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I News of Mine, of Prospect, of Furnace aid of Mill j
Til I mi I nil I MM Ttflfr.irAU.iwv.J1..JJ:
Imposing Exhibit for Six Months in
tho Ore nncl Bullion
1 fWVlE ore and bullion settlements in tho
I open market for tho hair-yen r end
yj Ing with Juno CO attained a total of
?11,2GT,W0, compared with $11,219,200
for the corresponding period last year.
This aggregate does not. however, include
tho value of bullion that has been drawn
from tho furnaces of tho copper plants In
tho valley during tho same period, and
which latter has a valuation, perhaps of
J4.0M.OQO or more. Data from theso sources
are acccsslblo but onco a year, however,
and more than a gucs upon tho worth of
the prduct would bo hazardous. In tho
"opon market" returns arc mado from
day to day as sales of bullion and pur
chases of ore arc certllled to tho banks.
That tho Increase over tho correspond
ing period in 1003 Is not moro pronounced,
according to the authorities is that there
has not been an Increaso in furnaco ca
pacity, although the management of tho
American's stupendous plant at Murray
has made requisition on tho company for
two more blasts, on which construction
will be actively inaugurated in a short
time. Indeed, soaco for thorn was pro
vided when tho foundations for the pres
ent battery was created.
To supply thtse and more, tho diggings
are readv, while tho installation of lead
blast furnaces at the; United States smel
ter will create a market for an additional
volumo of that class of ore. The exhibit
for six months, beginning with tho first
of tho year, follows:
January ? 1,750.10)
February PS5
March 2,013.000
April 1.SS9.1W
Mny 11,004.700
Juno 1.77G.C0O
Total 511.267.540
The shrinkago In June although it re
veals an increase of J171.M0 ovor the cor
responding month last year said an au
thority yesterday, was tho refusal of tho
producer to rush onto a low market with
his silver bullion, the increase in tho dally
settlements with tho recent rally in the
price of tho -white metal supporting this
theorv. However, there Is nothing in the
exhibit for tho half year for which to
apologize. Undoubtedly, with tho smelter
enlargements completed and those in hand
the year's production will show a very
' large increase over tho previous one.
A correspondent of the Mining Reporter,
I Denver, telling of his observations along
j. tho San Pedro and some of the old camps
j from which It will derive its traffic, says
! of patriarchal Pioche:
In tho early seventies travel to Pioche
'i was via Palisade on tho Southern Pacific
'.' railroad, about 250 miles to tho north, and
! yet a flourishing camp of several thousand
people existed Xor several years.
4 From an area of about one mile square.
.' close to tho town, a gold, silver and lend
production of over $39,000,000 was made,
jj the heaviest producers being tho Ray-
I! mond-Ely, Mnzeppa and Meadow Valley.
: The Raymond-Ely vein of a width of from
two to ten feet and In a quartzlte forma
! tlon. is worked out from the surface to a
iJ depth of 1300 feet for a distance of 45CO
'! feet. For DO00 feet cast-west there is a
1 porphvrv dvko of an average width of
llfty foot, and whllo all the ore bodies
stem to make toward this dyke, it Is only
within the past two years that any pros
! pectlng has been done on It. The bulk of
a the Pioche hill properties (about 330
claims) are owned by the Pioche Consoll-
'( dated Mining company, and it Is reported
that a sale is pending whereby those
ij properties, as well as others In tho vicinity
I of Pioche, will be taken over by tho Mon-
I arch mines corporation of New York,
L. c. Van Riper has arrived from the
East and Is busy making arrangements to
forward tho operations of his companies
at 131s creek. When seen yesterday, he
paid it was the intention to get the "Wcr
donhoff mill started by January 1, and
twenty stamps for the Emprc33 would
also be taken In and installed, If possible,
nays tho Idaho Statesman. Tho mill for
tho Werdcnhoff la all on tho way. Some
machinery has bepn delivered at Emmett
and loaded out, and the remainder Is all
aboard the car3 at Donver. If it Is not al
ready on the road. Mr. Van Riper wild
tho manager of the Colorado iron works
told him the plant was the most complcto
the company had ever built.
Tho company haa provided agalnBt all
contingencies. It has bcon arranged to
run with water power, but a complete
steam plant "Will be installed to he called
into use In tho event of any interruption
of tho other power. There is a 100 horse
power boiler and two CO horse-power en
I glncs. Tn addition, there la an cnglno for
J tho electric plant.
