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4H; mmm
ffc Clio Solection and Purchase of "Campaign Glmcracks" Shrewd Old Cain
ir poincrs Know tho Value of Political Toys Millions of Portraits of
Candidates Are Sent All Over the Union How They Are Prepared and
flfl Distributed A Now Scheme in tho Portrait Line That Gavo a Man a
-JK Tidy Little Fortune The Cartoonist Who Asked a National Committee
j&wf 50,000 for His Services and Took S3750 Hosts of Poets Besiege tho
Committees, Offering Political Songs.
1 faftW selection Qf campaign glm
l& HP cracks and the economical pur
0ri I chase of the same is important
'no? 1 work for some one on the staff
boV 1 'of every well regulated executive com
tCMmltteo "in every well regulated Presi
dential campaign.
' By campaign glmcracks Is meant the
J .buttons and badges, the stickpins and
Medals, and all the other trifien by
3 which it Is sought to keep the name
ll of your candidate constantly before the
1 voter. To the serious-minded these
1 campaign aids may seem pretty small
potatoes, no doubt, but shrewd old
A campaigners know full well that a well
(Si conceived, well executed political toy
) H may do a lot of good to the party
JBLflnntlng it, and the lucky genius who
Hl.,m invent such a thing and spring it
fj Buccesstully on a progressive executive
Wm 'committee at the psychological moment
jKjn the opening days of the campaign
Imight make a small fortune out of it.
'tit would have to be a thoroughly con-'
101 i vincing toy, though, for tho same
ft : shrewd old political campaigners arc
n3 1 also well aware that no living man can
yo3 : tell In advance how any given political
tM "clmcrack will take with the voters.
m ' and therefore are particularly cautious
1 about expending good party money In
1 that direction.
"1 On the whole, portraits of the Presi
tJ fdentlal and Vice-Presidential candi
r, fclates are considered the safest gim
thc ftclacks in which an executive commlt-
.,? i'ltee can invest, Judging from the great
preponderance of the portrait expendi
day.llituros over all other committee gim
ll.crack outputs during the last few cam-
iTflP' Some years literally millions of por
SVtralts of all sizes, from that of a 10
itoiTiWent piece to the side of a barn, are
frbrought by the committees for distri
r Jbution In every State of the Union,
-'fj ,-i)urIng one campaign, not so long ago,
-J (presses printing life-size candidates'
jSs ''portraits on heavy plate paper were
T! Jkept running steadily for quite twelve
mm -consecutive weeks, and a full-Hedged
4 ."shipping department was open and
I 'sending out the pictures by the ton the
( iwhole of the time. There were certain,
; 03 Influential contributors to the party
dls that year who objected strenu
y to the expense of the portrait
racts, but nobody had the hardl
J to put on the brakes,
was in that same year that the
committees put out a large num-
.tWrer of oil-painted portraits of gigantic
yOJfslze say, eight feet by ten to hang in
3blg halls far above the heads of the au
il jtilences on the wall back oC the speak
jlers. These portraits were in neutral
41brovns and grays that made them look
rilBurprlslngly like . titanic photographs
llwhen viewed from a little distance, and
llthey were unusually good likenesses
5rar superior to the colored portraits
aj;Keen on the expensive street banners,
fgafchch have been so prominent in all
f recent campaigns,
T$ Everybody who saw these portraits
iSAwas struck with their excellence, and
-frny a whole lot of people importuned their
"4 maker to give up the secret of their
J i manufacture. He parried all inquiries
Rfi. j skillfully, however, even declining to
tell where they were made, but at the
mWM enJ of l'ie campaign his scheme came
ill X F'rst f a11 Iie sot two big magic
S SI j lanterns Und had first-class transparen
j cles made of the two Presidential and
i two Vice-Presidential candidates. Then
a I he found a big vacant building in an
a 1 Jbscure New England village. He
a rented this structure and boarded up
nogl JI the windows and doors so that no
,ur eyi ainllght could enter tho place. Then
ble, ji yhen he hud anoiKW for a pair of por
iuen traits he put ilie prynsparencles in his
elp y magic lantern s etuhfcvjd the canvases
'1th ti on which the liclirel vtS.'ue to be palnt
1 ed the proper dilate tV-roni the Jan-
i o course Hie resUt1 waif:- PVerfect image
outh S ot ea"h portray ijn W: caivWas. and all
tie man who vieldcd'lhe lyrush had to
io was to slap in the VliW to conform
kvith the lines and colovlng thus uner
HBrlngly indicated.'
