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Ifv TLVn No. 104. Saxt Lake- Oity, Utah, iIjDay Moixn'G-, July 29, 1904. 10 pa6ES."FivB Cents.
Eff yJi-J " -i ,, i - ! !- . ga fix i iiiuct piimi"' "' iiiinnMaM iiiBiiMaMMBMiMTOBH3 mm a ' ' '" " T n i g hi , H
'Do This If Wrong
as Been Dose,
Not R3ake Admission
iat International Law
Is Violated.
Russian Case to Be Deter
led by Papers From Knight
DON, July 2S. While Russia Is
'$ng to make full reparation If any
4 ng has been done In the case of the
? pht Commander, Count Bencken
1 fjln conversation with Lord Lans
4 ne, made no admission that the
gander of the Vlaadlvostok squad
V Shad violated International law In
' Ing the esscl. According to the
fcTan view It was the duty of the
mander to destroy any supplies be-
S to be on the way to Japanas'es
i: ef and It Is added that the papers
8 took from the Knight Commander
-t ire she sank wll establish whether
I cargo contained contraband. As
Ed here, the whole Russlon case will
Ion this point j
1 ie" British government anticipate
JRussla will make an effort to get
! wmmunlcatlon with the Vladlvos
.WSquadron and obtain the report of
mmander as quickly as possible
er to give a definite reply to the
h communication.
U further concerns the authori
se and, It Is said, concerns the
fl States as well, is the dangerous
Ion of other neutral shipping on
aclflc which have on nard goods
the Russian conn. .nders will
er contraband. The protest, there
haa wider application than the
case of the Knlgh: Commander.
;"jJSof nn Expert Regarding Action
ijKm' on Red Sea.
$DNTPEL1ER, Vt.. July 2S. In re
Hto the International law govern-
the seizure of ships by Russia in
3 Red sea, the right of search and
5-e of contraband articles and the
i; Ts of Russian converted cruisers In
passage of the Dardanelles, J. W.
H sess, professor of political science
& Columbia university, who Is pass
!f the summer In this city. Is quoted
- "tying:
A ontraband of war may be seized
(I he regularly commissioned war
jjls of a belligerent power upon
(ptfant vessels carrying the Hag of
ijiral powers when In course of
fflBportatlon to the other belligerent,
lUP.ded the search and seizure be not
'.'ejln neutralized waters or In wa-.
41ffunder the Jurisdiction of a neutral
tyff Right of Search.
stAlght of flearch by the said regu
8 commissioned war vessels of a
id gerent power of merchantmen un
the flag of neutral powers Is an es
a lihed right Some of the contlncn
ffljl European nations have sought to
jfi Ify this practice by placing mer
p2 rtmen carrying a neutral flag un
'gj jconvoy of a warship of a neutral
& ir and holding that the assurance
ui d by the commander of the neutral
lt' hlp that there was no contraband
j" !les on any of the vc&hpIs under
j' .uj Hiiouiu waive me rigiiL 01
i-S? Ch, but England has never assent
li ET this.
tie Dardanelles and the Eosphorus
neutralized waters. The warships
3J o pov.'ur have any right there at
rj ut the Red sea Is not neutralized
pi, 'nationally, and not even the Suez
i& il, as I understand it.
M 6w much of the Red sen Great
1W Un will regard as an approach to
Suez canal Is an uncertain quantity
Ml: QO calculation.
5 9 . Ancient Practice.
he anclont practice permitted the
I; cation of the ship carrying the
. raband, and Russia alone has not
S unced this practice. In certain
? the old practice Is adhered to by
tl ?atlona5 for Instance, when the
2 -hantman under the neutral flag Is
w ylng dispatches directly to the oth
tA fclligcrent, it Is then making Itself
&r tistrument In the hands of the bel-
He critical thlnp In connection with
lp?lnt ,s tho oarch of malls for
.dlspatchos. When this becomes
5wy ln tne opinion of the search
HiKoient he should take the mall
aJ2 unbroken to the nearest port.
e there Is a Consul of the power
w'S c flag la borne by the searched
i ll and search them In the presence
JWJW Consul. If this Is not a pos
4.?3 the belligerent may pro-
Ittf. without It, but should act in per-
500d 141,111 and ln the most consld
gjl t manner."