TV. If. Llnncy, a former superintendent
of Bamberger's De La Mar mlne3 and now
manager of the Checkmate mines and mill
at Pearl, Ida., for which thai State is in
debted to Salt Lake talent, was in Boiso
on his way to the Black Warrior district,
nays tho Statesman. Ho reported develop
ment progressing in the Checkmate. Tho
mine was unwatered aomo time ago and
operations resumed at the faces. Ho loft
tho mine tho day before, and hai sinco
received information from tho foreman
that a ralso being made Bixty feet west
of the, shaft on tho sixth level was show
ing much better ore.
A level was driven there before tho
work was stopped by water, Thero has
been some question about where tho vein
was, but that level solved tho point, and
this ral3e shows tho ore body is simply
pinch down at that levol smaller than
t&t&Cf 52.50 to 4.00
to S8.G3 ,SV J L-L
M G. B. & J. H. TVhltecar, pattern-mak-
H era. Mine and smelter work a specialty.
H Prices reasonable. 247 Read St. 'Phono
H TVcstorn Ore Shippers' Agency.
163 Main at. P. O. box 457. Phono 2000.
Tho fourth furnaco at the Bingham
Con. Smelter, put out of commission
by tho recent storm, will he fired up
again this morning, said Manager
MacVIchle, who returned from tho
plant yesterday, and in the next few
hours tho battery will again bo going
on normal tonnage. Under the con
tract material for tho fifth furnace will
begin to arrive next week. For this
everything will be In readiness within
few hours, tho pouring of slag on the
foundation having begun yesterday.
On a trial to which the battery of four
furnaces was recently put It was dem
onstrated, said Manager MacVichie,
that it could be made to reduce as
much as 720 tons dally. Tho demon
stration Is o. remarkable one.
A correspondent of the Mining "World,
Chicago, who lias been studying con
ditions In Humboldt county, Nevada,
says of the Sheba. mines and mill, con
trolled by Justice Bartch, Gov. TVells
and their associates:
"The mlllman at the Sheba mine is
concentrating their ore at 50 cents per
ton. One can readily sea why the fu
ture holds a. golden era for the com
pany which opens large bodies of low
grade ore. Part of the Bonanza ore of
the Sheba was hauled hundreds mf
miles by ox team to Sacramento. Cal.
Today the railroad hauls it for $4.50.
"In the palmy days of the Sheba lis
owners were rewarded by a $3,500,000
output. Silver went down and for years
the Bonanza mine was idle until this
company cleaned out the old tunnels
and stopes and began an active cam
paign of development.
"There are now in the mill many
tons of rich concentrates sacked ready
for shipment. One of the finest water
rights In this part of Novada is on
the company's property. The climate Is
so mild that work can be prosecuted
the year round. Adjoining the Sheba Is
the famous De Sota, which produced In
3000 feet of developing over 54.000.000.
and all above water level. Men are
now at work and an active campaign
is planned to open up other shoots that
are sure to He under Old Star peak,"
Of the properties of the Morrison Mi
ning company, also controlled by Salt
Lake talent, it Is written by the same
correspondent: "The veins run north
and soutli and aro in clay slates, re
sembling greatly some formation of the
mother lode in California, only the
California mines produce gold and
these veins gold and silver. Tho ore
occurs in Sidneys, and at times ex
tremely rich. From one lense there was
shipped $85,000 worth of ore."
The Record, Piochee, New, telling of
a region Into which so much wealth is
now and has been for some time drift
ing, says:
From grass roots to a depth of thirty
five feet on the Florence group, ten
miles northwest of Pioche, high-grade
ore has been extracted from a man
ganese gangue. The quality of ore
not increasing with depth It was de
termined the ore shoot lay to tho south
and an incline was accordingly started.
At ten feet depth heavy lead carrying
thirty ounces silver per ton was en
countered in larger quantities than
previously. Sinco then the grade and
volume of ore has steadily Increased
with depth, when this week the climax
was reached by opening a streak of
ore one foot In width carrying CO per
cent lead, eighty ounces silver, $4 in
gold and some copper per ton. Ore Is
being taken out and sacked for ship
ment from the high grade streak with
out assorting, from which picked
samples run In excess of 200 ounces
silver per ton. The owners of the prop
erty are E. P Gordon, James Nesbltt,
Henry Lee and Benjamin Geske.
