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I 1 'Si
-J The Salt Lake Tribune: Friday Motcng, July it 1904. T
iiyWMlhe Bankers, the Merchants and the BrokersT")
falarket Hard
f aid Unyielding
Gave an Impression of tin Un-
8" fftrfone of Confidence, Though
' peg Were Not Pushed Up.
lfrff YORK. June M.-Thorc was a
II Jtehl Btlrrlng In the sluggish pool
fl .peculation this morning, ut tho
Is s total trying Is o small com
uShonv penod of living Interest
SU market us to make comparl
I day to day aulic meaningless.
? , aurfnM 0r the market was
V.'Z nnyleldlnsr an.l gave an lmpres
55 , ' ' undertone of confidence, even
h attempts to put prlcc-up proved
3 -1 T Uicmplfl were not determined or
I'l tL and tho characteristic of the
continued one of total neglect,
i f Sun Pacific was still absorbed, ospo
rir London account Some benefit
I mJ to values by an unofficial ea
fn cr.iln conditions of a much
JWMrifutenor than a llko unofficial
feWwi-hcd yesterday, with sug-
I HI nKfwa, entirely unruf-
If lltr aTprei'aratlon for the July set
It II l1"."iithough a payment on account
ikM loan subscriptions, estl
LM.1 'V J ATh for over 513,OO0.fX). was mado
Afl fe n flddltlon to the routine dlsburac
nif flnlffl for at tho turn of tho half
llll ll. Thfe sub-treasury mado n payment
UU tlfrrJw on account 'of Philippine reve
W iVhSons and of IWO.OM on account
fedlkc i gold deposited at Seattle. A
lfer from San Francisco also figures
1501 ?tte jub-trcasury operations and thnt
. it Sdtotlon will begin the pay meht of Gov
itctln n'n, interest tomorrow. Loan expau
?b? (be Bonk of England of $57,475,000.
W. ' Iff br tho Bank of Franco of $33,567,000
JuX m& the demand for credits ut those
dDlaS SEs for tho turn of the half year. But
rin8 ffi advanced at Paris and the for
t aJl Srkels are already anticipating the
Th! 2rolitlnc effect of disbursements for
run &h these borrowings are mado. The
It 2? Rarkct was dull and steady. Total
V car value. jl.teO.oon.
r rdtrd States bonds unchanged on call.
10 ' r ; r 2 rcg-W L. & N- 4s. .102
and I 1 'non 1G3V, Man. c. g. -Is.. 105
r, fl r I & rcg. .Ki Mex. C. -Is 61
1 4s rcff..M2W. M. & St. L. -!s.. Of,
I T o is reg -W'l4 2nds 7S
I cwron . ...10JU Mox. Nat. c. -la. 77
I iSn F. Is. I0fc K TC; g. 3s.I00
An I Tfc, -m N- J- ir. Gs..l31
(I I iTl ts- W N. Pac. 4s 101
.8 S & 0. is .... 1027, 3s 7l(l
I ffoto!Ga. 63..11W4 Penn c. 3is
i si Inc. . .. 74 Reading g. 4s ..101
Oi 8 C - .-.103 St. L. & I. Mt.
1 U-A. S4S.. . 79 c,con. Cs 1M1
8 C B, & Q. n. St. L. & San F.
fl a Oils ts. is S3
fl C,U.tSt P. St. L. S'w'n lsts 01
i Sen. 3 100 S. A. L. 4s C9
KM C Vtr'n c. 7s.l2S S. Pac. 4s 03
C R. I. & P. So. Ky. Ce 117
- i col s . ... 73 T. & P. Ists . .118-6
r c. a & St. T.. St. & "W.
, . L gea 4s .101 4s 71
M CKaeo T. 4s- . 76 U. Pacific Us... 103
I C. Toracco 4s.. 61 conv. 4s 00;fe
El CiS.Cs . ...S3i U. S. Steel 2nd
i D & R. G. Is. 101 5s 75
EiV,i. lien 4s. .1004 Wabash lsts ....117Vi
P ' I j S6 deb. B 57
1 i Ft ,7. & D C. W. & L. E. 4s.. 01
' !P V.iI. 4Hb ..llOUlC. F. & I. c. 5s 00
ij , 1, Ralea. High. -Low. Close
ii -lllfctchlson 3,0(O 72;i 72 72
3t r if preferred 1.300 01 03 03
fln (WUinorc &. Ohio.. OCO 79 701 70
i'k pferred OIVs
Jv CmdJan Pacific .. C.200 125Vi 125
( Colral of N J . . 700 1C1 161 161
i 03 &. Ohio ' 200 31 30 31
? Chicago & Alton.... 200 37i 37 37
I preferred 77
W & Gt Western.. 300 13 13' 13VG
f iCU 4 Northwest... .... .'. 0
-M CU Mil & St Paul. 2.000 113 112 143V1
rferrcd . 177
. fd Terra & Trtirs C
' Itffred 10) ID 15 15
C C c & St Louis CO
en K4o Southern 15
onrt Ul preferred 10) 4S 4S 4SV6
al preferred ,, 20
5Hu'' r, f J.iud8n 2,700 156 155 lo
J" l Lack & West 270
d ! :Itaver ft R G 21
" If'ferred 6Sj
" . COO 23 23S, 23?i
0S- ' . preferred 200 5SV- 5SV 5S
iU J -.Preferred 7 31
fU i jreferren 791.
a I SfolsCcn'nl 300 132 131 131
JTia C.ntral IS
Te- : inferred 33
. . C Southern. .. . IOD 21 21 21
i ,an L, 1.S00 1IW 11S 1IS
Wropo tan S ....2.900 79 1& 79
I SLfr0"tn St Ry.15.3W) U1H, 111 110
tjP0 5 St Louls 40
k'l 8 p & S S M. 300 C7 GGi
f' ti trred 5C0 124 12-J 121
"I v-r J!acU,c !. no4 eovi sow
J; luourl K & T .... ie&
1 Pii'W s'-w 37 37
-J R Mex prcf 37
Sir J Wcst:::- 2,50 57,i M g
n?vi & )Vc31 7-0' 2C. 25- 20
;, jWfna .... 13.SW .ucA 115 llMl
Pmi. & st Louis
) , 3.300 47 47 47
it Preferred 92
i' 1 ' MfPeff nvl IC0 67V4 R7 C7
u;MPdnPo--v 100 20,
'Hi T ts5,K 2d ,)rcf' ' -,5
D7'6rU,tllwcstcrn- 100 10 "
-'''rreii "iv,
SS -fefiS &-:: iiu P If1
, P'itrrcd cr.
