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Tuesday, July 19, 1904.
Democrats Insist that President
Roosevelt Is dangerous,-. He certainly Is
to Democrats,
Since the nomination of Parker, the
claim of 10.000 Republican majority
in Utah seems very moderate," Indeed.
It- would be idle, probably, to expect
from the Councllmen a complete report
of their doings fn SU Louis.
Democratic speakers will have to
admit that there are some good trusts,
now that a number are supportlnc Parker.
Judge Parker appears to be wonder
liiK.it Dave Hill can be Induced to as
sist him still further, by keeping out of
OIHce-loving Democrats . throughout
the State are reluctant to become can
didates this year, thus displaying unex
pected wisdom.
I Desertions from the reorganized
Democracy indicate that there will be
enough Silver Democrats this, year to
make a good-sized party.
I It. Is really not necessary to bring
Bryan out here to speak "for Parker, as
has been proposed. Utah will go Re
publican without such help.
"Will the harmonious and peaceful
spirit our Councllmen have brought
from SL Louis survive the distribution
of circus tickets next month?
Early reports show that there are a
great many "Roosevelt Democrats" In
the country. It Is impossible sometimes
to overcome the desire to be with the
sure winners.
I How can one believe that Maj. Sam
King has any grudge against Mr. Roy
lance, when he is not helping to make
Mr. Uoylance the .Democratic nominee
for. Governor?
I Ink casting the Democratic nomina
tion for the Vice-Presidency on Senator
Davis; the St. Louis convention, helped
to prove that there Is little respect for
age Jn this country. ,
I Is the Democratic prospect in Utah
so discouraging that even that noted
I optimist, the Hon. W. H. King, is un-
I -willing to make his customary an-
j nounqement that the outlook- Is bright?
I This year witnesses the opening of
0,000,000 additional acres' of land to
I homesteaders, and tho reclaiming of
millions more- by the operation, of thu ir
rigation laws. The Republican party is
I the author o the two measures that
I have been of the greatest Importance to
j the American home-owners, the highest
J type of the world's citizenry.
I Whenever anybody gej.s to hlnklng
that there Isn't much water left in the
! old Salt Lake, all he has got to do to
free himself of that notion Is to take a
j trlp out to Midlake. That will effectual
ly convert him; for he. will see "water,
, water everywhere, nor any drop to
j think," aud he will come back a convert
to the tfieory that there is no-danger to
the lake, but much to those-who at-
j tempt to monkey with It.
I A lesson of this war In the far East
appears to bo that military operations
must not be conducted In the light;
1 they would either fail, or bo so costly
1 1 in life as not to be worth tho victory
I gained. Accordingly, we hear of nearly
'; all the fighting, since tho passage of
the Ynlu river, being done either at
)' night or In a dense fog which serves to
mask the movements of the forces.
"With modern arms that have a range
,j even greater than the unaided eyc-
,jj sight of, man, and a capacity of an al
ii most' continuous stream of bullets,
; operations In the light of day cannot
; be conducted. And yet, , what nation
takes this Jesson to heart in conducting
! its military maneuvers?
i The Russian position with regard to
; the release of their Black Sea Ueet
through the Dardencllcs seems to he
that -a ship which Is a fighting ship can
be called a merchantman for the pur
pose of getting her out Into the Med
llerrancan, and then at once she can
resume. her true character of a vessel
of tho Czar's navy. The tone of Injured
lnnocencv with . which, the Russians
I , ask. whether a, merchantman cannot be
fitted out. as a war ship after she gots
out of the Black Sea Is a revelation In
Russian duplicity; for there Is no pre
tense that the Smolensk and the St.
Petersburg, which irc dolus (he mis
chief complained of, were over anything
else but Russian cruisers, except for
the few brief hours that. It took to get.
them out Into the Mediterranean. j
Ex-Senator-Frank J. Cannon says
that the monetary question, Is
not now an Issue. But, why? Evident
ly because the Republicans, and not the.
Democrats, have settled It. The Re
publicans settled it right. If the Demo
crats had been allowed to settle It, it
would have boon- settled wrong,, and
would have been constantly coming tp
for resettlement.
The Democrats habitually point to
the tremendous production of gold
during the past eight years as conclu
sive on tho question of the gpld stand
ard. But It Is so only because the Re
publicans held fast to the gold stand
ard. Had the Democrats won in 1S0G,
nnd put Into effect) their declaration for
the unlimited and free coinage of silver,
then silver would have been the stand
ard; and in accordance with the well
known law; formulated by Greshnm,
that the cheaper money always drives
out the dearer, the silver would have re
mained with us, and tho gold would
have gone abroad. Gold would no
doubt have been produced, precisely as
Ifwas, but wouldn't have remained In
this country. For,. In spite of the enor
mous production of gold, the ratio of
silver to gold Is yet no higher than
about half of the Democratic clamor
for 1G. to 1. So that, no matter how
much gold might have been produced",
we could not have retained any of It as
As It Is, with the settled standard of
gold as fixed by the Republicans, with
all coins and currency on the gold
basis, the gold that has been produced,
in the country, has stayed, home, and
we have also drawn gold from abroad,
by reason of the Republican tariff,
which gives such a gratifying balance
of trade in our favor. Qn July 1, 1894,
the amount of gold In circulation was
$10ScM9,242; on July 1, 1904, tho. amount
of gold In circulation was $1,111,129,0 IS.