Assures Great Britain of
illingness to Hake- Reparation.
NDON, July 28. The tension In
tueao-Brltlsh relations has been rc
. and no rupture la now probable.
;t Benckendorff, the Russian Em-u-pr
to Great Britain. Informed
pLEn5d0Wne tnls mornins that if
I JIa cmraltted a wrong she was
.ftn4 wining. moliQ Uu reparo,,
Priest and a Ittndman Have a Des
perate Bight.
NEW YORK, July 28. For five min
utes last night the Rev. James Berry,
a priest, fought on the window ledge of
the third lloor of a house on Second
avenuo with llec. Jennie Saxen, nn
Insane woman determined to end her
own life by throwing her body to the
The priest, hearing that the woman
had been ill, called on the family to see
of what assistance he could be. She
talked wildly to him and sprang up,
crying that she would kill herself and
ran to the open window.
The priest caught her by the skirts as
she was about to throw herself out.
She turned savagely on him and with
all her strength tried to fight him off.
Mrs Saxen's husband arrived at this
point and went to the assistance of the
priest. While awaiting the arrival of
an ambulance the woman became so
violent It was necessary to place her in
a patrol wagon and take her to the sta
tion house. From there she was taken
to the hospital.
Dynamite TJBed on a Treasure Bos at
Knappa, Or.
ASTORIA, Ore., July 27. Experienced
cracksmen last night broke Into the
postofTlce at Knappa, 20 miles east of
this city, dynamited the safe, but se
cured no booty. They hammered off the
combination, placed a charge of dyna
mite ln the safe and blew It open. Fire
clay ln the safe covered up the Btamps
and the robbers secured nothing. They
declined to take several dollars In cop
per coins and departed without other
articles of value.
Municipality of Paris Is Alarmed
About Machines.
PARIS, July 28. The developments of
the automobile Industry Is frightening
the Ministry of War and the municipal
ity of Paris.
The former, ln view of the diminu
tion of horses that can be utilized for
war purposes, Is offering a prize for the
best type of automobile military cart.
The municipality 19 seeking to make
up for the deficiency In Its revenues
caused by the decline ln forage taxes ln
Paris. The number of horses has been
reduced this year by S69 as compared
with laftxycar.
Wealthy Resident of Harrison, New
York, Is Stricken While
HARRISON. N. Y., July 28. Esti
mated to be worth a hundred thousand
dollars, John Weed, who for fifty years
has delivered coal to the residents of
Harrison, Rye and Milton Point, has
died on his delivery wagon.
Although Mr. Weed was wealthy, he
took delight ln getting on one of his
wagons and delivering coal as he did
when poor.
Illinois Man Hitches Himself to a
Sulky Plow.
ST. LOUIS, July 2S. Hitched to a
Bulky cultivator, William Hoyt pulled
his wife and their four-year-old son all
the way from Mollne, Ills., to the
World's fair. Mr. Hoyt sttt out upon
a wager and covered the distance of 31G
mites In just one month, thus winning
hit. bt't of $1,000 and incidentally ob
talnlg experience which, he said, he
would not have missed for any amount.
tlon, but before any action could be ta
ken in the Knight Commander case, the
Russian Government must have the op
portunity of receiving the report of the
commander of the Vladivostok squad
ron. Lord Lansdowne was not disposed to
unduly press the matter and promised
to wait a reasonable time.
In the House of Commons this after
noon, Premier Balfour, confirming the
announcements made In theso dis
patches, said the acute stage of the Red
.vea Incidents had passed, and that the
Russian volunteer fleet vessels would be
withdrawn. He laid down the British
view that no belligerent warship could
Issue from the Black s-ea and that the
volunteer fleet vessels ln Issuing there
from, If they took belligerent action,
either had no right to Issue or to take
such action.
Undo Sam Advises St. Petersburg
Regarding Seizure of Arabia.
WASHINGTON, July 23. The Slate
department haB addressed Itself to the
Russian Government through Spencer
Eddy, the American charge at St.