Tlt Is popularly supposed that political
MPUll is required to fl campaign glm
j ppeks to an exepuve committee, and
i:nls Is true in some degree: but this
nan's work Interested both commlt
ees so mightily that they fell over each
ither to get his pictures. In a short
Ime after his first pictures were shown
ic Had to put in half a dozen magic
DUK Rnterr's and employ a regular staff of
wrlralt makers. Had the active cam
H n '(dgn lasted a year instead of a few
1 veeks, he would have cleared up a big
T. 1 ftune. As It was he made a very
a -1 pug sum of money 'out of it enough
J 9 give him a good substantial start In
v Permanent line of business.
HFo?sibly political cartoons should not
5c. classed as campaign glmcracks, but
Mf- aH events the executive committee
fWepartmont that selects and buys the
Podges and buttons and portraits gen
.jjgQftly takes charge of tho cartoons
'GlSlSlt1 tne beginning of a recent cam-
tt?' 6 cartoonist who hau once been
ux V Steal power in the land by reason of
V7ai EPh'c portrayal of the shortcom-
f 5B.3 of one.of the political parties, had
1 h i nhls erll' and decided to seek re
f bilitatlon by doing campaign car-
a, & toons. Not flndlng a new'.spaper place
J adlb'. he concluded to strike one or
3 fti ,0lner of the political committees.
"3 eiad blfted his political allegiance
iir, i moantlme and was somewhat
if S,tful 'blch party to apply to, but
,1 2 'a'lv ueclded la favor of the party of
S w 8tlovc-
II c1l mUilB lndlca-tlon to the executive com
ll 5IE( ,J, 1 ne would be clad to help
Am- inelr eandidate, for a consldera-hprUK-hi
?i. 1Tiakn5 for them cartoons
y 8ho"Il furnish to the news
Lono fiaK..tir , cs o charge, caused a great
'"-ler, ln that political body, and it
Qed to employ him at once.
ly-n?n i clcs arose. however.. There
X ?n.ll7p.ortant artIc, 5,1 t" PartyV
rrDpKi 1-art 2? , Would not Bupport, and
r nlK miwaited nol,ons as to the amount
nav liS h? ould receive.
Blnps ThJon8 tlme to Bet over theBe
ftVJection',v;T atlst's repugnance to the
jrflBth enmn?6 ?0etrine w-as overcome
Lo. SffifcoSur,s;hne relther Qrt,6t nor
jr , cuid be got to name figures
at all. When the artist, after many
long pow wows, fixed 550,000 as about
the proper thing there was consterna
tion among the committeemen. They
argued the case for two days and a ten
tative compromise was reached on $37,
C00. This didn't "go" with the commit
tee's treasurer, though, and as a last
resort a committee employee who had
some practical knowledge as to "how
cartoons stood in the market" was
, asked to "fix the matter up." He and
1 the had-been cartoonist had several in
terviews, some of them stormy,, and
the upshot was that, basing his com
pensation on the largest number of
cartoons that could possibly be used,
the artist was to receive ?3750 Instead
of $37,500, or just one-tenth as much
as the figures mentioned in the tenta
tive compromise
oo iar nu was satisfactory. The
executive committeeman who had rec
ommended the taking on of the em
ployee who cut the cartoonist down
nine-tenths congratulated himself. The
employee thanked heaven that he was
pleasing the committee and had visions
of a fat and permanent job after the
close of the campaign, provided his
party won. The cartoonist was happy
because, whle $3750 was "by no means
$37,500, it was the same an $373 a week
for ten weeks, or S137.&0" o. cartoon,
since only 20 cartoons were needed.
But there way more trouble coming.
It was, planned that the committee's
editorial board for whfitover it was
called) should pass on eu:h cartoon be
fore It was sent out, and th committee
employee already mentioned was to
serve as ,the medium through which
the artist's ideas should be presented
to the board. Had It been possible for
nlm to set board and cartoonist to
gether occasionally there might have
been no friction, but it turned out Im
possible to do this, or, in fact, even to
get the cartoons passed upon at all, at
least half the time. The result was a
ten weeks' spell of heart disease for the
committee employee. Not being able
often to get ofllclal sanction for the
cartoons, he had put them out on his
own judgment, only to find, after they
were out, in many instnnces, that some
member of the committee objected to
the subject chosen or its treatment. In
fact, there was hardly one of the car
toons that some one didn't condemn as
sure to "Burchardlze" the campaign. So
serious did the situation become be
fore election day that the unfortunate
employee had visions in his dreams
every night of political cartoons that
either missed the; point or were posi
tively detrimental to the cause, and
of an outraged executive committee
wreaking vengence upon him for let
ling the objectionable drawings go
forth to the papers.