Sj ;fett Pa"1 :-' 32
if-i ,.fttIerred
S ,'tircfrred ::: J?
1 .""b & l e:.:: :::: :::: :; 53
f J fSrSS"1 ; 100 lfii
J?; ,iun central-:: I::: :::: :::: 37
is ;;;; ;;;; $
j la 1-argo 200
. icellnneouB
4 PP:r 1,303 jw- jq7(.
.Preferred ,.
IAferlean Ice r,
S-v,v.: : i
: SL?'iner n 11 11
1! 6a J00 53 OS 07al
--:f-r--- -f -- -r -J-4-
-f New York GGc
4- San Francisco G6c 9-
4- London 2Cd
4- LEAD. 4
4- New York exchange $4.2&t?4 35',
4- New York exchange... ?12.1212.25
4-4- 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4--J.
Pressed Steel Car .... 27".
preferred 70T
Pullman Pnl Car... 600 21S 21S 217'
Republic Steel m
preferred 2O0 41 41 40Vi
Rubber Goods 151.5
preferred ... 771
Ten 11 Coal & Iron... 3W 35U 33 31
U S Leather c fisj C'l
preferred 100 SO SO 70V
U S Realty 309 - 5. 5 5
preferred 200 59 5SV,
U S Rubber ig4
,.pr,efrrctl 65 Gr, Go
U S Steel 1.700 9 ' 0 0
preferred 3,31) &5 Tci 55'
tVosllnghousc E ... COO 157 1B5 155
fWcslern Union 100 SGT S6 W-
Total sales for tho dsy, 135,000 shares. '
Silver and Brafte.
NEW YORK. Juno SO. Bar silver,
5Cc; Mexican dollars, 46c
SAN FRANCISCO. June 30. Silver bars,
ECc; Mexican dollars. 46c. Drafts
Sight. VAc; telegraph. 10c.
Thls exchange adjourned until July G.
New York Money.
NEW YORK. June 30.-Close: Money on
call, very easy, 1T1M per cent; closing
bid, 1 per cent: offered, 1 per cent
Timo money, easy; sixty and ninety days.
2 per cent, six months, 3?f3Vi per cent.
Prime mercantile paper. 3VJ"V& per cent
Sterling exchange, steady, with actual
biifllnePB in bankers' bills at M.87.104 S7 15
for demand and at S4.S5.25 for sixty-day
bllln. Posted ratoH. J4.S6 and $4,SS. Com
mercial bills, il S4VWTI.S5. Mexican dollars.
46c. Government bonds, steady; railroad
bonds, i,rm.
j New York Metals.
NEW YORK. June 30 Tin showed
firmness today, with London closing ut
117 10s' for both spot and futurcB. while
local prices were raised to $25. 70ft 2 G. 00.
Copper unchanged at London, at EG 13s
Cd and 50 lis 3d for spot and futures re
spectively. Locally, coppor was quiet.
Lake. jr.'ff'lS.Ta; electrolytic, $12.G0S
12.G2a: casting. .1212.25.
Lead wis a little lower In London, clos
ing at ill Ss Pd. Locally. load was
stendy and unchanged at J4.25(tT4.;S.
Spelter was unchanged at 22 In Lon
.dou and at l.S54.SO in tho local mar
ket. Iron closed at 51s 3d In Glasgow and
at 42s P.td In MIddlcsboro. locally, the
market Is quiet No. 1 foundry Northern
Is quoted at S14.50ffl5.00; No. 2 foundrv
Northern. $13.75ll.25; No. 1 foundry
Southern and No. 1 foundry Southern soft,
J13.23ii 13.76.
PIg-lron warrants are weak at JO.
St. Louis "Wool Market.
ST. LOUIS, June 30. Wool Steady to
firm. Medium grades, combing and cloth
ing. lS-Sc; Hsht fine, lGtfl9c; heavy fine.
257;irc; tub washed, 20533c.
New York Sugar Market,
NEW YORK, June 30. Sugar Raw,
steady; fair refining. 3-7-lGc; centrifugal,
03-test, 315-lCc; molasses sugar, 3 13-lGc.
Refined steady; crushed, 55.70; powdered,
$5.10; granulated, $5.00.
Butter and Eggs.
X'PAV Vfimf Tnnrt r(1 TiiiflnrTrii-m
with sales of extra creamery In the street
on the basis of lS'ACflSVic. Official prices
are: Creamery common to extra, 13wl8c;
State dairy common t6 extra, 135117c.
Cheese Irregular; official quotations
are 9c for small and Sc for large, but busi
ness was done on the following basis:
State full cream, small white and colored,
SWc; largo white and colored, 7,ffSc.
Eggs Firm; Western extra selected, 18
QlSc; average price, "17'17V4c.
Live Stock.
CHICAGO. June 30.-Cattlo Receipts.
630), Including 350 Texane; market slow to
steady; good to prime steers, $5. 4006.50;
poor to mcdlufn, $4.505.25; etockers and
feeders. 52.6Off-l.30; cows, 51.COA4 50; heif
ers. $2.00fc5.no; canners, 51.50fJ2.50: bulls,
?2.00?r4.25. Texas fed steers, JI.GOS'5.23;
calves. 52 Oft6.50.
Hogs Receipts today, 22.0CO; tomorrow.
15.000; market strong to 5c higher; mixed
and butchers'. $5.15075.35; good to choice
heavy. J5.30fi5 37; rough heavy $3.10S
5.25. light, $5. 15(55.27; bulk of sales, $5.20
Sheep Receipts, 10,000; market steady;
lambs ateady to strong; good to choice
wethers, $i.25j5.00; fair to cholco mixed,
$3. 255? 1.00; Western sheep, S3.50-1.50; na
tive lambs, $3.E0ft7.25.
KANSAS CITY. June 30.-Cottlc-Re-celpla,
3000; Bteady: native atccrs, $1.23
0.40; native cows and heifers, S2.0OSS.25:
Blockers and feeders, S1.75Jf 1.25; bulla, J2.C0
(04.25; calves, 52.5051.75; Western steers,
SI.GOfl5.00; Western cows, $2,005-1.00.