The small amount of indebtedness
against the Hcrschel company's prop
erties at Mercur having "been wiped out,
operations will be resumed tho present
month, said Director Kelfer yesterday,
the Intention being to sink from the
surface to a connection with the gold
bearing ores that were opened up
through a drift from the Sacramento.
To make this connection, he said, but
sixty feet of sinking will be required.
It is not unlikely that tho Herschel will
seek an arrangement which will enable
It to reducO Its ores at the Sacramento
mill, in which event they will be de
livered through the latter's tunnel. A
great deal of work was done In the
search for ore by the company before
It was finally tapped through the Sacramento.
With the behavior of the ledge In
the west drift on the properties of the
New York Bonanza at Park City Man
ager Wilson, who received a report from
camp yesterday, Is very much pleased.
While the ore is occurring in bunches
In the ledge, which Is three feet be
tween walls, a streak of high-grade
Hilver ore carrying some lead haa shown
Itself very persistent, while every
thing appears to be premonitory of an
Important development.
While the interruption at the Utah
Con. smelter is a provoking one, said
Manager Channlng yesterday, it will
have been overcome in the next few
hours, when the plant will be headed for
its maximum. It is expected. Indeed,
that it will bi reducing 750 tons of
oro daily before the close of the pres
ent month, the earnings to bo In
creased over 30 per cent.
BOSTON Crawford, Parker.
CHICAGO Auditorium, Groat Northern,
Palmer House.
DENVER Drown Palace.
KANSAS CITY Midland. Coaten.
LOS ANGELES The Angelus. B. F.
Gardner, C0." Spring Street.
NEW YORK Waldorf-Astoria, Imporl
al. Astor House.
OMAHA Tho Millard, Tho Paxton.
PORTLAND. OR.-Portland llotol.
ST. LOITIS Planters'. Southern.
SEATTLE Hotel Northern.
WASHINGTON Wtllard, Raleigh. i
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Special to Tho Tribune.
MODENA, Utah, July 4. Edward J.
McCune, who has been in charge of tho
Horseshoe mlno at Fay, Nov., pending a
settlement with the Shawmut Mining and
Milling' company, passed through ho'ro
yesterday en routo to Salt Lako City to
moot the Hon. A, W. McCuno on his re
turn fr6m Peru. An early adjudication
relating to the norseshoc mlno Is ex
pected to be mado within two weeks,
v a
Col. E. F. Frcudenthal passed through
hero yesterday on his return from MlU
ford, whero ho had been with President
Mucklow of the Majestic company and
witnessed tho settlement of tho Majcstlo
company's Indebtedness.
Somo flno lead-sliver ore spcclmons wero
received here yesterday from tho Pioche
Nevada Consolidated company'B property
near Pioche, Nov., and It would not be
astounding if ten big cars of ore In one
shipment should bo mado soon. Three
days ago Manager C. E. Rives decided to
Investigate tho continuity of tho veins
several hundred feet beyond tho present
working shaft and at a depth of ten feet
disclosed the chuto which fills this pros
pect hole entirely with ore. It is sfild that
tho company can sell its property for
figures that can bo expressed in six nu
merals only.
Tho Creole Mining company at Statollno
is making progress under the management
of W. II. Webber. The crosscut from tho
eighty-foot level is progressing and tho
objective point will be reacheu within a
few weeks. The showing so far Is good.
Latest reports from the Johnny mlno
Indicate increasing values In tho lino ore
bodies already blocked out by that company.
Messrs. A. F. Bettlcs and Joseph Dcd
erichs of tho Newhouso staff returned
from Newhouso yesterday morning, ac
companied by Miss Block, to whose fair
hands had been committed tho pretty and
patriotic task of raising tho nation's col
ors over the new camp. The event was an
imposing one, and tho lady, 'who is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Block, was accorded a reception she will
ever romembcr.
Of tho campaign of construction, Man
ager Bottles says everything Is moving
on time, while the long tunnel continues to
forgo its way Into tho great copper-bearing
Special to Tho Tribune.
CALIENTE, Nov., July 4.-Joeeph Wol
ccr of the brokerage linn of Wclsor &
BullOck, Wall street, New York, passed
through camp today In company with Jim
llulllck, a prospector who has been in Ne
vada and California since 'DO, and who
has located a group of claims known as
tho Sun Set group, three miles north of
Bitter Springs and fourteen miles south
of tho San Pedro right of way between
Moapa and Los Vegas ranch.