Possibly It is not right to clusslfj-
campaign songa as political glmcracks
either, but this particular committee
employee, who had to listen to hun
dreds of them that campaign, would
certainly put them in that category.
Before the active campaign was a
fortnight old It seemed to him that
every man, woman and child in the
country had written, or was about to
write, or at least felt able to writo a
campaign song. Apparently every
member of the committee and every
State committee chairman from the
Atlantic to the Pacific had hosts of
song-writing friends. Anyway, they
all sent songs to the committee, by
every mall, seemingly, and this par
ticular unfortunate employee had to try
the most of them out.
At first when he took a bundle of
manuscript soncs nnd music home at
night and asked his wife to play the
airs on the piano and his daughter to
sing the words, they were quite de
lighted with the novelty of It. But
wImi, on one never-to-be-forgotten
Sunday morning, he asked both of
them to stay home from church and
struggle with eighty-seven different
pieces of political doggerel and eighty
seven now pieced of inharmonious, un
inoloulous scores, they revolted, gently,
to be ure, but vIUi a degte of firm
ness that left no room for argument.
TJiey both declared that they had yung
the pralsen of tlv? Presidential candi
date he was workinic for until they
were completely tired out; moreover,
under the strain of trying the songs
they had lost sympathy with the party
he represented, and from that time on
till election day they devoted a good
deal of attention to arguing with him
in favor of the opposition party and Its
Not all the songs came to executive
headquarters by mall. Many of them
were brought by the authors and com
posers, and some of these people in
sisted on singing their productions to
the employee, to whom most of the
campaign glmcracks were referred for
investigation. Long before tho close of
the campaign he was as sick of cam
paign songs as his family had been,
and even now he sometimes dreams of
It may be said of the American
campaign song writers that they gen
erally confine themselves to uralae of
their own candidates, or, at worst, to
mild sarcasm regarding their oppo
nents. It Is not so in England, where
the campaign songs are sometimes
nothing lets than savage. Hero Is one
which was nut forth while Gladstone
was still alive:
"When the Grand Old Man goes to his
He vlll rido ln a ffory chariot.
And sit in statu
On a red-hot plato -'Twixt
Satan and Jurtaa TacarloU
Says the Devil, "My. place Is quite full, as
you see, ,
But I'll try nnd do all that I can;
So I'll lwt Ananias and Judas no free.
And take in tho Grand Old Mnn."
But tho Dovll soon found tho whole- thing
a sell,
For old Gladdy corrupted ill pcoplo In
Of campaign glmcracks proper an al
most Infinite variety is offered to every
executive committee, small portraits In
the form of medallions, buttons and
badges leading, of course. When Blaine
was candidate plumes and pompons,
from his sobriquet "The Plumed
Knight," were' put forward In many
forms, ln 189C tho MeKlnley gimcrack
makers scorced a hit with gigantic
leaden beetles washed In bronze paint,
which were sold as "goldbugs," Llttlo
vest pocket handbooks, giving a well
selected lot of economic facts, accom
panied with political deductions, are al
most always sent out by millions. One
year an executive committee ordered
four million of little cardboard flags,
printed In five colors, on the reverse of
which a vast amount: of political doc
trine as that committee understood
political soundness was crowded into
a little space.
Political puzzles, too, are often of
feredthough not often accepted and
little statuettes: no end of wrinkles, in
fact, and it would be- a shrewd execu
tive committee, indeed, which could get
along without wasting some thousands
upon badly designed campaign glm
cracks. Often the gimcrack makers do not
ask the executive committee to buy
their goods, but only to endorse them,
depending for their sales upon the
State and minor local committees and
sometimes preferring to go to the pub
lic direct. But this is only when the
gimcrack In hand Is especially novel
and taking
(Copyright, 1901, by E. B. Warner.)
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. July li
Would you kindly answer in the next
Sunday's Question and Answer column
the following questions: 1 What is the
finest building in tho United States? '2.
What Is the finest in the world? 3.
What is the actual cost of each build
ing? -i. How does the Salt Lake Tem
ple compare with these buildings In ar
chitectural work? Subscriber.
1. Probably the National Capitol. 2.
Experts say the Taj Mahal. 3. It is
impossible to give it. 4. It doesn't com
pare. POCATELLO. Ida., July 11. Kindly
answer through The Tribune what are
the names of the Territories in the
Union? Render.
Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, In
dian Territory, Alaska, though the lat
ter is not fully organized, and Indian
Territory is on a different basis from
the others, having a number of semi-Independent
Indian tribes under their
own governments.
PARK CITY. Utah, iuly S. Will
you kindly answer the following ques
tions through your paper: 1. How long
will tho registration office be open ln
Bonesteel, S. D., for the Rosebud In
dian reservation before drawing com
mences? 2. Under what condition will
It be dyened? Constant Reader.
The time for registration at Bonesteel
Is July 5 to 23; the drawing begins at
Chamberlain. July 2$. The registration
will be under the usual conditions, that
the applicant be a citizen, who has not
used his public land privileges.
Will you please answer In your next is
sue the following questions: 1. Do you
know of any reliable patent selling
agency who work without an advance
feo on commission? 2. What are the
best plans to sell a patent to get the
most out of 10? And oblige one of your
We must plead lack of information on
these points.
ARCO, Ida., July S. Please answer
the following in Sunday's Tribune: 1.
How many people paid admittance to
the Chicago World's fair during the
first month? 2. How many during tho
last month? 3. What was the average'
paid dally attendance at the Buffalo
exposition? 4. On what date did each
of the above open, and on what day
close? Thanking you for the informa
tion. A Subscriber.
1. First month, May, 37S.9S0. 2. Last
month, November, to 10th inclusive,
918,905; lost full month. October, 2,334,
530. 3. 30,853. 4. The Chicago World's
fair opened May 1, 1893, and closed No
vember 10, the same year. The Buffalo
exposition was formally opened May 20,
1901, and closed November 2 of the same
LE VAN, Utah, July 12. Please an
swer in your Sunday paper: Can a
man hold two precinct offices at the
same time? If so. where can I find the
same in the laws of the State concern
ing same? A Subscriber.
He cannot be both Justice of the
Peace and Constable, if that is what
you mean, as. the two offices in their
very nature must be held by different
persons; how, for Instance could a
Justice of the Peace issue a process re
quiring himself to bring an accused per
son oeiore nimseiL ior u-Numiuutiuu un d
charge of crime or misdemeanor? It
requires no statute to show that this
could not be done.
SUNNYSIDE, Utah. July 1L Will you
please answer, If possible, the following
questions ln your next Friday (semi
weekly) paper: 1. Is It lawful for a
County Commissioner to hold an office
of a school trustee In the same county?
This Is urgent, therefore would be glad
to get your reply as to the law in the
matter. 2. What Is meant by the ex
pression the Boston tea party? 3, The
original expression of the Keystone
State? and, oblige Delightful Reader.
1, We do'not find any law against it?
2. It refers to the patriotic raid on a
British ship In Boston harbor, and
throwing her cargo of tea into the bay.
3. It refers to Pennsylvania., lying mid
way between the northern and the
soutern colonies, and fitted Into the geo
graphical framework as the keystone
does Into an arch.
ALBION, Ida., July 11. Will you
kindly answer the following questions
in your Tribune: 1. Will you tell me
how to measure land in small lots, the
lots being Irregular shapc-7 2. Where .
can I secure a sample copy of the Po
lice Gazette? Subscriber. 1
Tho best and surest way is to get a J
competent surveyor to survey and com
pute It; one unskilled in this work Is 1
sure to make errors, though by a sue- j
cession of geometrical figures, substan
tial accuracy Is easily readied. 2. By
writing for it, and paying the price.
KOOSHAREM. July 13. Will you
kindly give me the titles of some books
that "would assist me In acculrlns an i
education? I have ample time to study,
but don't know what would benefit me
the most. 2. Which Is correct In speak
ing of an average person, intelligent or
Intellectual? So you will understand
more clearly, will give you an example
A remarks a certain individual Is very
intelligent. B says: "Don't use that
word, but intellectual. Everybody is
Intelligent, even dogs." A.
1. Neither do we know what would
benefit you most, as you don't describe
your present attainments, nor what it Is
you want to do with yourself. 2. A is
right as to language; B has a cheerful
optimism that wo wish wo could share,
and recret that we cannot. Besides,
the two expressions don't mean the
same thing: a man may be Intelligent
without having the word "Intellectual"
fit him.
PAJYETTE, Ida,, July 1. Give me the
placfe wnere deepest and the depth of
the two deepest wells thn.t have ever
been sunk for any purpose. I. S.