Petersburg, on the subject of the seiz
ure of the cargo of the Arabia by the
Vladivostok squadron. Tho Hamburg
Amorclan company, the owners of the
ship, undoubtedly will appeal to the
German Government to secure tho ro
leaso of lta ship and compensation for
the delay ln her cmlse and other Items
of loss. It Is deemed highly desirable
to take conservative action, and above
all to' avoid Increasing the Irritation in
shipping circles over the recent seizures
and Blnklng of vessels. Therefore, Mr.
Eddy has been, It Is understood, In
structed to make some very moderate
representations to the Russian Govern
ment, and these may strengthen later 1
, expedient,
a k mm
Live Stock Handlers
Return to Work.
Eight Hundred Throw Aside
Their Allegiencs to Jhe
Allied Trades.
Superintendent of Armour & Co. De
clares That the Packers Havo
the Strike Won.
CHICAGO. July 2S. The packers to
day won an Important Incidental vic
tory ln tho big stock yards strike. The
first emphatic gain of the kind that has
been made since the general walk-out
was declared ln effect. Eight hundred
live stock handlers threw aside their al
legiance to the allied trades and this af
ternoon began to handle shipments in
discriminately both for the packers ln
the combine and for the Independent
Desert the Strikers.
This afternoon 133 men, all members
of the union, deserted the strlkors and
returned to work at Armour & Co 's
plant. Twenty-eight of this number are
car leers. The others are skilled butch
ers who were formerly employed ln
the cattle, hog and sheep departments.
Every man was put at work at once.
Have the Strike Won.
"We have got the strike won rlgh
now," declared Superintendent Conway
of Armour Si Co. "Every packer Is go
ing ahead as though there was no
strike, and the operations are ln full
swing. The striking union men are de
serting and coming back ln droves."
Swift & Co. today tossed a bomb
Into the camp of the sympathetic strik
ers belonging to the allied trades by
posting the following public notice:
"All help leaving our employ July 25
26 will be paid in full at our Forty-first
street market paymaster's window, be
ginning Thursday, July 28, at 9 a. m.
To Avoid Disorder.
The appearance of the notice waa
greeted with angry exclamations from
the crowds that soon gathered to read
and discuss the move. The placo named
for tho men to apply for tholr money
Is outside the stock yards proper, at
Halsted street and Exchange avenue.
It was selected as affording the least
possibility of disorder.
Soap Supply Runs Short.
Shortage ln the soap supply, particu
larly laundry, hotel and the cheaper
grades of toilet soap, Is one of the pos
sibilities of the strike. In anticipation
of such an event the packers operating
soap plants have been busy for days
moving stocks of soap to warehouses,
Inhhlnfr linnuna nnA ti rnlnll af.rin
Heavy sales were made under practi
cally a guarantee that a tie-up would
follow, the trade buying at the advlco
of representatives of the packers.
Seventeen Thousand at Work.
According to the employers there
were 17,3-iO men at work ln the big
packing plants here today, taking the
places of more than 25,420 strikers.
Complications growing out of the
method of handling meat by rail, adopt
ed by the packers ln supplying the local
trade, were today reported to President
Golden of tho Packing-House Team
sters' union, as likely to be responsible
for trouble with the teamsters employed
by retail dealers and supply houses
throughout the city.
Di-ivers May Strike.
Tho strike lenders tnnVr nmlor nnnclrU
eratlon a move to Induce the retail mar
ket dr.'vovA union to refuse to handle
meat from the packing-bouses affected
by the strike, even If a general strike of
retail drivers should be necessary.
Reports that freight handlers ln the
employ of the Chicago Junction Rail
way company wont on strike yesterday
were denied today by otllclals of the
Strlko-Breakers Pursued.
While aboard a trolley car Frederick
Matthews, a negro strike-breaker, was
pursued and attacked by a crowd of
strike sympathizers upon leaving the
stock yards for home. No arrests were
Near the city hall, miles away from
the stock yards, Michael Harrlty, a
teamster, was kicked and beaten when
a wagon loaded with meat started from
Llbby, McNeil & Llbby's branch whole
sale market In South Water street.
Picketing today was on In earnest
around the produce center, and the nine
Armour branches, the eight Swift
branches and the four Morris wholesale
markets. It was said an attempt would
be mode to tic up completely the traffic
from the packers' distributing point.
No More Conferences.
