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ty The Salt Tmtct) TiminrE: TTedstesday MoiraTjsrGr, Maiicec 9, 1904.
I old honerine
Reappears at Sampler With a Splen
Hr did Quality of Lead and
Hj Silver Ores.
Hl The Urst lot of. crude ore to arrive
from the Honerlne of Stockton since ac-
tlvc production was suspended that the
H unwaterlng of Its channels through the
Hl long drain tunnel might proceed with-
Hj 1 out Interruption from any source, made
its appearance at the sampler last
H night, tills, said William F. Snyder,
H general manager, to be followed by the
H delivery of concentrates from the new
Hh mill on Saturday. Of the first-class ore
H that, according to camp assays, should
H ( show as much as 55 per cent lead, 2S
H ounces silver and $1.20 gold, there Is
H , 300 tons now at the surface, the rovenuo
Hl j from this source alone to place the mine
i on a self-sustalnlm; basis the prcsont
h 'l month, while the output of the mill
H ! ' Kvith the crushers running at their max-
Hl lmum, should soon enable the company
H to begin the reimbursement of those
H who have contributed so generously to
H the development and equipment ,of the
H mines. That the Honerlne Is back In
H the ore market after so lang a porlod Is
an event by which all Stockton must
B pront. and while, with present faclll-
ties for the transportation of Its ores,
1 the property will not bo permltter to
Hl i nssert its capacity as a producer, the
H market will at least be made to realize
i that another stalwart has appeared at
the counter with a class of wealth of
H , which dividends are made, with ilrst-
B class ore coming from the stopes and
H concentrates Issuing from the mill, an
H era of productiveness has. indeed, ar-
F rived at the Honerlne, and tho present
Vi season should sec it among the most
prominent of the State's bread-makers.
Hh It is understood that arrangements
1 for the reduction of the Honerlne s out-
1 , put have been made with the American
' Smelting and Refining company, and
1 that both concentrate and crude will go
'j to its furnaces for an indefinite period.
f Heavy buying of shares of the Utah
Con. of Bingham on orders from New
York continues on the Boston exchange
and, without discrediting Amalgamated,
perhaps the former possesses more of
the attributes of a leader than any in
f the Western array at this time, if It has
not for a long time. Tho splendid phys
ical condition of the mines and the en
largement of the smelter with Increased
earnings positively assured this year
are all conditions in favor of a 540 mar
ket before the close of the year and the
3 New York investor appears to know
! exactly what he Is about It Is not
'l what the mines of the company arc
1 capable of doing, hut what tho managc
J ment shall permit them, with adequate
I equipment, to do.
Ores of Good Quality Exposed Load
Prospects Out of Tonopah,
, T. F. Nlland, who conducts an assay
office at Sodavlllc, Nov., for which re
; glon he left Salt Lake a year ago, says
1 1 of tho bismuth discoveries out of that
J station that with Alexander Bottles ho
has a 4-foot ledge opened at three dlf-
ferent points to a depth of ton feet and
that no average has ever afforded lesa
ft than 4.-1S per cent bismuth, while seven
different samplings have been made. At
present the owners have about 700 tons
exposed, tho ores occurring as a sul
phide Mr. Nlland ays that about
1 twelve miles distant from Tonopah Is a
i group of silver and lead prospects, the
ores of which average about $90 per ton,
and that on each of fifteen locations
good ore is now exposed. Mr. Nlland
reports a great deal of Interest In the
various camps with construction rush-
lng on the railroad.
i Mines in Improved Condition With
j tho Mill in Commission.
Hon. Gcorgo "W. Bartch, presidont of
tho Sheba Gold and Silver Mining com
pany, roturncd yestorday from Its prop
erties In Humboldt county, Nevada, much
pleased with conditions throughout and
; rcljlng on nows of Important develop
ments In a short time. Tho now or main
tunnel, by which tho orc-bearlng channels
aro to bo tapped at greater depth, Is now
; advancing la heavlly-mlnerallzed matter,
i. which promises oro of good quality on any
r shift, east of the old workings, whllo tho
mill wont into commission on Monday,
' and Is now putting out a product that Is
' reminiscent of tho palmiest days In tho
carcor of tho famous old producer. In
the trial run it showed Itself capable of
) Gavlng 90 per cent of the metals con
tained In tho oro and with large volumes
' of tills oxposcd tho results cannot bo oth
er than satisfactory'.
