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; page two THE SALT LAKE TPJLBUXE, . , . frtpai mobmg, ArGrsT, lflJ
h r
L Admiral Skrydlort of the sortie of the
' ' 1 Tort Arthur squadron ln order that ho
; may dlsputch the Vladivostok squadron
i to meet the tquadrou from Port Arthur.
, Advices from Admiral Avellan lndl-
'i cate that It will consist of the batlle-
' ships Relvizan, Pobieja. reresvlel, So-
i ' vastopol, Czarevitch and Poltava; the
armored cruiser Bnydn, and tlie pro
! tccted crulsrers Palladf, Diana and Aslc-
old.. The protected ciulser Novlk wus
probably left at Port Arthur.
'. ' The Port Arthur squadron is under
' d the command of ltear-Admiral Wltho-
J Ap the speed of a squadron is not fas-
! ter than that of the slowest unit, which
1 in this case Is the Poltava, which could
not, at hor best, make over sixteen
, knots?, that speed is the estimated nUe
1 , i of steaming of the Port Arthur squad-
i 1 ron, whereas the Japanese battleships'
' , have clghte.cn knots speed. Both squad
rons, however, have probably greatly
deteriorated In speed.
J ( Russian Warships Supposed to Have
li ; , Gone to Vladivostok.
CHEEFOO, Aug. 11. The captain of
the Ryeshitelni does not doily that the
Russian warships have gone to join the
Vladivostok .squardon. He simply re
i fuses to nnewec. questions on the sub
ject, claiming It would he Improper for
him to do so. y
Other sources uinrm that absolutely
, ', all the big ships, except the Bayan,
. which Is injured. left Port Arthur yes-
terday. exchanging shots with the Ja-
i ' I panese fleet at long range, and It seems
n likely that the long expected junction
of the two Russian squadrons will now
!' occur.
. Shortly after the- arrival of the Ryes-
' hitelnl here the Chinese Admiral. Sah.
seht an ofllcor on board, who demanded
i that the destroyer either leave the port
or disarm. It had previously been as
certained that her engines were dis
, ablcd. The captain of the Ryeshitelni
agreed to render the engines absolutely
useless and to dlsarnf'ln such a man
ner aa Admiral Sah demanded.
The following is a list of the arma
nent submitted: One 75 millimeter gun,
four seven millimeter guns, two tor
pedo tubes, 13' rifles and two revolvers,
with a full supply of ammunition.
The captain of the Ryeshitelni re
quested the Chinese Admiral to Indl-
cate a position nearer the shore where
the destroyer might lie until the end of
the war under the protection of the Chi
nese Government.
The Ryeshitelni shows the effects of
long service., It is evident that grave
reasons caused, the Ryeshitelni to
undertake her hazardous voyage. Pre
sumably she came here to Hie urgent
No Fighting Yet, hut May Attack
Yajitni or Mukden.
LIAO YANG. Aug. 11. While no
fighting has occurred on the eastern
' front, a remarkably heavy movement
of Japanese northward has been re
1 I ported. The Japanese seem to be try-
,i "ip a turning movement on Yantai, or
' Mukden.
The Chinese bandits are becoming ex
ceedingly bold. They attacked a partv
I of, Russian scouts from a Joss house
I , near the Yan Tai mines and 100 of
them fell upon the military telegraph
j station, but were driven off. The dar-
! ing. of the bandits Is attributed to the
proximity of the Japanese.
Viceroy Yuan Shi Kai is reported to
, be moving north with his army, but he
i has not yet made a hostile-move.
' " ! j ; Expressed No Surprise.
.' ST. PETERSBURG. Aug. 11. The
apparent escape of the Port ' Ar-
! tliur squadron Is arousing the most
,! intense interest here. No official news
I on the subject had reached the Ad-
U mirally when a correspondent showed
the Associated Press dispatch from
I Chefoo to Admiral Avellan. chief of the
j Admiralty, but he expressed no sur-
, prise, and on the contrary did not con
ceal his satisfaction.
