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Bj 1 10 Tee Salt JuAKK 'Trebtote; Stotday Moknxstg, Jtote 5. 1904- ji '
I I I Haxrimon'a Experts Movlnp From
I L ' All Points In tho
r- ' ' ,' . Land,
I if? ENEKAL manager markitam
R of tho Southern Pacific pawed
' 4 If through Ogdon ycstorday cn route
to Chicago, whera ho will meet Mr.
Kruttschnltt nnd others hi tho general
l( j operating conference General Suporln-
j i tendont Buckingham nnd Chief Engineer
1 Ashtoii. accompanied by Mr. Bancroft
. rt and Traffic Manager Schumacher, loft
yesterday for tho samo place It Is evl-
k dont that tho conference will Includo nil
1 i the big chiefs of tho system, nnd that lm-
portant matters will bo discussed.
; , General Manager Mohlcr of the union
A , PaclMc will go to Chicago from Omaha,
c ! nnd othors from tho Eastern lines will no
4 doubt bo In attendance-
2 Up to dato tho only official on tho Har-
J l rlmnn system, who has general super-
i 1 virion over tho Alton and Kansas city
j . Southern, as well as tho Western lines, Is
J J TV. V. S. Thome, the manager of pur-
chnsca nnd supplies, who takes In all tho
i Harrlman linen. Tho trnffio and oprat-
t i ing director, as well as the general audl-
p tor, bnlv tnko In tho Union Pacific and al-
lied lines. It has been thought by pom
i ', railroad men that eventually the different
directors of departments will hnvo supcr-
t I virion over the Alton nnd Kajisaa City
r Southern also.
I J Burning1 Bent on tho Bio Grande
I 1 , Delayed Trains in Both.
; 'l .Directions,
i fVWE burning of an ordinary bent Is
s I 3 not unusual, but sometimes It may
f j B result in a delay to trains over a
I railroad. Down near Green River
I ' ! early yesterday morning eomo tramp or
i j a, passing locomotive net flro to a small
' wooden bridge spanning a mere ditoh, but
1 1 ' small ns was the damage It caused trouble
; ( for the road. Trains D and 4 had to trans-
1 for thotr passengers, and so did 1 and C,
i which took considerable time and was tho
1 1 reason for tho delayed trains yesterday.
As both eastbound trains were crowded
i with passengers, it meant qulta a colony
1 walking pant the tire.
General Superintendent Young and
I Bridge Supervisor Thompson went down
on a special early yesterday morning
nhcad of No. C to look after the work of
Instant repairing and transferring the
ii 1 crowds. By last night they had a new
brldgo put In nnd everything running
U smoothly.
I(. ' y Voting- Trust to End.
j 1 NEW YORK, Juno No effort will bo
rnndc to extend the voting trust of the
"Wisconsin Central, which lapses on July
, V 3. The trust was created in July, 1S53.
, nnd was to run for approximately flvo
? f I years, unless it should bo terminated at
I nn earlier date by the action of tho trus-
j tees themselves. An official circular has
been sent to the stockholders, notifying
l I ihem to deposit their trust certificates on
l I nnd aftor June 15 for conversion Into
I) 1 stock. It is not known who will control
( the railroad after tho dissolution of tho
' I trust.
1"' Bailroad Notes.
, The Falrmount Coal company. In which
the explosion occurred yesterday, Is the
company of which "W. G. Sharp Is tho
l Now York representative.
1 The San Pedro has another big baseball
excursion to Tlntlc today.
' I General Superintendent H. S. Kerr of
( the Sanpete Valley returns to Mantl to
day. I General Agent Elliott Marshall of the
, i I Burlington has beon moved to Leavxn-
T 1 worth and tho office of Assistant General
' , freight Agent Maxwell has boon moved
y i to- St. Joflcph. owing to the growing lm-
( portnnce of that river point.
I' Tracklaylng on tho San Pedro recom-
j menced yesterday.
' Messrs. Balch of tho San Pedro and
Q Brewer of the Short Line, with Mm. Balch
r and Mrs. Brewer, will take a run down
j j to Mcrcur today.
' j General Agent Vallory of the Burlington
nil! ho here next week to Join Mrs. Val-
V ' lery, who has been visiting her parents.
Eaatbound tralno are carrying manyi
j extra sleepers these days.
,, The Short Line has an Ogden excursion
if, today.