The deepest vertical shaft is the
Tamarack No. 3, In the Lake Superior
district, 4990 feet: the next is Tamarack
No. o, which is 4935 foot deep. The sin
gle vertical shaft in the Calumet &
Hecla Is 4900 feet.
PARK CITY, Utah, July IC Can you
pleaae tell me In The Tribune Sunday
how many paid admission to the SU
LouIb fair on Independence day? 2. Ia
the coal strike ln Carbon county set
tled, and oblige. A Reader.
(1). 172,140. (2.) Yes.
SALT LAKE CITY. July 16, Please
give attendance ut St. Louis World's
fair July 4, 1904. A Reader.
LEIH. Utah, sTuly 15. Pleaso state
what were the three highest Hs-tfl of
words and who tho successful contest
ants'were ln the real estate, "Whose
roof Is over your head" word contest.
R. W.
Tho judges are still working on tho re
turns. o
LOGAN, Utah, July 8. Please answer
the following question through your
Question and Answer column: What Is
the difference In the elevation between
Salt Lake City and Logan? Please give
elevation of both places. C. M. W.
1 Salt Lake, 42C0; Logan, 4502.
CARMAN, Ida., July 14. Will you
give a subscriber to your paper a few
pointers in your Question and Answer
column? (1.) How far Is Caliente, on
the Los Angeles road, from Salt Lake?
(2.) Is It a mineral country, and if so,
what minerals, whether gold, lead, sil
ver or copper? (3.) Is It a good country
for a prospector to go to? C. E. Bolton.
(1.) 33G miles. (2.) Heavily mineral
ized limestone formation. At present
development has progressed in lead, sil
ver and gold claims. Two important
camps? near, Piocho and De La Mar. (3.)
Should say yes. The region Is attract
ing great attention.
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Bright's Disease and
Diabetes News.
1737 Broadway, San Francisco.
To the Church "Women of Utah.
It is so hard for people to believe that
Brlght's Disease and Diabetes are now
curable that I am aeked to permit ref
erence to my own case. I shrink from
It but there are too many dying to re
main sflent. To be brief I had both
Brlght's Disease' and Diabetes for ovor
five years. Usual Dropsy, nails came
off, nnd tho case was so hopeless that
the physicians told us there was no need
to diet and to give me anything I
craved. I heard that people were being
cured in this city and procured the
treatment. In a few months the nails
came back, dropsy disappeared and In a
year I waa well. To show how well,
will say that several years after my re
covery I stood a capital operation at the
"Waldeck Sanitarium in the presence of
six physicians. Many friends, including
Dr. Markell of Cloverdale and Judge E.
B. Cutler of Pine street, are fully cog
nizant of my recovery from Brlght's
Disease and Diabetes. In fact Judge
Cutler Is himself now recovering from
Diabetes under the same treatment.
Let the cure bo proclaimed to the world.
This is entirely correct. E. B. Cutler.
The above refers to tho newly discov
ered Fulton Compounds the first cures
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When to suspect Brlght's Disease
puffy ankles or handB weakness with
out visible cause kidney trouble after
third month smoky urine frequent
urination falling vision one or more of
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"Write today. H. C. Emmet, 203 Tabor
block. Denver, Colo.
Consult County ClerV or tho respective
Blcners for further information.
bate Division, In nnd for Salt Lake Coun
ty, State of Utah. ln the matter of the
estate of Daniel S. Davidson, deceased.
The petition of tho Utah Savings and
Trust company, administrators, with will
annexed, of tho estate of Daniel S. Da
vidson, deceased, for confirmation of tho'
sale of tho following described real estate
of oald decedent, to wit: The last half of
lot six (6) block thirty-three (33), plat "B,"
Salt Lako City survey, in tho city and
county of Salt Lake. State of Utah, fpr
the sum of $4GC0, and upon the following
terms, to wit: cash upon confirmation; as
appears from tho return of sale filed In
thin court, has been set for hearing on
Friday, the 29th day of July, A. D. 1904.
at 10 o'clock a. m., at the county court
houso, In the courtroom of said court, ln
Bait Lako City, Salt Lake county, Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said court, with the
seal thereof affixed, this 15th day of July,
A. D. 1901.
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By David B. Davlca, Deputy Clerk.
D. B. Hempstead, Attorney for Estate.
bato Division, ln and for Salt Lake
County, State of Utah. In the matter of
the estate of James Johnson, deceased.