Hogs Receipts. 7000; steady; bulk of
salca 55.0OfJG.15; heavy, 55.10fJ5.20; packers,
J5.00fj5.15; pigs and lights. 54.503"5.(o.
Sheep RfcelpUs, 3000; steady; muttons,
53.75SO 00; lambs, ?Lr56,50; range wethers,
$l.005.00; ewes, $3rtfj-t.50.
SOUTH OMAHA. June 30.-Cattlc Re
ceipts, 2000; market, 55j10c lower; native
stcfrs. $4.50fjG.25; cows and heifers. 53.25fj
I. Co; Western steers, 53.COff'4.75; canners,
51.C01I2.85; stockers and feeders, $2.MN.20;
calves, 3.00fjG0; bulls, stags, etc, 52.505?
Hogs Receipts, lO.O'.O; market, shade,
higher; heavy. So.lGfJO 17; mixed, 53.0S??
5.10; light. 55.001jS.10; pigs, 5I.GOfi6.00; bulk
of sales, 55.05TiG.10.
Sheei Receipts. 3500; market, slow;
sleadv: AVci3tcrn yearlings. 54.2&04.75;
wethers. $I.Mffl.lO; ewes. 53.25fjM.O0; com
mon and stockers, 52.751fl.25; lambs, $3.t0ff
SION July 7,
Via O, S. L. Round trip from Salt
Lake 549.50. .This rate covers all nec
essary rail and stage transportation,
and also hotel expenses beyond Monida
for the sev.Mi-days' tour. Reservations
should be made early, as the party Is
limited to llfty persons.
See agents for full particulars. Ask
for beautiful Yullowatone folder.
A Stmstroke at Night
Is tho oniyklnd a man can get If he
weara one- of our Panamas. They eell
for from ?5 to 525 each.
1G6 Main St.
Half rates to all points on SALT
Tickets on sale July 2nd, 3rd and 4th,
limit for return July Cth.
A Strong Man
Might Btriiggle through the summer
under a heavy hat. No need to over
burden yourself, however. whm you can
buy a Sennit straw for $3.
1GC Main, St,
Wheat Reduced 10 Cents Per Cwt
Raspberries Become Chqaper
Strawberries Go Up.
ANOTHER 10-ccnt on the hundred re
duction In wheat was announced
yesterday after tho meeting of the
Grain Dealers' association. This
was the only change made; most of the
proceedings wcro taken up with complet
ing the arrangements for the outing o( tho
.'ssorlatlon. which takes place 'at Lagoon
today. Tho committee has certainly out
done Itself In preparing a line spread and
making the best possible provisions for
1 he amusement of everyono who goes out
to the resort, and that there will be a
goodly number of these Is shown by the
number of tickets sold. The gralil deal
ers and the Hour dealers, who arc going to
mix things on the baseball diamond aro
anticipating a lively contest.
Some small reductions havo taken placo
In the prices of fruit and vegetables.
Raspberries havo gone down, and can be
bought wholosalo for 51 a cage, and retail
at 10 cents a cup. Blackberries aro also
getting cheaper us the commission-houses
are making a price from $1 to $1.50, and
tho consumer can buy them for 10 cents a
Strawberries have. at last started on the
up-grade. This has as ycrno effect on thb
retail market, but the greengrocers nro
obliged to pay a little more for them, the
price ranging from 75 cents to 51.
Hay, Grain and Straw.
Oat straw, per balo 5 .30fJ .25
Alfalfa 10.00ffl0.50
Timothy, per ton, baled 14.503:15.50
Wheat, per bushel l.OOff 1.10
Corn, per ctvt 1.40W 1.50
Corn, cracked 1.451? 155
Oats 1.70
Rolled oats l.SJKT 1.S5
Barley, rolled l.E0ft 1.55
Flour, bakers' No. 1 2.30
Flour, straight grade 2.40
Flour, high patent 2.60
Ryo .'. 2.60
Graham Hour 2.50fi 2.70
Cornmeal l.SOff 1.00
Bran l.OOH 1.10
Bran and shorts l,101j' 1.15
Dressed beef, per pound. ......5 .07 .07
Dressed veal, per pound .OS
Dressed pork, per pound .07
Dressed lambs, per pound... , .07
Dressed mutton, per pound... .03f .07
Spring lambs, wholesale 3.00
Spring lnmbs, quarter, retail. l.COIT L50
Dressed hens, per pound 5 .15
Ducks, per pound 15fi .16
Live poultry, per pound 12 .13
Frozen broilers .22
Live broilers, per pound .20
Utah raspberries, case 5 ivOO
Apples, caso . 2. 00
Utah currants, caso .75
Fresh llga, box 1.50
Wrttermolons. dozen v.'. 1.50
Santa. Paula lemons, nor box. 4.00
California navels 3.25
Poor-hes. caao l.'ji
Plums 1,50
Apricots, case 1.50
Utah berries, per crato 75fw 1.00
Blackberries, crato ; 1.50
Utah cherries, pound 0o .10
Bananas, ner bunch 2.50
Grapo fruit, per case 4.00
Seedling oranges, per case.... 2.75
Cocoanuts, per dozen 1.00
Havana seeds 3.00ff 3.25
Figs and dates Ec, Sc, 10c
Utah rhubarb, per pound .02
Limes, per 100 1.50
Yellow plUms, per case 1.75
Gooseberries, per pound .04
Boot sugar, per 100 5 6.10 '
Cano sugar 6.20
Best marrowfat peaso, per lb.$ .04
California squash 1.60
Red onions, cwt 2M
Utah cauliflower, per pound.. .10
Wax beans, per pound ,15
Summer squash .06
Utah cabbage, per pound .04
New potatoes, bushel 1.00
Bunch turnips, per dozen .16
Green onions, per dozen....... .20
Utah lettuce 15fj .20
Radishes, Utah .10
Tomatoes, per crato 1.25
Spinach .02
Cucumbers, per dozen .50
Dairy Products.
Oleomargarine 5 .lSf? .16
Butter, per pound .21
Cheese, per pound .12
Egg3, per case 5.25
Fancy checeo, per pound .13
Comb honey, per crate 2.75
Strained honey, per pound.... .07
Sweltzcr cheese, per pound.... .18
Llinburger cheese, per pound. .17
Cream brick cheese, per lb.... .17
Edum cheese, per dozen 12.00
Fresh Fish.