, The Rio Grande has tno excursions to-
5ay, one to Ca3tllla and the other to
s, Provo canyon.
I, E. W. Glllelt of the San Psdro Is ex-
' pected from Los Angeles next week.
P Commissary Grousn of tho Short Line
. dining car service Ls down from Pocatcllo.
, i( H. S. Stlnson of tho Klckel Plate was
. here yesterday.
(It 5unot still holds its place at the head
y A I of the railroad passenger dopartment pub-
j, i Hcations, although sc--cral have copied the
The diners running out of Salt Lake aro
civing great attention thesi days to Utnh
I I .-vegetables and fruit. Tho Utah article
j I le said to prove more popular than tho
J California-grown tuff.
B. Camp wns broken at Lagoon yester-
' 'day mornlngr by the high schooL cadeta
nnd after inspection of -various depart-
Hli) ments the boys enjoyed the pleasures
i ot the resort during the day and came
Kj home last evening, thus ending n very
,1! profitable week of military life "In the
m. U field." Much bad weather was en-
j A countered during the week at Camp
Eaton, but it seemed to serve only to
1 1 Sivc more life to the drill and parade
Hfri and otlier mllltar' maneuvers and the
.encampment proved the greatest pos
l . sible succeps.
, The proposed game of ball on alumni
f !, I; day was declared off on account of the
1 ruin, but the Held sports were run off
. h in the presence of a. large crowd, the
j following being tho summary of the
1 j 300-j'ard dash, Judson, company C,
first; Bassett, company D, second.
, ' Three-legged race Leaver and Pal-
Hr. i mcr, company A.
Kl ' HP sklP and Jump Won by Hlg-
. FOn"
t . Hurdle race Shores, llrst; CHve, sec-
, ond.
j Pole vault Judaon, 60-yard dash;
'( j Shores, first; Harris, second.
' 1 Tug of war A from C and D com-
' panics; C from B and D; flnala today
Hrjr I between A and C.
r A highly creditable exhibition bat-
Hi 1 tallon drill was given Friday night, fol-
Hlf f lowed by the retreat parade, when the
I cadets were reviewed by Llcut.-Col. J,
A. Grcenewald of the National GuariL
1 ' who -was accompanlod by Capt. I. "W.
I Bmcltxor, Intents. Basset, Ball and Hjia-
' Gould's Through Lino Will Be Opened
for Traffic in Threo "Weeks
From Today.
FROM Salt Lako City, Utah, to PlttP
burg, Pa., over tracks owned by
George Gould. That Is what It will
bo three weckn from today, Sunday,
Juno SS, when tho Wabash lino Into tho
Sniokcy City will bo thrown open to
freight and passenger trafflo by Joseph
Ramsey, Jr., president of tho line, and
ono of the brainiest lieutenants Mr. Gould
hns on his staff. It has been a long and
hard light to get Into tho city, but Gould
has won, and tho Pennsylvania hns had
to go away back and lake to tho siding.
For a while tho "Western Union hns boon
brought Into tho fight and Its lines thrown
off the Pennsylvania, ?o bitter wns the
feeling of tho older company, but with all
the opposition Gould haa had his way.
and his lines now teach from Utnh to
nearly the Atlnntlc. In another ohort
spaco of tlmo ho can step off his steam
yacht In Baltlmoro harbor and board his
Maryland train, which can tako him to
Pittsburg and thenco westward. ,
Tho Maryland link Is not built yet. but
John Q. Barlow, he who used to rush
tilings down nt Callentea nnd up near Po
catcllo, I at the holm, and as he Is re
membered as a great hustler when the
genoral manakcr's O. IC is on tho order,
it Ib sure that he Is building tho lino Just
ns fast as graders and trncklnycrs and
others can do the work.
When tho lino Is completo Gould will bo
ready to tako up his "Western Pacillc
work and then get a lino Into Now York.
That he will do It Is Just as certain as the
coming of day.
Any Boy or Girl Under 15 Tears Can
"Win Generous Prizes Offered
by "The Beavis System,"
Eyery lad and lasslo under IS years of
age will bo Interested In this contest for
half a hundred dollars In good United
States gold coin.
This splendid prize has been hong up
by Mr. J. Donnan Reavls. originator of
THE REAVIS SV'STEM" ,of homo build
ing, to be divided among tho bright boys
or girls, under 15 years, who make the
greatest number of English words from
tho lettora contained In the famous ad
vertising expression:
! HEAD?"