Arthur Meeker of the Armour com
pany today declared that the answer
given by the packers at the conference
with the State Board of Arbitration last
night, reflected in Its entirety tho posi
tion of the packers, and that the state
ment attributed to him that they wore
willing to go back to the agreement en
tered Into with Mr. Donnclly'H organi
zation was entirely unfounded.
"Our position Is." he said, "that we
had an agreement with the butchers'
organisation and allied trades which
they have failed to live up to, and un
der the circumstances we do not care
to make any furtfcLr agreements with
Hanging in Effigy.
The hanging of efllgles was tho. prin
cipal .dlv.orsion among; tho dtrlkers,And.
Brother of Scoloy of "Dinner" Fame
Is Under Arrest.
BISEEE, Ariz.. July 23. Herbert Seeley
of Brldgport, Conn., was arrested ln
Douglas, Arl::., on July 23 for Issuing
worthless checks ln Blsbco to John Fred
ericks, proprietor of tho Turf gambllng
houBc. Sceloy had spent all his money
and gave Fredericks chocks for $250,
which he cashed. When the check3 were
presented at tho bank of Blabeo It was
found that Seeley had no account there.
Ills arrest followed. Seeley la out on
bonds. Ho has wired a brother ln Brldg
port for funds to aottlo with Frodorlcks,
but tho money has not yot arrived. See
ley will have a hearlnpr In tho Justlco's
court today. It Is reported ln Btebeo that
Seeley Is a brother of tho Seeloy of "din
ner" fame.
Another Outrago Perpetrated by Un
known on Russian, Minister.
tcr of Justice Muravlcff was driving to tho
Peterhof palace this afternoon to report
to Emperor Nicholas the assassination of
tho Minister of tho Interior, Von Plehvo,
stones were thrown at him and his car
riage windows wero broken. Tho identi
ty of tho Minister's njujallants have not
yet been discovered.
Bulletin Board. Crowded.
BONESTEEL, S. D.. July 2S. Im
mense crowds gathered nt the bulletin
boards, where there were being placed
the names of successful persons ln the
Rosebud drawing being held at Cham
berlain. A great many of those who
registered at this point remained to
learn of their bucccsb or failure, ln or
der to be on hand for the selection of
a quarter-section should their name bo
among those drawn.
ROCHESTER. N. 1, July 23 Deaplto
the sorlouB oapoct of tho Chicago Btock
jards Btrlke, thero aro no protjpecta of a
meat famine In Rochester and It la not
probable that tho prices will bo raised.
ST. PAUL, July 23. Contrary to In
structions of President WHUb of tho
Butchers' union, the strlkors at South St.
Paul today again attempted to eBtabllsh
a strong picket line at tho Swift plant.
ASTORIA, Or., July 27. Tho great coun
cil of tho Order of Red Mon of Oregon
concluded a two days' session at Seattlo
.this uftornoon. .
SAN FRANCISCO, July 23. United
States Judge Morrow has niada on order
granting tho Mercantile Truat company of
Now York permission to put ln evldenco
tho proceedings ln the court of llrst Jurla
dlctlon ln tho cascB of the trust company
against tho United States Sh!p-Bulldlng
SEATTLE. Waah., July 23. Gen. Fred
erick Funaton. commanding tho Depart
ment of the Columbia and Alaska, ac
companied bv MaJ. R. IC Evans, his alju-tant-goneral,
and Llout. B. J. Mltcholl,
personal aide, arrived last night and left
this morning for Alaska.
PORTLAND, Or., July 28. Tho Vati
can exhibit uent from Romo by tho pala
States to the St. Louis exposition will
probably bo re-cxhlbltcd at the Lewis and
Clark talr next yoar.
ASTORIA, Or July 23. A great run of
salmon cntored tho Columbia river last
night and deliveries wore very heavy to
day. Many of tho boats made hauls of
from 1CC0 to 2000 pounds. Tho llsh aro
of excellent quality.
SYRACUSE. N. Y July 2S. Tho auto
mobiles engaged ln the run to SL Louis
arrived hare today.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., July 2S. Tho Re
publican State convention -which nomi
nated C. P. Walbrldge of St. LouIb for
Governor last night completed lta work
today and adjourned.