Effect of "Water on the Drain Tunnel
Boady for the Bonds.
With tho waters again . getting ugly
around tho 1100-foot level In tho Lark
shaft at Bingham, It Is not unlikely that
the management will givo orders to pro
ceed with tho drain tunnel, on which
work was suspended some tlmo ago.
Howevor, tho condition may bo duo en
tirely to seepage from superficial sources
and until thl3 la determined tho situation
will remain as at present. Meanwhile not
a four of thoso conversant with conditions
in tho Dalton & Lark group and disclos
ures made In thu lowest workings alnco
tho unwatering of them who are urging It
upon tho management to go ahead with
tho main tunnel on Its merits as an out
let. This features of the undertaking has,
of course, never been lost sight of. From
tho EiiHt assurance has oomo that a mar
ket for the $l,00O.0CO bond Issue, recontly
authorized, has been provided, Rnd that
they, or as many of them ns tho com
pany desires to part with, will bo taken
at once. From tho company's various
properties the most gratifying reports
contlnuo to come, whllo tho bullion rec
ord at tho Bmelter does tho talking for
H Again, the Salt Laker.
H News of a sensational strike of lead and
h AiUAI. oro. In Eagle district, Antelopo
mountain, has been recelvod nt tho Re
view offlco, says tho Mining Review of
Ely, Nov. Tho claims, which havo only
recently been located, oro owned by Hen
ry Allon, H. E. White, L. C, Knrrlck and
Carlton Lowle, a Bolt Lako combination,
and tho assays show as high ns 73 per
cent lead and from 11 to 90 ounces silver,
I with good values In gold.
Tho day on the mining exchange
closed with the sale of 27,615 shares of
stock, for $5226.12, and with Grand Cen
tral again heading the procession, Its
shares dull, and inactive for so long a
time, In eager demand up to S3.S5, while
at the close tho Khopkcoper stood out
for $1. Daly West, on the other hand,
proved unruly, and sold readily at $34,
whllo Daly astonished Its adherents by
coming out to a bid of ?2. Con. Mcr
cur was also in the advanced class and
recorded a transfer at 03 cents, while
Bullion-Beck remained an offering at
$2, with Daly-Judge, stimulated by a
story of rich oro refusing to budge at
less than JG.05 and closing to a bid of
'54.00 While New York was quite ac
tively dealt in It was at the buyer's
price, the same applying to Martha
Washington and Star Con. Montana
Tonopah was held at $1.30, while 51 was
the best to be had for Mammoth, and
$1.10 for Little Bell, although tho
bunches of ore now coming In are quite
suggestive. Little Chief gratified an
order for 2000 at 4, while Uncle Sam
was traded In at 20 cents, the day clos
ing on the following market:
I A. M. II P. M.
Bid. IA8kcd.ll Bid. Asked.
AJnx .. J .03 MM ? .01 J -05V
Alice 10 10
Bulllon-B 2.00 2.00
Black Bess 01 .03
Butler-L 0OH .10 .lOVi .IMS
Carlaa (H .07 07".
Century 71 .79 SO
Con Mercur . .61 .61": .53
Daly 2.00 2.20 l.W 2.20
Doly-Judgo .. 4 .61 6.05 1.60 6.05
Daly West .. 33.60 31.50 33.50
Dalton -0i ........ .01
E &. B B -19 19
Galena 07 07
G Central ... 3.63 4.00 3.70 -1.00
norn Sll .... 1.00 1.40 1.00 1.40
Ingot 01 .01 .02 .Olj's
Llttlo Bell .. 1.00 1.10
Llttlo Chief . .03 .04 .OPi .01
L Mammoth .23 .10l .33 .42
La Relno I .02
Mammoth... 1.00 1.20 1.00 1.20
Manhattan .. .00U .COW .00 .00
May Dav ... .05 .06 M .00
Mar Wash .. .00 .00 3-1C .00 .CO 3-10
Mont-Tono .. 1.00 1.35 1.1C 1.30
Now York .. .09 .09 .0S .09
Ontario . 5.50 4.50 5.50
Potro 00 .' I .03
Rich-Ana, ... .01 .02 .01. .03
Sunshine 06 01
Swansea 40 35
S Swansea 09 09
Sacramonto . .20 20 .20)1
Sll King 70.09 70.CO
Star Con lG; .161 .16 .10
Sll Shlold ... .02 .03) .02 .01
Tctro 32 .31 .32 .35
U S 20.25 21.50 20.12 21.25
Undo S Con .IS .21 .19 .21
Utah 56 .60 I
Victor 02 .03 I -02 .05
Wabash 00 .00;4li .00
Yankee Con.. .45 ,4S ..15 .47
AJax. BOO at 5c; COO at 5c
Daly, 50 at J2.00.
