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Ohio Statesman Calls the Democratio
Side of the House to At
. , teutlon.
I, ! WASHINGTON, April 5. In the
I House of Representatives today dlscus-
F '' slon of the poatofllce bill opened the
way for political talk. Mr. Grosvenor
started the ball, devoting him-
self to a defease of the Re
publican party. Mr. De Armond, ho
paid, had indicted the leaders of the
House for an attempt to cover up
I crime.
"What crime," Mr. Grosvenor asked,
"has been committed In any one of the
, - branches of the administration of the
r Federal Govermnent, ami by whom?"
,Ho sarcastically remarked that when
I' a member of the House knew enough to
' hurl in the face of the majority of the
House the charge that thc-y were cover
ing: up and protecting: crimes "he
ought to know enough to make some
statement that somebody, somewhere,
i lmd committed some crime," Ho do-
cjarcd, amid laughter, that since the
references to the postofllco report in
4 the House the Democrats had gone
through a series of "agonlzlngs."
j Nothing1 to Investigate.
? "Why are you opposed to investlga-
i tlon?" Inquired Mr. De Armond.
I "For tho manifest reason," said Mr.
Grosvenor, "that the department has
f been thoroughly Investigated. All
I wrong doing has been laid bare."
L Mr. Grosvenor said this- had been
1 yhown by the convictions in Washing
ton, Baltimore, New York and else
where. "And." he said, referring to the
St. Louis boodle cases, "so far as we
tA know of there Is no ready made, willing
j Supreme court to set at liberty every
body who should be convicted."
Facing tho Democratic side, Mr.
Grosvenor said: "Tour entire clamor
and your libelous attacks have been
f based upon nothing but a deliberate
.purpose to tarnish the administration of
your Government In the interest of
party politics." He assured the Demo-
I crats that if they would come in with
a single charge in writing that some-
body had committed a crime in the
Postofllco department and had gone un
. prosecuted, "they will have an Investi
gation Instantly."
Dab at the Tariff.
Branching off on the tariff, he called
on Mr. De Armond to state what ought
to be changed In the tariff. "There
would be no ten of you," ho said, "that
will name the samo committee, no five
of you that will comu within CO per
v cent of It, and none of you will agree
on all of the Hems of the tariff," at
whioh there was much laughter. He
scored tho Democratic party on tho
tariff question as bolng composed of a
"'disorganized. broken-up, dismem
bered, helter-skelter crowd."
He got Into an argument with Mr.
Clark of Missouri regarding differences
j of opinion among Republicans on the
I tariff question, and said there was no
I difference of opinion as to the true basis
V,- on which protection must stand. "When
p- r the tlmo comes to amend the tariff." he
I ' fvehomentlv stated, "we will amend It."
it .V Democrats Not in It
I f Taking up the subject of trustF, Mr.
f Grosvenor declared that not one word
of praise or approval of the Sherman
act had come from Democratic sources.
He defended tho President for his at
titude concerning trusts, saying, "It is
enough for Mr. Roosevelt to show that
he took a law that had been con
demned by the Democratic party and
Cast out as worthless, and made It tho
most effective weapon and euglno for
the suppression of unlawful and in
jurious trusts that man has ever
dreamed could be put on the statute
books," He mentioned that the Presi
dent's attitude In connection with the
postofllco Investigation and the Panama,
canal treaty. In the lattor case he
K said tho President had risen in his
own person, In his own power as an In
dividual and as Presldont of tho United
States, and solved that problem In such
a manner that all the world looked on
with admiration, and he added that
there wan nobody In tho United States
that raised a sane voice against the
' When the first ship goes through tho
canal, It should carry In addition to
the American flag, another flag with
an Inscription testifying to the genius,
courage, skill and patriotism of the
Forgot Too Many Things.
"Haven't you forgotten something?"
inquired Mr. Fitzgerald of Now York.
Mr. Grosvenor convulsed the Houso
when he replied, after hesitating a mo
ment: "I have forgotten more than
you know."
Not pertrubed by this retort, Mr.
jVf Fitzgerald asked if there should not bo
added to the Inscription the fact that
the American people wore heartily
ashamed of the way they got the Pa
nama canal route.
Mr. Grosvenor replied that "several
little people got that way and so did
tjcveral big people," but no one dared
. condemn the action of the President In
that matter. He challenged the Pemo
crats to come forward now "and fool
with tho very weapon that has de
stroyed a number of tho groat mon of
your party already," and ha added,
amid laughter, "there are many others
on their way to the grave-yard." He
believed, ho said, tho people understood
tho President to be a genius and a man
of great power and unlimited patriot
ism, and the Democrats could not name
an afllrmatlve act of his that was not
done rlKht.
