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WdS dtoclow he amoimt ofjs- HkjF J I I J I7rll I 1 )F hC"! IW (4. ' I 1 I 1 I I ! I 1 SJdDcW,c'tacpan,,11,,3r hlB 1311
l 9& niorTOOT' York? IU 21,11 t0" wl
"WEATHER TODAY Generally fair. fi
7 mvmVJI' yo-63 ' Slt Lake City, Utah, Saturday MoBmo, Juyjg IS, 1904. 12 phges.fj.ve Gents 11
: 1 ir BIG SHELL
'1 fearful Havoc on Troop
! laden Vessel.
0 ! I i
W Ijhln of Projectiles Dropped
I m Ship Carrying Soldiers
lrH PfljiiMi Guns Cause Awful Slaughter
'wtftF on T13119?01 Beforo letter
re fctSL Is Sunk.
Ippltd. m
. mfi 1- Details in connec-
re fil Japanese transport Hitaohl by
'IrjQj! jj Ruwlon warships are being
Jumlshed by sun-Ivors. Tho Rus
hes bf! Van ihlps wore sighted at 7 o'clock
a91 itt the morning, and in response
ten's ilo a ehjnal the Hitachi was stopped,
attit at at 10 'c,ock 'under way
Thee 'igiia and attempted to escape. The
?9 Russians followed and opened a heavy
Iflre directed about the water line with
"3 bfoi 'ifcc evident Intention of. destroying the
Jroops on board. The nrc was terrific,
"i'oi In a few minutes the decks were
olio' .wvered with corpscu and awash with
ttvsh A'wd- One shell which struck the en-
n?2 M-rooin killed 200 men.
Transport Goes-Down.
y ., The ship tegon to llll, and sunk grad-
t vdy by the stern. At 6 o'clock In th9
tirenlnK she was completely submerged.
rer' A' Capt. Campbell, the English master of
" "V the, transport, jumped overboard at 2
,n' i'o'elock In the afternoon, and is num-
'KUi fbsred among the missing. The chief
w engineer was killed on the bridge. The
icOranwnder of the troops ordered the
,(criJ iflij to be burned, and then killed hlm
pbfcv fllf' The second mate committed sui
tes (i -'die. Many of the crew and troops es
rkuitt Reaped In the boats.
rtCB g Sado Still Afloat.
lnip The transport , Sado is still afloat, but
sjfS ; U" badly damaged. She Is being towed
rjTy flcto the nearest port. She sighted the
f Cii jHuulan fhlps thirty-five miles west of
. Bfclro Island. Their signals to stop were
i'lttli jtUnhetded, jo the Russians opened lire
irtaif .end signaled for thoso on board the
hiVr iEad0 10 Ieavq the shlp' UPn tat
ot Rl j' ool: t0 thc DOats. In this way
.t , nany escaped when the ship was even-
jtoally fired by the enemy.
t uPH number of men on board the two
J,34Lln!rorts and 1110 llBt oC casualties are
nuiklE ' ' 1
S"U I.
pious to Have
H Case Tried in Court
S'S rlleged Bribery Charges Against
nag1 g Tvo County Officials in Pueblo
- Ci- I Dismissed.
!f3fl sj - .
'. ;
sctto ;TLEBLO, Colo:, June 17. In the Dis
9 P Wct court today the bribery case
win 1 against County Commissioners A.
J H. Smith and John T. West were I
irti !1kd by the District Attorney, al
trfi' P511 tl,e attorny6 for the defendants
fiide strenuous efforts to have the
-Ti'i brouSut- to trial. The charges
tminst the two Commissioners were
jkwght by tho grand jury which re
sat i this city. After the case
Vtn fc? aiira'ssed fEe attorneys for the lc
NittJ air1 6 atatcd that tn.v wished to bring
ltK) case to trial because they havo evl
. ,j ttf thelr DOSesslon going to show
mRSm r..Sa5lember ot the fiand jury stated
,n3;,7i:f WTOtn that they must bring an
' l',r.nt flKalnst Smith in order to
,,,.".&t his elccUon for Sherin: next fall.
jK. "ork Women in Utah Schools.