Utah !nko bass...'. 5 .20
Salmon .13
Mountain trout .30
Utah catfish .12
Halibut .12
Striped bass, per pound .15
Shad, per pound .10
Mackinaw trout .16
Mackerel .13
Boles, per pound '. .00
Flounders, per pound .00
California smelts, per pound.. .12
Codfish, per pound , , .13
Catfish, per pound ,. ' .13
Perch, per pound .10
Crabs 2.60
Prlmo rib I .17
Porterhouse .22
Pork. ' -15
Mutton chopB .15
Legs . -12
Spring lamb, per quarter l.OJfl.M
Vcnl .12fjf. .20
DreBeed hens , .' 5 .18
Broilers .35
Turkeys .25
Geese -22
Ducks .20
Roast springs .23
Springs ...... .v .WW .Cj
Raspberries 5 .10
Apples, lb .15
Strawberries, 3 cups for .13
Currants 1 .10
lgs loy;
Watermelons, each 60ft .75
Lemons, per dozen .25
Oranges, per dozen .30JJ .50
Peaches, per lb .12
Apricots .12
Blackberries .10
t hirrles 05 .15
Bananas, per dozen .30
Grape fruit , .05
Rhubarb, per pound..... e SPh
Limes . .,'2
Plums lOTJ .15
Gooseberries, quart .10
Peas, per pound $ .05
California squash, lb.. .20
Onions .05
Old potator-s, per bushel. ...... 1 25
New potatoes, per lb .03
Uaullilower .12
Wax beans .10
Onions .05
Cabbage, pound .05
Turnips, bunch .02
Green onions rm .02
Carrotn .02
BtUs .02
Tomatoes, pound .15
Spinach ,05
Cucumbers .05
Lcttuco ,.7 .05
. v
Dairy Products.
Butter, per pound $ .25
Cheese .12
Eggs, per dozen .25
Fancy cheese, per pound .25
Comb honey, per comb.-. .15
Strained honey, per pound.... .15
fawlss cheese, per pound .40
Llmburger cheeso .60
Creuni brick chciso .25
Edam cheese, each 1.25
Fresh Fish. '
Black bass ; .SO
Salmon .. .17
Mountain trout .40
Brook trout, each .12
Utah cattish, per p"ound .15
Halibut .15
Striped bass .20
Shad .. .15
Mackinaw trout .25
Soles .12
Flounders .12
Smelts .15
Codfish v...- .15
Perch .12
Sturgeon .15
Crabs, each 251? -30
Grain and Provisions.
CHICAGO, June 30 Dispelling weak
ness duo to general liquidation In July
wheat, cool weather In the Northwest and
rains In tho Southwest caused a firm tone
In wheat today at the close. Final quota
tions on September wore up a shade. Corn
Is down fil,ic Oats show a shndo de
cline Provisions advanced 7c to 20c
More favorable harvesting weather In
tho Southwest took the edgo off tho wheat
market at tho start Notwithstanding an
Improved tone In foreign grain markets,
sentiment In tho pit hero was qulto bear
ish. Tho opening on September was a
thado lowor to c higher, at 81f?61Uc to
Slc. In the absence of outside specula
tive Interest local traders sold freely and
at ono timo it looked as If a bad break
would follow. The principal feature of
trading was the liquidation of July hold
ings and the changing from July to dis
tant deliveries There wus also consider
able selling of September on the Improved
weather conditions In tho Southwest. Be
fore the decline was checked September
went off to 80c. During the latter part of
(he session a decided reaction developed
Bullish advices regarding the spring
wheat crop were recolvcd from the North
west, tho reports stating that abnormally
cool weather was greatly retarding tho
growth of tho plant. These rumors woro
accompanied by enough buying orders to
occasion a good rally, especially In tho
moro distant deliveries. Tho markot was
further strengthened within tho last few
minutes of trading by reports of rain In
Kansas. September closed at Sl'4CJ6l7sc.
Clearances of wheat and flour woro equal
to 79,200 bushels.
Primary receipts woro 294,400 bushels,
compared with 302.500 bushels a. year ago.
Minneapolis. Duluth and Chicago reported
receipts of 210 cars, against 153 last week
and 252 a year ago.
Liquidation of July holdings was tho
feature of trading in tho corn pit. Septem
ber opened a shade lower to a shade high
er at ISc to 48o; sold botwecn 4Si1?4Sc
uiu i.c, ano cioscu ni -m'ic uocai re
ceipts w ore 250 cars, with 18 of contract.
The oats market felt tho effects of tho
easier tone of corn, prices of all deliveries
showing slight losses. September opened
a shado higher at 32Vc. sold between 31
?32c and 32r32iric. and closed at 32c. Lo
cal receipts wero 12S cars.
In spite of considerable liquidation tho
provision market ruled firm and finished
tho day with fair advances for all prod
ucts. The chief feature was buying of
lard and ribs by commission-houses sup
posed to be for tlip account of local pack
ers. Higher prices at tho yards wero a
supporting Influence. At the close Sep
tember pork was up 20c, at 5l2.02c; Sep
tember lard showed a gain of 7810c.at
47.12377.15. Ribs wcro up 12c. at 57.62.
Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat
10 cars, corn 300 care, oats 107 cars, hogs
1S.000 head.
Articles Open. High. Low. CIobc.
Wheat, No. 2
July (old) S6 S6 S5 56
July (new) SSS. 85r St S5
Sept (old) 2 S3 S2 S3
Sept (new) SI S1-;S S0 Sl?i
Corn, No. 2
Juno .. 17
July -17 47 47 47
September 4S 4S 4S 1S
Oats, No. 2
June 40 40'6 29 ,39
July 3S11 3$',i 37 37
September 32 32Vi 32 22
December 32 32 32 32
Mess pork, per bbl.
July 12.60 12.72 12.63 12.70
September . .. 12. S7 13.05 12.S2 13.02
Lard, per 100 lbs
July 6.S7 C.07 C.S2 6.95
September 7.07 7.15 7.05 7.15
Short Rlba
Julv 7.22 7.32 7.22 7.30
September 7.55 7.62 7.52 7.62
October 7.62 7.70 7.C0 7.70
Cash quototlons were as follows: Flour,
qulot and steady. No. 2 spring wheat, 921?
07c; No 3, 851i9jc; No. 2 red. SSciMl.OO. No.