The increase in gold In the ten years
was therefore $G12.9S0,70G. The country
has produced a little more than this,
but a good deal of the production was
used In the arts, so that we have drawn
about fifty millions in gold from abroad
in the meanwhile. And this after the
Panama canal payments, and subscrib
ing twenty-five millions to the Japanese
Can any one fall to see the point,
and to note, not only that the Repub
lican party settled the money, standard
In the only poslble way, but that the
way of settlings it proposed by the
Democratls party wouldi have been not
only wrong but disastrous?
And now that the money question
has been settled, and settled right,
what excuse Is there for any Republi
can who left his parly on account of
the silver question, to remain outfOf It
any longer?
It Is continually asserted, and as per
sistently denied that overtures for
peace have been made, to stop the war
between Russia and Japan. It is prob
able that such approaches were made
some time ago, and they drew out from
St. Petersburg the reply that x they
couldn't be considered at that time;
that Russia must have at least one big
victory to her credit to salve her
wounded honor, before, she could 'think
of. even considering any overtures of
On - the, other hand, Japan has been
quite frank about this .matter all along;
she has said that she is ready lo con
sider peace at-any time, and that all
she asks is the- keeping of Russia's vol
untary pledge to get out of Manchuria
and to have it recognized that Japan
ese influence must be predominant In
The. rumors of renewed overtures of
peace are revived since the visit of
King Edward to his nephew, the Kai
ser, and It Is said that these two rulers
have Joined in representations to the
Czar (also a nephew of the King, and
cousin of the Kaiser) that tho war
ought to stop. It will be pretty sure,
however, that the Czar cannot listen to
this Jus,t now.
Another rumor growing out of the
visit of the King to the Kaiser Is that
"Wal Hal "Wal Is to be turned over to
Germany by Great Britain, In return
for Germany's withdrawing all claims
to sharing In the trade or "influence"
of the Yang Tse valley. A denial of
the latter came along about as soon as
the story, which means that there Is
probably something to It. Certainly
the adjustment would bo to the advan
tage both of Germany and of Great
Britain, and no other nation is in any
position to interfere.
A good many efforts have been, made
to describe fitly the discreditable speech
delivered by the Honorable Champ
Clark as permanent chairman of the
Democratic National convention at St.
Louis; but so far as wc- have seen, the
palm must be awarded to Harper's
"Weekly, which says of It: "Champ
Clark's oration was a mere yawp Ignorant,-
abusive, false, and, of course,
unworthy of consideration." "We
thought about .that of it ourselves, but
out of consideration for our .good
friends, the Democrats, didn't; like to
say so right out In- public
A recent writer oxerclae himself on
the question, "Are the Americans pop
ular In England?" and. ho concludes
that if they. arc- not. It If; because .of
British Ignorance. Ho netdnft .worry;
Americans go to England; as they go
to other lands, with an open hand, and
the shine of their coins is popular
everywhere. . Travelers say that when
overybody else falls to get what ho
wants, from a dromedary or a special
train to rich apparel or the best dishes
at the table, the American, and espe
cially the American woman, never fails
to get what Is wanted, and that with
out haggling or delay. And what better
evidence of popularity docs one want
than that?
"Russia is an absolute despotism,
tempered by as:sslnatlon." This is a
truth of history, and Is being well lived
up to. Scarcely have the echoes of the
assassination of Bobrlkoff In Finland
died away when we have tha news of
the assassination of Vice-Governor An
drjefi. at Adgshakertt. In the TranscaM
casus. This is in the province of- Yelis
abctpol, which Is also the name of tho
capital city of the province, a fortified
town of about seventeen thousand in
habitants, and a strong center of Arme
nian worship.
The ruthless, conscienceless grind of
Russian bureaucracy was never more
infamously displayed than in that un
happy region. After centuries- of op
pression by the Mussulmans, the inhab
itants welcomed Russia as a deliverer,
a Christian friend. Russia's response
was the confiscation of the Armenian
churches, the Installation of priests of
the orthodox (Russian) Greek rite, tho
ousting of the Armenian pastors and the
application of their revenues to the sup
port of the Russian service and the
Rusalnn priests.