. He explained that Capt. Shestakovsky
1 probably had reported direct to Vicc-
Admlral Skrydloff -and Vicerov 'Alex
, k lieff. While the destination "of the
squadron Is not admitted, there is no
doubt that if it succeeds in shaking off
, j Admiral Togo Its purpose Is" to effect a
I) juncture with the Vladivostok squad
j ,j Sixteen Russian "Wai-shipg.
j CHEFOO, Aug. 11. An official source'
here reports the sighting of sixteen
Russian warships last night In the vl-
L cinity of Chefoo.
Hj J It is alleged that the Russian hospl-
r tal ship Mongolia, carrying women and
children, which left Port Arthur with
, the s-inadron. will go to Shanghai.
i The Russian battleship Retvlzan was
' 1 hit seventeen times during the recent
, . bombardment of Port Arthur but was
i only slightly damaged.
J The Japanese fleet has been directing
J - Its fire against the dock yards at Port
1 Arthur. One hundred shells dropped
3 on a spot from which u, powder maga-
H) I zlne had recently been removed.
! The Japanese are reported to be lack-
, ing In sufficient large guns. The,pres
ent supply is mostly from the Heel,
i Capt. Shestakovsky of the Russian
H) J , torpedo" boat destroyer which arrived
1 here this morning reports that a Japa-
Hi nese cruiser and a gunboat -were in
jured or sunk during the past week. He
j - Is not positive, however, that they sank.
' i j , Only Torpedo Boat Got Away.
I fi LONDON, Aug. 11, The afternoon
... papers here today, while admitting that
l J the result, of tho engagement off Port
, 1 ' Arthur is not clear, generally interpret
' the conlllctlng reports from Toklo and
j Chefoo as meaning that the bulk of the
, Russian squadrorl at Port Arihur made
asortle In the hope or escaping, but
t that only the torpedo-boat destroyer
,' Ryeshitelni, which reached Chefoo, suc-
f I ceeded in getting away, and that the
Hl . ( Ryeshitelni believed, as Indicated by the
1 ! statement of her captain, that the rest
i i of the squadron would be' equally suc
cc&sful. H' , , The papers recall Admiral Ccrvera's
Hl 1 ( dash from Santiago, followed by the
s' v fpeedy surrender of the town and con
t1 ' ( t'laer that the sortie from Port Arthur
L ; I li'i indicatds the impending fall of the for-
' I tress.
H'' 1
( i Wade Detour Toward Mukden.
Hi , I J ANSHANSHAN (half way between
H1 . ' I , iIal Cheng aiyl Liao Yar.), August 11,
H) li li n- m. A reconnaissance -In force
I August 7 proved that the Japanese are
.1 j making a wide detour of the Liao val-
.(tj'ij lev towards Mukden, The Thirty-llfth
Jim regiment of sharpshooters, with two
M i uns. participated In the reconnaissance,
' f, which was directed against the west
' 1 .'. Hank of the Japanese position near An-
Hp, v fhanshaii. The movement revealed the
' i ( presence of only one Japanese brigade,
! ' with ten guns lately landed at the port
of Newchwang. The brigade Is formed
'' llK of raw recruits, almost boys. The whole
''ij Japanese force south of AnshanEhan Is
1; mi not more than a division with a bri-
i fj gade of artillery. The remainder of
''hpolar Pete" fill
lard and fift.
Saints Pull Off Three Deubla
Plays and Sat
Well. r
Forsythe Was a Puzzle to the Miners,
Though ' Quite Wild at
Special 'to The Tribune.
BUTTE, Mont., Aug. 11. Dowllng's
wlldncss and ability of Salt Lake to find
him earned victory for the Elders today.