Mr. Wclscr says that his firm has an
option on this group for J10.000 for a pe
riod of one year from May 2, 1901. and has
assay reports of from S1G to $67 free gold
from ore Liken from tho group. Hulllck
reports to lUm that he has a three-foot
ledge at a depth of sixty feet on the May
Day claim going $43 in free gold and a.
twenty-three-inch ledge on tho New
Year's claim in tho same group, but on
another contact going $1C gold and 12-1
ounces silver per ton at tho breast of
tunnel now in 230 feet.
Ho also haa an option on the Nover
Sweat salt mines sixteen miles east from
the Sun Set group", which promises to de
velop into a big pay property at an early
dato. All that is restraining active de
velopment is tho lack of railroad facili
ties, which will bo ovcrcomo when tho
San Pedro 6hall have reached a point half
way between Moapa and Los Vegas
Wclscr & Bullock successfully promoted
tho Spltr.lo group of claims near Ross
land, B. C. and sold thorn to a London
syndlcato for half a million dollars In
1S(0. They also own largo holdings in To
nopah and tho new Goldticld camp and
have fajth In tho gold future of Nevada.
They went west and orcpect to take out a
thousand pounds of this free gold and
gold-silver oro for sample treatmont at
Salt Lako City within tho next thirty
Tho suit against tho Horseshop Gold
Mining company and Shawmut com
pany to foreclose mechunlcs' liens oc
cupied from Wednesday to Friday,
says the Record, of Pioche, Nev. The
Hen claimants numbered about eighty
for miners and mill mon, while the
Mine and Smelter Supply company,
Salt Lako Hardware company. Conti
nental Oil company and the Trent Ma
chinery company were interveners,
each for a good sum. A fight was mado
against the Trent lien, but finally after
examining into each claim, judgment
was confessed for each and all in vary
ing amounts, the defendants reserving?
tho right to appeal from ih- allowance
of attorneys' fees, this being the first
time such allowance has occurred
under our statutes,
All Pvovious Records Knocked Silly
by tb.9 Porformanco at the
MO MJEET the requirements of tho
J Valley furnaces In June, accord-
ing to the record In the up-town
offices, the diggings were drawn
on for about 111,000 tons of ore and yet
the latter are prepared to respond with
nn output infinitely greater. These
figures, however Imposing, do not em
brace tho enormous tonnages supplied
the mills In the various camps and
which latter were even greater. At
the mills of Park City, those of Blng
lmm, tho big plants at Morcur, tho
Clark mill at Ophlr, tho Honorine's
at Stockton, tho gold mills at Gold
Mountain, State Lino and Park Valley
each required from thirty to 500 tons
of oro dally, the total reduced in tho
State sufficient with which to create a
small Gibraltar and yet new plants
with which to meet tho needs of the
producer are being reared. in many lo
calities, j
Joseph Treloar, for several years su
perintendentnow lessee of tho Victor
Con., Tlntlc, who was among yesterday's
visitors from camp, says reports from tho
lower workings of the Emorald denoto a
most Important change. Whllo those em
ployed upon It decllno to go into particu
lars, the change, It is said, is occurring
In tho winze below the SOO-fobt level, from
which most likely rock has been coming
for somo time. Manager Oglcsby Is now
at the mine.
At the Victor, Mr. Treloar is raising
somo copper oro of good quality, whllo
keeping up developments and prosecuting
tho search for tho main oro bodies that
characterize the ffrcat zone.
J. II. Drips, a mining engineer, In a let
ter from Mountain City, New, saya:
Most everything one henrs up hero now
Is Mountain City. It Ik booming. The
Greenback has been bonded by Salt Lake
parties for $45,000, and they arc going to
take charge Immediately. They have al
ready arranged with mo to survey for a
patent, so undoubtedly Intend to buy (I
am not poslttvo about the price, but that
Is from good authority). Tho ledgo
strengthens as thoy sink. Work Is tem
porarily susponded until the Salt Lako
people can arrange to push it along. Tho
other people aro sucking their ore. In tho
Nelson boys' mlno they aro working every
man they have room for. Thoy refused
5200,000 for It and asked $500,000. You know
they made a rich strike Just after tho
Greenback was discovered, whero they
tapped tho ledge at 400 feet below the surface.
Mining Notes.
Tho talent underground having liad "its
time" with the talent on top, tho mines In
tho various camps will resume with tho
nlsht shift today.
Richard Guhther and Charley Brown
havo returned from tho Grand river,
whero thoy havo been sampling tho gold
bearing sands.