'illlfJ' June 17'-la t,,e sccn sec-'
Slfrmu !L on,el1'3 coriffross today
SaKri ,j tr studir or wmen was dls
.'Sr,; Mib. Alice Home of the Utah
lSW.&tsUlure described the "Art Work oC
.aj.ftoaitn In Utah Schools." i
Golden Haired Baby
Saved from Wreck
Picked Up From Rows of Dead,
Where Ho Had Been Laid to
Be Tagged.
NEW YORK, June 17. Saved from
the wreck of the ill-fated steamer
General Slocum, there Is a little
unknown baby boy at Lebanon
hospital. Blue-eyed, golden-haired, and
plump, the little fellow creeps about the
wards- wondering what has caused so
much excitement, Nurres of the Island
hospital, inspecting the dead, found the
baby, where a policeman had laid him
down to be tagsred with the other un
known dead. They hurriedly carried
him o the reception hospital dormitorv.
Warm milk and a sleep brought tho lit
tle one around to laughing, prattling,
crying healthiness.
Late in the afternoon the baby was
sent to the Lebanon hospital, where it
was the only bright spot In the place
of sorrow and pain. A man. one of the
long line who wanned the fnecs of the
cMldren anxiously for his own missing
ones, saw the baby lo.te at night and
said ho thought he knew the parents
He went out to seek them but has not
returned to the hospital.
Smothered by
Shells From Japs
Lieutenant of Cossacks Details
Artillory Duel in the Recent
LIAO TANG, June 17. Tho wounded
In the first two days' fighting at
Vafangow are arriving. A Lieu
tennnt of cossacks gays the
American military attaches were with
his command most of June 15 during the
hottest part of the fight. He com
mented upon their coolness and their
professional interest In the operations
exclusion to tho idea of personal danger.
"The Russian artillery." the Lieu
tenant sayn. "was splendidly served, but
was outmatched in number by tho Japa
nese. One Russian battery pitted
against Japanese batteries was literally
smothered by Japanese shells. I saw
one buttery land three shells In the
midst of an ammunition train which
was galloping up to servo the Japanese
guns. Two caissons exploded, killing all
tho horses and drivers.
"The Japanese guns fired at least 1500
rounds. The Russians fired several
times on Japanese Infantry in close for
mation, causing tremendous havoc."
An officer of the Fourth battery says
his battery was in a duel at two and a
half miles with a Japanese battery and
eJlenced it. His battery then ran out of
ammunition and the men carried the
breech mechanism of the guns with
them to the rear and brought up a fresh
supply of ammunition and resumed
serving the gun.
Several of the Russian dead found In
the bushes were horribly mutilated. The
foreign attaches drew up a formal
memorandum of this.
Idaho Buys City Bonds.
Special to The Tribune.
WEISER, Ida,. June 17. The thirty-thousand-dollar
issue of school bonds of
Welser Independent school district have
been sold to the State ot Idaho at par.
The bonds aro issued for tho purposo of
constructing a high school building in
this city. The building will be one of
tho finest in the State, and modern and
up-to-dato in every respect. Work will
begin as soon as plans are received
from the architect.
Banker- Takes
His Own Life
Arrested ou Chargo of Eorgery and
False Entries, He Shoots
DALLAS. Tex., June 17. W. H.
Hayes, arrested here on a charge
of forgery and false entries in the
Elk City National bank of Elk
City, O. T., of which he was president,
has shot himself, and is dying. He was
arrested on a warrant sworn out by
"United StateM Attorney Horace Speed
of Guthrie. The bank failed a few
weeks aco. 1
Two Masked Hen Loot
ik Safes,
Northern Pacific Train Held
lip and Robbed in the
Engineer Forced by the Bandits
to Light the Sticks of
1 '
BEARMOUTH. Mont, June 17. At
31 o'clock last night two masked
men held up North Coast
limited Northern Pacific passen
ger train, castbound, a mile and a half
east jiL this station. After bringing the
train to a stop they dynamited the ex
press car, blew open the safe and se
cured all of ito contents. The amount
secured is not known, but is believed to
or. large. iicr mowing out tnc rear
lights of the train the two men disap
peared and have not been seen since.
Whcro Hold-Up Occurred.