May Day, 0000 at Oo; 200 at 6c, buyer
thirty days.
Martha Washington, 4000 at 3-16c.
Shares sold, 10.050.
Selling valuo. J45S.12.
Butlor-Llboral. 3000 at 10c
Con. Mercur, 100 at 63c
Daly West, 63 at 534.
Grand Central, 23 at $3.75; 50 at J3.83.
Martha Washington, 1000 at 3-16c.
New York, 1000 at 9c; 300 nt 9c.
Tetro, 500 at 32c.
Shares sold, 5S40
Selling value, J3146.3S.
Llttlo Chief, 20CO at 4c.
Martha Washington, 2000 at 3-10c.
New York, 500 at c; 500 at 9c; 200 at
Shares sold, 5200.
Selling value, 5202.S7.
AJax, 100 at 6c.
Daly West, 25 at $34.
Martha Washington, 2000 at 3-10cx
Now York, 2300 at 9c,
Star Con., 1000 at 16c; 1000 at 16c.
Undo Sam, ICO at 20c. r
Shares sold, 6525.
Selling value, $1115.75.
Boston Copper Market.
Special to The Tribune.
BOSTON, Mass., MaYch 8. There is no
change in tho situation of copper stocks.
Trading is still very quiet and prices firm
Utah was the only stock to show any
signs of life and strength while other
stocks merely show a sale. Tho weak
ness In Amalgamated had very llttlo ef
fect on the balnnco of tho list, which
closed at practically laat night's level.
Shares. Hlfih. Low. Closo.
Amalgamated .2127 $46.75 $15.87 545.87,
Bingham 50 19.00
Mercur 271 .65 .62 .02
Daly West ... 410 34.25 3-1.12' 34.12
United States.. 1116 20.37
Utah 1503 3-1.25 33.87 34.00
Curb Boston. 35.03C.12.
CHICAGO, March S. A struggle for
possession of on Alasgan gold mine
which in less than five years has yield
ed over $1,300,000 Is now going on secret
ly before a board of arbitration in Chi
cago. The claimant 1b the Ewcdlsh Evan
gelical Mission Covenant of America,
through a former missionary, N. O.
Hultebcrg o San Jose, Cal., and tho ac
tion Is directed against P. H. Anderson
of Chicago, another former missionary;
Dr. C. W. Johnson, also of Chicago, and
the Whlto Star Mining company, In
which a number of Chlcngoans are in
terested. In 1893 Mr. Hulteberg was engaged by
the Swedish Evangelical Mission Cove
nant to go to Cape Nome as missionary
for tho society. Mr. Hulteberg estab
lished a school at Golovln Bay, where
he remained until 1S9S, when falling
health forced him to return to tho
United States for a year.
His assistant at Golovin Bay was P.
H Anderson. Just before returning Mr.
Hulteberg found a "pocket" of gold and
now claims to be tho original discoverer
of the Nomo gold region. He located
his claim and left It in tho care of Mr.
Anderson, with the understanding, ho
says, that It was to be staked out and
held In trust for the church society. Mr.
Hulteberg did not return to Alaska un
til 1899. He found Hhat during his ab
senco Mr. Anderson, with the aid of
Gabrled Price, a practical miner, had
Btaked out nine claims adjoining the
original discovery claim. These claims
were held in the names, of various In-
BOSTON Crawford, Parker.
CHICAGO Auditorium, Groat Northern.
Palmar House
DENVISR Brown Pnlnco.
KANSAS CITY Midland, Coatca.
LOS ANGELES Tho Angelua, B. F.
Gardner. 05 Spring StreoL
NEW YORK Waldorf-Aatorlo. Impo
rlnl, Astor House.