The occasion of this generous offer on
tho part of "THE REAVIS SYSTEM" Is
to promote interest, not only In tho home
building business of the donors, but also
to draw attention to tho oxcurslon and
! ERS' ASSOCIATION, which will be held
at Saltalr June 29.
At this picnic, which promlBea to be tho
greatost ever held In Utah, tho award of
the crises offered by "THE REAVIS
SYSTEM" will bo announced, and tho
prizes will be given to the boys or girls
making tho threo largest lists of sepa
rate words. To tho highest eatlmater
goes tho nrst prize, J25; second largest,
T16, third largest, J10 all in shining gold
If the winners are prcsont at Saltair
on tno day of the picnic tho additional
EUm of J5 will be added to each prize, and
tho money will bo paid from the music
stand of tbo dancing pavilion. If, how
ever, the winners aro not present, thelr
nanves will bo announced June 20th In
the newspapers, and tho monoy will "bo
paid on demand at tho office of 'THE
REAVIS SYSTEM," Main frtreet.
Three prominent citlxens WILLIAM
IGLEHEART, manager of the Salt Lak
Herald; PERRY S. HEATH, publisher
of The Salt Lake Tribune, and HORACE
G, WHITNEY, manager Doeret Evening
Js'ewo will act as Judges, and absolulo
fairness wtU govern tho awards.
,The estimates, hh received, will b-
dropped Into a. sealed metal box. tho keys
of which will be In the hands of tho
In order to give the Judges time to In
spect tho estimates bo as to mako an ai
nouncement of tho awards on tho day
of tho Real Estate Dealers' plcnio. Juno
SJfth, tho oontost will closo Jane 17th at
C p. m., and no estimates aftor that Um
will bo considered.
As the estimate's are received the Um
of arrival will tm stamped upon the on
vciopc, so aa to deal out Justice to all
Wo havo endeavored to plainly stato
the conditions under which the prize
will bo given, but in order to insure ab
solute fairness to all of tho contestants.
It has been decided to append a few sim
ple rules governing tho contest, manner
of awards, etc
FIRST Any boy or girl under 15 years
of age la eligible to win the prlxc In thla
centos L
SECOND The alphabetical letters In
the six words. "WHOSE ROOF 19 OVER
YOUR HEAD?" may be used as often as
desired, tho only aim being to construct
tho greatest number of words from Va
letters contained therein.
THIRD Plurals or posscsBtves will not
be considered new words.
FOURTH Synonyms will be considered,
as new words.
FIFTH Christian name, names of
towns, scientific terms, Bible namaa and'
mathematical terms win bo counted.
SIXTH Each word must be numberod
consecutively, so aa to simplify tho work
of the Judgoo..
SEVENTH Use Ink or typewriter In
writing your estlmato, and wrlto only on
ono eide of th paper. Ruled piper Is
EIGHTH In case ofa tie for any of
the prizes, the amount of the prize will
be divided equally among the tie estl
matcr. NINTH Only one etlmate can be made
In ono name,
IS OVER YOUR HBADr will not be
counted as new words
ELEVENTH Seal your estimates In an
envelope and mall It or deliver it in per
son addressed to
22-M Main SU "Tho Z. C. M. L'a oppo
6lte." Salt Lake City, Utah.
TWELFTH Each contestant will flTJ
out his or hor estimate In tbo manner
ctated below, and falluro to do so will ln
Talidato your claim to the prize.
"Whoso Roof la Over Your Head?"
Guessing Content.
The Reavls System, Ground Floor Se
curity Trust Building, 33-Si Main St.
This is tbe final estlmato ot
Full nanus. Btato address plabily.
Simply copy thWi form In making your
Tho Bight and "Wrong
Effects' in straw hats can be easily seen
by looking- over our splendid stock. We
have the right effects In various widths
of brim a.nd heights of crown.
. 168 Main. .St. '
BBrr Of which we are selling so many, is giving our
S? customers the best of satisfaction. It is fully guar-
welcome to come in and see the many good points
JSMM1 TERW18-$3.50 Down and $3.50 Per jj
'8 Month Mo""- No Bnterest. j
'SS We have a full and complete line of Gasoline
5 Stoves at. Low Prices and Easy Terms.
gfo P. A. SORENSEN, President, mrr 0 TeL- CA. O. E. DAVEY, Vioe. President
f 1.X.L.IS Installment House j
r The Complete House Furnishers, - 48 E. Second South Street.