The hold-up was similar to the one
which occurred two years ago In nearly
the same spot, and In which Engineer
O'Neill lodt his life. The hold-ups
boarded the tender of the engine at the
water tank at Bearmouth and after
having remained quiet until the train
had gone a mile and a half they crawled
up over tho coal and covered Engineer
Wade and Fireman Reed with their
guns and told them to throw up their
hands. Engineer Wado was then com
manded to bring his train to a stand
still and he immediately complied.
Engineer Touched Off Dynamite.
The engineer and fireman were or
dered from their engine and with the
hold-ups went back to the express car.
Before making an effort to gain an entrance-
they forced the engineer to light
a cigar. Tho express messenger was
commanded to open the door, but re
fused. The engineer was next com
manded to light a stick of dynamite, of
WhlCh OXnlOSlVA thp linl n Inrrr.
tlty, and place the lighted stick against
the car door. Tho force of the explo
sion completely wrecked the door and
the engineer and firemen were com
pelled to precede tho hold-ups Into the
car. Once admission was gained the
hold-ups at once directed their attention
to the strong box.
Safe Is Blown Open. '
Five sticks of dynamite were placed
on top of the safe and Ignited. The
force of the charge was Insignificant
and another and larger cap was used
The second charge exploded with terri
fic force, blowing out the side of tho car
and throwing the safe a distance of for
ty feet. After rifling the safe of its val
uables the robbers commanded the train
crew to remain quiet and no harm
would be done them.
The men then passed to the rear of
the train and after putting out both of
the roar lights of the train disappeared
in the darkness.
The i-aIlrond company has offered a
reward of 52000. dead or alive,, for each
of tho robbers, and the Statehas added
5500 to this
One hundred and eighty sticks of
dynamite tied In bundles of ten to a
bunch and all fused were found at the
scene of the hold-up.
Made Rich Haul.
Later advices say that the robbers
secured $65,000 from the Northern Pa
cific Express company's safe, which
they dynamited. The safe was billed
through from the coast to Chicago.
It is the bellof that the robbery is
the work of the famous "Dutch Henry"
gang,, which is the remnant of tho
band of desperadoes once headed by
Kid Curry. This crowd was active in
Teton county last winter, but has not
been heard from for some weeks and
was thought to have crossed the Ca
nadian line. "Dutch. Henry" is an old
pal of Curry's.
Nominated for Congress.
Twelfth Indiana district James SI.
Robinson, Democrat, renominated.
Portland Mining Co.
Demands Damages
Brings Action in Federal Court
Against Gov. Peabody and Others
for ? 100,000.
DENVER, Juno 17. Papers in the
U00,000 damage suit of the Port
land Gold Mining company
against Gov. James H. Peabody,
Adjt. Sherman M. Bell. C. C. Hamlin,
secretary of the Mine Owners' associa
tion, and others connected with that
body, as well as Sheriff Edward Bell of
Teller county and his deputies who as
sisted In the closing down of the Port
land mine, were served on Gov. Peabody
The Jurisdiction of the United States
court Is asked on the grounds that the
complainant is a citizen of the State of
Iowa and that he has been deprived of
tho enjoyment of his property without
duo process of law and in violation of
tho fourth, fifth, $lxth, seventh, eighth
and fourteenth amendments to the Con
stitution of the United States.
Gov. Peabody this afternoon received
notice that on June 22 application will
be made to United States Circuit Judge
Amos Thnyer In St. Louis for an Injunc
tion to restrain the Governor, the mili
tary and all other persons from Inter
fering with the operation of the Port
land mine.
James F. Burns, president of the
Portland company, refuses to discuss
his plans for publication, but 'it Is re
ported he has declared to friends his
purpose to defray all expenses of suits
that may be begun in the Federal court
against Gov. Peabody and others by
Portland miners who were deported
from Cripple Creek.
Boy Is Drowned
He Loses His Life in Attempt
ing to Cross tho Logan
Spoclal to The Tribune.
LDGAN, June 17. In tryig to ford the
Logan river today, Oswald Hopkins,
a boy of ten, was drowned and his
companion, Roy Rodgcra, about tho
samo age, narrowly escaped a similar fate.
It was about 4 o'clock this afternoon
when the ladu tried to cross tho river.
VoUng Rodgcrs was carried down tho
etream about hnlf a mile, whcro ho was
caught In tho brush, and wan rescued and
restored to consclouoncss. Tho body of
young HopkhiH was found at 7 o'clock
this evening: about three miles bolow tho
point whoro ho" had tried to ford tho river.