OMAHA Tho Millard, Tho Paxton.
PORTLAND, OR. Portland Hotel.
ST. LOUIS Plan tors', Southern.
SEATTLE Hotel Northern.
WASHINGTON Wlllard. Raleigh.
dlvldunls. The last two were known as
No. S and No. 0. It lu this claim, No. 9,
that tho society seeks to recover.
Mr. Anderson took into partnership
with him Dr.. Johnson of Chicago, who
was acting physician for the Swedish
Mission Foclcty. In 1902 they formed
the White Star Mining company of Cal
ifornia, Last May the Whlto Star Min
ing company of Illinois was organized
In Chicago.
It is charged by President C. A. BJork
of tho Swedish missions Lhat tho sole
object of tho forming of these two cor
porations, ono selling out to tho othor,
was to cloud the title to tho property,
and thus prevent the society from get
ting relief at law.
Since 1899, It is declared, Mr. Ander
son has taken out about $4SO,000 In gold.
Claim No. S, It Is said, has netted Mr.
Price something like 5800,000 All told,
tho amount takon from these two
claims alone aggregates noarly $1,300,000
and the representatives of the Swedish
mission claim they can prove that a
greater sum has been realized.
San Francisco Mining Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO. "March 8. Tho offi
cial closing quotations for mining stocks
today wore as follows:
Alta j .OSJustlco OS
Andes 47 Mexican 1-70
Bdchcr 26 Occl Con S3
Best t B 2.03 Ophlr 4.50
Caledonia l.io Overman 25
Chal Con 34 Potosl 10
Chollar 17 Savage 70
Conildenco 1.05 Seg Belcher .10
C C & Va 1.70 Sierra Nov 51
Con Imp 02 Silver Hill 02
Crown Point 19 Union Con S3
Exchequer 14 Utah Con 19
Gould & C -11 Yd JackQt 35
Halo & Nor 91
Adams Con ?. 12 Ontario 4.25
Alice 2 Ophlr 4.40
Brccce 10 Phoenix 01
Com Tun 07 Potosl 21
C C & Va 1.55 Savago 61
Horn Silver 1.20 Sierra Nov 53
Iron Sllvor 1.C0 Small Hopes 23
Loadvlllo Con .. .02 Standard 2.50
Little Chief 00
Adventure . ..$2.12 Mohawk 33.25
Alloucz 3.50 Mont C & C... 2.50
Amal 45.75 Old Dom 10.12
Atlantic 7.00 Osceola 66.00
Bingham 19.00 Parrot 22.25
Cal .t Hoc. ..440.00 Qulncy 80.00
Centonnlal . ..10.75 Shannon .. 7.75
Copper R 40.00 Tamarack . ...93 CO
Daly West ....31.00 Trinity 4.50
Dom Coal 51. 00 U S Mining-.... 20.25
Franklin 7.12 U S Oil S.75
Grancy 3.23 Utah 31.00
Isle Royalo .... 7.00 Victoria 3.00
Mass Mining... 3.50 Winona 5.50
Michigan 4.12 Wolverine . ...74.00
Firo Clay in Largo Deposit Beady to
Respond to Miners' Needs.
Virtually adjoining tho great Iron de
posit near Cedar City, Iron county, Utah,
is a Are-clap deposit that Is largo In area
and tho quality Is of tho very best. That
the assertion as . regards quality Is truo
has been proven by tests mado years ago
whon tho citizens of that community built
smelters in their own crudo way, using
the fire clay which proved perfectly sat
isfactory, say.i Western Mlnoral Nows of
Modcna. A short dlatanco above tho
mountain pass known an tho Castles aro
to bo seen tho remains of ono of tho old
smcltors In which this clay was used, and
there aro still r. number of bars of tho
product lying around as a proof of tho
success of tho venture. Thus another coso
Is shown how naturo vies together, plac
ing these necessaries in closo proximity
to each other. Here wo havo the Iron and
flro clay which Is very necessary lying
sldo by sldo in inestimable quantities,
whllo the different kinds of fluxing that
may be needed can bo had In tho samo vi
cinity. Tho day Is not far distant when
tho Iron field of Iron county, Utah, will
present a lively appearance.
Conditions a Little Quiet but Ores Aro
Awaiting Extraction.