Forsyth was wild but the' Minors were
unable to hit him effectively at critical
ncrlods. His seven hits were well dis
tributed. The Elders touched up Dowling
for a total of ten slnclcs, most of ( them
swats Just over the Infield. Two bases on
IxiIIk, two ciora and three hits gave the
Elder five runs and the came In the
fifth. Tho game was losely fielded. Three
double play.s by tho Elders were the only
bright features of It. Fololwing is the
A.J3. R. II. P.O. A. E,
Ward. 2b d 2 2 1 J 2
Runkle. as I- 0 X S 2 1
Lally. If 1 1 0 2. 0 Q
Shaffer, lb, :: 0 v '0 f?v 0 0
Elsej". 3b .-5 0 0 0 U 0
McIIale. cf. ..'...-...2 1 0 f, 0 1
Bandolln. rf S 2 2 10 0
Swlndellln. C I 0 0 ' 0 a 0
Dowling, p. 2 1) 2 0 1 1
Totals 33 ' C T 27 7 5
A.B. R. H. P.O. A. E.
Mullet', If - S 112 0 0
Glark, lb. ....,...TT I 1 0 10 1 2
Weed. 3b a 1 I 1 2 2
GImlln. cf, ......... n 0 !? I, 0 0
Hansen, c, ..... ..'R 1 I 1 0
Dclmas. 2b 3 ,1 0 4 5 2
Bruyette. js -1 I 1 0 0. 0
Blutb. rf, -I 1 ii '0 A 0
Forsythe, p C 1 3 q A 0
Totnals SS S 10 27 19 0
Score by Innings
Butte '...120 00-1 111 C
Salt Lake 003 0M 000-S
Summary Earned runs. Butto I. First
base on crors, Butto f; Salt Lake 2. Sac
rlflee hits. Runkle, Shafer. Bandelln.
Stolen bases. Ward, Bandcllu. Loft on
bases, Butto 10: Salt 1-ake, S. Double
plnys. Weed to Dcltnas to Clark; Bruettc
to Delmas to Clark (2). Bnscs on balls,
off Dowling. off Forsytthe. 0. lilt by
pitched ball. Dowling, Swindells. Struck
out, by Dowling 7. Tfmo of game 1.50. At
tendance, S50. I'mplre, Flannery.
General Oku's" army is evidently par
ticipating in the Hanking operations.
Naval Battle Took Place.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 11. The State
department has received the following
cablegram from the American legation
at Toklo, dated today:
"Yesterday the Russian Meet, which
has been harboring at Port Arthur,
came out and there resulted a battle
which continued throughout the day
with the combine! Japanese fleet. Tho
result. has not yot been officially an
nounced." From Che Foo Consul Fowler tele
graphs, under today's date, as follows:
"A Russian torpedo gunboat has ar
rived from Port Arthur. Fierce naval
engagement yesterday."
Lose Chance of Decisive Battle.
ST. VPETERSBURG. - Aug, 11. Again
the chanco of a declsivo battlo between
Gen. Kuropalkin and the commhnder of
tho Japancso army seems to be disap
pearing. According to a stafbmenr' is
sued by the general staff last night, rains
arc again falling over a wide area of
Manchuria, with the prospect of Impcd
Jng operations, but even more Important
is the Information reaching the Asso
ciated Press tonight from on exceptional
source that the Japanese have once mote
delayed too long.
Gen. Kuropatkln has now withdrawn
'the bulk of his army safely north of Liao
Yang, leaving only a strong rear dlno to
contest tho advance when It comes.
According to this Information, the
Japanese have about 3C0.GX) men In the
armies operating against Kuropatkln.
rendering It too hazardous for him to risk
a general engagement.
Japanese Forces Withdraw.
ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 11.-5:45 p.
m. Belated advices from Anshanschan
say the Japanese opposite General MJs
tchenkofs forces withdrew eastward
and when the dispatch wus filed were
mdving up on the other 'Side of the
mountain range, two divisions strong,
toward Taltz river, whlch the Japanese
were reported to be bridging at Benit.u,
twenty-eight miles northeast of Liao
American Shipbuilder in Russia.
ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 11. Lewis
Nixon of New York, who has been in
St. ePtersburg for several days, came
here at the request of t,he Russian Ad
miralty, and that negotiations are prog
ressing between the Admiralty and Mr.
Nixon, but whether- for the sale of
ships, machinery or" -what, is not ascer
tainable. Mr. Nixon Io going to Sebas
topol Friday to confer with the com
mander of the Black sea fleet.-
Ready to Sail.
' CRONSTADT, Aug. 11. Admiral Blr
Ileff, in command of the naval forces
here,' today ordered Vice-Admiral Ro
Jestvensky, commander of the Baltic
fleet, 'and his staff to take up their
quarters on board the battleship Souva
roff and to be In readiness to sail on
August 14. t
An Heir Expected.
ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 11; J5:2v p. m.
Dr. Rott, the Imperial accoucheur, was
hurriedly summoned to. the villa Alexan
dra, at Peterhof, this afternoon and an,
announcement thence Is expected hourly.
Of the low rates to northern Utah and
Idaho points vla Oregon Short Line
Saturday, August 13th, Long limits.
Thfs'io the last excursion of the sea-'
son. ,
Boi6e, 11; Spokane, 5.
A B. R. IT. P.O. A. E.
Ferris, ss 3 0 0 1 1 5
Carney, rf , H i l 1 0 o
Rockcnneld, 2b 5 0 1 1 1 -
Frnry, If 0 0 1 0 0
Rcllly. 3b :i l 0 1 0 0
Holland, lb 12 3 0 1 1
Murdock, cf :i 0 2 0 0 T
Stanley, c 5 o l G o n
Dammann, 1) 3 0 10 11
Plummer, p ',...1 1 0 0 i U
Howlctt. S3.... 2 0 1 2 1 1
Totals 3$ 5 10 27 12 7
A.B. R. 1L P.O. A. E
Weaver, cf.... ...... 5 10 1 0 0
Kellaclcey. lb...; ... f. I. 1 10- 0, 0
Marshall, rf... 5 2 2 1 0 0
O'Connell. 2b 5 2 3 1 3 0
lloutz. If...... 4 - 2 3 4 0 0
Hammond, 3b...'. ..3.1 1.0 7 1
llnnson, c l -0 S 0 0
Babbitt, c ...J. 4 1 1 2 0 1
Starkells, p,r , 3 0 1 0 2 0
Totals '.3S 1,1 12 2F 12 2
Score by InlnngS
Spokano 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 1-.')
Bol.se ,.,...2 0 0 3 0 010 2 U
Summurv Earned runs Rola , Spo
kani! 1; three-base hits. O'Connell, Mur
dock; two-baso hit, Staricolls; sacrlllce
hits. Murdock. Hammond, Hanson, Bab
bitt; struck out. by Starltolls 4, by Dam
nmnn f; buses on bnlls. off Dammann 3.
OfT Starkrlls G. off Plummer 1. left on
bascH. Spokane 12. Boise 7; double plays,
Howlott to Holland; Rockentlcld to Hew
lett: hit by pitched ball. Rcllly. Hoittz;
wild pitches. Starkells. Time of game
1:50. Umpire Davis. Attendance. H)0.
.Standing1 of the Clubs.
P. W. U P.C.
Chlcogo 'JS 00 3D .GOG
Boston 05 &7 3S .C00
New York 03 G5 3S .001
Philadelphia 92 f3 39 .570
Cleveland 01 61 -10 .500
Detroit 93 Sri 51 .410
su 1 ,ouls SS 3'7 K! ,w
Washington 02 21 71 .22S
Bean Eaters Win.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 11. Boston defeated
St. Louis today In a slugging match. Pel
ty. who started In to pitch for St. Louis,
was knocked out of the box In tho fifth.
Attendance, 2SO0. Score:
S . R. H. E.
St. Louis 101 000 201-5 1 1 2
Boston 010 210 11012 V. 0
Batteries Slover. Pelty and Knhoc;
Tannehlll and Farrell.
j Highlanders Kalsomined.