2 corn. 47c; No 2 yellow, 48'i7,!9c. No.
2 oats. S97;10c; No. 3 white. 3Sfr41c. No,
2 rye, G3c.' Good feeding barley. 30S35c;
fair to cholco malting. I2l7"32c. No. 1 flax
seed, 51-01; No. 1 Northwestern, $1.07.
Prlo timothy seed, 52.92, Mess pork, por
barrel, $12.701712.75; lard, per 100 pounds,
$6 92,A&0i 95; abort ribs sides (Iooho), 57.12
fi7 25; short clear sides (boxed), $7.2ot7.&0.
Whisky, basis of high wines, 51.2S. Clo
ver, contract trradc, $10.75.
Articles. Rec'pta. Shlp'ts.
Wheat, bushels 31,000 19.300
Corn, bushels 7.700 19.S00
Oats, bushels 167.S0O 2I2.S00
Ryo. bushels 117.P00 322.200
Barley, bushels 3.300 6,100
On tho produce exchnngc tho butter
market was steady; creamery, 131717c,
dairy, 12JT16c. Eggs firm, 14inic. Cheese
firm, 7ftSc.
Coast Grain.
SAN FRANCISCO. Juno 30. Wheat
Steady; December, 51.2S.
Barley Bteady; December. 93c.
New York Bonanza Mlnlnf? company, a
corporation. Principal place of business,
Halt Lake City, Utah.
Notice Is hereby glvan that at a meet
ing of tho board of directors of the Now
York Bonunza Ml.ilng company, held ut
Salt Luke City, Utah, on tho 2oth day or
June, 1904. un assessment of two (2) cents
per share was levied upon tho capital
stock of tho corporation. Issued and out
standing pavablo Immediately to H. Bur
nett, secretary of the company, at his of
llcc, 30.'. D. F. Walker building, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
Any stock upon whloh this assessment
may remain unpaid on the 2nd day of
August. 1901, will bo delinquent and ad
vertised for sale at public auction, and,
unless payment Is made before will bo
sold on the 25tli day of August, 1904. at 2
p. m., to pay tho delinquent ussewsment
thereon, togothor with costs of advertis
ing and expense of sale.
H. HARNETT, Secretory
303 r. F. Walkcf Building, Salt Lake
City, Utah, yl3
You begun to think of a refresh
ing mirnmor tonic or bevcrage7 Of
course, you desire the best no
mistake can be made by ordering
a case of
Oho trial Is all we ask. Put up
In quarts or pints. A small glass
ful two or three tlmeu a day will
add strength and vitality.
Adam Snyder, Agt., 27G S. Main St
Fred Krug Brewing Co,
Omaha's Model Brewery,
Telephone 1061 Y. SALT LAKE.
Primary, Sooondary or isrUary DIood Poleon
Permanently Cured. Yon can bo treated at home
nndor aAme cuaronty. Capital M09.000. We loliclt
the inoit obntlnftto caios. We havo cured tho worst
caws In 16 to 35 days. If yon hava taken mercury.
Jodldo pouvah ftndjtlll havo aches and pMns, Muooa
Patches In Month. Sore Throat. Plmplns. Coppor
Colored Spots, Ulcers on any part of tho body.B&lr
or Eyebrorr.i fnllinc out, wrlto for proofs of curaa.
Cook Remedy Co.
8I01USOJ10 T3HPLS. Ghlato. nL W-t kk Pn-
Scofi's Sanfal-Pepsln Capsules
arlnflimmatlon orOatarrhof
e Bladder oDd Oleeatcd Kid.
ilckly .and Mrmncntlr tho
orst caieg of Gonorrhoea
id Gleet, no matter of bow
njr rtandlne. Abeolntoly
irralOM. Sold by druggist,
rice 81.00, or by mall, poat
!d, 01.00,8 boxe. (2.7c.
BeUciontalna, Ohio.
F. J. HILL DRUO CO., Salt Lako City.
1 NeldenaJadson Drag Co.
1 EDW. C. SMITH, Pres.
1 JOHN P. COBB. Vice-Pros. & Mgr.
F. L. PEARL, Sec
Tho Perjuo-Surprrso Gold Mining com-
Cany, a corporation, principal office of
uslness 8alt Lake City, Utah, with a
branch oftlco at Marysvalo, Utah.
Notice Is hereby glvoa that there aro
delinquent upon the following described
slock, on account of aasessment No. 5 of
one-half () cont per sharo levied on tho
26th day of April, 1001. the several
amounts sot opposlto tho names of tho re
spective shareholders, as follows:
No. No.
Cert. Shares, Amt.
Andorflon. Androw 257 1,000 $ 6.00
Ashby, Wallaco 201 1.0OO 6.00
Ackorson, A. PI 203 2,5ft) 12.50
Bradford, William 203 600 2.60
Clark, Kittli ,.223 C,0O0 2o.00
Chrlstlanson, James 330 2.CO0 12.G0
Collett, R. E...i S51 1,192 6.06
Collott. R. E 364 1.096 6.4S
Collett, R. E ...3K 2,600 12.50
Collett. R. E 357 600 2.6O
Collott; R E... 33S 5,000 23.00
Dlgnowlty, C. L 300 6.000 80. CO
Evans, J. K 2S9 1,000 6.00
Evans, J. K 290 1,000 5.C0
Earall, A. H 34S 1,(00 5.00
Fisher, C. S IS 600 2 .60
Fisher. C. 8 53 600 2.60
Footo, J. W 4l 3,875 -14.37
Haefl. H. 230 5,000 25.00
Gardiner, Alfred btS 500 2.60
Gorder. w. J 2H 10.000 60.00
HIgglns. E. W 2S3 1,000 5.(0
Johnson, C. VV. 242 6.000 20.00
Klrkwood. I. S 273 1.COD 6.00
KlTkwood. L S 274 1,000 6.00
Klrkwood, I. S. 275 i,ew ,-,.00
Klrkwood. I. S S71 1,417 7.03
KJaerbyo, C. P 2S3 1,000 25.00
Landls. J. H - 130 2,000 10.00
Lacey. John .. 293 2,000 10.00
Long, James. Jr 2.000 10.00
Mulfin, Q. W 218 4,000 20.00
Mullln, G. W. 235 6,000 25,00
Phillips. J. W 2 5 4,000 20.CO
Phillips, J. Vr..,. 349 1,0 6.00
Pouleon, Niels C 252 2,000 10.00
Potoruon, Sam 270 3,000 15.00
Peterson. Sam 2S1 1,000 6,00
Olson, Olc. .... 272 wx 2.60
Kusconl, Frank 219 6.000 25 CO
Busconl. Frank 220 5,000 25.00
Bamloae. H. W. ........ ..248 5.0M 25.00
Rlchneld Morcantlle Co.. 209 2,600 12. CO
Richfield Mercantile Co.. 317 1,000 6.00
Scoglngs, V. P 264 J.O0O 5.00
Scoglngc. W. P 120 13,333 66.66
Smith, Goorgo S 203 10.000 60.00
Sanders, John 2S7 4.000 20.00
Shocbcr, P. D 350 1.000 6.00
Underwood, A. J 184 10,000 E0.00
Underwood, A. J 1S3 10,000 60.00
Wise, John C 129 1.00) 5.00
Wron, Joseph 255 1,500 7.60
Wobor, A. J - 220 1.000 5.00
And In accordance with the law and an
ordor of the board of directors, made on
the 26th day of April, 1901, so many shares
of each parcel of such stock as may bo
necessary will bo sold at tho company's
oftlco, No. 608 Progroes block. Salt Lake
City, Utah, on tho 5th day of July. 1901,
at 2 o'clock p. m., to pay tho delinquent
assessment thereon, together with tho
coat of advertising and tho exponso of tho
Secretary of tho Perjuo-Surprlso Gold
Mining Company, Salt Lako City, Utah.