Another Battle
Near Tashichao
Advance Guard of Kurokl's Army
Collides With the Russian
LONDON, June IS. The Dally Mail's
Newchwang correspondent says:
"The advance guard of Gen. Ku
rokl's army are , colliding with
the Russian forces fifteen 'miles south
of Tashichao."
The Dally Mail In an editorial says
it thinks that the correspondent is mis
taken and that the force Is a fresh
Japanese army under Gen. Nodxu mov
ing from Sluycn to intercept Gen. Sta
kelberg's retreat.
Postal Changes.
Special to,Tho Tribune.
WASHINGTON, D. C, June 17.
Postmasters appointed: Idaho Cup
rum, Washington county, Joseph R.
Sears, vice Ferdinand Dangle, resigned;
Kanoka, Lincoln county, Mrs. Mary E.
Syster, vice Mrs. Minnie J. Chriswell,
Nevada Silver Peak, Esmeralda
county, Mrs. Dora Owsley, vice Nellie
Barba, resigned.
Electrocuted at Midnight.
COLUMBUS, O., Juno IS. Moses
Johnson, colored, of Portsmouth, O.,
was electrocuted at the Ohio peni
tentiary shortly after midnight for the
murder of Edward Test, an insurance
agent. Five shocks were administered
before the condemned man was pro
nounced dead.
Will Sit in Republican
National Committee by Unan
imous Vote DecrdfN
Fight Has Been Most Bittor, and the
La Follotte Faction Haseen4
Special to Tho Tribune. vT
CHICAGO, June 17. The Wisconsin
Stalwart?, headed by Senators
Spooner and Cjuarles, won out be
fore tho Republican National
committee today, when the committee,
by unanimous vote, turned down tho
crowd headed by Gov. La Follette and
decided to. scat the Stalwart delegation
In the National convention. Tho fight
was a bitter one and it Avas tnougnt at
dne time that the courts would be called
upon to decide which of tho contesting
delegations should have the right to sit
In the convention, x
Dispute Not Ended.
While tho contest is practicall- settled
so far as the National . convention is
concerned, the dispute among the two
factions Is not ended. Wisconsin courts
are to be asked to determine which of
tho two State conventions recently held
In Wisconsin was entitled to have the
names of its nominees for State officers
placed on the official ballot under the
regular party name.
La Follctto's side announced their de
termination to carry the fight to the end
and it is probable, In spite of the de
cision of tho committeemen that the dlsr
pute will again bo fought out before tho
committee pn Credentials in the Na
tional con-sJjjlbn.
FHj: of Decision.
This uctjjHjof the commlttoo has
caused consluerable talk as to what the
result will likely be In Wisconsin in, No
vember. The La Follette faction Is very
strong in tho State and the machine tun
by tho Governor has been i manipu
lated as to crush nearly ovdR' one who
has come in contact with it. This ma
chine slipped a cog at the recent Repub
lican State convention, and today it
was so badly used up as to render it al
most uselesa It is believed that
most of those who havo been riding In
it will now jump on to the Stalwart
band wagon and help to keep up the old
time majority in the State.
Figures on the State.
In this connection It might be said
that Wisconsin has not given Its elec
toral vote for any other candidate
than the Republican In many years,
with the exception of 1892. when Cleve
land can-led it by 6551 plurality, and
but twice In thirty-two years have the
Democracy carried It in State elections;
onco in 1390 and the other in 1S95. Mc
Klnley's plurality In 1900 was 10G.5S1,
and La Follette's In 1902. 17,099. This
year each faction has a State ticket of
its own in the field as well as a State
committee. The Stalwart delegation at
large Is United States Senators,
Spooner and Quarles and Congressmen
Babcock and Bacnsch.
Fairbanks Arrives.
Senator Fairbanks arrived In Chicago
today. He was unusually silent on the
subject of the Vice-Presidency.
Washington's delegation of fourteen
to tho convention, headed by Gen. J.
M. Ashton of Tacoma and Senator
Ankcny of Walla Walla, have ar
rived and headquarters opened. The
delegates declared they had no choice
for Vice-President.
Huge Painting of Honna.