The Indignant outcry of the outraged
Armenians was sternly suppressed, and
the extermination of Armenian Chris
tianity Aas relentlessly pursued. It is
probable that Lieutenant-Governor An
drieff made himself conspicuously offen
sive In this brutal and treacherous
work, and has therefore meti his fate.
He has been heard of before as a "rig
orous administrator," which means that
his rule is one of relentless severity. It
Is probable that he fully deserved his
fate, and also, that the .assassination
was done only after an atrocious series
of miserable cruelties, for that Is the
usual, one might fairly eay the Invaria
ble, course and routine In Russia in
such cases.
Assassinations like that of Bobrikoff
and now of Andriel'f arc, it Is to be
noted, of a wholly different order from
the assassinations of the Czars. The
former are the sole means whereby a
people who are ruthlessly oppressed and
outraged can draw attention to their
wrongs, and get a small measure of
respite. The latter is the work of an
archists, who strike against all rule nnd
authority, nnd whose detestable creed
requires the destruction of all In au
thority, from a hated and dreaded des
potic ruler of Russia to a beloved and
amiable President of the United States.
Panama is losing no time In getting
to the pleasure of spending the pot of
money received from the United States.
The pot contained ten million dollars,
and though It has not been drawn upon
very heavily as yet, a very fair begin
ning has been made, and plans are out
which will no doubt take it all and run
the new republic handsomely Into debt
besides. Lump sums have been appr'o
proprialed to the provinces (or, as we
would call them, the counties,) as fol
lows: Province of Panama. $1,000,000;
Province of Colon, $300,000; Province of
Chlrlqui, $450,000; Province of Code,
$350,000; Province of Los Santos, $350,
000; Province of Vera Aguas. $350,000;
Province of Bocas del Torro, $450,000.
"Within sixty days from June Gth, the
President of Panama Is to send into the
provinces engineers and architects,
whose duty it shall ho to study the va
rious Improvements contemplated, and
present plans and specifications show
ing cost and time needed to construct,
in each case; those to be submitted by
the last day of the present year. .
As stated by Consul-General I-L A.
Gudger in a late report, the Improve
ments for the Province of Panama con
sist in part of the following: Capitol or
public government building; mucipial
palace; palace of Justice; library and
museum university; university for the
sciences; school of arte, offices, and
commerce; theater; police station; pub
lic jail; and a normal college for young
men. Some two years ago Gov. Carlos
Alban, who was at the time at the head
of the Colombian forces on the Pacific
slope, was killed In an engagement In
the Bay of Panama. Subsequently a
park was opened in tho city near the
Panama railroad station and named in
honor of this distinguished Colombian.
From time to time since that date there
have been some Improvements of this
park, and now hrthls bill an appropria
tion has been donated for the purpose
"of Improving and beautifying-Alban
Other provinces propose to provide
for the erection of houses for tho Gov
ernors, police stations, normal schools,
prisons, courthouses, hospitals, boring
artesian wells, erecting bridges of Iron
and wood across rivers and streams,
opening up public roads through the In
terior, cleaning harbors and opening up
rivers, establishing electric plants In
various municipalities, erecting light
houses, and making other improve
ments along the lines Indicated above.
Evidently, Panama is to be the paradise-
of contractors for some, years to
come, and there will be plenty of
money, good hard gold,' to pay for all
work done. Hon, Manuel Qulntero V.,
Secretary of Public "Works, Panama,
will have the general oversight of all
this, and without doubt he will for
some time to come be the most popular
man In the new republic,-
(For Tho Salt Lake Tribune)
Of all tho pests that plague a town
Sum "knockers" are the worst;
Whero others build, these scrubs throw
And life by them Is curst.
Then, citizens, be on your guard.
And knock the knockers good and hard.
You want to sco your city grow,
Its enterprise- expand,
"Its goodly fame and credit (low.
Abroad throughout the land.
Then take a warning from- this bard,
And knock the knockers good-and hard.
You want to fiell a pleco of land,
Develop oil or ore, '
Or Introduce a novel brund.
Or start a little store.
Then don't "stay in your own back yard,"
But light tho knockers good and. hard.
Are you a man of gentle mood,
"Who 'mong the knockers fell.
And soon the Ivlng. slanderous brood
Made life a deadly hell?
Your faith in man Is sadly Jarred?
"Well, knock the knockers good und hard.
You try to earn the dally broad
For those you hold most dear,
"With heart and soul, with hand, and head,
You toll a home to rear.
There Ik for you just one winning card
Just punch tho knockers good and hard.
They'll strive that you may not succeed,
Then sneer If once you fall;
True to their dirty, reptllo breed.
Your name through sllmo they'll trail.
Now Is your time, be on your guard.
And slug tho knockers good nnd hard.
An envious, mean, malicious throng,
"With cruel and coward thrust.
Can oft Inflict a deadly wrong
Upon tho true und Just
Their lies will scorch like burning lard
So crush the knockers good and hard.
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