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R J page two THE SALT LAKE TRIBUTE. bcspay mobskg. atocsj 7 njj
'Wonder bow I ean get hw down to
the ambulance." said Dr. NagU of
Jtelloru as he "steed up" hie own small
H frame and then contain plated the Jfle
pound of Mr. .Kllaabeth Drive In her
j home at No. HI lSturt Fifteenth i?irel
1 last night. She 1 a vaudeville aetrees
H and wan m Ul It hac been decided she
altould be taken to the hospital.
' "I'll nee If I can't find you a strong
, man," Mid the Rev. William ( H'il! of
i Latest Event in Fistic
Calendar. 1
I Bout Should Bo a Fast Bix
ing Exhibition and a
Money Getter.
j Jimmy Gardner Urged to Tncklo Joe
i Guns Gosolp of tho Ring.
nnd Its Devotees.
By Harry F. Burmestcr.
Following In tho footsteps of his
( freckled rival, JuniM J. Corbett Is seek
ing n bout with Jack O'Brien, the Phila
delphia faahlonplato. When he saw how
e-oslly "Ruby Rob" raked In the shekols
1 at tho Quaker City recently. Pompadour
i Jim could not refrain from making a
bid for iom easy money himself. Ac
cordingly the mutch ha been arranged
on paper and It will probably take place.
" unon ih at present making n
vigorous kick, against th amount of
avoirdupois lit opponent Intends to car-
ry on the eve of tattle, but this will un-
doubtcdly be patchel up some way for
B tho Philadelphia boxer rIho Imm )ik
B weather eye out for the long green and
B would not peas up such a goldon ppor-
B tunlty for several pounds.
When these two fightor come to
gether, fistic lorent will have an oppor
j tunlty of witneaalng one of the fuatOat
B ' punching been pulled off for some time.
Corlmtt I not a great tighter. He has
novor been accused or having a dangor-
I wallop nor ties he proven himself
glutton for punishment. But Junt the
name the conqueror of the mighty John
I'- van one of the fastest and cleverest
boxers that ever slipped a hand Into k
padded glove ami In a six-round ongaKv
men l he mn make any of lh prevent
alclum stars ko aomr. O'Brien Its nd
i mltted to be one of the ndleat of prm-
mt tUy ttxhtera and a bout between
Miiueif and Corbett ought to be a
faclnatlnK boxing exhibition If nothing
eH ...
Jimmy Gtrdner Ih being urged to take
a chaore at Joe GaMc. tlte preeent 1mU1
cr of the light-weight crown. The
l Lowell youosleV lias within the last
ear made such a brilliant showing that
many lelleve he ran take a fall out of
i . the col or ml terror. Gardner laUt
Mctory wa over TVillle Fltagerald la
llutte abd the nianner In which Gard
tier tncked Pltxy away In the land of
rod caused the Smoketown eports to
( gnpe. If Qerdnar could take th ma-
Ore of Baltimore Joe be would do much
towa.nl restoring the weight limits as It
it Cans, who has caused many of the
( 130-nounders to assume the rote of
"Battling' Xeirou eenw to have won
"pine for hltiwelt oa the ooaat. Ac
cording to preAs reports the natlvo son
, " witling to Utek tho sturdy little
orwc6inn agalnt any milt artist of
Ms pounds in the country. Brltt pre-fi-rrod.
There Is coHakiorable tnlk of a
bout between Yowog Corbett's cou
, rjueror and the Chicago Mugger at San
1 , Frandeco in Beptember.
t The hoar is drawing near for lbs
much heralded heavy-weight go W-
I twaon Cbampioti Jeff and Mluer Jaqk.
i Roth me are hard at wrk ami the
( I ' ltout will vory likely occur this time as
( I lcr si hedute Munroe Is ntltl as oa-
H '' drt ix ier sn1 th public gn-rsjly
in xtt'I Ix-ks up.ik him ms a. fla- ajsmt.
H J lime n' th tan tell
St. Ann's church, who had been called
to the sufferer. The prleet went down to
the sfckwRtk- He beheld a man of great
breadth of shoulders and wonderful
depth of chest. That rmut of muccle
was accompanied by a woman.
"I'm In luck." said the pdet, for he
recognised Tom Sharkey, the milor
pugilist, and Mrs. Sharkey. "Hello.
Tom," calltd Father O'Reilly. "You're
jun the mn I want. "Will you help
carry a sick woman to the ambulance?"
"Sure, Father." respoaded Sharkey.
"I'm right on the Job."
lie mounted tbo stairs behind the
' Father O'ReliJy tells ire you want a
lift, doc," said the pugilist, his chest
"Ouess you can do the whole job,"
ald Nagle, polltoly, after one look at
Tom. The pugllltrt etoopod over tho
couch, picked up the woman as If she
were a baby und walked down tho etalrj.
"Don't be afmld; I could carry you a
thousand mllos," he kept repenting.
On the uldewalk the way to the nmbu
Inrvce was blocked by u great crowd.
