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ijlj page four " THE SALT LAKE TEIBTJXE. Wednesday mobskg, Xxjersi J
II fl r a,
I lyptc jjpmljg jiutme.
I " ' Issued every morning by Salt Lako Trlb-
l i uno Publishing Company.
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funriay Tribune, ono year 2.GQ
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I 4 ! All remittances find buelneaB letters
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1) 1 ' !, Salt Lako CUy, Utah.
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I Bullolnir. Now York. TVcatern office. 610-
I ., ' r 612 Trlbuno Bulldinir, Chicago.
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i ,' cation In ' or busln5 for Tho Trlbuno
U ' . i Ehould bo addressed to any .Individual or
l,, Hi officer of thlfl corporation. Matter relat-
! I Inp to publication Rhould bo, nddrooaed to
n tho Editor of The Tribune, and communl-
i. cations rolatlvo to mib3crlpllon8 and ad
vortlslnc and othor business nhould bo ad-
,0. dreBsed to Salt Lake Trlbuno Publishing
j! Compony.
I , J
J Entered nt thu PoetofTn of Salt Lako
i ,j I City ao aecond-clasB matter,
, f!j; Tribune Telephone Numbers.
, ! J(N Buslneeq Office., Boll. 3C0
I ' ..independent. 300
Ml: Editorial Rooms Bel), 334-3 rlwjs
. i ....Indopendopt. SCO 3 rlnca
' l ii : Mr. Ltppman Bell. 3S0
, ' J i Independent, 3W
! if I1 j Colonel Nelson Bell, CIO
'.' I "Wednesday, August 17, 1904.
' ::i
I! ),' If tho Hon. 'Qull Ncbcker is saying
Ij anything1 these days, only his cattle in
' ' I Rich county know It.
'! V ' '
Russia can now see thnt It ought to
, i. I have taken Jts 'war vessels home for
';jj Eafe-kceping before the war opened.
!;: - ( 1
,i !; Judge Hart of the First district is a
. 'I candidate for re-election, being much In
, favor of a life tenuro for Judges,
i .
I:' ' plastern Democrats confidently rely
Iji on the Republicans of Nebraska to
:j 1 keep Bryan from going to the Senate.
, i: !
i j -Japan may apologize for capturing a
1 ti Russian boat In the harbor at Chefoo,
jlf but it will be some time when it has
Tjj nothing else to do,
i i -y
, It Avill have to be concedod that Judge
I Parker Is a clover man if he can also
ij ; write his letter of acceptance without.
i , disclosing his views,
'i :
. 11 I "Why not make the Hon. Abel John
(i T ! Evans the Democratlo candidate for
' ? Governor? Ho has the qualification of
, residence In Utalr- county. n
II 'vi Does the proposition to allow women
j tlje same rights as men in saloons In
elude the precious one of having their
, f accounts put on the slate?
, i
Ij Will candidate Davis tako the mom-
(;;!: bers of his notification committee
, , around to his famous barrel and gen-
! j f erously let them look at It?
Senator Fairbanks s campaign lour of
t 7 the country will be regarded by the
'fjj; Democratic campaign managers as in
1 bad taste, as he Is an effective orator.
ijfi Will Chairman Taggart be so unap-
' J. preclatlve as to be ungrateful to tho
iifi New York Democrats who are Insisting
on relieving him of tbe work of live,
, " '. campaign?
. ' l l Portland is getting" ready for' the
i N great fray which will come off there
! ,jj next week; the Mining Congress is to
1 "n ' meet on Monday, and remain in session
, fjr! all tho week. Before it adjourns it Is
, J' ! expected to settle on Salt Lake City ns
1 1 tho place for Its heodnuurters and per-
; manent meeting place. That is what It
I j j will most certainly do If It has Its own
I 1 1 best Interests at heart.
i! '
' ; It seems that the nations are tuklng
j ".j I; quite coolly Ituesla's hot protest againet
' , 'j ! the Japanese "outrage" and "violation
f ij of the neutrality of the port" of Chefoo
, i j- in cutting out the Ryc-shltelnl, the
j ' 7 ' Refugee torpedo-boa(. destroyer. As the
( 1 , .'i; facts become more fully known, It Is
. ' '! found that the Russian vosPtl woh thft
' 1 j flr3t to violate that neutrality, but as
I ' I :jl fn so many other cashes, Russia Is in
j this one anxious to hold another to a
. j strict accountability which she In no
' i ',t j i . way Imposes upon herself. It is not
'I j likely that the Rusalan protest will cut
I, ! 'yf j anything like the figure that it flrat
' 1. V,'. ' threatened to do.