Returning to the subject of tho Re
publican party and Its principles, Mr.
Grosvenor said it was so united that
I there was not a man on their oldo of
the House who In an hour could not
draft a platform that would be unani
mously adopted at the coming- conven
Lrookjncr over the Democratic sldo he
inquired, amid laughter, "Don't you
wish you had a situation like that?" He
r maintained that the Democratic party
y was abundantly able to block the
whcelH. but when it came to doing
I something or agreeing to something, lb
was In the unfortunate condition of a
party "broken Into fragments during
all the pnst years of two splendid ad
ministrations by the Republicans."
M: The collectors of "BAD DEBTS"
jw have moved to rooms 207-210 new Atlas
block. 'Phone 2025-X and they will call
4 for your accounts.
IS V LANSING, Mich,, April S. The Su
JtjCi ) ik-V promo court today affirm d the qonvlc-
tlon In the Circuit court of Thomas F.
f McGarry, a prominent Grand Raplda at
f 1 tornoy, on tho charge of bribery, In con
1 nccllon with tho water deal.
I If your clock or watch don't keep
correct time, have it-fixed. 'Phono 65
tQZ the correct tlmet keyeoo'Sf
Sad Termination of a Pleasuro Party
in the Sunny South
land. TAMPA, Fla., April 5. Five persons, all
members of a pleasuro party from the
Florida Methodist college at Sutherland,
on the west coast of the gulf, thirty miles
west of Tampa, wore drowned noar An
clote liGhthouflo last night.
The doad; Mrs. Walker, wife of the
president of tho college: Miss O'Connor of
Atlanta. Ga.; Miss Slaughter of Suther
land. Miss McCray of Sutherland, Mr.
Bouland of Sutherland.
President Walker and Miss Novrton
reached tho beach alive. Tho bodies of
Mrs. Walker and Miss O'Conner have not
been recovered. Tho bodies of tho other
three who lost tholr Uvea wcro washed
ashoro and recovered.
Prsldent Walker had taken tho partv
out for a cruise to the lighthouse, but met
with rough water and tho boat was over
turned In tho gulf.
WASHINGTON, April 5 In the Sen
ate today Mr. Morgan called up his
resolution directing the Attorney-General
to Inform the Senate whether he
has made or is making on behalf of
tho United States a purchase of rlghjs
granted by Colombia to N. B. Wise for
the construction of an Isthmian canal
or any interest In the Panama rail
road. Ho used the resolution as the
foundation for a speech on the Panama
canal situation, declaring that the new
Panama Canal company la only a
lessee of the property rights on the
Isthmus, and said that when we pay
to tho Government of Panama that $10,
000,000 this Government will bo enti
tled to deal with the canal company as
a tenant.
In the Houso.
The proceedings in the House today
wore enlivened by speeches by Mr. De
Armond and Mr. Grosvenor, the for
mer attacking tho Republicans for
failure to order an Investigation Into
tho postofflco charges and to revise the
tariff, and the latter vigorously de
fending the Republican party and laud
ing President Roosevelt for the part ho
played In tho postal Investigation, tho
passage of the Cuban reciprocity law
and the treaty with Panama for the
construction of an Isthmian canal
Mr. OrriRVonnr frpnnonth' vnc Inlnp.
rupted and applauded by tho Republi
cans when he answerod the gibes of
several Democratic members on the
subject of the tariff and the postal in
vestigation. Earlier in the day Mr. Prince nil.), in
a vigorous speech, predicted friction
between the general staff of the army
and tho Secretary of War.
The military academy bill wa3 passed
without amendment.
TION. April 8, 1004.
In accordance with established cus
tom and in obedience to Instructions
of the national Republican committee,
the State Republican committee of
Utah directs that a State convention of
delegated representatives of the Re
publican party be held at Salt Lake
City, Utah, for the purpose of electing
six delcgates-at-large and six alternate
delegates-at-large to tho Republican
national convention of 1004, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may properly como before It, and that
Bald 6tate convention shall assemble at
10 o'clock a. m. on Friday, tho Sth day
of April, 1904. In the Salt Lake Theater.
