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fnlor Uses Known
Mechanical Law
Apparatus Which En-
3is One to Fly . With;
I Ease.
Will Not Exceed Ten Dollars,
jfcill Enable Hen to Travel
m Great Distances.
RYORK. Aug. 3. Announcc
juhn P. Ho'land's invention
jaetitv) I'ji' machine lias cro
iofc latere? t in such things than
icK nintt-rt' ror sears. Holland
'novice In the- ilne of Inven
He is the same John P. Holland
ij.ttd tH submarine torpedo-
Ikussil"-, 1 h apparatus he says;
Jlyfns iv.uhii. or whatever you
to cJl II. " imslst of - four
Ek Joll': P. Holland.
K&ho with v huh the first trials
da b condui im1 will be in two
PM p-ir and the other ten
Iin. This will give a spread of
IfiWta. ti twenty fc-et from .Up
will b- applied directly t.c
kfgpr- 1 1 turn manner that ap
fcte rnu.-c'c. uiil manipulate then,
litlj.io.. cxtrti'in than is neces
iogpwJi.ury walking. In fact, the.
loii v. ill be far less exhausting
malkipg for tne violent part of it
eftrly during the starting o.r as-.
KfTiiio a1iMp tin person Is de-
JlJes than five'yearp man will
Jflil:. wings and fly like a bird.
Kt$').ny n.on exertion than Is re
Kibj the n of ordinary walking,
llgli.k flight at Uiq rate of fifty
Uiuiiinvi mil'.- an hour. He will
GfilrjR) n a da. He will make
J'iK'hi to Washington .to - see
tnds and will flv back in time for
i!l will cut n ort trouble or en
hat? wtuld be expended In the
llrt- v rt lkins; probab'y wilh
Sfluth c-xertioi.
jgan Fly Against Wind.
yviji take a course with or against
inu. oi , t in angle-he wishes at
ejgr. t above the- surface he- may
irtyenirnt or d sirable. He will
il3- w-.tit-- s i porously for a few
Vjujtar any lird docs, and then,
tip. ' fixed tourst. will ride the
Input any mo.e effort than does
fit's Disease and
wiabetes News,
acramrnto, Cjl., July 2G, 1005.
Jktlves of the?., having Bright's
-fee or Diabetes-
j'lng what I do I consider that
mux b Jmort criminal to conceal
182 i P 1 havc Jls t0 curabil
vnshts Dlseafc and Diabetes
KUiero nre a0 mfll,v homes con
KvaOdPnctl by the presence of
HWto rai.i diseases.
MlPiahct s myself for many years
K?n!i,wut l'ult-it steadily
'MWu I hl' l,fl lhnt lher wax a
"BPnVw1 iS'niPranp,8(:0-' lt l00k'fl
mrSV?1 1 Sfnt for 111 a tcb
Mt n my uaual henlth Mid
d' m, ulfn put an engineer ot
.(Kfnh,,. 110 was broken down
E&P and wns nllvod. Tn a
IK ,XVaS tO his Old POHJ-
o be h,d'foovr;,'ca ou' ij'y1-
mui extreme condition as
Stain h L,,"'Snl' Disease. They
f Lot Ih0?111 ,,ot 1Ivc but a short
KgW,'1 sch001 "1 ffrow
Watment i', anv hero arc talcing
cuS fo "pV ,K a" a,n,ost
ln all Er,Blt s disease and
W n ?feS Youra f'tlthfully,
iteffS F' J- 11,11
fSuSl?,y, urlnef-etment
g; ,lln? vision-one or .m0fre
the swallow that fkims and dips. He
will use no other device lo attain buoy
ancy, but simply vdjl mount to the1
height sought by Ihdf&ame means as do
creatures endowed by nature with fen
tnerfi. "In investigating and experimenting
I have found a curious similarity about
the two problems of submarine and
ae-rlal navigation J-also have. found .a
power which controls both namely, that
the center of gravity always must be
exactly unde-r the center of support, and
the thrust always must bo exactly op
posite the center of resistance. The
principle la the same In air as In water,
the only difference being in the greater
density of the water.
"No Need for Exertion,
"Only In case speed Is required will
there bo need, for exertion in Hying.