Old Evergrcon Mining and Tunnel com
pany, Big Cottonwood mining district,
Salt Lako county, Utah, Principal place
of business-, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Notice In hereby given that at a meet
ing of the board of directors of tho Old
Evergreen Mining and Tunnel company,
a corporation, held at tho offlcu of the
company, at Salt Lake City, Utah, Tues
day, the 28th duy of June, 1P04, an assess
ment of 3 cents por sharo was levied upon
tho capital slock of tho corporation, pay
able Immediately to II G. McMillan, sec
retary and trenourer of tho company, at
his office. No. 161 South Main street. Salt
Lako City, Utah, Any stock upon which
i-.ald assessmont may bo unpaid on tho
20th day of July, 1901, will bo dollnquont
ond advertised for Halo at publlo auction,
and unlcHK payment Is mado boforo, will
be sold at my office on tho 22nd day of
August, 1004, at 12 o'clock noon, to puy
delinquent assessment, together with tho
coot of advertising and exponso of sale.
No. 101 SoUth Main Street, Bait Lako
.City, Utah, Jiuio 23, 1WH, s20S7
Continuous quotations on New H
H York Stock and Chicago Grain, uj
S We buy and nell utoclm and grain H
m on margin or for caah. Our private M
Hj rooms enable our ountomera to m
m como In and transact business with I
U the utmost secrecy. V
a Write or call for our Book of In- H
m formation ("System of Specula- C
B tlon"). freo upon application. I
j00""1 KO-210-211-212 D. F. Walker jj
50 Members Salt Lake Btook and Wl
Ml Mining Exchango. 'Phono 659. II
I The Best Whiskey !
I Needs no Praise. I
I Old Cambridge Rye
I Old Crow Bourbon 1
ej 26-23 W. Bocond South SL M
Consult County Clerk or the respectlvo
olgnorn for rurther Information.
bate Division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty, State of Utah. In the matter of tho
estate of Thomas Elcock, deceased. No
tice. Tho petition of John Elcock praying for
the lssuanco to himself of letters of ad
ministration In tho estate of Thomas El
cock, deceased, has been set for hearing
on Friday, tho 29th day of July, A. D.
1904,"at 10 o'clock a. m at the county
courthouse. In the courtroom of said
court. In Salt Luke City, Salt Luke coun
ty. Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said cqurt, with
the seal thereof affixed, this 29th day of
June, A. D. 1901. i
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By Dald B. Davles, Deputy Clerk.
C M. NIelson, Attorney for Petitioner.
bate division, In and for Salt Lake coun
ty, Stato of Utah. In tho matter of tho
estate of Ablel Leonard, deceased. No
tice. Tho petition of Flora T. Leonard, execu
trix of the estato of Ablel Leonard, de
ceased, praying for the settlement and
final account of said executrix, and for
tho distribution of the residue of said
eatato to tho persona entitled, has been
set for hearing on Friday, the 1st day
of July, A. D. 1901, at 10 o'clock a, m.,
at the county courthouse. In tho court
room of said court, In Salt Lako City,
Salt Lako county, Utah.
Witness tho clerk of said court, with
tho soal tharoof affixed, this 20th day of
June. A. D. 100L JOHN JAMES,
Seal. Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk.
Smith & Putnam. Attorneys. x!933
bate Division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty, State" of Utah. In the mattor of tho
estate of Sarah Field Spry, deceased. No
tice. Tho petition of Samuel Spry, adminis
trator of the estate of Sarah Field Spry,
doceased, praying for tho sottloment of
final account of said administrator and for
the distribution of tho residue of said es
tate to tho porsons entitled, has been set
for hearing on Friday, tho 20th day of
July, A. D. 1901, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the
county courthouso In the courtroom of
said court, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lako
county, Utah.
Witness tho Clerk of said court, with
tho seal thereof affixed, this 29th day of
June. A. D. 1901.
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk.
Chrlstenson & Chrlstensen, Attomovs
for Estate. x2634
bato division, in and for Salt Lake coun
ty, Stato of Utah. In the matter of tho
estato of Margaret Vandybarker, de
ceased. Notice.
Tho petition of Israel Bennlon, admin
istrator of tho cslato of Margaret Vandy
barker, deceased, praying for an order to
sell tho following described personal prop
erty of said deccdont. to wit: As sot forth
In potltlon now on file In tho Clerk's of
fice, has been sot for hearing on Friday,
tho 29th day of July, A. D. 1&04, ax. 10
o'clock a. rn., at tho county courthouse, In
tho courtroom of said court, In Suit Lako
City. Salt Lako county. Utah.
Witness tho Clork of said court, with
tho seal thereof affixed, this 27th day ot
Juno, A. D. 1901.
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Demity Clerk.
Young & Moyle, Attys. for Estat. X26S0
Herschol Gold Mining company. Prin
cipal placo of business, Snlt Lako City,
Utah. Location of mines, Mercur, Utah.