'.,'' "
' . ' The lynching of negroes In Georgia
, M !' yesterday was ono of the most Inexcus
' ' jjjj able outrages 'ever perpetrated in a:
I 1 ! community claiming to be civilized and
'M Christian. The negroes had been dealt
'. "with promptly by' the faw, and found
i Hj guilty, eo there could be no plea that
' lj the law's uncertainty or delay thrcat-
j ) ened or defeated justice; the Govcr
j i (1 1; -"iiorhad omplc notice that lynching was
i 'threatened, and sent a corporal's guard
I I; J' when a colonel's command was nccdodr
:IVi I ', It Is an Infamy that Georgia will find
, I 'j ;i . bard to palliate or excuse. The Judicial
) Vj i function of the State did its duty fear
' 1 ;ll jji Icssly, promptly, and well. But the
I ,1' executive department, from Sheriff to
i ' I '-I i Governor, is covered with Infamy.
l .IV' f "
1' ' -The output of gold from the" South
c'i Africa mines has riot recovered Its for-
.'! f meY volume, but is getting along very
Hj j I, j i vell. For the seven months of the
,! ,r : present year which have passed, the
f Z i product haa been January 28S.624
Vlj j, i ounces; February 289,502, March 308,242,
1 u V I April 305.04G. May 314.1S0. June- 308,210,
f iii July 307.S40, a total f 2,123,053 ounccv,-
(I'lJJ , or $43,683,510. This is at the rate of
Hljijfj; i' ' J6,2C9,015 per month, or $75,226,810 per
IJl irjf i year. No doubt the bringing- in of: Ghl-
H''Mi iJH nose coolies will contribute to the in-
liij y creacc of the output, which seems to be
BK'Ii' '''''; I
prn.qtlcally stationary under old condi
tions. The Juy productions of former
yoara were as follows; In 1903. it was
251.613 ounces; in 1902, 149,179; 1901, 25,959;
1000, none; 1899, 456,474; 1S9S, 259,343; 1S97,
'Arrangements arc practically qom
phjtod for the big Republican rally and
ratification at Saltalr pn August 26th,
tho day following the Republican State
convention and nominations. A vigor
ous and active committee has the mat
ter In ohargo, and It is certain that
nothing Will be omitted to give zest and
cnthuslnsm to the occasion.
Tho Young Men's Republican olub.
will have the direotion of this ratifica
tion meeting, which Is certain to bo an
ovent worthy of the great occasion
' which calls for It.
The National- tioket Is to be ratifiod,
with a vim and hurrah that will indi
cate its popularity in the AVcst, and
that will In some degree express the
sense of the people's appreciation of the
benefits that the Republican policies
have conferred upon the country, and
upon us. Particularly will the personal
service which President Roosevelt did
for all this region In rescuing and push
ing to passage the beneficial Irrigation
law be recognized, a law that will con
fer upon tho West untold and undoubt
ed growth, wealth, and prosperity.
The State ticket Is lo be ratified; it
can be taken for granted that this also
will bo a labor of love and of enthusi
asm, for no matter who shall be nomi
nated, it can be assumed In advance
that they will be competent men, dis
tinguished citizens, and first-class Re
publicans. The Judicial District nominations'
Will be ratified, in this district and oth
ers, so far as made, and in others when
they are made. So far as these arc be
fore the peoplo, the nominations are of
the highest character, and they will
stand every proper testj of fitness,
availability, and party fealty.
The Hon, V. E. Borah of Idaho, an
orator of high repute and famous in nil
tho mountain region, is to he the speak
er of the day, and the audience Is thus
assured of a treat worth while. It will
be a grcnt day for the Republicans of
Utah. .
At the City Council meeting on Mon
day night, a report from the commit
tees on sewers, on finance, and on en
gineering made a point recommending
that tho city issue bonds for 5160,000
with which "to remodel and complete
the entire sewer system of the city."
It is an extensive proposition for such
little money, and certainly it needs a
fuller explanation than has bo far como
to the public notice.
Tho sum proposed is a considerable
one, in Itself, but It can hardly serve to
do the work which could fairly be im
plied in the wording used. For, to re
model and complete the entire sewer
system of the city Is a job of so much
magnitude that the sum named, large
as it is, would not go very far.
If. however. It Is proposed merely to
add to the present sewer system a sup
plementary sewer in the southwestern
part of the city, whore one If; certainly
needed, the project is probably a good
ono. But whatever is proposed should
be clearly stated, and discussed fully
on its merits before final action is
taken. So much Is due to the people of
the city who will have the expense to
pa'. .
Colorado claims a great discovery of
"radium ore." How does II, know?
There Is in fact no such thing as "rudi
um ore," But there are some sub
stances and conglomerations from
which there Is somewhat less trouble
to remove (he two or three thousand
tons of non-radial substances than from
others, to get a gralif of approximately
pure radium. Probably nl tho radium
in tho world, after all this talk about It,
and labor to produce it, could be held
In an ordinary tablespoon. The talk
about radium ore le rubbish. And
when It comes to the substance which
is most easily handled to release a
minute spark of radium from a carload
of ore, probably no better is known
than Utah carnollto, a mine of which
exists in Grand county. '
The alleged addition and emphasis
which Judge Parker was said to have
made in reference to the gold standard,
in his speech of acceptance 1b as fol
lows: I want It thoroughly understood
throughout the country, so understood
that misunderstanding in the future will
bo lmpoB3lble, that I am for tho gold
standard of currency, and that If elected
I shall do all in my power to maintain
that standard,
This was accepted by the Eastern
press aa "a vigorous statement," and it
was Haid to have been "received with
applause." But Judge Parker, while not
repudiating the sentiment, denied that
he said (t. And ao, the only pronounced
sentiment he was credited with utter
ing Is wiped out and the speech sinks
back Into its pristine vacuity.