CHICAGO. Aug. 11. Chicago shut out
New York today In one of the cleanest
and most perfectly played games of the
season.' Attendance, 0C00. Store:
R. II. E.
Chicago 000 001 00' 1 0 0
Now York 000 000 000-0 0 0
Batteries "White and Sullivan: Powell
and Klcinow.
Bad Day for the Micks.
DETROIT, Aug. 11. Today's gamo was
characterled by many weak plays,
O'Leary and Cassldy offending most.
Hughes's base on balls, wild throw and
wild pitch also helrcd Detroit. Attend
ance, 3000. Score:
R.. II. E.
Dolrolti 000 301 30 7 7 -1
Washington 000 001 0113 8 3
Batteries Kitson and Drill, Hughes arid
New York, 5; Cincinnati, 2.
NEW YORK. Aug. 11. Mathewson was
In line form today. Errors by the visitors,
bunched with timely hits, gave the homo
team a victory- Attendance, 7900. .Score:
R. II E.
Cincinnati ...X 010 100 000- 2 S 5
New York 001 002 lr 5 8 0
Batteries Ewlng and Schlel; Mathewson
and Bowerman
Bases on balls, off Mathewson 2, off
Ewlng 2. Struck out. by Mathewson 11,
by Ewlng 5. Three-base hit, Odwell. Two
base hits, Dahlcn, Gilbert, Bowerman.
Umpire, Emslle.
Pittsburg1, 7; Boston, 2.
BOSTON, Aug. 11. Timely hitting, cost
ly errors and Willis's lack of control com
bined to give Pittsburg today's game.
Attendance. 3000. Score;
R. II. E.
Pittsburg 200 002 111 7 S 1
Boston, 100 010 000 2 C 3
Batterles--Flahorty, Carisch and Smith;
"W1III3 and Nccdham.
Two-base hit, .Wagner. Home run, Fla
herty. Bases on balls, ott AVIllls 8, oft
Flaherty 5. Struck out. by Willis I, by:
Flaherty 3. Umpires Moran and Car
penter. Hurley Goes to Tacomn.
TACOMA. Wash.. Aug. 11. Bill Hurley,
the old tlrst baseman of tho Seattle team,
arrived heri today and goes Into the game
this afternoon. Dugdale of Portland paid
Little Rock, Ark., JoOO for Hurley's re
lease. Raymond was sent home to Port
land dick.
Sioux City, 4; Omaha, 3.
SIOUX CITY. la.. jug. 11. The game
today was a pitchers' battle. Omaha had
no. show except In the llrst Inning, Sioux
City batting out In the eighth and ninth.
Quick was wild and was taken out of the'
box at the end of the eighth. Score:
R. II. E.
Sioux City .'....100 000 021 4 - 7 1
Omaha COO 000 0003 'J 1
Batteries Kostal and. Graves; Quick,
Brown-and Freeso.
St. Joseph Forfeits to Des Moines.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo.. Aug. H.-Umplro
Kelly, alleging the SL Joseph team to be
in a state of Insubordination, forfeited to
day's gamo to Des Moines by a score of
4 to 3. Score:
R. II. E.
Des Moines 100 210 00 4 8 1
St, Joseph COO 003 CO 3 0 3
Batteries Hoffer -and Clark; Dlchl and
Garvin. ;
Los Angeles, 4; Oakland, 1.
LOS ANGELES. Aug. 11. Dunleavy's
home run saved Oakland from another
shut-out today, for at no olhur stage of
the piny were the visitors In danger of
scoring. Hall pitched a game that was'
almost perfect, and he received clean, fast
support from tho-lleldors. Tho batting of
Toman and Ross was responsible for most
of tho runs mado by LOs Angeles. Score:
R. H. E.
Los Angeles 000 102 01 4 S l
Oakland COO lOOOO 16 1
Batteries Hall and Spies; Schmidt and
Byrnes.. Umpire McCarthy.