The petition of Blnca J. Johnston, ad
ministratrix of the estate of James John
ston, deceased, praying for the specific
performance of a certain contract of
the deceased, mado before his death, for
tho settlement of the final account of
said administratrix and for tho dlstribu
tion of the- residue of sa,ld estate to the
persons Entitled, has been set for hear
ing on Friday, the 29th day of July, A. D.,
ISO!, at ten o'clock a. m., at the County
Court House ln tho court room of said
Court, in Salt Lako City, Salt Lake
County, Utah.
Witness tho Clerk of said Court with
tho seal thereof afllxed this 15th day of
July. A. D.. 1901.
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By DAVID B. DAVIES. Deputy Clerk.
Thomas Adams, Attorney for Estate.
Notlco Is hereby given that there will
bo a meeting of the owners of primary
water rights in Parley's Canyon creek
conveyed in the "Kennedy" Decker &
Crlsmon ditches.
Meeting held in 29th district Central
schoolhousc Tuesday evening, July 19, 1904,
at S o'clock.
For the purpose of considering the In
corporation of an irrigation company and
puch other business as may properly come
before the meeting.
Tho Nebo Mining company, a corpora
tion, principal office of business Salt Lako
City. Utah.
Notlco is hereby given that thero are de
linquent upon the following described
stock on account of assessment No. 1 of
one-half of 1 cent per sharo, levied on
the 4th day of June, 1904, the several
amounts set opposlto the names of tho
respective shareholders, as follows:
No. No.
Name. Cert. Shares. A'mt.
C. D. Hanks 5 5,000 $25.00
C. D. Hanks. C 100 .50
George L. Hyde 9 12Sno G2.E0
Chcs. A. Hyi." 19 1 2.500 62 W
And In accordance with tho law and an
order of the board of directors, made on
the 4th day of June, 3904, so many shares
of each parcel of such stock as may bo
r.ecessarv will be sold at the company's
ofllcc, Nb,, 315 D. F. Walker building, Salt
Lake City, Utah, on the 22nd day of July.
1904, at 2 o'clock p. m., to pay the delin
quent assessment thereon, together with
tho cost of advertising and the expenso
of tho sale F. H. HYDE,
Secretary of Nebo Mining Company.
Albion Mining Company. Principal place
of business. Salt Lako City. Location of
mines, Alta, Llttlo Cottonwood Mining
District. . .L .
Notice 13 hereby given that at a meet
ing of the board of directors of tho Al
bion Mining Company, hola on tno 2nd day
of July. 1901, assessment No. S of five (5)
cents por share was lovled upon the capi
tal stock of the corporation. Issued and
outstanding, payable Immediately to tho
secretary at his office, room 12 Walker
Bank bldp.. 8 W. 2nd South at, Salt Lako
City. Utah,
Any stock upon which this assessment
Tnar rcmaln unpaid on Saturday, tho 6th
(jpv nf August, 1904, will be dcl'.uauent and
advertised for Hale at public auction, and
unless payment Is mado beforo, will bo
sold on Tuesday, the 23rd day of August,
1904 at 2 o'clook p. m., at tho company's
office to pay delinquent atsesssment there
on, togother with the costs of advertising
and expense of sale.
y!47 J. "W. HATFIELD. Secretary.
Old Evcrsrcen Mining and Tunnel com
pany. Big Cottonwood mining district.
Salt Lalto county, Utah. Principal place
of business, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Notice la hereby given l)mt at a meet,
lng of iho board of directors of tho Old
Evergreen Mining and Tunnel company,
a corporation, held at the offlco of tho
company, at Salt Lake City. Utah, Tues
day, tho 2Slh day of June, 1904, an assess
ment of 3 cents per sharo waa levied upon
tho capital stock of tho corporation, pay
ablo Immediately to H. G. McMillan, sec
retary and treasurer of tho company, at
his office, No. 1C1 South Main streot, Salt
Lako City, Utah. Any stock upon which
saltl assessment may bo unpaid cn tho
20th dny of July, IvA, will bo dollnquent
ind advertised for sale at public auction,
and unlcHs payment is mado before, will
bo sold at my office on tho 22nd day of
August 1901, at 12 o'clock noon, to pay
delinquent assessment, together with tho
cost of advertising and expense of Bale.
No 161 South Main Strcot, Salt Lako
City. Utah. June 2S. 1904. X25S7
hereby given that the board of dlroctors
of this company has declared a dividend
of l'j per cent on the capital stock paya
blo on August 1, 1904. to stockholders of
record on July 25, 1901; tlu stock transfer
books of tho company will bo closed on
July 25, 1904, at G o'clock p. in,, and reop
ened on August 2. 1901. at 30 o'clock a. m.