Dr. W. W. Cook, who camo up from
Frisco again yesterday to return to camp
last night, says of that portion of the big
mining district that while it Is lamentably
stagnant In spots In no wise 13 It duo to
any lack of wealth under ground, and
that overythlnfr Indicates the arrival of
means with which to dig it out In short
time. Whllo tho old Horn Silver contin
ues to pour out Its riches, tho most Inter
esting llguro In tho dlggln's down thcro
at this ilmo 13 tho Cactus, and equip
ments with which It la about to bo en
dowed, and yet thcro arc chips off tho
samo block that promjso as much with
corresponding development. Much Inter
est Is manifested In tho recent develop
ments by Mr. Hcndrickson Just over tho
horizon above tho Horn Sliver, and with
sinews which aro promised nt an early
day the camp will no doubt becomo moat
Oro and Bullion.
In tho ore and bullion market tho day's
settlements amounted to $05,S00, McCor
nlck & Co, rcporthiK- thorn as they follow:
American bullion, J32.200; gold, silver, lead
and copper ores. $33,000.
In tho motal mnrket Bllvor ruled at 57T
cents nn ounce, lead at $3.50 por hundred
pounds and casting copper at 11 cents
a pound.
Large, superb and Incomparable. Lo
cal and long-dl8fanco tolophono In
every rooiiL
Pembroke Sells It.
But has no solicitors on tho stroot.
'Phono us 768 for everything In office
supplies, stationery, printing, binding.
Sign of the big yellow pencil.
All $1.50 books at 75c to 51.0S. A. R.
Derge &. Co.
We will furnish It all. Tho labor and
material for the decorating of your
home. Paint, painters and wallpaper
"Always the best." W. A. Duvall, 124
tW. 2nd So., 'Phono LU5-K, t293
Views of Export Smelter Talent After
an Examination of Its
A prominent mining cr.glnocr who has
been, unheralded, making an Inventory
of assets belonging to tho .Monarch and
Majestic Mining companies In Beaver
county In behalf of certain Eastern In
terests, says there are fluxes and ores
enough exposed to supply the needs of a
smelter Indefinitely and that with the
ores and fluxes of each of the systems
on which to draw there Is no reason
why the smelter now on tho ground
should not be, sixty or ninety dayB
later, fired up and kept In continuous
operation. With the co-operation that
tho valley smelters afford and the ea
gerness with which a matto Is sought
tho world over, said the gentleman,
there Is nothing to Justify the manage
ment of the Majestic smelter In permit
ting It to remain indefinitely Idle. Cer
tainly an experienced smelter man
would experience no troublo In profit
ably opera-ting it 'as a "custom" plant
Indeed there ought to be money In It.
The trouble with the Inexperienced,
said the vipltor, Is that they have got It
Into their heads that there Is no money
In any but a "high-grade" matte. What
the smolter to which the product Is of
fered desires Is a "clean" matte, and If
this cannot be produced from ores of
which tho system of mines Inquired Into
by him then he has "mistaken his pro
fession" and his "oxpcrlcnce has bien
entirely for naught.' It is suggested
that if thoso who aro now trying to
bring tho two systems together would
study the proposition along these lines
that negotiations would be easier and
the results sought attained at much
earlles day.
The gentleman, without offense, has
simply emphasized that which has been
advanced by a number who havo ex
amined the resources of the regions and
who have studied the needs of tho big
undertaking from a metallurgical
standpoint. Perhaps the properties and
plant could be leased by an experienced
smelter man.
Satisfied, after exhaustive experi
ments, that with his machine the zinc
ores of Park City' can bo made a sourco
of revenue as permanent as that de
rived from the other metals of which
tho peerless camp Is productive, W. G.
Swart, representing the Blake-Morscher
separator, will leave for Colorado to
day. That arrangements which shall
enable him to Install his process at
Park City havo been effected, Mr.