Webbfooters Tally One.
TACOMA, Wash., Aug. 11. Portland's
errors and timely hitting gavo Tacoma
tho big end of tho score today. The game
was full of excitement and objections by
Portland to Umpire Brown's rulings.
Castro was lined and later ejected for
throwing a ball at tho umpire Hurley
played his llrst "game for Portland.
Score: R. H. E,
Tacoma 000 120 00 3 7 3
Portland 000 000 103 1 7 o
Batteries Keefo and Ilogan; Butler and
Stoelman. Umpires Brown and Mc
. Donald.
i .
Joe Corbett Wins.
SAN. FRANCISCO. Aug. 11. Shields
was ,ensy tor tho home batters today and
in four Innings the safe lilts against him
were bunched. Corbett was steady and
eectlvo and had he been properly suppprt
cd would have scored a shut out.
Score. h, jr. E.
Seattle 010 OiO 000 1 fi 3
San Francisco 032 202 0 11 15 4
Batteries Shields and Wilson: Corbett
and Gorton. Umpire O'Connell.
wT Sale. Ten Million Boxes a Year.
Special to The Tribune.
SPOKANE, Wash.. Aug. 11. The visi
tors took the third gamo of the sprli-s
today hands down. It was simply a
walk-over from the start and' the vic
tory was won by superior hitting on the
part of tho Bolso batters, aided by many
raw errors by tho Indians. The Boise
tallies came In bunches, while the local
team was playing horse. Tho seventh In
ning was most disastrous as every man
on the Boise team had a turn at the
bnt and smashed the ball all over the
Score R. I T. E.
Spokano OM COO 111- 5 10 7
Boise 200 800 102-11 12 2
Batteries Dammann, Plummer and
Stanley; Starkells and Hanson. Umpire
American Association Games.
At LoulBvIlle Louisville 5, Minneapo
lis 3.
At Columbus Cdlumbus I, MUwnukep 7.
At Indianapolis First game, Indianapo
lis S, Kansas City 4; second game, In
dianapolis 3. Kansas City 7.
At Toledo First game, Toledo 1. St.
Paul 0; second game, Toledo I, St. Paul Z.
McCoy, Fitzsimmons, O'Brien and
Ryan to Fight the Same Day Mc
Coy Leaves for the Const.
A double-header prize tight that ought
to be one Df the greatest drawing cards
ever arranged in the United States will
probably occur at Los Angeles this win
ter during the Carnival of Roses. Kid
McCdy and Bob Fllzslmmons are sched
uled to do battle at that time, and on, the
same day "Philadelphia Jack"' O'BVlen and
Tommy Ryan will meet In the padded
arena. Later a match botween the win
ners of the two events will be arranged.
Kid. McCoy, who has been visiting in
this city for several dayn, left last even
ing for a brief sojourn in Ogdcn canyon,
after which he will proceed to San Fran
cisco and commence light training for
his bout with tbv winner of the Sullivan
Barry light. Yesterday afternoon McCoy
received a communication from Lna An
geles stating that the above double-header
had been arranged. McCoy Immediately
slgnllled his willingness to participate.. and
as O'Brien, Ryan and the "Grand Old
Man" havo already declared themselves.
It looks as though the affair will surely
come off. ' ' 1 -
Such a joint contest would be a money
getter and will be balled with delight by
the light fans. There has been so much
wrangling among tho middles as to who
Is the rightful claimant to the throne that
the public would appreciate n settlement
of tills kind. The Carnival of' Roses Is tho
bl? event of the year In Los (Angeles, and
the promoters could undoubtedly make a
bunch of money out of tho affair.
Results at St. Louis.
' ST. LOUIS. Aug. 11. Fair Grounds sum
mary: First race, five and a half furlongs Col.
Preston won. His Worship second, Dres
den third. Time, l:10Vi.
Second rate, Boven furlongs, selling
Light Opera won, Novcrsuch second,
Lansdowno third. Time. 1:30.