A huge oil painting of the late Marcus
A. Hanna has been hung in the Coli
seum, where the convention will bo
held. It is the only portrait that will
greet the eyes of the delegates. It
measures twenty feet high and seven
teen feet wide. It Id mounted in a mas
sive gilt frame and has been placed Just
above and to the rear of the speakers'
platform, the most conspicuous place In
the hall.
Scott Makes a Statement.
Senator Scott of West Virginia to- f
night Issued the following, which may I
Russia Finds
Comfort in Defeat
Contend That Stakelberg Won More !
Than He Lost in Battle
at Vafangow.
ST. PETERSBURG, June 17. Mili
tary circles do not view the battle
of Vafangow as a defeat and they
contend that Gen. Stakelberg, un
like Lieut. Zassalltch, won more than
he lost. Whether Gen. Stakelberg's
expedition to the south had an imme
diate bearing on tho situation at Port
Arthur it is thought that his presence
has caused a diversion which "will ma
terially affect the operations in the
southern part of the Lluo Tung penin
sula. It Is thought unlikely thut the Japa
nese had north of Kin Chou such a
large force as thut which engaged Sta
kelborg's division, and the numbers
seem to indicate that they drew off
some of the troops operating against
Port Arthur.
Jt is pointed out that tho force en
gaged at Vafangow must recuperate
for several days, and It is expected that
tho fight will materially retard the
siege operations against Port Arthur.
The sole regret Is that Gen. Stakelberg
did not draw the Japanese further to
the north before allowing them to en
gage him. but experts suspect that cer
tain conditions compelled Stakelberg to
fight at Vufangow.
Gen. Stakelberg is praised for the
skillful handling of his men in the field.
He and his old Avar comrade. Gon. Ku
ropntkln, fought side by side in Tur
kestan, and he Insisted on again taking
the field, although almost an invalid.
Have Man lo
Exploded Machine
Prisoner Novr Held in Cripple Creek
Jail Guilty "Wholesale
CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo!, Juno 17.
Under Sheriff L. F. Parsons Is
authority for tho statement that
thqre is confined In the county jail
one of the perpetrators of the In
dependence depot Arholcsale murder, if
not the uctual criminal who pulled the
Avlre that exploded tho dynamite. The
under sheriff refuses to tell the name
of the guilty party, fearing that if It
became public it Avould precipitate a
lynching or an attempted lynching, In
which a number of citizens might be
killed In trying to storm the jail and
get the prisoner.
Mr. Parsons added: "We haA'o evi
dence In our possession showing that
six men aro directly or Indirectly im
plicated In the killing. Five of these
men managed to get out of the district,
but we know where practically all of
them are, and they will be under ar
rest before long."
British Warship Sent to Tangier.
LONDON, June 17. A dispatch to a
news agency from Gibraltar says that,
owing to representations made to Rear
Admiral Chadwlck of the American
squadron to the British Legation at
Tangier, tho British battleship Prlnco
of Wales will return to Tangier tomor-roA
Mining Man Commits Suicide.
Special to The Tribune.
RENO, Noa., June 17. Word was re
ceived here this evening that William
Enrlght. a promtnont mining man of
Goldficld, had committed sulcldo by
drowning himself in the city water tank
there. N6 reason is assigned for the
Cannot Inspect Minutes.
i NEW YORK, June 17. The appllca
1 tlon of counsel for Mrs. Nan Patterson,
avIio is charged Aith the murder of
"Caesar" Young, the bookmaker, to in
spect the minutes of the grand jury in
connection with the indictment of Mrs.
Patterson. Avas denied today by Judge
NeAvburger, in the court of general sessions.
have significance in Aie-w of the fact
that Senator Scott has been quoted as
being a candidate for the chairman of
tho National committee: "I think that
tho precedent ot the party should be
and will be followed in the selection of
a chairman, and that the wishes of tho
candidate for President will be folloAved.
