon that the Los Angeles Baseball
association ha3 won out in its dispute
with tho Brooklyn National leaguo team
for tho services of First Baseman Dillon.
Manager Morley of the local team, who on
Wednesday night resigned because the Pa
cific Coast leaguo had voted to releaso
Dillon to Brooklyn, today received the fol
lowing telegram from Ban Johnson, presi
dent of tho American league and one of
tho conferees at tho meeting recently held
at San Francisco
"National league has no jurisdiction
over Dillon. My understanding you retain
Ed Dillon, assuming you had llrat con
tract with that player."
This telegram is in answer to one sent
to Johnson last night asking if tho Na
tional Association of Minor Leagues has
any jurlsdictidn over Dillon, who Is
claimed by a major leaguo club.
Johnson has taken Morley's view of the
matter, and it ls reasonably certain that
Dillon will remain with tho Lo Angeles
team and that Morley's resignation will
not be accepted, by the local association.
CHICAGO. Feb. 5i,-0n tlic clmrgo of
"cheating In clans work,'" Fred If all, the
crack distance runner of the L'nlverslly
of Chicago, has been suspended for the
quarter, and debarred from all uthletlc
contests for the rest of tho year. The
accusation against Hall Is that he copied
a geological map from tho map of anoth
er student.
Hall's defense Is that the work was as
signed to be done outside of classroom
hours and lie did not know It was not per
mitted for two students to work together.
The suspension will throw bin out of tho
remaining indoor meets, the spring out
door dual meets, tho trip east to thfc
Pennsylvania games, the conference meet?
and the Olympian contests.
Sport Notes.
In last night's billiard cun DotIb
mudo ldu points to De Verb's iC. The final
gamo of tho Mei-ios will bo played tonight.
Following tho billiard playing last night
a game of pool for 200 points was played
by Janws Cutler and Rice Sprague
against Capt. White and Josh Davis.
Whlto and Davis won the first Inning and
Cutler and Spruguo the second. The de
ciding inning will be played tonight.
Tho scoro at the end of last evening's
play in the pool contest between Walsh
and Schoffnor was: Walsh, 5S5: SchnofT
ner. ;S5. The game will bo finished lo
nlKht, Schtffner still having a chanco to
Wo have moved to No. 12 West Third
South. Will be glad to meet our old
friends and customers In our now loca
tion. On account of cheap rent we will
be able to glYC our patrone the benefit
of pame. and will sell good goods
cheaper than ever.
X. N. Lewis, Prop.
Fiavce Battle of Old-Time Ring
Enemies, in Which Honors Wore
Even at the End.
CHICAGO, Feb. 2fi. Jack Root of this
city and George Gardner of Lowell,
Mass,, fought a six-round draw her? to
night. 'lhe fight was fast throughout, :md with
the exception of the third rnui.d. when
Root had the hotter, and the fifth, when
Gardner ovened the. advantage Boot had
gained, the fight was even. Root played
for tho Jaw and Gardner for tho body
all through. Root landed frequently on
tho jaw in the third round, ojid at tho
closo Gardnor was hanging on. In the
fifth round Gardner givo Root a fccvero
pounding cn the hody and sent him to hla
t ornor badly weakened. Both men fought
desperately In the last round, and Root
landed a hord right on the Jaw that
force1 Gardner to clinch, lio quickly re
covered, however, and pvenod matters up
by a sprles of heavy body blows. Both
man were bleeding badly at tho finish.
key nnd Jack Munro. who are to fight
six rounds at tho Second armory in this
city tomorrow night, havo not yet ar
rived here. They are not expected until
tomorrow nfternoon. Both lighters havo
been In training in or near New York.
Reports received here arts to tho effect
that ihey havo Iraluod faithfully and are
In the best of condition for the bout Tho
men will fight for a guarantee and per
centage of the receipts. The managers of
the show say that tickets to the amount
of f50(V) have already been sold. Under
the law no decision can bo given by th
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 2C A heavy
rain again made tho track at Oakland a
sea of mud, but tho players had a good
lino on tho horses that wcro at homo in the
going, as all but one of tho winners were
well supported. Tho slx-furiong handicap
was tho feature and a field of four wont
to tho post. Princess Tltanla bolng a S to 2
favorite. Bullman had Uie mount and ho
soon sent tho mare to tho front. She won
easily from O'llagoiu whllo Ananias was
third. Quiz II. recovered his speed and
proved a surprise by winning the fifth
roco from Sol Llchtonstoln and Lans
downo, tho latter being a heavily played
favorite. Sir Tom Tiddler was again a
disappointment. Sterling Towers leading
him homo In tho second. Harry Robinson
bid Sterling Towers up from $400 to 3540,
but sho was retained.