ST. LOUIS, July 2S. A song recital and
reading, followed by an Informal recep
tion today, constituted tho principal event
In tho term of Mra. Florcnco Long of
Beaumont as hostess at tho Texaa build
ing at tho World's Fair today.
WEST BADEN, Ind. July 2S. Tho Na
tional convention of tho Law Loamio of
America today decided to meet next year
at Monterey, Cel., subject to the approval
of the oxccutlvo committee.
OYSTER BAY, L. I., July 23. Prealdcnt
RooBevelt was ofllclully Informed today
by tho State dopartmont at Washington
of tho assassination of tho Russian Min
ister of tho Interior nt St. PotombuxGr.
BAR HARBOR, Me.. July 2S. Newa of
tho assassination of Minister Von Plohvo
was received at tne summer hondqniartora
of tho RiiBolan ombasBy hro today with
dec? fecllncr.
WASIUNGTON, July 28.-Today's atate
ment of tho troaaury balancca ehowB:
Avollablo caah balance, $H8,3SM72; gold,
strlko sympathizers about tho stock
yards. Miss Anna Rhelnhart, an Ar
mour & Co. lelephono operator, today
took up the reins and drove a buB about
the yards.
"Police rule" waa maintained ln the
neighborhood of tho etock yards en
trances today, and crowds wero not al
lowed to gather.
Union Men Going Back.
EAST ST. LOUIS, JIU July 28. Rep
resentatives of tho pnokera nay that
several hundred of the men who wont
out on strike havo been taken back. It
wan further said that tho packers aro
getting skilled butcher help, which at
first thoy had trouble ln aecurlng. This,
however. In denied by the strikers, who
assort that the packerB aro not getting
any union men back, and that they ex
pect to win tho Btrflco by the end of tho
week. The allied trades aro still wait
ing for the call to l'o out.
Strikers Lose Heart
KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 28 Many
additional strikers, practically all of
thorn unskilled labor, applied for their
old places at the plants of Swift & Co.,
Armour & Co., and the Fowler Packing
company today and re-employed. Fol
lowing the action last night of the cen
tral labor union, refusing to call a strike
of tho allied trades until an order to do
bo had been received from the Interna
tional olllclaly, many Htrlkera. were dls
hcartcncd ' .
Desire to Return to
Cripple Creek,
They Make an Appeal to the
Shoriff of Teller
Official Will Not Give the Guarantee,
but Advises Men to Not Re
turn to District.
CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo., July 28.
Sheriff Edward Bell will not guarantee
protection to any person who has been
driven from this, dlntrlct because of his
alliance or sympathy with tho Wertem
Federation of Minors. Ho made this
plain today when he received a messago
from Patrick Carvel, one of tho hun
dreds deported after the Independence
depot dynamite outrage. Carvel is now
at Colorado City and notified Shoriff
Bell that he wished to return to the
district and resume his residence here
and would do so If the authorities would
guarantee to protect him from violence.
No Protection for Deported.
Sheriff Bell not only Informed Car
vel that he would not cuaranteo to
protect him from harm, but strongly
advised him never to return to tho dis
trict. At the same time tho sheriff
observed that It would bo discreet for
each and every man who has been de
ported to remain away from tho dln
trlct, as he did not think he had a suf
ficient number of deputies to protect
Will Defend Right.
Joseph Fleher and John Miller, two
. strike breakers who wero driven out
of Hollywood Tuesday night by a mob,
returned to Victor today and announce
they will stay this time and dofend
their rights with revolvers, if neces
sary. James Schmidt and James
Fisher, tho othor two men who were
forced to leave, are still absent. The
men deny that they were beaten, but
admit that threats were used, and they
were warned never to return to the
camp. Thoy say they did not recognize
any of the members of tho mob.
iMMMMHIt f-H-fr MM -HH-
TOKIO, July 2S. Tho Russians aban
doned Ta Tcho Klao at noon on Monday,
July 25, retiring beforo the advancing
army under Gen. Oku. Thoy applied tho
torch to Ta Tche Klao and surrounding
towns, and when the JapancHo arrived
they found tho flames wero Btlll burning.