I am not Informed as to AVhat the Presi
dent's Avishes are, but avc must go into
the campaign united behind the chair
man, whoever he is." ' 1
Mass of Bodies Wedged III
in Paddle Box. 9
Believed That One Thousand fl
Persons Perished in. Ill
Sad Task of Burying tho Dead Ha? jl
Begun Three Hundred Fu- H1 1 H
nerals Today. ; H
NEW YORK, Juno 17. Despite the ft' J S
untiring work of divers and grap- p jH
piers and the watchfulness of JhH
scores of men who have given i, IH
themseh'ea over to the task of search- JiH
Ing for the missing, few bodies of tho Kl ':H
who perished in the Slocum disaster I H
Avere recovered today. j) I H
Estimates as to tho number of dead 1 ,H
still vary greatly, fiom 600 to 1000, and J 'I
this may be accounted for by reason of li J'H
the failure to report to the proper au- jjj Ijl
thorlties on the part of many who, al- jjf. H
though officially registered as missing Ji jfH
Avere In reality saA'ed. flr j ;H
Many Bodios Recovered. Wj, 'H
Alrejxdy 559 bodies haA'e been re- 11,
coA-ered, of Avhlch about fifty remain un- j; J
Identified. These Include 273 children, W H
243 women and 23 men. Thirteen offi- K ; 'H
cers of the St. Mark's church aro among HI '2
tho dead, one of them being a Avoman. J
Corpses in Paddle Boxes. jjjj ;H
It was said by divers who went down W a
into tho Avreck at dawn that there Avere th 3
many bodies under tho entanglement of j.
timbers and paddle wheels, and that it p j1 '-M
Avould be necessary to dynamite the il,H''it.B
hulk or raise' It before they could ffUi'fB
be reached. To this end city officers In fiiiH
communicated with a wrecking com- r
pany, and an announcement was made 1J j'fjl
that tho company Avould undertake the W.
Work of bringing the Avreck to tho sur- y jj
27o Agreement Reached. jjU t
Later, lioweA-er, a conference between M
tho marine insurance companies and the p ' f
wrecking company endod In a disagree- i j
ment, Avlth the result, for at the pres- )i ;!.H
cnt at least, the matter Is in abeyance.
At this conference it was announced !, :WM
that the Knickerbocker Steamboat com- nfei jj
pany, which owns the General Slocum. VB t; H
had resigned all claim to the boat on the lilifB
agreement that It should recoiA'e $701,- mW 'H
000, tho amount for which the boat was r tp
Insured. Tho lnsuranco companies and M 5j
the Avrccklng company failed to agree V fLH
on terms, and If the boat Is raised at & il'll
all tho cost probably will come out of rSH
the city treasury. j? ' I
Cortelyou to Conduct Inquiry. j , fl
Secretary Cortelyou of the Depart- -k jj rH
ment of Commerce and Labor Avill per- 'P i tM
sonally undertake the InA-estlgatlon ? SH
Into tho disaster on bohalf of the Gov-
ornment. District Attorney Jerome's Li fTif.B
assistants are working energetically on jj flvff
the case, and officers of the Coroner's W,
office have made considerable progress L if H
In the gathering of evidence to be pre- jjffl .B
sentcd on Monday when the Coroner's
inquiry will begin. jl
Damaging Evidence. Sjt.JS
There is In the Coroner's possession a i; 1 1
standplpe taken by hl9 direction by a I w M
diver of the submerged wreck. Tho tfa it
valve of the pipe is closed tight, hint- W JC 'M
ing that no use was made of this pipe h J
in fighting the flames on the Slocum. L
Statements were made to the Cononer m 11
today by several of tho steamboat em- L 9
ployeos who will appeal- as witnesses at M,
the Inquest that the Captain of the u j.3
Slocum sailed his boat betAreen three or S 3
four miles after the fire broke out be- H i 'M
fore beaching her. Several watches SjUS .H
showed that more than half an hour U ti II
elapsed from tho breaking out of the fflj 2
fire until the boat was run ashore, Al ,
tho watches taken from bodies of tho jfyjB
drowned stopped between 10 JO and 10:20 'Nell
o'clock in the morning. 4i'
Funeral of "Victims. J 'jj
Tho first funeral from among the vie- 5?
tims A-ns hold today; It Avas that of a jj
young girl who is believed to havo died iAi!
of fright. No signs of death from burn- UjL l
ing or drowning Avere found. Her W U
funeral was followed by a score of n JH jH
others, which as attended by thou-
''-;'v AT HOME,
of?i-VrJuiie 17 William E.