There will be no mechanism for sup
plying great power. The wing3 wilj be
attached directly to the body at ilie
arms and auout the hips. This har
ness or attaching gear will he easy and
comfortable for a man, though Ecarcely.
adapted to the use of women. Jn their
present costume. The wings will be
made of bamboo frames of , a special
quality. I expej'linenlod with steel tub
ing, but found it too heavy when ma.de
of the requisite strength. Simplicity,
will be the chief characteristic of till
the gear, and it will be possible to pro
duce It at a moderate price, .within , the
reach of everybody.
"In motion, after the first few strokes,
of ascent, the fiyor will be much in the
altitude of !ylng face downward. He.
will distribute his weight between the
two sets of wings and will soar in that
position. Descending will be accomT
plished at an angle in most' ?ases, and
it will bu possible to alight without the
slightest jar. Beating the wings in the
opposite direction to that used in as
cent will permit descc-nt nearly erect.
It vill be as easy for a man after prac
tice to fly right into his office window
as to alight on the street at his door.
The entire apparatus will weigh some
thing leas thnn twenty-five pounds and
cost not to exceed .$10."
Palls Held Jmpossible,
"Suppose something should break
with the man hundreds' of feei in the
"Anything about the mechanical part
of the device could fail without doing
any damage. It would not cause a fall,
for the mere turning of the flyer to a
gentle angle toward the ground would
bring him down slowly and safely.. One
of tho wings, or perhaps-, two of them,
might- be carried away completely with
out causing a fall.
"There's nothing occult about the
flight, of the- bird. Like everything else.
it'smercily a demonstration of mechan
ical principles. The. bird Is heavier than
the air, yet floats In It. Man is heavier
than the air and he. can float In it, too.
if he- will go about it right that Is.
just a? the bird docs. Hi& muscles are
as strong, proportionately,' and he is
equal to the. first efforts, to mount the,
clemln in wltfc-h he. Is to swim exactly
arj he swims in water. The rest. Is
"As a matter of fact, only one-teuth
of a bird's energy is spent in sustain-:
Ing power: the remainder is devoted en
tirely to propulsion. Thp aeroplane ac
tion of the wings, supports the. hody. - I
proposed that theory :years ago.".
Backache is a kidney ache.
Kidneys aren't taking the poison, out
of the blood.
Doan's Kidney PHIs strengthen the
kidneys, help them to do their .work
SWEET SPRINGS. Mo., Aug. 1. Ex
Senator Vest's condition today is not
quite so good as yesterday, lie Is losing
strength perceptibly. , although . he still
takes nourishment.
SAX FRANCISCO. Aug. 1. Tho resi
dence of .Mrs. Abble AI.. Parrott at San
Mateo, was robbed on Saturday night of
silverware and jewels valued at.$lQ,W0 ..
ST. LOUIS, Mo.. Aug. 1. A surprise
partv was planned for the "Roosevelt boys
todav by Hai ry Wateham, manager of .tho
Inside Inn at the World's, fair., but owing
to the , cle erness of lht boys the.. parly
did not come off,' as (he boys shipped out.
PORTAGE. Pa.. Aug. 1. Fully 500 men
todav surrounded Cedar Swamp. ..near
where the highwaymen who killed driver
Charles Hav arid seriously wounded Pay
master Campbell on .Saturday, are sup-,
posed to be In hiding.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 1. Another semi
monthly pavmenl of $5O0,C0O of . the Govern
ment loan was made promptly todny by
the Louisiana Purchase Exposition .com
pany. ' '
ESOPTS. N. Y-. Aug. 1 Until after the
notification ceremhnles August 10. callers
rt Kopcmount will bo discouraged. Judge
Parker Is making fcAv appointments.
NEW YORK. Aug. 1. Sunday was the
biggest d.ry in Coney Island's history, ac
cording to cxpprt .counters. It Is esti
mated that fully;- GOQ.OGO persons went to
the resort by trolley' cars, trains and
WASHINGTON, Aug. l.-Scnor Obaldla.
the Panama Minister, called at the State
U ;urlmcnt today and made a formal
. protest against s the construction given
the canal treaty by the executive officers
of the Isthmian Canal Commission. There
Is trouble growing out of tho location
of the postofflces In the. strip.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Aug. L A receiver
was appointed today for the Phil R. Toll
Box company of Armourdalo, on tho appli
cation of Phil R. Toll, the manager. The
a.sseta of the company arc estimated to
be worth $-225,003 and the liabilities $100,000.
NEW BEDFORD. Mass.. Aug. 1. On
board the Portuguese :;leamer Peninsular,
which has nrrlvpd from Lisbon were Capt.