"GentB, will you please get a move on."
tald Tom In hlw deepest voice, und the
way that crowd gave way was remark
able to behold. Gently tho pugilist placed
Mrs. Drew In the ambulance.
"Thanke, Tom," raid Father O'Reilly.
"Don't montlon It, Father," replied
Sharkey as he offered his arm to his
NEW YORK, Aug. 6. Mm Bob Fltz
Hlmmons hat? runhed to the defone of
the women who witnessed tho Fltzulm
moruNO'Brlen prize fight in Philadel
phia on Saturday.
"I gien I am largely to blame," said
Mm Fitz. "You pee, whon the fight was
first dlscupsed, I mude up my mind that
I wanted to bo It I had never wlt
ncraed a light, nnd naturally, in addi
tion to my woman's curiosity, I had an
Interest In this particular one, dnce my
husbnnd was to bo one of the principals.
"When it was poHtponcd, I wao dis
appointed, but when It was decided to
hold It in the open air, the Idea Bclzed
me that here was a chance. I confess
thut I didn't want to he there nlone. bo
tho notion of u. prize fight matlnco ap
pealed to me, and I prevailed upon Bob
to liifdst upon an Itom In the articles of
agreement that women wero to bo nd
mlttcd. "I am not sorry I went. I think I
Hhall go uguln, though 1 am not partic
ularly anxious to see my own husband
in the ring again. And why criticise the
other women who wero hrewnt? Ifii't
pugilism n recognized iport, regulated
by 1m w ? is it a-ay more brutal than
football? Is it any more demoralising
than the race track, where I see ertry
time I attend the rae group? of wo
men who they tell me are from 'ew
YorkV best society?
I think It Is wrong and brutal to
bold up to scorn the women who wit
nessed the tight on Saturday. Don't the
ladles of the court attend bull Qghls In
Spain. sn aren't, they much more hnu
tal than nrlzo light?
"I for on proffrPB to be a wxasn of
refinement, and r am not ashamed to
say that I liked the tight and will go
again to see as many a i can la thi fu
David Caul, Aged 18,
Is a Wonder,
Has Beaten Fast "Pros"
Frm New York and
Will Compete in tho Water Contests
to Bo Held at tho St Louis
David Oaul of the Philadelphia Swim
ming club Ih Just IS years of age, ,yet
he Is nlrendy a remarkable swimmer.
Born at Lafayette, In a house separated
from the water's edge only by tho
Schuylkill towpnth. ho took to swim
ming while yet In kilts. The fact Ib ho
could not help It. All the family are
swimmers. hl oldest brothers both hav
ing been champions and prize winners.
As a small boy he showed competitive
spirit before he knew anything about
Captain McGra-w of tho New York
National League Team and his?
$ Giants. q
form and racing strokes and while yet
swimming "dog-fashion" he raced oldec
lads one after another until there were
no boys his age. or even older, In his
class. But oven then tho experts at the
racing quarters so popular among local
swimmers did not take the boy serious
ly and It was only two summers ago that
Dr. J. K. Shell, the University of Penn
sylvania coach, who Is a cloeo observer
of swimmers and their action, put the
lad on the watch for fifty yards and pre
dicted that he could then, although not
yet 16 years of age. beat any man In the
awlmmlng club at Lafayette.
Beat the Now Yorkers.
That Dr. Shell's prediction was right
was borne out last year at Traver's
Island, where "Davoy" ran away from
the New York swimmers In tho 100
yards novice race In the remnrkable
time of 1:0S. But even then the Gotham
lte thought the boy would be easy In an
open event against topnotch men. so
Fred Wenck and Edgar H. Adams were
sent over for the Sackett cup. nn annual
Motor Squad of Police for New York.
Believing fast artvlmg of automobile
C4n best be curbed by properly moui.ve.
policemen, ih New York Police de
partmtni is planning to have a squad
of mounted polk-e on motor bicycles.
Thee marhintw can supply a speed fast
enough to catch almost any automobile
i and their use Is expected to lessen the
number of speed violation by motor-1st.
Removal Notice.
IT. F. Williams, the carpenter, has
moved to 71 Bouth State, 'Phone, Bell
2145-K Inl, 21.
1 AllAlAlAlAl.&lallA Si!
competition held by tho Philadelphia
swimmer?, nnd won by tho New York
Athletic club for six jeors in sucie-s-slon.
But the cup stayed In Philadel
phia this time, Gaul delighting the tal
ent nnd his clubmatea by getting the
Works nt Night.
Young Gaul's wvlmmlng Is all the
more remarkable from the fact that he
works- at night In a nearby paper mill,
his shift being much longer hours than
the day workers, so he has but little
time to prepare or train, yet he has cov
ered fifty yards In the fast time of thir
ty second?, which Is faster by a second
than the record, and ban done J;0S for
100 ynrds, with a rope turn, this season.