The Republican electors of this Slate,
and all other electors, without regard to
past political affiliations, who bolleve
In the principles of the Republican
party and Indorse .ts policies, are
cordially invited to unito under this call
in the selection of said delegates and
The said State convention shall con
sist of 460 delegates, apportioned to th
several counties of this State on the
basis of one delegate for every nlnety
flve votes, or a majority fraction there
of, that were cast for Hon. Joseph
Howell for Representative in Congress
on November 4, 1902. In said counties
respectively. Herewith ts tho apportion
ment to each county:
, iDelo-
Counly. voto. gates.
Beaver 7K 8
Boxcldcr i,7CD 10
Cacho ..in ai
Carbon 735 8
Davis , i(230 in
Emory o) 7
Garllcld f,a r,
Grand 227 3
Iron c,
Juab 1,352 1,1
Kano .. 272 3
Millard S31 0
Morgan 391 4
Pluto 371 4
Rich 3U .
Salt Lako 11,836 123
San Juan . 91 1
Sanpete 2,745 23
Sovicr 1,350 14
Summit 1.S24 jo
Tooclo .. l.Mo ji
Uintah C2J 7
Utah 6,121 54
Wasatch 791 8
Washington 607 r
Wavno 310 3
Wober 4,274
All delegates phall he elected not less
than five days before the meeting of
the State convention. Tho respective
county committees are requested to
call conventlono or to otherwise ar
range for tho election of delegates to
the ' State convention. The chairmen
of the respective county committees
will forward to the chairman of the
State commlttoe, Immediately after
their election, a full list of the delegates
The Republican national convention
la to assemble at Chicago, 111., nt 12
o'clock noon, on Tuesday, the 21st day
of June, 1904. Delegatea and alternates
elected thereto will receive credentials
duly xlgned and attested by the chair
man and secretary of the State con
vention electing them.
By order of tho Republican State
TOM PITT, Secretary.
WASHINGTON, April S. The Secre
tary of War haH directed that permission
bo rrranted to tho Army Younir Men's
Christian association to establish lis work
at tho various posts of the army In tho
United Statoo and In tho Islands of Porto
Rico and tho Philippines.
bonic plague of a bad character has re
appeared, at, Afltofagasto,
Of Torturing Eczema ,
by Cuticura
When All Else Had
Utterly Failed.
"My baby, Owen Herbert Quirk, wis
afflicted from tho age of six weeks with
a loathsomo running eczema, almost
corering his face. I took him to Dra.
and of Victoria Road,
Aldershot, and he was treated by hem
for three months, hut got much worse,
and was a slckenlncr Blent to look at.
I saw an advertisement of the Cqtioura
Remedies, and got the So&p, Ointment
and Resolvent.
rr-K "We noticed an
vpS?V improvement at
BV (. kr once, and within t
AJ 3 fortnight the run
vffTfetr njng had ceaped
Jlte flffvV scleBwero
nearly all dried off,
'p Jp&3yfy An& ln 5 month his
Q ftJ fac0 was perfectly
jgfeffpteSjy clear, not & spot
Sjnj&e left. I have en
wJSn closed photograph
was thirteen months old. He is now
two years and four months, and has
never had the slightest return of It. I
am very grateful for the benefits de
rived from your remedies, and shall
feel it a pleasure to mike their value
known. For corroboration of this
statement you may refer any one to
Mrs. Williams, Michaels Road, Alder
shot, or Mr. Qongtane, 4V0 Victoria
Road, Aldershot, to whom we recom
mended the remedies for a skin humour,
which they also cured. You are at
liberty to do what you like with this
statement, as I should like all to know
of tho value of Cuticura."
No. 1 West End Cottages, Ruywood
Road, N. Southampton.
8V1 Quoarbo-at Um wtjM- CoHenn TUtotml, JGo,
fin farm cf ChoeoUii Coital PUU, Mr rlil of C3),
Ointment, Kc., Bop, lit. DtpoUT Lend co. K QurUr
bouM Rq.i rH, i Kaoda U ftix Bcwtos. 1(7 Cdanbai
An Polltr Dror Chcm. Corp., 8o! ProprUton.
cr$enA tor - Hev to Can Sccns4."
SAN FRANCISCO, April 5.-Oh the
resumption of tho Botkln murder trial
today Mrs. Botkln was recalled. Sho
repeated her former testimony that the
original of the anonymous letter sant
to Mrs. Dunning: had been destroyed,
and that the only alleged copy of It sho
had neen was a reproduction in a morn
ing paper.
John P. Dunning:, on being recalled,
testified that the loan, of $?00 he had
obtained from Mrs. Corbally was purely
a business transaction.
Pui-sor Brown of tho steamer Pomona
testified that the vessol arrived here at
4 a. m. on tho day the anonymous letter
was mailed.