Speaking of a recent allegation, and
the former Cleveland Democratic hard
times, a correspondent says: "Your ar
ticles in today's Monday's Tribune,
entitled "Is Prosperity Fatal?" setting
forth the fact that fewer people die dur
ing hard times than while the country
enjoys an ero of prosperity is undoubted
ly true. I avos in Cleveland, 0 during
Grover Cleveland's second administra
tion and the times got so hard that the
cofiin factory had to shut down for want
of orders. Yes, eh", the times got sp hard
that'people actually refused to die"
Twenty-five thousand of the vet
erans of the great war were In, line
yesterday in the G. A, R. parade. It
is a very large number to be there and ,
able to march; Boston must be a good
place to hold the reunion and cninpflrc
In. Forty-two States were represented,
which made an array far greater than
tho number of States which originally
contributed to the Union army. But
the Nation has grown since then, If tho
ranlcs of the great old army have
correspondingly diminished. It was a
great old army, sure enough; and It
made a great now country which Is the
horltngo. of freedom for all tlie ages, a
vantage ground from which humanity
will ho raised higher than has oyer been
known since mon first appeared upon
the oarth.
The ntrlko among the workers in the
meat-packing establishments of tho
country seems to have boon a complete
failure everywhere but In Chicago. We
do not get any more even a dispatch
from Kansas City or Omaha of the sit
uation there, It being evident that the
strikers are back at work, without any
more friction, and stock receipts are
about normal. In Chicago the strikers
are merely trying to get back to the
point once conceded by the packers, hut
which the strikers rejoctcd the taking
on of the strikers ag.lhe packers could,
without limit as to time.
But the packers decline to treat, urg
ing that the whole matter was settled
In a conference, and the strikers re
fused to carry it out, making now de
mands and claiming that tboy did not
understand what was meant In the
agreement made. And so the matter
rests, with every effort to settle the
matter balked- There's too much money
in tho situation ns It Is, to permit of
any change being mnde. It Is evident
that the strike leaders havo played Into
the hands of the packers right along
in this disturbance. If they knew it,
they knew what thoy were doing at the
oxpenso of tho poor devils who were
relying on them. If they didn't Jtuow
It, their claim lo be loaders rests on a
foundation too weak for practical use.
The Catholic Citizen of Milwaukee,
noting the demand of the St. Louis Re
view for a Catholic political party in
this country, molded after tho Center
party in Germany, opposes It. And its
opposition Is especially vigorous to the
proposition from tho same sourco to
divide the public school fund. The pro
gramme is thus stated: "Set afoot a
movement for a division of tho school
fund. That movement to mean any
thing must exert itself In securing
pledges from candidates for the Legis
lature, Neither Republican nor Demo
cratic candidates will give such pledges.
Therefore, If we are In earnest wo must
put up candidates of our own. The evo
lution Is easy and natural wo become
a third party, a Catholic Centor party
In American politics."
Tho Catholic Citizen's comment on
this is both strong and sound. It snys;
"The mere ntlemrit, direct or Jndlreot,
to cqtabllsh a Catholic party in the
United States on a platform to dlvido
the school fund or on any other plat
formmeans 0 hurricane In tho ocean
of religious prejudice. Even though
abortive, as doubtless It will be, It
means the doing of Incalculable dam
age. One would suppose that so mo
mentous a Btep would not bo taken by
any Catholic society or urged by any
Catholic prelate without previous con
sultation with the assembled archbish
ops of the country. This has not been
done. The archbishops have not been
asked lo approve of a demand for a
division of the school fund. "Vc feel
entitled to say If they had been consult
ed they would have counseled against
any such agitation."
It is certainly true that there is
neither room nor need in this country
for a Center Catholic party; nor is there
any occasion for any sect to organize a
party for Itself In order to get fair and
right treatment. The Center parly In
Germany was formed for protection
against the legalized oppression, and
interference with the Catholic religion,
under Bismarck's programme. But no
body n this country is moving against
cny . church, nor Is any church under
the necessity of organizing specially to
protect Its rights. Any sucli organiza
tion would therefore be entirely grat
uitous, on insullng defiance of our po
litical institutions and of American
freedom. Especially, ns the 'Citizen
says, would such a programme Invite
a hurricane )f directed against the
solidarity of the public schools', and
their maintenance. And It Is undoubt
edly right In saying that the archbish
ops of the Catholic church would, If
they wore asked, "counsel against any
such agitation "
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