Patrick Ryan Is scheduled to return
from Chicago todoV with Important in
mat Ion on Iccnl mining properties.
Superintendent Robert Brown, who Is
raising 300 tons of oro dally from tho Ccn-tonnlal-Euroka,
vna among tho visitors
from Tlntlc yesterday.
Clark Knight, superintendent f.f tho Ga
lena King of Stockton, and under whoso
direction development has been with such
satisfactory results, was In from camp
during tho day.
Park City Miner: Eighteen men aro
stoplng ore above the 000-foot level tun
nel, and these, with tho construction
force, means that fully 25 per cent of the
men laid oft at tho Ontario will return
immediately to work.
J. E. Berg, engineer for tho Bingham
Con., has returned after making a sur
vey of workings at the Eagle & Bluo Dell
of Tlntlc.
Curtis P. Mason, tho popular represent
ative of Fairbanks. Morso & Co., has re
turned from Idaho.- after ' interviewing
Piocho Record: Judge Laney of Salt
Lako is spending a few days horc with his
old friend John Cook, and Is making a
good and extenslvo tour of this district
for mining -and other Interests.
Superintendent E. J. Rnddatz of tho
Honerlno was in from its mines and mill
at Stockton during tho day.
A report from tho west says the streak
of ore on the Curroncy, owned by tho
Pioche Water company, but which Is now
being worked under lease by Alex Orr
and Charles Osborne, holds its iwn with
occasionally a kidney remarkably llch.
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1 Established 11 years. Representatives everywhere. Offices: Top Floor Com- ai
merclal Block, Salt Lako City. t
; FRANCIS G. LUKE, General Manaser. &
, "Some Peoplo Don't Llko Us." vt
3 Prostatic Troubles t, Nervous Debility g
0 permar.ntly cured, no mat- jT0. Cures quick and radical In t
3 tcr how lone standing tho tpA a Ifl to CO days, by my own la-
1 dlsensa, tn from 5 to 20 days. mil mous method. (
Ii Stricture M Varicocele f g
d cure In IS dp.ys. without Kg V"j Completely and penannt-
cutting, pain drugs or de- ly cured by my new pro- $ fc
; tentlon from bualneas. X, cess; all dlsagrecoblo symp- .
Wasting Weakness 5, fy t(?ras, poon diaappca-
6 JV W plotely nnd forever; It la AWL,
TImo of ourc. 10 to CO A V tSw aafo, palnlass and bloodless.
Cays, by my original, very r-SSi&J An absoluta cure piarar- JBH
j slinplo remedy (used cxclu- ffffiVhS 7 teed. WW
sively by me). MM Blood Poison I g
Private Diseases MWJ vest.go of poison V f
i cured In 8 to 10 daya, with- iWffi' removed from system with- 1
, out 'tho use of poisonous k .jr-' 0ut aid of mercury or pot- H V
drugs. ash. Iii .
Consultation Is frco and Invited, and in consulting m you may be ouro that 11
nothing that Bcience can devise or skill perfect haa been left undono to afford ml
you a speedy. Gnfo and permanent cure. '
V WRITE mo In full confidence, explaining your troubles as they appear to 03 :
i you, and receive by return mall my honest and candid opinion of your case. 1 1
I I he Best Whisky I
Needs no Praiso. i
Old Cambridge Rye I
Old Crow Bourbon I
Provo Canyon.
Moot beautifully oltuatcd resort In tho
State. Fine trout fishing. Plenty of
ohade, cold spring water, dancing pavilion,
now dining-room, no niosquItoeB, no sa
loon. Tho ideal family outing place, Tole
phono or wrlto L. L. PONNAK.
Bettor tkan any Eastern maio. Will .
cost you. Igbs money. Ask yonr tj
or for them. Look for our trftdft-1 c;
marlc i Q
Utah Bfcddins & MTS Co' f !
Salt Laho City. Utah. J
'Scoffs Sanlal-Pepsin Capsules 1
I Wk( Forlnflamniatlon orCaUrrbot-J
Wri )'vrort cntM of Gonorrhoea mm
VSk linnd Olwjt, bo matter of bow m
JW'J Tlw ?l.CO, or br mall. JJ
WVCV Paid. l.00,3 boxea,$3-- -f7
55 Baliclontalao, Ohl 3
JTt J, HELL DRUG RO&xlt, JvJiQ .Citfr ; Ml

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