Joseph Enos and the three mates of the
whaling bark President, . which was
wrecked on the wcot coast of Africa on
May S. '
BUTLER, Mo.. Aug. 1. The trial of
Charles II. Kratz. former member of the
St. Louis municipal assembly, on the
charge of bribery In conoctlou with Die
suburban railway franchise) deal, which
came . here on a chang of venue, was
today continued to September 20 on ac
count of the defendant's illness.
SAN FRANCTSCO. Aug. 1. The United
Stales army transport Logan sailed today
for Manila via Honolulu and Guam. She
carried 1.2&1.000 pesos of the now Philip
pine coinage: -10m0 tons of freight, chiefly
nay. grain, lumber and machinery for the
Philippine?. Braldcs a number of cabin
passengers, the Logan hud on board a
number of recruits.
SACRAMENTO, Cal.. Aug. 1. A war
rant has been issued for the requisition
of JamcH A. KellogKt formerly the presi
dent of a bank in Kittitas county. Wash-,
who was charged with, accenting money
for deposit knowing that thp bank was In
solvent. Kellogg la In custody in Los
WASHINGTON, Aug. 1. Today's state
ment of the treasury bnlances In the gen
eral fund, exclusive of thu .$160,060,000 gold
reserve In the division of, redemption,
Kho.ws: Available cash balance, $151,081,
KO: gold, $ IT.455.-lti.
DENVER, Col.. Aug. l.-Gpv. George C.
Pardee of California, arrived in Denver
from the East today, and will resume his
horncwurd Journey this evening
NEW YORK. Aug. 1. Tho suspension of
Charles F. Pnlniater, a broker, was, an
nounced today on the "oor of the Consoli
dated Exoha'ngfj. of which he has been a
mornber-'sl'uco'lSSi.- ' -
U - . ..
i Contests Arranged for
World's Fair,
Crack Teams to Compel.
; After Meeting of Nation-.-'
al Association.
Blazo Fighters to Have, a Big. Time.
; in St,. Lo.uisy Beginning .on. .,
August 24.
Special to The TrihunQ.
; ST. LOUIS, AUG. L-Crack firemen
ffom the best departments In the United
States will compete for prizes In la na
tional flremon's tournament, to b held on
the World's i fair grounds, following a con-.
vpntIonyof the National, piremon's asso
ciation, August 21 to 27. The convention
will b.o,ln .session August 22 and 23.
President Francis of the Louisiana Pur
chase -exposition will welcome the visiting
foemcn. .Papers will bo read by Edward
Atkinson of Boston, Frederick Morales of
Havana, Peter N. JMcCartv of St. Louis,
Clarence -Mc,Elroy of Kansas City, Fred
P. Boltc, nrosldcnl of tho Illinois Flre
. men's association; Cant, W. H. Brophy
: of Boston, (?) P. U. Sousa Agular, Bra
zilian commissioner to the World's fair,
and. Edward Crokcr. chief of tho New
York lire department.
i Parade of Fire Teams.
'Following, the adjournment of the con;
ventlon. the tournament, which Is to com
tinuc.for theTe-malndcr ofthe week, will
bu inaugurated Wednesday with a parade
of lire teams veteran organizations, nre
flKh.tlng equipment, trained horses and
bands,, forming mi the Stadium, . where
the contests are (o be held, and traversing
the main avenues of the World's fair.
Prizes will bo awarded for participation
In ,the .parade as followa: For the largest
veteran Are department fvom one city, S50;
for tlio best appearing veteran company
fiom one city. $5; for the, veteran com-
ix:ny of twenty or more members coming
.from one city. $75; for the largest volun
teer dcpnrtmo.it from one. city. $75; for
thp best, appearing volunteer company
from one city. $50j for the best volunteer
company coming . from one city. $50; for
the best paid department company com
ing tho longest distance and contesting,
:j0; for the best decorated apparatus, $o0
and $25.
!ln the afternoon following the parade
there will be a frec-forrall. dry hofie race
fOr $100. ?50 and $25; a straight away hook
a)id ladded raco, free for all. for $100. $50
and $25; a horso hose race, dry, free for
.".ill, for S10O. $50 and $25. and a hidder
cllmblng contest lor a 1lrst prize of $35 and
a second prize of $15:
"Wet Hose .Pace .
Thursday's programme will consist of a i
wet hose race, hook and ladder race, wet ,
horse hose race, ufl for first prizes of $1"0. I
second prizes of $50 and third prizes of $25.