5M ah TLi". of p lk,n county, has
flwKniwS JEf!. ln.5:aillly killed by Tim
fcMtr to arrest
JSG0Cr' l7-nic Employers' as-
al1 Tfam.VLf?r a. Ker.ral contest with
0WnthISteM"n,on- A rolution car
llStewu i wSIo5' ""gently p.iiocd by tho
WjBUc. ne 0ar1. has Just be;a madt pub-
,f"fBPK?ftAm?tn?ni' .Junc 17.-The drop
afc'WtA In nHf Allura here, ha.s
T KSCASm t?uno j-The Utile, cosollne
t,m- Orltan,' feirrlv,Mi at Chicago from
'iSS5 ?n toard lhc owner
.vIcQtinp r friends bent on clrcuin-
?le . Ule eaHcrn haU of tho United
'Iwtacc of aS5(,i"ne ".-Tho strange 3t
KWrt, 2 1lcxca?f,7 ,n tn vlae? of
JH1 lawS tsl 8tTMl rQrlnir. Pour
lb iawnbi.rg.of ona family
'iW ''
already havo boon reported and the fifth
ha Just occurred.
CHICAGO. Juno 17. Belief that an era
of miraculous e!etrlcal invention is near
has been expressed by Senator J. P. Dolll-A-cr
of loAva In delivering an address at
tho eighth annual commencement exer
cises of the coIIcko of engineering of Ar
mour institute
NEW YORK. June 17. The executive
board of the Elevator Constructor?' Inter
national union at a meeting hero has or
dered nn lnternHtlonal strike against the
Otis Elevator company.
DAWSON. ' June 17. Tylegraphlo ud
vlccu from St. Michaels' are thut the Ico
moved out of the bay there today. Tho
first flcot of HtoamerE for Nome, carrying
COO) pauscngers, is probably safe at Nome.
SAN FRANCISCO, Juno 17.-Ono mil
lion flvo hundred thousand dollars' worth
of bondu of thn North Shore road, a 100
mllc line from Sausalito to Cazadcro, ha-o
boon bought here by 13. II. Jlarrlman and
some of his Eastern financial uioclates.
NEW YORK, June 17. Nejiollatlons for
a merger between tho American Autoino
bllo association and tho Moto league ho.A'0
cettAod, The Xorzotxc in poaipoaod -of thir
ty-two active automobile clubs from
Massachusetts to California.
LEADVILLE, Colo., June 17. Denver Ss
Rio Grunde limited passenger train No. o,
west-bound, was brought back to this city
ou account of a rock slide, which blocked
the, road near Minium last night, and
was sent west over the Colorado Midland
SEATTLE.' Wash.. June 17. The stc.im
ahlp Ohio, which caught fire at Moran's
shipyards shortly after midnight, was
ilnmagt-d. it Is estimated, at between JCO,
(W0 and 425,f".
PICARD, Cal., Juno 17. George Potter,
a young man raised In this city and whoso
parents reside here, was ooht and killed
and his companion, a man named Mc
Kuy, was seriously wounded by a man
named Snyder. The latter gave himself
up. alleging oelf-defense.
DENVER. Juno 17. Gov. Peabody and
Adjt.-Gcn. Bell Avcro today served with
tho wirt of habeas corpus Issued by Judge
Thayer at St. Loula for the production of
President Charlea H. Mover, president of
tho "WcBtern Federation of Minora, In the
United StDten Circuit court on July 5. The
writ was served bjr. United. fitaUt Marsh a.1
. D. C Bailey
I i
ST. PETERSBURG. Juno 17. -Gen. Stak
elberg telegraphs from Vantsallon that
his army Is resting thcro. His casualties
haA'e not yet been definitely ascertained.
TOKTO. June 17. Tho officers of tho
Tosa, which rescued many survivors of
tho Japanese transport Hitachi, confirm
the details of her disastrous tmcounter
with tho Russian warships as already an
nounced. VLADIVOSTOK. Jun 17 The com
mander of tlie fortress. Gen. L-wrorf, has
Issued an order Avnrnlng all civilians to
mako immediate provitdon to send their
families Into th interior, so as to avoid
peremptory expulsion nt a moment of
Buddon nucaslty. There are 3000 women
and children hurt.