Notice Thoro are delinquent upon tno
following described stock on account of
assessment No. 1 of one-half () cent per
sharo, levied on tho 11th day of May, IfOI,
the several amounts set opposlto tho
names of the respective shareholders, as
No. Namo. Shares. Amt.
24 R. J. Taylor G.COO J25 0)
27 Frank Harris 1,000 5 00
JS-L. B. Hills l.CO) 5.00
49-Mrs. C. L. Knight 1.0C0 5.00
66 G. W. Frost.... 12,000 60.00
67 Mrs. F. S. Flfleld 600 2.60
96 J. H. .Spraguo 6C0 2.60
101 C. P. Mason 2,000 10.00
104 11. W. Hales 500 2.60
105 Wm. J. Roberts 250 1.23
i 117 A. O. Harwood 500 2.50
1181. H. Cook EOO 2.60
124 D A. Sykiis 600 2 60
125 D. A Sykea , COO 2.C0
126 D, A. Sylteo 500 2. TO
127 D. A. Sykcn 500 2.50
16-11. J. Dofflomyre 1,000 5.CO
162 Sheets & Thompson...... 1,000 6.00
163 Wm. M. Roylance 1,000 6.00
177 F. A. Mcrrlman 600 2.50
179 Monroe Bush 1.0CO 6.00
And In accordanco with law and an or
der of tho board of directors, made on the
11th day of May. 1904. bo many shares of
each p'arcel of such stook us may bo nec
essary will be sold at public auction at
tho office of the asfliatant secretary, at
Ml McComlck block. Salt Lake City,
Utah, on Saturday, the 2nd day of Julj',
190), at 12:30 o'clock p. m., to pay the
delinquent assessment thereon; together
with the costs of advertising and oxponBo
of sale, U. U. HIS KEY,
Assistant Secretary.
In tho Third Judicial District court,
Probato division. Salt Lako county. Stato
of Utah. In tho matter of the guardian
ship of Magdalena Kuudson, a minor
Notice Is hereby glvon that by virtue
of an order of Bald court, mado Juno 24,
1004, tho undersigned will rocelvo bids
or offers In writing for the purchaso of
the premises hereinafter described, at
privato sale, on Thursday, tho 7th day
of July, 1D04; said bids to be delivered
at tho office of G. H. Rackman. No. 42
Commercial block. In Salt Lako City.
Utah. T;rms, cash; 10 por cent o bid
must accompany 'ho sim.
Dated this, tho 21th day of Juno, 1901.
32133 JENS KNUDSEN, Guardian,
niS2nau1 County cr 'h. reapectlvo (f i
olgncra for further information. TJ i
ty. State of Utah. In th& matter of. th- mi
tfee Bringans, dcccascd.-No-
The petition of Christopher B. Dlchl. fill
administrator of tho estate of Potor llltll
Bringans, deceased, praying for tho set- ills! it)
tlcmcnt of final uccount of said Chris- HmH!
tppher B. Dlchl, administrator, and for flflMi
tho distribution of the rcslduo of said if If 31
estato to the persons entitled, has bfon fftlliH
sot for hearing on Friday, the 1st day of H ffl 91
July, A D. If04, at 10 o'clock a. m., at fflmSR!
the county courthouso. In tho courtroom. (11 111 in)
of said court. In Salt Lako City, Salt 111 (H ll
Lako county, Utah. Bl In
Witness the clerk of said court, wllh th- ll IK H
seal thereof affixed, this EOth day of fj 111 W
Juno, A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMES. f) U i ij
tfi2?U Clerk, fi M
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. 11 UP ill
Sullivan & Barnes, Attorneys for Petl- KIM ii
tlonor. X1931 nil ! jH
bate division, lp and for Salt Lako coun- lw HI
ty, Stato of Utah. In the mattor of tho Ijfi V
estate of Alexander Bringans, decoased. lUj K
Tho petition of Christopher B. DIehl. IS H
administrator of tho estate of Alcxandoi J.n B
Bringans. deceased, praying for tho set- fin HI
tloment of final account of said Chris- 3 Hi In
tophor B. Dlohl, administrator, and for i Hi ill
tho distribution of the rcslduo of said nffiU
estate to tho persons entitled, has been II In Hi
et for hearing on Friday, tho lot day ot EwlH
July, A. D. 1504. at 10 o'clock a. in., at tJilD
tho county courthouse, In tho courtroom Fill in
of aald court. In Salt Lako City, Salt (fl III
Lake county, Utuh. ilEffH
Witness the clork of said court, with I HI HI
tho seal thereof affixed, thin 20th dav ot i ill W
I8oal Clork. IW
By David B. Davles, Doputy Clerk. Sin IE
Sullivan & Barnca, Attorneys for Petl- IB
tloner. x!932 SB& HI
bate division, In and for Salt Lake coun- III IB
ty, Stato of Utah. In the matter of the hRIM
estate and guardianship of Gortrude 'HI HI
Hanson, Sdv.Mn TlnnBon. Irene Hanson Inflll
and Bernard Hanaon, minors. No tlixi. ihi Hi
Tho petition for upprtol isd settl- InoU
mcnt of tho account of tho guardian of rntH
tho porson and estato of Grtrudo Han- II
3on et al, minors, has been set for hear- IHhI
Ing on Friday, tho 1st duy of July, A. D. dlB M
1904, at 10 o'clock a. m.. at tho counts inn M
courthouse, in tho courtroom of said il IN
courtln Salt Lako City, Salt Lako-coun- tjj jlj
Witness tho clerk of said court, with Ifl 81
tho seal thereof affixed, 1I1I3 20th day of IS IB
June. A. D. 1504. JOHN JAMES, III IB
Seal Clerk. sIBIB
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. Plff IB
Frlck & Edwards, Attorneys for c?- ill B
true- .X193I "IHlBl
Estate of Joseph Olson, deceased. fH IB
Creditors will present claims, with jjijifl MJ
vouchers, to the undersigned at the office '$u IB
of Sullivan & Barnes. 422-3-4 D. F Walkci (B
Bldg., on or boforo the 15th day of Octo- "tfl IB
bcr, A D. 1901. JACOB OLSON, fl IB IH
.Administrator of the Estate of Joseph OI DHu B
eon, Docensed. f iK IM
Sullivan & Barnes, Attorneys for Es 3H II
Date of first publication, Juno 10, A. D. R M
1P04. xS50 'SEEH
bate division, In and for Salt Lako coun- fjJIS Kn
ty, State of Utah. In tho mattor of thf fill jUU
estate of Elizabeth Plxton. deceased. W FB
Tho petition of Robert and Wlllarr f 5fj flB
Plxton, executors of tho estate of Eliza Im fiB
bcth Plxton, deceased, praying for ai- RQ m
ordor of sale of personal property of said IlH jM
deccdont. and that all persons Interested SRilBl
appsar beforo the paid court to shov S BIJ l I
cauBc why an order should not be grant- iJu fl '
cd to sell so muoh as shall be necessary. 'sH 111
of tho following described personal es din IB!