There. will be also a free-for-all couplers'
contest for $50 and $23. and' a drill com
pany contest for a first prize of $50 and a
second pr!z$of $25.
All of the contests will take place in I
the afternoon. Tho opening event for Frl-
day. the third day. will be a wet hose
race for $1C0, $50 and $25. The other fea
tures will ho a hook and ladder race a
wet horse hose race and a hand engine
contest, the latter for a first prize of ii'nn
and a secpnd prize of $100.
The first event Saturday afternoon will
ho a championship dry florae ho.sp ruo
for a first prlzo of $250. a second prlz- nf
$175. and. third prize of $75." There will b.
a! championship hook and ladder race ri j
aj flrat prize of $250, second $175 and third
of $75. Also a championship wet hors
b'ese race for a first prize, oi $250, second
prize of $175 and a third prize of $73.
A cliamnjonsblp wet horso Jiose race for
:l first prize of $250. second prize of $175
and a third pilze of $75. will be fnllowvd
by a consolation dry horse hose race fr
Ifams having won no money in previous
races, with a first prize of 5100, a second ,
p'rlzo of $75 and a third prize of $50. The
last feature, will be a consolation hook and I
ladder nice for teams having won no I
mon po money in previous races. rihi- i
first prize will be $100. the second $75 and ;
the third $50.'
w J S
lone pound of 1
.QjDitei Gat I
I and you. will lose your
I tas.te for cheap coffee.
SoU on Merit!
i At high grade grocers. I
6 i and 2 lb. aroma-tight tins. J
J.. A. Folger SL Co. M
San Frnincisco ffj
k Importers of Pino Coffees J&jj
be Crystal gaf e
' Has OpenccL
Z Open dny ard nlfirht. Tel. 001-Y. X
Truy Orders Solicited.
The Kind YoiV JIuvc Alw the signa
turc of Clms. H. Fletcher, and lists been innde under his
personal supervision for over 30 yenrs. Allow no ono
to deceive you jn this. Counterleits, Imitations aucl
" Jtist-as-jood'arc fa ufc Experiments, and endanger the
health of "Children Experience against 35xpcrjnicnt.
" What is CASTORIA
Castoria is a harmless substitute lor Castor Oil, Pare-"
gorie, Drops and SoothLup: Syrupy. It is Pleasant. If
i contains neither Opium, Morphino nor ether "Narcotic
subslance. Its acre is its guarantee. Ifc destroys Vorms
and allays Fovcrishness. St cures D'arrhaja and "Wind
Colip. Ifc relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
TfeJM You Hare Always B.ougM
hi U.se For Over 30 Years,
tiic c' Taur corrAfiv. tt Mcniuv othcct, ncvj vonr. CITY.
j? : The value of a suit is
I jfMf nt k estimated b7
l r price mariced ou it. J
k ' '(S7MKS)i (Quality of materials I
I 3$F Wiser! aud the character
M&Mf of "workmanship are 3
g SfeWfiMm these 15 suits now be-
I lP BWk iii-sold at .?U. I
i m lWJvJ: ' Aud yii'n filKl what- I
U MmhM'MA would constitute an .
I mP 1 .?1S value in most jj
I stores. i
u y.-- leather an important ?
I iyv''rV saving, isn't it? f
I Price Jo LH.L Main St.
The Quality Store. I
m Chicago. I
W ffih u m P vyjir S42.50 St. Louis and return. RJH
aw M MrcBiP $47.50 Chicago and. return. fjjj
550.00 St. Louis aud return via g
& ' Chicago. m
jfeaj'Jl Liberal stopovers and liniitu in
l lrS Three trains daily. Elogant got-
JmMSi Best dining car3. i .B
m lSMmm e0 lunclioons- M
fgy y Observation sleepers.
W ' Write or telephone U3.
W 'hono 245. Ipl
E. DEAEE, D, P. A. Iff
- G. A. BISLE, T; P. A,
M '., 'r "' 'ioO West Second South, Salt L&ko M
City, Utah. m
Qon't Agt., Denver, Colo. S"
i f .
" TO
nil wK.LH9"rAiii
Phil. P. Hitchcock, Q. A, P. D., Denver, Colo.
. TIME 4 !
E".n Podro, Loo An- VrVTv
Kelv & Salt Lak PU(r
K. it. Co, ca"
From Oregon Short Line depot. Bait Lokn
For Provo. Lehl. Fairfield anil
Nephl, Mnntl and points on
Sanpcto Valley Ry,.. 7:30 r-m.