Three Favorites Won.
LOS ANGELI3S, Feb. 26. Horses ran to'
form at Ascot today and threo favorites
camo homo In front. Tho best race on the.
card was tho fourtli at six furlongs, a
hlghwoight handicap. Best Man ruled fa
vorlto at 8 to 5. with Glonncvls and Mezzo
at 3's. Thcso throe, together with Dargin,
at 4, carried a world of money. Weather,
cloudy track, good.
$125,000 Blaze in New York.
NEW YORK. Feb. 26. Fire tonight
in a factory building occupied by the
Automatic Register company, the Pln
cus Shoe Manufacturing company, the
New York Knitting mills and the of
fices' of many produce dealers caused
$125,000 damage.
Record It.
When the Century Owl has laid Its
eggs and their young shall have died
of old age, it will still be on our records,
if ho don't pay. Merchants' Protective
association, scientific collectors of bad
debts. Top floor Commercial block.
Francis G. Luke, General Manager.
"Some' people don't like us."
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 26. Amos B. Ayres,
a heavy stockholder In one of the
largest dry good houses in the city, to
night committed suicide at his home by
taking carbolic acid. He was 62 years
old and. had been in ill health.
Record It.
When the Century Owl has laid its
eggs and their young shall have died
of old age. it will still be on our records,
if he don't pay. Merchants' Protective
Association, scientific collectors of bad
debts. Top floor Commercial block.
Francis G. Luke. General Manager.
"Some people don't like us."
VICTORIA, B. C. Feb. 25. By an order
Just received here from the BritlHh Admir
alty, the Canadian Pacific steamships of
the Empress line, plying botwen Victoria
and Oriental ports, have shipped their six
inch guns and are now aimed cruisers.
Groat Physician in Theory.
"That phy.slclun 1h wonderfully wise. No
matter what your Illness Ik ho can tell you
tho name- of tho gorm that caused It, and
what will euro it."
"But I understand lie lx not rromg out of
hift houue."
'TIo can't. Ha hits a cold, and a sons
finger, and a touch of dyspepsia, apt to
mention an attack of rbeumntlpm."
Washington Star.
For a Finishing- Touch.
Spendthrift Son Father, do jolt want
me to go through college?
Discouraged Father You might ikj well.
You've gopo through everything else.
Chicago Tribune.
Getting- a Coat From London- J
Mr. I-Iolyoake tells how ho smuggled a
coat to New York for a friend. It would
have cost 315 in America, but was made
for J24 in London, "I had to wait until
a friend of mine a property-owner In
Montreal was returning there," ho says.
"Ho wont out In the veasel In which Prin
cess Ix)Ulse sailed. He worn It occasion
ally on deck to qualify its being regarded
as a personal garment. So It arrived duty
free at Montreal. After looking about for
two or three mouths for a friend who
would wear It acroiM the frontier, it ar
rived, after six months' traveling diplo
macy, at tho hooso oC my friond In N&w
?Lork," Loadon News J
For improvement, but not in dental 3
work done by us. Wt 1150 tho very j
best up-to-dato dental mothode, ;
best material and tho be3t tatont. !
2-k Gqld Crownu ?5.00 !
t Bridge Work, per tooth 5.00 5
E Full Bet of Teeth 5.0) I
I Gold Fillings Jl.uo and up J
I Silver Fillings W fi
E Painless Extracting 50 f
B Guarantoo given with all work. S
H Lody attendant. IIourB, 8 to S.
U Sunday, 10 to 3. j
And Everything
Known in MiEsfc
at Reduced Prlcsa
Carstensen & Anson Co, j
Temple of Music.
Formerly Daynes Music Company.
Cfc-JL 1 HOMES "pLJ ry&St
fig' Caused By L-lv&f-T
Weakness la Men
AASichigan Specialist Finds an Easy
Way to Cure Any Case of SoxuaJ
Weakness Even in-thc Oldest Men.
This Wonderful Cure Has a Most
Marvelouo Record of Successes.
There aro thousands of cheerless
komc3 In thia country filled with dis
content and unlmppiness. lacking in love
and companionship through the sexual
weakness and physical impairment of a
man whose years do not Justify such a
condition. Indiscretions, abuses and
recklessness often cause a temporary
cessation of vital power that instantly
yields to the wonderful treatment dis
covered by the great specialist, Dr. H.