NEWCIIWANG, July 23. United Statee
Consul-Genoral Miller Is to continue In
offlep under tho Japanese ndralnlatratlon.
HoWatched JapaneBO tntcreGts hero dur
ing tho Russian administration.
NEWCHWANG. July 2S. Tnkaynma,
tho Japanese admlnlatrator of New
chwang. has arrived here and haa Issued
notification to tho population that New
Chwang and Ylnkow aro now under Jap
anese control, and that lives and property
will bo protocted.
ST. PETERSBURG. July 28. A tele
gram received today from Gen Kuropat
kln announced that the position at tho
front had not changed. It Is generally
believed hero that Btartllng developments
aro Imminent.
CHEFOO, July 2S. Chlncne refugees
who left Port Arthur thlrty-slx hours ago
nay that threo largo Ruo5lan worships
havo left that port. The Chinese cannot
glvo tho names or the typ of the voascls.
TIENTSIN. July 23. The Tenth and
Seventeenth corps of tho RuHilan army
have arrived at tho front nnd Joined Gen.
Kuropatkln's forces.
GIBRALTAR, July 28. Tho British
cruiser Hcrmolno has sailed for Tangier.
It 1g prosumcd that her departure 13 con
nected with disturbances at that port.
Bicycle Runs A-way With Rider.
PORTLAND. July 27. While John
Seasanson was coming down a oteep
hill on a bicycle near Gresham, a set
tlement lying east of this city, tho chain
on the wheel broke The rider was un
able to control the machine, which
rapidly gained a termendous speed, and
waa thrown violently against a stump
sustaining Injuries from which ho died.
Strange Epidemic Among Cattle.
NEWPORT, R. I., July 23. A strango
opldomlo has appeared among tho cattlo
here. Dr. William T. Bull has lost flvo
anlinalH. Dogs also aro affcoted and ucv
eral havo died. Tho disease acts upon tho
oplnal oord and poralyala of tho hind
limbs In tho principal symptom. It was at
llrBt thought that Dr, Bull's cattlo had
boon otruck by lightning.
Uncle Sam's Lottery.
CHAMBERLAIN, S. D July 28. Tho
eagerly awaltod drawing day ln the dis
tribution of lands ln the Rosebud reser
vation opened bright and sultry.
William McCorroack. Lancaster coun
ty, Pennsylvania, was the first name
President Reaches Washington.
WASHINGTON, July 28. President
and Mrs. Roocrvc-lt and party arrived
here at 6 16 o'clock this evening and
were driven at once to the White house.
Sprecklos Under tho Knifo.
CARLSBAD, July 2S. Claua Sprockola
of Ban Francisco woa aucooaafully ope
rated upon today by Dr. Sonnenburg of
Berlin, and is doing .wcJL.
Oskaloosa Firm Lowest Bidder to
Heat Salt Lake Building.
Spoclal to Tho Tribune.
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 28.
Thero were nine proposals received at
the Supervising Archetect'e office today
for the Installation of a ateam heating
and ventilating nlant at tho new pub
lic building at Salt Lake. Tho lowest
bidder was the Iowa Manufacturing
company, Oskaloosa, la., at $31,620. The
names of othor bidders and amounts
P. S. Moran, Salt Lake 9,847
Mldgley Bros., Salt Lake 22.M3
H. Sandmoyor & Co., Peoria, 23,455
Charlos B. Kruso Heating Co., MU-
waukoo 2S.C&4
W. A. Thompson & Co., Ottumwa,
Iowa 33,003
Sodcmann Heating and Power Co.,
St. "Louis 31,377
T. H. McGuire, Mlnneapollo 30.443
William A. Pope, Chicago 31.690
Thomas Watson of Georgia Will
Speak in Lincoln August 10.
LINCOLN, Neb., July 28. Arrange
ments havo been completed wheroby
Thomas Watson of Georgia, the Popu
list nominee for President, win open
his campaign ln Lincoln. Word has
been definitely received from him that
he will be ln Lincoln on the date of the
approaching State convention, August
10, and will make the opening speech of
the campaign then. Lincoln Is the home
of Thomas Dibbles, the Vlce-Preslden-tlal
nomluco on the Popull3t ticket
Carson Grocer Slays Relative With a
CARSON CITY, Nev. July 28. Joseph
Kelly, a prominent grocor, this morn
ing Bhot and killed his brother Hugh.