Swart confessed, although he was not
prepared yesterday to exploit the de
tails. The reduction of zinc ores from
that locality, Mr. Swart says, he found
an easy task, the product which con
tained about 57 per cent of that metal
affording 522.50, or thereabouts, on tho
Denver market, while In addition to
this Is a by-product containing iron,
sliver and lead Is made a source of fur
ther revenue. Mr. Swart says ho has
no doubt of the application of his meth
od In the camp which has permitted so
much of this metal with more or less
sliver .and lead with Iron to go to wasto
and with several machines now in the
manufactory it Is not unlikely that they
will be In ukc up thcro duringAhc sum
mer. Meanwhile a machine ls on Its
way to Golcondo, Nev , for use In tho
Glasgow and Western Exploration com
pany's big plant and results at that
point will be awaited with much in
terest. Tho method described by Mr. Swart
Is a very simple and Inexpensive one, a
single unit of power reducing fifteen
tons of oro dally. Mr. Jackllng, man
aging director of the Utah Copper com
pany, who has Inquired Into It, says it
affords great possibilities while certain
ly it possesses the merit of originality.
Superintendent of Construction to
Preparo for Active Building'.
With a squad of experienced men Jo
seph Dcderlchs, superintendent of con
struction on tho staff of Samuol Now
houso, departed for tho Ncwhouso mines
In Beaver county last night to blazo tho
way for actlvo construction on tho big
Ncwhouso concentrator. Today ho will
begin tho concrete work on tho main res
ervoir 1200 fcot distant from the founda
tion, above which tho mill Is to bo reared,
this reservoir, wltli a capacity of 400,000
gallons of wntor, to bo connected by plpo
with tho tank above the plant. The con
creting of tho mnln reservoir complctod,
tho breaking of ground for tho concen
trator will follow.
Mcanwhllo tho driving of tho main tun
nol through which the ores will be deliv
ered Into the bins of tho mill Is progress
ing steadily and at tho rato of about 13
feet dally with but 26CO fcot moro of oarth
to bo penetrated. On the ore bodies actlvo
work will not bo resumed until a signal
comes from tho mill that It 13 ready for
the loading of the bins. Indeed tho cam
paign now will bo ono of construction.
High-Grado Product of tho Butler
Liberal Again in Transit,
Tho aotlvo forwarding of first-class oro
from tho Bingham properties of the But-lcr-LIberal
Mining company was resumed
again on Monday Inst, tho lot consisting
of four carloads running high up in lead
with some silver and gold, the dellvory of
second-class oro at the Dewoy mill to fol
low ae soon as tho roads dry out, sold
Manager Jacobs, and teams shall permit.
Tho machine drills will be In placo and
work on the now tunnel which should ao
materially promote ovory lnterost moro
Jgoroualy prosocuted by Monday next.
Whllo official noto has not boon posted,
It was sold yestorday that tho Grand Con
tra! will, without doubt, mako tho usual
distribution, tho preuont month, and that;
not only havo tho means with which to do
It been earned, but that larger unit will
bo added to thu surplus than at any period
Blnco early days. Tho output of tho prop
erties in February not only revealed an In
creased tonnnifo but, It Is said, tho valuo 1
of tho output exceeded any of correspond- j
lng period slnco tho sonsatlonal days of
tho Butterfly atopc. Manager Looao has
ovorythlng, Indeed, In excellent condition,
and whllo hoavy oxiraatlon lo going on
above, lowor lovclo arc responding In man
ner to maintain astonishing reserves.
Iillnin;;; Notes.
Tho Continental of Alta reached tho
smelter with another lot of oro during
tho day.
Vivian P. Strango has gone to Bingham
to conduct an examination of mining
Good weathor in Deep Crook presages
an early resumption at tho Sheba com
pany's plant.
Postmaster Stlllwcll of Alta Is eched
uled to return to camp this morning, tho
weather permitting.
Tho movement of ores over tho Copper
Belt railway at Bingham was ugaln In
progress during tho day.
E. J. Raddatz, superintendent of the
Honorlno of Stockton, dopartcd for camp
again yesterday morning.
W. J. Lawrence, manager of tho Scot
tish Chluf, has gono to that prospective
bonanza out of Park City.
Tho actlvo reduction of oro at tho Ohio
copper company's Bingham mill will bo
resumed again In a fow hours.
F. M. Taylor has arrived from Butte.
Mont., and Is Inquiring Into conditions at
tho Taylor & Brunton sampler.
Tho dicker Involving tho Congor, tho
Midland and others at Bingham 1b mov
ing along, It Is claimed, to eatlsfactory
Col. Nicholas Trowcek reports every
thing moving toward an early resumption
nt tho Queen group, out of Halloy, on
which hto syudlcato recently procured an
Mannpor Robinson and Capt. Henry
Stern of tho Tlntlc Mining and Develop
ment company havo returned from the
Ynmpa smelter.