C. Raynor of Detroit, Michigan. It has
remained for this great physician to dis
cover that Eexual weakness and similar
troubles can be cured and In remarkable
short spaces of time. This treatment
does not ruin the stomach, adding the
miseries such injury entails, but It is a
new treatment that easily and quickly
restores youthful vigor to men as old
as S5.
The discovery is beyond doubt tho
most scientific and comprehensive that
our attention has ever been called to.
From all sides we hear private reports
of cures In j.-rubborn cases of sexual
weakness, enlargement of the prostate,)
varlcooele. spermatorrhoea, lost man
hood, lmpotcncy, emissions, prematur
ity, shrunken organs, lack of virile
power, bashfulness and timidity and like
unnatural conditions. It does this with
out appliances, vacuum pumps, electrio
belts or anything of that kind.
Satisfactory results are produced in a
day's use and a perfect cure In a short
time, regardless of age or the cause of
your condition.
The lucky discoverer simply desires to
get In touch with all men who can make
use of such a treatment. They should
address him in confidence. Dr. H. C.
Raynor, ISO Luck building, Detroit.
Mich., and immediately on receipt of
your name and address it Is his agree
ment with tills paper to send you a free
rece'pt or formula of this modern treat
ment by which you can cure yourself at
United States for the District of Utah. in
tho matter of AugusUne P. Goodmansen,
vol. bankrupt. In bankruptev. No. G$2.
To the creditors of Augustine P. Good
mansen of Salt Lake City, in tho county
of Salt Lako and district aforesaid, u.
Nollco Jr. hereby given that on the 20th
day of February, 3!XH. the nald Augustine
P. Goodmanson was duly adjudicated
bankrupt; and that the first meeting of his
creditors will bo held at my office In the
Commercial block. Salt Lako City, on the
Sth day of March, 30, at 11.S0 o'clock hi
tho l'oronoon, at which time the, said cred
itors may attend, prove their claims, ap
point a trustee, examine tho bankrupt and
transact such other business as may prop
erty corns bforo said moetlug.
Rofereo In Bu-nkruptcy.
Bait Lako City. Fob. 2C, 1004.
United States for tho District of Utah
Tn the matter of Joseph S Grow, vol.
bankrupt. In bankruptcy. No, CSI.
To the creditors of Joseph S. Grow of
Salt Lako City, in tho county of Salt Lake
and district aforesaid, a bankrupt.
Notice Is hereby given that on the 20th
day of February. 1HI. the said Joseph S.
Giow was duly adjudicated bankrupt; and
that the first meeting of his creditors will
bo hold at my office in the Commercial
block. Salt Lake City, on tho Sth day of
March. 1901, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon,
at which time the said creditors mav at
tend, provo their claims, appoint a trustee,
examine tho bankrupt nnd transact such
other business as may properly come be
fore said meeting.
Rofcree in Bankruptcy.
1 Salt Lake City, Fob. W, lOi.- J
..cynE.. if'
A positive and permanent Cur IW
Drunkenness. For terms and If fiirt
ture address j IjgT
Lock Box 480, i' K
g VIALL'S EXTRACT fj it3 55
I Where tho
I Carjj 5top. 1 1105
'I 1 1 1 riii pi
2 and
v4 .
(T 1 ?1MK
I Paying Resit fg
1 Pads Your lffl
6 J lie th
t Fixed Expense
I JlS"
B While buying a home Is a s &tiil
I iWn j
a way to lay up money. Oct n
I Plans. , ; h.
& !: 1 The
? At the Sign: "Whoso Roof a Ovi ftb fo
Your Head'" .-j ;
S; iItuu
Now at 73 W. 2nd So . but will r uiby
j movo March 15th to S2-0J .Main 8
S nnd "THE Z. C. M. I. WILL riflff
S OPPOSITE." U januc
i TO
" jm vm :wi v .1 imin,:,A y aazcggaa
Wo want you to uso. , nM
Three row
; Baking Powders K
It is perfectly pure and Its re ; ' . ,
; will pleaso and SATIS1T tho 3
critical. t rJTIO:
I Manufactured by ' kQAl
. Il-L'l'l LIUl'IfflM I.MII IU J'-1I-U) 111 I i i J fefcS
California and Eastern Race t4 r
. th
Special Sale Todaj
! $400 PIANO FOi !?
T ) le the-
I $175 i
Cash or Time. l $&
I Clayton Music Cfl J;
J Successors to Caldor's Sons ( enu
I Everything Musica 8 j
' mS0? sc Cigar
The Largest Selling Branf
Cigars in the Worldly

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