Secretary and Treasurer.
Salt Lake City, Utah, July 11, 1901. yllOS
Consult County Clerk or the reapectlvt IH
ttffners for further Information. IH
bate Division, in and for Salt Lake Coun- Vmmmm
ty, State of Utah. In tho matter of .tl n rH
estate of Daniel C. Bacon, deceased, No- pH
Tho petition of Alfred H. Pcabody, ad- H
mlnlstrator of tho cstato of Daniel C, Bt-- FH
con, deceased, praying for tho settlement IH
of final account of said admlstrntor an I IH
for the distribution of tho residue of nai I IH
cstato to the persons entitled, has ber i iH
set for hearing on Friday, tho 29th day c c imWWl
July, A. D. 1901, at 10 o'clock U. m,. at th IH
county courthouse, in tho courtroom i IH
said court, ln Salt Lake City, Salt Lnk IH
county, Utah. fH
Witness the Clerk of said court, with th" H
seal thereof affixed, this 15th day of Jul) , . cH
A. D. 190L tH
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk. tH
By David B. Davlcs, Deputy Clork; mmmm
Marshall & Roylc, Attorneys for E" IH
tate. yll I
bate Division, In and for Salt Lake Cout - tl
ty, State of Utah. In the matter of the H
estate of Henry G. Balch, deceased. No- H
The petition of A. H. Pcabody, admin H
Istrator of tho estato of Hcnrv G. Bale'
deceased, praying for tho nottlemcnt c' jH
final account of said administrator and ft IH
the distribution of the residue of said c iH
tato to tho persons entitled, has been 3' ' gmmm
for hearing on Friday, the 29th day Il
July, A. D. 1901, at 10 o' clock a. m., at th IH
county courthouse, ln tho courtroom 1 1 VmWm
said court, ln Salt Lake City, Salt Lak Vmmm.
county, Utah. H
WltnesM the Clerk of said court, with tl 1
seal thereof affixed, this 15th day of Jul: ,
A. D. 1904,
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By David B, Davlcs, Deputy Clerk.
Marshall & Royle, Attorneys for. E-
court, In and for Salt Lako county, Stat" IH
of Utah, Department No, 1. In the mat lH
ter of the estato of Matthew Brown, 0l H
ceased. Notice. H
The petition of Christina Withcrspocn
Brown, praying for the admission to pro ll
bate of a transcript of a certain doci IH
ment, purporting to bo the last will an
testament of Matthew Prc7., dceeasei.
and for the granting of letters tcatr
mcntary to herself, has been set for hcai- 1
lng on Friday, the 29th day of July, A. L
1901, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the couul
courthouse, in tho courtroom of sai
court, ln Salt Lake City, Salt Lake com
ty, Utah. .H
Witness the clerk of said court, with U
seal thereof affixed, this 9th day of Jul
Seal, Clerk.
J. U. Eldrcdgc, Jr., Deputy Clerk.
Thomas & Maycock, Attorneys for Pet
tloncr. y'i'J
court. In and for Salt Lake county, Stair mmm
of Utah. Department No. 1. In the ma
ter of the estato of Elizabeth Ann HuU
son. deceased. Notice.
The petition of Reginald D. Jones pra
lng for the admission to probate of
certain document, purporting to be th
last will and testament of Elizabeth At
Huteson, deceased, and for tha grantli
of letters testamentary to himself, ha
been set for hearing on Friday, the 29:
day of July, A. D. 1901. at 10 o'clock a. n IH
at tho county courthouse, ln tho cou.t
room of said court, in Salt Lake Clt. mmm
Salt Lake county. Utah.
Witness the clerk of said court, with th
seal thereof affixed this 12th day of Ju.. mmm
A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMES. Mmm
Seal Clerk.
David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. mmm
William A- Lee, attorney for petltlone mmm
bate division, In and for Salt Lake count. mmg
State of Utah. In tho matter of the e. mmg
tato of Louis Kolltz, deceased. Notice.