For Garfield Beach. Tooele,
Stoclcton. Mammoth, Eurcita. :
and Sliver City "8:00 a.m.
For Provo, American Fork,
Lohl, Juab. Mllford, Frisco,
Callentea and Intermediate
points CT0;O3 p.m.
Froro PrsTO. American ForJc, I
Lsni. 1 mb, fliilford. Frlnco,
CalSteri and Intermedlato
poinujA "- "9i33 a.m.
From. Provo, Lehl, Fnlrfield,
Wcreur bt"1 Sanpcto Vcllcy
Ry. points 3:35 p.m.
From Silver City, Mammoth.
Euraka, Stockton. Tooelo and
and Qarflold Beach 5:35 p.m.
Daily Pullman BufTot Sleeping Car Ser
vice between Salt Lake, Mllford, Modcna
and Callcntcs.
Direct stage connections for nil mining
fllstrlotn In southern Utah and Nevada
City Tlckat Office, 201 attain Ctroot.
, 5?olaphono 250..
13. "V7. GDLLETT. J. "Jj. MOORE,
Qan'l Pssg. Agt. Dl3t. Paaa. Agl
TO' ST. LOU! 5.
Through car, Salt Lake City to St.
Loula and Kansas City. Only ono chango.
to New Yorlc, Buiralo and principal polnu
East low rates for summer travel."
Especial attention to ladles and chll.
Tourlat slecpcro throuch to Chicaco,
Bofiton and other polnta without chance.
Two trains daily.
Inciuho at ticket offlco, 10S Dooly block.
Salt Lake City. Any lniformallon cheer...
fully Given. ' H.- C. TCWNBEND.
O P. & T A. M.l33curl Pacific Ry., St.
Louis. Mo.
Cheap Rates to
Si Lotsls
jiWD ayrEun eastern poiirrs yui
3Ta can cava yen mcnay. Writa Etc
C. F. WARP.EN. General Acent
til Dooly Block. Salt Lako City.
Londonderry, Glasgow,
yS m Yur'rt, Gibraltar, Naples,
Superior accommodation. Excellent Cui
. sine. Comfort of passcaecrs carefully
considered. Slnglo or Round Trip Tickets
between New Yorf: und Scotch, EnKllsh,
7 Irish and all principal Scandinavian and
if Continental points at attractive rcfi. Send
u for Hook of Toura. For ticket Or ccneral
laformatlon apply to any local ojrest of the
Ancnor Liuo or
'iIEfiDERSON BROS.. Gon'l Aoonlc. CHICAGO. ILL. ,
Ci! " i.'.JIV'.l"VI.'I..MgWI.VVBIllMIH..IJ'a
Iliquozone free!
W Any sick person who hu3 never used K
h Lliiuozono ehould wrlto the Liquid f
H Ozono Co.. 45S--IC0 Wabash avc. Chi- p
B, cagu. They will aenu you an order on !
H your drucprlst for a SO-cent bottle free. K
Cj If you will stato tho disease to be n
treated 2-I-L G. F. E. F
In effect Juno S, 1901.
AO. 30 For Hober, Provo and-
No. 102-For Park City 8:15 a.m.
wy. 0 For Denver und East;.... 8:00 a.m.
No- 5,01' Obden and Weat 30aV) o,m.
N.- J-or i5den and Wqat 1:45 p.m.
No. 2 For Denver and East 3:15 n.ra.
No. 6 For Provo and Eureka.... 5:00 p.m.
N'o. 11 For Oden and local pta.. C:05 p.m.
No. i For Denver and EaBt...... 8:05 D-m.
No. 3 For Ocnen and West 11:65 p.m.
No 112 For Bingham. t 8:10 a.m.
Np. Ill For Blnahnm 3:00 p.m. .
No. C From Ogdcn and the Eaat 8:10 a.m.
No. IS From Ogdcn and local ptsl0:25 a.m.
No. 7 From Eureka and Provo.. 10:00 a.m.
No. 6 From Denver and Eaat.. .10:40 a.m.
No, 1 From Denver and East... 1:35 p.m. H
No. l -From Ok den and WeaU... 3:05 p.m. 1
No. lln-r-Froci Park Olty 5:15 p.m.
No. 3 From Hebcr. Provo and H
Mrvvale G:C-0 p.m.