tato of said deceased, towlt: About 15C in In !
head of sheep, has beon sot for hearing 'IE ill
on Frluur, liic 1st day of Juiy, A. D. iS ff
1904, at 10 o'clock a. in., at the county I'lB IB
courthouse. In tho courtroom of said (llj 111
court. In Salt Lake City, Salt Lako coun- g ll
Witness the clerk of said court, wltt- i!H tnj
tho seal thereof affixed, thin 20th day or Im cm
June. A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMES. Iffi Iffl
Seal Clerk. iftiB fl
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. jJB m
James II, Moyle, Attorney for Petl- ilg fill
tlonor. xlOtfi iSgfl
bate division, In and for Salt Lake coun- J! M
ty. State of Utah. In the matter of th'- ijld D
estate of Susanna T. L, Schultz, deceased. ill I
Notice. if 3 IB
Tho petition of Syvcrt Schultz, praying ? I vB
for tho Issuance to himself of letters o' lit im
administration In the estate of Susanna T :C '! m
Li. Schultz, decef ocd, has been set fo r
hearing on Friday, tho 29th day of Jul . !J m
A. D.. IfOI, at 10 o'clock; a. m., at th- im m
county courthouse, In the courtroom of si iB
said court, in Salt Lake City, Salt Laks i; ! H
county. Utah. IH
Witness the clork of said court, with tho DRJ M
seal thereof affixed, this 2?rd day of June, ji
A. D. 1901. JOHN JAMES, E j D
Seal Clerk. 5g I
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. mil
C. M, NIelson, Attorney for Pctltione-. l;fi 1
5213 If S i M
Estate of Maronl R. Williams, deceased i fill
Creditors will prosent claims, wlti. i 'i (!
vouchers, to the undcrBlpned, at office ' uiillBll
Sullivan & Barnes. 422-123-42-1 D. F. Walk Jl II I
er Bldg., on or before tho 15th day of j 1115
April. A. D. 1905. KATE GUTHERL, 3 II
Administratrix of tho Eatato of Maronl II. 'I jjffll I
Wllllsims, Deceased. i injfl
Sullivan & Barnes. Attorneys for Estatr .i . I Hi jj
Dato of first publication, Juno 10, A. r frj (Bj I
1901. xa 'OuIBb
Third Judicial district of tho State o.' MP IW I
Utah, county of Salt Lake. Rio Grand - f IS IS
Western Railway company, a corporation. lyih Lm
plaintiff, vs. Lender C. Cro9aman. Nelll- 'ill IH I
B. Crossman, Frank Thompson, George l: ih b I
Havcrcamp, Edwin O. Larnphere, Sa. ll' SB I
Lako county, a municipal corporation, an I JJM Im I
Adellna Mayborrj. administratrix of th Jn IH I
estate of Charles Mayberry, deceased, de- in IB jj
fendanU. Summona. )) J I
Tho State of Utah to the said defendant? 5'f 41 n
You are hereby summoned to appea EfJ ' (fijli
within twenty days after tho service o: g;il V . Km
this summons upon, you. If served within Bfji' , Hjil
tho county In which this action Is brough'. 1 jf
otherwise, within thirty days after per- liti'fflB1'
vice, and defend tho above-entitled action. rl ', M SI
and In case of your failure bo to do, Judp hJ3 Mm
ment will be rendered against you accord mi R ff
Ing to tho demand of the complaint, .-i Sy Hill
copy of which is herewith sorved upon P,-i PJ
Plaintiff's Attorneys. jj. D) 1
P. O. address, 317 D. F. Walker built" ill .hi If
ing. Salt Lako City, Utah, x7". 1 jj ' : HW
Third Judicial district, county of Sa! If, fUaS
Lake, Stato of Utah. Frank L. Kalsd. Jjli llflm
plalntlffi vs. Anna Ii. Kaiser, dofondam.- , frnm
Summons. jlj, Krai
The State of Utah to the said defendant: iK I Kim ,
You uro hereby summoned to uppia" iT llffiH
within twenty days uftur the service ! Sfllj 'n n
this summons upon you, If served with) 1 Si3' Mm
tho county In which this action Is brougi, Bh! ) u II
otherwlsu, within thirty day After sei til Ijll
vice, and defend the nbovo entitled uctloi j I Wm
und in cuo of your failure so to do. Judj:- S?;i ml fa
niHnt will be rendered against yoti.a(- J J. mm
cording to tho domand of the complain . K'iv 9 fl
of which a copy Is hortwlth served upn.! Kjw' Wm
you. WILL F. WANLESS, . RJJl.' l
Pluhitlff'a Attorney. Bjj!' WIM
Frank, L. Kaiser. Plaintiff. im
P. O. address. 503-1 Teinpleton Bldg, KiTllHllS
Salt Lake City. Utah. wSSTJ ' 1 ill
NOTICE. f ! J jH
Sealed bids for-building a two-story r, ) iwM
four-room brick school building at Arc-. S '
Idaho will bo rocolved up to July 9. 19 f ilfi 1)
0 o'clock p. m. Bond of 2 per cent ct 1 ill m
the bid will be required. Plans anl spec f , JfjJ Cl
flcatlons can be seen at J. E. Smith .v 1 ?ljfl
Co.'o office, Arco. Idaho, aud at W. A .- JiJl
Samm's, architect, Pocutello, Idaho. Th- " ; 1 Hl 1
board reserves tho right to reject any an 1 1 , Ji jlfijir
all bldo. Addrcoiill bids to Geo. E. Fur- VM
rls. Clerk ot tho -Board of Trustees,
1 K

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