Furniture, Carpets, Go-Carts and Baby Carriages, Crockery, Glassware, Pianos &
and Organs, Sewin& Machines, Washing Machines, Garden Nose, Etc., Etc.
$ TERMS. $ 1 bQO on $ 1 000; $i0nQ8 on $100.00
rttanr1;iSlrcnB-!-hllron,?th ot raJn;aritl body-Is nature's highest perfected work. With it man is success; trlth-rnnii-h
SlliJ'nrtnar y a m?n.hve been Iltted with a conaUtutlon lit to build such a structure upon, but through
foolish dissipations have wasted the materials nature gave thorn. Men live too fast those days. The search for
n7 g,Y efSUrC' ryI"S ? !fluoe? the happiness of a lifetime into a- fow years, exhausts the strength, and thy
are wrecked in man's grandest ambition-robust strength of brain and body. There are thousands of these weak
Um d puny men-half men-who caii be mado perfect specimens of manhood when the gr.ond element that hL been
drained from their systems Is restored. This element 1h Klectriclty. We linow there is no rtrenSh . no vltalfty S
fact, no life, without It. This being tho fact, can there be a more natural remedy? I say there la not aid tens if
thousands of cui-cs during my nearly forty years.' practice In Electricity say the same I have the creatert hiven
tton for .self-treatment by Electricity tho world has ever known, and so sure am I of what It will dfthat any mn
who nccda it can have the uae of my latest model Hcrculex T
Dr. Sanden Electric Belt Free Until Cured.
What would you -not give to have your old vim back, to feel as you did a few years ano- to havr ti,A
OR T N QiflMOCM 997 MARKET STREET, I c Hour.. 9 to 6. Sundays, 10 to 1.
Un, 1 1 W, dMraOCllg San Francisco, Cdifornla. tatdiaItaiijgritri0 Bclt Es"
Carlo Tedesco, the 15-year-old Bon of
James Tedesco of CG East First South
street, has tho careless driving of a
woman to thank for a badly cut hand
and for $20 damages that hla father
has. to pay for a broken, rimlo yhe
boy was coming down Stato street on
his bicycle and met a buggy, driven by
an unknown woman, at the corner of
First South street. The latter pulled
her horse first to the right, then to the
left, and the boy, to savo himself from
dashing Into the buggy, ran over the
pavement right into the window of the
Elk saloon. Fortunately his head went
between tho doors, but the bicycle went
through two double thicknesses of glass
and then through tho showcase of the
cigar ottmd, lnuide- the. aaloon, ffho
boy's hand was badly cut, the fletm be
ing torn off the knuckles of two lingers
,on his right hand, and a largo wound
being made on his thumb. The woman
who was the cause of the accident mado
herself conspicuous by her prompt and
speedy absence.
Aro you going, to the TVorld's fair?
Engage rooms with the Deseret Ac- '
commodation Co., 1623 aiissouri avo.
Bt.Xouls, ilcs
Is 10:30 tonight, to buy shoes at our
Any S5.00 pair at.' ?3.95
Any S3.50 pair nt. -.$2.95
Any 3.00 pair at $2.45
Any $2.50 pair at $1.95
3oys', Misses' and children's Shoes
cut in proportion.
258 So. Mam St.,
See Tvhat you save.
"MHM"Mr til H M
I flow to Put Op 1
t a Prescription I
t "With skill and caro that Is neces-
fary to prevent mistakes, Is a part -f
of our business that oxporlcnco and T
T caution havo made perfect. Our T
T now prescription department la T
T equipped with all the latest appll- T
T ances for accurato work, and wo T
I use nothing but the purest and A.
4. freshest drugs. Our reputation In
thlH line Is securing for us tho best
i cllcntolo In tho city, and If -we 4-
J. haven't your trado, we should havo -f
a part of It- X
j Welcome. Step In. All cars start T
T Irom
I Godbe-PStts Drug :
I Store , i
Widows loan money to friends am' ir
sometlmcs lose nearly every dollar tht J A I I
hnve In the world. DtJ ' I
Grocers and butchers, doctors aw if Hit'
bankers, the large department storw
and all of the smaller stores loee hur 1 '
dreds and Eometimcs thousands of an f
lars every year in trusting those tW lr
believe honest. Hundreds leave thtiF
bills unpaid and the merchants, bank- Il't I
ere, widows, landlords, doctors, and alii llfT '
classes tuni them to us for 0011601103. Iv
These bills aro all honestly due aw i
owlng. Som6 of tho3o bills aro hard h V
collect. Somo peoplo Intentionally 1
avoid paying. Vto employ a gr. 15. '.