No. i From Oeon and the West 7:55 p.m.. 1
No. 0 From Denver and East...llM5 p.m. 1
No. Ill From Bingham 11:00 a.m.
No. 113 From Bingham. 5:50 n.m.
All train except No3. 1 o C ctcp at In
tcrruaute DointH. H
Ticket office, Dooly liJock.
'Phone 205.
I. A. BENTON. G. A. P. D. jl
3 Junc l2-r I
From Ocden. Portland,
Butte, Sac Francifl-o, Chi- IHH
capo. St. Louis, Omaha,
and Denver , 3:25 turn.
From Ocdcn and intermcdl- IbI
ato point a 9:10 a.nl.
From Ot'den, C.cho Valley,
and intci-mediatts points.... 11:55 a.m. flfl
From Orden, Chicago. St. ' HI
Louh Kansas City, Oma-
na, Denver and San Fran-
clsoo 420 p.m. HI
From Oyden. Cache Valley. Hfl
Butte, Portland -and San H
Francisco 7:30 p.ni. HI
For Ocdon. Omaha, Chicago. Bl
Denver, Kansas City and
St. Louis 7KJO a.m HI
For Ogdcn. Portland, Butte, HI
San Francisco and uilcrrr.c- 11
dlatc points 10:20 a.m.
For Ogdea,. Omaha, Chicago, BbI
Denver, Kansas City. St,
Louis and San Francisco.. 2:30 p.m. flfl
For Ogdcn, Cache Valley. HI
Denver, Kansas City, Oma- HIH
ha, St, Louis and Chicago. 5:L5 p.ra, HI
For Ogdcn. Cache Valley, HI
Butte. Helena. Portland. HI
San Francisco and intcrme- HI
diate points llreS p.rc III
T. M. SCHUMjVCnJSR, TraiTlc Mcr. Ill
B. E. BUR LEY, G. P. & T. A. Ill
D. B. SPENCER.. A. Q. P. & T. A, HI
City T)ket office. 201 Mala, street.. HI
Telephone 250. HI I
sthmtt mm
S A Delightful Piaco to Visit. t H
ffl A ProfltaWo Plac? to Live H
IGrcateat Play Ground oa Earth. U
Famous Places Which Everyono K gl I
VCnnta to See. )l 15
Invest in a Ticket to CALIFOR- 9 Ml i
NIA and Secure Rich Dividends In S: Du
Mo mlalna. Vnlloys, Rlvor, Z.ak B K'
and C c an Reached by tho Bj
Southern Pacific Ml
For icacrlptivo and lllustrntlvo g uyj
literature tall at No. 201 Main H RI
Street. Bait Lake City. f3 Igffi
D. R. GRAY. General Agent ft Mjl
Time Table II
LEAVE SALT LAKE. 0:30, 9:00, 11:00 a.',
tn., 1:S0. 35, 6:30. 0:30. 7:30 p. m. Bf jj!
LEAVE LAGOON, 7:30, 10:00 a. m.. 12:CO! S4
no?n, 2:30. 4:30. G:?fi, 3:30. 10:30 p. m. 1 I
"Last train leavw Lagwon Sunday DJOi 9 m
p. m. U h
Fare for ' II
Round Trip m
-r D. PIERSON, Pass. & Ticket Afft. X 1 1
J. B. BEAN. Excursion Agt. J;
Extra trains, 2:30 and 420 p. m. on Sup- M
'days and holidays. MSI
I Anthracite coaall sizes
Burton Coal & Lumber Co. I II
C6 W. 2nd So. 'Phone SOS. j l
1 g5W?g4iii ftreaM.N&iyA Hl
jieanTellJustWhatj I
I Your Trip Will Cost 1 I I
t If yon plan to travel this summer on either business (J jj II
i or pleasure, let me save you the trouble of looking up jr njl
S rates and routes. I have a list of alt the railroad stations l
S iu the United States, with the exact time trains arrive m fl l
1 there, and depart. J; I
. If you will let me know where you wish to go, I will Mjl
give you detailed information which will cost you nothing lull
and which may be relied upon as absolutely accurate. H
I b3 lf yu .nnvQ not time (toln.. Just Hi
p I rPn.me n- Postal card. answer K 111
I Tfif! K. P. WESLEK", General Agent, l
U IJ-UiUji 79 W SEC0N:D south st., ill
rSj-h'lj Salt Lake City, Utah. j HI

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