LONDON, Juno 17. Tho Japaneso lega
tion has rccelA'cd a dispatch from Toklo
announcing that tho Rusalan VladlA'astok
squadron wa sighted off Okl i3land yes
terday. VLADIVOSTOK, Juno 17. The com
mander horo Is getting, rid of the re
maining population, which strengthens
the belief that preparations are bo Ing
mAa ad. ,Vlolrvotok Cor Jth xecnlu or.
Rcar-Admlrnl TVhlctaoef'.s squadron when
It comes out of Port Arthur.
TOKTO, June 17.-It is probable that fog
has agulu saA'ed the Vladivostok squad
ron, many rumors are extant of an ac
tion at sea, but they are not confirmed.
CIIEFOO. June 17. it Is repoilod that
the Russians havo ordered the Chlnose to
keep out of a zone hu'lng a radius of
seven miles from Port Arthur.
ST. PETERSBURG. June 17.-The No-A-oo
StI, rcforrlnjc to the statement ot Earl
Perry. British Under Foreign Secretarv.
that pour parlols are alrnady proceeding
between Great Britain and Russia.
ST. PETERSBURG, Juno 17. The news
of the result of tho battle at Vafangow
reached the morning papers too late to
allow of comment. Tho public seems to
accopt the remUt stoically and are con
tent that the Russians mado a gallant and
stubborn light.
TOKIO. June 17. The steamer Katsu
no was sunk off Moji last night as-a re
sult of colliding with tho steamer Yamn
tokaji. Both A'escels wore on their Avay
to rescue the survivors of the transports
Hitachi and Bado.
SEOUL. Korta, June 17. The Japaneso
GoA'ernment has commenced the wreck
i Ing of tho steamer Sungarl, which was
dodtroyed at Chemulpo by the Russians
at the beginning of hostilities. Tho Mllsu
Blshl company has secured the contract
for tho work.
NEWCHWANG, June 17. The Investi
gation of tho death of Lewis Euel, cor
respondent of tho London Dally Tele
graph. 'who Avas killed by Chinese sol
diers off the coast of tho Uno Tung pen
insula June 7, shows that thore was not
the slightest cause, for attacking the cor
respondent. NEWCHWANG, Juno 17. Two Greek
refugees report a landing of Japaneeo In
forco a few mlleH Houth of Kal Chou, nnd
a Btlff fight southeast of that place yester
day (Thursday) afternoon.
TOICIO, June 17. A roport has been re
colved from tho pollco station at Sago,
nour Sosebo, Eaylng that sounds of can
nonading haA'e beon hoard off tho coasrt.
It is poddtblo that a Japanese fleet has
met tho Russians.
LONDON, Juno 17. The Japanese
transports Sado and Hitachi, sunk by the
Rua:Jau3. were valuable steamers, oAvnod
by tho Nippon Yucan Kalnha vft Insured
In London against marine rtckf
ST. PETERSBURG. Juno 17 -The as- Ej I
soBslnation of Gen. BobrlkofI has stirred T j
up a great sensation and is temporarily J J
absorbing Interest from thu Avar. Tho pa- tjj
pers are filled with extended blograph es i, ,,(1
of the deceased, detailing the difficulties t k
of his office: dltorlulH denunciatory of M
the crime, and comments on the conditions jj fi -m
In Finland. jl
SHANGHAI. June 17. As a result of , Wiifi
tho sinking of the Japanese transports by ;
tho Russian Vladivostok squadron, tho t,
sailings of Japanese steamships tor Shanff- h I
hal haA-e been postponed Indefinitely. K f J
TOKIO. June J7.-Hcrbcrt H. D. Pierce. jl
Third Assistant Secretary of State of tho . Jl ,'
United States, nnd Mr. Pierce wero re- , . .
celved today by Baron Konmra. the Jap- ,
ancso Foreign Minister, and dined with , ,
tho Baron tonight. ; J
HELSINGFORS, Finland. Juno 17.-Gri. ; )
Bobrlkoff, Governor-General of I-Inland,. -
who Avas shot yesterday morning at the- 1 utH
entrance to tho Senate, died at 1 o clock ,fr
this morning. The people arc calm and ic
there Is no excitement. i' 't
TOKIO, June 17. The nteamor Iso has - fl 'H
orrlvcd at Kokuda carrying more of th u' ;
crw and troops from the tronoport Suo. W'

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