many peoplo to assist us, but we nw '
moro help. TVc need tho help of cvlrr t'-'-'J
man and woman ano. every bright b k"
In tho Stato of Utah to assist 113 in tb !"
collection of theso claims. AltnMnifi
every person knows of some other W.'lf'''
son ngainst whom we have bills for t&)SL,
lection, and know where they are ttiijnfifi
cated and what doing. "We will r?!1'
any one for information that will hlflw
us collect from them, fliH
In every Instanco some one neejl mHtt,
money and it is honestly due and otkVBk-
"We want the peoplo In every tcAWyj:
evcrj city, and In every block of eveVwiL';.
city to read this advertisement and as
slst us In collecting these honeat debts 't-Virf'
Sometimes the people will pay Teadllv j& '
If the matter Is brought to their aun-7
tion at the right tlmo. A pointer to uj tt"
will enable us to find tho debtor ani if
collect tho debt Immodlatoly. "We wPJ 1.
pay you for the Information. Too. rear
write us or call on us. In every n. 'j'iCD
stance the Information Is strictly pr. -vate.
Under no circumstances will th f. S
source of the Information be divulrM
to any ono, not oven to tho parts for ''
whom we are collecting. If Is a roatwr ) V
that concerns you and us and pertain ' rats
to Uie collection of an honest debt for , t
some one. . (
If you do not think of anything today,
tell us when you do think of It "We lli
acknowledge receipt for all Informatics '
nnd pay llberallj- for the same as fastis 1 f tt
results are obtained. Call upon cr t
wrlto to us. This proposition Is goo ljtU!
today, tomorrow and at all times. Hert ISjIk'
Is a chance to mako some money eajy If
and help some one who needs ifc
monoy- ' nCTTi
The collection husincss is no side Is- 'II .,
sue with us. "'o have been In it cleru 'jlvj
years. Wo collect bad debts all 0Ttr-il--the
world. Our offices extend fron l(p
Utah to Honolulu We have tivemr. felil
eight assoclato ofllces. "Wo know
can collect bad and slow accounts. 0w te-'sr-facilities
are the best and nssoclaW if' ,';
with us are some of the best legal hi- Vii
ent in this entire "Western country, W SfflKAl
aro equipped to collect any kind of 1 ,
debt. T.
We aro spending four thousaci
($4000.00) dollars this year In advertl!- H,
Ing our business and tho commlsiloa kLi'A
we earn on collections we make pan tp i
for It all and leaves us a handfOEi
proflL Our success In the past hu KV 'A
been due to hard, conscientious Tori JU fcf-t
on our part and earnest appreciate 'JV &j;
on the part of our patrons. fc, H',
Does any one owe you? Do you vaxX C".
the money? -ijSi
Then see us or write. -E
Merchants' Protective Ajs'n, --
f rnu'i
Scientific Collectors of Bad Debts.
FRANCIS G. LUKE. Genoral Mana;-'fcS
er, U7-US-U3-124-123 Commercial .J 1
National Bank building.
"Some people don't like us" C tnJ
-4 Wot.
t SUPPLY FOR $1.00. ( igt'
0 9 Mi tbe
-- This Is less than 10 cents a. month i im j
for a nno tlsaua and antiseptic j Iff til:
$ TOILET PAPER. Our window $ j.
filled with It and for the week onlr i
you can get live threo thousand J j
$ sheet rolls for $1.(0. j s&i
'Phone 541; let us send you on 1'
V year's supply. J 5
Z Our other window displays Our I If.
J Instantaneous Xon-Polsonous BUG I t(
A KILLER, a very seasonable artlcla g Ju...
t In tills city at the present time. JSPSJ...
2 Large bottle for 25 cents. mtr
J. Same 'phone number will gtt 'Ji?,'
1 hottl.
Comer Opposlto Postofflce, ika,
J ffe
Agents for Lowney Candies. Bvi!
I Lyon & Ca's stock
invoiced $36,000, $
and is beino; sold by us 1 '
at from 20 to 50 dis 1
count from regular LStl111
values. tt''"
Removed to 133 South "W. Tempi . .
will receive prompt attention. Anwrlw KJWj;

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