His favorite racing stroke is the
"trudgeon," or double over-arm method,
now used by all the fast awlmmcr of
the world. This advanced stroke Is a
combination of tho s4de-Btroke leg kick
and the double over-arm curve. It 1
very fast, because there it? a continuous
positive action at work all the time,
without any negative action or loss of
Gaul will begin training this week to
get into condition for the Sackett cup
race nnd tho championships, to be de
cided on August 20. when he will be pit
ted against n faster bunch of swimmers
than any who ever competed before la
this country.
After thl race Gaul will probably go
to St. Louis and compete for the world'i?
championship at the shorter distances.
Corbett to Tour Globe.
Young Corbett is planning a trip
around the world, and while the trip
will be one of sightseeing the Denvcrltc'
will take on an occasional bout.
Juat now Young Corbett Is trying to
arrange n battle with Jabez White, to
be fought In Johannesburg. South Af
rica. If satisfactory arrangements can
be made, Corbett is perfectly willing to
fight. He Is also In communication with
several boxing clubs In Australia and
hopes to be nble to fcure a bout or two
In the land of the kangaroo.
Royal Bread Is pure, every loaf boar?
our label with tho crown. At all
grocers nnd flrst-clnss restaurant?.
2IaJor Taylor la Now a Father.
While in Australia. Major Taylor and
his wife were presented with a baby girl.
1 In honor of the town in which ab waa
I horn she has been named Sydney.
Taylor has not decided whstber he
will race In thl country or not. IU will
Yialt Australia again in tho fall.
Will operate the last excursion of the
season to northern points Saturday. Au
gust 13th S?o agents for rnrtlculan'.
Give Better Service
Than Boys.
Don't Smoke Cigarettes Nor
Laugh When Misstroko
Is Made.
Threaten to Supplant tho Boya En
tirely How tho Movement
BALTIMORE, Aug. G. Girl ondd!e
you cannot sny "cnddlosses" aro tho
latest novelty of the golf links of tho
fumouo Maryland Country club.
Sftven pretty, brown-as-berrles,
healthy, bright-eyed maldenu aro thoy,
and so satisfactory Is their work that
tho rich mon who control the destinies
of the big organization are in favor of
making their number twenty-seven ami
dispensing with boys altogether.
All thee- girl caddies are daughters of
the farmers- In ih vicinity of the club.
They think no more ofTl
quivers over the various f!T
they would of huntlrr J"ei
father's farm. Theyll Ht
dp not play -hookey?
rigmretU do not sw fi( 'eH
laugh when a mlwtrokl u eH
The popular cconoEte SB
under which girls nrr rJlm
boys for th same work H
not a.ply at the BMUiW!?B
land Country club! ond.0 ."B
son why the new cAddw .l ' eB
hand whvn a gam 6r )eH
progress All ex. er 0re f! tK
dared the Ufa was Vo clL.,
would rSrv(r v,ent7o do SjgB
-fe)eeeee.i . V
I Th exception. tl;c olJcat wlokJBi
nearly flfte-cn summera., dUjitBt
I soon os she sne l ncr-y enocB
a "changing silk" drew the LrWL
know her no more. iE
The fifteen boys who ire iclE
ployed on the links lcw lhiuH
Kith contempt. mtlntlel uUtU&vH
fad. and that the novcltj nQieaHi
off and the sltuttlcn right IbtBl
the meantime, however, the rILfi
receiving from the lads thebtTjeH
ever given.
In many particulars th tfftH
according to the club rrrrbt-i imt
their ability to find t!;- I zii ccnH
ly than the boys nt 1 this vinaB
be set down to fen in rf rir(:dH
are always so curious to te horjK
ball le driven Hint thr'r br!&jB
eye.9 never lose sight ot It
The clubmen nr.t hai thelltiJM
ploying girl caddies f-r thevccuiBf
era. But, oddly as It stnud,
quickly seen that th? girl rmuH
valuable to the men rljen iHI
boys were at their b'st when.'BI
women players. iEk
With the girls there U ri hH
They mm to poesf ss an lri."K
sne of action. The only fiuiilH
caddies have to find Tilth tkt aB
that "they talk too much" jB
"But." the girls reply. ' netelHu
remarks about the player. MtKriHi
you boys have declared that Mr mi
So should be sawing wood cr -HHS
cart Instead of playing goll" jm
And the boys retort' ' But, TBl
we understand tho gam, jBb
Big- Crowd at Race XtetfWL
One of the Inrgest crovdi tiuBfl
attonded the bicycle meet la EfHI
went out to witness wir.s rlM9fl
recently. More than i-9M
present. Among the olllclaU tailK
Starbuck, famous as a paced rttK
was one of Michael's stre-rxM; Bi
ents. and Howard R A, FrrcklhBL'
mer racing man. 9&
Everybody, TtUte 2?oti!
The modern. up-tr-Jotr tfte
Elmo, corner Third Sooth u& &
ha changed hands. Under UttHK
ment of Mr. and Mrs. John 0&JeE

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