Tho petition of Anna Kolltz, adrnlnls- Wmt
trutrlx of the estate of Louis Kolltz, d H
ceased, praying for the settlement of tint mmt
account of said administratrix and for th Wmt
distribution of the residue of said cstat
to the persons entitled, has been sot fi
hearing on Friday, the 2Sth day of Jul. mmi
A. D. 1904. at 10 o'clock a m., at th mmg
county courthouse, In the courtroom o
said court, ln Salt Lake City, Salt Lak mmg
county, Utah. mmt
Wltnens the Clerk of said court, wit mm
the seal thereof affixed, this 13th day c mmt
July, A. D. 1901. WWi
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. mmt
W. R. Hutchinson, Attorney for Estate Wmi
bate division, ln and for Salt Lake coun mW
ty, State of Utah. In tho matter of tn mmg
estate of Otto Liefer, deceased. Notice. mMg
The petition for approval and settlemen mmi
of the first annual account of the admin mmg
Istratrlx of the estate of Otto Liefer, di- mmg
ceased, has been set for hearing on Fri
day, tho 29th day of July, A. D. 1901. a Wmg
10 o'clock a. m. at the county courthouse mmt
ln tho courtroom of said court ln Salt WMl
Lako City, Salt Lake county, Utah.
Witness the clerk of said court with thr mmt
seal thereof affixed this 11th day of Jul) , Wmi
A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMES. MM
ScoJ Clerk. mm
Bv J. U. Eldrcdgc, Jr.. Deputy Clerk. Mm
D" M. Halgh and Wm. McCrea, uttoi
ncys for petitioner. ylH. mm
bate division, in and for Salt Lake coun
ty. State of Utah. In the matter of lh
estate and guardianship of Elizabeth B
Loomls, minor. Notice
The petition for approval nnd settlemen m
of the final account of tho guardian o. IH
tho estate of Elizabeth B, Loomls mlnoi mm
has been set for hearing on Friday, the IH
23th day of July, A. D. 1904, at 10 o'clock m
a m. at the county courthouse In the jmW
courtroom of said court, In Salt Lak VmW
City. Salt Lake county, Utah. mm
Witness the olork of said court, with mm
tho seal thereof uftlxcd, this 8th day of mM
July, A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMES. mm
Seal Clerk. mm
By David B. Davids. Doputy Clerk. mm
W. R. Hutchinson, Attorney for Guar- mm
Court in and for Salt Lake County, State mm
of Utah, Deportment No. 1. In the matter !
of tho estate of Charles S. Richardson, mmm
Deceased. Notice.
The potltlon of Edith M. Richardson. mm
pravlng- for tho admission to Probate of Imm
a .certain document, purporting to bo the mm
last Will and Testament of Charles S. mm
Richardson, deceased, and for the grant- mm
lng of Letters Testamentary to herself. mm
has been set for hearing on Friday, the timm
29th day of July. A. D.. 1904. at 10 o'clock mm
a. m., at tho County Court House, ln the mm
court room of Bald Court, In Salt Lake m
City, Salt Lako County, Utah. mm
Witness tho Clerk of said Court with mm
tho seal thorcof affixed this loth day of mm
Jl(SeaU" D" 1S4'J0HN JAMES, Clerk 1
DAVID B. DAVIES, Deputy Clerk.
Henderson. Plorce, Crltchlow &Barrettc, WM
Attornoys for Petitioner. mm
division, ln and for Salt Lake countv. mm
State of Utah. In the matter of the cs-
tato of Martha E. B Rick, deceased, jmm
The petition of John Maccono, praying mm
for nn order authorizing and directing tho IH
administrator of the estato of Martha E mm
B Rick, deceased, to specifically perform filH
an agreement mado oy deceased beforo
hor death by executing- to your petitioner mm
.1 wfirrwntv deed "or the following de- mm
scribed tract of land, to wit. mM
Commencing at a point twenty-two (22) Wm
feet west from tho southeast corner of lot1 il
four (4), block sixty-four (61), plat "A," jH
Salt Lake City survey, and running mm
thenco west four (4) feet, thenco north six IB
and one-half (6&) rods, thenco cast four, mmm
(4) feet thenco south six and ouo-half,
rods to the place of beginning, belng-i mu
a. part of said lot four (4). block sixty-four wmm
(64). plat "A,,f Salt Lako City survey, In' tmm
Salt Lako City, Salt Lako county. State! mm
of Utah, upon tha payment of $2SO,00, has mmM
been eot for hearing on Friday, tho 29th 9mm
day of July, A. D. 1904, at 10 p'clock a. Vmm
in. at the county courthouse, ln the Jmm
courtroom of said court ln Salt Lako City. SH
Salt Lako county. State of Utah, mu
Witness, tho clerk of said court, with
tho seal thereof affixed this 7th day of mm
July, A. D. 1904. JOHN JAMBS. J
fScVll , t Clerk. l !H
By David B. Davlcs. Doputy. Wmm
Booth, Lee & Ritchie. Attorneys for pe- lH
lltlonor. yul J Mmt

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