It is reported that tho management of
the Buckhorn mines at Ophlr has under
consideration tho construction of a tram
way at tho proporty over which to for
ward Its ores.
Superintendent Klrby of the Daly 'West
has returned to Its bonanzas at tho Park.
Messrs. D. C. Jackllng and Frank P.
Jannoy lcavo for tho' new Copper com
pany mill at Bingham this morning, hom
ing to find plenty of oro awaiting tho
For Infants and Childron.
The Kind Yau Have Always Bought
Signature of 2z7fe
Delicate enough, for tho softest
skin, and yet efficacious in removing
any stain. Keeps tho skin in perfect
condition. In tho bath gives all tho
desirable after-effects of n Turkish
bath. It should bo on every wash
Unequalled in Purity
Of the I
Great Southeast.
f is best reached -
t by the
. i
i I
:: t
Travelers Xrom tho West may I
ubo this lino through St. Louis, X
Memphis or Birmingham. -i-
Board of Trado Building, 4
Kansa3 City, Mo.
Tisthe "Comfort Line' 7
W. C. LINDSAY, General Agent.
Trav. Pass. Agent,
'i You are thinking of getting if it's on the Fashion Plate is
' here, ready to wear the moment you put it on. You'll ad- I
'jj mire yourself and feel as though others admired you and I
j they will, too. It don't take such an awful lot of money to I
dress well when you know where to trade. Look for this la-
j- bel; then go ahead:
j Ij?!!!! I
Your money refunded the moment you are displeased- j
jj 132 MAIN STREET. 1
j The OftSy g
i si
i The Burlington road is the only company having
its own rails and running solid trains from Denver W
to St. Louis. Think of this when you come to make S
j your Exposition trip this year. If you do, you will ml
d use the Burlington. You can step into our SL Louis
I Special at Denver at 2:00 p. m. one day, and you $
are in St. Louis the next afternoon at 6:50, or you m
can take the vestibuled flyer leaving Denver at it
10:35 p. m arriving in St. Louis the second morning WM
at 7 :10. Could you ask for anything better? B
isb nig H i km Un If orm oxccllonco ivould be a do-
llE8fo?!?ifiS:iill flcrlptlon of these trains. Tholr appoint- Kj
HgWurgBwJH9 monts are as nearly perfect as ha man K
3! li fiTO BTnTll li SHU TU I ln&enulty can dcvlso. Bfj
1 Ifnmll Ticket 0fnce 79 w SsC6Qd Soflth st m
li IKfiOjjJLlllj s F NESLEN, Gonoral Agent. B
,n EfFect 1 1
ARRrra '1
Flrn Ogden. Portland il
Butte. Son Francisco, ChV- lH
caro, SL Louis, Omaha Tl
fin Denver 8:30 o.m, 'fH
From Opden and lntermedl- d H
oto points 0:10 n.m, I
From Opden. Cnchc Valley. f
and lntnrmrdlato potnta.... 11:55 a.xn ll
From Ogrion, Chlcngo. St. 'flH
Louis, K.meas City, Oma- IH
nn,' Donvcr and Snn Fmn- il
cIbco 4:05 p.m. PHB
From Opdcn. Cache Valley. s WM
St. Anthony, Portland and feFH
Ban Francisco 6:55 p.m. llH
For Ogden. Omaha, Chicago. , jH
Denver, Kansas City and nn Hl
St Louis 6.-00 n,m,
Tor Ocdon, Portland, St. An- H
thony, Bxn Francisco and H
Intermediate points 10:20 a.m. B
For Ordon. Omaha. Chicago. H
Denver, Kansas City. SL 1
Tvouls nnd Snn Francisco... 1:10 p.ra, H
For Ogden, Cache Valloy. Bl
Denver, Kansas City. Omn- tlH
ha, SL Xxsulc and Chicago. 0:45 p.m. IH
For Ocden Cache Valley. IB
Butte. Helena, Portland, H
San Francisco and lntermo- IH
dlato points 11:45 p.m, IH
T, M. SCHUMACHER, Traffic Mfrr. H
f. B. DURLET. G. P. & T. A.