Third race, mllo and seventy yards, sell-ingT-Doeskln
won, S.hort Cake second,
Ray third. Time, 1:40.
Fourth race, mllo and one-sixteenth,
handicap Old Stone won. Jack Young sec
ond, Taby Tosa third. Time; 1:48. '
Fifth race, four and a half furlongs
Erla Lee won, Wlllowdcno second. Fruit
third. Time, aCVi seconds.
Sixth race, mile and seventy yards, sell
ing Velos won. Pourquol Pas second,
Trapsetter third. Time, V.iSi.
Winners nt Saratoga
SARATOGA. Aug. ll, Summary :
First race, five ami a half furlongs Tea
cress won, Workman second, Third Third
third. Time. 1:00.
Second race, steeplechase, short course
Mlldcn won, Gaylesford second. Drome
dary third. Time. 4:10. x
Third race, six furlongs Burqt Hills
won. Cigar Lighter second, Merry Lark
third. Time. 1:15.
Fourth race, the Delawaro stakes Mil
ley Brant won. Stalwart second, Grazl
allo third. Time. 1:30 3-5.
Fourtli. race, milOr-Gonkllng won, Old
England second, Firo Eater third. Time,
Sixth rat'e. mile and a furlong Afri
cander won. Palmbearcr second, Reserva
tion third. Time, 1:55.
logan Favors granting
trolley line franchise
Special to The Tribune.
LOGAN. Aug. 11. B. Mahler of Cleve
land, O., promolor of suburban railrouds,
the man to whom Senator SmooL has as
signed the franchise for an electric rail
rood, and CapL Wodgewood of Salt Lake
'City were In the city "Wednesday In the
Interest of a road from Payson to Logan.
They met with tho Mayor. City Co-ncli
and a large number of business men and
discussed their plnns, which were ap
proved by all present1 Resolutions were
passed fuvorlng the proposition and urg
ing tho City "Council to grant tho fi;an
chlsc under proper conditions and restric
tions. Moses Thatcher moved that It be tho
sense of the meeting that the appreciation
of the cltiens present be extended to Mr.
Mahler im other who are attracted to
Logan to make investments.
It Is the ideu of tho promoters to secure
franchises in cities only, the right of way
through tho counties to be purchoacd and
fenced. The cost Is estimated at S3.0CO.C00.
Bishop Newton "Woodruff of Smlthlloid
narrowly escaped serious Injury yesterday
while putting up hay at his home In that
place. Mr. Woodrufr was on the hay
stack, which was about twonty foet high,
when a heavy load from the derrick fell
ugnlnst him, knocking him oK the stuck,
lie cumo In contact with a fence, ono
picket of which pierced, his chin and lip,
another making an ugl'would above the
eye. His lower limbs were bruised and
his loft anklo sprained, it Is behoved that
ho wns- not hurt Internally and that ho
will be around In a fow days. He Is- a
brother to the -late Apostle A, O. "Wood-
"TUir. , ,
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i David I-larum twf,?.l,c?u fU