Tho men had been on bad terms for
several years. Hugh Kelly attacked his
brother with a shotgun and Joseph fired
twice, killing him Instantly. The cor
oner's jury returned a verdict of Justi
fiable homicide.
Postal Changes.
Special to Tho Tribune.
ral free delivery service will be estab
lished September 1 at Kaysville. Davis
county, Utah, with one carrier. The
route embraces an area of twenty-seven
square miles, containing a population
of 900.
A postofflco has been eaabllshed at
Comfort, Idaho county, Ida., with Er
nest W. Heath postmaster.
Postmasters appointed Idaho, Eml
da county. Levi Crow, vice Hughes
East, resigned: Naples, Kootenai coun
ty, John C. Moore, vice Earl Walters,
Utah Morgan, Morgan county,
George Helner, vice F. S. Wadsworth,
Sultan Will Fight Protender.
TANGIER, July 28. The British
cruiser Hermlone arrived hero tonight.
According to news from Fez the Sutlan
Is collecting a big army outsldo of Fez.
The lmeprlal tent has already been
pitched outside the walls of Fez. which
Is taken to Indicate that tho 8ultan
will personally lead his forces against
the pretender, who la active ln the dis
tricts of Taza and Ujda.
Suspected Spies Sentenced.
VLENNA. July 2S. Two Russians,
giving the names of Dyres and Law
row, suspected of being military spies,
have been sentenced to Imprisonment
for eighteen and twelve months. Mys
tery surounds the case and the authori
ties are unable to discover tho real Iden
tity of either of the persons.
Perish in a Collision.
ST. LOUIS. July 2S. In a rear-end col
ilfilon todav between two passenger
trains on tne St. Louis. Kaneas City &
Coloiado road near Jeffreysburg, J. Hossc
man, a farmer from Bomont. Mo., was
killed; N. J. Clary, an onglnccr. was prob
ably totally Injured, and Charles King Of
Sioux City. la., a passenger, was serious
ly hurt.
Decides Against Pope.
PARIS, July 2S. Tho Temps today
printed a dispatch from Rome announc
ing that a court at Naples which had
been hearing a contested will cauo, de
cided that tho Pope Is Incapable of in
heriting In Italy which, hitherto, has
been disputed.
Placed in Receiving Vault.
NEW YORK, July 2S. Tho body of
Mrs. George Crocker, of San Francisco,
who died In Newport on Monday, was
placed In the receiving vault ln Green
wood cemetery, South Brooklyn, this
afternoon to await tho decision of the
family as to final burial.
Root Not R. Candidate.
NEW YORK. July 23. A letter from
former Secretory of War Root to " Gov.
ernor Odoll, In which Mr. Root stated
ho could not bo considered a candldato
for Governor and could not accopt tho
plnoc, was road today nt a conierenco
hero of Republican State loaders.
Takes Charge- of Bank.
MADISON. Wis,, July 2S. Staio Bank
Examiner Bcrgh todny took charge of tho
Stato bank at Mnuston and clooed Its
doors. Tho liabilities aro Btatcd to bo
$137,000. of which amount $70,000 Is duo
Will Succeed Von Plehwe.
ST. PETERSBURG, July 28. M. Dur
novo, who was 1$ Von Plehwe's assis
tant, haB been appointed minister of In
terior ad Interim.
Trial Trip of Ohio.
BAN FRANCISCO. July 2$. Tho United
Stated battleship Ohio left this port to
day for Santa Barbara ohannel. off tho
coaet of Southern California, where her
offlclal epeed trial will bo held, probably
.tomorrow. ...
Minister Interior Siaii I
ly Assassin I
Wss Murdered While Drivingj
Through Streets ef St.
Assassination Believed to Be' thd
Outcome of a Widespread
ST. PETERSBURG, July 23. Vlat
shashaf Constantlnovllch Von Plehvc,.
minister of the Interior of Russia, was"
assassinated at 9:50 o'clock this morn- jf
lng by a bomb thrown at his carriage jH
whilo ho was driving to the BaltR)
station to take a train for the palace at
Peterhof where he was to make his
weekly report to the Czar.