Judge Cook then announced that he
had decided to rule out the deposition of
W. D. Walla, former Coroner of Dover,
Del., which was read yesterday by one
of the attorneys for tho defense.
PORTLAND. Or-, April C. A bomb
containing two pounds of powder,
heavily charged with nltro glyccrlno
and containing a box of 100 detonating
caps waa found on the guard rail of tho
steamer Albany of the Western Trans
portation company's lino this morning.
Tho fuse had burned almost to the
cap, but hud gono out. Had the bomb
exploded the Albany would doubtless
have been completely wrecked and
much damage done.
From tho fact that a quantity of Chi
nese tissue paper and a white sock
such as Is worn by Chinese was
wrapped around the lnfernnl machine,
It ia thought that the plot to dCBtroy
the steamer was evolved by Chinese.
Tho transportation company has per
sistently refused to employ Chinese,
thus Incurring their enmity. Tho Al
bany has been docked for two months
undergoing repairs,
GUTHRIE. Okla.. April B. Tho Citi
zen's bank at McLeud, Okla,, with a
capital of $10,000, closed Its door3 to-daj-,
nB a result of tho failure of thft
Capitol National bank. M. R. Sturte
vant, National bank examiner, reached
hero today and took charge of tho Cap
itol National. He Instructed the offi
cers of tho bank not to talk of its af
fairs, and declines to make a state
ment until a thorough examination of
tho Institution's books has been made.
Other local banks are considering n
plan to nssumo tho defunct bank's obligations.
PORTLAND, Or., April C The in
dictment by tho United States grand
Jury against T. A, Wood -vaH made
publio today. Wood and his pon,
Ilosea Wood, are charged with con
spiracy to defraud the United States
by making fraudulent application for
pensions for alleged Indian war soldiers ,
for widows and alleged soldiers, for pre
senting fraudulent applications to tho
Commissioner of Pensions, for making
false affidavits for both vulld and
fraudulent clulms and for filing such
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of ffJcMi
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y m the world I
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Lab Veoas Hot SrniHoo, Nett Mex., June 2, 1903, SBtBKSBBBp jm' S I
A negloclod cold caused cessation of the meases and I grew worsa each day. Mv strength, which ft n SBra m
had never been too robust, left mo altogether and I was only- too glad to do anything which would bring H flW HBHb. iiV M
back my health. I suffered raiecry and torture each menu and no longer had any desire to lire. But H g9L aiB flf K
booh after taking Wine of Cardui my spirits rose as I could fool my strength returning day by day. Hj
Tho raenses soon became regular and in four months tlmo I -was aa 0 wL IV m
well and frtxong m any one conld wish to bo. I am fnll of praise r,-H 1 wSfMB Wi m
and thankfulness for irbat Wino of Cardui has dono for mo. H I lURp H ffl
pnxaiDBtrr of towo woukr's lbaoue ox TOir uhxico. HI 1 H'kA (r
Can you read Mis Townsend's letter without appreciating the importance of D MKf . H
keeping the natural functions in a healthy and natural state? Can you read what J '
she writes and not be convinced that Wine of Cardui is a certain cure for ail Jm
menstrual disorders and ail the troubles they cause? Can you consistently tell jvv 9 I M
yourself that Wine of Cardui is a medicine that will not cure you? Will you not
go to your druggist today and buy a bottle of Wine of Cardui? "jfcHf p 11
NInc-tonths ot tho cnaea of head- I
aoho, verURO, nervouanefia, cro6- I
eyes, and many stomach disorders, H
w traceflblo directly to defcctjYO I
eyGolght. I
Lot us examlno your oyca and nt H
I them with a pair of properly nd
justed glasses. H
73 VTtat First South. 1
Thone- 1763-K.
I 0 H
I A fair trial Ml conbince the most 1
I KINGSFORD'S c00rnwltcH I I
1 is a Valuable and economical article of food: 1
I Ufhile the simplicity h?iih Ivhich it may be pre- I
1 pared appeals alike to the unskilled cook and 1
I experienced chef. Mrs. Helm Armstrong. I
T -st rw
r mi.--!
M Wasatch Academy. 1 "B
George H. Marshall. Principal I fiil
I ML Pleasant, Utah HPS
m I. N. Smith, Principal. .Losan. Utah M lH
Charlea F. Romlg, Principal.... H
I ' SprlnrvUle, Utah H
H Robert J. Caskcy. Principal IH
Salt Laks City
CaUUotfUcs free. Co rr 04 pondww M jH

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