D. B. SPENCER, A. O, P. & T. A- , 1
City Tlckot otrlcc, 201 Main street. H
Telephone 30. 11
TIME rsx H
table, mm
San Pedro, Loo An- y4Vfcif?V jfl
Breles & Salt Lake VOn'ty
R. R. Co. KB
From Oregon Short Lino Depot, Salt 1
Lako City: I Hl
For Proro. Lehl, Fairfield and I HH
Nepal, Mantl and polnta on Hl
Sanpete Valley Ry 7 :30 a.m.
For Oarflcld Beach, Tooole, " H
Stockton, Mammoth, Euroka
and Silver City 8:00 a.m H
For Provo, American Fork, H
Lehl, Juab, MUford. Frisco,
CalUntcs and Intermediate H
polnU 6:05p.xn
From Provo, American Fork. . .. Ml
Lehl. Juab. Mllford, Frisco, Hi
Callenteo and Intermediate H
polnta 9:35 a.m
From Provo, Lehl, Fairfield, IH
Mercur and Sanpoto Valley
Ry. points 5:35 p.m
From Sllvor City, Mammoth, H
Eureka, Stockton. Tooolo IH
and Garflold Beach 5:35p.m HH
Dally Pullman. Buffet Sleoplng Car Ser- PK
trice between Salt Lolce, Mllford. Modena HrV
(md Callentes. IHh
Direct stage connections for all mlnlnfl IH
Ustricto In southern Utah and Nevada. Ifl
City Tlckot Offlco, 201 -Mala Street, - H
Telephone 250. P.
Gcn'L Pass. Agt. Commercial Act, Bl
Through car, Snlt Lako City to St. 1
Louis and Kansas City. Only ono changa IH
to New Tork, Buffalo nnd principal points
Sst low ratcy fr.r summer travol. iH
Especial attention to ladles and chll- i Hfl
dron. K IH
Tourist sloc-pcrs through to Chicago, IH
Boston and other points without change.
Two trains dally. IH
Inqulro nt ticket offlco, 1G3 Dooly block,
Salt Lako City. Any Information cheer- IH
fully given. H C. TOWNSEND.
G. P & T. A. Missouri Pacific Ry., St
Louis, Mo,
? Hi
In effect Kovember S3. 1903. jHfl
NTo. 10 For 31ngham, Hebor,
Provo and Maryavalo 8:00 a.ra,
No. 103 For Park City 8tl6 a.raj
No. 6 For Donvor and East... 8:20 a.m,
No. & For Ogdon and West 10:E0 n.m, WM
No. 1 For Ogdon and "West 1:45 p.m. r , PH
No. 2 For Denvor and Eaat.... 3:15 p.m; X K. MH
No. 8 For Provo and Eureka.. 5:00 p.m, '
No. & For Ogdon and local pts. 6:05 p.:a
No. 4 For Donvor and East 8:06 p.m.' IHI
No. 3 For Ogden and West 12:10 a,iru
No. 6 From Ogdon and the East 8:10 a.ra
No, 12 From Ogden and local pts 9:05 a.m
No. 7 From Euroka and Provo. .10:00 airv IMCl
No. 6 From Denvor and East. .10:40 Q-m, jQfl
No. 1 From Donvor and Ea3t. .V.25 p. m,
S'o. 2 From Ogden and tho "West 3;C6 p.m. Hfl
No. 101 From Park City..... 6:15 p.ni
No. 0 From Bingham, Heber, fU
Provo and Marysvalc 6:00 p.m
No. 4 From Ogden and tho West 7:55 p.m IH
No, 3 From Denver and East.. .11:59 pim
All trains except Nob. 1 to 6 atop at In
terraedlato points. IH
Ticket Oftlc, Dooly Block.
'Phono 205.
From Utah, to
Kansas City and Chicago. JJ
Also dlreot lino to Galveston, J
jPaao, City of Mosdco and the mining
camps of Now Moxioo and Arizona,
Ask mo about reduced rates oast.
O. P. "WARREN", v Wn
Genoxal Agent, No. 411 Dooly Block JL - Hfl
Bait Lako City. H
New and elegant In all Its appolntmontx
i0 rooms, olnglo or en suite, 51 rooms wlta . aBfd
bUw g, Holmcs Prop.rIetQ& JT jQ-

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