Widespread Plot.
The assassination Is, believed to bo
tho outcome of a widespread plot, the
existence of which has been suspected
for several days. Numerous arrest3
have already been made, including that
of tho assassin, a young man who 1? H
believed to be a Finn of the name of
Leglo, and who Is now In a hospital, jH
perhaps fatally Injured by the cxplo- jH
sion of his own bomb. jH
Accomplice Also Arrested.
An accomplice of Leglo, also ap
parently a Finn, but whoso name I:
unknown, has been arrested. He had jH
In his possession a bomb which he tried IH
to throw, but he was overpowered by IH
the police Just In time to prevent great ,H
loss of life. jH
Thrown From Sidewalk.
The assassin stood on the sidewalk jH
Just as Minister Von Plehvc's carriage
was about to cross the canal bridge
near the station. The minister was es- jH
corted by a number of detectives on
blcyclcB, and one of them Jostled the
assassin who then rushed into the road
and threw the bomb after the carriage
Minister Killed Outrisrht.
The missile struck the hind wheel and jH
exploded with fearful force, killing or
wounding more than a score of per- jH
sons. Minister Von Plehve and his
coachman were killed outright and an
officer of the guard was fatally injured.
Seized by Detectives.
One of the detectives caught the as
slssln who endeavored to escape, though
wounded by splinters ln the face, arm
and abdomen. He made no attempt at jH
resistance, however, when seized by
the detective and confessed his crime, jH
but refused to give his name. jH
Force of Explosion Terrific.
The explosive Is believed to have been
composed of pyroxlln, as It gave off jH
little smoke. The force of the explosion jH
Avas so terrific that It not only broke WM
nearly every window within a radius jH
of half a mile, but reduced heavy pav- jH
lng stones to powder, heaved up the
pavement and flung a heavy piece of jH
Iron work of the carriage across the
canal, severing a thick barge mast,
which fell stunning the captain of the
barge. Everybody in the street was jH
lenocked down and bruised. IH
Scene of Wild Confusion.
Immediately there ensued a scone of jH
the wildest confusion. Police and gen- jH
d'armcB hurried up from every direction jH
and vast crowds gathered about the jH
spot where the mangled body of the
Minister lay weltering ln his blood.
Wns Shockingly Mangled.
M. Von Plehvc's shockingly mangled
body was lying in the middle of the SH
road. It had been partially covered
with a pollco officer's overcoat, with tho jH
left arm, the bone of which was broken
off, projecting. jH
A policeman came up and raised the
overcoat ln order to rearrange It. re-
veallng for an Instant the strong fea- jH
turcs of the dead Minister, whose head
was battered almost beyojid reoognl-
The roadway wns strewn for a hun-
dred yards with the wreckage of the jH
carriage and pieces of tho red lining of H
tho Minister's official overcoat. tH
A few yards from M. Von Plehvc's
body lay a shapeless heap of the coach- JH
man's remains. jH
On Wny to Visit Emporor. fjM
M. Von Plehve was on his way to jH
visit the Emperor. The tragedy oc-
curred on the Zalalkonski prospect, a tH
broad thoroughfaro leading up to the jl
Warnaw dopot, whemco the road turns
sharply to the left toward the Baltic
railroad 9tatlon. The exact spot at jH
which tho outrage occurred Is Just be- WmW
fore tho bridge spanning the circular jH
canal, on tho other side of which both
stations are situated. jH
Know Minister's Movements. jH
Tho bomb thrower must have known fH
perfectly well that Minister Von Plehve flH
would pass the spot this morning, for IH
the Minister makes his report to the Vl
Emperor every Thursday. JH
The Infernal machine was thrown jH
with deadly accuracy and the assassin jH
was favored by the fact that traffic jH
hero is nlways of the heaviest owing to jH
tho crooalng of lines of surface cars and Hl
tho continuous stream of heavy trucks. Vl
M. Von Plehvo was always appre- IH
hcnslve of attempts upon his life and jH
used to drive as rapidly ns possible. Tho
coachman, however, was compelled to
go slow at this point jH
Seized Favorable Opportunity.
The assassin in laying yhls plans evl
donlly. foresaw, this circumstance, and

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