H Portion of Labor Wllklns
5i His Grace of Osmonde Burnett
M A Gav Charmer Meaie
The Pool In the Desert ........tptca M
: Via Crucls . .Crawford
r Under the Itoso Tsham fcS
? Splendid Idle Forties ..Atherton H
; King's End , Alice Biown Kj
6 Tho Cavalier Cnblo ffc
t Red Rock - PlKf(i ffl
A Lady of Qualltv .... Burnett H9
5 Tattle Talcs of Cupid , .I-ord
The Striking Hour Phllpotts fB
'. Elizabeth and. Her German Garden. Kj
Z The Solitary Summer .. li
7 The Reign of Law Allen 7
3 A Specter of Power Craddink m
SI Shodowlnga Lafcadio Ileum t
Garden of Simples Flint M
I ' 25c Per Dozen, j
I The Kind Others Sell at 35c. P
We've a wlndowful of bjg econo-
i mles In little things. Just have a I
look at our middle window, gran- (
S He ware cooking utensils, little
I things you need about the kitchen 1
J each day at 20 per cent off tho I
I regular value. $
It Will Pay You j
to Have a Look
! Brobaker-Campbell j
Hardware Co, I
ji . The Popular Hardware Store. R
t ft
3 'Phone 1037-K. 27-20 W. 3rd So. R
Send today for a book which will Inspire
any, man to bo strong and vigorous a
book you will ltko to read. It tells how
to cure weak men. and gives Illustrations
of tho effect of my belt upon weak, nerve
less men. I send tho book, pealed, free. If
you Inclose this ad. I
931 ICth St.. Denver. Colo.
y You can telephono from town .
and have your dinner ready to
7 serve when vou get to 'a
s i
I t li
ft Tho G:30 or C:30 train brings you fi
I to tho resort In the nicest part of 5
X the day. ' " q
j : .
w, r-iaaLaa em v. ssa
Fingers roughened by needlework
catch every stain and look hopelessly
dirty. Hand Sapolio removes not
only the dirt, but also the loosened,
Injured cuticle, and restores tho lin
gers to their natural beauty.
U W ! fid. ! i AOED AND ELDER
W V i LY. If you aro aexual
9 I i ; . , ly weak, no matter
O R 4 f fiS n i from what cause; Mn
tl ft ll c devoloped; havo Btrlc-
.v?ftf?r7ng.,,5j ture, vurlcocelo, otc.
you. No drugs dr electricity: 750,000 cured
und developed. 10 DAYS' TRIAL. Send for
free booklet Sent scaled. Guaranteed.
Write today. R. C. Eronict, llfi Tabor
block. Denver. Colo.
UnequalI.ed in Purflty I
' ' and .
W( semsationI
A Jf j .1 Our advertising may i,0t h '
D ! al, but tho GREAT sennit
mm giving certainly are M U
r 9 I Did you ever bpfore sen
89 . rK 7 m elaM nierchundlsc- ecu .lt 0110,1 flrii
1 Infill prk'8? " ?ue-h
S20, S18 916 and S12 SultsA i
1 n. arc selling at Jft j
: ; LLya & ; r0c Eoj.s. p s .....4s
-; Young Men's Suits, $12, $io""l'
L H',i,t: 'I'M values, at 56,fJ
i Mtn'a Underwear. $1.G0 val- nCi All Boys' ,Caps, values un
ut-o at i l0 $it aL 2g
; r!K1J - '45 l7i tl
Sold at 10 Cents Per Package
I This is N fecrspraift Sim
This !s No Overstock Sale ! ! '9
This Is No Depression Sale ! ! ! M
We Are Going Out of Business. -fl
i Ladies' Patent Tip go Misses' and Child's mp H
i Dress Shoes O Red Slippers J jM
i 258 South Main Street. .V
iFat costIessteoentJ
You won't be nblo to buy a Hammock cheaper any place or at an? tfrWT
5 We haven't got very many left. K
S "Well, we picked up a sample lino that are Hummers Painted and EniB
You can save enough on one to buy seed for a year. Do jou need any !"
f Jars? If you do, we havo them. jHj"
Meg Hardware ''St Stove 0o,
i ' '
PSioto Supply Co.
Kodaks, Supplies, Finishing
and Developing.
J , 3rd So. and Main St.
And In the .same strain. ...jB
Trying to awaken public iunm
subject of -JM
And blowing our own horn HM
If there's a Job to be VB
place, don't have It done bJ
plumber unless you kn0, aiFB
and he can t very, well -Atrtfm
prices are much below lhc ong
Wo charge-fair pr9;, f."!" S
work and use the best ma irLl!
promise more than that if tve
honest PfM
Electric Wiring and S:
100 East First South JlJM
IrTSie Bes'i WhisRW
Needs no Pra,s3' K
Old Cambric '
Old Crow Bourbfc

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